Diligent pupil

Rosalind Wiseman, the boy whisperer

Rosalind Wiseman is the author of Queen Bees and Wannabees, a book published in 2009 addressing feminine relational aggression from the point of view of teenage girls and their parents. It is an important book which not only served as the basis for the Hollywood movie Mean Girls, it’s one I’ve got on order from Amazon. But Wiseman isn’t content to rest on past accomplishments, she’s also just published a book about boys addressing some of the issues they face every day. It’s called Masterminds and Wingmen, published in September of 2013. While researching for the new project, she interviewed at least several hundred high school aged boys, to get a picture of the world they inhabit, and some impression of their experiences.

Truly, this author is breaking new ground, covering a topic never explored in depth by any significant writer or researcher. Except, of course, for Dr. Warren Farrell, who wrote a better version of the same book in 1993, called The Myth of Male Power. Also except for the dozens of books following in the space opened by Dr. Farrell two decades ago. But now, somebody from the mainstream is going to jump on the “me-too!” bandwagon. Well, almost. What Rosalind Wiseman appears to be saying is that she’s discovered a new planet: Guy World.

What is so important to me, that I want adults to realize is boys have deep connections with people. They want meaningful relationships. They fall in love, and when betrayals happen, and they DO, or when breakups happen, they are in deep amounts of pain. They often don’t share that with other people but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. […]

What I am hearing in these interviews are boys really breaking so many of the stereotypes we have about boys. They’re so much more complex, they have rich emotional lives. And if we can sit down and really listen to them, they will tell us.

Well by golly, did you catch that everybody? Boys are breaking the stereotypes we have about them. They’re much more complex; they have rich emotional lives. If we can sit down and really listen to them, they’ll tell us.

Rosalind Wiseman is here to bring us a revelation! They (boys) are apparently not made of wood. They’re not mere action machines bolted together from scrap aluminum. Would you believe they’re actually human beings?


Thank you, Rosalind Wiseman, for granting actual, publicly-conferred humanity onto those poor unfortunates who, until now, like Pinochio have only wished to be real human beings. Indeed, judging from much of the online commentary, many men and boys are deeply grateful to be acknowledged as: also people.

From the a user identifying as Moviedude22 in the comments section of Time Magazine’s Youtube video[1] promoting “Masterminds and Wingmen”

“This woman is very special. young men need more advocates in society especially intellectually sensitive female advocates.”

So, on first seeing the Time Magazine video promoting Wiseman’s new title, why were my hands shaking with anger?

Wiseman’s words:

What is so important to me, that I want adults to realize is boys have deep connections with people. They want meaningful relationships.

As well as:

….boys really breaking so many of the stereotypes we have about boys they’re so much more complex, they have rich emotional lives.

This is breaking news? This is the great revelation to the world? That the individuals of the male half of the human species are also human?

That anyone, including Wiseman, has the towering contempt for young men that she can pretend their basic humanity is a secret of her own discovery is beyond belief for any sane adult to consider.

Are we seriously entertaining the pretense of discourse with somebody who condescends to grant humanity, complexity and an inner emotional landscape to the male half of the human race?


How magnanimous of Rosalind to grant all of that to mere boys.

In fact, she magnifies this insult by positioning herself as the sympathetic and humane interpreter who can talk to those poor dumb beasts, unable to communicate without her.

But in a sense, that Youtube commenter was correct that young men need more advocates in society. However, it is not clear that “intellectually sensitive female advocate” is an accurate description of R. Wiseman.

They have rich emotional lives. And if we can sit down and listen to them, they’ll tell us.

She’s the Boy Whisperer. In fact if reality follows on satire, as it occasionally does, Rosalind Wiseman will soon have her own show on the Discovery Channel, right after Caesar Milan, giving the good people of the world Rosalind’s very own teaching and training techniques to prevent the men-childs from chewing up the drapes or pooping on the new ivory-wool shag rug.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Masterminds and Wingmen seems, in Wiseman’s Time Magazine interview, to be a book written not just about, but on behalf of the young men who are that book’s subject material. This impression is somewhat diminished by the fact that unlike her earlier title, Queen Bees and Wannabes, the boy-focused book was issued in two versions. The second one being a shortened, simplified free ebook for the boys themselves. Obviously, being mere boys, reading words in a long, paper-bound volume is too much to expect. That might cut in to masturbation and video game time.

Carrie Goldman, writing about Wiseman’s new book for Chicago Now dot com said:

I have seen how difficult it is for parents, moms in particular, to see evidence of the way their children can behave around their peers. I have spoken with moms who said, “My son is a good kid, and he wouldn’t do something like that.” And then when it comes to light that their sons have participated in unacceptable activities, the mothers feel devastated.

Rosalind Wiseman, when asked by the Chicago Now columnist what advice she had for mothers whose sons engaged in “upsetting activities” said:

Sometimes we learn things that are painful, and women need to be ethical authority figures with their sons […] When it comes to how your son treats other people, get him to think, if my mother knew I was doing this, how would I act?

Does this sound like human recognition, or does it sound a bit more like manipulation?

Goldman also noted that Wiseman’s Director of Communication and Marketing, Charlie Kuhn, was hired with the specific intent of having him relate to the boys. According to Goldman, Kuhn is close enough in age to remember what it was like to be a teenage boy, yet old enough to have some perspective and wisdom that can only come with time. She hired Kuhn to game those boys into revealing their inner lives to her.

This woman is very special. Young men need more advocates in society. Especially intellectually sensitive female advocates like Rosalind Wiseman.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxTJ0UhPEJg

[2] http://www.chicagonow.com/portrait-of-an-adoption/2013/09/masterminds-and-wingmen-rosalind-wisemans-exploration-of-boy-world/

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  • Laddition

    Boys are human beings too?

    FFS! This book needs writing? Seriously?

    You know what’s worse? It might even help. What a shit society we live in.

    • Bewildered

      What a shit society we live in.


      • Laddition

        If some people need a book to see boys as loving beings, then yeah, there’s a problem with society.

        • SlantyJaws

          Isn’t there a clinical psychiatric term for being so emotionally detached from the people around you that you’re unable to view them as human beings? Sociopath or psychopath or something? So it would be fairly reasonable to say that feminism as a movement, as a cultural phenomenon, as a group is psychopathy embodied?

      • Laddition

        Can I suggest that you should clarify your comment?

        The lack of uppy/downy (currently +1/0) votes indicates to me that people aren’t understanding your intended meaning.

  • Riku

    Good morning, Rosiland, from the other half of the HUMAN SPECIES…

    • Never Blue Again

      Not so fast …… It is just discovered by one researcher that we are human too…
      But before acknowledged by main stream …. it needs peer review.

      What a nice world for us …. no … ??

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I’m of two minds.

    Part of me is like “Oh, this is a book about how contrary to stereotypes, brownskins just might be human after all.”

    Another is: well, it illustrates that the perception has been there and someone who’s been steeped in these prejudices her whole life is trying to overcome them and trying to get other people to overcome them.

    It says something sad about men and boys as a group that so many are so desperate just to get a crumb of acknowledgement and approval.

    But fuck, that the book even has to be written indicates just how low we’ve gone.

    • http://thedamnedoldeman.com Walter Romans (TDOM)

      I think that for now, I’m in agreement with you Dean. I can’t watch the video while at work (maybe later). But I’m inclined to think that any book that actually portrays boys and/or men as complex human beings is a good book since the overallo portrayal of boys/men in society is that they are all monsters or buffoons who can do nothing but harm or at the very least ar completely worthless and unneccesary. The book may not be ground-breaking, but if it is getting mainstream attention, then maybe the mainstream will start to pay attention to the real issues faced by boys and men. Breaking the feminist-promoted stereotypes is a good first step.

    • http://sportsdroppingsusa.blogspot.com Ty Henry

      I’ll roll with Dean and Walter on this one.

      When I first broached the issue of this book and its implications, it was my hope in saying “I’ll leave it to the community to determine what she gets right and wrong” that the next piece on it would be from someone who had either 1) reached out to her on behalf of the MHRM or AVFM, something JTO as an editor has the capacity to do and 2) whether it be me or someone else, there be a critique of the book, in much the same way Michael Conzachi critiques the latest military statute,

      Let me preface my comments first. As those who have long since seen the light, and embarked on this journey, we must beware the arrogance of hindsight. As GWW keenly observed, the average person cannot go straight to barbarossaaaa, else their minds will go on TILT. Concepts we take for granted need to be literally spoon fed at first to the general public, in a friendly package.

      From what I’ve seen, Wiseman is telling the mainstream a portion of our core message-boys matter, on their OWN terms. Even though we have a right to be jaded, Let’s not demagogue nor overthink it. If the message penetrates the maisnstream, it only serves to reduce boys’ suicide and withdrawal, and I don’t care HOW it occurs, and neither should any of us.

      Which brings me to the device JTO uses, that of Cesar Milan. The difference is, Milan (and Redford) had a purpose of bringing subservient life forms to heel, which is what feminist exploitation of chivalric impulses does. Is this Wiseman’s purpose? I doubt it, as the interview I saw on Al Jazeera and the Tribune were both bereft of feminist talking points introduced by Wiseman herself. But even if I’m wrong, nothing in this exercise in quote mining is dispositive or even persuasive. I mean, can you really glean anything useful from a neutral response to a NOW executive’s question?

      Does Wiseman have nefarious intent? Perhaps, but I Doubt it. I’m open to debate if I see evidence otherwise.

      Let’s shake ourselves and not engage in the same shaming language feminists do. Steve brule states accurately that “boys don’t talk because they are told to shut up.” Ironically, we’re doing the same to a woman admonishing the broader society to STOP telling boys to shut up.

      Alternatively, I see an opportunity. Ms Wiseman is pimping a book, and doesn’t care who buys it. Maybe now is a chance for the leadership of the page to maybe engage her and get an interview to discuss the issues from our perspective. Dr. T, Paul, Dr. Farrell, Dean, Tom Golden, and any folks here and on the board that are familiar with counseling and social work perspectives would be able and superb ambassadors to reach out to her. We may not gain a friend, but sometimes allies with one area of common interest are more useful than friends.

      • Francis Roy

        “we must beware the arrogance of hindsight”

        What an excellent turn of phrase.

        I agree wholeheartedly with your entire comment. We aren’t “the in-group’ boys and girls, we’re still ‘the out-group’. This person is bridging the gap in a way that is palatable to the masses. Good for her.

        One of the most frequent charges leveled at us is that we are “angry’ and ‘scary’. She’s not. She’s getting our message heard.

        I believe what we’re witnessing here is yet another step to mainstream acceptance of the message that men are people too. That we matter.

  • Billybobownway

    Such a fine woman.
    She was able to distract boys from raping, battering and bullying and video games in their mother’ basement long enough to reveal that they are people too.
    The Divine Feminine at work!

  • OldGeezer

    Which is why it was once commonly understood that boys need fathers, or at least some “role model” in their lives who has actually experienced juvenile development as a male human being. It should be self-evident that women, despite all the feminist bullshit, never can and never will fulfil that requirement in any boy’s life. As this article clearly demonstrates, the mere fact that such a thing as juvenile male human development even exists comes as a complete surprise to most of them.

    As for the dog whisperer comparison, don’t get me started on that female dominance over animals crap. Cesar Milan teaching “calm assertiveness” to his disciples (mainly females for whom it appears to be an utterly foreign concept) is a sad joke. More female “boy whisperers” is exactly what the poor kids do NOT need.

  • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

    “They often don’t share that with other people but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”

    They don’t share much of that world because they have punished everytime they tried to share. By the time they turn 13, boys have learned to shut up and hide their feelings and grievances in order to avoid abuse and humiliation.

  • http://menaregood.com Tom Golden

    This video is hard to watch. She rants about stereotypes but really, she is only talking about herself and other women. Men have been boys before, they are all very aware that they had emotions, that they experienced deep hurt in breakups and that they likely found a way to handle it on their own without going to Rosiland and telling her all about it. The only ones that are duped are people like Rosiland and other women who have overdosed on the feminist blue pill that keeps telling them that men are uncaring, unfeeling sorts. Now she hears a couple of boys speak the truth and she suddenly has a huge transformation. Please.

    Speak for yourself Rosiland. You are not speaking for me nor are you likely speaking for almost any man.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      ” I want adults to realize is boys have deep connections with people.”

      Thanks for that mention, Tom. Weren’t half those “adults” once boys themselves?

      These stereotypes and presumptions are purely female perceptions, from girlhood to female adulthood, not something she is enlightening “adults” about.

      Aren’t men “adults” too?

  • Tundra Woman

    “….women need to be ethical authority figures with their sons.” (Wisemen, second footnote.)
    Simply because MEN are inherently incapable of having ethics or being authority figures never mind both, hmm Rosiland?

    She doesn’t speak for me either, but she sure succeeded in making more than a few of my points regarding reality for men, boys and society/culture-alabiet inadvertently-and in view of the reality she now has two sons of her own.

    Shocking, ain’t it Rosiland?! Welcome to reality-for the other half of our population.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Or maybe because she implicitly recognizes that fathers are no longer authority figures to their children in most families, because they aren’t allowed to be.

  • East1956

    It will be interesting to see if anything concrete comes out of this.
    However, what occurred to me is that it requires a woman to state that boys have feelings, entirely comparable to those of girls, for it to be credible. That perhaps illustrates just how much the feminist paradigm dominates all “official” observations of society and without the imprimatur of the feminist establishment a perfectly valid observation is denied credence.
    I also find it bizarre that somehow people / society imagined boys were incapable and unwilling to feel and express those feelings. Particularly as for years it has been boys 7 young men that have written anguished songs that clutter the music scene. Did the feminist elite, and women in general, believe that these outpourings of emotion were some pernicious subterfuge to delude women into momentarily being deluded that boys & men have feelings when in reality they don’t?

    • josephrobertson

      I also find it bizarre that somehow people / society imagined boys were incapable and unwilling to feel and express those feelings. Particularly as for years it has been boys & young men that have written anguished songs that clutter the music scene. Did the feminist elite, and women in general, believe that these outpourings of emotion were some pernicious subterfuge to delude women into momentarily being deluded that boys & men have feelings when in reality they don’t?

      I’ve often thought about this phenomenon in songwriting and how it relates to misandric culture. Everyone acts like men are emotionless dumb rocks, even as they sing along to songs of love and heartbreak written by men. It’s just this continuous outpouring of emotional awareness and the desire for connection, going out eternally over the airwaves, and people don’t even seem to notice it, or at least they don’t seem to incorporate it into how they think about men in general.

      Do people think these songs are written just to make money or manipulate women’s emotions? Do they think about it at all?

      It goes to show that people, women especially, often judge men by the wrong things. Women are used to talking through emotions interpersonally, and they judge men harshly for not acting the same way. But they are completely oblivious to what the works of men mean–not just these songs, either; every work of art by a man, every road you drive on, every building you see or inhabit, every machine and piece of infrastructure running this world is in some way an expression of men’s desire for connection, and most women just can’t see it.

      (Just an aside, in relation to the love songs topic: I also recently realized that break-up songs by men tend to come out of the depths of heartbroken despair, while break-up songs by women tend to have the attitude of “How dare you hurt me, I’m going to find someone who treats me better.” There are obviously plenty of exceptions and I admit I haven’t researched this bald conjecture too greatly, but has anyone else noticed a similar trend?)

      • http://www.ecalevolada.info/ tsubasalovelace

        Women are used to talking through emotions interpersonally

        I disagree. From my observations, it seems most likely the case that because womyn-born-womyn themselves are unable to do things such as compromise and stick to policies (why would they? how would those things help with getting pregnant?), they believe men are the same way.

        Do people think these songs are written just to make money or manipulate women’s emotions?

        I think that’s exactly the perception. Hell, feminists believe that trans women (unless a trans woman sucks up to feminism hard enough in some sick mother-may-I game) undergo gender transition for no other reason than to engage in bathroom rape. So, I think it’s entirely plausible that these heartless monsters [feminists] really do believe that thousands of years of music and poetry really are some kind of deceit.

        After all, their ideal man is the white knight, so already they’re engaging in some kind of massive cognative dissonance. It really doesn’t surprise me that feminists persist with this idea that all who are assigned the male gender at birth, regardless of anatomy (including the body part between the ears), are all suspect unless they quest to become white knights.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I’ve asked this question before after finding myself moved to tears by a love song – can anyone name a love song written exclusively by a woman that really moves them emotionally?

        I’ve heard women SING love songs, but they always turn out to be songs written by a man. I thought maybe Carole King, but she wrote as a team with her husband.

        Maybe like running for office, it’s privilege and patriarchy preventing women from writing emotionally touching love songs.

      • Bewildered

        @ josephrobertson

        (………….. )

        • nuclearradio

          Carrie Underwood and this song are both foul garbage. I have personally known many more female cheaters than male cheaters. Self-reported statistics show that female cheating is on par with, if not greater than, male cheating. Given the fact that females are massively given to lying, I’m willing to bet that women cheat more than men by 10-20%. The same woman sheds bitter tears when she finds out a man she wants cheats, but doesn’t hesitate when she feels compelled to cheat on other men ten times as much.

          • DragonFire

            I still hold up Blu Cantrell’s ‘Hit em up style’ as the worst example of this.

            Basically, she doesn’t pay bills, sells all his stuff, destroys his home, and the song actually has a line about how long it’ll take him to recover.

            While I don’t condone cheating, that is not an appropriate response.

            ANd the refrain is ‘if he mess up, you gotta hit em up’.


        • josephrobertson

          Yep that’s what I’m talking about.

          I like classic country music but I can’t stand listening to the radio because it seems like every time there’s a female singer it’s some kind of angry break-up revenge song.

          Just don’t need to hear it!

      • Francis Roy

        “acts like men are emotionless dumb rocks, even as they sing along to songs of love and heartbreak written by men.”

        Interesting point!

  • J Galt

    Well guys your existence has been validated ……..a women said so. Time to tear down the posters scrub the hard drives pack up and go home ………mission accomplished.

    I suppose the next step for the double breasted intelligentsia is to tell us what were feeling. I just can’t wait!

    Hint, hint
    “….women need to be ethical authority figures with their sons.”


    • OldGeezer

      Yeah, sure! Women exercising any of their authority and powers over anything “ethically”, let alone over vulnerable and impressionable boys in their (now almost exclusive) charge, is about as likely as their understanding and acceptance of real “equality” or justice based on legal principles like the presumption of innocence.

      Any consistently rational and egalitarian concepts of ethical behaviour are entirely foreign to their natural inclinations to see everything in terms of their own highly capricious feelings and self-centered motives … and usually quite short-sighted ones at that. It cannot be otherwise as the same illogical tendencies inform and define the very terminology and semantics they use in thinking and speaking about such underlying precepts, among many others. Anyone waiting for some female version of The Age of Enlightenment is due for a very long wait.

      Sadly, thanks to the large-scale surrender of masculine values that formerly upheld those more rational and ethical standards, the same feminist “thought patterns” also determine much of today’s societal environment generally. The impacts on children, especially boys, never really entered into the negotiations.

      • Bewildered

        • OldGeezer

          It’s not misogynistic to argue that, in general, there are significant differences between men and women in their patterns of thinking, behaviour, rationalisations and the underlying values (or the lack thereof) that inform them. Feminists themselves do exactly that all the time. It’s only misogynistic if one disagrees with their constant assertions about female superiority in all of those areas.

          And yes, I most definitely am very misogynistic according to their definitions … also a potential rapist, abuser of women, eater of helpless kittens, and many other vile and nasty things as well. In fact, it’s a lot like getting kicked by a donkey or a mule. Assigning any meaning or value to the label requires taking account of the asinine source from which it came.

        • Laddition

          Smart woman in the video, thanks for the recommendation. She talks sense (as far as I’ve watched). I don’t think that her way of thinking is very common in women and that’s a shame. I suspect that there are some men that would benefit from her objectivity too.

          Have started digging into her channel as she seems to live in the same world as I do (unlike victim status seeking feminists).

          Thanks (so far, anyway)

        • Laddition

          DAMN this woman is HARD CORE RED-PILL

          CHECK OUT HER CHANNEL GUYS, Bewildered is trying to do you a solid.


          A reasonable place to start

          (although Bewildered’s original video is great too)

          • yurlungur

            Red pill? hardly.
            Unless someone is getting their colors mixed up.

            She sounds quite like a feminist to me.
            Watch this video

            All sex is immoral because women are affected by outside society (patriarchy?)

            Men who lust after women treat women as objects.

            She sees male sexuality as something done to women by men.

            Women have no innate sexuality of their own: Big bad male sexuality.

            How do I Embed video?

    • http://www.ecalevolada.info/ tsubasalovelace


      Hear, hear! I’ve known so many women who become pregnant before they’re old enough to buy a drink. Why? Well, because that’s how their mothers did it. And who’s going to tell them that they’re wrong?! After all, sugar daddy government will make sure they always have food and a place to stay. Any impacts that may have on their careers or education be damned.

      What a complete conundrum! Feminism claimed to start out in search of gender equality, and all it accomplished was telling womyn-born-womyn that self-control is for suckers. Then it didn’t work out!

      No wonder there aren’t any womyn-born-womyn in STEM careers. Anything more difficult than sleeping around is *too technical* to them, and you’re mean if you point that out. Hell hath no fury like a womyn-born-womyn who’s just been told, “No.”

      • J Galt

        “Anything more difficult than sleeping around is *too technical* to them, and you’re mean if you point that out.”

        When you think about it pregnancy offers 100% employment for the privileged class and as a bonus you get to pick your own employer to pay you, no resume or qualifications required.

        Imagine if you took the “power and control” wheel from the Duluth model of DV and applied that to employment?

  • SlantyJaws

    I don’t see why a feminist should have any more access to children, especially male children, than a paedophile. A group who have drunk their own concocted kool-aid to the extent that “children have emotions” is some great discovery should in no way be entrusted with the safe keeping of those children.

    They must surely present a real and present danger to the emotional and intellectual, if not outright physical development of the child.

    And I would definetely enforce that legislatively.


    • OldGeezer

      You would thereby deprive them of one of their earliest victories. Getting the fear of child abuse assigned almost exclusively to men*, and thus almost totally eliminating male influences over the development of children in primary education and elsewhere, was a necessary prerequisite to their brainwashing and training programs for their future obedient slaves.

      Children, especially boys, are the primary victims of feminism. Their abandonment to the abuses of essentially parentless homes and to a combination of state and corporate care (via schools, daycare, the media and countless other channels of “education”) is a disgrace in general. The added burdens that boys must suffer under the custody and control of feminist mothers (whether singly or with disempowered and emasculated dads) is almost too unhappy even to contemplate. But that is the sad and pitiful state of affairs for most boys these days and it’s hard to know who is most blameworthy for its evolution.

      * The truth, of course, is radically different. If you think it’s bad at home, try interviewing some boy inmates and former inmates of juvenile detention centers under the “tender loving care” of female guards and supervisors.

  • josephrobertson

    Note to the editor:

    Her first name is ROSALIND, not ROSILAND.

    Also, Queen Bees and Wannabes was published in 2002, not 2009.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I’ve been reading the comments section in articles about the Bode Miller custody debacle. I’m very surprised and pleased to see how many people are siding with men’s rights in the comments sections.

    It’s always one step forward and two steps back with men’s rights, but…I’m going to savor and enjoy this one little step forward at the moment.


  • nuclearradio

    Wait a minute. ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY: That men…have feelings too? MY GOD. Is this possible? Has it been tested by a team of feminist sociologists?

    You see, I live in an echo chamber where everyone agrees with each other that men have no soul. This confuses me.

  • Francis Roy

    I thought that JTO’s article was a bit snobby and condescending, and I see many comments here that echo the snobbery.

    For as elemental as it may appear to we men who are seeped in men’s issues, I’ll stick up for her. Until I ran into Warren Farrell and eventually AVFM, I, a man, could not articulate such simple things.

    If she is dumbfounded at the notion that men and boys hurt, then perhaps that is a reflection of society at large. I have no problem that she reaches out to her niche market, or her specific circle of influence.

    I refuse to knock her for it. I praise her for it. Good for her.

    Good for her for listening to boys; I had no one to listen to me, and nobody who could or would understand. If her book makes it into the hands of even one boy who finds even a few lines remotely useful, she’s done a good job. If her book causes even one human being to pay closer attention to the health and well-being of boys, good for her.

    It doesn’t matter how elemental the message is. Is it any more basic than Men’s Rights are Human Rights?

    Her efforts are an extra grain of sand in our camp. She is doing good.

    • http://sportsdroppingsusa.blogspot.com Ty Henry

      Agreed. I know JtO can do better, and that’s what’s a tad disappointing