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Father Exposes His Baby Mama Denying Him His Right To See His Son

The stereotype of the “deadbeat dad” needs to be challenged wherever it’s found, and nowhere is this stereotype more prevalent in America than with black men–who do not deserve it any more than any man does.

The only thing we’d probably argue (mildly) with here is the “lawyer” up advice. There are a lot of garbage lawyers out there who don’t give a damn about you, just your money. The real smart thing is what this father did: be recording.

Always Be Recording.

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  • donzaloog

    He handled that situation well.

  • Kimski

    ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’

    Always Be Recording.

    Someone is in for a really bad time, when the massive amount of boys who has been watching this play out all over the place grow up.
    A. Really. Seriously. Bad. Time.
    Kids rarely forget something like this completely.

  • Seele

    Hmm… I am thinking. In a similar situation, what if the mother pulled out a pistol and shot him on the spot, got rid of the camera, threw the tape into the furnace, and then claimed that he turned up to do her harm so she shot him in self defence? The only thing that stopped it from happening was not the filming, but her continual access to the content of his bank account, and in this situation, the age of the child.

    • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

      Are you saying he should have had back up? If so I agree. Are you saying absolute power corrupts absolutely? I agree with that too. Are you implying he should not try?

      • Seele


        I am saying that keeping the video camera running is a good idea, but it is not the absolute way to protect yourself; after all if you are against someone who is playing dirty, there is no way to know how dirty she can get, and can get away with. Use commonsense, make sure that you at least notify someone that you are on your way to see your child, etc. Keep trying, because you can still say to yourself with a hand on your heart that you have done so,

    • farkennel

      Too many witnesses

  • Legion

    Poor kid.

    • http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ angelo

      Poor dad too. Deplorable mum.

  • tamerlame

    Don’t knock these women up in the first place. Only method that will work.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      I down voted you, and here is why: My son’s mother is worse than the one above. When we were still a couple, we decided together that she would go on birth control. I was 24-25 at this time, and just made my first big rank in the service. I was not looking to have kids. She was older than me, her clock was ticking. She decided, without informing me, to have consensual sex multiple times never informing me that she had decided to get pregnant.

      The video above really resonates with me, I am white she is black. I know exactly how that man feels. That is a mild version of what I get every time I go to pick up my son. My son’s mother left for Europe without telling me; it took me 40k in legal fees to only get joint legal decision making and a reduction of support. She has again denied my visitation, and there is the risk she will do so again this summer.

      All the while really receiving no punishment whatsoever.

      This guy also needs to understand that judges/attorneys/court-“professionals” often have more than immunity, their addresses and bank accounts are legally protected. Golly gee, I wonder why?

      When he brings this up, it will be nothing but an opportunity for his “rights” to move up one small tick, and be forced to keep coming back to raise it again the next time her mind goes on a spree of losing it. Truly, a vicious cycle.

      Women today are so morally bankrupt, they have no reason not to be outside of personal integrity. Lying actually garners enormous benefits. You can tell a man to perform all those absolutes, not only is that impossible for most men, it is nothing a woman has to follow. Until there is more legitimacy to the threat of contempt for visitation interference, and less incentives to divorce; men will always be the above.

      Admonishing a man to “man up” is bull, and “you should be a shamed of yourself.” Hahaha, see, I can do it too.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I too down voted the comment. Victim blaming.

        This is about a father and son relationship – not “you shouldn’t have had a kid in the first place”.

        As long as no man has the choice whether to be a father or not – I do not blame any man under any circumstance.

        Apparently this was the father of her own choosing and not rape (in which case the man would be rotting in prison and the aborted fetus rotting in a landfill).

        She now doesn’t like how her “choice” turned out? Tough luck, sister.

        Deal with it.

        • nick

          Its not about having a kid in the first place. Its about not being with crazy. I feel for men in these situations but I have to question the motivation behind it. Maybe they are not too bright in the first place. but that’s life.

    • DragonFire

      Sorry, but that’s a pathetic response.

      There are documented cases of women lying, women getting deliberately pregnant without discussion, hell, even women stealing sperm to impregnate themselves.

      With all that in mind, saying ‘Don’t knock them up in the first place’ is really not fair, as these guys might not have had a choice!

      We shouldn’t blame men for women refusing to comply with the Law, and every time you say that, that is exactly what you are doing!

      • nick

        ” There are documented cases of women lying, women getting deliberately pregnant without discussion, Hell, even women stealing sperm to impregnate themselves”

        Knowing this why would you fuck any woman you don’t know? Why would you if its a one night stand fuck em in the first place. And if your married why would you marry someone you obviously don’t know? Who could be crazy. Isn’t it up to both partys to learn about their mate in the very least. I mean I get what your saying but when it comes to women in the same spot we do tend to blame them for their decisions. Why did they fuck a no good jobless piece of scum. why did she fuck a dead beat and have a child and blames him for not owning up to it. Its her fault just as much if not even more right? Its the same thing.

    • Redfield

      Agreed, take a step back and think of the consequences that will more often than not come your way, best strategy for you and the millions of potential fatherless children out there … think, and think again, will this end up causing my children and myself a world of pain? What are the alternatives?? Get the law changed? Yeah right!!

    • nick

      Big surprise your down voted. But I agree with you as well as up voted you. Responsibility swings both ways. I said the same thing on another article and I could feel the hate. Oh well some folks like to blindly walk into these things and be victims. I do feel for those affected by these crazy women. But its not hard to tell if they are crazy in the first place.

  • Tundra Woman

    I am one of “those kids.” Male or female, you better believe we don’t forget and we (ACs/Adult Children of CBs-Cluster Bs or Crazy Bitches, take your pick) are finding one another thanks to this technology. Many of us do remember and find our Dads and we do terminate completely our relationshits with our CB “mothers.”
    If you’re staying with your child’s mother because you’re afraid she’ll engage in PAS if you leave? She’s been doing that since Day One and your presence isn’t gonna do a damn thing to mitigate that reality. All’s it demonstrates to us kids is a severely screwed up relationship which forms the template for our own relationships in the future.
    This gentleman handled this situation very well. Men who find themselves in this situation do not need an attorney: In the US you can Pro Se yourself in Family Court with your Visitation Order and recording in hand. I’d strongly suggest doing this the FIRST TIME your CB violates the Order. Chances are the judge will find the CB guilty of an “Unwilling Violation” of the Order at the initial appearance instead of putting her ass in jail but it sends a very clear message to the CB: “Don’t EVEN think of it, CB or yes, we WILL be in Court.” If the CB continues to violate the Order the judge is far more likely to start imposing more significant consequences. Make it a point to appear before the same judge every time if the CB continues this BS.
    Child Support and Visitation are two entirely separate issues: You are NOT paying for the right to see your child-that’s a given. The only way you can ensure an Order is enforced is to bring it to the attention of the Family Court judge when the CB violates it-and they will with impunity if you don’t follow through.
    Anger and Outrage at this kind of abuse of you and your child is a fantastic motivator. It’s a disgusting fact of life with a CB “mother” you’re going to need to channel both like a laser light on her willful, spiteful revenge towards you and your child.
    Having a sane Dad we have the opportunity to visit with-if only occasionally-is still a beacon of hope and enlightenment. We may not say much but we see everything. As kids we’re powerless; as adults we walk away from our CB “mothers” and never look back. (Of course, society then heaps a ton of additional abuse on us for “doing this to our Mothers.”)
    It takes far more than giving birth to be called “Mother.”
    And we need out Dads-desperately. You better believe all hell is breaking loose NOW among ACs and we’re fighting an uphill battle as well when we terminate the relationship with a CB Golden Uterus “Mother.” Prepare for a Marathon, not a Sprint with these bitches and *ABR.*

  • Groot