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When sexual predators are a bonus

As I was riding to work with a workmate, not a folding one a talking one, we got onto the subject of sex between a female teacher and a student. My friend took the position that she was doing him a favor and I have to say I was really intrigued by his opinion. I really couldn’t understand how anyone could view this as a favor and at the same time be in any way thoughtful about the event. I really wanted to understand where he was coming from. I asked him how he arrived at that outlook. His response was “well the kid got laid, bonus for him”.

I really had to ask in response: Are you telling me that you believe that sex was the only thing that took place and that there could not have been any other exchange? Well like what he said? How about conversation, how about coercion, how about manipulation? Really when you think about it, if it is that acceptable why are there laws that prohibit it? Have you considered the possibility that a fourteen year old boy may in fact have feelings and can be affected by such an encounter?

The crime is against boys, vulnerable to their own inability to protect themselves, to understand the emotional and sexual coercion, the betrayal and condemnation.
Let me ask you, how many men do you know that have been divorced and lost the relationship with a partner? “Quite a few actually,” he responded. Can you think of one of them that was not deeply hurt and affected by the loss of that relationship? “I see what you mean,” he said. Excuse me for blathering on but your default to such behavior being okay is a bit of a concern. I’m quite sure when your wife goes off on you it’s something you don’t enjoy, it may even effect you for days depending on the incident. Some men get depressed when served a constant meal of negativity from a partner.

My point is that men as much as women depend on their partner for validation and affirmation that contributes to their self-esteem. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “if momma ain’t  happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Your partner’s ability to contribute to your emotional equilibrium is a real power that she possesses to influence you and your state of mind and you’re a full grown mature man of 55.

To the extent that you can be affected by your partner as an adult male, are you seriously going to ask me to believe that a 14 year old child is not going to feel any effects on his self-esteem, or self-image from a single sexual encounter with a 40 year old woman? These are the most critical years for young men, they transition into manhood and are trying to figure out their place in the world. At a time when a young man is challenged to fulfill the power over his own life, plot a course and make choices that affect his life, he is being manipulated emotionally by someone who dramatically outranks his life experience.

As a young man, I grew up in foster care and in my teen years I resided in a “boy’s home.” The home was run by a middle aged couple that I initially thought were pretty cool, after a time of settling I discovered different. It became apparent to me that the woman/wife a 46 year old was fucking some of the guys.  In retrospect, I realize that the normal routines I began to question were in fact a process of grooming. At 14 I was allowed to drink alcohol, in fact all the other guys over 14 were allowed to drink. The restriction was one 26oz bottle per week. At fourteen against what anyone believes, this practice just builds and reinforces alcoholism.

These heroes of male orphans would hold parties that were described as opportunities for the guys to open up and learn to socialize. The problem I found was that only adults attended, except for the 6 resident guys. These were people none of the guys knew. Wives slow dancing with young boys while their husbands sat and watched. The awkwardness of the setting was obvious and the guys preferred not to participate and found it to be very twisted. Unfortunately there was nowhere to go except for another drink.

The woman that ran the “home” liked to have a social night out once a week and go to her 38 year old sister’s house and take a couple of the guys with her. It was an evening of drinking along with some card play but I realized the card play was a distraction to promote drinking. The card play would end about 8:30 at which time her and her sister would put on music and dance with the guys she had brought. Not long after it started it would change to slow dancing, all of it in an intoxicated state.  Of course the grinding hips, roaming hands and passing caresses these ladies offered were described by them as the guys trying to take advantage.

For those who may be confused let me describe the peripheral effects that go beyond the alcohol, the coercion and the sex. In a group of male youths you have what is perceived as informers. Bluntly, you’re fucking the wife, you can’t be trusted and any attempt to impose your presence in the group will result in violence and you will be subjected to group violence. You’re an idiot and you’re on your own. Even the guys not fucking the wife understood the danger of violence lurking, given that her husband had played semi-pro football. The environment is no longer safe, it’s a battleground laced with land mines.

The effect of this kind of tribalism is pure violence.

I call it tribalism because the tribe grows and shrinks based on infraction, accusation and identifiable trust. The crime is against boys, vulnerable to their own inability to protect themselves, to understand the emotional and sexual coercion, the betrayal and condemnation. The extreme result is death, death by heroin overdose, death by methamphetamine overdose, death by intentionally stepping in front of a tractor trailer while drunk. Of course an outcome less extreme is prison, for firing a 22 caliber rifle from a balcony at someone exiting a bus.  Lesser yet is the outcome of being accused and then assaulted with a brick, repeatedly.

Was the sex that bad? Wasn’t it really just a bonus for a young guy? No. In case you’ve never noticed sex doesn’t start and stop at the end of your dick. Once you violate the unspoken constraints of a family construct, what most feminists describe as an oppressive patriarchy, you descend into tribalism. You will pay the price for deconstructing the safety of others and you will learn that you are an unwelcome part of that tribe. Unfortunately in such circumstances your victimization is unseen and you become the perpetrator. In the environment of a “boys home” your death will be attributed to the fucked up family that you came from rather than the inability of an institution to protect you.

But hey……at least she got back at her husband for not paying enough attention to her and the squeeze of some young skin and however many orgasms she was able to achieve.  After all doesn’t the outcome of such behavior really reside with a 14 year old male child rather than a 45 year old woman? What credibility does he have compared to her or the institution that supports her, the Children’s Aid Society. The social workers charged with overseeing his safety will even get a raise for dealing so effectively with such a troubled youth. Another file closed, one less problem and less expense to the system. Isn’t it better = more comfortable – to believe that some young guy is just going for his bonus?

It astounded me that a 50 year old emotional gorilla was willing to dismiss her family and children to pursue a sexual relationship with a 16 year boy.
 After the end of my first marriage I decided to rent a room as a border and give myself some time to recover, rather than take on the burden of living alone.  During the interview with the homeowner, a 50 something woman, and negotiating a price and privileges I was introduced to a 16 year old guy that was described as a foster child. All seemed fine to me and I moved into the room she had for rent.  I discovered after moving in that in fact she had left her husband and 3 children to live with and continue a sexual relationship with her foster son.  I discovered this from the boy, not the woman.

I was very concerned for him, and told him so. Do you realize that you exist in this relationship for no other reason than her sexual pleasure? You’re 16 years old, what about your future, where are you going with this? You have left school at a time in your life when you’re just beginning to discover your abilities and skills, what will happen to them? His response was, “She will take care of me, I’m like a house husband.”  “Really and how do you socialize, with her friends or yours”? “We don’t,” he replied.

I offered him a job, thinking that he would be best served by stepping into the real world and out of the isolation of the relationship. I discovered that his perception of his social status was skewed and twisted by his intimate exposure to a woman 3 times his age. I needed to inform him with a detailed explanation of why he was not my equal and the difference emotionally between a 16 year old and a 45 year old. It was difficult for him to understand that being the sexual pet of a 50 year old woman did not equal emotional maturity. He needed to consider his own interests, his own well-being and his personal development in context to his age. There is no 50 year old privilege for a 16 year old boy.

He waffled and stumbled with the outcome, resorting back to the dependency of his lover. His real place in the order of things did not become clear to him  until his lover openly solicited sex from me, in front of him and offered to include him if that would please me. I gave him a look as if to say, is there anything you do not understand here? I could see the humiliation of betrayal on his face and the absolute arrogance on hers. I appreciated her request for no other reason than she had exposed herself to him. He saw the value she had assigned him and the harm that awaited.  The rest was up to him and he successfully broke away and pursued his own life and his own interests.  Apparently she was not pleased and it was time for me to move on.

It astounded me that a 50 year old emotional gorilla was willing to dismiss her family and children to pursue a sexual relationship with a 16 year boy. It astounded me that she could legally pull this off, that there was no challenge to her from the very institution that was charged with his safety, his education and his emotional well-being. It astounded me that she would sell out his future and his normal evolution in the face of legal retribution. What astounded me more than anything else was that there was no law of retribution for this boy, no social contract, no accountability of the community.

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John is a father, writer, social commentator and mentor to young men. He is a regular contributor to A Voice for men focusing mainly on gender politics and pervasive social illusions.

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  • andybob

    Very convincingly argued and presented, Keith. This certainly gives the lie to the frequently expressed notion that male minors have somehow ‘scored’ between the legs of sexual predators like the creaures you described. They are all-too-familiar figures these days – the incarnation of the Eat, Pray, Love ethos so eagerly promoted by feminists. She gets away with her sins by artfully cloaking herself – base entitlement masquerading as free sexual expression. She is Earth Mother Vagina, bestowing her gifts throughout the generational spectrum.. Come one come all. Er…not you..

    Keith’s workmate is also very familiar. His smirky wink-wink attitude is every where in today’s culture. Men and boys are expected to accept any freely available pussy regardless of the source – and be grateful for it too. Even the most homely middle-aged slattern is supposed to be better than nothing. Rejecting third-rate pussy could be evidence of some latent gayness.Most women are arch manipulaters.

    Too few of us have the insight and perception of men like Keith. He has exposed the sordid dynamic at work in these manipulative encounters/relationships with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Superb.

  • keyster

    The “let it all hang out” sexual revolution of the 60’s minimized the emotional impact of “free” sex. A teenage boy can’t process the power behind it, the chemical reactions, anymore than a teenage girl. Sex is not a toy any more than drugs are candy.

    When a 40 year old woman seduces a 14 year old boy, it’s beautiful because she’s liberated to express her sexuality and he’s learning from her to better prepare him for manhood.

    When a 40 year old man seduces a 14 year old girl (or she seduces him), he’s a disgusting child predator destined to spend years in jail for statutory rape, and she’s his damaged victim.

    The affect on either boy or girl may or may not be the same depending on the situation, not the gender. The only difference is that the girl is a victim and the boy is a beneficiary of sexual favor; the woman fulfilling her needs, the man a pervert.

    That’s how twisted our society is

  • Denis

    Very sad story Keith. I’m frustrated by the societal double standards that consider these young men to be “lucky”. It’s a bigger problem than feminists and it’s most often men.

    I did some searching on a news story previously posted in the comments and found this news story.

    • Keith

      I checked out the link, I am most astonished by the comments. It is a very comfortable set of beliefs for most if not the majority. I left a link to this article, maybe someone might read it and see something beyond their own arousal.

      Based on personal experience it is not difficult for me to parse the true meaning of sex, it is power every fucking time even number 4000 in a marriage.Men who approve of this I see simply as substance abusers justifying another hit.

      In this joke we call civilization we fail to see the danger of powerlessness around us, because it is more comfortable to believe we have power over our lives, even if it is only the television remote.

      • Bewildered

        ” In this joke we call civilization we fail to see the danger of powerlessness around us, because it is more comfortable to believe we have power over our lives, even if it is only the television remote.”

        Classic! Keith, civilization is not a joke,it’s become a sham because of Man’s ingratitude to it and his failure to cherish it because time and again he gives into his baser instincts.
        Civilization is primarily a product of Man’s intellectual development. Until the CONSCIOUS triumphs over the SUBCONSCIOUS we will keep on witnessing the ridiculous sight of people enjoying the benefits of civilization but fantasizing about the ‘freedom’ of the jungles without wanting any of dangers associated with it !
        So while a man’s intellectual development has progressed in leaps and bounds his emotional development has stagnated and is caught in a time warp which takes him back to pre-civilization time, time and again.
        His intellect has the capacity to rationalize any perversion,even the ones that are dangerous to the very foundations of civilization.

    • Keith

      As is usually the case the story migrates, check out this link to the same story

    • Denis

      Thanks Keith, I’m going to continue watching this story and continue being a thorn in their side, even if it gets me banned a few more times.

  • Ben

    I remember being 16 and being very attracted to one of my 35 year old teachers. For me personally, I would have definitely spent the night with her and don’t think that I would have had any damages from it at all. She called me out into the hall one day and asked me why she never saw me at football games and that I wasn’t involved enough. She asked me what I did after school and if my parents were home when I got there. Then, she gave me her home phone number. I was in a corner, just outside the classroom and she was standing extremely close to me. I still remember the smell of her perfume. At the time I thought that she was concerned that I was too withdrawn and was only trying to help me. Now, I am not so sure. For years, I have thought back and kicked myself for not going for it. Some of the guys that were in her class back then have recently told me that they did go for it. And got it.

    I had a male friend who taught high school history at the same school. He got out of teaching because the girls, some as young as 15, would not leave him alone. They constantly tried to get him to sleep with them. In fact, a group of four of them sent him a nude picture of themselves in a shower. He deleted them and never even confronted them about it. The girls would often get angry when he would turn them down and he was afraid that one of them would set him up with a false accusation, so he resigned and started building custom cabinets even though he had a Masters Degree in History! He has since gotten a divorce after his wife cheated on him and the last I heard, he is drinking very badly and is unemployed.

    I learned about his experience with young girls during his teaching career long before taking the red pill or knowing the definition of the word misandry. Neither he nor I had ever heard of a Men’s Movement at the time. However, we both were fully aware and horrified that he could be sent to prison for merely being in accidental possession of the nude pictures of his underage female students, regardless of the circumstances. At the time, we agreed that this was totally unfair and make all men potential targets who have NO power AT ALL. This was probably as close as I ever got to taking the red pill back in those days. I don’t think he has heard about men’s issues yet and don’t have his contact information anymore.

    My point is that I am still not convinced that teenagers, of either sex, necessarily have any real damages from having a sexual encounter with an adult of the opposite sex as long as both parties are consenting. This is true in at least some of the cases. It is just a witch hunt on males based on massive male hatred and nothing more. I am convinced of that. To put a man in prison for the rest of his life even if the girl was the aggressor, is excessive. Some cases are different like with the case in this article. Often, it is the young party that is the initiator. The double standard is the screwed up part. Men are sent to prison where they willl be labeled pedophiles and face severe beatings, sometimes to death, by other inmates, for being “sex offenders” in the event that they are put in general population. This is true even if the girl is 17 and the man is 25 or so.

    When a woman does it, she rarely faces any punishment at all. In fact, she will be applauded for being sexually expressive, liberated, and empowered. A judge actually told a female school teacher who was having sex with 14 year old boys on the back seat of a car while a 16 year old boy drove them around, that she “[was] too pretty to go to jail”. Was there an uprising about it? Nope. Nearly everyone was ok with this judge’s reason for not punishing her.

    We literally live in a society where it is woman’s privalege to have sex with teenage boys and girls but any man who even acquires nude pictures of 16 year old girls, against his will, in an email, risks life in prison or a life as a registered sex offender. It is even a woman’s privalege to murder her own children. For example, I have heard people say, “What if Casey Anthony would have been black?” about a zillion times. However, I have not once ever heard anyone say, “What if Casey Anthony would have been male?” Everytime I asked this question, I was told that her going free had nothing to do with her being a female! People will speak up if white females do not get the same punishment as black females for the same crime. People will also speak up if white males don’t get the same punishment for the same crime as black males. But people will jump your ass and tell you to stop whining like a little bitch if you are a man and speak up about the disparities between men and women in the eyes of the law, even in the midst of a glaringly obvious example such as the Casey Anthony trial. In fact, the majority of people tried blaming a man involved in some fabricated case of sexual abuse for her murdering her own baby in order to live the “beautiful life”. Shaming language is instantaneous and seems programmed. I cannot count the number of times I was told to stop whining when I said that Casey walked free for being female. If I were to quote any of this article in public, I am quite sure that it would turn violent. Men violently attacking other men for speaking up for men’s rights??? Hmmmm….. What luck for the feminists and the women who benefit from feminism quietly without saying a word!

    • Luek

      There have been young underaged males who have had sex or rather statutorily raped by an adult female and caused a pregnancy. The underaged males where forced to pay child support (whenever they got older and could get a job I suppose) to their rapist. Yes, there are dire consequences for getting “lucky” with an older woman.

      Check this link out.

      • Ben

        Oh, I am fully aware of all of that. It is so screwed up. I remember the case where the underage boy was forced to pay child support after being raped by an older woman.

      • Ben

        I checked the link and yes, that is the one I case I was thinking of. There are probably many more just like it. I told several people, both men and women, about that story and no one even batted an eye at it. Their collective replies could all be summarized in two words, “Man Up!”. I asked them if they think that in the even that a male teacher impregnate an underaged female should he be allowed to force her to carry the child to term, take the child from her, and force her to pay 18 years of child support? People don’t respond when I ask them things like that.

    • strix

      My point is that I am still not convinced that teenagers, of either sex, necessarily have any real damages from having a sexual encounter with an adult of the opposite sex as long as both parties are consenting.

      Perhaps, but I think you might have missed the point the article makes about the betrayal of trust because of the power imbalance involved.

      I didn’t really grok it until now. Yes, there may exist instances where a 20-something (male or female) can have sex with a 15 yo without damage to the younger party, but it’s far from clear when those situations arise (and never safe to assume in a given case) — and, at any rate, there are enough cases in which damage is likely to happen that for very good reason is it illegal for a teacher (or other authority figure) to have sex with their charges.

      I think the OP is spot on when it says that reactions to the effect that the boy was lucky (hur, hur) are unhelpful and often misguided.

  • Dr. F

    There was a bad lass from Brunt…Who performed an incredible stunt….

    Yes we know where that one is going and they’re only words, not wicked deeds for real. Keith you painted a pretty clear picture of what you saw close up, and I just hope that that kid can look back on all this with an eye as clear as yours. Thanks for this piece.

    As time goes by I find myself looking at what people do not always what they say, and what this woman did says much. Everyone does whatever it is they do because they are motivated by what it is that makes them do as they do. So the question of her motivation begs inspection and I suspect it might not just be the fleeting body rush of bare commingling but a desire to be in control.

    If I’m right about that (duh) then what now.. or should I ask who now ? Did she find more to fill her “empty nest” or did she have a production line of flesh puppets with a use by date of expiratory less than 18 ?

    These questions are more filthy in nature than the suggested lyric I said but much less so than the events themselves.

    Like all things rotten in the feminist governance all anyone has to do is swap the genders and great irresponsibility is revealed like looking at reversed writing in a mirror.

    As far as the part in your story about the sister and the cards night I just don’t know where to begin. That section reminded me of some edited out scene in an Aldous Huxley novel or a creepy Lewis Carroll satire.

    What makes it worse is it happened and by your writing of it you’ve reminded us your MRA stripe is well earned.

  • AntZ

    “Are you telling me that you believe that sex was the only thing that took place and that there could not have been any other exchange? Well like what he said? How about conversation, how about coercion, how about manipulation?”

    I know a 13 year old boy who was taken by his mother to an apartment with an adult woman inside. Here is part of the conversation:

    Boy: “I don’t think this is a good idea.”
    Woman: “Are you afraid of the dark?”

    This is the nature of “coercion” between an adult and a child. “Well the kid got laid, bonus for him” is a very naive point of view.

  • J3DIforce1

    This was a really great article Keith. Though I have to admit, the part with the group home made me sick to my stomach. That bitch was one VERY twisted individual. Also that 50 year old women and her 16 year old foster son/sex slave made me throw up in my mouth. That’s fucking sick.

  • Muk

    Wasn’t there an article about jamie leigh jones last night
    Or was I more drunk than I thought?

    • Paul Elam

      There was, an admin glitch had it down for a bit. But of course, that does not prove you were not intoxicated. :)

  • keyster

    To the male sexual pleasure is a reward for attempting to procreate.
    To the female it’s a gift she decides whether or not to award him with, because her stake in procreation is higher.
    The “reward” dims his mind into subserviance to her.
    Know this and keep your boat from the rocky shore.

    • Zuberi

      “To the male sexual pleasure is a reward for attempting to procreate.
      To the female it’s a gift she decides whether or not to award him with, because her stake in procreation is higher.”

      That’s exactly why there won’t ever be a male birth control pill. The pill would most certainly kill the stranglehold that women have over reproduction. The welfare parasites and the women who commit paternity fraud, can’t allow that to happen. The idea of men being able to control who they impregnate, will spell doom for brainless trollops who don’t want to work and only seem fit to scream for handouts!

      • 4thtroika

        There already is male birth control: just tell the skank no.

    • CCRoxtar

      Well said, Keyster. Gender equality is a lie we’ve been taught to believe for half a century. In the Western world as we know it, women can never be our legal or social equals. The pendulum always swings one way or the other; it never stops in the middle. To any male, of any age, who is intimately involved with any female, of any age: She is not your plaything; you are hers. Caveat andro!

  • Mr. XY

    Keith, I think you hit the nail right on the head with this article and your argument with your friend. It is very hard for me to imagine how there is any way any 14 year old boy would go through and actually be able to act out the sexual intercourse with any 35, 40, 50 year old woman without a truck load of manipulation and emotional acclimation from the pedophile. These women are not giving candy to these children, they are taking it from them. I will also guess that many of these boys grow up bragging about it even though they may now understand that they were the ones taken advantage of. After all, the feminist culture tells these men they got lucky (not molested).

  • Merlin

    Women are very good with age old line that by having sex with a man they are in some way doing him a favour in the first place. As a youth I actually believed that tripe! It seemed all females spouted the same old rhetoric so it must be true. How could it possibly be that they all felt the same way unless there was undeniable truth in it. Little did I know it’s herd mentality that benefits them…so why rock the boat eh?

    That was then…now I call that stale line bullshit. I think it’s fair to say that women mature later sexually in comparison to men. But certainly they aren’t doing us any more of a favour than we are for them sexually. They had me fooled for a while but not any more that’s for sure…especially knowing what I know now.

    I have found more mature women to be some of the most lustfully depraved creatures I’ve ever come across, and they will do anything to get that crack between there legs filled…even if it needs to be another female with a strap on. So for certain I know that they enjoy their sex just as much as any man and in many cases will go to any lengths (excuse the pun) to get it. Certainly when they break their 40’s they tend to turn into sexually charged animals from my own personal experience.

    So the very fact that women are judged differently in the eyes of the law when it amounts to nothing more than rape if you reverse the genders, is absolutely laughable if it wasn’t so serious. I’ve been, shall we say, fortunate enough to get into the minds of a good few of my ex-girlfriends…and believe me when I say that some of the depravity that resides there is sickening. How society views them and looks upon them in general as some sort of pure goddess like creature beggars belief!

  • the hermit

    “My point is that men as much as women depend on their partner for validation and affirmation that contributes to their self-esteem.”

    Good point.

  • Rocco

    Yep, the perversion of female worship we call “feminism” is creating grandmothers who rape children. What next? Eat virginal boys to reduce the appearence of ageing in women?

    Think it couldn’t happen? When reason, knowledge and thinking goes out the window, and this is one of the main tenents of feminism, then anything can happen.

    For centuries the Chinese thought that immortality could be achieved through females having many virgin male partners. The idea being to drain their sexual energy.

    It’s hilarious to see older women trying to sell themselves to men as being more sexual as they get older.

    The older I get I see all of the propaganda that team woman has shit out over the last 50 years as pure projection and I really mean that.

    Women are calling older men who like younger women “creeps” even Jim Carrey. Women are the creep and pedo’s, women don’t get more sexual as they get older, they get much much more perverted, IMO. With men avoiding them and going their own way we need to strengthen laws to protect young men from these animals.

  • Sean Gonzalez

    Having been a victim of 20th Century Feminist Jurisprudence and the results of it in High School, and how it allowed a girl to molest me and get away with it for much the same reason pushed here(isn’t the male lucky, you don’t deserve such attention by a beautiful girl), I appreciate this being put up and your work in this area.

    it’s what originally made me want to come and be a part of the MRA, and if only it had existed when I was younger it would have helped me avoid being stuck in an institution for 3 attempts on my life. No one really cares if we have feelings…and women don’t seem to care if it empowers them. DOesn’t matter they take apart a guy who is teaching Rape PRevention to women(who don’t listen btw) at the YMCA, and that he’s as protective of women as he was of his own sensibilities. No. To them it’s about the power and the prestige amongst their friends.

    What gets me is that this occurrence was not common place back in the late 80s, but is REALLY prevalent today. All because we were supposed to be “Lucky” and have less feelings than God gifted the average amoeba with.

    If this is where society is headed, our only hope for a future lies in a new country or amongst the stars, because women are NOT become more responsible, just more concerned with their feelings and less concerned with thinking anyone with testicles can feel a thing.

    • J3DIforce1

      Great post brother! My heart goes out to you and I know how you feel on this matter. I’m glad you didn’t kill yourself bro : ) I know it sucks the mrm wasn’t there for you back then as it wasn’t for many of us who fell under the same circumstances. But the great thing is that its here now and you have a very powerful voice to help prevent this from happening to our youths by speaking out and helping them to know that it is NOT ok for these monsters to do this and that they are far from lucky.

  • Perseus

    My good friend was molested as a child by his female babysitter, the shame and internal conflict that he has shouldered to this day is not pretty.

    Accountability for females.

    • Promoman

      Accountabilty is a recessive trait, at best, in the female genome

  • Keith

    First of all I would like to apologize to those reading this article. I keyed it from personal experience and censored a great many details as men normally do when they have been victimized. It was my impression that the issue of female sexual predators is all but ignored and I maintain that belief. I have however began to lightly research the topic and feel that a follow-up article is due and I will be taking on the task.

    I offer this quote from “The Canadian Children’s Rights Council” regarding the effects of female sexual predators.

    “There is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993

    It is all to obvious to me that in an environment that is described as a “rape culture” the truth is being dismissed by those who would politicize the outcomes for profit and money. It is also obvious that the very nature and intent to obfuscate the definition of rape further facilitates female sexual predators of young children. There is certainly much more to be said, more facts, more analysis and more truth. I apologize for not highlighting these issues in this article, but I will be correcting that oversight with more on this topic.

  • Keith

    This is a comment I posted at the Huffington Post, I expect it to be removed and have posted a copy here for future reference. It regards a story posted of a female sexual predator who assaulted a 15 year old student. It is in moderation as of 04/09/11- 715pm (montreal time)

    I think it is obvious that in reading the article published by the Huffington Post the cavalier use of words and phrases such as “love session” “sexual encounter” “having an affair” “illicit affair” “alleged two-year relationsh­ip” reveals a level of insensitiv­ity, sexism, bigotry, hypocrisy and misandry that serves to promote the sexual assault of children by female predators. I will certainly be comparing the use of language in this article to similar articles published by the Huffington Post regarding male predators. Could it be that all our sensitivit­y training has in fact made us bigots and hypocrites­. I will be forwarding my comparison to the CRTC and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. This clearly serves to victimize the victim in this case. It is sexual assault by proxy. Poor reporting with unmitigate­d bias. Shame on you all.

    • Raven01

      Beautiful work Keith. Care to share those addresses? I reside in Ontario and along with registering similar complaints, a copy to our respective MP’s and MPP’s might be useful.
      Can just picture a few politicians discussing “My male constituents are getting pretty pissed with the treatment of men in family court, criminal court, education, healthcare and domestic volence. I can’t afford to support legislation that puts women further up on a pedestal.”
      I’ll break out a big Cuban and a glass of Lagavulin if I ever see that day.

      • Keith

        Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario


        I agree Raven, I may have access to one of PM Harper’s cabinet ministers directly, I used to set up his polling office for him. I think I may also forward some literature to my local MP. I have recently been compiling some info to forward to some family court judges.

        Which city are you in……I’m in Ottawa (the glorious nation’s crapital)

        • Raven01

          Thank you sir. You are both a scholar and a gentleman.
          I’m located in Peterborough part way between yourself and Toronto.

          • scatmaster

            Stittsville here.

  • JinnBottle

    When we hear about female sexual predators like this, there’s a reason an old man’s voice comes into our thought, saying, “You’re going to ruin that boy – for life!”. We hear that old man because he is speaking the truth.

    One of the fronts on which Feminism has gone on the offensive in the last five years is claiming the “right to commit incest with MY son”. Having gotten the old man (the one mentioned above) out of HER house a long time before, and bored now, even with herself, in her committing constant *psychic* incest with HER son – subjecting him to her poisoning of his father; using him as a token in some academic prestige game with her relatives and neighbors – she is moving into his physical space now that he’s growing into “a fine young man”; now, at the most pivotal time in his life – and molesting him. Screwing him – and screwing him up.

    If this generation of adolescent boys previously stood slim chances of being male equal partners and counterparts to their female peers, this generation of mothers is making sure those chances are reduced to zero. Now he is imprinted with the knowledge that he never has to be strong, principled, hard, honorable – or anything else men of generations past had to be to get laid and engage Life: He has all the pussy he wants, right in Mom’s bed….For now.

    And Mom? Well, now she’ll never have to worry about that dreaded challenge to her absolute domination over her boy-toy coming into her life: a daughter in law. Something CG Jung said that’s seldom quoted is that if “he [the son] becomes a homosexual, it is to the mother’s greater glory.”

    And *this* is where contemporary feminism’s fine idea that “boys need to stay longer with their mothers” is going – by intention and design.

    • Keith

      The term you have used “psychic incest” is pervasive in western culture. I evidence this in the decline of service and customer service in the retail sector and the service industry at large. Young men are abandoning honesty and integrity and replacing it with ambiguous coercion and manipulation.

      It will not be long before employers will be asking if you came from a single parent home and moving on to interview individuals with more integrity.

  • scatmaster


    Why do wiimin think they can write about men?

    Sorry Keith!!!!!

    Hey Keith do you know the name of a male friendly divorce lawyer in Ottawa?
    I have phoned a few lawyers and in interviewing them they say as a male I am already fucked and the only thing they could do is mitigate the damage. At a $150.00 an hour of course.

    • Keith

      I don’t think you will find a male friendly lawyer only money friendly. I would advise you not to deal with any lawyers that deal through a local web site called the Ottawa Men’s Centre. Completely unethical, when I chose not to deal with them they called my ex and represented her, using information that they had received from me. Email me at, privacy in your circumstances is important. I will not make suggestions on an open forum that can be used later to incriminate you.

    • Raven01

      There is a family law lawyer here in Peterborough that absolutely hates the family courts system and how women are able to so easily manipulate it.
      If you don’t mind being represented by someone from a fair distance. And, by a woman I can find her name and contact info for you again. Be warned she will go straight for the throat and be every bit as dirty about it as a feminist would going after your balls.
      Also, if you haven’t filed yet she may suggest filing here where she can essentially delay to pick a judge she thinks will be more sympathetic to your case.

    • JinnBottle

      Scatmaster – There is a men-friendly lawyer who used to be one of my fellow regular columnists in the Mens Journal “Everyman”. His name is Steve Svoboda. Google him, and you will doubtless get his email. His email, back then anyway, had, I remember, a “” extension to it. But that doesn’t mean he lives near Harvard. In fact, I give you the name because “Everyman” was a Canadian journal out of Ontariio. Steve might have even practiced up there.

      If you can’t get the name on Google, let me know & I’ll get you his email address from back then. He seems as tho he’s an excellent advo for men.

  • scatmaster

    Thanks Keith and Raven:
    I am in the process of getting my son off to school out of town over the next few days. So I will get back to you.

    Keith, thank you for the tip on the Ottawa Men’s Centre. I contacted them a few years ago for a chat. They did not give off good vibes so I did not call them back.

  • Raven01

    “Sexual Abuse

    Most of the data that have shaped our view of sexual abuse perpetration have been drawn from case report studies, official crime statistics, police reports and the records of child welfare agencies. Using case report studies, it is evident that the majority of sexual abusers of girls, boys, women and teen girls are heterosexual males (DeJong et al., 1982; Ellerstein and Canavan, 1980; Faller, 1987; Farber et al., 1984; Reinhart, 1987; Showers et al., 1983; Spencer and Dunklee, 1986). Ramsay-Klawsnik (1990a) found that boys were abused by adult males 33% of the time and by adolescent males 12% of the time. Rates of abuse of males by natural fathers have been reported in 20% of cases by Pierce and Pierce (1985), 7% by Ellerstein and Canavan (1980),29% by Paller (1989), 14% by Spencer and Dunklee (1986) and 48% by Friedrich et al. (1988). Stepfathers were found to be the abuser in 28 % of cases (Pierce and Pierce, 1985) . Although, there are no studies of same-sex sexual assault or “date rape” among teen gay males, evidence from a study of adult gay males suggests that other gay or bisexual males may represent the majority of perpetrators (Mezey and King, 1989; Waterman, Dawson and Bologna, 1989).”
    From :
    Boys are abused by adult males 33% of the time and adolecent males 12%. For a grand total of 45% of the time. What is left unsaid is 55%, or the majority of sexual abuse perpetrated against boys in a society that seems to consider this not even a crime is by women/girls. And, we can safely bet that no where near 100% reporting is taking place by boys that see the system as already out to punish them for being male. However, I refuse to pull fake numbers out of my ass like a feminist even though I do not personally know a single male that has not been the recipient of multiple instances of unwanted sexual advances by women.

    • Keith

      Raven ………from the same site

      “In six studies reviewed by Russell and Finkelhor, female perpetrators accounted for 25% or more of abusers. Ramsay-Klawsnik (1990) found that adult females were abusers of males 37% of the time and female adolescents 19% of the time. Both of these rates are higher than the same study reported for adult and teen male abusers”.

      “data that have shaped our view of sexual abuse perpetration have been drawn from case report studies”

      It is apparent that the issue has been miss-represented, all previous data presented was to benefit females, the issue of males abused has been ignored to the benefit of women. It is for these miss-representations that I regard feminism a hate crime against men. This evidence needs to be brought forward to represent feminism for the hate crime that it is.

  • Allan

    I could say a whole lot about all this, but I hope you all will learn about this and speak out, act and be part of making things better for men. There’s a lot every man can do.

    I lead a support group for 3 years now for men who’ve been victimized sexually. I don’t get much help from anyone. I, many other men and a lot of professional studies can assure you early sexual experiences of boys with a women or older girl often cause a lot of damaging effects. ,,, are good places to learn about it.

    This is perhaps the best work I know of about Men and sexual abuse: I really hope you will read it.

    Happily it’s being taken more seriously all the time: “A former Durand High School teacher was sentenced to 30 years in prison Wednesday for having sexual contact with six male students in 2009.”

    And part of my insight into all this comes from being molested by men age 9 and 12 myself and all that means.

    • Denis

      Thanks for sharing that, I’ll try to read most of it or at least scan the 300 pages to find interesting insights.

  • JinnBottle

    Keith – I just now read the original of your article in the HuffPost – plus all the Replies, including those redacted because of “violation of policy”. (I wonder how law-to-the-letter the editors are with threads in which, unlike yours, there’s no serious descent from the partyline-left index?)

    The thing I most noticed was the number of “Fans” you + the one fellow (or woman) who agreed with you – exactly *one*, between the two of you, in all your posts – as opposed to the stupidest, most transparently diversionist Replies that would rackup 28, 29, “Fans” for each cunty little remark posted.

    With dismay, I have watched Arianna Huffington over the years allow her intellectual work – or representations thereof, like the Huffington Post – to degenerate from the thoughtful-Conservative to thoughtful-Liberal points-of-view she once held, to plain old, unimaginative, kneejerk, partyline pc.

    It was indeed, partly in order to insert critical observation – as you did – that I once thought of Registering with Huffpost. What’s been your experience with that? From over here, I can tell you’re making a difference with them – if, by nothing else, the desperate, puerility in the Replies to you! – despite what a superficial look might indicate. Congratulations for doing so.

    • Keith

      I would suggest that it is worth while commenting. My impression is that most people role over intellectually and will strive to remain consistent with the tone of the comments. As soon as you descent thoughtfully it changes the direction of thread and some thought may become evident. But not always depending on the topic.You can affect the knee jerk to stupidity, bias, bigotry and misandry by thoughtful challenge.

  • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

    An excellent and disturbing indictment of female pedophillia and the disconcerting acceptance among people in society. Shit like this makes my blood boil.

  • Raven01

    Yet another female sexual predator for register once she is convicted.
    Location: Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada
    Unlike if this had been a male teacher there were not photos and sensationalism involved in the reporting of this piece.

    • Denis

      “RCMP said they would not release the woman’s name in order to protect the identity of the youth.”

      That is utter bullshit, they release the names of male teachers and she’s not a relative. The news is already reporting the location and the school, naming the teacher doesn’t identify the youth. Everybody in that school already knows which teacher isn’t there anymore.

  • Leinadro

    What a chilling story. I must say that your post here highlights something that bothers me. When an adult male does these exact same things to a child no one has any problem calling it what it is. Manipulation, grooming, abuse, etc…. all the dirty words come out.

    But when a woman does it all of a sudden it’s supposed to be a different animal?

  • Bewildered

    “It astounded me that a 50 year old emotional gorilla was willing to dismiss her family and children to pursue a sexual relationship with a 16 year boy. It astounded me that she could legally pull this off, that there was no challenge to her from the very institution that was charged with his safety, his education and his emotional well-being. It astounded me that she would sell out his future and his normal evolution in the face of legal retribution. What astounded me more than anything else was that there was no law of retribution for this boy, no social contract, no accountability of the community.”

    MAN : Bad,oppressor. WOMAN : Good,oppressed.

    THE WEST : Gradually going critically insane.

    This is what happens when you uncover the eyes of the LADY OF JUSTICE.Weird ideologies make her dysfunctional