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Intactivists protest in front of pro-circumcision doctor’s house

The fine folks at Intaction recently held a protest against a doctor who supports circumcising children before they’re old enough to give consent:

Video courtesy of Jerry the Other.

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  • crydiego

    I support the cause but I would never join them in confronting people at their homes.

    • sammich heist

      Considering she publicly supports a form of sexual assault worse than rape, the mutilation of infants, I have absolutely no problem with this.

      She invaded the bedroom and sex life of so many men, a small protest in front of her house is nothing in comparison.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      Why not? It’s not illegal and it’s completely sensible and proportional.
      I mean, really, what’s more wrong for the society? A bunch of sensible individuals with signs protesting in front of someone’s home – OR millions upon millions of men being permanently mutilated for the simple fact that they’re men and without any rational reason whatsoever?

    • Tooold

      Then what kind of “supporter” are you?

  • sammich heist

    Good job guys, one way to stop this butchering is to make it not worth the trouble for the doctors.
    More protests, more lawsuits, more speaking against it.
    Keep up the great work guys.

    — now for some humor —
    Looking at their signs I kept thinking if anyone tells them to “go fly a kite”, they were pretty much all set. :)

    At 3:45 the guy makes an accidental pun and no one is like OMG U DON’T JOKE ABOUT IT YOU RAPEAPPLEJUICE! … O_o then I remembered who was doing the protesting 😀

  • jerrytheother

    One day, Susan Blank, society will sober up from its drunken rampage of genital mutilation, but you my dear will never be able to wash the blood from your hands.

  • jerrytheother

    • http://cleareyes1984.angelfire.com/ Room101

      I want that t-shirt.

  • jerrytheother
    • Bombay

      It is difficult to understand why parents will mutilate their babies. When the doctor asked me about performing circumcision on my son, I told him that it was mutilation. I hope he learned something.

      • James Williams

        I was circumcised as a toddler. All I remember was that I did not want what they were going to do to me, but my parents insisted. I suffered an infection of some kind and it left me feeling different from other boys when I went to school. When it came to team sports and changing rooms, I did not want to been seen undressed by others boys. From my own experience, no one can tell me that very young children are not affected.

        I had not heard of the men’s rights movement or any element of it when my sons were born, but I knew that it was my duty as a parent to protect them from harm. I am pleased to say that included defending them against a suggestion that they ought to be genitally mutilated.

    • http://www.ecalevolada.info/ tsubasalovelace

      I terminated my NPR membership after they published that.

      That being said, in hindsight, I realized that was the most balanced article I had read. I suppose that speaks volumes. No other “lamestream” news sources I know of even bothered with an alternative viewpoint that male genital mutilation might not be necessary.

  • sadman365

    I’m not even sure why the guy even mentioned FGM. People in the West have the impression that FGM is widespread or something when in reality it is a rare occurrence. Beside Egypt, virtually no other muslim countries do it, and even in Egypt it’s restricted to very small areas in small villages and is not a common practice in the whole country.

    Other than Egypt, there are SOME African tribes that do it, but again, I’m talking tribes NOT countries. So, for every 1 baby girl that’s mutilated there are literally 10’s of millions of boys who are mutilated.

    The other thing, FGM IS already illegal in the West while the butchering and mutilation of male baby genitals is the law of the land. So again, I just don’t understand it when someone brings up the subject of FGM especially here in the West. These guys are protesting HERE (where MGM is still legal), NOT in Egypt or Africa.

    The other thing, I have no doubt this bitch (Blank) is a feminist and I’m sure she enjoys the power she has as she causes the male baby to suffer in pain. I have little doubt many of these so-called doctors are sadists….

    • http://www.ecalevolada.info/ tsubasalovelace


      Consider the reactions to when the American Academy of Pediatrics attempted to legitimize the practice of clitoral slicing (2010 iirc).

      If I didn’t know better, I’d think the American Academy of Pediatrics were trolling us. Attempt to make clitoral slicing a legitimate practice in the USA? Get bitchslapped by feminism. Create a report about the doom and gloom that will befall us with spiraling heath care costs because men (and trans women) are obviously incapable of bathing on a daily basis? Get cheered on by feminism, and you have white knights who even say that anybody attempting to consider the ethical implications against the “research” that shows that men are better off circumcised (I’m sure not! And I didn’t even turn out to be a man! How I’d love to experience intact genitals! If I had a genie, my first wish might not even be to be a complete woman! Maybe I’d just like to know what being a man is like!) are clearly off their rockers!

      It’s disgusting.

  • Sanguifer

    I want that on a T-shirt now.

    “Genital mutilation is evil no matter how You cut it”.

  • jerrytheother

    Circumcision jokes in honor of Dr. Susan Blank:

    What did one foreskin say to the other in the hospital nursery?

    – “Hope I’m not Jewish,” to which the other foreskin replies ” That’s old school – with ‘modern medicine’ WE’RE ALL AT RISK!”


    – “My fellow foreskin, any last words before we get snuffed out?” to which comes the reply “Why us? We haven’t had the chance to prove ourselves!” To which comes the reply “Because: Penis.

    A new mother is informed that her newborn baby boy must have surgery. “Why on earth would a newborn baby need surgery – isn’t that risky, especially in a newborn?” “This is serious,” was the reply, “he has a penis.”