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A New Fathers 4 Justice protest in Hyde Park, London: deeply moving videos about children’s and fathers’ rights

Our thanks to James Williams of Menmatters Radio for bringing this matter to our attention. It concerns a New Fathers 4 Justice protest that started August 12 in Hyde Park, London, one with a difference—one aimed at an international audience. James sent the following message, which included a link to to a short video that we consider the most moving video we’ve ever seen about children’s and fathers’ rights:

On Tuesday 12th August 2014, I was phoned by a man called Archi who, with 5 other companions, had scaled Apsley House in Hyde Park London. The protestors are in full view of the busy traffic that pass through this part of London. It is claimed to be the first international protest of its kind consisting of three Brits, two French and an American.

On the structure they have unfurled a banner with the URL of an important video.

The protesters are a part of fathers’ rights group protesting about the corruption of the family justice system, not just in the UK, but globally. They are expected to be up there for 3 days. If you wish to pledge your support then visit the website, contact media organizations, local politicians, or community organizations to express that support.

If you wish to text or phone to give your support this is the number that the protesters are happy for you to contact them on: +44 (0) 7849793917

The word is spreading. The London Evening Standard has already published this story online – here.

Indeed, the situation since James sent that email seems to be getting even more attention:

More at http://www.humanworth.co.uk/

About Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan is a British men's human rights advocate who leads the political party he launched in 2013, Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them). He was a business executive for 30 years before taking early retirement in 2010. He's written nine books and is also a publisher. His last three books have been concerned with gender and gender politics, the most recent being 'Feminism: the ugly truth' (2012).
In 2012 he launched The Anti-Feminism League and Campaign for Merit in Business. He runs a blog demonstrating that men and boys suffer far more grievously from sexism than women and girls, The Alternative Sexism Project.

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  • crydiego

    Feminst need to step up and own this issue, but wait, there is no one that speaks for them. It is in the best interest of the children we call feminist.

  • TPH

    Societies thought history have been judged on how they treated children, the old and infirm, and those who committed crimes. We’re not doing such a good job at the moment.

    As long as we grant power to ideologues who destroy families without conscience, we only perpetuate the cycle of misery and move it to the next generation who in turn will move it to the next generation.

    If family courts really had the “best interest of the child” in mind, both parents would be involved in the raising of their children, not just the mother. That won’t happen until politicians begin to lose elections because of enraged and engaged fathers.

  • PlainOldTruth

    “When in the course of human events, etc., etc.”

    Anti-family ideologues (and their coercive agents) are the greatest national security threat a people can face.

    — Recommended reading for the college-ed types: Ferdinand Mount, The Subversive Family, 1982. Banned in the US for 10 years.

  • https://twitter.com/malcolmingabout Malcolm H. Johnston

    Maybe someone with a drone could get the protestors some food and water next time.
    Brilliant place for a protest, very symbolic of how the state will undermine men’s efforts to have a loving relationship with their own children. Fantastic job by Fathers 4 Justice, much respect and admiration for them.

  • menrppl2

    ya where are all the feminists with there definition of feminism, and intersectionality, and inclusivity……too busy masturbating in there tubs full of mens and childrens tears

  • Nick Langford

    This is not a demonstration by Fathers4Justice; it is by a new organisation calling itself Humanworth and using an old F4J video to promote itself. The children in this video did not make it so that their stories and their pain could be exploited by all and sundry, and they were not asked for their consent for it to be used by Humanworth. Using it in this way implies that they endorse the aims, values and methods of Humanworth, which is not necessarily the case. As the father of one of these children I consider this use of this very powerful video by Humanworth to be a disgraceful abuse of those children.

    • Mike Gibbs

      “…a disgraceful abuse of those children” you say?

      You need to back that up with some actual facts before that kind of stupid ass response can even be taken seriously.

      I’m looking for SPECIFICS please. Theory, conjecture and opinion do not count.

      END NOTE: you should save your ill-placed consternation for the real criminals here; family court. At least those gentlemen up on that building are trying to do something for their kids, AND YOURS!!

      Nick, what have YOU done lately to effect any change?

      • Nick Langford

        So if I were to set up some campaign group you’d never heard of, with some other men who don’t know you, with no clearly stated aims or principles, and use some video and pictures of your children and the children of your friends to promote it, with the clear implication that these children all endorse my new group, you’d be happy with that? Is that simple enough for you to understand, Mike?