Iconic Image of a Female Factory Worker from the 1950 Era

Feminists stoop to a new low

The following video shows a wasteful government & NGO-funded campaign by feminists painting males as abusers of women. Although we don’t know how much money was wasted on the planning, construction, and implimentation of this experiment – not to mention the money that went into the purses of those feminists who created it – we are betting it cost a cool half-million to produce.

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  • Jacket

    Who cares?! For one, I don’t. You intentionally ripped people off. As in, you stole their money and you expected them not to smack an inanimate object that often hangs up (a food vending machine). A new low, indeed.

  • MRAlias

    That was dumb. Like really they may as well have hired actors because those guys didn’t even look that angry nor did they hit or shake the machine very hard. Anyone who falls for this poor attempt at anti male propaganda deserves to be duped.

  • Seele

    So far I have only found two English pages on this, none of them exposing the unsavoury side.



  • Jamie

    That inanimate object was asking for it

  • Tallwheel

    …and then puts all the blame on a man for having “anger issues”.

  • GQ

    Am I right in thinking that any woman that holds a sauce bottle and repeatedly beats the bottom of it to get the last drops, is also violent if said bottle has a male on the label?

    Or what about when they stick a knife in the jam jar? Is this stabbing?

    This videos great, I didn’t notice these things before.

  • JohnnySocco

    Maybe it would have been a more effective PDA if one of the men pushed the vending machine over and raped it.

  • ThirdOfOctober

    So women are vending machines now?

  • Daniel Freeman

    Regarding Rangel wants women to register with Selective Service:

    Beth Livingston, a professor of human resource studies at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, said that discussing whether women should register for the Selective Service could be another step in breaking down gender stereotypes.

    “I think it would start a conversation about how our gender stereotypes aren’t necessarily true
    and aren’t necessarily based in reality,” Livingston said. “I think it would start a conversation that included men and how unrealistic expectations toward masculinity can affect men.”

    I am flabbergasted to find myself in agreement with a feminist, but there it is.

  • Bill Sanders

    The lesson here is that men are tired of being ripped off. All we want is a fair deal. Why didn’t they show any pissed off women throwing a temper tantrum – as if THAT never happens.

  • Dan

    So does this mean only men get pissed off when vending machines hijack their money?

  • bladerunner983 .

    If you ever see this happening where you live, just walk over and unplug the damned thing. Then Put a sign over the video screen that says “Out of Order”. Treat it just like any other piece of malfunctioning equipment.

  • The Equalist

    I don’t know if someone has or has not made the obvious point…sometimes when you smack a vending machine, it causes your snack to drop – which looks like what was actually happening here. I know that given the new designs of machines this is rarely the case BUT given what people have seen on tv shows, media, etc of people outsmarting vending machines by hitting them the correct way, its worth a shot. ALL of those men did not react emotionally at all when hitting the vending machine which was purely functional. It was only when that nonsense fake video of a woman playing a victim – AND NOTICE – JUST HOW GOOD THAT ACTRESS WAS AT PLAYING THE VICTIM – did they get annoyed as the machine tried to embarrass them publicly. I think that this video should be re-circulated with different captions and be used as a warning for men to be weary of women who make false allegations of domestic violence.

  • guber

    This is satire, right?

  • Yan

    Could it be that, like the machine, women lie and steal, and THAT’S what makes men angry?

  • DukeLax

    As far as i know, the perversions and “manufactured statistics Alliances” have not taken root in Russian law enforcement yet.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I don’t think this video does feminism (or women generally) any good at all. It’s just an account of a prostitue who decided not to fulflil her side of the transaction. Here’s what I’m seeing:

    1) The “woman” entices the man over with the promise of sweet goodies if he gives her money.
    2) He gives her money, she acts like she’s going to give the guy what she promised, but at the very last moment she changes her mind and denies him what she promised.
    3) There is no refund, despite money being taken under false pretense.
    4) The “woman” does not withdraw the promise of sweet goodies from the man, she continues to entice and tempt him.
    5) Any attempt by the man to take something he has been enticed into wanting, been obliged to pay for, but been arbitrarily denied by the “woman” is viewed as a crime.
    6) The man has no recourse and is obliged to leave without his goodies and without his money. The “woman” keeps both AND portrays herself as a victim and the man as violent.
    7) The “woman” pulls the same stunt repeatedly.
    8) The men, once tricked, do not fall for the same trick again, and subsequently view even decent and honest “women” with distrust.

  • ohdear

    In Soviet Russia, vending machine abuse you.