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Valentine’s Day for dummies

With Valentine’s Day upon us once again, it’s a good time to recount the history of the occasion and highlight the gynocentric farce that it appears to have become… or more accurately that it has always been.

Let’s start with a primer about what Valentine’s Day means for men, or rather what it should mean for men, according to advice columnist and relationship expert Brooke Miller. Here she addresses us men directly:

First lesson: Valentine’s Day matters. This really isn’t debatable my darlings, just trust me on this one. Second lesson: Valentine’s Day matters because… Because it’s not really about Valentine’s Day…it’s a metaphor. Really? Yes, really.Valentine’s Day is a metaphor for every other moment throughout the entire duration of your relationship when the woman in your life needs and wants and hopes you are able to joyfully and proudly step out of your way, and make it about her.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday decorated with girly-pink-sparkly-chocolate-flowery-hearts…and and and. February 14th could not be less stereotypically masculine if it tried. Although this holiday may not be about you, it is in fact, for you. It gifts you the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of guy you can be when put in a situation that is not about you. It shows that beautiful human being you’re lucky to be with that you, you amazing man, are able to show up selflessly to any occasion.

Quote VD

Valentine’s Day gives your crush or girlfriend or fiancé or wife, either a taste or a reminder (women love being reminded) of your ability to care about things not because you care about them, but because you care about her… and she cares about things. Get it?

Women know very well that Valentine’s Day doesn’t particularly matter to you, but making it matter to you, simply and solely for her… now that’s a guy worth being with.

An acknowledgment of the day, a card, flowers, or even a romantic gift like a massage or spa treatment (hint hint) shows your capacity to put yourself aside even if she doesn’t ask you to–especially if she doesn’t ask you to… and put her first.1

So there you have it gents – on Valentine’s Day step the fuck out of your own way and make it all about her, and while you are at it get rid of those preconceived notions that say love is meant to be bi-directional. And if you end up marrying one of the many narcissistic princesses who expect this kind of treatment make sure to remember that the day of your marriage, too, is “her day.” In fact why beat around the bush – marriage to her will mean every single day of the rest of your life will probably be “her days” too.

But getting back to Valentine’s Day, lets take a little look at the background of this gynocentric event.

Antique Valentine’s Day card

Antique Valentine’s Day card

Valentine’s Day, the celebration of romantic love, first became popular in the High Middle Ages when the traditions of courtly love arose, and has been celebrated as a holiday ever since. However the precise origins of the concept are somewhat unclear, and the situation is made more complicated by the fact that there are no less than three Saint Valentines in the historical folklore.

The first written Valentine note was believed to be by Charles the Duke of Orleans who in 1415 AD, while imprisoned in the Tower of London, sent a love letter to his wife. An excerpt from that letter still exists in the British Library’s collection and reads “I am already sick from love, My very gentle Valentine.” The date became further associated with romantic and courtly love when Geoffrey Chaucer incorporated St. Valentine’s Day into his love poem “The Parliament of Foules.” Chaucer, who wrote the love poem to commemorate the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, linked the royal engagement with the pairing of birds and Valentine’s Day. The holiday was also mentioned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as well as by the poet John Donne, and has since evolved into what most would now consider the most romantic day of the year. Perhaps the most famous Valentine’s poem is this one published in Gammer Gurton’s Garland, a 1784 collection of English rhymes:

The rose is red, the violet’s blue,
The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
Thou are my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it shou’d be you.


Card - boy on one knee

Card – boy on one knee

The tradition of exchanging gifts and tokens was established during the height of romantic love when people began to select their own Valentine’s mates, and the tradition began to appear frequently in love poetry. The elaborate exchanges of poetry, cards, and gifts cemented it as a holiday for the celebration of love in European popular culture. Valentine’s Day has since spread all over the world, and most nations still celebrate it on the 14th of February with flowers, gifts, and cards.

The soil in which the celebration bloomed celebrated love as illicit, passionate, morally elevating, transcendent, if at times painful and humiliating: the perfect recipe for an affair. Participants adopted the language of feudalism with chivalric men declaring themselves “love servants” who pledged themselves in submission, obedience, and utility to ladies whom they worshipped as both their overlord and moral superior. This feudalisation of love -so called by C.S. Lewis- was popularized by troubadours in poems and songs, providing both the model and the spirit we continue to express on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gives your crush or girlfriend or fiancé or wife, either a taste or a reminder of your ability to care about things not because you care about them, but because you care about her… and she cares about things. [Brooke Miller1]

DiamondsBy the 18th century it had become a widespread custom for men in all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes on February 14. In the Victorian era, printed cards replaced written letters as a way to express emotions, encouraged both by improvements in printing technology and cheaper postage rates. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began to sell the first mass-produced valentines in America. This practice was extended in the 20th century to all manners of gifts, especially in the United States. With the advent of consumerism in post-war America, Valentine’s Day became a day of gift-giving, from roses and chocolates to diamonds, and the immense popularity of the event tells us that the spirit of chivalry and courtly love is far indeed from being over.

While some couples might equally indulge each other on this auspicious occasion, more often than not it will be a day on which the man will worship a woman as his true overlord, with himself playing the role of gift-giving serf. Perhaps Valentine’s Day will one day be worth celebrating if it becomes a reciprocal event, but until then the best advice for men on Vagina Day Valentine’s Day will be to reframe the event as Go Your Own Way Day.

[1] Brooke on Boys: Why Valentine’s Day Matters, Primer Magazine: A Guy’s Post-College Guide to Growing Up.

Source: Valentine’s Day: gynocentrism’s most holy event

  • Seele

    In some societies, Valentine’s Day has become a day for women to compete by showing off the generosities of their boyfriends. comparing the monetary value of gifts they received. A single woman seen without a huge bunch of red roses is looked down upon by her colleagues and friends, to the point of being persona non grata. Perhaps it provides a setting for women to let out their natural traits: hypergamy and showing off how good they are compared to others.

  • Shrek6

    Yeah, I was just thinkin. I wonder if I ended up divorced……twice, because I refused to even acknowledge that stupid day. Hmmm, maybe they got a bit upset by this. Oh well, no skin off my nose!

    Tarwil Buddy, thanks for such a sickening bloody post. I”m about to go to bed now. Do you realise I will have nightmares all bloody night, dreaming of wasting money on a female infant that screams when you don’t give it what it wants. Sigh!

    The thought of men scurrying around like rodents, trying to find something to appease a parasite female on this particular day, is most certainly a better way of bringing about regurgitation than swallowing Ipecac Syrup.

    I shakes me head in embarrassment for those blue pill brothers of mine, who just cannot see the futility of their actions. No matter what they do on this one day every year to keep their infant girlies happy, these same women will discard them like a used sanitary napkin, the minute the woman believes her man has out lived his usefulness.

    Wake up boys, it’s never to late to swallow a red pill.


    • whiic

      >“Yeah, I was just thinkin. I wonder if I ended up divorced……twice, because I refused to even acknowledge that stupid day. Hmmm, maybe they got a bit upset by this.”

      Or maybe it was one of the other “important” days she’s likely to remember (yet not speak about), expecting you to remember it as well… but also to express you remembered it and remembered it early enough to buy a present: the Wedding Anniversary. Or First Date Anniversary.

      Obviously her obligation is fulfilled just by remembering the day but not acting upon it in any way. Or forget about even remembering it: after all, all the “special days” are for her sake – because she likes “things”. And because you had the privilege of being with her. Compensate. (Also: totally-not-prostitute.)

      • Shrek6

        Oops, I forgot about that one. Yeah, I kinda useta not bother much with anniversaries either. They would get a card and a kiss with a happy anniversary wish in the morning, then I would go have my breakkie.

        Well, they never did anything for me. And not only that, they knew what I thought of the valentine and mother’s day crap, long before we were married. Both wives had their eyes wide open about these things.

        But then, they ignored all that I did for them for the other 363 days of the year. Even on my own birthday or even fathers day, I would be slaving it for them. I was a true ‘blue’ blue pill slave for these female overlords. And to this day, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth over all of that enforced by them and self inflicted slavery that I endured. Not gonna happen again and I am now teaching my sons to never do it too.

        So of course I would in the end tell them to go jump in the lake.

        I never made a lot of money. So when we had children, I said there is no way I am going to waste one solitary cent on either of these bullshit days, when that money would be better spent on paying our bills and putting food on the table for our children.

        Of course, the children never made it into the minds of these women. In fact, most women in society rarely think of their own children. They virtually only think of themselves.

        Oh well, bad luck for these women anyway. If that is all they cared about, then misery will be their partner in life, their shadow.

    • thatdogguy


    • chewbakka

      So true. I remember listening to an audio book back about 8 or 9 years about called “How to be the jerk women love” – by F.J Shark and how he’d spent ages trying to buy this secret santa teddy present for a girl she’d said she really wanted. He spent absolutely ages looking for it, because he thought buying it would make her attracted to him. Needless to say it didn’t and the present ended up disregarded.

      Its sick that yet again there’s evidence of a double standard in “because its romantic”. Contrast that with the reality that withholding your deepest love and affection for a woman actually prolongs a relationship. One of my ex’s who I dated for 1 year and was very affectionate towards ended up dating a guy for 4 years after me, who she then found out was a drug dealer and ended up smashing her head into a wall and cracking her spine. While I’m not advocating that any more than I would being the downtrodden half-feminist scardey cat admiring a potted plant in the corner it goes to prove that women still admire strength in a man even if they haven’t the slightest clue what that really means

      ….as for money, mines staying in my wallet.

  • TheSwordintheChalice

    Valentine’s day is hardly a day of “love celebration”. Whatever it once was, it has evolved into a unidirectional display of materialism amongst couples, spurned on by companies such as Hallmark and Kay…and of course a multitude of florists and confectionary providers. Why anyone, man or woman, would actually desire to be presented with dying flowers, overpriced gems, or sickeningly large quantities of mass produced chocolates on a day when it’s nothing more than a scheduled show has always baffled me. If you truly care for someone, they should already be able to tell from your daily actions towards them…not just on a fake holiday.

  • OldGeezer

    … making it matter to you, simply and solely for her …

    You mean there’s one special day for that?! Sounds a lot like a 24/7/365 prescription of the “Good Man Project”. Or maybe just the latest “gender equality” legislation.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      True equality will never be achieved until every dollar you as a “privileged” labor unit earn gets spent by a perennial entitled victim: $1 earned by “designated oppressor” = $1 spent by “designated oppressed.”
      Perfect equality! That is the fine print formula that stands behind the Orwellian Marxist term thrown about everywhere these days: “social justice.”

      • OldGeezer

        Actually, I think we must be damned close to that form of “social justice” already. In fact, the ratio of female to male spending power explains quite a lot, especially if one considers the recent US Supreme Court rulings equating monetary spending with “freedom of speech” and the routing influences thereof via paid sponsorships at the cumulative corporate-financial level especially.

        Neither the incessant advertising drivel (dumb males / brilliant “empowered” females) nor the tendencies of wholly-owned and sponsored political-legislative subsidiaries should surprise anyone very much. Pity anyone who actually believes that periodic voting charades provide any real chance to achieve sound democratic governance in the Lincolnesque. “of, by and for” sense of the word. Money = power. It’s really that simple in today’s “globalized” economy … with a little militarized (foreign and domestic) policing tossed in as required, also at men’s expense of course.

  • Kimski

    The rose is red, the violet’s blue,
    Life is a lemon, and the reason is you.
    Thou art my ball and also my chain,
    And Valentine’s Day has showed me how vain.
    The lot was cast and with you I lost,
    And Fortune has made me pay every cost.

    There, fixed it for you.

    If timetravel ever becomes an issue, I will make it my personal mission to go back in time and dispense with all three Saint Valentine’s, one after another, in the most horrific way known for that specific timeline.
    Seriously, logging down entire forests for cards to be offered to some heathen Goddess of Narcissism and her devoted followers, along with virtually mountains of dead flowers and rivers of blood diamonds?
    You have got to be kidding..
    No way, José.

    • TheSwordintheChalice

      Bravo, Kimski. Your version is much improved, or at least more realistic to the majority of relationships.

    • feeriker

      Kimski, you should start your own line of greeting cards along that theme. I see you becoming a very wealthy man.

      • Kimski

        I might consider it, with additional ‘speshul’ Valentine Day’s bouquets of different types of thisle, hogweed and cactus plants.
        There would definitely be a market for this sort of thing, if I included post divorce greetings for the ex also.

        • Porquemada

          Nothing captures those “Hallmark Moments” like a fresh bouquet of thorny weeds…

          • Kimski

            My thoughts exactly.
            Might even throw in a piece of coal and tell her to add pressure….Lots of pressure…

          • feeriker

            Nothing expresses the feelings of the occasion like poison ivy/oak/sumac (“those shiny leaves, darling – they do wonders for your skin. Do rub them on your face and arms”).

        • Redfield

          Now there’s a great business idea …
          You could supply divorced men with horticultural gifts to that special ex, such as :
          The Venus fly trap, a plant that exudes an exotic sweet scent as it slowly closes around its unsuspecting meal ticket …
          Or a strangler fig, a vine that starts of growing up the trunk of the “host” tree … A tropical rainforest dweller, that slowly over a life time, strangles the once tall tree and uses it as support to reach for sunlight in a highly competitive ecosystem …

          For the more toxic encounters, may I suggest “stinging nettles” please supply “Kid gloves” and a warning to anyone that may come in contact with this plant!

          For those who have had an ex where their sex lives had nose dived straight after the honeymoon and continued on a vertical sexless descent from that point on, may I suggest: cereus cacti (blooms once a year), Titan Arum Lily (blooms once every 4-10 years) or the Kurunji plant (blooms every 12 years) …

          Make sure you affix warning labels to any hazardous plant materials ..

    • scatmaster

      Mr. Kimski:
      Mate, you are a poet and a scholar.
      You are approaching Dr F territory.

    • Fatherless

      Kind of sounds like something Al Bundy would write. Perhaps best written on the back of a Hooter’s napkin?

    • thatdogguy

      You made me smile. Thanks.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Every February 14 I celebrate, and I do it in a big way, a great and meaningful holiday. That is because for years February 14 has been a the holiday I choose to celebrate called “Drapetomania Day.,” a holiday dear to the heart of “free radicals” like me.

    • Fredrik

      Say, what do blue pillers not do on the 14th? I’m going on the road for work soon, but I should be back on Friday. Is there something that would normally be too crowded, that you would have to yourself on Drapetomania Day?

  • toothless

    To any man with a women who insist on valentine day, i would encourage to introduce her to ;

    Lets see if this make it on the calendar. and have tons of article for women on how best to give him his present.

    • TheSwordintheChalice

      Sounds fair, especially for those unfortunates who are wed to women who are not prone to giving oral just because…or any sex at all.

      • feeriker

        Chocolates. Flowers. Blowjob. A perfectly natural trio (although, in order to guarantee equity of exchange, the order of the three would have to be reversed).

    • Kimski

      A comment lifted off the site:

      “Eva March 14, 2013 at 23:19 #
      Not all of those views were from supportive people. Some of us are here b/c we stare at car wrecks and watch horror flicks. Don’t necessarily be complimented that people looked at your selfish gross website.”

      The “selfish” part is going to make me laugh excessively for the next couple of hours.

    • sungecko

      I don’t like Steak and BJ Day. I know it’s mostly a joke, but it is a joke at men’s expense, because it perpetuates stereotypes about men. Valentine’s is supposed to be a holiday for women because women are supposedly gentle, loving and sensitive. Steak and BJ day is for men, because men are supposedly bestial, carnal meat eaters who only want women for sex and are just inconvenienced by “love.” Lots of men are sensitive, gentle and loving. Plenty of men like romance and love (especially if they don’t just give it, but actually receive it). Lots of woman can be bestial and carnal. Plenty of women like steak and even more like receiving oral sex.

      • toothless

        i agree with you on all of it , i like steak and bj for the only reason that it is already that much more than the whole lot of nothing men get

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are high holidays for Golden Uteri and entitlement pwincesses.

    The greater the significance a potential mate/date (if you’re looking) places on either of these holidays, the greater her expectations of tribute and over the top gestures, the greater the odds are that you should run for the nearest exit like your pants are on fire.

    • feeriker

      The greater the significance a potential mate/date (if you’re looking) places on either of these holidays, the greater her expectations of tribute and over the top gestures, the greater the odds are that you should run for the nearest exit like your pants are on fire.

      Perfectly stated, Dr. T. One would think that this would be a truism to all men in today’s society, but alas, too many of us fall into the slow learner category.

    • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

      No! Valentine’s Day CANNOT DIE! It’s the one day of the year where it is perfectly acceptable for me to eat an entire* box of chocolates without remorse! VDay is love! Love is chocolate! I want all the love!

      nom nom nom

      February 15th is “why the hell am I so fat day” but I’m fairly certain that is 100% coincidence.

      *I don’t like the ones with whole nuts in them. I let my husband eat those ones.

    • Fatherless

      So if my girlfriend says “I’ll spend money on you” is that a green flag?

      • emptyspace

        “I’ll spend money on you.” said no woman ever.

        • feeriker

          “I’ll spend money on you,” she said – seconds before the alarm clock went off and ended the codeine-induced dream

          • Fatherless

            Well, for Christmas we agreed to a spending limit of $80. I was under (closer to $60) but satisfied with the gifts I got for my girlfriend and she was happy as well. The day after Christmas, I mentioned V-Day, and said something along the lines “I just don’t feel like dealing with the pressure to spend a bunch of money on you for no reason” and she replied with “I’ll spend money on you.”

            I think it was more a sentiment of caring than anything else. I suppose we’ll do something for V-Day; she just got a promotion so I might cook her dinner as a way to say congrats: two birds with one stone. She’ll likely offer to pay for half of the groceries and I’ll most likely accept like I usually do.

            I do this thing in my relationship with her where I make it clear the she has to give me straight answers to straight questions or else I’m not responsible for not knowing what she wants. So if I say “do I have to spend a bunch of money on you for V-Day” and she says “no” then I take that to mean “no” and she understands I’m not going to feel ashamed for taking her at face value.

            It’s a really odd way to test a woman: treat her like an adult and she if she sticks around. So far, this one has. But I believe everything is impermanent, so I ask, is this any reason to think she’ll be around forever? The best answer I can come up with: treat her like an adult one day at a time and see what happens.

      • feeriker

        I think most of us would be bowled over if she even said so much as “I have a nice Valentine’s Day surprise for you,” even if it didn’t involve money.

        But many of us do get VDay surprises – days or weeks later in the form of whopper credit card bills containing charges she wracked up for herself on “her” special day (the “nice” adjective applies fully from her perspective, so in her mind it’s not a lie).

    • Porquemada


      This. This is a red flag the size of the Exxon Valdez. If you get even a whiff of this, run as though you’re getting chased by a Siberian Tiger (and you’re wearing a tiara, a solitaire necklace, a tennis bracelet, and matching ring made of raw steak.)

      Thanks, Dr. T.

  • The Real Peterman

    Valentine’s Day: the biggest scam on the calendar.

    • scatmaster

      Emotional blackmail day in my opinion.

  • Francis Roy
    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Francis, that image encapsulates the issues perfectly!

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Here is a cliché from days gone by. Done that, got the T-shirt to prove it. Yes I wilfully jumped through the razor wire heart shaped hoops to pay stupid money for roses as a means to appease and please the woman in my life. It left scars on my heart and burned holes in my wallet. No thank you! When will women start buying me a 1 carat ring if I am insane enough to get married again? And how about a nice promissory ring too!

    Here is a good test. When you pick up your date open the door for her, but make sure yours is locked. Even fumble for your keys by the window. If she does not unlock the door for you, leave her.

    • Fatherless

      A Bronx Tale, right?

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        Robert De Niro movie?

        • feeriker

          That’s the one.

    • Porquemada

      Here you go.

      — A Bronx Tale: The Door Test —

  • sungecko

    Things are slightly better in certain Asian countries. Men only receive gifts from women on Valentine’s Day. Men give gifts to women on White Day (March 14). So reciprocity is somewhat built into the arrangement (and candy companies make more profits).

    • toothless

      It is a nice tradition,
      and i think should be brought over in the west. It would at least bring up the idea that they both should do a little something for the other instead of just one having the obligation to satisfy the other .

  • Riku

    “[1] Brooke on Boys: Why Valentine’s Day Matters, Primer Magazine: A Guy’s Post-College Guide to Growing Up.”

    Ha, I literally read “throwing up” and had to reread twice. My brain finished the sentence before I could finish reading.

  • Super Ginrai

    Think I’ll take my money I saved by being single and buy the HD rerelease of Tales of Symphonia.

  • Turbo

    Valentine’s who ??? ………what ??? ………. Sorry, never heard of it.

    Now where are my golf clubs, I’m due to hit off with the lads shortly.

  • dappy

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

    After 14 years as a MGTOW and vehement MHRA my partner of 3 years knows full well my feelings on this annual “celebration of love” malarky. She asked me jokingly last night what I intended to do for her on the 14th and my look said it all. Stating (ranting) that I demonstrated my love for her quite satisfactorily for 365 days of the year without commercial prompting she quite rightly pointed out that I happily demonstrate said feelings for only 364 actually (not accounting for leap years).

    Hmm…she had me there.

  • MrWombat

    Rent is due four times a year – Christmas, V-day, her birthday, and your anniversary. Proceeds are paid in the form of resellable jewellery, which goes in the jewellery box. It’s where she keeps the money earned from all her relationships.
    Try this experiment (if you can afford it): buy something for v-day, but have it personalised. Engraved. If you see a flash of disappointment and then a big bright fake smile, she is thinking “damn, I can only sell this for the value of the gems”.

  • Astrokid

    Participants adopted the language of feudalism with chivalric men declaring themselves “love servants” who pledged themselves in submission, obedience, and utility to ladies whom they worshipped as both their overlord and moral superior.

    I have read your previous articles on the combination of love with war (i.e military code of chivalry). But it hasnt registered in my head as to Whats in it for the guy? IIRC, you presented a case where one of the guys was bitching about the unhygenic way the woman was treating him (stink from the ass or something like that) due to this bondage. So.. what was in it for the guys?

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      @Astrokid: “IIRC, you presented a case where one of the guys was bitching about the unhygenic way the woman was treating him (stink from the ass or something like that) due to this bondage. So.. what was in it for the guys?”

      It was probably this one:

      Slavoj Zizek:

      “The knight’s relationship to the Lady is thus the relationship of the subject-bondsman, the vassal, to his feudal Master-Sovereign who subjects him to senseless, outrageous, impossible, arbitrary, capricious ordeals. It is precisely in order to emphasize the non-spiritual nature of these ordeals that Lacan quotes a poem about a Lady who demanded that her servant literally lick her arse: the poem consists of the poet’s complaints about the bad smells that await him down there (one knows the sad state of personal hygiene in the Middle Ages), and about the imminent danger that, as he is fulfilling his ‘duty’, the Lady will urinate on his head.”

      The question ‘what’s in it for males” is a tough one- I’m tempted to say Nada. But then why do they keep on doing it…… something must be attracting men to keep turning up for this game.

      Carefully cultivated beauty (history has recently built up the idea that beauty is a female-only attribute) is one of the things keeping man in enthrallment to the game, along with the promise of attachment and sex that comes with it. Secondly I’d wager it’s because of sheer habit – we teach our sons that the arse-licking game is their identity, and that they are heroes for doing it – and men get their sense of self and their life orientation from that….. so they don’t want to give it up because who would want to be without an identity and an orientation, like a rudderless ship?

      MGTOW provides a different identity and a strong alternative orientation for those wanting out of the matrix.

  • Mika

    Valentine’s Day – hilarious.

    Another nice piece of useless commercialism many people fall for. It’s designed to do little more than separate you from your money on stuff you would not otherwise spend on at that time. Great extra business for hotels, restaurants, chocolate sellers, flower vendors, card sellers and a few others cashing in on the Valentine’s Industry. It is really all about taking money out of your pocket and putting it in theirs.

    As for Brook Millar’s article, it is what you would expect to hear from all the over indulged princesses out there and she sure sounds like one of them. It’s twat and this women calls herself a relationship expert. Pfft.

    I love these so called “relationship experts” preaching at us because in most cases they have no particular special knowledge or expertise. Most of them are experts simply because they say they are. Anyone can set up business as one of these people.

    For what it is worth I always thought V Day (if you take it seriously) was really supposed to be entirely reciprocal. But not according to relationship expert Brooke baby and all those “what are you going to do for me because I am just so special” woman out there with a similar line of thinking.

    Brooke’s thoughts would go over well with all the “under the thumb” – “yes honey anything you say love” – suppressed men out there. Sad.

    It is amazing in this supposedly enlightened age (it seems to be anything but) how the sheeple still desperately want to confrom and continue to be sucked in and conned by this fairly blatant form of commercialism known as Valentine’s Day.

  • Karlo

    I think we should move Valentines Day to February 29th …. then I might be able to deal with it once and a while …. LOL !

  • Clayton

    I read that in Japan, women are expected to give chocolates to men.

    • sungecko

      In Japan, women give gifts to men on Valentine’s Day. Men return the favor on White Day (March 14).

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Seeings it is Valentine’s Day i’d like to mark the occasion by reciting a line from that most romantic of Shakespeare’s plays – Romeo and Juliet:

    ‘Tis almost morning. I would have thee gone.
    And yet no further than a wanton’s bird,
    That lets it hop a little from his hand
    Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves,
    And with a silken thread plucks it back again,
    So loving-jealous of his liberty.

    I would I were thy bird.


    Modernized version:

    It’s almost morning. I want to make you go,
    but I’d only let you go as far
    as a spoiled child lets his pet bird go.
    He lets the bird hop a little from his hand
    and then yanks him back by a string.

    I wish I was your bird.

    • Shrek6

      Yep, that’s about the size of it!

    • Mika

      Ha Ha. Good one Peter.

      Also describes many modern marriages (and lots of old ones) does it not?

  • RM1970

    The mainstream media don’t lose any opportunity to shame men and take our money. I love this video, check it out guys:
    By the way, as MGTOW I couldn’t care less about the Valentine’s Day, one more reason to be MGTOW, never spend one buck on conspicuous consumption.

  • MGTOW-man

    The thing is Valentine’s day is not the only day he is “supposed” to set aside making it all about HER. He has to do THAT every day. She may not realize it, be too oblivious to know it, but if he ever stops making it all about her, he is history.

    Personally, I have no problem with a day being set aside to honor and show love to the ONE you love…if that be the case…(which it is not a bad thing if you are still single etc…look at the money you WILL save). So when are we going to have a day in which women “thank” the men in their lives? You know?… those horrible men could be doing something else…so where is the thanks to them for their choice to get mired up, all in love instead, putting up with her nagging, punishment and control, PMS, selfishness, etc? If that day ever exists, I can’t help but know it would somehow wind up being about HER too. I don’t think most women know they even do this.

    But where are the men’s big ole flashy rings and watches, garnished with chocolate and other nice things? Some women reciprocate the gesture, sure, but how common is it for him to get a new tie or tool, while she makes off with diamonds, new dresses and all?

    Hummm. If I could be guaranteed that the one I loved, defended, protected, endured, preferred, etc, etc, etc, would stand beside me forever—no matter what!… like vows “say” marriage is all about (unless you are a scorned woman, that is), then I might consider adorning her with nice stuff. I know that is “buying” it, but if you get your money’s worth? Sure!

    But, these days, YOU DON”T! You get feminism shoved down your throat and up your ass, with a butt kick out the door if you don’t like it too. No reason to celebrate THAT!

    Bring back the lovely charm that used to be…and make it stick, , and sure, I might get you something.

  • Katsuni

    I actually got dumped by my last boyfriend on valentine’s day, during the middle of my end-of-quarter project rush for college. The outcome… wasn’t pretty.

    The reason? I’d asked to spend a little time together since he’d been on and off missing for weeks at a time, he showed up but then played video games while ignoring me totally, which wouldn’t have been so frustrating if it weren’t a two player game. His solution to my asking why he didn’t at least invite me to play? Dump me on the spot.

    Yeah, he’s an asshole, but most men really aren’t like that. And no, it wasn’t so much that I was trying to force myself into the game, as it was that he’d promised me hours before that he wanted to play a game with me. Some people are just jerks. Oh well.

    I’ve never much cared for valentines’ day, and have typically viewed it as being insulting; it’s insulting to people who don’t have someone to care for, by shoving that in their face and mocking them, and it’s insulting to people who do have someone to care for, by saying their everyday life is meaningless and you have to throw money at your lover OR ELSE. It’s a stupid holiday, but it’s insulting most to have a breakup or divorce occur on it, and it seems to be one of the most favoured days to have a breakup.

    However, it’s true that valentine’s day has become twisted as of late; at one point it was all about equal giving and receiving, where you would show your affection for one another. These days, valentine’s day is all about putting a woman on a pedestal. I guess I’m alright with that, to a degree, since we have another holiday, exactly one month later, that’s all about men: steak and a blowjob day on March 14th, instead of February 14th.

    If you’re going to celebrate one, you have to celebrate both. If you’re alright with that, then I figure it’s fair game and becomes equality in its own way.

    So really, is it such a problem to celebrate valentine’s day as a day worshiping women? Not really, so long as you cater to its counterpart as well, It’s just kind of ridiculous to claim valentine’s day is about equality in relationships anymore, though, when it’s really not.

    • patricio

      I’m sorry that happened to you Katsuni. We agree not all men are good.
      But talking about the big picture, the ones that are asked to give gifts, flowers, cards and chocolates are men. If you ask an average woman about what they expect on Valentines day is to get gifts, but not to give them.

      • Seele

        I remember at my old office years ago, on one Valentine’s Day, all the women were doing the usual pissing contest in the morning, one turned up with a huge bouquet of roses, with a big smug smile on her face: “I got it earlier than all of you” sort of smile. The one of the women said coldly: “he bought the flowers yesterday, it was much cheaper then”,

        The sudden silence was sort of awkward, I reckon.

  • Mika

    Now here are a couple of guys who have V Day in perspective.

    Donating to a worthwhile charitable cause to help the less fortunate in the community and encouraging others to follow suit. Good on them.

  • Sam Allouba

    Brooke Miller can go fuck herself. My girlfriend and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day together and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m making dinner for us both and doing something different as opposed to us going out like we normally do. I’m doing this because I care about our relationship and it’s a way for us to be close together. That meal that I’m making? It’s not “her favourite dish”, as Miller would likely have me do. The movie we’re going to watch afterwards will NOT be “her favourite movie” as Miller would also have done. No, we’re doing things that make us BOTH happy because that’s how love is and how Valentine’s Day should be.

    So Brooke Miller, as far as I’m concerned, you are a useless, celebate fool who has never known true love. Go get laid and then we’ll talk.