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Rape hysteria produces anti-rape wear for women

One is left to wonder why women go to such extremes, or why they are led to “keep safe” from men when men generally protect women from harm much more than they ever harm them.  Penis-proof clothing for women?

AVfM has reported that rape hysteria is potentially more dangerous for women than rape itself, which does not occur anywhere near as frequently as some within the “violence against women” industry would have us believe.

What is AR Wear?

“Confidence and protection that can be worn”  claims the would-be purveyors of AR Wear.  This line of clothing has been developed for women that, according to the manufacturer, is rape-resistant.  The product seems cleverly designed, but is it rape-proof, or will it provide a false sense of security from a would-be attacker? Within their promotional video the makers describe the garments as having a layer of protection as well as the potential for frustrating an attack.

Detective French of the York Regional Police Sexual Assault Unit in Ontario said the “Anti Rape Wear” garment would not provide protection against rape.  I asked him if wearing this garment would help women.  “I wouldn’t think it would deter anyone very much,” he said.  The Detective believes that if someone is intent on raping a woman, they will make her take that garment off.  Detective French agreed that using force in general, any source of threats, compromises the woman’s position particularly if she ends up in a situation from which it is difficult to escape.  “If you can avoid it, not being in the situation would be optimal,”  he said.

001-white underwear

“The garments must be very difficult for someone else to remove by either force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep),” claims the manufacturer.

006-can't pull shorts off

What would happen if a rapist had a knife to your throat or a gun to your head?  Would wearing AR Wear perhaps a create further danger? Could it frustrate (as the designers claim) and anger an attacker, putting victims in a more perilous situation?

AR Wear claims that self defense tools are ineffective in many common sexual assault settings.  They claim that training in martial arts and/or self defense products such as pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns, etc. can only help if the potential victim is extremely alert and bold when an attack occurs. Worse still, products of self-defense can be taken from the victim and used against her.

Those that are trained in martial arts, including myself for 38 years, who work with women to develop strategies to avoid being assaulted, say the best defense is to not be in a compromised situation to begin with. They say if you do get caught in a compromised situation, you must think and act very quickly to remove yourself from harm’s way.  According to police and self-defense experts, this can only be attained by training the mind and body by repeatedly employing certain techniques, until you automatically react in a given situation.  Striking eyes, ears, throat, groin and the solar plexus are great targets to stun your opponent and give you time to escape.

The police officers, military experts, martial arts experts I have worked with collectively agree that having even a gun or some other device in the hands of inexperienced people can be a detriment to your safety.  I have not heard any discussion about the implication or benefit of an anti rape garment in a critical situation of rape or assault.  It stands to reason the “AR Wear” garment would be ineffective and could contribute to putting the wearer into further danger and sense of false security.

Marnie of the Yellow Brick House, A women’s shelter in Ontario, Canada is concerned about the AR Wear garment.  She said;

“I would be a little hesitant about it, it could increase the violence if someone is attempting to sexually assault their partner and they find out they’re wearing this AR Wear.  It could increase the level of violence because of being frustrated and being upset that their partner has chosen to wear this.

With regards to cases where you’re looking at a stranger, I don’t know, I would need to find out more about it.  Honestly I would be a little hesitant, I would be very hesitant about it.  I would need to learn more about it.  I think there’s better options.”

Men are often too shy to even talk to a woman for fear of rejection.  Moreover, many men have become hypersensitive to being around women for fear of being accused of rape or assault.  There is no proof that the majority of men have any semblance of thought to assault or rape women, but the rape and sexual assault hysteria created by special interest groups appears to have made us believe otherwise.  It seems the makers of these garments are almost daring men to try to breach this protective gear.  We know that even the most sophisticated safe can be breached, why would AR Wear think their product would be any different?

Many Men’s Human Rights Activists say what is concerning is the perpetual false notion that men are lurking in every corner like tigers stalking their prey, ready to pounce on any woman who falls prey to them.  It’s mind boggling to watch the lengths women will go to shield themselves from what many would consider their own foolhardy and dangerous behavior.  It seems women want everyone and everything garnered to their exclusive advantage when they themselves engage in dangerously foolish behavior by putting themselves at risk.  Some say there is no device or law against being stupid.

But never fear, if a rapist did happen to breach this firewall of Anti Rape Wear, she may have another surprise up her sleeve.  You may be stuck with this clever device on your penis.  The RapeX, an anti rape condom will surely spike your stress level, should you accidentally penetrate a woman wearing this penis trap.  It seems women want the exclusive onus on males and not her to be responsible when it comes to sexual and social interaction between men and women.

Rape Condom

We have bullet proof vests for law enforcement officers, and now penis-proof equipment for women.

008-power-control-sex005-tailor fitting black shorts004-black short shorts and top

Will AR Wear consider developing anti rape-wear for men?  We don’t know.  Tell us how you feel about this new line of clothing, AR Wear, Anti Rape Wear.  Do you think it will deter rape?  Do you think it will make no difference at all?  Do you think educating women and girls on how to avoid compromising their wellbeing is the sensible and wise approach to the safety of women? Or will women continue to be taught to have unreasonable expectations no matter how irresponsible they may be?

Could AR Wear be the silver lining for men, the answer to the abundantly-growing false rape and sexual assault culture? Or will women continue to make false rape allegations even when they are wearing “penis proof” devices that would make such an act an impossibility?  One might think that law enforcement and prosecutors will find ways to continue to accept hearsay from women as evidence, no matter how impossible or patently obvious the flaws may be.

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AVfM's Director of Activism Attila Vinczer is a single father of two boys who has found it imperative to fight for the rights of children and families with the understanding that society grossly discriminates against, boys, men, and fathers in every way possible.

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  • elaine

    This has got to be some sort of joke. I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous in all my life!

    • Bewildered

      You are not modern enough to know that this is serious ! Rape is no laughing matter you see !

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      I wish I could say this was a joke, but it is not. Within a week, they raised $50,000 to go into production!

    • SlantyJaws

      The Thais seem to have a funny take on it, at least

      I can’t find a subtitled version but it gets pretty clear around 0:57…

  • Seele

    Who said feminism is not a huge machinery for generating profits?

    This also reminds me of a now-forgotten 1970s comedy film about a couple of young guns trying to rescue a struggling insurance company, by offering insurance against absolutely anything, including rape: part of the deal was for the insured individual to wear “anti-rape apparatus” at all times.

    • Eoghan

      They complain about it (feminism) being appropriated by capitalism and used to generate profits.

      For example, Edwards Bernays introduced the idea of using feminist themes and women putting one over on men to sell products, another would be spice girls / girl power marketing another would be “have it all” ideology, which encourages working and consuming as much as possible.

  • LionsGate

    Imagine a male feminist goes to an anti rape rally and scores with a woman who forgets to take her RapeX out.

    • Bewildered

      His dick won’t be singing cock-a -doodle-doo ,that’s for sure !

    • Seele

      That would never happen; a female feminist can only keep her male feminist as a utility/dogsbody/heavy/lapdog of some value by depriving him of the sex that she keeps promising.

    • DragonFire

      Imagine if a woman wears one, has consentual sex with an ex or even a random man, then accuses him of rape, citing the fact that the RapeX is attached as proof.

      Would that guy stand a chance in court?

      This sort of thing can be SO easily abused.

  • Bewildered

    It seems women want everyone and everything garnered to their exclusive advantage when they themselves engage in dangerously foolish behavior by putting themselves at risk. Some say there is no device or law against being stupid.It seems women want the exclusive onus on males and not her to be responsible when it comes to sexual and social interaction between men and women.

    That in a nutshell is the muse for all this madness.
    Only women have the privilege of being utterly stupid without any consequences.

  • SlantyJaws

    Ahaha, ye gods, this reminds me of those Magnavolt commercials from Robocop ( ). These people really are living on their own dystopian little planet aren’t they.

    I mean look in that woman’s eyes at the start, take a good look. Is that a strong, confident person looking back at you or the glassy eyed gaze of a feral paranoiac?

    Post apocalyptic panties, for the paranoid who has everything!

  • Mr. Sungame

    All I can think of is that one scene from “Men in Tights” at the end:

    “Call a Lock Smith!”

  • oldfart

    Speaking of Ar’s:
    I have said if that if one in four women where truly being raped,armed men would be on every street corner.
    I say it is time to man-up and protect these women,men,gather your Ar-15’s and assemble in the streets enmass to protect women.

    This is something your local authorities will support and respect.

  • seawave_ger

    Welcom to the modern world of sexual freedom. And we present you ,,,the good old chastity belt!
    You are welcome! :)

  • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

    They won’t be much use when she removes them herself, has willing sex, expects a diamond engagement ring the next morning, doesn’t warrant so much as a text from her paramor and goes into full blown scorned woman mode.

    This product could actually help make rape claims MORE likely, because they can be used retroactively to convey intent, or more specifically, lack thereof.

    “But officer, I was wearing my anti-rape panties. Surely you understand that means I had no intention of having sex. He forced me to remove them. I didn’t say a word but my panties were screaming “no!”.

    Nothing will prevent real rapists from raping.

    But most “rape” isn’t rape at all. These products not only fuel the hysteria, they provide women with one more weapon to make fraudulent claims.

    • Bewildered

      A woman’s way of inventing is very fascinating !

      • prince_tybalt

        Or maybe they’ll reduce false accusations. “But officer, look, she had these rape pants on. I couldn’t possibly have removed them!”

        • Sterling Archer

          Um you do realize how our misandric culture looks at these cases, and it is nothing like what you describe. It is that you must of made her remove them.

  • Druk

    How would they even market these products without being called victim-blamers by their target market?

  • Riku

    “If you don’t buy it, you’re a rape apologist / rapist.”
    – White Feminist

    • prince_tybalt

      If you DO buy it, you’re victim-blaming. I shouldn’t have to wear these underpants, you shouldn’t rape me.

      • Riku

        Correct, I thought a double standard here was a given so I wouldn’t need to mention it.
        So, what are you?

        “Don’t tell me to wear AR wear, teach boys not to rape!”
        – Another white feminist

    • Sterling Archer

      You mean if you don’t buy it for the females in your life to protect them..

  • comslave

    I suppose it has been pointed out that any article of clothing tight enough to inhibit rape will also likely constrict blood flow and apply pressure to the spine.

    that kind of makes it hard to run away from a rapist.

  • Seele

    Now… does anyone really think that feminists really want to lower the claimed number of rape cases? Supposing these anti-rape garments are indeed successful in foiling rape attempts, and even if the number of false rape accusations stays the same, the tiny decrease in the number of claimed rape cases would be against the feminist narrative of the “Rape Culture” making rape the most common thing around. And yet, as the number of these claimed cases does not drop significantly, then it would be an indication that false accusations consists of a very large proportion of claimed cases, much less than the few per cents as claimed. In other words, they cannot stop false rape accusations which would be counted as rape cases. On the other hand, if these garments are useless, then they would have no reason to exist at all. Somehow I think these products are by nature not compatible with the feminists narrative – to say the least – but then the feminists might not be smart enough to notice.

  • prince_tybalt

    What if a woman puts on that condom and entices or forcibly envelops a man? How would a man talk his way out of that one?

  • CloudKicker

    “But never fear, if a rapist did happen to breach this firewall of Anti Rape Wear, she may have another surprise up her sleeve.”

    Lol, nice one.

    Anyway, I think at the very least, women are starting to recognize that they can, indeed, prevent rape. Or will feminists see AR wear as “victim blaming,” too? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, given that their rational for labeling any indication that women can effect their chances of being raped as “victim blaming” would hold true for AR wear, as well.

    Time will only tell, I suppose.

  • CloudKicker

    “But never fear, if a rapist did happen to breach this firewall of Anti Rape Wear, she may have another surprise up her sleeve.”

    Lol, nice one.

    Anyway, I think at the very least, women are starting to recognize that they can, indeed, prevent rape. Or will feminists see AR wear as “victim blaming,” too? I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, given that their rational for labeling any indication that women can effect their chances of being raped as “victim blaming” would hold true for AR wear, as well.

    Time can only tell, I suppose.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    ” ”If you can avoid it, not being in the situation would be optimal,” he said.”
    That victim-blaming cop should be fired (as I’m sure he will be within hours of a feminist reading this article.)

  • nick

    Slightly off topic here but In the past maybe two weeks there was a rape accusation that took place at the University of Hilo Hawaii. Apparently a girl was using a bathroom and said a guy came in and held a knife to her throat and she eventually fought him off. My wife goes to school there and uses that bathroom. She came home the day after this happened stirred up by all the fear at her school and told me about this. So she tells me and without breaking my “I’m concerned look” I thought bitch is lying. Sure enough the “victim” made up the whole thing. Got off without any charges. anyway I know stories like this are nothing new to this site but I thought I would share this with the folks at AVFM. Im not too good with computers so I don’t know how to leave a link but if anyone is interested just google rape accusation at the university of hilo Hawaii. You have to read about it to hear how they reasoned she should not be charged. I believe the school officials said they would like her to do community service for making a false accusation but its only a suggestion. The officials also “girl excused” her saying she is having some problems at home. Bunch of bs. Anyway would love to hear what folks think of this.

  • nick

    Hilo News — UH Hilo Student’s Attempted Rape Claim Was A Lie —– Ok so not good with computers so this might not work but this is the link I hope.

  • TheSandreGuy

    I’m afraid that the “anti rape condom”-thingy could be misused by unstable women looking to harm unsuspecting guys.

  • comslave

    I predict an inverse correlation between the women who buy this garment and the women most likely to be raped.

  • Eoghan

    “”Many Men’s Human Rights Activists say what is concerning is the perpetual false notion that men are lurking in every corner like tigers stalking their prey”.”

    My experience is that many of us perpetuate that idea with “rich flashy guy in the getto” type analogies that are supposed to be rape prevention advice for the general culture.

  • Paul Elam

    May I also suggest a secondary line of attire to help prevent false allegations? We’ll call it gagwear.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    I can’t wait for Victoria’s Secret Anti-Rape Thongs to come on the market or Frderick’s of Hollywood crotchless anti-rape panties.

    Or, they could cross-market with Depends adult diapers for the women who drink too much and then piss themselves while passed out/incapacitated.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      Love your perspective Tara! Your way would kill many birds with one stone. Crotchless anti-rape panties. lol Is that not an oxymoron? Perhaps just a moron. I wonder how many women would be happy to receive a Valentine’s AR Wear gift?

  • Billybobownway

    I hope this gets maximum publicity.
    If there is any doubt about the lunacy of feminists, AR wear will end it.
    Never interfere with the enemy when she is making a mistake.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    I wonder do they make a line of anti-rape pants for enebriated men? Going to sleep in a full suit of medieval armor is not an option.

    And with rape of males in mind I wonder do they make a RapeX condom with the spikes turned outward to spike the vagina wall, or alternatively can the RapeX simply be turned inside-out and worn by men?

  • SlantyJaws

    “Sorry, comments have been disabled by the owner of this video.”

    Hahahaha! This is like the calling cards of feminists recently. Ah, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

  • comslave

    It doesn’t prevent motorboating. Guess they have to come up with a corset version.

    And while they’re at it, maybe a gag to before forced oral sex.

    and they’re also going to need iron mittens to prevent forced hand’-jobs.

    ah hell, let’s just wrap her up in an iron lady. Then she’ll be safe.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Karen on Honey Badger Radio, had a funny over these things, “there will be an epidemic of women peeing their pants because they’re too drunk to remember the combination or what have you; that by itself will be deterrent enough; well, they might end up exciting the fetish crowd.”

  • Sanguifer

    The list of things to do in order to ensure actual consensual and safe sex is getting really long and tedious.

    – Don’t be shallow and objectifying but do remember to work out, shower, and dress well.
    – Pay attention to the person You are interested in, but don’t be a creep, whatever that means.
    – Treat her with respect! She’s a human being and an equal! Show it by buying her flowers and paying for her dinner.
    – Don’t be rude, be subtle and suggestive (but dont forget to not be a creep while at it). Best read her mind.
    – Whatever You do, don’t invite for coffee in an elevator.
    – Once enough time and money is spent, make sure You get not just implied consent, not just consent, but enthusiastic consent. Don’t worry if You ruin the mood with that. Or come off as a creep. Or make her mad because You seem not interested or not receptive for signals. You just have to deal with it.
    – Make sure she removes her chastity belt herself. For best results, leave the room. You don’t want to presure her into anything, that would be rape.
    – Remember to bring Your own condoms. Don’t ever let them out of sight.
    – After all that, don’t forget to probe her vagina with fingers first to ensure she doesn’t have a nasty surprise there.
    – Fire away. Make sure You dispose of Your semen with care in a way that makes it impossible to recover it for any purpose.


    – Enjoy Your rape accusation anyways, because any half-sane woman would’ve long lost her patience and You’ll be left with the crazy bitches.

    …well, fuck.

  • RamblinWreck

    Fool {——} money.

    Who else thinks this was invented by a man for capitalizing on hysteria? Just like every other industry that capitalizes on the demographic that spends the most.

  • sondjata

    Ha. Given that most rapes (In The West) occur between parties that know each other and are usually inimates rather than “jump out” rapes, How exactly do these things help when they’ve already been discarded for soon to be “consent withdrawn” events?

    And I so like that the professional police said, as we say, that it’s best to not put oneself in a bad situation to begin with. So, so, so victim blamy isn’t it? lol

    • Sterling Archer

      Don’t forget, just because she is in bed naked with you and trying to turn you on does not mean consent!

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        Here is how fine the line is between consensual sex and rape between a husband and wife.

        Your are in bed having intercourse with your wife. She says, “Oh honey, don’t stop! Oh baby keeping going! [moaning and flushed with excitement] You are the best! Oh this feels soooo good!!!” Then, if for some strange reason she were to say “stop” or “no” and you did not immediately pull out at that moment, you, in accordance to the law, are now raping your wife!

        Take this a step further, if she decides to tell the cops she told her husband to stop, you are going to be charged with rape. Hell, if she just makes up the entire story that you were having intercourse, when in fact you weren’t even in the bedroom, her hearsay is enough to have you charged and fancy a bright and well connected, non removable silver bracelets.

        Welcome to the world of false rape allegations by women against, fathers, husbands, boy-friends and any male that happens to land in the cross hairs of a cross woman!

  • sungecko

    “You can go in, but whatever you do, don’t back out.” Ignoring all the ways the RapeX could be misused, it is still basically an anti-rape device which doesn’t stop a male rapist from penetrating, but hurts him when he tries to pull out. Just think about how stupid and dangerous that is. Maybe the agony from the barbs will be enough to stop the rapist…or maybe you will just have an angry confused rapist inside of you, who will do anything to keep you from pushing him out until he can figure out what to do. That knife the rapist was threatening you with? He will probably use it to murder you in desperation, even if he originally didn’t think he was going to go that far.

  • Andy Bob

    I hope the manufacturers of AR wear are lawyered-up. Jaclyn Friedman and Kate Harding are going to be very peeved to discover that even the largest available sizes don’t accommodate their, um, curves. I smell a law suit, whining and tears.

    Imagine the defense: “It’s a supply and demand issue. Our research demonstrated to us that homely, middle-aged, fat chicks have all the built-in protection they’ll ever need.”

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      There are those who want us to think that only young hot looking women are at risk of rape. If you have a harry ass (male) or you are voluptuous, well nobody goes near that. Rape statistics need to conform to the funding needs, not the safety of women.

  • Sterling Archer

    “What would happen if a rapist had a knife to your throat or a gun to your head?”

    Yes but rape is the worse crime possible so clearly someone would prefer to be knifed or shot in the head. The whole rape is the worst crime rhetoric is bent in misandry as it is assumed it is something mostly done to women by men. This is to downplay the fact that most violence is commited against men. The real goal is to make women into being bigger victims and making that victimhood equal to sainthood.

  • Clayton

    Do they make an anti-male gaze muumuu/motorcycle helmet combo?

  • JGteMolder

    It’s a chastity belt, notice that as long as you don’t have the key, the wearer can’t take it off either; which begs how they are going to go to the bathroom, and if they have to bring their key how much of a deterrent it really is; not to mention how many drunk women will be pissing their AR wear.

    I see this being a great seller; to BDSM enthusiasts; those pesky heavy old-fashioned metal chastity belts are so indiscreet having to wear them to job; even if you can dress to make them discreet, you won’t exactly be dressed smoothly. AR wear is the perfect answer!

  • Guest

    I suppose the inventor of Rape-aXe has men to thank for the design inspiration. What goes around comes around, guys.