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Fatherless Day

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the Goddess-worshiping festival that we call Mother’s Day. It’s more than a day. The build-up, in advertisers touting flowers and jewelry and day-spa packages and special treats for “the Mom in your life” had gone on practically since Easter.

For restaurants, it is the busiest day of the year, a day for expansive and expensive brunch buffets, crowded with families “giving Mom a break from the kitchen” – families who needed to get the reservations weeks in advance. Flowers, a party, gifts, general lionization – it’s almost like a mini-Bridezilla experience, all in worship of Mom, Glorious Mom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many single moms and divorced moms feel left-out. Without husbands to take them out to brunch, buy them the choice gifts and pay the tab. With children who have so little, after Mommy does what she pleases with the “child-support” payments (from Daddy via “Child Services”), that they can scarcely give more than hugs and perhaps a few flowers rustled out of somebody’s garden.

They have only part of a thug-boyfriend’s attention; after all, she’s not the mother of his kids. And when the children are put to bed (there’s school tomorrow, after all), she is left alone, sitting on the couch that her “ex” paid for, in the house that her “ex” paid for, with nothing for solace but a bottle of wine. Or gin. Or whatever.

The day before Mother’s Day, A Voice for Men published, This Mother’s Day: Daffodils for Dumpsters – a harsh scolding for the millions of women who have abortions rather than become mothers themselves. One of the comments attached to the article went off-topic, but stung me personally:


How about instead of addressing abortion, we address the fact that mothers, even “good” mothers, do fuck-all nothing about men raised without fathers.


So we do the same thing. Hand out ribbons, black ribbons, which say, “what are you doing to make sure a mother doesn’t deny a man access to his children?”
This stung me because I was raised without a father, but it’s not just my own experience that demands my attention to this problem. Mom-only households were rare while I was growing up. “Single-mom
families” and “divorced-mom families” are much more common today. The children from these disabled, dysfunctional families are growing up disabled themselves; subtly, emotionally disabled, in ways that hurt but that don’t show in a physical sense.

There’s an empty place in their hearts, a Daddy-shaped hole that neither Mommy nor her boyfriends can even patch over. There’s an empty space in their learning, too; they don’t learn the value of fathers. They don’t get the lessons that can only be taught subliminally by that role-model in their lives. And they don’t even know what they’re missing – rather I should say that I grew up fatherless with only the haziest idea of what I was missing.  But I knew that I had no one to play catch with me. No one to swat me when I messed with his tools, then help me build my Pinewood Derby car. No one to treat me like “his boy.” No one to show me, really show me, that a man has a deserved and necessary place with his children, with his family, in his home. No one to live with me and show me what it is to be a man.

Don’t even try to tell me that isn’t important. I fucking-well know how important it is.

The third Sunday in June is labeled “Father’s Day.” It sounds like a day to celebrate and lionize Father – but if past years are any indication, the
main course will be shaming for the men that “should have done better,” and vituperative scorn for the “Deadbeat Dads” who aren’t with their children.

Many of those “deadbeat dads” don’t even know they have children. Many others have had their children torn from their lives in a brutal divorce.

Some of them languish in prison because they could no longer pay ruinous child-support demands, set when they had a much better job – and before their reputations, and their employability, were ruined by their former wives’ mendacious and malicious charges of “domestic violence” and “child abuse.”

Yeah, there are thugs who don’t care, but they are very much in the
minority, as are the “dads” who are not merely “deadbeat,” but actually dead; leaving, perhaps, some photos, some shiny trinkets, and a flag folded in a triangular display case.

Most fatherless kids, though, are fatherless because their mothers pushed the fathers out of their lives.

I’d like to propose some recognition for these fatherless children, and the men who would have been with them as fathers if their mothers hadn’t kicked them out. Let’s call it “Fatherless Day.”

It should be a day to remind women everywhere that their children need their Daddies, too – and all the time, not just two weekends a month. A day to remind children just how important and precious their fathers are. A time to remind fathers, themselves, that they are worthy of having a major role in their children’s lives.

And a time to remind “Daddy Government,” and its enabling whores in the Main Scream Media, that fathers are important – not just as sperm donors and ATMs, not just for paying the fuckin’ bills, but for the sake of the children.

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  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    We had a Fatherless Day protest in downtown L.A. back in 2008 and 2009. Here are photos from the 2008 event.

    And here’s a video from the 2009 event.
    At this event I handed out about 100 buttons that said,”Honor the Father.,” along with other buttons. Several women refused to take a button, when offered the “Honor the Father” button.

    Back in 2006, before I ever heard of Fatherless Day, we put a truck on the street over a period of a week (about 100 hours) preceding Father’s Day. Here’s a slide show.

    I wish every success to all those planning and doing Fatherless Day events. The public needs to be made more aware of the plight of disenfranchised fathers in America and the Western world.

    Do they have any kind of a Father’s Day, or Fatherless Day, events in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Germany, etc., etc.?

  • AntZ

    “Fatherless Day.”

    Lets make it the anniversary of the TJB political immolation: June 15.

    Speak of June 15:


    Also, in memorandum of Thomas James Ball, who is remembered with honor, now and always.

    I am going to Foley plaza in 8 minutes with four friends, all of whom are new to the men’s rights movement (thanks Chuck, Bob, Don, and most of all Steve — I know how hard this is for you!)

    I have learned a lot about men and solidarity by asking people about the Foley plaza event, starting in 2 hours. I will say more later today, along with some pictures of the protest.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      I asked some friends about doing a candle light vigil one year for Derrick Miller, but it didn’t happen.

      Derrick Miller’s last words were reported as, “You did this to me.”

      • faroefaxi

        it is sickening, that it toke the life’s of 300,000 Americans men over the past decade to make the public even to even accept that there was a problem with the law and the family courts.

        (What we do know is that male suicide is one of America’s most serious public health issues, and it is time to address it. ) sickening

    • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com BeijaFlor

      June 15. That would be perfect. Six years out of seven it would be before Father’s Day, and the seventh …

      BTW, thank you, Paul, for publishing this. I just wish I’d said something in the article to honor the memory of Thomas James Ball.

  • Rper1959

    “day to remind women everywhere that their children need their Daddies, too” amen to that BeijaFlor! and thank you! Sometimes the simplest truths in life are the hardest for ideologues to acknowledge, but our future depends on this message being an accepted orthodoxy as indeed it was in a time before feminism.

  • Kimski

    Thanks, BeijaFlor. That went straight to the heart, and I think it’s a brilliant idea you have come up with here.


    • Paul Elam

      At AVfM we are pro Pink Floyd.

      • Kimski

        I know.
        Besides, Roger Waters grew up without his dad, too.

        • scatmaster

          roger waters is in town here next Monday.
          Cannot wait.

  • Not buying it

    It was the Sadist day of the year when I couldn’t say my son for about 7years about 5 years ago.

    The only reason I was able to see him on a regular basis after was because I ran into him on the street one day with his friends on there way to a skate boarding park, when he was 9yrs old & he was old enough at that time & age to insist on seeing his father when she said “NO” he told her to go & fuck herself, he is 16the yrs old now & by the way I went to court for 4yrs before that to just to see him.

  • Not buying it

    Feminism I believe is the greatest Evil ideology ever to infect a society with it’s sick,twisted virus & it will be the the western world’s down fall.

  • jms5762

    I was in college when my mother tried to run my father off. He moved out for several years but he would not grant her a divorce. I was stuck living at home with her. I was so tired of listening to her talk shit about him all the time. I finally moved out. During the same period she ran my sister out while still in high school. My sister got pregnant twice and had 2 abortions during this time. My mother told me she made my sister have the abortions. This was back in the early 90’s.

    Our entire life my father never ever abused any of us. He wasn’t an addict nor had an affair. He had just retired after a successful career in the Army. Full retirement pay and medical benefits. He’s always been intelligent, hardworking and an athlete. He’s a good man and always has been. Twenty years later I still don’t know what the hell happened.

    Prior to these lost years my sister and mother were fighting frequently. My sister lost interest in school and seemed very angry. My parents sent my sister to counseling. This was back in the 80’s. The therapist immediately accused my father of molesting my sister. As far as I know the problems between my mother and sister were never discussed.

    Despite my father ignoring me during college he and I have had a good relationship during my life. I moved away after college and my father moved back in with my mother shortly thereafter.

    I was involved with an abusive woman who was a militant feminist at the time as well. When she and I first met things were great. She told me she was on the pill. She wasn’t. She told me she was pregnant about 2 months into the relationship. She had an abortion without consideration of my feelings about the pregnancy. She made it quite clear to me that it was her choice and not mine. I still don’t know if she was being truthful with me. If so, I wonder what our child would have been like. He or she would be about 20 years old now.

    Thinking about that period still hurts. I wish I knew how to let go of the pain from those dark days. My relationship with my wife is not unlike my mother and fathers. My wife turned snake mean during the last trimester of pregnancy with our only child who is now 9 years old. Just in the last year (with help from AVFM) have I been able to mitigate the bad behavior this woman has been dishing out. She had been verbally and emotionally abusive for the last 8 years. She would usually turn on me in private but be chipper and sweet around family and friends. Like two different women in the same body. She would even drag her family into it and they would crucify me. I have never ever abused her. I am happy to finally have her abusiveness over.

    As I recover the emotional pain is oozing out of me. I am a much happier man now and look forward to letting go of the baggage I have been carrying around for so long.

    • BioCan

      Frightening story, sir. I’m glad you are recovering from those years and have decided to share that story with us. I hope this website and community can continue to help you in whatever way it can.

      The prospect of marriage is horrifying. What’s interesting to me is that it is usually a point made by a lot of people who are supporters or activists of men’s rights. But, I’ve never seen a feminist proclaim that marriage is something that could ultimately end their life or financially damage them. They know fully how many advantages they have when it comes to marriage.

      Before I ever came upon this website I entertained the prospect of going my own way and forgetting about marriage or being emotionally dependant on a woman. I was the only male among those that I knew that considered this as an option. Everyone else I knew entered relationships that lasted from a couple of weeks to a month. I saw the foolishness of it all and decided not to be a slave to an oppressive system. It’s reassuring to know that I’ve found a community of men who are also going their own way. It’s become an archaic institution that just isn’t what it used to be.

    • JinnBottle

      Thanks so much for this, BeijaFlor, I didn’t know about a Fatherless Day until just now(!).

      And I of many fathers, should. As I’ve related before, my son who turns 41 next month hasn’t talked to me in 18 years. My daughter who turns 22 next month hasn’t talked to me in 2-1/2 years.

      Having said that, I noticed, jm, that you mentioned pregnancy and batshit craziness. From my experience – my great grandmother committed suicide at The Change, as did my grandmother and older sister; my 2nd wife went batshit crazy postpartum – the chemical changes at (1) puberty, (2) pregnancy, (3) postpartum, (4) the change of life, are an enormous factor for men in their marriages and relationships. I’m not a doctor, but I am convinced that body chemistry trumps most if not all other factors, most if not all the time. I also bet that all women are affected at least somewhat by these vital chemical shifts.

      But I’m not a woman, any more than a doctor, either. But I would invite GirlWritesWhat to articulate, as she does so well, what her experience and thoughts are on this – as well as any other women MRAs who’d like to share and feel they could offer us some education.

      • keyster

        To infer that women are in any way affected mentally by chemical/hormonal changes by menstration, pregnancy or menopause has been deemed blatantly misogynist by the FemiNazi Thought Police.

        The affects of hormonal change in women is a “Social Construct”. They’re “taught” they’re supposed to be more emotional, if not hysterical, during their periods or post partum, by patriarchy. It’s not really happening physically. Patriarchy indocrinates them to be mentally unbalanced at times, in very subliminal ways.

        • Kimski

          “..has been deemed blatantly misogynist by the FemiNazi Thought Police.”

          I’d say that is the best damned proof that there’s something to it I’ve ever heard yet.

        • Raven01

          Yet, they have no trouble at all labeling testosterone as a “problem”.
          The failure to see that claiming testosterone only might affects someone (while both genders do produce both hormones in different proportions) while estrogen cannot cause any mental changes is preposterous.

          Their reasoning can only be that due to a women’s cyclic hormonal levels compared to men she might just realistically be less suited to certain jobs or leadership roles.
          Or, that due to individual differences in reactions to such hormone cycles fewer women are likely to attain equal outcome with men even in the face of zero sexist hiring practices. Hell, even with female favouring gender hiring practices, women just do not always perform as well as the men. It annoys femmies to their very core that generally speaking men are just better suited to somethings than the vast majority of women.

          • JinnBottle

            Thanx for pointing that out, Raven. PC blew all its credibility up its nose when, in the 80s, after a decade of stamped in steel cultural determinism, they decided that, however, gays “can no more determine their orientation than they can the color of their eyes at birth”.

            They say anything and everything, because all dissenting voices have been utterly suppressed.

            …Until our buddy the net came along, that is. :)

            m^n <– icon of me giving Them the finger.

        • JinnBottle

          Huh! Must be because we men do so enjoy ourselves around hysterical women.

          We must REALLY be having a blast now, with the entire culture of the first world gone all-hysteria, all-the-time.

  • http://www.bcdads.com bcdad666

    No need to remind Daddy Government and the whores in the MainScreamMedia, plus their money-grubbing enablers in the psychology industry, that fathers are important, for the sake of the children.
    They already know, they just don’t give a fuck.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Thank you Beijaflor.

    Most often the articles here that stand out for me are the ones crafted right from the heart. Like this one here.

    This write is tremendously moving and the pain you felt and still feel with something you were denied is not withheld, nor should it be.

    You have guts with the transparency of your words.

    Best wishes to you as they are deserved your way.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      I found this article on the “Shattered Men” web site many years ago. It’s an old one, but it made a deep impression on me and is all too similar to what many other guys have experienced. http://www.shatterdmen.com/road_from_home__by__arizona_fath.htm

      “The Road from Home


      Arizona Fathers

      I remember seeing Ed that evening out in front of the house, talking as we had many times before. Ed was never one to share family problems, even with his best friend.”

  • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

    Dear Father,

    I cannot follow in your footsteps.

    The heavy rains came,
    and tried to wash them all away.

    Yet still; I saw them in my mind,
    even as the grass grew tall and obstructed my view.

    Years later the bulldozers came
    and tore up the land to put down asphalt.

    Paving black tar footprints,
    that slowly melted away.

    Dear Father,
    I’m still trying to remember you

    before Mother brought the heavy rains.


    • Kimski

      Now, that’s how you write poetry, Mikey Fatflübber!

      Metaphorical imagery that makes sense, while being just absolutely beautifully written.

    • HurleyHacker

      Thank you Izz…

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Great poem this.

      Izzey, I have a near perfect illustration I did some time ago that would go greatly with this piece. If you want it please let me know and I’ll send it to you and if it suits you can chuck it up on your site, yeah ?

    • Paul Elam

      Beautiful. Thanks for sharing that, Iz.

    • scatmaster

      is somebody cutting onions in here?

      • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

        Thanks, everyone.
        Sometimes my only reply to an article is a poem that simplifies its message.

        This article struck a nerve.

        (Thank you BeijaFlor….and I hope you are in the wind on that Swan 48 right now. I am imagining a smile on your face)

  • dhanumis456

    OT: Oh, the photos of artificially abused models published in an online magazine hurt the ‘feelings’ of some women, so it causes outrage with the claim that the photos can encourage violence on women by men: http://mashable.com/2012/06/15/12-mag-victim-of-beauty/

  • Adam

    I hope this is a reminder to all the fathers out there: You are important to your children.
    More than you might ever know.
    More than they might ever know.
    If you cannot see them regularly, try to see them when you can.

    My father and I have had plenty of disagreements, about our mutual passion for science and technology, about our family, often my younger foster-brother who after leaving us developed drug addictions and other anti-social behaviour. I was willing to leave this young man in the dust, and it was my father who talked to me and taught me that he is still a person, still deserving of help.

    My uncle also went through a nasty divorce with his entitled ex, he went through hell and back to arrange his visitation for his children. He was ‘fortunate’ enough to see them on weekends while they were in high school. His eldest son appreciates the effort his father went through to see him. The daughter.. I’m not so sure.

    OT but perhaps something of interest:

    Videogames are arguably the most popular medium of entertainment for 10-40 year olds so this may be worth keeping an eye on.

  • Bubbles

    Fuck yeah! Glad to see BeijaFlor writing for AVfM!

  • Rog

    i have been asked why i dont find feminists attractive and i answer

    because all i see is a meatsack of slutty poison with the full power of Gov behind them…

  • Poester99

    Men need to man up and be fathers to the children they produce. They shouldn’t let divorce, parental alienation, ruinous child support, alimony, suicide and death get in the way. They need to man up and shrug all this off ‘just a flesh wound’ and get on with it. After all they have ALL the advantages and only women are mistreated by this society.

  • http://fathersunionaustralia.com/wp/ quolls


  • yurlungur

    I’ve often wondered do boys born of single mothers grow up not caring about fatherhood themselves?

    I’m not super smart physiologist, but surely by having so many partners your sending the message that fathers do not matter.

    I think there something to be said about mahogany, but now we live in a socialized system where single mothers must be supported. Their vote is very powerful.

    Men seem to be increasingly gaining less and less benefit in today’s society whilst women are often unfairly elevated above them in their glass elevators.

    • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com BeijaFlor

      I know of one …

    • Kimski

      Make that two..

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        Make that three..

    • Stu

      I like mahogany too, and jarah, and redgum, and cedar. The best wood is my own special hardwood though. :)

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


        The sheilas tell me you are a “sorta Balsawood bloke”

        • scatmaster

          One of my exes called mine a weeping willow.
          That is why she is an ex.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Understandable Scatters that she is now an ex.

            You parting words to her might well have been, “Frankly my dear, you were never anything to me but a clam on a stick.”

            Har Fahve !

  • http://masculism.ca/blog Jack Day

    Today – – June 15th 2012 – will mark one year since Thomas James Ball committed suicide on the court house steps of the New Hampshire family courts. Since then we have seen much said about his plight, his story and this site that was set up to draw attention to his story, much of it, based on lies, a biased media, misandric propaganda that only serves to illustrate further (and commit to public record) what we had seen as the reason to establish this site in the first place. May we never forget the sacrifices he made to draw attention to the misandry toward all Men and Fathers.. http://www.thomasjamesball.com/

  • Stu

    Check this out. It is never explained why she done. Why?


    What is it. Is making false rape allegations just become a good way to end a night on the town or something?

  • AntZ

    Report on Fatherless day protest/TJB memorial/father’s rights rally in NYC:

    * 31 people attended (29 male MRAs + 2 female MRAs)
    * Spirits were very high and courage was inspirational
    * Police called placards “weapons”, so we made paper signs
    * Lawyers jeered and teased, so we told them to fuck themselves
    * Courtroom security tried to force us to shove off, so we told them to jerk off
    * A desperate female reporter screemed her pretty little head off because, for the first time in her pampered life, a group of men refused to do what she asked, when she showed a little leg and wiggled her ass …

    Loved every minute … but loved the last minute the most :)

    If I could give a father’s day gift to each of you, it would be to share this special moment:

    Picture a girly CNN reporter in a sexy strapless panel dress like this, except yellow:


    She was waiting for Rajat Gupta to come out of the same court where we were protesting.

    We asked her to do a Fater’s Day story about dads wanting time with our kids. She blew us off with a snotty feminist huff, saying “this type of story does not come off like a rally, it does not even come off like a complaint — it comes off like a tantrum.”

    Right, a bunch of white men asking for equal rights for fathers … a tantrum.

    Fathers burned by the hot hate of feminist family courts are not the most patient people at the best of times. What do you think we decided to do when this arrogant bitch threw an unprovoked turd in our faces?

    About 1:30 in the afternoon, princess got word that the verdict was in and her “important” story (a wall street thief) was on his way down. So she catwalked over, wiggling her ass like a honey bee, touchy-feely like a girl next door:

    “Guys, would you mind moving over to the street corner, so that I can get a clear shot of the courthouse?”

    I dont need to tell you what happened next, do I?

    This picture tells the whole story. This is Gupta walking INTO the courthouse. Princess did not get a picture of him coming out, because she was covered in sweaty MRAs from her pampered little feet all the way to her perfectly manicured hair:


    Don’t believe me? Check out the shadows on both men’s jackets. If this was a 1:30pm shot, the sun would be high overhead, not low on the SouthEast horizon.

    In case the Manboob looks this over and decides to craok something about “MRAs assaulting female reporter”, none of us touched princess. Instead, we followed Gupta like white on rice, so princess could not get a clear shot.

    And then princess steemed like a kettle and stamped her little feet like a spoiled brat, and we all laughed and walked away.

    It was a moment to rememer!

    • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

      AntZ, I would have loved to have been there. Thank you for going.

      I wish I was there just to greet the princess. lol
      Good job.

  • JinnBottle

    Just awesome, bro. Best Fathers Day gift I ever got. Thanx!

  • AntZ

    Bertha Coombs, from CNBC, also refused to report on the father’s rights rally … but she was polite and respectful. Consequently, none of us bothered her, and she got this footage:


    The still image used by CNN is actually borrowed from the CNBC footage (see frame 0:26). Princess did not get anything.

    You can hear a female MRA saying “parents rights and fathers rights are more important than insider trading” in the background, on this video:


    • JinnBottle

      Good christ, the whole tone of that vid shows the media is so taken up with the antics of one (more) Wallstreet thief, that they don’t even hear half the fuckin population behind them. Blue coolaide is to them what rice is to the Chinese.

      • AntZ

        It was an insider trading case. Normally, it would not have been any concern of ours.

  • AntZ

    Looks like princess sold some of her pictures … filled with MRM stuff in them. Here is a sample:


    You can see our father’s rights posters at 0:08 and 1:28 on this video. Princess is at 0:22:


  • limeywestlake

    OT – But current.
    Yesterday’s news: Should battered women’s defense include the hiring of a hit man?
    Yes, I kid you not.


    Now, back to the thread…

    • Raven01

      She got off. Just as the woman in Toronto that stabbed her ex in the throat as he was driving did.
      Welcome to Canada men. Where any woman can kill you at any time…… As long as she says after you are gone that you were an asshole she won’t even have to do time. And, being dead you cannot cross-examine her claims or testify yourself.
      Police in Canada do not take DV lightly at all. If she did infact request police intervention as often as she says and “nothing was done” that leads me to believe either she was fabricating the whole story or that she was the abusive partner and just wasn’t charged due to her veejayjay pass.

  • limeywestlake

    Sorry for the hijack: here is another good one. A woman who runs women’s shelters can immediately ‘spot an abuser’ (apparently.) Some refreshing comments below the article.


  • scatmaster


    Went through this whole website and could find nothing giving fathers props. Nope lets denigrate them. Will check back tomorrow to see if the article is still there.

    Link to article :http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2012/06/15/19882296.html

    This is from a right leaning website. Do not get me started on the left leaning website from the self proclaimed “centre of the universe” as it has always been chock full of misandry.

    • limeywestlake

      No, they cannot run an article saying how precious and wonderful fathers are. Oh no. Let’s denigrate them – right before Father’s Day. This makes me want to fucking puke.
      On a personal note, if it wasn’t for my Dad, I don’t know where I would be today. Although I only got to see him at the weekends, he was a welcome relief from my personality disordered mother.
      If ‘parent’ is a verb, he was pretty much the only parent I had; he tried to teach me stuff and instill into me his values; my mother *ahem* not so much…
      My father is dying as I write and I am going to miss him so much when he is gone.
      I love you Dad.

      • Kimski

        Anything related to the subject of fatherhood is generally viewed as a threat to the supremacy model of motherhood they have created for themselves over the years, to excuse their own inherent hypergamy.

        All fathers have to be deadbeat dads, violent or unfaithful, because that is what their own fathers were. They fail completely in recognizing that these viewpoints and experiences basically stems from their own mothers poor choice in thug-model dads.

        The same poor choice in partners that they themselves grow up and make later in life, which they then continue not wanting to recognize and be held accountable for.

        The snake bites itself in the tail, and another generation of girl is primed for repeating the same bad choices, and subsequently making excuses for them by blaming all men.

        Anything that disturbs this twisted rationale is viewed as a threat, because otherwise the consequence would be that they would have to take responsibility for their own actions, and we just can’t have any of that.

        Some children just have to put their finger into the flame, no matter how many times they are warned that they will get burned, and the same thing goes here. The only thing missing is the comforting of an adult after the fact, but other women will happily take on that role for them by blaming ‘the flame’, and the circle jerk off is then completed.

        It is dysfunctional behavior based on feelings, repeated and taught ad.lib. over the generations.

        I have come to the conclusion that the only way this behavior can be excused, is by recognizing and admitting to the sheer chosen stupidity of it all.

  • Raven01

    On topic video I’d like to share.
    Family court as eugenics, we know that radfems support eugenics. Is it any wonder that feminism is behind anti-male family court changes.

    • Zuberi

      The founder of planned parenthood in America, was a Klan member and a eugenicist. She was also a feminist pioneer and a sadistic coward. Feminism was spawned from a hate movement. Look up the “WKKK”.

  • Tim Legere

    As some of you know, I separated from my ex-wife some 7 years ago. I see my children every second weekend and one night a week and truly treasure every moment with them.

    This morning I posted the following face-book comment:

    Got spoiled this morning by my Kids …

    Jodi and Mike prepared a “Treasure Hunt” for me. They left a number of clues around the house. Each clue prompted me to go to a different location to find a wrapped gift. After going up/down the stairs several time I found six.

    The kids certainly know some of my favorite things as I received:

    – M and M Peanuts (2)
    – Chocolate Almond Bars (2)
    – A box and 2 packs of Upper Deck Hockey Cards

    We opened the packs together and found several Rookies.

    Later we’re going to the Pickering Flea market to get some page sleeves and a binder to put the cards in.

    I also really liked my home-made Father’s Day card with the Star Trek Theme (i.e. Good/Bad Spock from the Mirror Universe episode).

    We finished up the morning with a pancake and sausage breakfast. Yum!

    Thank you Jodi and Mike.

    I am one lucky Dad!

    I believe that I am more fortunate “with my lot” than some men here but still less fortunate than others (i.e. those with equal/shared parenting).

    This morning reminded me of the many changes we need to institute in our world. One of the most important is to ensure that Children are able to spend time with their Fathers and share these precious moments together so that they may develop into stronger/healthier human beings. Our current approach (i.e. Primary custody by a Single Parent) leaves a “hole” in the lives of children and fathers.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Mr. Legere.

      This is a lovely life affirming post, thank you.

      I have no kids and reading what you say here has me in your p.o.v going up and down the stairs and going here and there looking for your presents.

      What a wonderful day it is you tell us. You are lucky and so are they for the future memories you make with them.

      I do think of you from time to time and hope you are doing well as you can in among the untimely passing of your loved parents recently.

      Yes mate, we do give a damn, and I wish you well in all that will come your way.


      • Tim Legere

        Thanks Doc. Hope all is well in your world and with your loved ones.

    • jack

      “I see my children every second weekend and one night a week …. I am one lucky dad !”

      Let’s say you’re luckier than most other dads who don’t see their children at all. A study has shown that men nowadays tend to spend more time with another man’s children than with their own. They are divorced and have a girlfriend with children who is also divorced. In each case the children are with the woman.

      • Tim Legere

        The woman I have been with (for almost 6 years) has no children. We’re both older so no plans for more.

        I have no doubt that re-partnering would see men spending more time with others children. However, Equal Parenting must be the “default normal starting position” following separation/divorce.

        The current Canadian government (i.e. the Conservatives) have added it to their platform. It was a bill during the last parliament but didn’t get to “second/third reading” (and effectively “died”). I am hopeful that the government has the will and courage to create and pass another similar bill into law.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Contrary to what the movie “The Crow” stated, *this* word is the name of God on my lips:


    Happy Father’s Day. Miss you. Wish you could physically see me now.

  • yurlungur
  • Too Much Coffee

    The video speaks to the need for fathers in their childrens lives and the sense of loss when they are driven off.

  • TheNuminator


    An interesting perspective on Fathers day from Anti-feminist MRA sympathizer

  • DruidV

    Lest we never forget what our glorious leader has declared of us…


    Happy deadbeat day everyone!

  • yurlungur

    We are Everywhere:

    “Are you really that naive Jackie?
    I think you’ll find most of the bitterness comes from MEN who have fallen foul of family law during divorce.
    Women almost always get custody, almost always get the lions share of property/assets. Fathers for justice ring any bells?”

  • scatmaster


    Fuckers. I live in this town and have never heard of the Royal Ottawa Hospital’s family court clinic. Since when does a hospital have a court. Fuckers.

    • Raven01

      I saw that Fathers Day or the day after.
      Mommy is a junkie but daddy is fat.
      Mommy had custody…… And, Dad? Even with cleaning up his act and shedding pounds like a machine…
      All I can say is if he does lose custody I am sooooo gonna be the biggest certified A-Hole in my town, going around and hounding CAS every time I see a fat mother.

  • http://youtu.be/3hzBzJ3KSYY HappyTurtle

    Great Article