Children need fathers on Christmas

After the Brits found out on December 25 that the tenth most wanted gift by the children is a DAD[1], on December 26, a few Bulgarian fathers took it to the streets with the message: ‘Children need their fathers on Christmas’.

The organization named “Бащи за отговорно родителство” (Fathers for responsible parenthood) organized a protest in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, in which they dressed themselves as Santa Claus in order to draw attention to the constant state sponsored parental alienation that is enabled by the Bulgarian government[2].

Although their protest was not huge, it was very attractive as the dads with signs offered small gifts to random children passing by, reminding them to cherish their fathers.

The situation of separated or divorced fathers in Bulgaria is no different, nor less dramatic, than anywhere else in the European Union, but this is the first time when a fathers’ rights group was mentioned in the press. And by ‘press’ – I mean ‘press’ as a whole. Even this event got only three articles in the Bulgarian media, one in Serbia and one in Romania. Moreover, the Serbian and the Romanian media who reported this presented it as it’s an anomaly to demand equal rights for men, which adds up to the depression that these fathers have to endure thanks to the misandric laws that never stop favoring women.

Vasil Popov from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, told to the Darik News Bulgaria (the only press agency that reported from the protest)[3]:

Fathers are on the street, because for the most part they are the victims. After separation or divorce, fathers receive a restrictive regime which limits their contact with their children. If the mother does not want to allow child to maintain contact with the other parent, […], she gets the legal right to use the child against him. So she refers to a court order, not the paternal relationship, the relationship between child and parent. Personal relationships should not be regulated by a judicial act.

Basically, the law in Bulgaria presumes the mother to be the primary parent, regardless of whether she’s an appropriate parent or not, and the father is deemed as a secondary non-parent. Not long ago, the family law in Romania was the same and it literally said that the “state protects the interests of mothers and children,”[4] while fathers were mentioned only when it came to child support.

It is really sad that these kinds of grassroots movements get little to no exposure. However, there is also good news: The Sofia Municipality chose to support the message that ‘Fathers for responsible parenthood’ transmitted[5] which means that public officials of the capital city will petition the government to amend the legislation and give fathers more access to their children. With a bit of luck, next Christmas will find more fathers close to their children in Bulgaria, and this can only be a good thing.

Slowly, bit by bit, country by country, men are starting to see through the lies in the public discourse and are starting to stand up for themselves.

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  • Skeptic

    this is wonderful news you share with us.
    I’m sure other readers here will endorse the view that what you are doing is valuable and encouraging for fathers both in Eastern Europe and far beyond. As we say in New Zealand – Kia kaha koutou : We stand strong and proud together. Here’s wishing you and the children of Bulgaria a great 2013 and Fatherful Christmas next year.

  • Bev

    Also from Europe:
    Women bring violence on themselves: priest

    An Italian priest has stirred up quite a storm by posting a notice on the church door.

    “A Catholic priest has sparked outrage in Italy by claiming women bring domestic violence on themselves by dressing provocatively and neglecting housework, Italian media report.
    “How often do we see girls and mature women going around scantily dressed and in provocative clothes?” Piero Corsi said in a Christmas message posted on the door of his church in the small town of San Terenzio in northwest Italy.
    “They provoke the worst instincts, which end in violence or sexual abuse. They should search their consciences and ask: did we bring this on ourselves?” it read.
    “Is it possible that all of a sudden men have gone mad? We don’t believe it,” Corsi wrote.
    “The fact is that women are increasingly provocative, they become arrogant, they believe themselves to be self-sufficient and end up exacerbating the situation,” he said.
    “Children are abandoned to their own devices, homes are dirty, meals are cold or fast food, clothes are filthy,” he added.”
    Naturally a fire storm is raging fueled by the usual suspects.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/women-bring-violence-on-themselves-priest-20121228-2bybu.html#ixzz2GHujkM1b

    • Shrek6

      This Priest has definitely taken his vows seriously and is doing the job of the cowardly Bishop, who doesn’t have any backbone.

      What this Priest said, is 100% correct and not just in Italy, it is the same throughout the Western World.
      Women, and I mean more than 50% of women, dress like harlots, behave like harlots and lowlife criminals, but then demand that they are never held accountable for their actions. And believe it or not, they are RARELY held accountable.

      We need Priests like this one in every country on earth preaching the same message long enough to hopefully open the eyes of the 80% of the male population that have their eyes stupidly shut and too afraid to even contemplate that the life they lead is a total lie, designed to imprison them for the purposes of slavery to women.

      It’s a crying shame he was sold out by his cowardly Bishop!

  • Shrek6

    Lucian, this is great news indeed.

    A huge big thank you to all our brothers who took part in or helped to organise that march. Just one march in one country, could be the catalyst that will see many marches all round the world in less than a year from now.

    Great stuff!

  • harrywoodape

    Your reporting is really important Lucian.
    The antidote to a global feminist regime is a global men’s rights movement.
    We are all in this together. What they do to fathers in Eastern Europe is what they will eventually do in all countries. Keeping informed is important. Thank you for doing what you are doing. It isn’t going into a vacuum and it will spark change.

  • Jay

    Good news. However the major problem is we still have the misandrist and bigot group FEMEN active. FEMEN needs to be stopped at all costs. FEMEN are misandrist evil doers.

  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

    Thank you all for your kind words.
    My job here is to use my foreign language skills to offer the European perspective. And by „European” – I particularly mean countries in Europe that do not have English as their main language because, as I said before, misandry has no language barrier. Moreover, as it can already be noticed, the situation in non-English speaking countries is no different than in the US, Canada, UK, New Zeeland and so on – but arguably, in some cases, even worse.

    Let us now FTSU.

    • harrywoodape

      Please replicate yourself. We need more Lucians.
      We need to connect men with men everywhere that understand that this is a global battle for our very right to exist as men -and not enemies of the state.
      Every supposedly free country is currently tossing our rights in the shithouse and saying all sorts of nonsense that amounts to basically the same message – that we are all potential terrorists and that they will protect our women and children…from us. But I don’t trust them. One would be crazy to trust them in this environment. With all the deals being made to give away soveriegntySoon we will all be in Greeces position
      In my area in Calgary Canada there are plans for a domestic violence “fusion centre” that combines police, children services, and crown prosecutor under one roof. It is close to the local university. No doubt so they can all get their stories straight and prosecute men by the looks of it. The hands of the feminist domestic violence racket are all over this. Here the feminists have top quality PR and it is called a Child Advocacy Centre. How can anyone oppose something called a Child Advocacy Centre?! You must be against children’s rights to oppose such a thing! But what it will be, will be a way for the players that have been fudging statistics and isolating men from their families in favour of known avusive women…to get their stories straight. Not really for child’s best interests getting rid of Dad?
      This model will undoubtedly be exported to other cities around the world as an “efficient” way to deal with the social problem of domestic violence.
      My point is that

      • Skeptic

        Great idea – that replicant thang.
        Seriously I’m working on getting AVfM a NZ regional anchor. The shit those guys are having to deal with is, as it is in other parts of the world polluted by feminism, horrific.


  • AntZ

    Good news always starts as a trickle … but in time it will be a steady cleansing rain. The world is changing. The days of blind acceptance of feminist bigotry and discriminatory feminist legislation are over. The light is shining in every dark hole where feminists hide their ugly religion.

  • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com Rick Westlake

    This is a marvelous story.

    I broke out my last bottle of Troyanska Slivova to toast the noble men of Bulgaria. Cheers!

  • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com Rick Westlake

    Parallel topic – an article in the Washington Times, from Christmas day, about “Fathers disappear from households across America”.


    Ummm … yeah. ‘Fathers FORCED from households across America” is more like it, as we well know. If the article weren’t already being comment-bombed by the general public, I’d say …

  • Steve_85

    “on christmas” is redundant.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    “Charles Aked, a Baptist minister in Liverpool, said on 22 December 1901, Peace Sunday: “Great Britain cannot win the battles without resorting to the last despicable cowardice of the most loathsome cur on earth—the act of striking a brave man’s heart through his wife’s honour and his child’s life. The cowardly war has been conducted by methods of barbarism… the concentration camps have been Murder Camps.”[4] Afterwards, a crowd followed him home and broke the windows of his house.[4] ”

    Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boer_Wars

    Change a few words in the quote above and we see the way men are treated all around the world….