Human rights violations: the price of Oprah’s vanity

April 13, 2013  Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul, made her way into Hamilton on the backs of suffering of children.

My backyard, Hamilton Ontario Canada, that is.

It also brought to town someone we already know and support Can-Fap and Glen Callender. Along with other Intactivists. All of whom I found to be extremely rational and ethical people.

Some video of Callender in Hamilton here More of AVFM coverage and the Intactivists here,  here,  here, and  here, none of it video circumcised. (more to follow later on in the article)

This brought about a serendipitous opportunity for me to beat feet on the pavement and raise my voice, a MHRM voice, out in front of Copps Coliseum in protest of Oprah’s promotion and usage of a facial cream made from cells harvested from male genital mutilation.

Genital mutilation is a human rights violation and is in direct conflict of article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sort of but, not exactly. Genital mutilation is a direct violation of article 3 if you are a girl, if you are a boy your genitals are a valuable and not so secret ingredient for Oprah’s skin cream.

The product is called TNS Recovery Complex is was created and is produced by a company called SkinMedica. They claim the facial cream is made from a single foreskin harvested 20 yrs ago. I have a difficult time believing that. Regardless if this claim is true or not, it is still a product, made to profit off of women’s vanity, created from a human rights violation. And Oprah is willing to endorse and use it.

I think we need to examine the foreskin before we go any further.

First the foreskin is also known as a prepuce.

I think we need to reproduce the verbatim definition. To help expose bigotry and hypocritical actions engaged in by the general population to Oprah all the way up to the U.N.

Medical Definition of PREPUCE

: foreskin; also : a similar fold investing the clitoris

Something missed by Big Red  and the feminist writer Lindy West  who red magically forgot to credit for her menopausal diatribe despite it being posted on Red’s tumblr on March 29,2013.

If you’re like me, as old as me, I believe you will not have paid much attention to that little known part of the body that you were missing from before you could consciously remember. However according to the literature handed out by the intactivists who were out there it is not such a minor body part to be casually cut off.

A man’s foreskin will eventually become about 15 square inches of skin with about 4 feet of blood vessels 240 feet of nerves, about 20,ooo specialized nerve endings and is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the total skin that comprises a man’s penis.

Here is there is some Intactivist literature, fair warning the last one is graphic and I found to be horrifying: (click images to enlarge)

circ circ2



circ 3circ 4

From the above literature you can see there are a substantial health risks as well as life endangering complications that can and do arise from male genital mutilation.

I have to say the last picture is particularly abhorrent.  How anyone could do this to their child is beyond me in these times of information sharing.

The Intactivists, braving the nasty frigid last blast of winter, and jeers from hypocritical, ignorant people, were handing out literature similar to the ones above.

Some of Oprah’s fan replies in my video footage were far colder than what the weather was throwing at the Intactivsts. Comments made by Oprah’s fawning fans, which are mostly comprised of women and feminists; fans whom she holds sway over in the formation of their opinions.

Oprah Winfrey supports male genital mutilation.

Oprah’s endorsement of this product has lead to her fans being supportive of it too, for the sake of female vanity.

You can see this in some of the responses from my footage of the protest. One woman gleefully walks by stating ‘its working’ funny she wasn’t so keen on donating the female version of foreskin called the clitoral hood so she could keep her youthful features. Another tries to shame me by stating ‘She (Oprah Winfrey) has done more for this world than you ever will.’ Maybe she has, she also endorses a product made from genital mutilation.

Still they came on with comments that made me give my head a shake. One woman says “you guys (protesters) are sick.” While the next woman going to the show says “you guys are crazy”.

Umm. do you ladies wanna donate your prepuce for some men’s grease and grime remover hand cream? It will make our hands really soft and younger looking so you won’t have to complain about them feeling rough due to the harsh treatment we put them through to make a living and give you a fair chunk of our wages.

Perhaps Oprah or those woman would like to donate their clitoral hood for the next line of skin rejuvenating cream? They want to look young don’t they? No, they want to encourage their inner vanity in the form of outward ‘beauty,’ and they have no problem hacking off a male body part to get the job done.

Don’t even think of going to the well of patriarchy for an excuse.  The problem is the vain and callous competition of women for men with resources. The proof of what I claim can be found on any magazine bookshelf.

Still, there are probably a few feminists who are going to say its because those women are brainwashed by the patriarchy. My reply to them is how pathetic is it that feminism considers women to be that mentally weak.

The real problem is that Oprah, a media and social cultivation giant, is profiting from male genital mutilation. Feminists as well are fine with this. It doesn’t affect them. It’s not ‘their body, their choice.’ It’s a males body and he has no choice.

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Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • donzaloog

    I’m very disappointed in Oprah for endorsing this product. Circumcision should be outlawed.

    • Alphabeta Supe

      I’m disappointed in the product of feminism endorsing Oprah. She should be outlawed.

      • Never Blue Again

        Ouffff Oprah……!! Flat Out Disgusting.
        Deep down she really enjoy when men and boys suffer.

        • Murray Pearson

          She really is quite the narcissist, isn’t she?

    • Dr. F (Ian Williams)


      “Disappointment”. Yes, now there’s a word that every slashed man can agree with. Almost any adjective stronger still has them thinking the same.

      We have all thought it before, but for the walk-by traffic that dunks their glassy eyed face here it needs to be said afresh. Reverse the sexes and ask yourself it there is something wrong with the picture. Go on. Do it for an experiment that will whisk you away from your Pilates and outdoor served coffee scrolls for just a moment.

      Well? How does it look now?

      Did you see the millions of baby girls but three days old lined up as Lego plastic punch cards? Did you see them getting their clitoridis hoods nicked and heaped in a pyramid saved for the blending in a pharmaceutical soup?

      Am I am talking to an encircling pack of cadava sniffing aliens? Are you there at all? If not, then I am leaving this S.O.S on your message bank and it’s not for you. It’s for you humanity. That’s the muscle in you that needs resuscitating due to it’s atrophy from being slammed sideways all day from the wallet-cracking commercials crop-dusted on your sharpness.

      Please know that your sharpness cannot tell you it is being pummelled, and that, you see, is exactly where the cycle of your eternal sleepiness is turned over and over again like a hamster wheel. Better to keep it turning than to rest a bit and gather, yes? (Forgive me with that snipe, but indulge me for that small dig. I mean nothing more from it than it’s humorous face value [oops] and it does refocus from the real message to you.)

      Now, the fact I am typing this post means that perhaps not all is fresh in the state of Denmark? The message our Danny and his like minded souls of both sexes are telling you with a megaphone strapped to their desperation is that it is wrong.

      Would you lift your head to see better if every word they spoke pertained to your own gender?

      Reverse the damned sexes. Reverse them please and just do it for an experiment. It will not deprive you of anything you desire in your life, it will take just 30 seconds. Maybe less?

      Danny and team I thank you and that’s assumed of course, but my post is not for you and inactivists inc. It is for the ignorant and yes, ignorance is no crime.

      For any of you who break from that ignorance after reading this article I ask you give yourself and your loving brothers the respect they never ask for. That respect you can show, in part, is to let the purveyors and the promoters of human body parts know you have thought about this matter and you draw the line. I’m talking to the right person as I assume your pathos for our species would have you riled for the baby girls in your thought experiment.

      The thought experiment is over and now you have said no. This is your new voice for those who cannot speak. They are your brothers and they represent your humanity.

      Thank you in advance whoever you are.

      Ian Williams.
      Your loving brother

      • Jack Strawb

        Brilliant post, and thanks for writing it.

        It’s true, of course, and shameful, that it will require people to analogize circumcision to a comparable cutting of female infants before enough of them are motivated to vote to outlaw circumcision. Still, it’s an affecting and effective analogy.

        Here’s a thought you’ve likely had: Who makes money from the severed foreskins, and if it’s not the infants receiving that money through their parents, has an enterprising attorney ever begun a class action suit on behalf of all those cheated, for the publicity towards ending this vile practice even if the case is unlikely to succeed?

  • sadman365

    The double standards we use when we deal with genital mutilation of babies are beyond disgusting. It is a crime and a “violation of human rights” when it comes to girls but it’s the “parents’ rights” to mutilate their boys if they please ! Is it that people see boys as less than humans that don’t deserve any rights or protection? Or is that we are so conditioned to be insensitive and indifferent to the suffering of boys even as infants that we don’t see their pains and suffering -that we inflict on them- as such? The fact that certain cultures consider the genital mutilation of boys as a happy occasion that is celebrated by giving the attendees sweets while they can hear the boy’s screams of pain just proves that people DO take joy in inflicting pain on boys.
    As for this evil witch Operah, she is a feminist. What more needs to be said? She’s single-handedly responsible for destruction of the lives of millions of men worldwide. Do you think this ugly evil monster cares about the suffering of a little infant if it meant her skin would look good? In fact, do you think the average woman would care? I mean women (who believe in circumcision) do it to their boys even when they (the women) don’t benefit -NOT THAT THE BOYS DO- from it themselves. Imagine if they knew they could use that skin to actually make their skin look younger.
    The other thing, women have always benefitted from the suffering and the pains and blood of men (and boys). Believe me, the cries and pains of even an innocent infant -as long as he’s male- doesn’t move the feelings of the average woman especially if she’s going to benefit from it.
    The way I see it, women seem to enjoy the fact that we have customs that inflict pains on boys. It’s like women deep down enjoy hearing or seeing a boy being subjected to pain. I have personally heard many women talk so fondly about the occasion of circumcising a boy. You could see this grin on their faces talking about it. Women inherently take joy in seeing men and boys suffer.

    • Near Earth Object

      Hi sadman

      Much of your post—“double standards” … “beyond disgusting” … “evil witch Operah”—is bang on in my book.

      In my experience though, it is only some women, who seem to “take joy in seeing men and boys suffer.”

  • Kimski

    No amount of foreskin cream in the world is ever going to restore these womens youth.

    It’s just more bogus capitalizing on the insecurities of women, from the loss of power over men, that naturally follows with age.

    When it comes to Oprah, it’s a lost cause from the beginning, ’cause it won’t hide the ugliness on both the inside and outside. She has been an abomination from the first moment she was allowed airtime in the media. I would be hard pressed to name another single woman, that has wrecked so much havoc in relationships across the globe.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Wow, it seems to me if someone told you your skin crème was made out of a baby’s foreskin you’d be repulsed. Instead you get, “What do you need a foreskin for”. That’s pretty narcissistic if you ask me.

  • The Unforgiven

    If you ask most people what they think about docking a dogs tail, they will tell you that its sick and immoral. If you ask the same person what they think about circumcision, they will likely start to defend it with the usual bullshit and propaganda.

    Most of the anti docking crowd’s talking points sound just like the intactivist talking points… Its cruel and hurts the puppy, the medical benefits are unproven or false, what right does the owner have to have the procedure done, et cetera. Bring up circumcision though and you would think they were for the chopping off of any offending body part willy nilly, its quite ironic hearing people who only a minute ago argued for an animals right to an intact body, then turn around and argue against a baby boy having the same right to an intact body.

    I used to think these people must suffer from cognitive dissonance. Then I realized that it was just plain misandry. In there minds an animals suffering is greater then a mere boy or mans suffering, they literally value an animals life over a human males life.

    A mans life is literally worth less then a dogs, thats why people are so willing to use products with a boys foreskin in it, or send there sons off to be maimed or killed in pointless wars. Fuck just look at what happened in Japan, there were women crying about there dead dogs, but couldn’t even be bothered to care about there dead boyfriends or husbands.

    And feminist say misandry doesn’t exist.

  • JinnBottle

    “‘She (Oprah Winfrey) has done more for this world than you ever will.’ Maybe she has, she also endorses a product made from genital mutilation.”

    Oprah Winfrey has done nothing but run a hugely successful scorched-earth policy and practice on men and the once-loving relationships between men and women since she got in front of her first camera.

    She once ran a show – I haven’t been able to locate it online, in her archives, yet; but she and her producers can never deny its existence – which featured actual recordings of men on the telephone to their women-partners, just before they, the men, murdered their children. I recall specifically Oprah saying at the show’s beginning: “My producers and I had a long talk before deciding to do this show…” Yes. And came to the conclusion that the golden-goose ratings such pandering to sick curiosity would bring were just too much to resist.

    To call Oprah Winfrey, as the last word in producing such “shows”, a kiddie-snuff pornographer is a legitimate interpretation.

  • Edisland

    If you think about it, circumcising a boy is actually worse than tattooing him. If you tattooed a skull on his back, you can the very least remove it though laser surgery. A circumcision can never be reversed.

    Hearing that Oprah is promoting such a cream is quite horrible, but not that surprising.

    • Shortcircuit

      Circumcisions which remove the entire foreskin are not only dangerous and unneeded, but they rob the boy of part of his humanity. Imagine ritual poking out of an eardrum, resulting in possible ear infections and the inability to ever hear stereo sound. It is not akin to a tattoo which in no way impairs functionality.

  • sadman365

    Thank you, The Unforgiven. I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again and again, people are THE dumbest creatures of all. It is easy to brainwash them and condition them to accept even the weirdest and most horrific practices as normal or acceptable “social norms”. Circumcision is a great example.

    Mutilating a baby girl’s genitals = barbarism, bad, human rights violations….

    Mutilating a baby boy’s genitals = good, religious freedom, good for our skin…..

    What’s the difference ? NOTHING. But the so-called “intelligent race” is having a hard time seeing that.

    • Shrek6

      I think there is only one religion that still requires circumcision. There is no requirement in Christianity for circumcision, even though some still practice it.

      This point was argued between St. Paul and St. Peter that gentiles were also to be included into the Christian Church regardless of their ‘clean or unclean’ status.

      Once decided upon, it was then decreed in the early Church or Apostolic Age, that circumcision was no longer a requirement and that this also became a stand out difference between the Christian Church and Judaism.
      See Wiki explanation:

      It may not be 100% accurate, but it gives you the gist of what I am trying to say.

  • onca747

    Winfrey, and all the ugly old hags who use this disgusting product, are unconscionable monsters. I can’t help thinking of the “blood libel”.. antisemites accusing Jews of killing babies and baking Passover matzo with their blood. Except in Winfrey’s case, she really is.

  • MGTOW-man

    Could it be that feminists and women in general are apathetic about severing the foreskin of males because with it intact on the males, during sex, men might not be able to wait for them/her to climax too? You know, foreskin is a factor in how sex feels for many men. Foreskin adds to the pleasure felt by men, so says many resources.

    Why is it that no matter the subject…foreskin, prostate cancer, war, you name it, bad women have the nasty and selfish habit of making everything about them? Aren’t they responsible for their own orgasms…you know as equals of men? Why are the responsibilities always placed on males with females having no accountability yet claiming to be so left out and so oppressed, and so “hated”?…so pitiful?

  • tallwheel

    I think South Park needs to do another Oprah episode. This episode writes itself. Trey and Matt, you can send me the check now.

  • GeorgeOlduvai

    Well done Dan and team.

    If, as SkinMedica claims, all of their “ingredient” comes from a single foreskin “harvested” 20+ years ago, can they show anyone proof? I agree with Dan that it doesn’t make it any better, but I’d still like to see proof.

    One tiny little thing (I know, I know…): you may wish to change pupice to prepuce; one is (according only to Urban Dictionary) the skin between the eyebrows, the other is the foreskin/clitoral hood.

  • KeanoReeves

    On one of Oprah’s shows, a lady (I think itwas Madonna) cribbed that her ex-boyfriend wrote about their affair in a book. She said, “I don’t have respect for a guy who writes about what happened beween him and a girl”. There were claps from audience.

    Two days later, a woman came on the show. She had written about her relationship with her ex husband. She was saying that all women have to have courage to speak up. She got a lot of applause!!

    Huh?? Double standards?? Sometimes I think this will never ever end.

    • sadman365

      Ha ha ha. Isn’t it disgusting, the hypocrisy of people? “Double standards” is an understatement. But don’t you know, if it’s done by women then it’s 100% right and acceptable? It’s only wrong if a man does it but not a woman. That’s the unwritten law that our societies go by. I fucking hate people.

  • sadman365

    Shrek6, I’m not sure how you think there’s only one religion that still requires circumcision. It is practiced in both Judaism and Islam. They both celebrate the occasion as a happy event. I have a friend who’s an Orthodox Christian from the Middle East who’s also circumcised and I think he had his kid circumcised (here in Canada). He believes it is a requirement.

    But here’s what I don’t understand (about the stupidity of people) – Whether it’s muslims, jews or Christians or whatever, they tell you they circumcise their boys because it’s a religious thing but when you ask many of them if they really adhere to the teachings of their religion and if they would consider themselves “practicing” muslims or jews or whatever, they (THE MAJORITY ACTUALLY) would tell you no.
    I have talked to muslims who don’t practice at all. They don’t pray (which is the single most important requirement in the religion), they drink, have sex out of wedlock or have extra marital relationships which are both huge sins in Islam….and commit all kinds of sins you can think of and pretty much don’t give a fuck about their religion but when it comes to circumcision……NOOOOO. You MUST circumcise your boys to show you are adhering to the teachings of your religion !!! WTF ? So I guess people of whatever religion that requires boys to be MUTILATED (circumcised) think the only way you show you follow your religion is by mutilating your boys! Apparently, they think stealing, cheating, treating others like shit, having extra marital sex, or NOT practicing other MORE important tenets of a religion…etc. are all ok But god forbids they commit the sin of not torturing their baby boys and mutilating them! Of course this goes for JEWS AND CHIRISTIANS TOO.

    So yeah, you can commit all kinds of sins and not even truly believe in your religion (by not practicing any of its teachings) but you should always make sure your boys are circumcised or you are not a true follower. Right ?

    Well, another proof that shows how STUPID most people are.

    • Shrek6

      I’m not sure about Islam. I could be wrong in what I said and I guess it may have been a bit too general, but I was actually stating, if you read it again, the religions that “require” circumcision.

      I know there are Coptics’ that practice this and many main stream Christians do the same. But all those Christians who practice circumcision do so for non-religious reasons, because THAT reason was removed back in the Apostolic Age by Saints Peter and Paul, and the first Counsel that made the ruling that a man did not need to be circumcised to become a Christian.

      They can say all they like about their religious practices. They are wrong and only do it out of habit, or to please the women.

      There are no grounds for circumcision in the Catholic Church PERIOD!

      • Acksiom

        Actually, it’s categorically forbidden to Catholics. Catechism 2297, IIRC, forbids unnecessary amputations.

    • Shortcircuit

      “They don’t pray (which is the single most important requirement in the religion), they drink, have sex out of wedlock or have extra marital relationships which are both huge sins in Islam….and commit all kinds of sins you can think of”

      “But god forbids they commit the sin of not torturing their baby boys and mutilating them!”

      These two categories of things are very, very different. The first requires personal sacrifice, the second requires the sacrifice of another.

      Something needs to be done to prove their legitimacy, and it isn’t going to come out of their own skin if they can avoid it. Once they’ve lost it, they cannot lose anymore skin for advocating it so why not? And it lets the men show what a Real Man Tough Guys they are, all for the price of OTHER people’s hides.

      Might consider bringing that up if you ever meet someone like that again. “What do you think God will judge us as virtuous by: the sacrifices we ourselves made or those we forced upon others?”

  • KeanoReeves

    In Hitler’s Germany, bodies of Jews were used to make soaps. In Oprah’s America, male pricks are used to make face cream!!!!!

  • Murray Pearson

    I would weep for humanity, but I haven’t been able to cry for years.

  • Max Cade

    I am sorry that the toxin-ejecting power of tears has abandoned you recently Murray.

    I can’t seem to find my comment where I asked for a link to your videos. Please could I have one? As I said before,.youtube search got swim vids.

    • Murray Pearson

      Hey, Max. My channel is here: — the relevant videos are the three most recent.

      I am re-reading [i]The Long Walk[/i] by Richard Bachman (a.k.a. Stephen King). I think my next video may be about Stebbins from that novella. I have always identified with him, and it only seems more poignant now.

      It’s not recently that tears have left me. It was probably a good four near-death experiences ago (my total’s up to 8). But I have found that Elton John’s song, “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues,” comes pretty close sometimes; perhaps there is still hope.

  • http://none universe

    Great work Mr. Dan.
    Your activist verbiage to the passers-by was ample and delivered just right.

    So. This is the face of Canadian females.
    Blithely walking past people demonstrating the tie between a component of adult female facial cosmetic and the suffering of infant boys.
    What could this link be? Outright greed, lust of vanity or sheer misandry?

    All around nice job. A notable secondary consideration being that one could not get a more truer snapshot of most Canadian women passing by that day.

  • VAWAVictim

    I’m not sure I believe Oprah would use a face cream made from foreskins. Everyone knows Oprah doesn’t like penises.

    • sadman365

      Oprah might not like penises but I’m sure she would love tortured ones and stuff made of them especially if it can her ugly face look a little less ugly and old.

  • Dan Perrins

    Thanks for all the comment folks, I do appreciate them.
    I am linking to a circumcision study that is currently going on at Queens University In Ontario Canada and would urge any who can to take part in the survey to do so.

  • Manalysis


    I don’t know whether e.g. The Onion takes in this kind of Adbuster stuff, but the time should be ripe for your idea of a fake ad (on a T-shirt it would probably endanger the bearer) for a (fake, yes …) cream made from waste products of female circumcision. Hand rinse for mechanics…? Probably best to do it anonymously, though.


  • Robert St. Estephe

    Love potions and soap are good products, too.

    Are y’all (oppressors that you are) trying to restrict a woman’s right to be an entrepreneur. Shame on you. Men have oppressed women for this sort of thing before. — See:

    — love potions —- Enriqueta Martí, Spanish Serial Killer, Pedophile Pimp & Cannibal – 1912

    — soap — Leonarda Cianciulli, Italian Serial Killer & Cannibal – 1941

    Such limitations of women justifies bankrupting “man owned” business in favor of “woman owned” businesses as our wise overlords, in their infinite social justice wisdom, have decided to do with their affirmative action bid preference laws.

  • Sanguifer

    To be honest – and yes, I do have my fire-proof suit on, thank You for asking – I don’t have a huge problem with the utilisation of, IIRC, the stem cells harvested from already severed foreskins. As such. I vehemently oppose the practice itself.

    I just really, really don’t believe in the global foreskin harvesting conspiracy. I’m extremely sceptical towards anything that whiffs of a conspiracy theory – a self-explainatory stance, I believe.

    Now, I’m not as naive as to think that we, as a humanity, are capable of actually keeping the matters separate. There will be some degree of overlap, and people do get ruthless in their chase of profits. But I think it is far more plausible to think it was a practical thing. As in “People circumsize their children anyways, and we’re not stopping them – why should we let anything go to waste?” I admit, this is a cynical view of things, but a logically sound one.

    Let us also not forget that there is other research potential in the cells harvested from foreskins. The wrinkle cream is just the one often used for the emotional effect – IIRC, cell cultures cultivated from foreskin cells are used in skin grafting, drug production, and medical research.

    Also IIRC, the claim in the article about the cream being manufactured from a single foreskin harvested 20 years ago – that one might not be as bullshit as it sounds. I can’t do much research right now, because I’m at a public terminal on campus, and believe it or not, googling anything related to “foreskin” will result in images that are likely to mark me as a creep for ages. But if I have my layman biology down at least somewhat correctly, the actual technology might indeed require a relatively small quantity of cells to develop and produce a large quantity of product. It quite certainly is not the image of a huge-scale foreskin harvest, possibly involving industrial-sized blenders. Which, I have the feeling, is something that pops into the minds of too many people.

    Let me again say that I do not endorse the practice of circumcision on unconsenting children in any shape or form, and for whatever reason. What I do endorse is research utilising already availble ressources. That includes aborted fetuses, and yes, that also includes severed foreskins. Whether the abortions or the circumcisions are morally defensible, that’s a different question altogether.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Short of being an immortal cell line such as the HeLa cells, there’s no way they could use the same tissue sample to obtain new cells for so long. Cells can only divide so many times in their lifespan.

  • raisins

    It is doubtful they are still culturing cells from a 20 year old foreskin. Let’s hope they are lying about their formulation and not using new foreskins.

    Oprah and these women should be told that the product is not working on their crow’s feet but is actually making them look cock-eyed.

  • infinitebliss

    alex jones was told that stolen foreskins are used
    for products on the broadcast live. he was silent
    in response! that was shocking, as he usually is
    angry about all this “news”.

    it is surprising that people are using the “c” and “m”
    code words for foreskin amputation and extreme
    violence to everyone.