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A Politician Who Cares About Fathers?

Check out this interview with newly elected Canadian Liberal MPP Sophie Kiwala. She clearly states support for equal parenting at 10:28. She offers a moving Father’s Day message at 6:00, talks about her own father at 7:08, and discusses family issues at 8:58.

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  • Shamednomore

    Finally a Politician openly supporting shared parenting. She’s had three whole days on the job, lets see what her position is in a years time. I know my member of parliament voted against equal parenting and I hope I get to tell him face to face he lost my vote for the 2015 election.

    • Jason Walling

      I haven’t had a chance to run it past the rest of the group but, I would like to see us get more politically active while remaining non-partisan. If you can get video or write an article on that interaction I would love to see it and share it with other Ontarian’s.

      • Shamednomore

        We have to become political if we want equal rights. That’s how the feminist have became powerful and came to dominate our institutions. Until we can rally a movement that is willing to vote and support the right people we are not going to have equality. Right now the feminist have the power to hurt Politicians who don’t tow the line, we need that power as well. Otherwise they will keep voting equal parenting down despite all the science that states it is in the best interest of the child to have it.

        • Paul Johnson


  • Jason Walling

    I’ll have to look into this.
    My own MPP is Liberal, a party not known for supporting men, or fathers (but really which party is?).
    Jeff Leal isn’t known for being nearly as personable as this MPP but, I’d love to see if I can’t get some face time with him on male specific issues. The more MPP’s we have taking notice and bringing our issues to party conventions, Queen’s Park etc, the better.

  • crydiego

    Did I miss something or did I just hear a politician saying what amost any other politician would say?
    I don’t judge a politician on what they say, but on what they do.

  • PlainOldTruth

    Even the least offensive male politicians feel it is requisite to bend their knees to the greatest people in the world: women whose children have to grow up in fatherless homes. “Oh, we must look after the single moms.” I’d like to hear some concern about fatherless children, “equal parenting” is rhetorically soft, though the concept is, in itself, crucial .

  • cvxxx

    There is a problem with shared parenting. We are not the industrial are but a time of global corporations and work that has travel and long hours. While many will be in employmnet in place many others are not. What is not discussed is that feature of modern life as it is becoming. Another more flexible,realistic approach needs to be examined.

    • Paul Johnson

      What is the problem? And I contend that all these issues are actually discussed. But please, suggest another more flexible, realistic approach (that we may examine it).

      • cvxxx

        There is another course. It is coming in the future technologies. New social contracts that biological sires may be chosen on the basis of superior genetics than the current economic model.

        • Paul Johnson

          I’ve seen all of her videos, but she has, as JtO has said, “big ones.” (File sizes, of course — what did you think he meant?)

          Could you please just clarify, in your own words, what the problem with equal shared parenting is, and what alternative you’re talking about (or at least link up the video with a time offset)?

          • cvxxx

            sorry I realized that i did not answer your question. I see it as the return to the system that the elite used for centuries. The boarding school. I see this as an economic system. the exploits men. Worse, it creates a system that damage the economic system that continues to be exalted. What occured in the elite system was advantages economics as well as women with those expensive degrees will need to contribute to the society financially. There will be changes that allow better more effective contribution to society in the West while retaining our individuality is truth as well as in fiction. Shared parenting has the minus of dragging on a relationship of exploitation. For emotional and economics having the ability for each member of society to find their path is more lasting importance. By the Boarding school /fostering (medieval style) allow children to become accustomed to a new social/economic paradigm.
            There are many adults who are very good with children and have much to tech. By freeing up the adult population to economic pursuits the GDP rises as doe the ability to discover and reinvent. It is shown in many retirees who do not actually “retire’ but continue to add value to the society as whole.
            The technology will in the future eliminate most low skill jobs.including those that were dependent of hand labor. That is why the change needs to happen as osmotically as possible. It is another reason to strongly discourage the use of visa for entry level employmnet that has upward income mobility. Wages for low skiled ned to be held at a discouraged level and the higher education ladder opened with low cost method to provide the earnings of the future.

          • Shamednomore

            Boarding school? Would that not be handing over custody of your child to the school. Neither parent has custody of the child? Best interests of the child has been proven to be by having equal access to both parents. In fact Warren Farrell states the 32 measurable developmental factors are positively benefited by equal parenting. I’ve listened to some pretty horrible stories of kids gone off to boarding school I don’t think I would consider it an option for me.

          • cvxxx

            First, cultural absorption has a lot to do with that. None of the studies ever explored alternatives. However, economically it is superior. There are pretty horrible stories about any school. I think that all alternatives are not explored in light of the coming economics. Looking into the future it is not good to have the current system. It will collapse. We are in a time of cultural shift it is hard to change yet there are things that are going to change. There was no tablets 20 years ago, 80 years ago the Dick Tracy watch was conceptualized today it is a reality. Social change is more difficult.

          • Shamednomore

            I believe communism explored children belonging to the state. The British explored extensive use of boarding schools. Back in the 50s and 60s a community raised a child (anyone would jack a kid up if they saw him doing wrong). Today we seem to raise them in dual homes. I think we’ve explored many options over the decades.

  • Dennis Markham

    I’ve been itching for a good argument. Can you guys point me to any action?

  • Perseus

    This wankster bourgeoisie affirmative action hire is about as sincere as wet toilet paper. Fuck off

    Do not grovel, men. Take what is rightfully yours, on your feet and with no apologies.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    With all due respect to MPP Sophie Kiwala, who may very well be true to her word, I can say without any evasion or equivocation that what she said is inconsistent with what the Liberal party stands for.

    When Premier Kathleen O Wynne was the Education Minister, under Premier Dalton McGuinty, she failed to act in a matter that had my child and other children unlawfully detained by school principals. I ended up suing Kthleen O Wynne.

    The Liberal Government is not pro fathers, and I do not believe, they will allow MPP Kiwala’s unilateral statement to stand as a collective position for equal shared parenting by this newly formed Liberal Government.

    I can only hope and pray I am totally wrong, but the Liberal Government pattern thus far, is a very concerning one. How can you trust a Government that has caused billions of tax dollars to vanish by scandal after scandal and destroyed evidence to avoid being criminally charged thereof? This government is pro woman and does not treat men and women equally. The $750,000 seed capital grants for start up businesses at $500 – $5,000 per application is just one such example. Only women could qualify. Men could not!

    • Razedbywolvs

      What politician do and what they say are never the same. I’m really torn between trying to fix this or join Luke Skywalker and the anti government rebels.


  • earth one

    An incredibly bright, well-spoken, and gracious woman! This video made my day!

  • Craig Urquhart

    A friend is doing a big art project involving missing or lost fathers or fathers that have passed away – and memories.

    She’s trying to “acknowledge and remember the fathers in our lives”

    She needs to collect images of fathers, any kind of images, along with very (very) short stories about the images.

    If your father has passed away or is no longer with you, for any reason, and you have any pictures of him, help her out.
    Send a picture with a brief description of the time, the emotions, or the moment when the picture was taken.

    She has a website here: