Why yes, I am a little angry


This is what I am accustomed to accusations of. Well, not just resentment, also rape-enablement, woman-hatred, malicious intent, having a small penis, etc. But lets deal with resentment for the moment. I am told I resent my inability to rape with impunity. Imagining for the moment the insane and grotesque fantasy that at some point in the past, men could commit the violent crime of rape without consequence – we must also imagine that male character is naturally of such depravity and inhumanity that any but the most abjectly mentally ill man would harbour such inclination. And yet, that accusation is hurled in all it’s enormity with repetitive and flippant ease.

And why is such accusation hurled? Because I have the fucking effrontery to define myself a human being worthy of human rights, and not as a man whose public social identity depends on approval, on utility, and on disposability for the benefit of the preferred sex.

So I suppose I am resentful, but not of a woman’s human rights. I am resentful that my humanity is not accepted. Not my human rights even, no. My humanity. That is denied in the populist social narrative.

“Stop violence against women” (but not against men, despite the fact that men are overwhelming the majority of the victims of violence. )

“Men can stop rape” – as if “man” and “rapist” are synonyms, and as if women are not as capable and as likely to commit that violent crime.

Oh yeah, I know women are smaller and weaker than men, that’s why so much female perpetrated rape targets children and the mentally disabled. The only problem being that the exact same crime when committed by a woman is seen as somehow harmless because our feminist culture has convinced us all that women are non-actors, lacking agency and are just helpless flowers. Even murder, when committed by a woman, is excused.

And in case you imagine I’m having some particular hack at women, wake the fuck up, asshole. They’re just semi-intelligent animals like the rest of us. Food goes in one end, shit comes out the other, and asshole behavior is what all the monkeys on the planet get up to, ovaries or not. If out of some unconsidered cultural programming you think women are magical, special, innately innocent or somehow divine you are denying the basic unavoidable fact that they’re no more or less human than you or me.

This morning, I read that at a Canadian university, specifically the Student Union at Ryerson in Toronto, in response to the formation of an on-campus group addressing men’s issues, has “swiftly adopted a bold new policy rejecting the concept of misandry.”

Men are the majority of suicides? Too fucking bad, any group addressing such concerns is hereby defined by the student union as haters of women. In fact, the only sexual identity allowed to have an advocacy group is the one who denies the rights of men to organize in support of themselves.

Do you hear that male students at Ryerson? You are not allowed to consider yourselves humans worthy of human consideration, and any attempt to think of yourselves human – we (the RSU) condemn as hatred against women.

Last year, the killing of male civilians by American military misadventure was re-defined by the Obama administration. The language to be used in reporting of civilian casualties is now “militants”. So long as the dead are male, that is. The common media phrase “women and children,” long used to tell an anesthetized public whose deaths matter, is no longer enough, apparently. The deaths of men and boys will now be further sanitized by the provided terminology of a feminist president.

Are you male, reading this? Like me, you’re a disposable “human.”

Also last year, I developed a poster expressing the most basic concept of human rights. Its text read as follows:

You don’t fear and hate African Americans do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.

You don’t fear and hate Jews do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.

You don’t fear and hate gays and lesbians?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.

You don’t fear and hate women do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.

You don’t fear and hate men do you?

Do you?

This is the text of the poster which I wrote – and for the deliberately obtuse and dishonest I’ll explain what that rhetoric means. The hatred or fear of any group based on a character of their identity is not what a decent human being does.

The punch-line and conclusion of the poster read as follows.

“Men’s rights are human rights”.

Hundreds of copies of this poster were defaced with a stencil reading “wrong”.

Consider that carefully.

Men’s rights are human rights:


And this defacement from a local organization identifying as feminist.

So yeah, resentment begins to touch the truth. What I am is profoundly angry that in the past decade after writing hundreds of feature length articles myself, publishing thousands on the largest men’s human rights website in the world, in a movement with tens of thousands of reasoned and impassioned explanations of issues affecting men and boys, my humanity, and that of all other male human beings is flatly denied.

And then the denial of male humanity is itself denied. Ryerson’s student union just gave one example of hundreds. Misandry, the hatred of men and boys, they say – is not real, does not exist.


  • 4 out of 5 suicides are male;
  • 93% of workplace deaths are male;
  • Men die on average 6 years earlier then women;
  • Men are sentenced 63% [1] more severely than women for the same crimes;
  • The persistence of female favoring affirmative action in a post secondary education system already dominated by 62% female graduation outcomes.

Homelessness is another area of male domination, while public funded efforts to ameliorate homelessness focus on women to the unstated but clear exclusion of men.

The United Nation’s cynical, sadistic, vicious and profiteering project to circumcise (sexually mutilate) millions of men in Africa – using the flatly false justification that this will prevent the spread of HIV.

Oh? I don’t need a condom? Well shit, if only I’d known, sex would have been so much better.

Oh wait, that’s right, I just remembered, circumcision does not prevent the transmission of HIV. But it makes money for the people providing the medical devices and infrastructure. Just like the harvest of foreskins from infant boys makes money for the infant-mutilation profiteers putting harvested stem cells into a better wrinkle cream for jaded old women.

Sexual mutilation of infants? Who cares, as long as milfs get a better wrinkle cream? They’re not real human babies, they’re only boys. Their “humanity” doesn’t matter.

When I wrote in clear, impassioned opposition to violence, my arguments were characterized as endorsement of violence, and I was characterized, by feminists, as a violent sociopath.

In November of 2012, Warren Farrell, truly the Mr Rogers of the men’s rights movement, was characterized as a proponent of child rape and incest in efforts to silence and shame anyone seeking to hear his words. His intentions were clear in the title of his talk:

Addressing the Boy Crisis

How shameful, depraved, cynical and sadistic to claim incest apologia in Farrell’s rhetoric.

And how shameful to characterize violence as free speech – as the apologists for those Toronto feminists continue to do.

How shameful to characterize censorship as free speech – and thus, a protected, noble act. How depraved to characterize a basic declaration of the humanity of men as hate speech.

Mens rights are human rights

When I was set upon by roughly 20 self identifying feminists with box cutters I kept my calm. Prior to the afternoon of that mobbing, two of them had threatened me – telling me I would be physically overpowered if I insisted on posting my claim that men’s rights are human rights.

Deep down in the bones of every feminist is an understanding; that men are endlessly patient, benevolent, and forbearing. How else could such prolonged, pervasive and escalating hatred persist?

Consider the possibility of the loss of tolerance. The loss of forbearance with endless vilification, accusation and dehumanization.

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.

Imagine a real war on women. Imagine a response by men as a social class appropriate and reciprocal to the last 3 generations of hatred against men and boys.

Imagine the rage and pain given action in response. The student administrators at universities where “free speech walls” are torn down because somebody might post an unkind word. Potential thought crime policed by mob violence, and answered by the unified violent potential of men acting on their own behalf.

What is overwhelmingly clear is that mainstream, big box feminism, as practiced by the UN, as taught in gender studies is predicated on the idea that the ends justify the means. Censorship and violence are acceptable for a “greater good”, and only the brutal potential of violence deserves respect or consideration.

And as a human being persistently and repeatedly denied my own human identity by such ideologues, I, along with so many other Men’s Human Rights Activists are so very, very angry.

My rage is bottomless.

I can imagine the next feminist producing a box-cutter to enforce their desire for my silence being grabbed by the throat and opened from chin to groin with their own Stanley knife.

I can see the women’s studies department occupied; the student union doors nailed closed and the building burned to the ground.

I can envision every politician who bought his votes by extorting the income of a men to give to women; who used the state’s violence against children’s fathers and then discarded those men dragged from their padded offices and executed on the lawns of the federal buildings paid for by working men and women’s taxes.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should. This is what the public narrative pretends the Men’s Human Rights Movement really wants; the rage given over to hatred; the hatred given over to violence and destruction. 

That’s the wish, the dream, the desire. But not of me; not of men or Men’s Human Rights Activists. It’s the dream of big feminism. That dystopian future, where the fantasized, concocted threat of men and masculinity becomes horrifically realized, is the desire of the feminist. It is the justification for living every lie that forms their house of cards ideology.

It would justify everything feminism has created and called for.

Witness Vajna Krajina, taunting a young man whose name she did not even know. “You fucking rape apologist. You are fucking scum. You are FUCKING SCUM.” Her posture is a dare, an intense provocation. Hit me. Hit me. Strike me hard so that I may set the power of the State upon you.  Be the violent monster feminism claims all men are, so that you can be shackled and caged.

That young man refused.

I refuse.

My own morality prevents me from going where you imagine I want to be; where indeed you would gladly go if you could. For it is not a moral compass the steers you from that course, but only the stubborn barrier of law.

To those readers of a feminist disposition:

I totally reject you. I reject your narrative. I fucking refuse your invitation to respond to your hate with hate. I fucking reject your insistence to meet your censorship with censorship. I flatly and totally refuse to buy your invitation to violence. Fuck you.

Am I angry? Oh yes indeed. Will I allow you to make me hate those you pretend to care for? Nope, and fuck you for your efforts. Oh yes, your care for women is pretense, but you want them more to be real victims and suffer real damage — to justify your narrative.

And don’t mistake me. I will put my considerable energy and skill to tearing down your corrupt, hateful and violent ideology, and every one of its establishments and institutions. I will not stop. We will not stop.

You are on your way out. Your escalating violence and rhetoric signals your desperate recognition of this. The names of your major ideologues will be vilified.

And I, along with other Men’s Human Rights Activists of both sexes will see the end of your sadistic creed. We will do it armed with the compassion you cannot recognize, the justice you fear and the truths you loathe.

We will not be the monsters you demand; that you need. We will not be the monsters you demonstrate yourselves to be.

But I’ll repeat for your benefit what I wrote more than 2 years ago.

I will not to stoop to the use of lies or violence. You are practiced at those tactics, and frankly, I don’t need them.

But I am here to fuck your shit up.

And I am not alone.

One more thing:

Several paragraphs and statements within this article are, if taken out of the context of this article, clear calls for violence, including murder. A number of opponents of the MHRM have demonstrated a willingness and skill at repackaging selected quotes and framing a completely inverted meaning. Opposition to violence becomes a call for violence. You know who you are. Your work will be easy here. Go ahead. You betray yourself and your own desire for human damage every single fucking time.


[1] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/11/men-women-prison-sentence-length-gender-gap_n_1874742.html

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  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Whoa go JTO. Lots of truth there, passionately delivered….

    You are not alone in that aim to FTSU!

  • Dunamace

    Wow. Simply an amazing article…Again..wow

  • DeclanLyons

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!


  • Rad

    Very nice, John. I read his aloud to myself, and slowly.

  • Syme

    A passionate and simultaneously thoughtful article.
    Anger is a normal – indeed healthy – response to injustice. Rising above that anger and channelling it into productive activism rather than violence is a sign of great maturity and compassion.
    Keep up the good fight and FTSU.

  • VAWAVictim

    Obama is a feminist? I just thought he was a pussy.

    • napocapo69

      No he’s just a smart politician.

    • Booyah

      There was a cover of Ms. magazine with Obama in a “this is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt. Apparently it was photoshopped and feminists still complained. To me this shows exactly how rewarding being a poodle boy is, even at a presidential level…. Image and some info here.

  • Zarathos022

    JtO wins.

    Flawless Victory.


  • Tim Legere

    Awesome JTO.

  • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

    I love JTO’s articles, especially these where he is attacking them verbally. I wish I could see the look on their faces when they read this.

    Obviously, we still have a long way to go but we have started. Now it is up to us to start looking at ways to effectively get the message out where we are.

    AVFM poster run aye. Going to school again in my mid thirties, one of these days, I am going to hit several of the schools in my area.

    Probably should not go alone though?

  • eddy.dogleg

    Hey John with ~2 years to the next federal election in Canada I’d like to start fucking politician’s shit up. Is there a single go to source or web site for Canadian statistics?

    • Poester99

      The Conservatives are really vulnerable, but I don’t think you’ll be happy with the enhanced misandry that either of the other two parties come up with instead, if you succeed.

  • MGTOW-man

    “And I, along with other Men’s Human Rights Activists of both sexes will see the end of your sadistic creed. We will do it armed with the compassion you cannot recognize, the justice you fear and the truths you loathe.”

    —Just wanted to reiterate these profound words. Thank you.

  • RM1970

    Congratulations, great article.
    I must to share it with you guys, what I have found, did you guys ever heard about Renée Côté? And her book “vrais faits et les vraies dates des mystérieuses origines du 8 mars jusqu’ici embrouillées, truquées, oubliées” – “real facts and the true origins of the mysterious dates of March 8th until today confused, rigged and forgotten”. Basically she enlightened the post-modern mythology about this 8th march celebration, the event that originated the celebration never actually happened, according to her, the newspapers of that period don’t mention it, but the future feminist generation, the communist parties and socialist movements created the myth. I didn’t read the book, I just have found an article about it. If someone could find this book and read it could be great. She is Canadian, the book was printed in 1984, She is a feminist trying to know what really happened.
    CÔTÉ, Renée. La Journée Internationale des Femmes. Ou les vrais faits et les vraies
    dates des mystérieuses origines du 8 de mars jusqu’ici embrouillées, truquées,
    oubliées: la clef des énigmes. La vérité historique. Montreal: Les Éditions du Remueménage,
    The great fire that caused the death of more than one hundred women in a factory, actually a sweat shop, happened after the first celebration and not on march 8th. I think what really happened was a socialist feminist version of history, stalinist style. Maybe we have one more to add to the feminist lies collection.

    PS If you guys already know her and the book, please disregard my comment, I am a beginner, but I think this history is very interesting and could worth something to us.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      There’s an old, black and white movie by the Russian Director Pudovkin called “The End of St. Petersburg.” http://tinyurl.com/aqww3q6 It’s a silent movie from the 1920s. The movie is largely about Socialist/Communist labor struggles in Germany and Russia. At one point in the movie a poster on the wall is clearly shown. It is a women’s day poster and it shows one of those dates (I believe March 8th) that’s clearly associated with the International Women’s Day that’s celebrated now. I believe there are earlier occurrences associated with that date. Yes, International Women’s Day has it’s roots in the Socialist/Communist workers movement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Women%27s_Day

  • Hombre

    Home run, JTO.

    This was heartening to read, and exactly what I needed to hear after yet another day of being faced with more misandry and lies.

    Thanks for the pep talk, mate. Men’s rights are human rights. And we are slowly convincing the rest of the world of this fact.

  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

    Great article. One thing, though. You said: „They hatred or fear of any group based on a character” – And I think you meant „Their hatred”

    Keep up the good work!

  • Falcor

    It’s an ironic coincidence that “Bodies” by Drowning Pool came on as I started reading this article (“Let the bodies hit the floor” for anyone who doesn’t recognize the title).

    • MrStodern

      I feel it necessary to point out that that song isn’t about killing people. While the lyrics obviously deal with anger, the title and chorus are a reference to moshing.

  • Mr. J

    “free” men are getting angry?…well that would be a first in my experience…about all I’ve ever personally seen is men with their head up their ass, dwelling on everything EXCEPT their rights

  • AntZ

    Discrimination against men has become so pervasive that a comprehensive overview of male legal and institutional disposession is almost impossible to do without writing a book.

    Unless you are a writer as gifted as JtO. Thanks, JtO. It is very hard to survey the evidence of misandry without rambling or losing focus. Thanks for doing it.

  • donzaloog

    You summed up what I’ve been thinking for a while JtO. Feminists strategy seems to be to push men into a corner where we’ll have no choice but to lash out and act like the monsters they always claimed we were.

    • knightrunner

      I agree. If it ever gets to the point where we have no choice but to literally fight for our rights we will have already lost.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      They would like for you to have nothing left to lose.

  • knightrunner

    John, thanks for putting into words what all of us have screamed into a pillow at one time or another.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    Feminism is a hate movement and it’s taught in college and universities throughout the Western world. What are colleges and universities that teach hate and house hate movements on their campuses? What are governments that fund it all? :-/

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I, for one, have decided to start calling Bullshit on every PC “you can’t say that you can’t talk about that” lie that I encounter.

    Every damn one, every damn time, I don’t care whose feathers it ruffles, and I hope when I misspeak someone has the decency to correct my misperception.

    Myths and lies have become so pervasive and accepted in our society nobody seems to know which end is up anymore.

    I’m not trying to challenge or be contentious or recalcitrant with people – it’s just that silence is acceptance, and acceptance has lead us to nothing but injustice.

    • Bewildered

      ” Myths and lies have become so pervasive and accepted in our society nobody seems to know which end is up anymore.”

      A precursor to extreme unrest and total chaos,in which there will be a few winners[the puppet masters] and many losers.
      It’s high time that Joe and Jane stopped being sheeple if sanity has to be regained.
      The truth of the matter is that our gullibility is our biggest enemy.
      Ideologues need stupidification of the masses like fish need water.

  • Carlos

    Fantastic article

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    Rather inconvenient, this, demanding that your human rights be recognized.


  • gastirad

    in reply to RM1970
    The first International Women’s Day was launch by Clara Zetkin in 1910 during an “International Socialist Women” meeting in Copenhague.
    So many things to learn about her and how clever she was dodging bullets.
    But modern “Women’s DAYS” remind me of
    Two Minutes Hate, from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a daily period in which Party members of the society of Oceania must watch a film depicting the Party’s enemies (notably Emmanuel Goldstein and his followers) and express their hatred for them.
    At the end of the two minutes, the mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted viewers chant “B-B!…B-B!” ( Big Brother) over and over again, ritualistically… The purpose of the Hate is said to satisfy the citizens’ subdued feelings of angst and hatred from leading such a wretched, controlled existence.
    Much the same on Women’s Days. Official statements arousing women’s hate of men by sheer propaganda and all this starting not far from 1984 !

  • Kimski

    Thank you, John.

  • All Contraire

    “Witness Vajna Krajina, taunting a young man whose name she did not even know. “You fucking rape apologist. You are fucking scum. You are FUCKING SCUM.” Her posture is a dare, an intense provocation. Hit me. Hit me. Strike me hard so that I may set the power of the State upon you. Be the violent monster feminism claims all men are, so that you can be shackled and caged.”

    John, just to mine another vein of the massive depth of dark Feminist corruption that you are digging into:

    The scary warning example of violent misandrous female provocation carried out in public that you highlight in your post is also representative of countless individual feminist-inspired scenes of Domestic Violence enacted daily inside the privacy of the home. An emotional woman, furious beyond all reasoning, relentlessly jabs and punches emotionally, mentally and physically at a helpless, culturally disarmed man, and he manfully always defensively retreats before her, pleading “please, just leave me alone.” Her spiteful goal is to goad him to that one predictable moment of chance weakness and inattention after countless prudent strategic withdrawals when he instinctively strikes back at her. Her tears immediately vanish and, standing tall and proudly bearing her slight bruises of war, she beams triumphant with overweening female empowerment, self-confident vindication and conquest as she now gratifyingly proclaims herself a helpless ‘Victim’.

    Barring her miscalculating and going too far, any physical damage is well worth her smug, greedy personal satisfaction from venting her all-consuming vindictive rage and hatred. She is now totally in charge of the family and will bask in public sympathy and approval as she wields her extortionist power to unleash the full terrible destructive force of the Marxist-Feminist State and DV Industry upon the poor wretch who she has deliberately incited far beyond all exasperation of reason and even his own self-preservation. In truth, the man is the real victim. She not only gets to promote herself as an innocent casualty of his now ‘evidenced violent nature’, but also as yet another heroine victim of universal brutally misogynous and repressive Patriarchy, a damnable myth created by the devil Feminists themselves to certify their destructive agenda and endless rant that all women are Eternal Victims who have been endlessly cruelly oppressed and violated by men and boys down through history.

    But, in fact, she is the opposite. She is the victimizer. The clear winner in a bloody war the Feminists have, like all successful political generals, cynically drummed up and cleverly prepared for by inciting every woman and girl to envious, unthinking fury over imagined Patriarchy, DV and Rape Hysteria, etc. … And by ruthlessly demonizing all men, young, adult and old, and even generations of the honored dead, as the hated inhuman evil and rapacious ‘Enemy’. A war they have raised, conscripted and trained their fear-and-anger inspired female troops for through relentless Womyn’s Studies brainwashing and multi-cultural Social Justice propaganda, plus countless misandrous feminist-scripted movies, TV dramas and advertising, partisan discussions, news reports, and web sites, lying government bureaucrats and statistics, and on and on … All now hell bent toward furiously propagating the Feminist War on Men and Boys.

    Bottom line: the response to the Feminists’ offended protests that women would never deliberately provoke violence and risk harm to themselves is “absolutely yes they do, quite gleefully and maddeningly!”

    Further, any willingly self-deluded White Knight who chivalrously asserts that “a woman would never put herself through the public shaming and humiliation of making a false accusation” should watch Landen Gambill’s disgusting public performances at UNC. A cynical theater critic would scold that, while certainly well-rehearsed and posed, the cherubic actress simply does not know how to project sincerity. Her amazingly cheery and even exuberant portrayal of a self-proclaimed ‘victim of the Monstrous Crime of Rape’ is just not believable. But, of course, the self-serving narcissistic diva is playing to the applauding hometown crowd of a radicalized Marxist-Feminist university campus with an address of Anywhere, America.

    So, the most truly frightening lesson our lofty Feminist OverLadies are happily teaching us is just how dangerously lop-sided and biased against men the System they’ve slyly created truly is. Seeing how many cases of false accusations have been expensively prevented or painstakingly brought to light, often after years of hellish dehumanizing imprisonment of innocent men, only because the female accuser just wasn’t very consistent or believable begs the question: how very much larger a number are never uncovered because she is just a little smarter, more callous and calculating, more assertive and better prepared to successfully prosecute her lies by her Womyn’s Group minder/handlers who have persuaded her that she is fully justified –– indeed morally mandated and forgiven –– for her vicious and devastating persecution and perjury?

    After all, if a few, or many, innocent men are destroyed as collateral damage, the rest of us will rightly learn the slave’s stern lesson: Be afraid, be very afraid of our inescapable all-powerful, cruelly chastising Mistresses. For our own good, like orphaned children we must practice to be passive, meek, obedient and submissive; as defeated slaves we must learn to humbly kneel down, to crawl and beg at the feet of the Divine Feminine.

    And modern post-feminist women –– hollow aborted souls incapable of love –– as the goddess foretold and their bitter victory delivers, now emerge triumphant and confident from the cold dark and poisonous womb of Marxist-Feminism, freed of all family, moral and other obligations, totally dominant, on top and in charge of the safe, bright, abundant world that we men, their devoted sacrificial fools, have suffered, toiled, fought each other and died down through the ages to lovingly build for them.

    The entire six decades history of war-mongering Feminism has been a relentless ongoing unjust attack against men and boys and our constant retreat, rout, and surrender, and resulting demoralization and repressed righteous anger. A war which we did not ask for and certainly do not deserve, and in which we are the innocents.

  • Nightwing1029

    Might want to get that anger looked into, John.
    Can’t let feminists cause you to give yourself a heart attack, before the fight is finished.

    Jokes aside, very good article.

  • sevencck

    Hi JtO,

    I’m a great admirer of yours. When people claiming their humanity are shamed, silenced, and ignored, anger is only natural, and it is likely to grow and expand. With feminists more interested in “stopping the backlash” than in hearing us, it takes a very big person to keep such feelings from devouring them and maintaining a compassionate outlook. Your anger may make you compelling as an activist, but your adherence to reason, compassion, and dignity in the face of such dehumanization is what makes you inspiring.

    Keep doing what you’ve been doing, don’t allow excessive anger to derail what makes you special, and your voice will be heard by more and more people, I’m sure of it.

    I really don’t mean to discount your anger as valid, because it most certainly is, I’m just offering my honest $0.02.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    “We will do it armed with the compassion you cannot recognize, the justice you fear and the truths you loathe.”
    the “we” are growing in number
    the “doing it” is becoming more frequent and more visible.
    Keep up the great work everyone.

  • Booyah

    Dear feminists.
    Thank you for angrying up General Other. His heartfelt rants are so inspiring to the rest of us. This one would have made Churchill proud. Please keep up the great work.

  • Howard Gordan

    All I have to say is:

  • IMD

    I feel so sorry for any child growing up in the times of gender favourability and complete and utter bias, no child should have their potential squandered and taught he’s a monster and must do whatever he can for women because he owes them. Or because he’s stupid for being a man as women outperform them in subjects that have had such radical changes to suite women. This is ridiculous.

    The “men” of the future will no longer be men because they’ll be embarrassed to be masculine in this feminist society.

  • SigmaOctans

    A very powerful article. I need to share this with many people.

  • Robert Sides

    Asking men to continually “take it” WILL lead to actual violence…some men killing themselves, others killing feminists.

    Everyone has limits. You can’t expect people to lay down meekly when all they value is taken from them.

    The solution is to show men non-violent ways to combat feminism. That will eliminate their feeling helpless.

    Some can write. Others will feel empowered by reading. Others might raise money. And so on. Like an actual army, the MRM army needs motor pool guys, frontline grunts, parachute packers, etc. A guy ferrying shells to tanks will feel he’s doing SOMETHING to counter the enemy.

    The passivity of prior men’s groups not only empowered and enabled feminists, it dispirited males. Not good.

    Feminists need not fear AVFM. What they should DREAD is millions of non-AVFM men feeling backed into corners with nowhere to go and nothing to lose… fueled by deep cuts misandrists inflicted on them simply for being males.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I agree, everyone has limits. Generally speaking, those with more mental stability have more measured responses. And of course, just as you point out, looking for alternatives ways to manage the pain is a much healthier choice.

      The magnificence of this amazing piece by John to me is his steadfast refusal to be controlled by provocation. He wins, because he is calling the shots, not the filth that opposes him.

      This is one of many great values to the MHRM. Despite the propaganda peddled by the likes of Futrelle and company, this movement prevents violence by giving disaffected men a place to belong and alternatives to reacting destructively to the abuse.

  • Iconoclast Dynamite

    I know I’m a little late to the comment party, but I felt compelled to add my voice to the chorus of praise as this is quite an impressive article.

    Kudos, John!

  • IrieDave

    “Witness Vajna Krajina, taunting a young man whose name she did not even know. “You fucking rape apologist. You are fucking scum. You are FUCKING SCUM.” Her posture is a dare, an intense provocation. Hit me. Hit me. Strike me hard so that I may set the power of the State upon you. Be the violent monster feminism claims all men are, so that you can be shackled and caged.”

    Why would hitting that girl have made him a violent monster? If a man was repeatedly saying that to another man, all up in his face, and he responded by hitting him no one would be saying woah that guy’s a violent monster for doing that! No, most people would have said the guy doing the taunting and attempts at intimidating the other had it coming. Why should the same standard not apply? If I knew I could get away with it I would have hit her for sure.

    The real reason why that bitch felt so ‘empowered’ to fuck with the guy like that is because she knew that he *wouldn’t* hit her or do anything to her. Decking her would have been epic as it would have come completely out of left field. I mean the legal repercussions possibly would have been bad for the dude, but it would have been an epic act of civil disobedience. No MRA would initiate violence against another person, male or female, but that girl basically initiated it against him by getting all up in his face and being threatening like that. So I think it would have been justified. And that bitch would have been sent home rethinking her whole fucking schtick. She only thinks she’s a badass because she knows that no one can hit her.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Wrong on both counts.

      First. The “real” reason, as you put it, was implied in the text. You just didn’t get it. She felt empowered because much of society would have considered him a monster for doing so.

      Second. Decking her would not have been an act of civil disobedience, it would have been an assault. She was calling him names and provoking him, not physically attacking him. It would not have been justified.

      (not surprisingly) I have not seen your username before, so I don’t know if you’re slow or if you are a feminist troll trying to get support for violence in order to make us look bad, but either way you need to read up around this site a good bit more before posting again.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)


      We don’t do decking here. Try a hardware chain.

      I’ll wager you’re trying to “reel one in” as it were. Try a fishing equipment store.

      I have no idea what you are come to think of it. Are you a troll? A clown? Are drugs involved?

      Maybe you’re a garden gnome?

  • RobertWCT17

    Great article – although I’m beginning to hate the expression “human rights”. In recent years it has become a code word by the Left for group rights and the suppression of the rights of those not in the favored group. Tyrants the world over – including those in this country – are always the first to trumpet “human rights”. I much prefer “individual rights” or “individual liberties”. Something that many proponents of “human rights” are opposed to.