ANZAC Day is Australia’s national day of remembrance for those who made sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for their country.  ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The men of that corps landed on the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula at dawn on 25 April 1915, as part of the ill-conceived and poorly executed allied plan to gain naval access to the Dardanelles and ultimately the Black Sea ports. Their determination and perseverance in the face of adversity and acts of heroism and self-sacrifice created a legendary reputation for ANZACs that subsequent generations of Australian soldiers have emulated.

Officially named and celebrated for the first time in 1916, ANZAC day has evolved to hold a special meaning for Australians, also remembering the sacrifices of our service men and women in subsequent conflicts. ANZAC Day has also attracted controversy over the years, and attendances at remembrance ceremonies declined in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, when some mistakenly believed it represented a glorification of war, rather an acknowledgement of self-sacrifice. Recent years however have seen a resurgence of interest and attendance at ANZAC day events, with particular enthusiasm shown by younger Australian’s and school children.

ANZAC day has always held special meaning for my family. My father was 19 when the Second World War commenced, but unlike many of his contemporaries he did not immediately enlist. Whilst he rarely spoke of it, he was well aware of the futility of the WWI campaigns on foreign soil that saw the loss of 60,000 Australian men’s lives for negligible strategic gains.  However, as the second war evolved the Japanese advance through South East Asia and the Pacific posed a direct threat to the Australian soil, and by July of 1941 he considered it his duty to enlist in the defense of his homeland.

According to his discharge papers he served for 1694 days and was involved in the battles for Milne Bay, the Buna and Sanananda Beach Heads (on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea), Shaggy Ridge and mop up operations in New Britain. The arduous and degrading conditions and events of these campaigns are matters of well documented historical record and many books, including Peter Brune’s 2003 classic, A Bastard of a Place. 

Following the battle of Buna in late 1942 his battalion, the 2/9 Australian Infantry, was sent to reinforce the protracted stalemate that had developed at the largest and most strongly fortified Japanese beach head at Sanananda.

On 12 Dec 1942 Dad was wounded early in the day by a Japanese sniper, and lay on the battlefield till near dusk when an American Army Medic, from a flanking unit, dragged him under heavy fire to safety. We do not know who that brave American was, but my 2 brothers and 6 sisters owe him a great debt of gratitude, indeed our very existence. The alliances forged between US and Australian Soldiers in the Pacific Campaigns continue to this day on both strategic and personal levels.

So perhaps you are asking why I am writing about ANZAC day at this time? Well, when the whole O’Shaggesy/Radfem Hub thing blew up, and perhaps in a moment of poor judgment, I registered to receive notifications of new posts to the Radfem Hub site, and periodically my inbox is contaminated with their filth. Such was the case this Friday when I was alerted to the post titled “Lest we forget,” penned by “Rainsinger.” (By the way if Kyle or AO or anyone has info on the identity of “Rainsinger” please let me know as I would like to expose her to the Australian public prior to 25 April 2012.)

Rainsinger would like to reassign to ANZAC day what should, of course, all along have been its true meaning, but Australians were apparently too blinded by patriarchal oppression to see it.  ANZAC day should really be about ‘Women Against Rape in War,’ because there is a “complete lack of human respect for women’s systematic ritualized rapes/deaths.” She laments that in 1984  “the women who marched way-back at the rear of the formal military parade, to just lay a wreath on the war memorial cenotaphs, in memory of our own war dead and injured,” and carried a banner reading:






did not receive an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the gathered crowds!

Typical of feminist cognitive dissonance she then goes on, presumably in an attempt to justify her stance on the issue, to spend several long paragraphs describing various elements of Greek Mythology, Legends of the founding of Prague and Rome, and a 2009, the Czech film “The Pagan Queen”?

Nope, feminists don’t require any verifiable historical facts to support their stance. Irrelevant myth and legend will do quite nicely.  Eventually she returns to the topic, which is “mass rape/murder/sacrifice of females to the Greater Glory of Man” and how ANZAC day should really be a forum to mourn the female victims of war atrocities, somehow believing that women are denied the right to do this.

Nope women have never been denied the right to voice their opinions. It is just the tasteless, vulgar, contrived selfish ones, who would try to minimize the sacrifice of men like my Dad – and his comrades who did not return to have the chance of starting a family – in order to make ideological statements desecrating their memory, on their day.  Yes ladies, these guys laid down their lives to protect your rights of free speech, but apparently don’t deserve your respect for having done so.

I am hopeful that the alliances being forged here at AVFM, between the men and women of different nations, can see significant strategic gains made in our war against feminist supremacists and their goals of extinguishing masculinity and eradicating men.

A Happy New Year to all, may we achieve success in exposing feminist hate to the greater masses in 2012.




About Greg Canning

Greg is father, Family Physician and medical educator located in North Queensland, with interests in mens rights and exposing the corrupt domestic abuse industry. He is also the News Director for AVfM Australia.

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  • Mr. XY

    It’s 2012. Time to FTSU all over the place. Top to bottom, left to right. This is going to be the year we all take a stand. Enough of society wide ‘yes dear-ism’.

    • Paul Elam


      You are absolutely fucking right. 2012 is the year we leave our fucking boot prints on their yellow backs.

      I am in no way kidding about this. The time for tolerating hate and lies is fucking DONE.

      This is the year that AVfM will ramp up the heat, and we will not stop till we are in the position to ignore their pleas for mercy.


      • Dr. F

        Good to see your beardy grav Mr Paul.

        I’ve not read the article as yet and seeing your lovely post just now has me whooped up for some of that shitting up their.. I mean upping their fu… oh damn!

        Blast it man, you know what I mean.

        Love this appropriate song and let’s not forget the other one they did, “The Tide is Turning”.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956)

        • Stu

          It’s all I ever think about 😉

        • Kimski

          Best quote I’ve read in a long, long time.

          Indeed, it’s time for all men to board the good ship MRA, hoist the dreaded black flag of justice, and spread despair and mayhem on the Seven Seas of Misandry.

          • 4thtroika

            Drink up, me hearties. Yo-ho.

        • DruidV

          And here we were thinking misandry and the matriarchy were a relatively new thingy.

          One need only cast a passing glance at antiquated literature to see how it’s been here all along.

          (Sporting my stylish new eye patch and a parrot upon my shoulder)

          Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!!!

  • Red Bones

    “Eventually she returns to the topic, which is “mass rape/murder/sacrifice of females to the Greater Glory of Man” and how ANZAC day should really be a forum to mourn the female victims of war atrocities, somehow believing that women are denied the right to do this.

    Nope women have never been denied the right to voice their opinions. It is just the tasteless, vulgar, contrived selfish ones, who would try to minimize the sacrifice of men like my Dad – and his comrades who did not return to have the chance of starting a family – in order to make ideological statements desecrating their memory, on their day. ”

    You know,it’d be really nice if they could set up special days,events, and organizations to honor women without purposely stealing days that honor men,attacking organizations that offer support to men, maligning events that honor men, and twisting them into orgies of naked obscene misandry and bigotry.

    That’s all I’m saying.

    • Malestrom

      That is their nature though, they are just like Sauron in The Lord Of The Rings, they cannot create, they can only pervert and debase.

      Feminism has, for its entire history, piggybacked on the legitimacy of other movements. Essentially, they know that some stupid day dedicated to war rape could never generate the kind of gravitas held by ANZAC day, so their only course of action is to subvert what already exists and steal the reverence that rightly belongs to the men who made enormous sacrifices for their country. Of course feminists are entirely too stupid to understand that once subverted in such a manner the day would quickly lose most of what made it so special to begin with.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Kinda of like the Susan B. Anthony silver dollar fiasco?

      Not a lot of material to work with…..

  • Wayne

    I suspect the radfem hag, Rainsinger, has become disoriented from riding her broomstick in tight circles. There were no women raped nor killed during the Gallipoli campaign. Just 87000 Turks, 8500 Australians, 2700 New Zealanders and nearly 33000 French and British killed. All men. No women. Only men and even some boys who had been shamed in to fighting dying by brave women offering them a white ribbon feather.

    • Dr. F

      Thank you Wayne.

      I am upset by this article and welcome the relief you give.

    • JinnBottle

      OT just a little bit…87 *thousand* Turks?? And they’re supposed to have “won”?? My father was in the WWII horrendous invasion of Saipan. He said the first wave of invaders – Marines – was wiped out – to the last man. He was in the 3d wave. A mite different from “waves” of feminism, eh?

      Makes you wonder about the real bodycount – esp for Iraqis – in the recent nearly nine year war.

      • JinnBottle

        PS: My father did mention fighting alongside “Aussies” (+ NZlanders??) as well.

  • namae nanka

    Taken from Peter Zohrab’s Sex, Lies and Feminism.

    “Fran Wilde, a former Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand, is a Feminist. In her mayoral election campaign, she even went so far as to hold a public meeting on what it would mean to turn Wellington into a Feminist city. On the morning after ANZAC Day 1993, a public holiday which is meant to honour New Zealand’s war dead, she was reported in the Dominion newspaper as follows:

    “‘Remembering men who died in war was important but it was EQUALLY (my emphasis) important to recognise the often-overlooked sacrifices and experiences of women,’ Wellington Mayor Fran Wilde said at yesterday’s Anzac Day Service of Commemoration at Wellington Cenotaph.”

    Her use of the word “equally” is astonishing, because about 1000 New Zealand men were killed in the Second World War, about 3000 were wounded, and about 2,000 were taken prisoner. We can add to this number the thousands of men who were killed, wounded or captured in the Boer War, the First World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and various United Nations peacekeeping operations.

    To Fran Wilde, what these thousands of men went through was “equally” balanced by a group of fifty nurses who went to serve in the Middle East in the First World War — plus one individual woman who set up canteens and clubs for troops, and worked to prevent venereal disease amongst the troops. The total number of these 51 women who were captured, wounded or killed is precisely zero. ”

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      How many Australian or Nw Zealand women were raped or murdered during war time?

      I’m American. I know only about 5 women were killed during VietNam. Don’t know how many were raped during that period, but my good guess is….none.

      Is this about shaming men for not protecting them enough, if indeed they were raped as a result of war?

      Example “When you weren’t busy fending off machine gun bullets bareback, why weren’t you fending off non existent rapists?

      I don’t get it…(too much New Years Champagne?) How many Australian or New Zealand women were raped and murdered during those wars? How many WOULD have been if their brave MEN had not put their own bodies in front of a bullet to prevent it?

      …m’kay? Jus’ askin’……

      • BertieW

        If a Japanese occupation of Australia would have been as bad as their occupations of China and Philippines, I expect a lot of Australian women would have suffered greatly had it not been for the sacrifices of the men.

        • Kimski

          I agree. A japanese invasion of Australia would have resulted in something like this:

          Also, for those not acquainted with the battle at Gallipoli, Peter Weir made a movie about it in 1981 which features Mel Gibson. It is a Hollywood take on it, so it contains a number of historical inaccuracies, but is none the less a very good movie.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Not all of the victims of rape were female. “Chinese men were often sodomized or forced to perform a variety of repulsive sexual acts in front of laughing Japanese soldiers,” writes Chang. “At least one Chinese man was murdered because he refused to commit necrophilia with the corpse of a woman in the snow. The Japanese also delighted in trying to coerce men who had taken lifetime vows of celibacy to engage in sexual intercourse. … The Japanese drew sadistic pleasure in forcing Chinese men to commit incest — fathers to rape their own daughters, brothers their sisters, sons their mothers … those who refused were killed on the spot.” (Chang, The Rape of Nanking, p. 95.)

          • Kimski


            Yes, I’m aware of that fact, and did think about linking to that book too. However, it was met with a lot of controversy at the time it was published, and critisized as “seriously flawed” and “full of misinformation”, so I chose to play it safe.


            I have no doubt that a lot of the describtions of the atrocities described in it are based on real events, as the japanese invasions of China historically have been serious examples of some of the worst things seen in times of war.

            I watched the new movie with Christian Bale, ‘The Flowers of War’ the other day, and the Nan-jing massacre were indeed no picnic for the chinese population. It could be described as a chinese version of ‘the Diary of Anne Frank’, and are somewhat based on true events.

        • Rog

          the term “comfort women” comes to mind to be fair

    • Rper1959

      name nanka thank you for introducing me to Peter Zohrab’s Sex, Lies and Feminism, have just been checking out his site

      The Black Ribbon Campaign:
      combatting feminist lies

      great stuff! always knew our Kiwi bretheran were up for the fight!

  • Dr. F

    Ok I caught up, thank you form my heart Mr Canning.

    ANZAC day for myself, family and so many others is a day unlike any other. If you live here you know exactly what I am talking about.

    My grandfather raised his age to 18 and he spent his seventeenth birthday in the trenches of Galipoli. He was shot by Turkish fire twice and was lucky to have survived long enough to witness most of his battalion blown to bits. He saw this up close yet pressed on under British command anyway.

    He was in the 8th battalion that arrived on the second day, and under a rain of molten lead and shrapnel from the cliffs above him miraculously made it to the shore.

    I am not one to have anger disarm me no matter how deeply I feel for a cause, and the issues that MRA’s speak of is for me the greatest of all causes. I see the dangers of unfocussed anger and how it can consume, and retard the forward motion of good deeds against real unfairness.

    Right now though, I am experiencing a rage I’ve not felt for over two maybe three years.

    In this article you speak of a thing calling itself “Rainsinger” talking of ANZAC and “reminding” us that ‘Women Against Rape in War,’ is an issue.

    There were no women there beside my grandfather watching his back. His life in question never called upon a woman to keep him alive. For that matter there were no women there to rape, only men to die, kill or be forever maimed.

    My grandfather after Galipoli led a good and solid life as a chemist, was a gentle man in all respects and his wife loved him dearly until the day he died. He was respected by the community greatly and passed no debts in name or otherwise to my father.

    Rainsinger, I will soon be looking at my grandfathers’ medals from Galipoli, the photos he took from there and will never forget also from there the tears and blood spilled among men and men alone from both sides.

    You utterly disgust me.

    • typhonblue

      ” For that matter there were no women there to rape, only men to die, kill or be forever maimed.”

      In other words the only ones there to be raped were men.

      And they likely were. This action on the part of feminists is completely and utterly morally bankrupt.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Mustafa is a 51-year-old man who Bazelon interviewed, along with human rights attorney Smith, in Jordan:

        “Perhaps the worst thing that has ever happened to me took place at Bagram,” he began.
        During his imprisonment at the compound, Mustafa estimated that he was interrogated about 25 times. Sometimes, he said, the soldiers forced him to kneel on a concrete floor with a bag over his head. Other times they woke him from sleep or interrupted him in prayer. He said he occasionally heard detainees screaming and concluded that they were being beaten. Then one day, he recalled, “an American soldier took me blindfolded. My hands were tightly cuffed, with my ears plugged so I could not hear properly, and my mouth covered so I could only make a muffled scream. Two soldiers, one on each side, forced me to bend down, and a third pressed my face down over a table. A fourth soldier then pulled down my trousers. They rammed a stick up my rectum.”

        As an American, I am not proud of this business at all, and I know women will say “that’s men raping men”, but be aware:

        The Commander in Charge of Abu Ghraib was Janet Karpinski – a WOMAN.

        The interrogation officer in charge who rewrote current directives to include illegal techniques was Carolyn Wood – A WOMAN.

        While there were several servicewomen pictured in torture photos, Lydie England who spend 1 1/2 year in prison for her role, was A WOMAN.

        Maybe Hillary forgot about Abu Ghraib…

        • Wayne

          From The Guardian in 2004 (re: Abu Ghraib):

          “I saw [name blacked out] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15-18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [blacked out], who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass,” Mr Hilas told military investigators. “I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures.”


      • Dr. F

        Yes mate. You get it.

  • Stu


    You think us Aussies have got trouble with our politicians kissing feminazi arse in making laws over here, well, hate to tell you this Americanos, but you now live in a military dictatorship.

    Now ain’t that the kind of hope and change you were dying to see.

    So, from what I gather, the military can now arrest a US citizen it suspects, hold them without charge, indefinitely. That piece of toilet paper you call a constitution doesn’t seem to count for shit does it…….hey…..didn’t he and all those who voted for this swear an oath to uphold the constitution.

    Well I’m going to say something none of you can say…….on account of them being able to come and get you and hold you nude and freezing in solitary confinement and subject you to water boarding three times a day……..and that is……….hey leftist…….screw you.

    • Ben

      Stu, the official documents of the Department of Homeland Security here in the States identifies Ron Paul supporters, gun owners, gold and silver collectors, Christian terror groups, white supremacy groups, neo-Nazis, and even returing veterans as potential “right wing extremist groups” who can be indefinitely detained without due process. There was no mention of any other group in the manifesto of the department, not even street gangs. This is Political Correctness at its finest.

      That is why it is that I believe that we will eventually be included, if not already, in their list of potential right wing terrorist groups.

      Politcally correct women’s groups will be heavily protected by this same office, however. They make no exception for militant feminist groups who advocate genocide in any of their unclassified internal documents.

      It will be MRAs who are water boarded, not militant feminazis if it ever gets to that point.

      • Kyle Lovett

        The MRM has a lot more liberals in it than many are aware of. These are mostly guys who believe in equal protection and equal rights for all people. They just don’t speak up often. Reddit’s MR site iI would say is about 1/2 moderate to liberal people.

        • StarsDie

          I’ve suspected that there is a fair amount of liberals in the movement. Warren Farrell being, seemingly an obvious one. ‘Rise of the Zeta Male’ had a blog where he occasionally defended liberals and democrats. It’s tough to know for sure because most often, MRA’s keep their other political opinions to themselves when they talk about men’s rights. MRA’s seem to lean libertarian; but I wouldn’t be surprised if many were also liberal.

          • td9red

            Just finished Warren Farrell’s book Father Child Reunion. He argues in the book that shared parenting with both parents having equal time with the child is the best option after divorce. The next best option is single father families. Single fathers tend to be older, have more income and more education than single mothers. He argues that when fathers have primary custody, children do better in school; they are less likely to use drugs; and they don’t lose contact with their mothers b/c mothers without custody are more likely to remain in the childs life. As such, children who live with their fathers live in manner that is more similar to an intact family b/c their mother remains involved.

          • Stu


            I believe that is correct. I had custody of my son since he was 7 years old. In spite of his mother being totally off the planet, ruining me financially, destroying our lives, and leaving me almost homeless and broke due to her behavior and mental illness…..I took my son regularly to visit her….started letting him stay overnight once her condition had been stable for a while,

            Every man who I’ve known that has had custody of his children has behaved the same way. I never received or applied for any child support from her, I struggled and worked my arse off and got on my feet and provided a good life for my son….without help from state or her. My son is 26yo old now and still has a good relationship with his mother, and all of his mother’s side of the family.

            I’m not saying there are no men that don’t take advantage of power in the same way the most women do, but it’s obvious to me that men in general act a lot more honorably and are less driven by spite and hate and revenge, and are much more likely to be fair and do what is right for their children.

            Btw, you should read The Myth of Male Power

          • Rper1959

            Stu, your actions with your son and facilitating his ongoing relationship with his mother are honourable, you sir are a man of honour!

            Herein lies part of the problem honour is not a concept that feminists understand, its not even in their vocabulary.

      • Codebuster

        There are several scenarios that are possible. It is most unlikely that the feminists or liberals can accomplish anything of lasting significance. All that they’ve done is weakened the infrastructure, setting it up for takeover.

        Most regimes know to maintain their relationships with their military, to keep them onside and not treat them with hostility or contempt. Try telling that to the liberals. I’m no political scientist, but I cannot see the liberals as being capable of sustaining any lasting influence. They’re too stupid, too fixated on short-term, self-interested gains, grandstanding and making ridiculous statements. The military will feel compelled to obey only so long as there is an infrastructure in place governed by some authority. When push comes to shove, the military will not be entertaining affirmative action or any other nonsense for the li’l ladies or anyone else.

        I figure that the Obama administration realizes that they face risks that they cannot afford to ignore. There are tensions and disconnects between them and the military, they do not comprise a harmonious unit. Grrrl power is about marketing and “relationships”. These are of secondary importance under a military dictatorship.

    • td9red

      I wonder will this pass a Constitutional challege?

      Unfortunately, the US system does not allow for an outside the box type thinker to win a presidential election.

      If an outside the box type thinker were to somehow win a presidential election they would very quickly learn that they must fall in with the Dems of the Reps or they will never get anything done. The Dems and Reps in the House ad Senate really run the show.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        It already has passed Constitutional muster. 2,700 american citizens in 19 states have been enjoying permanent civil commitment since 1997.

        It’ OK. They’re called ‘Sex Offenders”, they are decreed “incurable” and too dangerous to be in society.

        In Nazi Germany people gladly gave up rights and freedom with the promotion of sex offender hatred. It soon graduated to gypsies, homosexuals, then Jews.

        Americans have gladly given over their sanity to promote “safety” by destroying their own Constitutional Due Process rights.

        …and now it’s expanding to terrorists…and soon there will be no one left to speak up for YOU.

        It’s Hysteria History 101

  • Kyle Lovett

    Thank you for this article. I remember reading about the Gallipoli campaign when I was younger, and how the ANZACs held on to that sliver of ground, buried in mud and lice and pinned down by Turkish machine guns for week after week. Instead of pulling the boys out, the generals in charge kept having them take small hill after small hill, week after week, with the bodies literally piled up on the shores.

    Mustafa Kamal, the Turkish general at Gallipoli issued a famous order to his Turkish troops, “I don’t order you to attack, I order you to die.” Many of the Turks prayed to Allah out loud during the fighting, and the Aussies and New Zealanders kept screaming “You bastards” at the waves of Turkish troops. After one day of fighting, one of the Turkish prisoneers asked his Australian guards if “bastard” was their God. A bellow of laughter rolled down the trench.

    • Stu

      Yeah, and the English officers had our boys perform charges against machine guns just to see what the strength and firepower of the enemies positions was. They were getting mowed down like ducks in a shooting gallery and they just kept charging.

      You know that’s where that Aussie saying comes from…….”over the top”…..meaning crazy…..insane.

      My grandfather’s brother died in those charges. They knew they were fucked……a lot of them left their last letters to loved ones in the trenches before they went…..over the top. My mum found a photo of him in a book taken of him in the trenches at Gallipoli……he was sitting in the trench with his rifle…..with bayonette attached….like he was getting ready to go over the top. He was staring into space like someone who knew they were facing certain death very soon. A candid photo from him from the side….he looked just like my grandfather. My grandfather was younger than him, just missed out on WWI, but served in WWII in the navy…….his son……my uncle was in the army, and was at Darwin when the Japs invaded. He also fought in the jungles in PNG.

  • BeijaFlor

    Rainsinger ain’t no Lawrence Binyon …

    They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
    Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
    They fell with their faces to the foe.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    God bless the Diggers.
    Those who got home.
    And those who died out there.
    Every goddam one of ’em.

  • Adam

    Hi Greg,

    Rainsinger is most likely none other than the administrator of

    “Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2007-07-15
    Registration Date…. 2007-07-15
    Expiry Date………. 2013-07-15

    Admin Name……….. Rain Lewis

    Admin Address…….. ACT”

    All of the above is publicly available information.

    I find it entirely ironic that this person who demonises our fallen warriors by their omission lives in the Australian Capital Territory, with Australia’s foremost War Memorial and Parliament in situ.

    Very nice find and thank you for bringing it to our collective attention.
    Hope and change for 2012. I’m counting on it.

  • Ben

    “Hillary’s telling you the truth about wars.. if you’ve ever been involved in one you would know it’s the women and children who suffer the most… but don’t let facts get in your way Ben, just keep uttering stupid nonsensical crap thet you get from the Number 1 draft dodger. ol’ fat bump on the butt coward Limbaugh.”

    It seems to me that MOST people in America now think like this. It is taboo to even challenge the Hillary Clinton quote about women being the primary victims of war in the feminized general public. I have mentioned Hillary’s quote dozens of times. MOST people have snapped, “Women are the primary victims!” including some of my friends who are veterans.

    The time in which people regard battlefield warriors as mere rapists and monsters who murder women and children is not a time in the future. It is here now.

    This is what we are up against.

    • Ben

      Wikipedia has an excellent definition for what my adversary used: “A straw man is a component of an argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the “straw man”), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.”

      See, my opponent said, “[i]f you’ve ever been involved in one you would know it’s the women and children who suffer the most.” See, Hillary did not say that women and children suffer most. She said women suffer most.

      We can never allow our adversaries to reframe the argument. An inexperienced debator would begin, at that point, to argue whether women and children are the primary victims. However, that would be an example of allowing your opponent to recharacterize your argument with a strawman, and taking control over the debate. If I allowed the argument to become whether women and children are the primary victims, my argument becomes weaker; my opponent’s becomes stronger. These people that we are up against are highly unethical and know dirty little argumentation tricks that are easily exposed when you know how to look for them.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    From the comments section:

    “The national mandate for women to breed cannon fodder and to take responsibility for ensuring their grown men folk signed up for combat roles is unheard of in ANZAC discourse. ”

    Wow. Australia mandates women to “breed”? It “forces” them to take responsibility to “ensure” men sign up to defend Women?

    What direction do they envision this “ANZAC discourse” taking? Shame on you bad boys for inconviencing women with your dying?

    Thank you for sharing your history of “diggers” with us. I only read about them recently because my son was planning a Christmas holiday trip to Australia. Flying stand by, he never made it. He was going to try to get me a DVD copy of A Town Like Alice ( my first -and best- introduction to Bryan Brown) for Christmas, since it’s impossible to find in the states.

    Happy New Year everybody.

  • Rocco

    IMO one of the main planks of the MRM should be fully equal miltiary combat service for all voters…..don’t serve….don’t vote.

  • MyCatIsInsane

    rainsinger = Julie Anne LeComte

    “Julie Anne LeComte, the owner and operator of the Radfem forums also is the Communications Coordinator for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce.” –

    Scroll down to the bottom of that link, a portion from which is quoted from website listed above, and she (it) is there.

    In fact, the entire list is spine chilling, even if you exclude her (it) from the list.

    • Adam

      You’re probably more correct than I was. Looking back at the WHOIS request I put in, I see a J A Lewis at the same residence which I didn’t notice the first time around.
      Rain must be a pseudonym of Julie’s – maybe using a previous surname as well.

      • MyCatIsInsane

        Between the both of us, I think we got her (it). Julie Anne LeComte = Rain Lewis/Rainsinger/Rainsong. Maybe others have emailed Greg as well that aren’t listed here in the comment section. Not sure.

        I’m trying to find the appropriate channels to notify her (it’s) employer as to what a hate filled nasty creep she (it) actually is. Nothing irate or embellishing, just a link as to revealing what she (it) is actually about would speak volumes in and of itself.

        I’d bet the farm that she (it) didn’t put that trash that she’s oh so proud of on her resume.

        Concerning her (it’s) job, I can’t help but wonder how many men’s businesses she (it) has nipped in the bud and/ or refused to help by not doing her (it’s) job simply because they were men.

        So far the most appropriate (IMO) contact I found is,

        Olivier Deschang
        National Coordinator
        +61 3 9600 0000


        Maybe there’s a better avenue for exposing her on that site. It’s a pretty large site.

        Super sleuth AO (or anyone else?) may be able to confirm the info we gathered at 100% I hope.

        Does anyone know if Adam and I are indeed correct?

        Our intel is seemingly pretty sound thus far.

        • Rper1959

          Thanks, MyCatIsInsane and Adam, yes we are building up a picture of who we are dealing with and further investigation is going on behind the scenes. Personally I want to bee 100% certain before breaking this to the general public!

  • keyster

    Ironically 99% of the adult male gender would not hesitate risking their life to prevent a female from being raped. The meme they cling to is that male death is equivalent to female rape morally. When a man dies he’s dead. When a woman is raped, she must endure the bodily violation and shame of the act. In a pure egalitarian society, would she prefer death instead?

    • Ben

      That’s true, Keyster. If a woman murders a man, she walks free if her lawyer merely says the terms, “spousal abuse” or “spousal rape” within ear shot of a jury. If a man is in prison for rape, he has to be separated from the general population or he will be beated to death.

      Rape hysteria looks like it will continue to get so out of hand that eventually there will be nothing but contempt and hatred for all the warriors rapists who served digraced their country. Truly horrible. Please God wake me from this misandric nightmare! The feminists who are juxtaposing the men who died on battlefields with rapists are disgusting pigs.

  • Rper1959

    Thanks all for your comments.

    One of the things that really gets up my nose is the repeated feminist assertion that men are responsible for war and inherently violent, and if they just refused to participate wars would not exist.

    When thinking of my dad who died in 2011 aged 89, it would be difficult to imagine a person who was more gentle, caring, family and community oriented, he was a placid, peaceful, hardworking father and husband who rarely if ever showed anger, and was intimately involved in each of his 9 children’s lives.

    He had no power over the world events or community expectation and his own sense of duty that saw him enlinst dispute his moral reservations. He was tall and thin in other times may have been denied enlistment on the basis of being underweight, his body type was a subject of humour for his mates, who nicknamed him “slim”.

    If I can take a moment to share with you one of his repressed memories, from the few he mentioned in occasional unguarded moments.

    He described the “closeness of the jungle” , and how even with cautious movement you could be confronted with an enemy a point blank range at any time, he recalled one occasion meeting the eyes of a “Jap” at point blank range, and facing the kill or be killed delemmia, he describes what seemed like a long period of delay but in reality would have been momentary, and his training kicked in and he fired first, and felt a deep sense of shame, because the soldier he had killed was just like him a young man, doing his duty of his country, against who “he held no grudge”. If circumstances had been different perhaps the 2 men could have become “mates”.

    Thanks for the details of Rainsinger , now to draft my outing of her to the Aussie public!



    • Dr. F

      Permit me my very Aussie lingo reply.

      Fair dinkum mate you’re no drongo. Even if you come a cropper with the femmo Galahs, you’ll be singing like a shot fox by arvos’ end.

      Strewth, these femmos are kangas loose in the top paddock anyway, so one serve of yourself will have them doing the Harold Holt when they cop a gob full of the journo instinct in you.

      They’ll try to have a lend of you sport, no worries about that.

      As a Mexican I reckon you Banana Benders are right bludgers at times, but fair suck of the sav you’ve shown yourself to be the last to be stonkered in a biffo.

      Bugger the femmos. You can spot them like lippy on a mung, and London to a brick these sheilas are up themselves so far they aren’t within cooee of admitting they could ever come a gutser.

      We’re thinking of you up there in the sharp end of town and make flaming sure that if you spit the dummy be full as a goog on Middys in case you choose to give them your liquid lunch. That’s right battler, chunder away on these dropkicks, it works.

      True dinks and Hooroo for now.

      • Kimski

        I gave you a thumbs up on that, Dr.F.
        For making the least comprehendable entry in 2012, so far. :)

        • Dr. F

          Lol, I swear it, every single word, every phrase and line there makes absolute sense.

          If you type ‘Aussie lingo’ or something similar into Google you’d see.

          True dinks mate, true dinks.

          • Kimski

            Oh, I don’t doubt that, mate. I’m just saying that if I were to write down the parts that I understood, my entry would have been a lot shorter. 😉

        • Stu

          Least comprehendable?? Doesn’t anyone understand plain English around here?

      • Dr. F

        Ok fair enough,


        It’s true you’re no idiot. Even if you go deep into battle with the feminist fools, you’ll be happy by the end of the day.

        My goodness, these feminist are not too intelligent anyway, and they’ll be threatened by your journalistic instinct at just one encounter and will surrender to their fear and flee.

        You can be sure my friend that they will attempt to take advantage of you.

        Because I am from Melbourne I think at times you people in the northern parts of Queensland can be lazy, but you leave me in awe as you’ve demonstrated yourself to be one of great stamina and would be the last person to fall in a heated conflict.

        Darn those feminists. They are as obvious as lipstick painted on a poorly bred hound, and you can be sure these women are vain and entitled to the point they are very far from admitting they could ever come off second best in an unpleasant interaction.

        We’re thinking of you up there in Queensland, and please remember that if you get too angry and you cannot think clearly, it’s wise to consume great amounts of beer in case you decide to vomit on them. That’s right hard working man, vomit away on these useless people, it works.

        It’s true and goodbye for now.

        • Kimski

          Thanks, mate. Makes sense. Vomit away, indeed.

      • Rper1959

        You beauty Dr F! a master of aussie slang. Just about to put some coldies in the Esky, jump in the ute and head off for a barbie with a bunch of cobbers!

        • Dr. F

          Ta, hey let me translate the last bit you said for our foreign mates.

          “Just about to put some coldies in the Esky, jump in the ute and head off for a barbie with a bunch of cobbers!”

          to read as:

          “I am nearly ready to immerse some packaged beer into a polystyrene vestibule filled with small cube or otherwise shaped units of frozen water.
          After which I will enthusiastically board a vehicle of a utilitarian design and make my way to a meal of meats and bread stuffs ritually roasted over a flame disgorged from carboniferous origins that has been initiated by an electric spark or struck match head, and is maintained by the slow sustenance of evenly emitted gas compressed in a metallic cylinder.

          I will partake in this activity within the company of my friends.

          Fuck that, you said it better.

          • Kimski


          • Adam

            I’m scared Kimski. I don’t know who this Dr. F is anymore.

          • Kimski


            Some sort of Aussie Dr. Fekyll and Mr. Fyde, perhaps?

      • Free Human Being

        Stone the flamin’ crows.

        Well done good Dr

        • Dr. F

          @ Adam. Oi ! I heard that.
          @ Kimski. …and that.
          @ FHB. …Ta.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Feminist revisionists closely resemble a medieval church, its priestesses insistent that all believe in their fundamental conceit, a conceit which, by itself, forms their religion’s organizing principle.

    • OzWriter

      No, the Feminists certainly resemble a religion, but not the medieval church – the medieval churches did their communities good, especially the way they held their communities together during the Viking raids. Feminists exist to BE the Vikings.

      • Adam

        Medieval Church was a bit of both to be fair.
        To go to Heaven, a nobleman was expected to ‘donate’ to the local parish or preacher. I hear land and money were common.

        Then there were the witch and heretic hunts and trials. Special investigative groups formed by Papal or at least Bishop decree.
        Usury or any kind of financial interest collection was illegal and one of the primary sins until they were reformed.

        On the other hand, Irish monasteries are credited with bringing education and learning back to Europe after Gothic invasions and the following Dark Age.

        I don’t see feminism offering any benefits for society as it stands.

      • DruidV

        Excellent clarification!

  • Rper1959

    Just looking back to Robert O’Hara’s expose of the radfem hub

    and the screen shot of a comment by “Rain” aka Rainsinger

    Here she states that

    ” as for me, my very own *personal* solution – I want violent social, political and military revolution – globally- but women are essentially peaceloving. End of story.”

    Yep men like women are essentially peace loving but RADFEMS WANT VIOLENCE!!!

    And these people are feeding the “violence against women” industry and “informing” our legislation. Very dangerous hypocrisy indeed.

  • OzWriter

    The story of ANZAC day is the same as the story of the Titanic, and the story of, well, everything. The guys die to protect the women; a fewer number of women die, and the Feminists play the numbers up so much, you’d swear the only guy to die on the sinking of the Titanic was the Captain. Everyone else aboard was female (or so the Feminists would have you think) – with the exception of the owner’s agent J Bruce Ismay.

    Same with ANZAC. There were no women who died / were raped in the entire Gallipoli landings. Even in later wars, women form very few of the casualties. Just don’t tell the Feminists. This is why the present hysteria over “rape” is so useful for the Feminists – they can “play the victim” again and again and again.

    Now in Australia, because of the suspicious activity of a few over-excited male cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy involving the consensual sex between a male and a female cadet which was recorded and transmitted via Skype (illegal under the Communications Act) there is an official enquiry and review of women in the armed forces. A male’s career has been sacrificed – and women are to be admitted to the “front line” for the first time.

    Strangely, when the male Feminist reporters all cluelessly asked the female soldiers if this was a good thing, NONE of the female soldiers said yes; all said “No” and in most emphatic ways. No male would say anything like this, but females in the Australian military can say anything and know it. “Discipline in the ranks” is for men, only. Male superior officers know quite well if they “mark down” a female member of the military for any reason, the male’s career is over.

    The government is pushing ahead with this at break-neck speed, knowing full well that thanks to our nutty carbon Tax, our nutty pretend and ineffectual “anti-gambling” laws pushed by said government we voters are Just Waiting For Them at the ballot box.

    It will be a blood-bath for the Feminist Labour Party and the even more Feminist Greens, and our nutty Feminist Prime Minister knows it. So, she’s pushing through as much Feminist stuff as she can, knowing that the Opposition Leader will not dare to try and reverse the stuff.

    In short, our military has been completely emasculated. Instead of spending money on things like rifles and bullets and training in how to use such, we’re seeing our military spending vast sums on “sensitivity to women training” and other Politically Correct garbage. Our long-range supersonic fighter-bombers, the F1-11’s which were old but the only thing we had with a long enough range to reach our enemies – and enough speed to get away after the mission – have all been retired. The Navy’s Collins Class subs are so unseaworthy that only three out of six can put to sea. HMAS Collins is so unstable she cannot be untied from the wharf as it will roll over and sink. They are the noisiest subs ever made in modern times, they leak like sieves and break down easily. But the lack of subs is fine, since introducing females into the submariner’s corps there’s been a huge exodus of experienced (male) submarine crew. Now, there’s only enough people to crew two subs. If the exodus continues, there will not even be enough for that.

    Our frigates (the ANZAC class) are badly designed, so that the main armament storage (the magazine) is easily exposed to enemy fire. Y’see they raised the upper deck but forgot to add “armour plating” to the sides of the magazine until after the ships were launched. The crews know this.

    The main weapon for the army is a more-dangerous-to-it’s-user-than-the-enemy “rifle” called the ” Steyr” rifle, aka, F88 Austeyr:

    The Australian Army’s modified version of the Steyr AUG A1. Changes for the Australian version include a bayonet lug, a 1:7 in rifling pitch as found in the M16A2 rifle, optimized for the heavier 62-grain NATO-standard SS109/M855 round and an “automatic lockout” selector that can physically disable the fully automatic position of the two-stage trigger mechanism found on the standard AUG. Contrary to popular belief the Australian issued F88 does not have the crosshair inside the “doughnut” (from Wikipedia article)

    What the article does not say is the fact that the rifle is made from “epoxy resin” components which use an epoxy that melts when things like mosquito repellant is sprayed on it.

    Also, the Steyr has a nasty habit, if dropped, to go onto “full automatic firing”, as it did once inside an armoured personnel carrier, when the APC went over a bump. The resultant non-human “free fire” incident killed several of the men inside the troop carrier, after which the rifle is now carried in a semi-“broken down” manner, where vital parts are removed to prevent the rifle from doing so.

    The Australian military is a joke, and the guys in the military know it and treat it that way.

    Of course, our neighbours to our north (Indonesia, Malaysia and so on) note how stupid we are and once the American fall over (or if war breaks out in the Middle East), we Australians will find out just how friendly our neighbours really are.

    I fully expect our Feminist politicians of either persuasion to surrender the country in as short a time as they can.

    Welcome to early 1941. Only this time, we’re even less prepared.

    • Adam

      We also severely antagonise our Southeast Asian neighbours by liberating one of Indonesia’s provinces (East Timor which may or may not have been illegally held) and enforcing that with Australian ‘peacekeeping forces’ and Malaysia by leaving our illegal immigrants at their door indefinitely.

      Prior to Malaysia, Nauru and Manus Island were occupied.

      I agree that our country is in for a world of hurt. Similarly, I also fear the same to happen on an accelerated scale in USA.

      Feminism is just one core of our Government’s sanctioned stupidity.

      • OzWriter

        East Timor was “granted” to the Indonesians by a certain Henry Kissinger, of Nixon Administration fame. Australia agreed – and largely gave it’s blessing thanks to that Feminist dupe, Gough Whitlam (His “first” name is pronounced “goff” and rhymes with “cough”), our wonderful leader and PM at that stage.

        You see “Fretilin”, the guerilla organisation that was very active in East Timor at that stage, was seen to be too “left wing”. No, it probably wasn’t, but after the Fall of Saigon (30th of April, 1975) no-one wanted to take the chance so when East Timor declared itself independent from Portugal on 28 November 1975, it was invaded and occupied by Indonesian forces nine days later. Indonesia was seen as ‘right wing” under the dictatorship of Suharto (another Batista) and the Americans liked him.

        Then, as you know, when the Indonesians tried to put down the insurrection, “left leaning” media in Australia began to support those opposed to the Indonesians (who were being very brutal).

        Indonesia sees this as a mighty betrayal by the West and especially Australia, coming as it does hot on the heels of Indonesia’s Oil field production collapsing drastically. Indonesia is now, for the first time ever, an Oil Importer. But they would not be if they had those Oil Fields off the coast of East Timor.

        Because of the loss of East Timor’s Oil and Gas, Indonesia’s economy is much less robust and thus much less open to corruption than before. Also, Indonesia holds a long-standing grudge with Australia, after another Feminist inspired Prime Minister, Paul Keating, allowed Suharto to launder money via the Christmas Island Casino (you’ve probably never heard of it). In short, Suharto and family robbed the Indonesians blind via Paul Keating’s nice little money spinner.

        The casino was owned by the Suharto family. they would show up with money looted from the Indonesian Treasury and lose the lot on the gambling tables. But who did they lose to? The House, which they wholly owned. In effect the biggest money-laundering racket in world history, with the equivalent of billions of US dollars being fed through the casino on a weekly basis. I think the figure mentioned was something about the equivalent of US$ 6 billion per week at the height of the scam.

        The Indonesian military holds Australia largely responsible for that.

        Also, when the Indonesian Military started making threatening moves towards tourists in East Timor, the US stepped in and said “back off… if you attack Australia, you attack us.” Of course, with the US now massively over-extended everywhere, if the Indonesians Just Wait until there’s war in the middle east then the US cannot possibly help.

        And so, we Australians are “for it” – there is no way our military can protect themselves, let alone the Australian population.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Our own version of Cadet scandals:

    • Ben

      When I was in the Marines, in the 90s, we were required to take lots of sexual harassment classes and sensitvity to women training. In fact, some combat training courses were literally replaced with cultural and gender sensitivity courses.

      Female Marines could not be disciplined for anything. Corporals and below relied on “proficiency and conduct marks” for evaluation and promotion. Rifle scores, physical fitness scores, job proficiency, and professional conduct were evaluated for all male Marines. However, due to quotas, and there being only 3 or so woman Marines in our unit, it would have been redundant to evaluate them — there was a quota requirement that would have trumped any negative mark, anyway. So they received full marks without ever being evaluated. This became the normal procedure.

      They stayed in the rear with the gear when we were in the field for weeks at a time. They would come to the field a couple of times during this training. But they were driven there and were furnished showers every night. We were only allowed one canteen of water, at a specified location, to clean up with. Otherwise, we used baby wipes. But they got the same pay and career opportunities. In fact, they were allowed up to one year of maternity leave, too. I saw female Marines remain pregnant during their entire four-year enlistment, probably only actually serving a grand total of a few months over a four year period. If they got pregnant on a submarine, they were simply sent home, never punished, although that was supposed to be a court Martial offense.

      When I was just a Lance Corporal, I remember asking a Sergeant why the woman Marines were not with us in the field. He said that because of health concerns, due to menstration, it was a requirement that their clothing be washed in electric washing machines.

      Today, the feminist training in the Marine Corps has been amped up even more. Male Marines are required to take domestic violence training. I could puke when I think about feminism in the Marine Corps.

      • Ben

        Correction: I meant, “If they got pregnant on an air craft carrier or destroyer they were sent home.” I did not mean “submarine.” Women were not allowed on submarines. For some reason, I was thinking about the push to put women on submarines, in the back of my mind, as I typed that. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

      • Perseus

        I can’t tell you how sick this makes me.

  • Adam

    Thank you for the extra detail.

  • Codebuster

    Do any of us in Oz remember the hemorrhaging that was happenning in Australian politics pretty much throughout the first decade of the 21st century?

    The wheat-for-oil scandal?
    Children overboard?
    “Systemic problems” throughout gubmint departments such as immigration?
    Not to mention John Howard’s adventurism.

    The book Silencing Dissent provides a neat overview.

    Notice how there’s no mention of these controversies any more. Has Australia miraculously healed itself? Of course it hasn’t. The same bullshit is going on, it’s just that both sides know that it’s not in their best interests to keep harping on about them. The “systemic problems” that plagued Australian departments 7 years ago still plague them today. Everyone’s hunkering down and there’s a power-shift that’s becoming ascendant. The “systemic problems” are no more not because they’ve gone, but because they’re being controlled and kept away from the media spotlight, and silently harnessed for the opportunities that accompany administrative breakdown.

    Australia is, in effect, a third-country with third-world corruption. But it is a culture of denial with penal-colonial control fixated on micro-management and regulation and a long history of controlling dissent and controlling spin. Notice how John Howard’s ultra-conservative initiatives are now just as useful to the feminists and the left.

  • DruidV

    I am deeply saddened when I think of the millions of Men who were bullied by wimmin into dying, in the fight against German Nazis in WWII.

    Many of these Males were merely young boys, virginal and no older than 16 years. Many of them died screaming for their mamas. All to no avail…

    Wouldn’t these poor, duped young boys be horrified and quite disgusted to learn that the German Nazis had been defeated, only to be replaced by modern female Nazis?

    That their deaths were completely meaningless?

    Freedom was never the goal, and these poor fuckers never had a chance or a clue.

    I imagine they would be quite relieved and even happy with the knowlege that they are now dead, if shown what their ultimate sacrifice had actually achieved in the name of freedom.

    God rest them all!

    We will remember the ultimate sacrifice they were goaded into making, even if our “president” refuses to. Yeah, the obamanation had better things to do on Memorial day, than to stand around remembering how many Men his hero (FDR) was responsible for murdering, or honoring them in any way.


  • keyster

    The evil commanding officer of the invading force asks a father in a sacked village, “You have choice, either we rape your son or we kill your daugher.” “Rape my son.” the father replies, without hesitation.

    The commanding officer then says, “I’ve changed my mind. The choice will now be, either we rape your daughter or we kill your son.” “Let me think about that one for a moment.”, the father replies.

  • Stu

    Australian gov is getting nervous about our northern neighbors hence why a US military base is being built near Darwin.

    Yes, feminism has wrecked the Aussie military. What used to be one of the most admired fighting forces on earth……man for man that is… now just a pack of feminists sitting around cooking up more ways to appease the feminist toy soldiers within.

    • Stu

      Oh, and to make matters worse, Mens Shed is starting to let women in. Might as well just change the name to women’s shed now and be done with it.

      I wonder when they start auctioning off all the tools and replacing them with sewing machines and sensitivity training classes.

    • keyster

      Yeah, that shiny new Aircraft Carrier that the Chino’s built using US debt service is no Carnival Cruise.

      How’s Peking Duck taste on the barbie?

  • Funcuz

    Nothing new from the femitards here . Nevertheless , precisely because there is nothing new about their drivel , I am perpetually perplexed at how they ever came to dominate universities , academic discourse of any kind , and have gained so much influence in the Western world .

    How did we go from storming beaches and delivering righteous retribution to shrinking back from the loudest , least coherent , harpies on Earth ?

    • Stu

      I know when it started….I remember the exact night that it started..well….that I became aware of it anyway.

      It was New Years eve…..1969 I believe. There was a whole bunch of us kids with our parents…..the social circle we mixed in…..we had all been at a big new years party on one of the groups houses…and not long after midnight….the drunken adults…..and all us kids started walking the streets making a noise and letting off fire crackers…..we passed another of our family friends houses who had not been at the big party…..he came out and yelled at us to keep the noise down because his kids were in bed.

      One of our group….a family friend….a woman….who was drunk like most of the adults…abused him and called him names…..he called her some very crude names back…..and then the tough guy of our group….a white knight….threatened to punch his fucking head in for talking to a woman like that….bit of an argument went from there…and Mr White Knight jumped over the small front fence and attacked…….he was very fast….and ploughed into him like a thrashing machine….he ducked a couple of blows and hopped into him with a combination that would make Mike Tyson envious…..hit him all together 4 or 5 times knocking him right back to his house porch and on his arse.

      He then returned to us and all the women were so impressed……he was such a hero. Over the next few months I reckon he banged the lot of them…married or not……including mum…..many times.

      Well…..that was the night it all started….and since then men have been trying to out do each other white knightism and manginarism in order to get the most pussy.

      I’m sure that was it anyway.

      • Dr. F

        In a bizarre way we need thank him for your good presence here.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I remember a women complaining that NOW rallys were being run by men with bullhorns. It was MEN organizing an directing the show, getting women off and on buses to attend “protests”.

      It’s not the sheep running the show. It’s the wolves. – The “Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism

      The “Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism. April 4, 2009. sugardaddies.jpg (Left, John D. Rockefeller and his son, John Jr.) by Richard Evans The “Patriarchy” is the …

    • OzWriter

      Erm, where does one start? The shortest answer I can give is that males were designed (whether by evolution or by God, depending upon your beliefs) to protect females.

      In short, males had to. Without protection in a cave-man type society, females would not have lasted 10 seconds. Given that cave-man type society lasted for thousands of years, and that “modern” society has only been around since 1859 (the beginning of the Oil age) the imprinting of this upon males has meant the males must see the female as something in need of protection. Warren Farrell does a great job of examining this in his book “The Myth Of Male Power”. This gives females (and Feminists) an incredible edge over males. In fact, all of that power is one way: from females exercising it over males who had to endure it.

      Think of this another way: if a male attacks another male, then it’s deemed to be a “fair fight” (unless one of the guys is very old, very young, or very sick). This is called a “sense of fair play” and all of us have it. Females respond very favourably to this, as in the Knights Of Old, who beat each other senseless in order to win a lady’s favour.

      If a female attacks a female, then it’s also seen as a fair fight, because they are more-or-less evenly matched, unless one is evidently sick, or frail or terribly young.

      If a male attacks a female, it must be seen (because of that imperative from the idea of protection-for-females being an absolute) that the female is being UNFAIRLY treated, and no matter what the excuse, no matter how deserving she may be of being attacked (say, if she’s murdering a child) then the male will be seen as some sort of dreadful monster.

      If a female attacks a male, on the contrary, the female is now seen as “David” attacking “Goliath” and if he wins, then he’s a brutal violent (etc) and has to be treated with contempt. If she wins, then obviously he deserved to lose, anyway – after all, why would a female attack a male? (other than the ten billion real reasons why they attack all the time)

      The deeper reason for this is that females (at one stage) really were in need of protection – because of the changes wrought NOT by Feminism, but by male-directed and practiced modern agriculture, females are no longer smaller, lighter, and more delicate than males. But we still think that way, because of those thousands of years worth of having to do so.

      This leads us to a deeper reasoning, again – the only method by which females were truly “liberated” to become wage-slaves like men (some liberation, ladies) is because men provided (via the sweat of their brow, the breaking of their bodies and their untimely deaths) the agriculture (to provide food) the defence (to stop the unenlightened attacking) and the transport medium (trains, trucks and so forth) to enable both large amounts of food and large numbers of military men to be transported from one place where they were easy to accumulate to those places where the food or soldiers might or would be needed.

      This goes back to Roman times, when their Roman Roads gave not only their armies a great means of getting fast from one place to another, but also to enable food to be transported to the cities. Without that transportation network, cities like Ancient Rome simply could not have been built. When, because of the rapid cooling of the entire planet after AD 150, the food supply became scarcer and scarcer, the Roman Empire fell apart. They simply could not transport the smaller amount of food fast enough to enable their cities to survive. Rome, other than for a small Christian community, was largely abandoned.

      Our modern world’s food supply is even more precarious, where we have only a few month’s supply of grain left. The Feminists forget this, deliberately.

      When, eventually, that food supply levels drop below a certain level, the mere fact that the Feminists have destroyed that traditional male/female interaction (denounced as “gender roles”) will serve to do one thing – make females even less likely to get the daily food they need to survive.

      Now, the females have had thousands of year’s worth of nagging the male to get more food as their fall-back position. The males have now been driven out of their traditional positions, so, who is left to nag? Each other? Yeah, like that will work.

      That’s how men went from “storming beaches and delivering righteous retribution to shrinking back from the loudest , least coherent , harpies on Earth” – because they’ve always been the loudest, least coherent harpies, and got to their exalted positions of immense power by being so. That the position is based upon a lie does not matter to them – because they think the present conditions will go on forever.

      They won’t, and most guys dimly realise it. (edited to make it slightly more coherent and for spelling)

      • Tom Snark

        “males were designed (whether by evolution or by God, depending upon your beliefs) to protect females.

        In short, males had to.”

        If that were the case, then white knights like yourself would never have needed to beat men into line.

        I absolutely rebuke my role as protector of women. I do not have to do anything.

        • OzWriter

          White Knights like myself? Oh, sir, you have touched off a rebuke that will be stinging. To you.

          You rebuke your role as protector of women? Oh? Why did you think I was offering it to you? I was not. At no point can anything I say be interpreted to recommend that role to anyone. It is (at best) a thankless task; at worst a short way to become the neighbourhood thug.

          I use the word “thug” advisedly. Men were required to beat other men into line, because the early Feminist-like philosophies required it. Think of the Middle Ages. Those men who were fortunate enough to be a part of the court (hence the word “courtesy”) by being born rich had to preserve the order, in order to win the approval (and hence sexual favours) of the ‘ladies”. Think of the way those ladies were described: creatures of inflexible cruelty.

          The trials of (say) Launcelot were given to him by the ladies whose approval he wished to win. The quest for the Holy Grail was likewise ‘inspired” by winning female approval.

          Feminism has now changed that, where the male now cannot win the approval of the female simply because of Feminism. In that sense, Feminism has “liberated” all males of any “White Knight” role that any person may wish to apply for – or not apply for as the case may be. But look at how the Feminists work – they still require the males to be kept in line. In this case, it is the line that eventually leads to the male’s death via an early death if you work in the modern workplace, or via an early death or crippling in a war, or even the spiritual death most married men now suffer.

          I am no White Knight, though you choose to skim-read my words in order to snark about something you object to. I am no White Knight because I do NOT worship death, unlike the Feminists, and I am no White Knight because I do not worship nihilism. Both roles, as you have offered to me, I reject, whether you were aware you were offering them or not.

          The problem Feminist present is that males now have the almost impossible twin tasks of trying to guide other males to NOT support Feminism while not keeping men in line. The twin impossibilities of males who don’t want to have anything to do with those who obviously want rid of them (the Feminists) yet try to convince other males that standing up to the very Feminists who seem to control access to sexual contact – and yet the males desire to do exactly that. Confused yet? Of course you are – which is the way the Feminists want it.

          Your reaction to my post shows how difficult this “middle road” is.

          You rebuke your role as protector of women? Oh? Why did you think I was offering it to you? I was not. At no point can anything I say be interpreted to recommend that role to anyone. It is (at best) a thankless task; at worst a short way to become the neighbourhood thug. But think of the way the Feminists now almost require that behaviour from men – the thug who is uncaring about whether or not he is condemned for his behaviour (examples you can suggest yourself).

          The thug who revels in being a thug, both verbal and physical. If you offer those roles to me (I am unsure if you have) then I reject them in the clearest possible terms.

          No, the Feminists (who claim to oppose gender roles) have imposed the worst gender role of all upon men: that of trying to show our better impulses by condemning our better impulses (such as wanting to help each other~ altruism) in order to exhibit behaviour designed purely to appeal to sexual contact. Without getting any sexual contact whatsoever.

          So, sir, I say to you that I reject your imposition upon my words of the merest hint of suggesting that the gender role of White Knight is what I am recommending.

          I do not.

        • Rper1959

          Tom, there is good evidence for evolutionary psychology that “protect, provide and procreate”, are traits that natural selection led to be instinctual, even in modern man where they are no longer relevant, our cultural evolution of just a few generations has been too rapid for genetic natural selection which takes at least hundreds of generations to occur. Not only is natural selection now out of vastly out of step with cultural evolution, natural selection no longer works – the forces that used to dictate “survival of the fittest” are now overridden by cultural factors that control reproduction and other issues, and those factors are largely determined the wealthy elites and feminists.

          You may choose to reject your genetic inheritance, as most who are involved here do, but that does not mean it does not exist within you.

          you may find this of interest

  • Rper1959

    very interesting henry makow article, thanks for the link!

  • ZimbaZumba

    The “Rape in War” movement is a attempt by feminists to minimize men’s suffering in war relative to women. Its the one question they have no real response to.

    Perhaps this ANZAC feminist crowd should be asked how many Australian or New Zealand women were raped in WW1.