Generation Z : Boys in Modern Britain

The education system is trashing boys in an eagerness to promote feminist ideology. Any male success is now seen only as gender advantage, not hard work or a human right to thrive. Boys are loving, caring, intelligent, funny and innocent, but society rarely gives them credit for this. Instead, they are told that they’re stupid, emotionally stunted, depraved and violent, thus sealing a boy’s social fate before he even leaves school.


This video describes one boy’s personal experiences of the British education system between 1997 and 2006. It was based upon the content of an internet post by the user “Duran” to the antimisandry.com forum. The transcript, which is abridged version of the original post, follows:

I was born in 1991, to a happy family, I had a sister 6 years older than me, and two loving parents, my father was the breadwinner of the family and my mother was a house wife, she used to take me and my sister to school, pick us up when we were sick, basically, all the mum’s stuff.

My early school years were great, my education was great, I had maximum grades at that point; I played for my school football team and used to do some boxing. My dad and his dad were both boxers. It was great bonding time for me and my dad in the gym. Life couldn’t have better. As I got toward the end of my primary school years, I did start to notice an odd trend, though. My family seemed to be the minority that were like this: When I’d stay over at friends houses, it would almost always be divorced mothers or just simply single mothers looking after my friends. I never paid it much attention, however, as I was just 6-11 years old at the time, but I always wondered, “where’s your dad?”about my friends.

Anyway, moving on to my transition into secondary school, this is where things changed, for the worse. Secondary school is 11-16 in England, not sure what it is in other countries.

Immediately it began. We were taught, at such a young age, all of the atrocities western men had committed against everyone else. We were literally, I’m not exaggerating here, taught to be ashamed of ourselves and of our gender culture. Girls were taught how great the suffragettes were and that without them they’d still be under the tyranny of evil men.

I remember a particular class about this in history. The female teachers and female students were all laughing at the stupidity of boys and men. I remember the female teacher pointing out “all the men had to fight wars, while women didn’t, but it was always men that started the wars,” while the girls all laughed. I remember looking around at all the boys in my class just sitting there, quietly, blank stares on their faces, saying nothing. Then it hit me like a silver bullet. I was doing the same as them: nothing.

However, after having years of political correctness and self-shame pumped into me by this so called education system, I had no knowledge of how to even discredit them. Everything they said seemed true. If it wasn’t for my father teaching me about the great men of our past at a young age, I actually think I’d be another sad fool indoctrinated into feminist ideology.

This experience though, was one problem that I and other boys my age experienced at this point. Another was that not only were we taught to be ashamed of our gender, they went so far as to blatantly make us ashamed of our race. Yes, if you were white and male, oh boy, you were in for a treat. Hours upon hours of all the horrendous crimes our ancestors did to the Africans, the Native Americans, the Jewish people and of course, women, because women were not in any way part of white wrongdoing.

Not one, not a SINGLE mention of all the good we did, only the bad. If they did happen to mention anything good a white man did they never pointed out it was a white man who did it. Only when they shame do they like to point the traits of the people/person they’re shaming out.

Meanwhile they had Black History Month celebrating the accomplishments of Black culture and Black people in general, which I have no problem with. I think it’s great that people can celebrate their culture, but then it bought up the question, when will I be allowed to celebrate and be proud of my culture? The answer? Never, that’s racist and not politically correct, you see. That line of thinking leads to a nation of Nazis, apparently.

Now, after all this, I noticed something change in me. I became apathetic, lazy, unmotivated and my grades went from the top 5% in my country at age 11, to pretty much rock bottom. I remember at age 11 I was predicted straight A* and as for my GCSEs, well, I didn’t leave that school with a single GCSE. Not one.

Why? I stopped caring about school, some days I just didn’t turn up, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was actually horrendous to be discriminated against like that by people who are supposed to be objectively teaching and nurturing me. By the time my dad noticed what was going on it was too late to do anything about it. It was in the last 6 months of school; the school never notified him of my drastic drop in grades and lack of attendance.

These feelings weren’t just felt by me either. I can tell you now that 90% of the boys in my year didn’t leave with more than 1-2 GCSEs either. A lot of the girls, the majority in fact, left that school with amazing grades. A girl I was fond of left with 3 A stars, if I remember correctly. Oh and my sister finished Primary school with high grades and carried on the trend finishing secondary school with very high grades. all A’s and B’s. She went on to do A levels and was on her way to becoming very successful, learning multiple languages such as German and Latin when she decided to give it all up to raise a family.

To any of the older generation out there, I’d just like to tell you, this is what it was like to grow up in an education system from 1997-2006. Now I can’t say it was like this in every school, as I had no experience in other schools but if generally speaking, every school was the same way mine was, we’re in big trouble. I read recently, young men get paid less than young women now from ages 20-29.

My big question is, what is going to happen when my generation has to step and live in their place in the world? From my experience and the facts around me at the time, the majority of boys in my year are either unemployed or doing basic jobs like stacking shelves, digging and other menial jobs.

We’ve literally created a generation of young men who are self-hating and apathetic without any father figures in their lives, and even the ones who had father figures like me got shafted hard by the education system we had to endure.

Honestly, I’m actually really interested in seeing what happens in the next 20 years. Will feminists ever realize that their self-gratification condemns this generation of men who have been destroyed and ostracized with little chance of their life’s potential being developed?

I was one of the few people who wasn’t surprised when the UK riots came about. It was just waiting to happen. This is the generation of young men who are supposed to be the backbone to our future?

I am very interested in what the older generation of men think about this state of affairs and how their sons have been treated by the education system and society in general.

Oh and before anyone accuses me of blaming my failings on the education system, my father paid for me to go to an all male school, where I got 7 As in GCSEs on my first year there directly after mandatory school ended, then two years of A levels in which I got all 5 of them. This isn’t some blame, pity me game. I’m just generally very interested in what you all think is going to happen if my scenario holds true for the majority of young men growing up?

This article was first publish on MRALondon.org.

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Andy is an outspoken advocate for human rights and a campaigner against family abuse. He writes about the harm and prejudice that men and boys routinely experience, but which society refuses to acknowledge.

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  • JFinn

    Boys are loving, caring, intelligent, funny and innocent

    You’re goddamned right. Creative and diligent, too. It’s sad how such an expression is so rare in media, politics, academia, or common social discourse. Boys are smart and innocent, men are nurturing and honorable.

    Mitt Romney, in a national debate:
    “Look, I got five girls. I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I will believe it.”

    Oh wait, that’s almost what he said. Pillock(as the brits say.)

  • Zerbu

    I’m 19, and my story is very similar. After a few years, I realised there wasn’t ONE day where something anti-male wasn’t said. Even if it was just a “*sigh* boys!” (often used for non gender stereotypical behaviour, or occasionally even stereotypically female behaviour, where the person displaying this behaviour happened to be male), it still happened at least once a day. On most days, it was more than that, though, here are the most misandric things that happened:

    One day, one of the teachers threatened to give all the boys, but not the girls, in the class a punishment exercise over what just a group of boys did.

    Now on to something even worse: on another day, one of the teachers asked all the boys, specifically stating only the boys (that included the weak “nerd” boys), to lift heavy tables into another room. When a girl insisted on helping, all the boys got in trouble and were called lazy.

  • Merlin

    This is a great video, Andy. Thanks for this.

    I’ve been over to your ‘YouTube’ channel and posted a few comments myself, although you won’t see me as Merlin.
    Some members of the YouTube community will know me as ‘Yazoo2564.’

    It’s a fantastic upload, and I’m really glad that you are exposing what’s going off in the UK, as well as AVFM, and many more besides including myself.

  • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

    Well, I am a lot older than Duran. I was in secondary school from ’78 ’till ’83, and I can honestly say that, barring a few minor differences in my familial situation (single mother, step-fathers, domestic violence, physical abuse and emotional neglect) the story was identical.

    By the late seventies, the inherent gynocentric bias was beginning to ramp up in earnest. The majority of the girls in my class were already out-performing the boys by a huge margin. My friends – all ‘me mates,’ were the epitome of disenfranchisement. We all sensed from a very early age that there was a piss-poor vista from our collective launch-pads. We were white, male and children of divorce, to boot; we had the ill-fortune to come from the wrong side of town; the kids who lived on the other side of the main divide still had fathers who lived at home with them – Dads who turned up to the school plays and concerts; men who clapped their sons on the shoulders as they led them out of the auditoria.

    To this day, I can still apprehend the disappointment of standing onstage, peering through the colored lights in the school forum-hall, looking over a sea of heads, knowing that no one was there to see me perform.

    Like our teachers. They were watching us fail, but never asked any questions of it. The girls – interested in their given subject, enthralled at their anecdotes, siphoned off all their consciousness. By age 14 the only thing my cohort was into was what we called ‘skiving off’ – playing hooky, I believe it is called in North American parlance. There was this consensus that as school held no promise for us, there must be better things to do. Things like sticking safety pins through our ears and intoning ‘No Future’ alongside Johnny Rotten; things like raiding our parents’ liquor cabinets and going out out on shoplifting sprees.
    At least running from the police, smoking cigarettes and trying to put our hands up the skirts of one of the more ‘obliging’ girls, seemed like living – or something vaguely approaching that state.

    It has been along time since I lived in that country. Judging by what I hear from Duran it has not changed one iota, just gotten a lot worse.

    Hell, I deserved better than this. All boys deserve better than this. Hearing this young man’s words brought back all the pain, all that shame I felt. The grinding self-loathing that I developed for my gender and towards my own body – something that gave rise to fantasies of my actually severing my penis.

    We need to do better than this.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      Yeah, mine was 90-97. Same thing to a T for me in the US.

  • http://www.judgybitch.com JudgyBitch

    You’re lucky you made it to 11 with your self-esteem basically intact. I wrote about new study in the UK which shows boys falling behind by age 5!!

    Of course, the “achievements” they must meet are all geared towards girls. It’s not just ridiculous, it’s bloody tragic. The UK is throwing away their most talented boys, and the future looks pretty grim, because even if you DO rig the field so that girls win, girls STILL don’t want/can’t manage the STEM fields.

    An entire generation of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and programmers are being sacrificed and that will cost the UK dearly, in the long run.


  • Tawil

    Great article Andyman…. feminists worldwide have taken control of constructing boys self-image, essentially destroying their self worth through 100% negative narratives about males in schools. R. D. Laing comes to mind:

    “The attributes one ascribes to a person define him and put him in a particular position. By assigning him to a particular position, attributions ‘put him in his place’ and thus have in effect the force of injunctions.”

    The negative attributions about males -their natures, deeds and history- has decimated their sense of personal and social worth. Without that sense of worth men and boys have been demonstrating a lowered motivation to contribute to the building of personal relationships or to the creation and maintenance of society, this due to the justified belief that any contributions by them are now unappreciated, and unwelcome.

    The path for many boys who have come to feel ‘forced out’ by negative stereotyping has been to drop out. Many boys have dropped out of school and society and dropped into drugs, gangs, violence, isolation, depression, despair and suicide. Like you say above the riots came as no surprise.

    The message the world needs to re-learn is that males of all ages respond more energetically to positive images than to negative stereotyping.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    It all appears to go along with the destruction of the traditional family through destruction of fathers and males, that Erin Pizzy, detailed as part of the Marxist feminist plan – which also hijacked the original domestic violence movement.

  • Greg Canning

    I have little doubt this scenario is being played out in all the western liberal democracies, with similar effects on our boys and young men.

    Meanwhile in the Weekend Australian Newspaper

    Results prove education system favours girls, yet we do nothing


    or as a pdf if the above is behind a paywall.


    • Steve_85

      It is behind a pay wall. Interesting read, can’t really say I’m surprised. What would surprise me though is if anything DOES happen.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the pdf link Greg. I’m with Steve here. This has been going on for ages now, yet very few care. I think the work going on here at avfm is phenomenal. But as I have said many times things are going to get a whole lot worse before anyone wakes up to reality of the religion of misandry. But by that stage, it may be too late.

  • Redfield

    You are the same age as my oldest boy, same experience down under. The state education system has promotional pamphlets in school admin offices here and have on average pictures of nine girls to every two boys in their self congratulatory advertising!
    My youngest (son) on a weekly basis would come home and tell me stories of gender discrimination, although he doesn’t equate it in these terms … Boys being kept in after school when girls were let out on time! Asking me questions like “dad why are boys bad at multi-tasking … dad what is multi-tasking?” I asked him who his favourite chef was and he answered jamie Oliver, I said when Jamie has six things going at once when preparing dinner that is an example of multi-tasking, so in fact men are very good at it, considering the best chefs in the world are men …. So why did my teacher tell me this? She just made a mistake son, and although I am a pussy on the web, I AM NOT IN MY NONE VIRTUAL REALITY … She got a visit from me and I handed over some relevant research on the matter and told her to retract the statement to the class .. Fuck that!!
    Too many incidents to go into but don’t expect it to improve when you go to University, after my second degree and seeing daily negative male stereo types being spewed forth during lectures by the girls behind the microphone a core of us lads began to ask for them to cite any article that has been peer reviewed on their statements, and surprise surprise none was ever forth coming …
    Work, if you are lucky to get into the public service (here our gender comprises a little over 30% of the total) my advice is to arm your self with some basic facts about your gender … as a result they know I am an MRA, they don’t tell piss head jokes about males in front of me and rarely make sweeping statements about the so called patriarchy, I am what you may call forearmed and weaponised with a counter argument …
    In this country by the end of 2014 they project that 70% of students graduating will be female …. And most will think males deserve to be assigned to this appalling statistic and they will be entitled to being part of the seventy percent …
    No surprises in your well written and considered article … but they will have to fight tooth and nail from here on in to keep this bullshit in their favour … they won’t be up to the challenges to hold on to their hill of entitlement …

  • Alphabeta Supe

    I went to a private boys high school from 1977-1982. Form day one it was clear to me that the school really only cared about the best boys – best at sport, best in academics, music, cadets, etc. Sadly, I was only in the next 10% or below in everything, so I was ignored. The early attention I received for being in the top 3 academically in Grade 6 & 7 had turned to shame when I dropped to fifth in the class and then stopped completely when I dropped to tenth. It was a system that followed the social norm that only the top 10 percent of boys meant anything in society – i.e. the alpha males, and everyone else is cannon fodder.

    This idea of the disposable male has been around for a very long time. Feminism has just picked up the ball, given it a “progressive” polish, then run with it. Man-shaming is as old as civilisation itself.

    The question is not so much why we are shamed so wantonly and ruthlessly by women, as that’s no different to the way a lowing herd keeps tumescent bulls at bay, but how can we prevent them from actually harming men and boys. The answer to that question is critically important as, thanks to the well-armed geldings, the lowing herd now wields deadly power.

    I’m tempted to repeat man-o-mantras like “go our own way” but that leaves our boys exposed to the gelding knife. No, I think we must learn to assert the masculine in a way that the feminine will naturally follow. But what does this mean exactly?

    Parenting may provide the answer. Every parent knows, deep down, that to raise a good son you must suffuse his ego with promise and to raise a good daughter you must judiciously prune her ego. If this parenting technique is as powerful as it seems, MGTOW won’t cut it, because the suffusing and pruning can’t be done from a distance. Nor can it be done effectively on the internet. It must be done in person, face-to-face, with all the non-verbal signals that go with it.

    What AVfM readers are already doing – i.e. getting out from behind the computer screen and out into the village green, is precisely what needs to be done.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    In 15 – 20 years time the females of the writers generation will manifest their disdain of living in this paradigm, their hardwired Hypergamy will exclaim “where have all the good men gone?”

    It will never be their fault…

    • by_the_sword

      “where have all the good men gone?”

      Look under your bootheels ms.

  • TPH

    I am rather fortunate to have attended school before it became totally co-opted by feminism. My 2 son’s were not so fortunate.

    When I began to see the misandry and outright blatant shame heaped on them for merely being boys, I enrolled them in a private all boys school. Their grades went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s within a quarter.

    Feminism is really harming boys enormously and the feminists state that they want equality for women, girls, boys, and men. Um, yea,. Right…How again does feminism help boys?

    The actions and outcomes in education prove feminists to be skillful con-artists and liars at best, outright female supremacists at worst.

  • freey

    My son noted the favouritism shown towards the girls in his primary school class.
    In the one year he had a male teacher he thrived and thought the place was much better.
    When studying the ancient romans he complained to me that his then teacher (female) had promised the boys that they would be able to study a battle but that they had spent all year looking at the sewing techniques used, the diet and pottery and it was coming to the end of the final term.
    I was quite surprised at his patience but he felt he had been lied to and felt disenchanted and aggrieved.
    I covered this off using youtube and attending a reenactment.
    At the beginning of the final year his two female teachers held a parents meeting (mothers mainly, it was held at 10am) to tell us what they would be doing for the coming year and that the topic was to be the 2nd world war. They outlined how they would engage all the necessary skills, maths, english, geography etc under this heading except science because, despite their best efforts, they could not think of anyway to connect science to the subject.
    They only other dad there and I looked at each other aghast. Personally I wasn’t sure I had heard them correctly but after conferring it transpired I had.
    The expectations set for his final assessment were too low and based upon disapproval of his “boyishness” in my opinion so I worked with him at home and he exceeded them by some considerable margin.
    If you have a son at a state run mixed gender school you can not rely on it to fulfil his maximum potential nor on any assessment that may be made of him.
    I didn’t realise this until a couple of years into the system.
    Don’t accept the false assurances that will be offered.
    Forewarned is forearmed.
    My son now attends an all boys school.

  • scatmaster

    I had no knowledge of how to even discredit them

    and if you are like me with no debating or retention skills you suffer in silence.

  • Coriolanus

    Have to say, this didn’t particularly happen to me in state or private education.

  • the Tired Low Social

    if you want a relatively feminism-free society, check out brownsburg, indiana. if feminism exists here it is subtle (or i need to get out more). it’s got the male:female teacher ratio you’d expect in the public schools (only private school i know of around here is a catholic school), but most of the teachers care as does the administration. the only real hindrance i can easily identify is No Child Left Behind and it’s bullshit so everyone’s more focused on grades. i’ll look into it more when i can, but at the moment we happen to be on break and i have to focus on passing this year, so don’t hold your breath. on a personal note, i have similar views on doing well, but for different reasons. never really got why grades had so much importance (still don’t). add on society’s view towards men, and i’m not seeing why i should help these fucks.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      My son spent K-12 at North Put, relatively unscathed, and I subbed there for a few years. I used to joke that Indiana skipped the second half of the 20th century.

      That wasn’t always a bad thing…

      • the Tired Low Social

        though we seem to get our standards from other places. it helps that we are the corn state, cuz HOLY SHIT. MUTHAFUCKIN’ CORN FIELDS!! and almost as much soy. as well as forests towards kentucky and amish country near there too but still a lot of farms. can’t really afford feminism. i suspect it’s the same with other farm states

  • Andres

    I’ve registered because I just had to comment on this. I went to school from 1988 to 2002 in Germany, and I had the very same experience: Taught to be ashamed of being a man (even more so a German, for obvious reasons), and in every way inferior to women. I did not, however, have a father that would have instilled in me a sense of self-worth or purpose.
    And it does show. Of three children (two boys, one girl), only the girl is successful and has a career going (complete with at least one boyfriend at any one time), while both boys struggle to even make it from day to day without hitting their despair event horizon.

    I’ve tried putting it into words on the forum, so I won’t iterate my story here. Just go check the “Red Pill stories”, if you’re interested.

  • Adam

    What kinds of schools were you guys going to? I never had any of this in my school, and I was there from 02-07.

  • Ivo Vos

    Some thoughts on how fear has reared it’s ugly head in today’s education of boys.

    The general question that might be stated is this : How did a general framework (a ‘worldview’) arose in the Western culture that ‘explains’ the world and everything that is perceived as frightening, threatening, damaging, in other words as ‘bad’, as a result of the existence of men ?
    First of all, there has to be a general background of fear that is constantly reinforced by the popular worldview. (Leave that to our politicians) If everybody would be satisfied and happy with their lives and everything around them it would be, let’s say, kind of difficult to construct an ‘explanation’ about perceived dangers and have this ‘explanation’ resonate in others. The others couldn’t care less. Unfortunately, fear is probably part of our general human condition. We didn’t exactly evolve as a species that excelled in some physical advantage over other animals like extraordinary strong muscles, sharp claws, running speed and so on. We even didn’t have a fur coat to protect us in some way. We might assume that we, as ‘naked apes’ were more afraid than a rabbit.
    There is something peculiar with this emotion, fear, and we humans have this one advantage over other animals, we have better communication capabilities thanks to our brains. And what we do with them (among other things) is interpret our emotions and construct a future world where our fear has vanished. With our experiences of a past that we communicate to each other as a supposed, and if possible over time repeatedly ‘proven’, answer to our fears.
    And so, over time, we have communicated to each other a wide variety of answers. Mainly, as social animals, as part of our ‘cultures’. And whether it was Thor for the German tribes, Hunab Ku for the Mayans, Luther or Karl Popper for modern Westerners, we came up with a workable solution for our fears. Our possibilities to create solutions has been almost endless. Today, the ‘scientific method’ is rather popular and it ‘has to be logical’. But basically, what logic does is creating an imagined future in which we don’t experience fear or uncertainty (the weaker manifestation of fear). Until, of course, the imagined future becomes the present and economists are one again proven wrong in their assumptions and politicians come up with the next fancy explanation that, this time, they have the better answers for our fears and are accordingly rewarded. Just like any shaman, priest, magician, professor or what not that is able to construct a possible future in our heads without fear and uncertainty. If there is absolutely one thing that can be said about fear and uncertainty, it is that we want to get rid of it as soon as possible and by every means possible. Imagined or not is absolutely unimportant in this case.
    Up to now, we might conclude that, as social animals, our handling of fear – compared to other animals – did server us rather well. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, mother nature has absolutely no idea whatsoever about our notion of ‘a free lunch’. So, our solution comes at a price. No matter how hard and ingenious we try, we can’t get quit rid of that nasty emotion, fear. Some say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but it might as well be translated in the price of freedom is eternal fear.

    The Calvinists had a splendid answer. We are all born sinners, (how about that as a creative ‘explanation’ for those nasty emotions that you are experiencing right now – or in case you didn’t, concentrate first on a eternal burning hell you will be in), but salvation can be attained and the evil can be overcome. There exists an answer to your fears, so fear no more my son. Sounds logical, doesn’t it ? Fear is a powerful instrument in the hand of the mighty.

    Second, even though Luther’s God did instill in us that suddenly we are supposed to be ‘personal responsible’ for our faith and thereby the glory of the family, the nation, the world or whatever, it has not exactly been a proven solution to all of our fears.
    While God is taking a backseat and ´western science´ has gone centre stage, we are still left with lots of fear. Even more so now we have all these individual eternal sinners looking for answers that come up with even more confusing possibilities and God is nowhere in sight, He even did have the nerve to leave his backseat and has vanished without a trace in lots of places.

    Third, there aren’t that many differences between men and women in general, but our inner handling of emotions, in this case fear, is probably one of them. For good evolutionary reasons. But since mother nature still has no idea about a free lunch, it comes again at a price. While men are busy trying out the latest possible answers, women are busy trying out the next possible interpretation of emotions. All as social animals and no end in sight. No matter how hard we try to get rid of them. And while women park their cars and create minor damages, men are parking their Ferrari’s in a more spectacular way – vertical against a tree.

    Fourth, while we men have been busy generating one answer after another to ‘overcome’ our fears – and thus far with quit amazing results – we recently have started to let our womenfolk down. I mean, despite of all our possible answers and with or without shining armour, we have let them down completely. Our women are still left with fear. How’s that for an answer ?
    And now, some men even have the nerve to infringe on the until recently single power domain of women, the social interpretations of emotions commonly known as feelings. Why aren’t they busy generating answers to our fears ? What is wrong with them ?

    It doesn’t exactly come as a surprise that the feminist answer to all this laziness is communicating fear and more fear in order to get things ‘back on track’. Roger Waters hardly could have stated it better in his song ‘Mother’. And since eternal sin is the cause and answer to all our fears and we all are sinners but some sinners are more sinners than others, we white men are more sinners than everybody else on this planet. On any imaginable subject. Easy as one, two, three.

    My advice for us is to plead guilty. Of whatever and whenever. Let us be the worst sinners of all human history and of the entire universe. Let us settle this for once and for all. Of course all white men are guilty of not providing an answer to fear and all the possible interpretations (feelings) that have been and will be generated. We didn’t, and even worse, we won’t.
    Since mother nature (damned stubborn beast) still doesn’t know about a free lunch, this will come at a price. No sex for the sinners since they didn’t have an answer to the fears. But the flipside is more peace of mind. So we can spend our time with finding answers on more important matters.

    Happy Christmas to everybody.

    • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

      Happy Christmas to you, too sir.

      I have just read your post. 2 times. Ah well, here goes a third… 😉

      • Ivo Vos

        Thanks for the attention. Give it some time, unfortunately there are a lot of abstractions woven into the story. It’s nothing more than another way to look at the same things. To tell the story otherwise would have taken 30 pages or more. We are not exactly accustomed to thinking about our conscious thinking as a possible interpretation of emotions.

  • Steve_85

    There is a generation gap with men. I’ve tried talking to older men (including my father) about this sort of thing and they just can’t see it. They refuse to acknowledge that it is happening.

    The thing that worries me, is that this problem is one of those lovely diseases that kills the only thing that can stop it. By the time the older guys are out of those positions that could affect a change to this, the young guys who would step up and fix it have had so many years of shit thrown at them that they just can’t be bothered… and that is if the position doesn’t go to a woman anyway.

    I hear a lot of people say we never should have let women vote… I would say we never should have taught them to speak… or failing that, should have kept them WELL out of teaching.

    • Andres

      I think it’s necessary to point out that this isn’t a thing of “women versus men”. I’ve had some GREAT female teachers who really got me interested in certain subjects. For example, my interest in English stems from a female teacher. She didn’t favour anyone, and communicated her love for that language by teaching it. If not for her, I wouldn’t be typing this.

      It is the feminist agenda, NOT women, that treats men as fundamentally flawed and in need of constant shaming.

      • Steve_85

        I assume the down vote was yours. That’s fair enough, let me explain and see if I can change your mind 😀

        This is absolutely about feminism and not women. In practice though, there is rarely any difference other than feminists are not necessarily women.

        I am aware that there are women who are actively against feminism, and they have my thanks. But the vast majority of women are either active feminists, or will happily stand on the sidelines, silently collecting benefits. While they may not be actively trying to commit gendercide (radfemhub says hi) they are silently propping up the ideologues who ARE.

        By failing to speak up, they have put themselves firmly in the position of being a feminist supporter.

        Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT) is almost a cleche at this point. No, they aren’t all like that, but most are, and in day-to-day life, it is best to assume that they all are like that, and try to minimise the fallout.

        • Andres

          I do get where you come from – as a matter of fact, I take a dim view on women who say “Yeah, feminists are not about equality, but watcha gonna do? They benefit me, so’s all cool”.

          But I also know that quote miners are looking for things, e.g. said ironically, to take them out of context. And nope, that negative vote wasn’t me. I am not so petty as that (I hope).

    • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

      My wife insisted that she taught herself to speak. Go figure.

  • Coriolanus

    Aaaaand the conflation of women with feminism begins….

    • Steve_85

      Woman is the name of a group of humans noted by their sex (female).
      Feminist is the name of an ideology based on female supremacy and anti-male hate.
      A woman is not necessarily a Feminist and likewise a feminist may not be female.

      We are all well aware of the distinction, pointing it out simply shows that you have nothing useful to add to the discussion.

    • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

      Yes, Coriolanus, I hear this chime from time to time. Generally, I find that a conflation of feminism with Marxism is more helpful (and would side-step blaming women as a whole.) Yes, the internal landscapes of women have been changing a lot recently, but we have to remember that women are human beings. Moreover, many of them are quite lovely human beings to boot: wise, empathic, funny – you name it. Some of my favorite human beings are women. My Grandma rules (she would walk that extra mile to help me out of a hole, let me tell you.)
      And before one of you says it: no, this is not white-knighting; believe me, I am really draconian when I comes to gender ideology. Blaming women as a class for the wreckage of feminism would make us into the hate movement that our opponents charge us with being. I, for one, will not give them that fucking satisfaction.

      • http://salientsight.com/ergot/ limeywestlake

        I will concede, Steve, that the inability of a seemingly huge swathe of women to sense societal misandry is extremely concerning.

  • The Unforgiven

    This seems to sum up my experience in school, I started out as a straight A student and went to bottom of the barrel by high school like most of the boys in my class, I remember the grade chart they had in classes the girls were all A’s and B’s and the boys were all D’s and F’s.

    The favoritism for girls among the teachers was blatant, boy comes into class a minute late, he is written up for detention, a girl consistently comes into class 15 minutes late or skips class, no action taken, speaking of detention, I noticed there was never any girls there.

  • pjanus
    • Raven01

      I wonder if the lower marks for the same work for boys indicate misandry or misogyny.
      Really, it could go either way. With an expectation of lower ability on the part of girl, or penalising boys for their perceived “advantages” like being able to piss standing up.

      • pjanus


        From the article

        A key reason why boys seem less intelligent than girls in many subjects has been revealed – female teachers.

        Recent research shows that boys lower their sights when it comes to schoolwork if they think a female teacher will be marking it. Boys believe that if a female marks their work, their results will be lower. The research shows the male students suspicions to be true. Female teachers are more likely to award male sttudents lower marks compared to an external examiner, whereas male teachers award male students marks higher than external examiners.

        I don’t know if it’s mysogyny or misandry but external markers will be made up of both men and women and are likely to be more impartial.

        I remember reading other research, sometime ago (I believe was U.S, I no longer have the links) that when hiring workers women showed a biased towards employing other women whilst men were as likely to hire women as men.

        Perhaps at the end of the day it may be down to testosterone – you know that fairness thingy.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I hate going to news sources when they don’t link the original studies. It took me a while to track this down but here’s the original source:


      Like a responsible study it’s a bit more complex than that–there’s also a bias found by male teachers to slightly favor boys, but with the problem of the overwhelming (and growing) majority of teachers being female, it’s got to be part of this equation.

      I’m not up for writing an article about it, but is anyone else?

  • Steve_85

    My marks show a similar pattern, though I can’t really point to any teachers who showed any type of misandry. All through primary school (’91 to ’97) I was the top of every single class I was in. I’m quite proud of that, but then I reached 10th grade (2000) and seem to have hit a wall.

    I’d like to be able to blame it on misandry, but I honestly think it was more about me. I have quite a high IQ and I’d coasted all through the previous 10 years of schooling, never needing to put in any real amount of effort. I think I just became lazy, and my marks suffered for it. Either that or I simply never needed to do any work, and so I didn’t know how to when the time came.

    This is a problem that I’ve seen several other boys (and one girl) suffer with. It seems being intelligent can in fact be quite a large handicap once you get to the point where smarts alone doesn’t work. You need to put the effort in as well. I have a friend who is pretty average intellectually. He is slow to grasp concepts, but by god does he work at things… he’s getting better marks than I am in Biomed.

    Smarts will only take you so far, effort is needed as well. Something to think about.

    • keyster

      I HATED school.
      If I could pass with the least amount of effort possible, that’s what I did. Why was I being taught all these things I had no interest in? How would it serve me later in life as an adult? No one could expain it to me. They would just keep saying I needed to “apply myself”. What did that mean? And then even if I did get better grades my parents made it clear they would not pay for college. So what was the point? I learned more hiding in the book stacks of the library in 4 years.

      This was at the tipping point when the “new breed” of teachers fresh out of post-modern/anti-establishment Indocrination U started taking over (1972). Co-ed EVERYTHING was all the rage. Popular girls were elected to student council AND homecoming queen.

      It was more tentative and subtle then. Now it’s a full-on war against white boys.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    The problem to a large extent is men, as long as it happening to some other guy it does not matter, males must stop throwing males under the bus.
    99.8% of men will only react after the shit hits the fan.

    Sometimes I find it easier to work with women.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    I feel for the kid in the article. Secondary school is the same here in the states.

    Sadly, it gets worse in college.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW


    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW


      Book Description
      Release Date: January 26, 2000

      Judge Judy has heard enough.As a family court judge in New York City and now in her successful TV courtroom show, she has listened to thousands of excuses, complaints, and tales of woe from women of every background, and she’s ready to rule. Women, she states with her trademark frankness, need to wise up, stop subjugating who they are, and stop making stupid decisions in the name of love. They hide their talents and opinions so they won’t offend. They tiptoe through life letting others take credit for their ideas because they would rather be liked than respected. They spend their lives trying to please everyone but them-selves, and then they wonder why they feel so frustrated and unfulfilled.

      Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever presents Judge Judy’s ten hard and true lessons for happiness:

      Beauty fades, dumb is forever.

      Don’t crawl when you can fly.

      What goes up must come down.

      Denial is a river in Egypt.

      Master the game–then play it.

      You’re the trunk of the tree.

      You can’t teach the bull to dance.

      Failure doesn’t build character.

      Letting go is half the fun.

      You can be the hero of your own story.

  • JinnBottle

    I was out of secondary school by 1970. Thank the gods. But my son was in 1st grade in 1977 and even as early as that he was bringing home reports of how the teachers were setting up girls vs boys games of all kinds and tilting the playing field, with gross blatancy, so that the girls would win, so that there could not possibly be any other outcome. I recall hearing his reports and being baffled. What the hell was going on, exactly?

    Thank you for the Post, young Andy man. You were unfortunate to be in school during the time you were; but it sounds like that was more than compensated for in having the parents – especially your father – that you did.

    Your generation may also see an entirely transformed arrangement between the sexes that I cannot fathom. I pray that yours will be the first generation in 40+ years who will not have their youth thrown in the shitter by feminism.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    “Now, after all this, I noticed something change in me. I became apathetic, lazy, unmotivated and my grades went from the top 5% in my country at age 11, to pretty much rock bottom.”

    You’re definitely not the only one. This has been consistently forced onto thousands and thousands of unsuspecting malleable and trusting minds since, at the very least, the early 70’s.

    Feminism does nothing but cheer when these lives are squashed of their potential for happiness and good.

    It’s utterly disgusting of how bad and Orwellian it all really is.

    Erin Pizzey is absolutely right, the time is now to NOT let this vile antagonistic behavior go unchallenged any longer.

    How to do it without being blacklisted by the brainwashed is quite the challenge however. Assuming one did make it through unnoticed through all the (unnecessary) hurdles of totalitarian group thinking, just ONE comment going against the narrative can provide a giant uptick in the number of people actively, and sometimes even unknowingly, trying to destroy your life. This also applies to the workplace in a big way.

    Somehow, independent thinkers need to be revered, not ostracized.

    Education is ass backwards in so many ways, it’s no wonder so many things have gone downhill.

  • keyster

    “This Week” the ABC network Sunday morning news show broadcast from the library of the Sandyhook elementary school after the tragedy that happened there.

    Sitting on the shelf behind the governor of Conn., who was being interviewed, was a book in bold letters titled “A Timeline of Women’s History”. I thought the juxtaposition of this book, boldy on display in a 6 year -old’s library, tells the story behind our boy’s malaise, and perhaps the story of the shooter himself.

    Female esteem chic is discriminating against and devaluing our boys. When is enough Guilt enough?

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    This study relates to this problem:


    It shows that female teachers tend to grade girls easier and boys harder. In fairness, it also shows that male teachers tend to grade boys slightly higher and girls slightly lower. Now, there’s room to notice such things and correct them, but what do we make of the fact that this is such a recent finding, that the overwhelming majority of teachers are female in primary education especially but also overwhelmingly in secondary education?

    I hope others grab and hold onto this reference, as I’ll forget about it. It took some hunting to find it in the first place.

  • hellgorama

    It is sad that the once world class education system of the west has been reduced to utter shit thanks mainly to feminism. I came from Sri Lanka, and before coming to canada I went to a private school (owned and operated by rich local families with ties to British organizations working in the country). We had equal number of male and female teachers and they were most concerned about teaching the curriculum instead of engaging in shaming and mind games. They would give us 100 math problems and challenge us to finish it in 1 – 1.5 hrs and get all of them right. The boys including myself would enthusiastically compete on who would be the best, and sometimes the girls would join in too, It was really fun. There was a chart with everyone’s name on it. If a student did homework exceedingly well or completed it well before the time it is due etc, he/she would get a certain number of red stars. If a student misbehaves consistently or missed homework they get black stars or get red stars taken off. At the end of the year the person with the highest red stars get a prize (like an educational book) and folks who keep getting black stars will have to deal with teachers calling their parents etc.

    Contrary to fembot propaganda the girls were hardly discouraged and there were no odds stacked against them. They got in on the competition and sometimes did better than us. In fact one girl did so well she was best in class for 3 yrs consecutively and wanted to become a doctor. My school even valued physical health and had sporting events where students were divided into 4 houses and competed against each other (like in harry potter).

    I come to Canada and now see what a joke the education system is. Gives no motivation for people do better in the name of equality. Goes overboard with the punishment of students (mainly males) when they misbehave (like police getting called even for a schoolyard scuffle).

  • Zuberi

    It’s articles like this that make glad I choice not to have kids nor to tie the knot. It’d pretty sadistic to keep bringing boys into this sick world only to have them apologize for their existence later on in life.
    As for the next generation of boys, there won’t be a next generation. The primary object of feminism or “cultural Marxism” is to further stimulate social decay.

  • jontorbay

    I was at secondary school 1979 – 1984, and anti-male sexism was only just becoming noticeable to me towards the latter part of that period.

    The history taught at that time was very much of the suffragettes campaigning for the vote against the nasty men for a very long time. The inference was very much that men had always had the vote, and had somehow connived to keep women out. The more powerful mechanisms of social class and economics were seemingly deliberately underplayed in preference of a simplistic view that saw western civilisation in terms of a gender war, where men were the baddies.

    There was little attempt to balance this by making clear that most men had only just achieved the vote in 1918 (over 21 years of age) – and that some women had been given the vote at the same time (although at age 30 years, and with property requirements etc).

    In reality, the suffragettes brought about a much needed ‘adjustment’ of voting rights in 1928. But this process, between the two dates, only took 10 years – which was not quite the earth-shattering war ‘suggested’ by our history lessons. Emphasis was starting to be given to the so-called victimisation and ‘injustices’ borne by women (quite noticeably so) at this time in the education system.

    This is rather interesting as the same misrepresentation of history appears to be being perpetuated as we speak. Please take a look at the following video, whereby a student takes on the sexist curriculum of the London School of Economics.

    The anti-male movement has created a huge amount of propaganda designed to make males feel ashamed and devalued in society – which also reflects in overtly sexist newspaper articles and, at times, some rather offensive advertising.

    The movement appears, partly, to be a political-economic ideology designed to mobilise women to pay tax – and to put monetary resources into the hands of women (through biased divorce settlements). Since women spend much, much more than men, then it follows all this is good for the economy. The monies injected into into the economy through divorce fees alone must be impressive (around 42% of marriages end in divorce).

    The feminist ideology is built on historical inaccuracies and, unfortunately, it mortally wounds the family unit. Ultimately, since the birth rate has now arguably collapsed, we are more dependent on immigration for economic stability. However, one must wonder at the irony that such immigration has possibly planted the seeds of destruction for western feminism, since Islam will probably find it to be very incompatible with its beliefs.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on this subject and found someone very interesting I would like to share who I believe deserves more media attention for being a truthful and compassionate person,


    She’s pretty awesome.