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Why do I even bother?

So apparently some pop song is about rape (or so some feminists say) and saying a woman has a baggy vagina is…. oh hell, we can’t even untangle it, but Spark Fister does it better than we can anyway, and GirlWritesWhat chimes in with a great comment.

GirlWritesWhat’s comment from YouTube:

I find it bizarre that this girl castigates Robin Thicke (and I’m no fan, believe me) for having scantily clad women in his video, while simultaneously asserting that she should be able to walk around half naked.

And this is a rape song:

I hate these blurred lines
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you’re a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me

The only sexual assault occurring here is the woman grabbing the man without him making clear he was consenting.

The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty, go ahead get at me

That’s an invitation to “enthusiastic consent”, not rape. The only actual physical contact that occurs in the song is the woman grabbing at the man. The rest of it is him telling her what he would do, if she consented. What he can do, that other men can’t.

Swag on, even when you dress casual
I mean it’s almost unbearable
In a hundred years not dare, would I
Pull a Pharside let you pass me by
Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you
He don’t smack that ass and pull your hair like that
So I just watch and wait for you to salute
But you didn’t pick
Not many women can refuse this pimpin’
I’m a nice guy, but don’t get it if you get with me

“IF you get with me.”

So in literal terms, the woman in the song is sexually touching the man. He’s expressing his willingness and then handing the next move to her. And she is playing coy, and despite his hair-pulling, ass-smacking cred, the song ends before he ever lays a finger on her. The ball is totally in her court.

Likewise, the video consists of women showing off their sexuality, while the men alternately drool, ogle, long for, but never really touch. It’s hands off, unless the woman wants it, even though the women are using every possible way of getting the men under their thrall.

The song is a paean to the power of female sexuality, and male subordination to that power.

“I just watch and wait for you to salute.”


Again, I’m wondering how these women manage to tie their shoes, they’re so dim. How can they call a song where a man invites a woman to enthusiastically consent before he lays a finger on her promoting rape of women by men? How can they call a song where a woman is pawing a man (who is internally consenting, but who did not explicitly indicate such prior) promoting rape of women by men?

What the fuck drugs are these feminists on?

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  • crydiego

    I agree with Sparky’s opinion of Robin Thicke…. Oh hell, I agree with Sparky on everything! He should be a movie reviewer for the New York Times!

  • comslave

    The problem is that these feminists aren’t on the right drugs. They need heavy amounts of zoloft and prozac. They see rape threat everywhere. They need something to treat their paranoia.

    • James Williams

      I don’t think any drugs will help them if they are fundamentally brain damaged.from the start.

      • DavidicLineage

        On behalf of the brain damaged, go to Hell. We are nowhere NEAR as mentally incapable as feminists.

        • James Williams

          No offence intended if you actually are. It is difficult trying to associate anything with feminist psychosis without carrying an insult to someone. I tried referring to them as witches once, but got rebuked by a practicng witches group. I suppose we have created our own PC culture by not insulting those members of groups not on the official PC list.

    • maxsnafu

      Haloperidol would be more appropriate.

  • donzaloog

    The drug is called hypocrisy. She’s pretty stupid if she can’t see the hypocrisy in saying Robin Thicke should go to jail for having scantily clad women in his video, but Lily Allen should be held up as a hero for doing the same.

    This poor girl didn’t do any research, didn’t look up the lyrics to the song, nothing. She just saw the video, heard the words “I know you want me” and went off to embarrass herself on the internet.

    • The Real Peterman

      Or she should be a law professor in Canada.

  • yinyangbalance

    What? You mean if a man is dreaming about ‘enthusiastic consent’, its rape too?
    Who’d have thought?

    *End sarcasm”

    Dworkin and the like have been saying it for years, all men are rapists.

    Basically if you are a heterosexual man and you love and enjoy the company of a woman that is attractive then you are a rapist. PERIOD! No pun intended.

    Feminists do one thing, deny they did it, then setup traps saying they wont do that if you do what they want, then you do what they want and they end up doing what they denied they ever did!

    :-) You’d think the world would have learned already, but NOOOOOOO lol its kind of comical until you are the one in cuffs.

  • scatmaster



    Time finally gets around to talking about the End of Men debate in TO and Paglias comments. Have at it in the comment section.

  • DragonFire

    Well, she is right. She most definitely has been programmed and probably from a very young age.

    The problem is, the programming has been feminist ‘logic’ and rhetoric, rather than what she is actually railing about. I think her video would be far more useful if she’d done any research into the issues.

    I do feel for her when she talks about covering up though. That feeling must be terrible, and I’d hate to have that.
    However, it springs directly from the rape myths that feminists peddle, so it can hardly be considered the fault of men.
    If she doesn’t like that feeling, perhaps she should change her ideology!!

    And I agree with GWW, I can’t find ANY hint of rape, date rape, or sexual assault in the Robin Thicke song.

    I honestly can’t even understand where that allegation came from.

    • Mr. Sungame

      IT probably came from one feminist writing a text where she state that the following two lines:
      “I know you want it, I hate these blurred lines”

      Means “I will rape you, because you asked for it, and I know you wanted it”

      If I were given the two lines:
      “I know you want it, I hate these blurred lines” and nothing else of the song, and were asked to say what the song was about I would say the following:
      “It seems you want to have sex, but I am not really sure anymore, feminists have made it so hard to know what’s up these days”

      If anything Robin Thicke’s song is about the frustration of living in a “Feminist Rape Culture”, and the fear of overstepping your bounds as a man.

  • graham strouse

    Spark is so right when it comes to babies. Why is it that humans are the only mammalian species on earth that produces such hideously ugly babies? Kittens are adorable. Poppies are adorable. Baby chimps are adorable and they share something like 99% of our DNA.

    But babies just look like little Winston Churchill dolls, Fuck babies..

  • Mike Hunt

    I tired to make it though the very end, I really did. But I’d just drunk a large glass of eggnog and I didn’t want to ruin my laptop.

  • Chibiabos

    The the gross revenue of the fashion industry is 300 Billion. If clothes are oppressive to women quit buying them. Stop buying Ms. Magazine because the clothing industry is using it to oppress you.

  • Bombay

    LOL. I recall when my x breast fed in public. It was the women that objected, not the men.

    • Mr. Sungame

      I remember being out at a restaurant, and a lady that sat behind me (so I had no view) started breastfeeding, my friend could not stop staring 😛 There was no objection, only delight in his eyes. 😛

  • josephrobertson

    Based on what I’ve seen recently, feminists are finally starting to realize (took long enough!) that they can’t get away with criticizing “Blurred Lines” as a so-called rape anthem.

    In the face of a mountain of logic suggesting that their extended campaign of moral outrage is completely unjustified, they have been scrounging around for another convincing justification for that outrage.

    So there’s a new trend–since they can’t just forget about the song and let it die a natural death–of changing the conversation to say that “Blurred Lines” is actually problematic because the phrases such as “I know you want it”, “you’re a good girl,” etc. are TRIGGERING for some women who have been raped, because their rapists may have said these things during the act.

    Therefore, the song is triggering and rapey and patriarchy and rape culture and feminists win. TA-DA!

    So, in short: they’ve moved the goalposts, and meanwhile exposed how desperate they are to continue using this otherwise forgettable song as a lynchpin to advance their agenda of gender supremacy.

    And where does it end? If this song has been banned on some college campuses, and that’s seen as a plus for feminists because it might be triggering, what songs/books/paintings/photographs/sculptures/thoughts will come next?

    Under this (il)logic, can’t you justify banning just about anything because certain words or ideas in it might bring up bad memories for some women?

    I ask again: where does it end? When will these delicate flowers finally be perfectly happy and safe from anything in the world that could possibly make them feel any emotions but happiness? How much will be censored? How much human creativity will be stifled? How many people will be shut up? How many men imprisoned?

    God I can’t wait until this nightmare is over.

    [side note: the first person who introduced me to “Blurred Lines” was a woman who confessed it was a “guilty pleasure” and that she secretly loved it but couldn’t admit it to her friends…]

    • DragonFire

      Did you see the feminist ‘reply’ called Defined Lines?

      IT features such lines as “Let me emasculate ya”, “Prepare for your castration”, “Your precious dick can’t beat my vibrator”.

      So, Robyn Thicke’s song does use some derogatory language (Bitch, ect), but it is not threatening to damage anyone’s genitals.

      On top of that, they have a line ‘You can’t just grab me, that’s a sex crime”. Ironically, in Thicke’s song, it’s the woman who’s just grabbing someone!!!

      Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

      • josephrobertson

        Yeah I guess they’re defining the lines by making sure men like Robin Thicke are aware that their feelings are so worthless that they ought to be subject to castration for not expressing those feelings in the correct, Feminist-approved manner.

        The lines are also being defined by pointing out that logic is not applicable, and men like Thicke must accept that a woman can change the truth at any time she sees fit; i.e. “Now we say YOU were grabbing HER hahaha that’s sexual violence GO TO JAIL FUCKER.”

        Yep, defined lines alright. Pretty much the same lines feminists have been trying to define for the last 50 years…

    • Mr. Sungame

      This reminds me of a time probably 20 years ago when I was in elementary school.
      During music class we were playing music that some kid had brought to school, it was a German techno song, so obviously none of us Norwegian kids understood the lyrics, but I remember it being loosely translated to:
      One Two, Police
      Three, Four, Comes for you
      Five, six [I never understood this part]
      Seven Eight, Good night.
      (Sorry to anyone that actually know the song, and the actual lyrics, if I am misunderstanding this)

      Either way, we had a substitute teacher that day, a woman who would join any “moms against” group in a heart beat. This lady claimed that the song was a NAZI anthem, and was not appropriate for school.
      She then went to the principle and had him tell us that we were not allowed to play it at a disco we were having at school later that day.

      Yup, a song which we never understood the lyrics to was banned because it was apparently a NAZI song.

      Something tells me that there was no direct reference to anything NAZI in the song 😛

  • JinnBottle

    The only value to be gleaned from this spoiled child’s video is: Here is what the newest crop of children raised under Feminism look like…
    > Men are supposed to be responsible for what goes on in girls’ and women’s minds
    > Men should be imprisoned for what right now at least, is freedom of expression
    > Thin lipped, rather plain-jane feminist girls think we’re just dying to see their unclothed bodies
    > Everyone should be a feminist (or else what – in their envisioned brave new world? Lemme guess: Prison!)
    > The newest crop of once and future adolescent feminists are brought nearly to tears over the above topics.

    Thanx for this, Sparky.

    • Mr. Sungame

      “Everyone should be a feminist”

      No no, if you are not a feminist “you should just go and kill yourself” was what I have heard last.

  • Mr. Sungame

    I honestly think the things the feminists get hung up on is the part where they sing:
    “I know you want it”
    and reads it to mean he is already fucking the girl, and telling her “You know you want it, so shut up”

    That is the only part I could think of.

    But that is obviously all the feminists need to create an argument.

  • Seele

    They already claim that books on science by Newton etc are rape manuals, nothing new here.

    Now I am waiting for them to claim that a notebook with completely blank pages is full of explicit instructions on how to rape women.

  • snoochieboochies

    The Guardian printed a story about Robin Thicke being named Sexist of the year. They’re turning the comments section off on certain articles now – noticeably feminist articles. I think they’ve gotten a little fed up with people disagreeing with them and want to silence the debate as much as possible instead. I guess it saves paying mods to delete and censor comments that they don’t like.

    It’s a shame as they’re just be left with a small pool of harpies who just agree with eachother and no deeper understanding of both sides of the fence. Or a well balanced world view of men and women.

    BTW, Blurred Lines is still a catchy tune in my view and i think Robin Thicke’s been giving a bad name by a small group of people. Lyrics are highly subjective and the meaning i derived from them was entirely different from the haters.