Reproductive Slavery

Reproduction is a human right. And by human right, I mean women’s right.

At least some people think of reproduction in those terms–as a right–but I’m not one of them, because the phrasing I’ve used just now implies the right to spam one’s environment with very small copies of yourself. And that’s a tricky issue about resources and stewardship of another life, and at what point a clump of cells becomes a person and so on, and while these are all interesting questions, they aren’t what I want to talk about right here and right now.

Instead, I want to talk about self-determination in reproduction as a human right. As a human right that applies to both men and women.

I’m not talking about what’s recognized by scripture or government or social convention, I’m talking about what I recognize as fundamental and self-evident in any human society recognizing the principal of self-ownership:

A woman’s body, a woman’s choice.

And I’ll bet some of you have heard me mention that before. I might even give it a name, like, the lie that launched a million rants. Well, perhaps not a million – about a half-dozen, maybe. But this phrase, a woman’s body, a woman’s choice, may sound on its surface like a good solid bit of common sense, but it is woefully incomplete in explaining the common ethic surrounding human reproduction. I’m referring here to the ethic assumed by the courts, the law, and used to justify the use of violent force against those who have their own bodies in the race, but neither choice, nor rights, and often, not even a voice.

A woman’s body, a woman’s choice carries a lot of meaning, and if you’re not a woman, one of the things being said is shut up and do what you’re told. And pay up, sucker.

Allowing an individual control over their own fertility has two components. The first is technological–those technologies that afford an individual control of their own body’s reproductive capability. For women, this comes through a wide array of consumer products and technologies, including birth control pills, diaphragms, foams, subcutaneous implants, injections, creams, jellies, patches, and other technologies. This is the practical technology of control women have access to. And the second component is the legal right to control your reproduction. Women, quite rightly, own the basic human right of self-determination in reproduction under law.

Men, by contrast, enjoy no such legal rights, and when this is pointed out in an effort towards correction, that old mantra is trotted out again: A woman’s body, a woman’s choice. Men, we are told, do not reproduce, and thus, have no need for the basic human right to control their reproduction which in 2013 is assumed as simple common sense for women.

However, the claim that men do not reproduce – sometimes talked about in terms of pregnancy or child birth – is not true. Human women do not become pregnant by pollination by bees, or through parthenogenesis. A baby’s manufacture takes gamete cells from both a woman and a man.

In the discussion of technology versus legal rights in reproduction, there is a political question – why, after 50 years of a female pill, is there no male birth control pill in the western world? It exists; it has been developed and is used in China. Why don’t we have it in the West?

In fact, it has been gender ideologues who unilaterally deny men access to basic birth control technology women have enjoyed for a half-century. A male contraceptive pill has existed for at least a decade. According to Dr. Elsimar Coutinho–a Brazilian endocrinologist and a human reproduction scientist–when seeking approval for a male contraceptive pill based on natural substances extracted from cotton seeds, he was denied permission at the Budapest World Population Congress.

During his interview Coutinho explained:

In Budapest, I went to try to get the support of women. I thought, if women support it. The American feminists were all there, including Betty Freidan. It was her, I started to speak and in some ten minutes, she interrupted. She said: Dr., do you think we’ve fought our whole lives to have in our hands the decision of having children or not? Do you think we’re abdicating that? Men say they’re on the pill, women believe them? Do you know what you are, what you all deserve? To have credibility, swear you’re using pills just to get laid and leave? Leave us with the responsibility and then ‘the pill failed’ ? I was dazzled, because the women stood up screaming NO MALE PILL!!

Just as women are the mothers of the very small human beings we call children, men are the fathers. Unfortunately, whether men who become fathers do so out of genuine choice and desire, or because that choice is taken out of their hands by deception, violence, theft, or blackmail – men do not enjoy legal reproductive rights. What we do enjoy is the legal requirement to abide by the decision and choice made by a woman exercising her legal rights in matters reproductive.

We are by no means finished with this catalog of grievance – but a discussion of what is usually blurred past by gender ideologues arguing women’s reproductive rights is necessary, and that’s chromosomal contribution. When seed from a Monsanto crop blows accidentally into a farmer’s field, Monsanto sues that farmer into extinction for patent infringement.

The producers of food – who we all depend on for our very existence – are sued into extinction by a corporation (with the full support of government and the legal system) on the basis of seeds blown accidentally by the wind. That is the existing legal precedent over the unlicensed use of genetic material.

And yet, women often decide to reproduce unilaterally, sometimes by lying about their use of the pill or any of the other female technologies for self-control of fertility. There are even a number of stories in the media of theft of semen from condoms for baby making purposes, and of purposeful misattributions of fatherhood–otherwise known as cuckolding–when a prospective mother needs a more financially stable financier than whatever unemployed bad boy was coming in the side door while the soon-to-be “dad” was at work.

And a man named father by said feminine fiat has no legal choice. Ready for another objection? He made his choice to be a daddy when he chose to have sex. Or rather, legally, he made his choice to be a daddy whenever he ejaculated – voluntarily or not. I’ve heard this objection too many times to count, and to everyone who has given this claim voice without intention to refute it, shame on you.

The choice to have sex is not the choice to produce a baby for women, and nor should it be, because reproductive rights are a subset of basic human rights. That’s not even the right to spam the local environment with copies of yourself. It’s the right to not reproduce, and under current legal convention, men don’t have this right.

But it’s worse than just that. Although a man can be co-opted into fatherhood, with his own gamete cells or even with somebody else’s – it’s worse than that. Men are required by law to finance the exercised reproductive choices of women. If a man finds himself in this un-chosen obligation without the financial means to keep paying for up to 18 years, our society will cheerfully throw him in a prison cell. Debtors prisons, despite being illegal, are still used against men if they don’t pay for the baby-making they have no legal right to refuse.

But it’s even worse that this. Women, being the only humans who have reproductive rights, also enjoy the ability to eject fathers from the families they are part of, while retaining a significant fraction of the income of these men. The family courts are the instrument of this process, and those courts fund themselves by taking a fraction of the appropriated income of these men.

And if they cannot pay – our media, rather than correctly identifying them as exploited, denied basic human rights, and treated as money and labor dispensing appliances – instead calls these men “deadbeat dads”. And once we’ve labeled men as such, our media, our politicians and celebrity talking heads heap contempt and scorn on a class of humans denied a fundamental human right.

And when all this is pointed out in argument, what is the most common response from those who would deny men a legal right in reproduction?


Having and raising a child is difficult and costly, and therefore, the unwilling co-option of another human being’s income and life, well, that’s perfectly fine because a woman choosing to reproduce is undertaking a big, expensive, and life-consuming project.

That’s the argument men claiming their own human rights in reproduction encounter with regularity in this debate.

This is a system under which people are treated as property, and are forced to work. These people can be held against their will, and deprived of the right to leave, deprived of the right to choice in their lives or work, robbed of the financial compensation for their work. Historically, the social institution allowing this was recognized by many societies. In more recent times this has been outlawed in most societies, although it continues through the practices of debt bondage, indentured servitude, domestic servants kept in captivity, child soldiers, forced marriage, forced reproduction and forced reproductive financing.

And in order to continue to argue, to deny men legal self-determination in reproduction, those making the oppositional case must either defend the institution of slavery, or deny that men are human beings.


Brazilian TV interview 

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  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    When the person who had the only “choice” options is also the person with the least responsibility, it makes for an obscene imbalance of justice and rights.

    In the “bad old days” before women had birth control options readily available, it was THEY who were told to keep their legs closed and be virtuous – or pay the price.

    Instead of the promised “equality” when women were able to control reproductive options, it has instead reversed itself to MEN being told to be virtuous and keep their legs closed – or keep it in their pants- as if sex wasn’t a mutual decision.

    • Rog

      every time i hear the keep it in your pants argument i think of this.


      When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to ‘involuntary servitude’ in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment….[E]ven if the woman has stipulated to have consented to the risk of pregnancy, that does not permit the state to force her to remain pregnant.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Yep. Good old Roe v. Wade – legislation based on a false rape claim. Gotta love it.

  • Kyle Posada

    It’s worse. if a man is raped and she gets away with it… He still must pay.

  • Jon

    Many will scoff at using the word “slavery” here, but it’s right on. In fact, the concept of marriage and our so-called “family” court system as slavery is not new. The “ball-and-chain” is a direct, and many-decades-old, reference to slavery. This phrase never meant that your wife wouldn’t let you go out on Friday nights with your buddies. It has always meant your wife was your master, literally.

    Much has been discussed about a recent “marriage strike”, but the truth is marriage has been in decline for MANY decades. While many have openly wondered what the hell has been going on, the simple reality is enslaving yourself to another adult is just about the dumbest thing one could possibly do.

    Until this whole mess gets straightened out, and it will, men must protect themselves. Guys, you’re frankly an idiot if you don’t get a vasectomy. And NEVER GET MARRIED!!!

    • Daniel Kulkarni

      Vasectomies can have adverse effects, and it’s extreme to give up on having children entirely just because the laws are terrible now. But even if the laws don’t change within my lifetime, I’d rather avoid women with every fiber of my being than get myself neutered.

  • MGTOW-man

    It is far more degrading and dehumanizing for a man to have no reproductive say at all than it is for a woman to have to share.

    So, she is dominated by the state, etc, if she does not have sole power? Well, what does this say about the man’s position?

    Only an idiotic bimbo would argue with that.

  • MGTOW-man

    “Debtors prisons, despite being illegal, are still used against men if they don’t pay for the baby-making they have no legal right to refuse.”
    —This is true because men won’t be men any more and protect their domain, fight misandry, or even talk to their boys about how women have changed for the worse. The thing is boys of tomorrow will need something besides having sex with women to use as their claim to manhood…

    Or will they? … “Presto. You’re a man now son!”

    The choice is men’s but they are cowards now…and nobody wants to take on motivating them into being real men…and YES, I mean REAL men.

    • Bamph

      My son is 16. I make him read every article at AVFM that pertains to male slavery to impregnated women. (including this one)
      He usually just rolls his eyes but reads the article anyway. Afterwards we discuss the issues and how to avoid falling victim.
      My hope is that he will grow up to be a MGTOW.

  • yinyangbalance

    Thank you for this! I’m Brazilian, and I had no idea of Dr. Coutinho. I am sending this out to my community asap.

    JTO, we dont agree on everything regarding fatherhood, but I thank you for this article you have taught me something new.

  • theoutside

    The beginning of a profound and radical critique of existing conditions.

  • James Phillip Turpin

    Gossupol is toxic. It causes long-term infertility in a large fraction of contraception users, and “the toxic dose in primates is less than 10 times the contraceptive dose” according to wikipedia (6/27/2013).

    However, I do appreciate the fact that feminists would have political opposition to any such male birth control pill, even if it was safe and had ideally predictable effects, because they wish to continue enslavement of men.

    • aimeemcgee

      Vasagel looks much better long term. Had there been the choice of participating in a trial in his home country Beloved would have taken this option to further advance the search for male contraception.

  • AutopsyOval Greg

    I think that it is the responsibility of both people who choose to have intercourse, and thus make a baby. If a woman lies about being on the pill and a baby is produced from the sex that she has with the man, then it is her fault. Just like if the man says that he’s on the pill and lying. I know that there isn’t any such pill for the men in the west because of these feminists, but it would be a man’s basic human reproductive right to use one if he can get his hands on one. It does occur to me that a man can not mention that he is on the pill to a woman, and the woman might expect that she is going to have a baby as a result, even though the woman who the man might have just met might have no intention to having a baby while having unprotected sex. Is the thought process between two consenting adults necessarily of them getting married when the baby comes? I would think that if anyone that thinks that he or she is going to have a baby, that they would have already talked about it and already married. Of course, a woman could also be on the pill and not tell the male partner who would supposedly “expect” that a baby would come out of it, which would be unlikely.

    But anyways, so what if the man has taken the pill and had sex with you without telling you? Your just going to have sex with no baby being produced as a result. And if you just got acquainted with this guy, then he could very well just leave you as is. You probably said nothing about your intentions of having a baby with him, did you? So it wouldn’t matter.

    Then there is this ability that women have to get rid of the father and still make him pay for taking care of the child. Once you get rid of the father, he has no responsibility to do that. That just pisses me off that women can do that to men. Okay, lets say that the man, who would be the father, has the right to kick out the wife and she has to pay for the baby that the man is keeping custody of. I don’t fucking care that the baby came out of the woman, it is still both the man’s and the woman’s baby. Seeing it that way, there would have to be a factor that makes a man trump her wife in custody or the other way around. But still, the woman being ejected from the family, should not have to pay for the child.

  • feeriker

    Thanks for this, John.

    We need to remember too that it’s not just the feministas who are hostile to the idea of male reproductive rights. The TradCons are every bit as guilty.

  • Droobles

    Great article!!!

    The sad thing is, as shown in game theory (economical game theory), men as a group would never act together in order to deny genetic material for reproduction.

    Perhaps I should just accept nihilism and wait for the world to go to shit.

    I will be able to help on the fundraiser only after the 5th of july, so I hope it is still going on by then.

    • Turbo

      No problems mate, any time is a good time to donate. :-) :-)

  • Alexander Hunt

    It’s been said before, and it needs saying again.

  • Sondjata

    “A baby’s manufacture takes gamete cells from both a woman and a man.”

    Not for long:

    • poester99

      This blooger guy is a misandrist/feminist. He consider men/boys as too stupid and/or inherently evil/violent to be able to assimilate into a given culture.

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    One small issue, dr. Coutinho has made a mistake, only once, in one interview, and now everyone is taking it for granted.
    The World Population Conference of the UN that the doctor is talking about took place in BUCHAREST (not Budapest). There are also extensive articles written by Coutinho and other people in his entourage about talks they had with Ceaușescu – which again, could not have happened if the conference had taken place in Hungary.

    Anyway, great article, as always!

  • Sondjata

    The blogger is not a misandrist or a feminist, nor considers men or boys too stupid of inherently evil. The blogger made a future prediction based on known science.

    • poester99

      Yeah, i read more of his blog, it’s almost like that section of anti-male vitriol was written by someone else. If it was i am mistaken, but it certainly seemed like it was his opinion.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    The illustration of this piece is actually misleading. It should read : If you didn’t want to be a wage slave you should have kept it in your pants.

    As we all know – just because you reproduced and you are responsible for your reproduction doesn’t mean you will be “allowed” to be a Dad.

    Incredible artwork, btw, TB.

  • Neil Westlake

    My own experience with talking with women (and feminists) about the necessity of a male reproductive pill have been FAR from encouraging. Nine times out of ten, the rote response (solipsistic in the extreme) has always been: “why should I ever trust a man to take his pill?”

    Well, this what I say now to all women – feminist or no – when this issue comes up.

    THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. It is a male issue, period.

    You can continue to avail yourself of your myriad reproduction technologies – your pills, your sponges, your diaphragms, et al. What is more, yes, you can take them at the same time as me taking MY pill.

    You do not have to trust me or any other – ostensibly – ‘unreliable’ man.

    I say to them: remember your classic second-wave mantra of ‘my body, my choice?’ Well, this is about MY body. As a human being, it is about MY choice.

    I reiterate: MY BODY, MY CHOICE.

  • MGTOW-man

    testing to see if reply (in the correct place is intact).

  • Adam McPhee

    I liked the monsanato comparison. There have been some similar examples thrown out in philosophical debate about abortion (a woman leaving her window open and spores flying in and landing on her carpet), but I hadn’t thought about real world ones.

  • MGTOW-man

    You are a man after my own heart.

    But we need to get the average Joes to take their boys aside and explain how to circumvent feminism instead of “how to get laid”, (and all the other bull that sends males into the arms of feminism). As far as I know, I am the only one here that is trying to make noise about this dire need to change the way men acheive manhood. It is as if, by the deafening silence, it is thought that I am loony or something.

    However, I am right. Change men and you change the world. No other plan will work as fast, as thoroughly.

    Thanks for your comfirming comment.

  • MGTOW-man

    Apparently not!

  • crydiego

    I don’t think you are loony.

    • MGTOW-man

      Thanks. But perhaps big- headed and arrogant?

  • Neil Westlake

    Check out this excuse of an individual.

    Oh boy.

  • brechlintom

    I am testing as well….. this hasn’t been working … glad gto see it is now.

    • MGTOW-man

      Maybe I shouldn’t go here, but I do need to. I do not wish that anyone else go through what I have …with most all of my “replies to” being sent to the bottom of the thread of comments, leaving it dangling and out of perspective… an altering of my voice, different than what I intended.

      Making me most furious of all is when I wanted to reply to the dweeb Birmingham when he tried to illegitimately shame us here at AVfM…based on his erroneous beliefs about being a man tied to “getting girls.” (He is confusing (typical) male with manhood, something I think many males do, sadly). My pointed comment went straight to the bottom for him to likely never see! At that point, I was so sick of it.

      I had to show my butt to get the reply glitch fixed. I was even writing the complaints in my comments so that the moderators could inform the powers-that-be to please fix it…as it is annoying and “robbing” me of my intentions. But they were not fixing it.

      So, while I hate to see you have the same problem, at the same time, I am glad it wasn’t only happening to me. But what choice do we have but to draw our own conclusions when no one, it seems, will reach out and encourage us? I mean, with moderators, somebody needs to take seriously complaints (belly aching) that the site isn’t working properly. It can’t be allowed to linger like it was.

      I got scolded for my “pedantic” behavior when simple understanding would have been far more cohesive. But at least it got fixed.

  • Observer

    It’s amusing because he puts the cart before the horse.

    He assumes in a highly automated society that men would be less necessary than women when that could not be further from the truth.

    Who does most all of the computer programming that would be necessary for the Artificial Intelligence required for robots which perform a lot of the menial work in this man’s envisioned future world?

    Who develops, builds, and maintains the technology that would drive all of this? Almost entirely men, of course.

    Near the end of the article he shits the bed and ideates about eliminating a large percentage of the male population and somehow naively assumes that in a future dystopia where that would happen that the large pecentage of female paper pushers and other such workers who would become do-nothings would be at all necessary.

    Worse it has the elitist smacking of feminism’s “women can have it all” ethos where childcare will be delegated to robots and, get this, “low status females.” The dark underbelly of the “have it all” ethos that feminists don’t talk about when they talk about paying someone else to do childcare while they work their high flying jobs is that we still have a class system. So while those near the top of the pyramid may be able to pay other women barely above minimum wage to watch their children while they work, what do those low status females do about their own children’s care while they are looking after the children of the elite…? And in this lunatic’s dystopian future, would high status females without men in the picture suffer the kinds of wealth redistribution men currently do to make the subsistence of low status females even possible?

  • mike giggs

    Since it is ‘more-than-obvious’ that women can still take any of their own contraceptives at the same time as a male could take his, for any one of them to argue that “we don’t need any MALE-PILL because he can’t be trusted to take it” is beyond ridiculous! Now, with both taking a pill, we can achieve almost certain odds against pregnancy. What’s wrong with that? How could anybody NOT believe that these reprehensible’ ‘system-suck whores’ want these unwanted babies just for the money they bring?
    As well, for all you men out there who eat all this up and do nothing about it deserve what you get from women.
    Do you think it’s finally time to get your ass off the couch and do something about blatant misandry yet???

    Yeah, thats what I thought. Click off this message and turn back to your electronic babysitter.
    Pathetic how all you do is complain and do nothing to fix the problem…

  • Mr. Blonde

    Hey guys, here is the interview with Dr. Coutinho explaining why the male drug is not in the market:

    According to him, he had to stop the researchs due to feminist movement insults against him. But the drug is not harzad, and it is in use in China.
    This feminist claim that the pill is hazard to men is a lie, chinese are using them for a long time.

  • zbean

    Call me a “bitch” But two words:



    • Daniel Kulkarni

      Condoms break and the vasectomy is an extreme measure with adverse health risks. The only truly effective form of birth control for men is celibacy.