Should men boycott Valentine’s Day?

Marc Rudov explains that men spend twice as much money on women on Valentines Day than women on men, and that men should boycott such a one-sided ritual. Here he debates the case with feminist Tanya Acker who claims that Valentine’s Day is a necessary way for men to demonstrate chivalry toward women.

In case you were wondering: we’re on Marc Rudov’s side.

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  • Laddition

    Hey Tanya
    “Here he debates the case with feminist Tanya Acker who claims that Valentine’s Day is a necessary way for men to demonstrate chivalry toward women.

    Chivalry is dead, girly. Did you not get the memo? Fembotz killed it. How can you not know that? How dumb can you be?

    If you have a problem with it, take it up with them there fembotz (crazy and mainstream fem-suprema-cysts (sic)). Men don’t need to demonstrate anything beyond indifference to women until honest debate occurs and that won’t happen with fembotz. They are dishonest, deluded and de-pleasant.

    • captive

      I’m honestly ok with not taking a bullet for a woman. I’ve met like two I would consider doing it for. Unfortunately, chivalry isn’t actually dead, it’s just not worth it for most men as they get nothing out of it. Those that do get something out of it would love nothing more than to kill most men.

      • rolandcr

        Hell no I wouldnt take no bullet or get into a fight over a women and if the titanic was working today and they say women and children first I say Hell no women with children yes but any other single women see ya I m athletic fast and quick I be on those safety boats first sorry girls you wanted equality you are on your own.

    • Jim Doyle

      “Chivalry is dead, girly. Did you not get the memo?”

      Chivlary is a patriarchal, anti-feminst trope. Amanda Marcotte says so. I am going to report you, girly.

      • Robert Crayle

        Did anyone else immediately think of the clarion cry for chivalry following Costa Concordia’s crash, or the Dark Knight theatre shootings? No parasite of the Marcotte variety called them out. Maybe she does need some MHRA help to inquisite the traitors in her ranks.

    • JGteMolder

      Sorry, but chivalry is not dead. If only it actually was dead. There’d be no VAWA, there’d be men’s shelters, there’d be no gender quotas, etc. etc.

  • Steve Brulé

    Mark owned it.
    The two women just demonstrated self Centre greed

  • Druk

    (paraphrase:) “As a feminist, I don’t believe benevolent sexism towards women is a bad thing.”

    More evidence that the word “feminist” is completely meaningless.

    • SlantyJaws

      It generally seems to mean “whatever benefits certain groups of women right now, no matter who gets trampled in the process, in fact especially if it involves trampling someone else as it makes future tramplings that much easier”, which is a fairly accurate description of feminism.

      They then have the brass neck to turn around and start talking about equality and claiming they’re working for everyone’s benefit.

    • The Real Peterman

      More evidence that feminism has nothing to do with equality.

  • Estwald

    There is a powerful reply to feminists who assert that chivalry is “desirable” (to her): “Yes, it’s “nice”, but is it equal?”

  • Kimski

    Hogging the cookies for themselves and eating them up, while still demanding to keep them.
    Women’s Lib in a nutshell.

    Anyone who has not yet boycotted Valentine’s Day clearly don’t get the expressed definition of equality.
    Demand that they earn their own money to buy their own crap.
    Anything else would be ‘oppressive’, and ‘benevolent sexism’ is nothing but irrational double think. It has no place in a world of adults.

    • Eon24

      One need not necessarily boycott valentines day at all.

      Twisting it around works just as well.

      I have very high expectations on my valentines day.

  • kronk3

    Did you notice how both women just kept interrupting Marc and would not let him speak? This is all too common among those liars because the truth is too hard for them. I have listened to several of Marc’s video interviews and this happens all the time to him. It is a shame that he became disgusted with the almost total apathy displayed by most men and took down his website. I found tons of information that I agreed with and my hats off to him for having the balls to stand up to theses liars, cheats and criminals AKA Feminists.

    “Women who expect to have meals (things) paid for them are prostitutes” –Marc Rudov

    I could not agree more…

  • aecgh

    I believe we will not win this battle, unless we address the media predicament. What will we do if the media decides one day to concoct a novel way to “shame” the non-compliant men? For instance, they can start characterizing men who refuse to buy gifts for women as doofuses, niggardly, scrimy etc. Then there will be a stigma associated with it. Men will be deterred to go against women’s demands. What will we do then?

    I formally request the AVFM organization to either create a separate section dedicated entirely to exposing the media bias, or at least start publishing articles highlighting the instances of bias, social engineering and indoctrination wherever they take place.

    • SlantyJaws

      Not a bad idea but it would be filled to overflowing in short order.

      • aecgh

        That is true, it is a possibility. I believe it is an imperative right now. “Fodder” is something that websites rely on, and what better source of fodder than media? Every single day a new event. The opportunities will be abound. And it would be especially helpful on a rainy day, should lack of content emerge. At NCFM they have an entire section for the media bias. I sincerely hope AVFM takes it into consideration. We should point it out more often as well.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      „I formally request the AVFM organization to either create a separate section dedicated entirely to exposing the media bias, or at least start publishing articles highlighting the instances of bias, social engineering and indoctrination wherever they take place.” – We have a motto around here.

      The motto is: You proposed it = you just volunteered to do it.

      I’m more than sure that my colleagues in the AVFM Staff are eager to read your articles exposing media bias, give them a blurb and publish them on the front page.

      Look, @aecgh, I’m not trying to be an asshat here and I’m almost certain that your comment is well intended.
      But, on the other hand, there is a need to emphasize the fact that WE ARE essentially the media. And this statement (We are the media!) will become increasingly true in the years to come.

      Also, the two news radio shows – AVFM News and Activism and AVFM The Voice of Europe – are precisely about exposing media bias and have been doing so for years already.

      Also, articles highlighting social engineering agendas have been published with hundreds on this publication. Just check the “Feminist Governance” category, for instance ( ) which is almost entirely about social engineering. The same is true about the “Government tyranny” category.

      None of these, however, can or should stop you from writing even more of them.
      Go here: – read that page, start writing and become a new voice in the choir!


  • Steve Brulé

    If chivalry is not innate, it is at least so deeply programmed into men from birth, that it is extraordinarily difficult to resist acting in that way. Men do it reflexively and in myriad ways that go virtually unnoticed by both men and women.
    That is one of the reasons that feminism was able to be so effortlessly successful. Women ask, and men deliver. Men even deliver themselves into slavery. We have have let ourselves become the ultimate doormats of history. And the powerful and the wealthy saw the opportunity to tighten the noose around the average man’s neck through feminism very early on in the game. They would not be the wealthy and the powerful if they weren’t extremely savvy when it comes to the game of holding power.

    • Christopher Wedge

      Feminism springs from a flower bed of cultural gynocentrism. It wouldn’t have lasted a month without that.

      Even then, feminist groups (at least in the UK) might well have died out from lack of funding if they didn’t hijack Erin Pizzey’s hard work and steal government grants.

      It IS a stacked deck – but I’d call it “instinct” with great hesitation.

      • Steve Brulé

        It’s possible that there’s an evolutionary component to chivalry. Those who did not protect their female mates either lost them to another male and therefore did not reproduce, or they lost the female and offspring to death. Furthermore, those males who did not offer gifts of support to the female, did not receive receive sexual favors. Those males who did not compete with other males with grandiose displays of generosity mated with far fewer females. This is seen throughout the animal kingdom. It’s not going to help anyone to pretend we are not animals with inherited instincts. Feminists and the powerful men in our culture are in a position to take advantage of this. The difference now may be that now males receive nothing in return for their sacrifices. This one-time survival trait has become a one-sided tool of abuse and control.

  • Fatherless

    These lady-children can’t conceive of any concept of romance other than men spending money on women.

  • napocapo69

    Chivalry is dead.

    Truth is a bitch.

    • The Real Peterman

      Chivalry is where gentlemen are gracious to ladies. Maybe if there were more ladies out there…

  • Clint Carpentier

    “Chivalry works”

    Said every blue-pilled nice-guy pussy-beggar.

    “Look what your dad got me. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

    Said every mother married to a calculated blue-piller.

    “What happened to chivalry?”

    Says every feminist confronted by a red-piller.

  • Mateusz Wacek

    “I am indépendant and support myself” = “I demand stuff because vagina.”

    Yup… sounds like a feminist.

  • Cam

    Should men boycott Valentine’s Day? ……..was the title here.

    Well of course they should for all the reasons outlined in the other post on VD a few days ago. All those princesses standing there with their hands out for goodies and nothing is handed to them. Precious.

    I don’t know why so many people agree, when invited to go on these shows to express their opinions, allow this kind of confrontational debate when it is nothing more than a network set up to get some sparks flying. They should insist on an interview one on one ( or refuse to appear ) where they can offer their views without being spat at, interrupted and talked over by other talking heads that love the sound of their own voice. I see so many of these kinds of set ups where one of those appearing is often totally frustrated and unable to get all their points aired because of this debate process the networks favour for obvious reasons. Why would you want to bother to debate a woman about V Day for heaven’s sake, You think you are going to get any kind of rational thinking going on from her on this kind of subject?

  • comslave

    In Japan, women give men presents on Valentine’s Day. Just sayin’ ladies. maybe time to step up.

    • externalangst

      The presents that Japanese women give men have being paid (slaved) for by Japanese salarymen handing over their paychecks to their wives.

  • Druk

    They made one good point about gifts that are for the couple more than each individual. Unfortunately it got lost in all the other BS. Anyone know of any stats on how much of that 2/3 of Valentine’s spending by men goes to both people vs. gifts only for their mate?

  • Krolll

    Men should boycott the Lego Movie, because of it’s misandry.

    • Mr Tentecleese

      I’ll wait till a friend buys it, borrow it and watch for free. All completely legal and no money to makers. DVD’s thanks you.

      I know this is off topic but is it really misandric or more tongue in cheek humour?

  • Turbo

    My comment on the youtube page.


    “As a feminist, as an independent woman who supports herself, I think it is nice when a man opens a door for me or buys me chocolates”

    A 1960’s feminist would have ripped her head off for saying that, and then disowned her from the movement. But the modern day feminist is shameless in demanding equality and chivalry, They do not even see the hypocrisy, they are spoilt children.


    And the comment by the presenter at the end

    "Chivalry works Marc, try it some time"

    Works for who lady? You perhaps?

  • txadams

    Look guys, I’m the first to say Valentine’s Day is a load of corporate crap forcing men to profess their love on a significant other but this Tanya chick is no feminist. She’s a greedy, self-serving bitch that expect men to grovel at her feet. I know most of you think there is no difference but it’s still disingenuous to call her a feminist when nowhere in the video is she labeled that.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      @txadams says “.. but it’s still disingenuous to call her a feminist when nowhere in the video is she labeled that.”

      Maybe you should watch a video before commenting. She proudly calls herself a feminist, at 1:41.

      Hence, this video commentary provides a “feminist’s” view of Valentines Day – which includes a demand of chivalry from men.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      Did we look at a different video?
      Either my Internet connection is different and I get a different than you – or you didn’t hear her explicitly calling herself a feminist.

      We just quoted her :/

  • Seele

    Valentine’s Day; Objectification Day.

    “I have what is worth your money”, says the woman.

    “OK, Here’s my money, it makes me worthy”, says the man.

    Who is doing the objectification?

  • sentra

    There are more videos of Mr. Rudov. I think I am on his side on many things. I think its worth watch

  • Bombay

    Tanya Acker started out with one of the ultimate shames. Accusing Mark of having a bad encounter and not recovering – there is something wrong with Marc, his experiences are not valid. A psychological attack on someone is the lowest/basest attack besides a physical attack. She should be ashamed.

    • Redfield

      I think they call that shaming someone for having a divergent opinion! But the reality is she is probably right, it’s not hard these days to have a bad experience with a women :) I thought she was only stating the obvious! I wonder what Ms Acker got for Valentine’s Day?

    • hatredisfoolish

      Yes. Code Red. He stuck to the point, though, and didn’t allow her to derail the discussion.

      Nice work.

  • Andy Bob

    My partner and me do not acknowledge Valentine’s Day. It is a tacky, commercial scam which exploits men stuck in relationships with the kind of women who believe that relationships are about getting lots and lots of free stuff.

    I can’t even imagine how many mind-altering pills I would have to pop before I could ever believe that my partner should consider himself grateful for an opportunity to chivalrously shower me in flowers, chocolate, jewellery and spa treatments. But to go on international television and publicly declare this beleif – with a straight face, and snarly attitude – would take a level of moral, intellectual and spiritual depravity that a simple soul like me cannot begin to fathom.

    When people epress surprise that we ignore Valentine’s Day, I sometimes explain that relationships aren’t about getting stuff – and since neither of us are rentboys, it is a complete waste of time.

    • Perseus

      Best shit ever

  • Eon24

    “I’m just wondering mark who broke your heart”

    Did not waste even a second before employing a shaming tactic

    • Kimski

      Lightning speed comeback:

      “Uhm, from the looks of it, I’d say someone behaving exactly like you.”

      Never mind the shaming tactics, ’cause he got her really good before she even got there. Take a look at the way that broad smile of hers withers and crumbles, as he makes his opening statements. Priceless.
      And if you look at the expression in her eyes on the still, that’s a woman that seriously hates you for stating an obvious truth.

      If the intention was to rock them out of their delusional worldview for just a second, and make them *feel bad* as an added extra bonus, Marc Rudov won that little skirmish hands down.
      When the shaming tactics didn’t work, interrupting him was all they were left with.
      It was kind of sad watching them trying to get a foothold again, without really getting on their feet.

  • Perseus

    Homosexuals are laughing at those two demonic cunts. They’re like.. wtf? Chivalry? Wtf is that, how would that work? What kind of a self-revolving cunt would…

  • dungone

    The way this holiday is portrayed in the media is just such a nightmare. And obviously, statistics bear this out. The other thing about it is that this holiday itself happens during the height of breakup season, and so it’s essentially blackmail for people who are trying to save a failing relationship. That’s what I would say is happening – if you’re in a healthy relationship, she will never expect you to shower her with gifts. And if you’re in a failing relationship, just let it go. It’s not worth it. These women on the show represent the type who absolutely fails at relationships. They are selfish, entitled, and yet they will be the first to cry, “where have all the good men gone?”

  • David Palmer

    “Should men boycott Valentine’s Day”?


    ‘Nuff said.

  • rayc2

    I like this guy.

    Tanya tried the usual belittling and shaming tactic of ‘who broke your heart to make you so bitter….why aren’t you getting any etc etc’ and he just blew right past it without skipping a beat and got his point across.

    ‘Chivalry is benevolent sexism bullshit’

    ‘Valentine’s day is forced and contrived and men comply primarily just to keep the peace’

    You can treat your wife/girlfriend like a queen for the other 364 days of the year, but forget about Valentines day and you might as well just move out now 😛

    He nailed it

    • Mikko L.

      Who needs Valentines Day? :)

      Well, entitled cunts and Betas who want some. Hue.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    I’ll answer the question: I’ve been boycotting Valentine’s day for the last decade.

    • Mikko L.


  • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

    So I e-mailed this Rudov guy a week or so ago. I said to him, “You know, you’ve got a good schtick going on with this man / woman thing… Have you ever thought about having a public chin-wag with Paul Elam?”

    His reply?


    I was on radio/TV, and had written two books, before Paul Elam entered this domain. You are watching my
    old videos, as are people from around the world.

    I left the male/female business, thereby removing my Website, a year ago — and have no desire to return.

    Good luck,

    Makes me wonder if it was all just a ruse – merely a way to garner some kind of attention for himself? Still, he seemed like a cheeky S.O.B., and I appreciated that if nothing else.

    • Mikko L.

      He needs the cash, man.. :(
      Frickin’ Radical Feminists and Gynocentric Pricks make it tough for a MRA to be seen positively in the public sphere. (T_T)

  • Anja Eriud

    If you think about it, Valentine’s Day is just tarted up, hyped up mating behaviour, all species indulge in some form of mating behaviour, do they not?

    The problem with THIS manifestation of human mating behaviour that is has been corrupted – by feminism AND women – because unlike actual mating behaviour, there is no reciprocity in this form of human mating behaviour.

    As a tradition, it served the purpose of mate selection and eventual mating, within the confines of the prevailing social taboo’s about pre marital sex. Those taboo’s no longer exist, ergo Valentines Day serves no other purpose than to massage the ego’s of avaricious women. Human mating behaviour is now a minefield,

    In fact, human mating behaviour has become almost as dangerous for human males as it is for some types of other species in fact one could say if has even de-evolved to mimic some rather unpleasant species – preying mantis and some species of spider’s spring to mind. I googled cannibalistic species just to check I HAD the right ones and came across this little post.

    This paragraph resonated, substitute “man” for “mantis” and you could be describing how modern human relationships might work!

    “After mating, most males jump off of the female and usually make a run for it. In the wild, they would have no problems escaping without harm as they are usually much faster than the females and most of them can fly. The females are usually too heavy to give chase, and most of the time aren’t even interested. In captivity of course, the male jumps off, runs around, and usually ends up running directly into the female.”

    So, what exactly do men get out of these particular displays of mating behaviour? The chocolates, the flowers, the expensive gifts? Because apparently all these “gifts” and displays of “chivalry” are now given solely on the basis that this female exists – she breathes – even if in her opinion the gift is shitty and therefore this unfortunate male ends up sleeping on the couch – how is that different from any other occasion when he has “pissed off” her?

    Women demand these mating behaviour displays – and to be blunt – don’t MATE – so what therefore is the point?

    Especially when the phrase “biting your head off” for getting the wrong gift – takes on a whole other meaning if one thinks of some types of women as preying mantids, lying in wait for some unsuspecting male to appear when she is in heat!

    So, to answer the question “Should Men Boycott Valentines Day”?