Emma Claire

Who is Emma Claire and why is she so hateful?

Allow me to start by once again acknowledging the small minority of “MRAs” and their bedfellows, the vast majority of feminists, who steadfastly believe that people should be allowed to spread hate, bigotry and violent ambitions under the cover of anonymity, as long as they are female and/or feminist.

We have heard you, and we are unimpressed with your willingness to enable social decay. Perhaps though, as the lot of you continue to paint virulent feminists as a red herring, or imaginary villains concocted by MRAs as a scapegoats and boogeymen, you will take note of how easy it is to track these people down and document their actions, as well as their patently hateful rhetoric.

Now, for the rest of you, we begin to deliver on our promise to begin outing the identities of the individuals involved with the violent protest against the freedom of speech of Dr. Warren Farrell, and the freedom of University of Toronto students who wanted to attend Dr. Farrell’s sponsored lecture on the difficult issues faced by boys.

While we continue efforts to identify one particularly virulent participant in that protest, the investigation has uncovered information on some others.

We begin tonight with one Emma Claire (pictured above  and apparently at 48 seconds into the video), a U of T student who was present at the protest, involved in its planning and participated in the destruction of posters announcing the event that were placed on campus. She also  incited others to do the same using twitter.

I present the evidence against her courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose short description is in the bio section at the base of this article.

We start with her obvious knowledge of the event in advance and clear intent to illegally interfere with its promotion by organizers.

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Remember folks, feminism helps men, too.

At this point, we do not know the identity of Damey, Alec, or the person referred to as “I,” but we have added their names to Agent Mauve’s list of leads on people known to have participated in attempts to censor Dr. Farrell.

But before we go further, let us give you a little perspective on the ideas harbored and proclaimed with some degree of public pride by Claire. We begin with something that could easily be construed as the clownish antics of a college student. It is the simple proclamation that all men should be killed and a salute to Satan.

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Of course, as I said, this is just youthful foolishness, surely she does not believe in Satan.

But as her expression becomes less obviously comical and she gets into actual issues, we find that for Ms, Claire, many a true word has been said in jest.

The first is perhaps Ms. Claire’s revelation of what qualification a student organization must have in order for her to consider membership. Consider this post from her twitter account.

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On either taking or otherwise obtaining this photograph which features material that libels Dr. Farrell as a man perpetuating a culture in which the sexual assault of women by men is normalized and tolerated, which is patently, categorically untrue, Claire finds herself the qualifying conduct. She finds her deal breaker in the vicious and dishonest character assassination of an individual who has dedicated a lifetime to helping children in trouble.

And we make note for future reference that she finds that type of home at the organization known as U of T Students Against Sexism, who apparently produced the product Claire found so attractive.

And while it may seem superfluous to even posit the question now, we have to wonder what, precisely, would lead someone be attracted to that particular set of qualifications.

Some might argue again, that this is just a matter of ignorance and youth; that she is actually convinced Dr. Farrell is Satan incarnate, that he hates women, that he wants them to be raped with impunity by any man who so desires.

And she might believe all that, but the cause is not youth or ignorance. I will let her explain to you why.

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She doesn’t just hate men; doesn’t just want them dead or silenced or marginalized or ignored. She at least entertains the idea of permanently marking her skin with that hatred, like a convict signaling gang affiliation.

Are we starting to get the picture here of what kind of human being Claire is? I think so, and I think Claire is the one telling us, over and over again.

Let’s take a look at what is driving this woman. And remember, she is just part of a culture that embraces and gives refuge to this kind of thinking. She is not on the fringe of anything. She is an involved, activism oriented student, given free rein by her peers and the administration of the University of Toronto to engage openly in speech that would get her expelled, even arrested, were it directed at anyone but men; to participate in the destruction of private property on university grounds, and on those same grounds to attempt to illegally silence the voice of an activist for human rights.

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Emma Claire is not going to stop. And no one at the University of Toronto is going to stop her. We can figure that one out by the fact that they chartered clubs to enable that kind of conduct.

For that reason, we bring her to public attention here at AVfM.

Additionally, over the next two days, she will be listed on register-her.com as a known bigot, and her image and name will find a place on our display of featured offenders.

If this makes anyone at the University of Toronto uncomfortable, we hope they will show the wisdom of preventing the need for this kind of action by launching an investigation into that protest and properly disciplining any students or faculty who violated U of T policies and/or Canadian law.

In the meantime, we will show you a reminder of how Emma Claire feels about her actions, after she has had time to reflect on them.

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Actually, a proper legacy cannot be rendered to the world simply by being seen and unnamed on a video that does not reflect near enough of one’s ideas and actions. More is needed.

So this will be the beginning of Emma Claire’s real legacy; where she can revel in the full and permanent notice of her deeds, and the lesson she is providing to the world about the nature of feminism, and the etiology of hatred. And so that anyone who ever does an internet search on her name again will be aware of it.

Legacy sealed.

Another offender in this outrage in Toronto will be featured here within three days, also courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose work in this is ongoing.

About Agent Mauve

Agent Mauve is a part of the growing MRA underground army. His or her actual identity is unknown. Mauve brings an intense dislike for the behavior of gender ideologues and some serious social network research skills. Says Mauve, "I want to be the Simon Wiesenthal of the Men's Movement."

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  • dhanu

    So my prediction that these hateful individuals (feminists) are actually evil and they knowingly plan and play out this plot was correct after all. It is now clear that they’re not misguided or controlled bots. They’re fully aware of what they are and what they’re doing.

    Which means, they won’t correct themselves. This exposure just gives them a tingle of confirmation. The only benefit we can expect from this is public red pilling and more reasonable people seeing the truth and supporting our cause.

    Great work Paul and Team. FTSU FTW.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Oooh, look, we upset Ophelia Benson as well as slander artist Futrelle:

      Furthermore, shock of shocks, YouTuber St37One reports that two of these rapey comments appeared on one of his video from people he’d never heard of (neither have I) and within minutes were on Futrelle’s blog. Typhon Blue noticed right away one of them was an incredibly recently created account.

      Hey, there’s good money in making sock puppets to slander innocent human rights activists like that. Or so I hear. Anyway, here’s St37One’s channel:


      • Raykyn

        Was cruising around FIRE’s website and stumbled upon this ironic link:


        Looks alarmingly similar to the “terrorism” of AVfM, decried so venomously by those selfsame feminists (even the format is eerily similar).

        The school, in one case, responded:

        “Addison’s words clearly do not reflect the values that we espouse and teach at Jackson Christian School, and are not representative of our broader school community. As such, we have visited with him about his actions and his attitude, and have disciplined him accordingly. As is our school policy, we will not share information about specific discipline cases.

        Though we find Addison’s action and words deplorable, we hope that our continued encouragement and teaching will help him further avoid the mistakes of youth, and will help him to mature as a young man. I hope that you will be able to look beyond what he has done, and toward the man that he can and will become from this unfortunate learning experience.”

        Men need re-education. Feminists need protecting. This is all so very familiar.

        **EDIT: I also noticed that most of the real names and locations in the above linked article are minors, not college students.

        • James

          It was remarkable how familiar the rhetoric was, particularly around one comment whose rebutters stated:

          ‘I just knew some asshole would show up with the ‘Freedom of Speech’ argument. Freedom of speech does not equal Freedom from consequences.’ (emphasis mine)

          ‘They are not free from consequences from the general public.’

          How the tune changes when the boot is on the other foot. It’s not like the protesters in Toronto even had the excuse of being minors.

          • Raykyn

            Absolutely. It’s not even the article that has the most delicious irony, it’s the comments where the real hypocrisy reigns. I’m curious whether those are the same commenters who piled on AVfM for this article.

            Note the date: NOV 9, 2012 12:30 PM

            Wicked short memory on these feminists.

  • Steve_85

    I wonder if she will ever look at this? I wonder if she will ever be rejected for a job, and wonder if it was because this came up on a google search for her name? I wonder if in future years, she will regret the event she recorded her ‘legacy’ at.

    I wonder, and I hope all of the above happen.

    Action. Reaction. Consequences.

    Welcome to a tiny part of the ‘equality’ feminism has been demanding for 50 years. Enjoy your stay, and get a job. If you can.

    • Raven01

      She was never destined for any job more taxing or productive than selling Birkenstock’s to other hairy, man-hating, lesbian separatists, with a decidedly violent personality.
      Where it might hit her is in rejection for parental involvement at schools for her future artificial insemination/adoptive children. School boards get prickly about inviting well publicized, known bigots having access to that many plastic, malleable young minds and, the potential law suits from offended parents.

      • Teerex

        She will be welcomed into a completely bankrupt education system’s bureaucratic ranks as one of their own. This is why men should be autodidacts. The best ones always were.

    • dhanu

      The feminist HR would count it as a plus point.

    • James Williams

      I expect she will get work in a femcozy field such as social work or a women’s studies department at a uni or maybe even in a refuge. I doubt you’ll ever see her homeless and begging on a street corner.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Oh she’s looked. Also tweeted at me then blocked me from responding.

      Now here’s the interesting thing: people are accusing Paul and Agent Mauve (and the rest of us I guess) of “doxxing” her. How do you “doxx” someone who’s already public with their name and face and quite vocal both online and off with their activism? The mind boggles.

      I can only conclude that the real issue here is she’s female and people don’t take females seriously, and think women deserve auto-protection no matter what the fuck they do or say. That’s what it looks like anyway: infantalizing adult women because they’re, well, because they’re women.

      I’ll say it here again what I’ve said elsewhere: if Emma Claire asserts that anything here is a lie, let her come forward and say so and make some reasonable effort to show how and why she feels it’s a lie or misrepresentation, and I’ll put it on the goddamned front page. And if she’s just been misunderstood and quoted out of context, surely she can show us the context that renders her statements understandable? If she can, she gets a public front page apology and, if it’s egregious enough a misunderstanding (i.e. clearly willful misrepresentation by Paul or by Agent Mauve) I will not only apologize I’ll fucking resign and never come back.

      I’ve been quoted out of context and made to look like I’d said things I didn’t. I’ve also been badly misunderstood. I’ve also misspoken and embarrassed myself. All of those are painful feelings and I feel for anyone that happens to, even someone I don’t like. If that’s what’s happened here there’s a super duper easy fix for it: come forth and say “you guys got me totally wrong, and here’s why.”

      Or maybe even a “you know what, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean those things, I was drunk at the time.” I might even buy that. Maybe. A little. It’s not like drunk driving or anything. I’ve said dumb shit when I was drunk. Although I still had to apologize for it.

      Anyway? Until then? What I see here is a pampered privileged White Middle Class Princess angrily asserting her privilege to censor, slander, demean, and spew hatred. It’s what I see. If we got you wrong, Emma, just let us know.

      • scatmaster

        I am sure you will sleep well Claire.

      • Ken

        Wow,considering the vast amount of hate she has expressed towards other human beings I think you are being MORE than fair with this offer.

        I don’t know that I would be willing or able to converse with such a hateful and self-absorbed creature as Emma….

        Anyone reading this can see that you are beyond reasonable when it comes to being open-minded.


  • Stu

    They keep saying all feminists are not like that……..so I ask them……if not…..why does the shit always float to the top…..and it can only be because it is supported and held up by the rest of sludge in the cesspool

    • James Williams

      Yes, and if ‘all feminists aren’t like that’ why aren’t the others kicking her ass?

      • Kimski

        I’ve been asking that same question on numerous occasions, and the answer is that most feminists are quite content with believing that they, at least, are not like that.

        The ‘teamspirit’ of these women generally doesn’t go beyond that point, ’cause next in line on their extensive hatelist are actually other women, who are seen as rivals and competitors.

        The fact that this indicates that they basically thrive on hate, seems to completely escape their comprehension.

        But then again, self examination has never been a requirement for being a feminist, just the firm belief that you are far superior to anyone else, and always in the right.

        • Steve_85

          Misogyny: The radical notion that a man could ever hate a woman even half as much as every other woman does.

          • Kimski

            “Thou shall not do as I do, but do as I say.”

          • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz


    • Ken

      When I hear a feminist claim that “Not All Feminists Are Like That” it usually means that the person saying it has some personal definition for feminism that doesn’t jibe with the mainstream movement,

      I don’t think that matters though, because they do harm just by supporting the mainstream feminist hate movement.

      I also think about all the huge advances in medicine, rocket science and automotive engineering that were brought to the world by the The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Read: Nazi’s).

      I don’t imagine that all of the doctors, scientists and engineers involved with the Nazi Party really believed in what the Political Party Leaders did, nonetheless, they were Nazi’s.

      Accountability is not avoided through ignorance.

  • Zorro

    Just a hunch: Agent Mauve read The ODESSA File by Frederick Forsyth???

  • Laddition

    Welcome to the real world princess.

  • TheBiboSez

    Her legacy? How dramatic! How coolish! How tragic!


    Does her use of this phrase mean she is plotting her own faux suicide, like that piece of shit Femitheist Divine?

    She does sort of look a bit like Femitheist – same wide face, hamster cheeks, outsized mouth, bad makeup, crazed eyes, crazier brain.

    To the gentlemen of Toronto – steer clear of this harpy. When she talks to you, pretend to be deaf/mute. When she flashes side-boob, look elsewhere. When she slut walks, have your vomit bag ready.

    And when she damsels, pretend to run for help, then go get a burger instead.

    The crazy is strong in this one.

    If you have to be around her, outfit yourself with an ankle monitor and a video feed so that when the false accusations begin, you can protect yourself with solid proof of your innocence.

    This one has a broken glass vagina, razor teeth and brimstone butt fumes. Don’t let your penis anywhere near this girl.

    There are plenty of sane women in the world. There are even a few feminists who are not completely insane – I met one once as a kid. This is not one of them.

    You have been warned. Be prepared, and be careful.

    • James Williams

      Sad as it may sound, there are men who actually fancy women like her and believe that they are a challenge to chat up and have a ‘relationship’ with.

      • malcolm

        Just goes to show that men are as crazy as women. I personally couldn’t imagine any vagina being golden enough to be worth putting up with that attitude.

      • Rad

        That kind of “strong” is in the same kind of way fundamentalists are strong for Allah or Octopus Jesus.

        Strong for dogma is not actual strength, it is the attempt to annihilate the concept of it. The only thing more messed up than believing in that dogma, is holding a moral code that leads one to desire those believers romantically.

        A similar thing happens with murderers and the panty-wet fan-clubs they garner.

      • TigerMan

        She describes herself as a “queer pinko lefty”. Any guys would be barking up the wrong tree! lol

        • TheBiboSez

          I’d bet she is a “LUG” – “lesbian until graduation”. Once she is out and about in the real world, the men with their overstuffed wallets are going to start looking really good to her. Female sexual orientation is generally more fluid than male because men can commit to their ideals while women commit to their shoe collections.

          That is one of the many reasons both men and women should avoid monsters like her.

          • TigerMan

            Personally speaking even if she was full on hetero now you would have to be a total wuss to sleep with her. Personally I don’t care how pretty a woman is because if she has attitudes like she does she is too ugly for me period. The last time my body started to betray me that way despite my better judgement – I gave up a fantastic job, flat and moved to another city to get myself out of harms way. It worked – I started over and rebuilt my life with my dignity and self respect intact.

  • craigmcf

    Hi, first time post but fairly long time reader!

    I honestly think with people like that there is no reasoning with them as their conditioning has been so expertly imbedded in their conscience that anything that goes against their train of thought you get a programmed response.

    I really do agree with the naming and shaming of these bigots (there is no other polite way to put it I feel) as they are in all honesty a danger not only to men and boys but also decent and unaware members of the public.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam


  • Robert St. Estephe

    It is astounding that there are so many MRAs who, because they were never part of grad programs in the humanities, refuse to acknowledge the anti-male agenda that is almost universally promoted according to the Frankfurt School Marxism agenda. I was involved with this group in various contexts for decades. The Clawar Pivin plan and the exploitation of illegal immigrants as a means to destabilize “Patriarchal capitalism” we always on the table. “You are the hunted,” one young very bright colleague tenure track English professor, whom I always regarded as one of the brightest students, let me know. The universities are stuffed to the gills with organized, talented, state- or NGO-funded “change agents.”

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      “The universities are stuffed to the gills with organized, talented, state- or NGO-funded ‘change agents.'”

      You’ve seen it too, eh? I went back to college with a “live and let live” attitude, but that attitude is non-existent in the Marxist-feminist lead classrooms of liberal studies curriculum as shown in “Marxist Valley College” at Youtube. http://tinyurl.com/44btbq8 It’s odd to be name-called a “right wing extremist,” when you’ve always considered yourself pretty middle of the road. You darn-straight they’re running an agenda, a far-left Marxist-feminist agenda.

  • craigmcf

    Also I forgot to add that these sort of people have a self absorbed nature and that the world and all of the problems revolve and affect them personally.

    It’s very interesting that the likes of Bertrand Russell predicted this sort of behaviour in some of his book 80 odd years ago.

  • AntZ

    When I saw the nose ring I started jumping for joy, until I noticed it was on the wrong side.

    Glad we caught this pirana. I can’t wait to haul in the shark!

  • Mike Brentnall
  • James Williams

    Well done to Agent Mauve for outing this harpy. I suppose U of T actually taking disciplinary action against her is out of the question? However, could there be any other form of official action taken? i.e. failure to protect students wishing to attend Dr. Farrell’s from being put in fear? or liable for false claims against Dr. Farrell or slander for calling the student on the receiving end of Harpy’s rant a rapist etc.?

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    She may well end up working in an HR department, or she may apply somewhere where the HR manager has two young sons, and may not be of the mind that hatred for them is something a good employee would want tattooed on her knuckles. Matters not to me as the point is not to go after her employment. It is her problem.

    Our point is to send a message to her, her cohorts and the U of T administration that systemic and institutionally supported violence, destruction of property and interference with free speech at that school will at least be documented and disseminated, among other things.

    The administration is likely too arrogant to care about that, but then again they don’t have to live in their students skins for the rest of their lives.

    I think we are going to become quite familiar with that school around here.

    • Kimski

      “The administration is likely too arrogant to care about that..”

      Let’s see how they feel in a year or so, when canadian parents sending their kids to uni makes a google search on U of T, and all of this is revealed to them.

      And how many times these bigots have to explain their behavior to any possible place of employment, for the rest of their lives.

    • Skeptic

      That university is going to look horribly unattractive to a lot of rational-minded prospective students if they don’t act swiftly to bring justice.
      For news of the university’s administration then deliberately refusing to discipline their own on campus thuggish feminist hatemongers WILL spread like wildfire. It’ll be a public relations disaster for them, especially after on the ground MRAs have posterized the fact on fences and lamp posts around the campus, blogged, tweeted and generally advertised the sordid events nationally and internationally…… seriously FTSU bigtime.
      Then market forces will whip their arrogant violence enabling misandric asses.

      • bowspearer

        Yes it’ll be most interesting to see how long they can hold the line. It doesn’t matter how like minded the Canadian Government is – if their enrolments drop, then funding levels cannot be justified.

        It’ll be fun watching them try and squirm their way out of this one….

    • joeinwashington

      I have a simple question.
      Has anyone ever sued any of these universities for having a hostile learning enviroment for men at the school?

      Shit. I hope I worded that correctly. Not that good of a writer.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Found this posted on my FACEBOOK this morning from a “friend”…

    I keep asking “Where are all the mothers in all this mess” and I think I found my answer….

    Inner Guide Empowerment shared Inner Guide Empowerment’s photo.

    1. Play a sport.
    It will teach you how to win honorably,
    lose gracefully, respect authority,
    work with others, manage your time
    and stay out of trouble.
    And maybe even throw or catch.

    2. You will set the tone
    for the sexual relationship,
    so don’t take something away from her
    that you can’t give back.

    3. Use careful aim when you pee.
    Somebody’s got to clean that up, you know.

    4. Save money when you’re young
    because you’re going to need it someday.

    5. Allow me to introduce you
    to the dishwasher, oven,
    washing machine, iron,
    vacuum, mop and broom.
    Now please go use them.

    6. Pray and be a spiritual leader.

    7. Don’t ever be a bully
    and don’t ever start a fight,
    but if some idiot clocks you,
    please defend yourself.

    8. Your knowledge and education is something
    that nobody can take away from you.

    9. Treat women kindly.
    Forever is a long time to live alone
    and it’s even longer to live with somebody
    who hates your guts.

    10. Take pride in your appearance.

    11. Be strong and tender at the same time.

    12. A woman can do everything that you can do.
    This includes her having a successful career
    and you changing diapers at 3 A.M.
    Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship.

    13. “Yes ma’am” and “yes sir”
    still go a long way.

    14. The reason that they’re called “private parts”
    is because they’re “private”.
    Please do not scratch them in public.

    15. Peer pressure is a scary thing.
    Be a good leader and others will follow.

    16. Bringing her flowers for no reason
    is always a good idea.

    17. It is better to be kind
    than to be right.

    18. A sense of humor
    goes a long way
    in the healing process.

    19. Please choose your spouse wisely.
    My daughter-in-law will be the gatekeeper for me
    spending time with you and my grandchildren.

    20. Remember to call your mother
    because I might be missing you.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I posted in their comments section: Please choose your spouse wisely – she has all the rights in Family court. YOU may end up in prison.

    • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

      ” You will set the tone
      for the sexual relationship,
      so don’t take something away from her
      that you can’t give back.”


      “Treat women kindly.”

      Just women?

      “A woman can do everything that you can do.”

      Most of the list tends to contradict you lady. Women cannot do everything a man can do if they’re not held to the same standard.

      • Raven01

        There you go using logic again.
        Stop it. You make it difficult to be all misogynisty.
        It is astonishing how few people, men or women, are capable of recognising what such foolish, fluffy, feel good but don’t think, type of posts actually say about the posters view on women and their abilities.

      • James

        Oh but you’ve missed the best one in the list:

        ‘It is better to be kind than to be right.’

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        If you saw the stuff on the rest of the site, you’d soon realize it’s a “Feminist” site posing as a male site.

        It doesn’t look as toxic here posted by itself…

    • tallwheel

      >4. Save money when you’re young
      because you’re going to need it someday.

      What she meant to say was “Save money when you’re single, because your future wife is going to need your money someday.”

    • Ken

      I certainly recognize the sexism in this list, however, I don’t find the list itself to be especially sexist or misandric when considering it is advice from mother to son.

      If the sentiment shown here was the core tenets of feminism, and, if similar advice were given to daughters, citing the different aspects of relations with men, I think it would be something I would get behind without hesitation.

      The sexist undertones on this list may be mildly misandric, but, the advice itself is good.

      I read the list and I see no hate, which to me is a good thing :)

    • Robert Crayle

      Hang on…


      Who cares about being correct when people like you?!

      Does ANYONE see a problem with that?

  • bowspearer

    Paul, as I emailed you, I’m concerned about what we’re not doing as we do this.

    The danger with the movement is that there’s an assumption that the older heads and therefore cooler heads (although after the lambasting I gave rapebook’s facebook page tonight, I think I need to withdraw myself from the list of the level headed heh) will prevail.

    The reason it is a danger is because as this movement gets more momentum and the numbers swell, we’ll wind up with a whole lot of wild cards.

    These wild cards will be in the form of angry men, but angry men who are still taking the blue pill that has them trapped in the alpha/beta/omega male paradigm, as opposed to the more enlightened Zeta male paradigm.

    There’s always been a tendency with MRAs to be primarily concerned with false rape allegations and parental access based issues as well as the direct misandry of feminism.

    Recently there’s been more of a focus towards battered men and male rape victims, however this only scrapes the surface also.

    Ultimately as skeptics join, we’ll get asked an important question – how are we different to feminism? Don’t we want to oppress women and go back to the way things were? Sadly, some prominent MRAs sill seem to believe this – still taking the blue pill of the Alpha/Beta/Omega paradigm.

    However the answer that those of us who are awakened Zetas would respond with is that we reject it all – feminism and traditionalism as both vilified men and treated them as perpetually expendable. We have no desire to move backwards as it would just be another psychological prison for men. Ultimately what we desire is a society where men are valued for their characters, rather than their sexual prowess, ability to provide or ability to protect.

    We decry the NAFALT mantra correctly, however the reality is that not all MRAs are like that for every awakened Zeta out there, there’s an Alpha-obsessed blue pill taker. Now that’s not their fault as it’s literally a case of double ignorance, however they need to know what they do not know.

    What this means is that school has to be in. It’s not enough for us to simply point people to old articles. We need to pull old articles and feature them front and centre – not for the veterans like us, but for the angry young men who find us and have absolutely no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Let’s not lose sight of the real enemy. Feminism is nothing more than a puppet, a distration and a tool used by the real enemy. Our real enemy is the hegemonic masculinity and hegemonic femininity (the 1%ers) which rules this world and deems us to be perpetually expendable because we have a penis, and the only way we can beat them is if we truly claim our authentic [Zeta] masculinity in such a way they can never take it back from us.

    • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

      Here’s a question I don’t see anyone asking or answering…

      How is this any different, in any way, from a mainstream media reporter that investigates a story? How is this any different from a newseditor doing a ‘profile piece’ on some of the more prominent protesters?

      Or is it another case of ‘that’s different’…because we’re outing feminist hate?

      Food for thought….

      • bowspearer

        Is it different at this stage? Yes, and here’s why. With where things are at, this is a first strike which throws a group of feminists on the backfoot. They’ll need time to recover (paw widduw Emma is now chaning her twitter handle faster than Imelda Marcos changed pairs of shoes) and they’re currently regrouping. That gives us time to set the tone, not only in moving forward, but standing our ground when they charge back at us and then press the advantage.

        When you’re dealing with the mainstream media though, it’s an assault where you’re reacting and on the backfoot.

        Don’t mistake prudence for timidity ;).

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        Well, Sir Factory, the difference is that a mainstream reporter won’t profile a hateful feminist in an honest way.

        Silly man.

        • bowspearer

          Well that too, but until this hits the mainstream media (at which point we’ll have an absolute crapfight on our hands, but a just one), we’ve got one hell of a window of opportunity that let’s face it, with perfect strategy, has the potential to make ALOT of inroads.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            That is where I think your mistake is. There is no such thing as perfect strategy, especially when provocation is your tool of the trade.

            We have to punch, counterpunch, duck and fade, dodge bullets, play the media vs appealing to them, because no matter what we do we won’t EVER appeal to a media financed by female consumerism.

            We (here, anyway) are street fighters going against olympic trained boxers.

            There is nothing perfect about any of this. We do our best, but there are holes in every strategy. So we just do our best.

            I am comfortable I have done that here, with some help from Agent Mauve.

          • bowspearer

            You’ll get no argument from me that it’s an uphill battle. At the same time though this seems like a unique opportunity (dealing heavy blows and doing so fairly under the radar at this stage I might add) and it would be a pity if there wasn’t some strategic advantage that we could have pressed or ground we could have solidified our hold on, because of something we missed is all.

            All in all though, between this and the reaction and response some of us have had on the rapebook page, I’d call this a pretty productive 24 hours for our little group heh.

        • RM1970

          Mainstream media is biased, sometimes the only thing true in a newspaper is the date.

      • keyster

        The mainstream media has no credibility because of its bias towards the left. It’s exhausting trying to expose them. Any coverage at all of leftist causes (OWS as an example), only serves to show the lunacy as self-evident, if you’re paying attention that is.

        The New Journalist of the New Media is the only one anyone trusts anymore.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Goodness gracious me.

    The cat that dragged in this vicious virago must be going at it with the Listerine like Karen Silkwood in emergency scrub-down.

    No doubt, right about now, these twats on Twitter will be spitting chips and chipping nails on their pink iPones while they furiously peck at the wee perspex. Ha flaming ha.

    Steve_85 put it smartly with:
    “I wonder if she will ever look at this? I wonder if she will ever be rejected for a job, and wonder if it was because this came up on a google search for her name? I wonder if in future years, she will regret the event she recorded her ‘legacy’ at. – I wonder, and I hope all of the above happen.” and the answer is a yes to all of his rhetorical questions.

    She might regret her legacy not now, but surely as rain from a black cloud she will when the, “Dont call us, we’ll call you” is the last she hears at the interview/s.

    Thank you Paul and Agent Mauve, and may these harridans have their filthy networks of bigotry rest in pieces.

  • bowspearer

    The other concern I have is that if we aren’t preempting this, then we run the risk of some semi-awakened man who is acting alone, resorting to violence and tarring the entire movement and this site with the same brush. Sometimes it’s as much about being seen to clearly advocate for something, as it is to actually advocate for it.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      We know with fair certainty that men are no more violent than women are, despite the culture-wide misandry that Emma Claire embraces which tells us the opposite.

      We also know with great statistical weight that men have a very strong aversion to violence towards females and prefer to target other men instead. The more likely outcome of naming and shaming violent, abusive, Stalinist thugs is that one of us be physically attacked or killed than that anyone would ever put so much as a finger on her hate-soaked face. That’s Female Privilege, something that feminists of her ilk utterly deny exists but is very real (how much of it being cultural and how much of it biological being up for debate).

      She made herself a public figure. If this were a male would anyone hesitate to name him? Of course not, even though he’d be more than twice as likely to be physically assaulted or killed.

      Any time anyone chooses to speak in public they take a small risk of some nutjob coming after them. Men being at more risk than women when it comes to that (QED). Were any person, male or female, to use violence against this Stalinist thug, that person would be an enemy of men everywhere and an enemy of the men’s rights movement. But the far, far greater likelihood, statistically, is that she will injure herself and then claim to have been attacked.

      In short: not worried about it. No reason to be. She’s more likely to be struck by lightning than to be attacked by one of us. I’m more worried she’ll arrange to have one of us hurt or killed, or fake an injury on herself to get more attention. But if we don’t start naming and shaming the Stalinists, they get to keep doing what they’re doing under the cover of “I’m a girl, I’m helpless and harmless!” Fuck that and fuck her.

      Do not enable malignant hypoagency out of fear. That’s your primitive instincts talking, not your rational thought processes. (I say that with all due respect and sympathy; the White Knight impulse affects us all, and while it may have at one time been useful, it’s now just as toxic as this violent, abusive, Stalinist thug Emma Claire’s hate-ideology.)

      • bowspearer

        “Do not enable malignant hypoagency out of fear. That’s your primitive instincts talking, not your rational thought processes.”

        No it’s the propaganda aware side of me screaming out. You say “She’s more likely to be struck by lightning than to be attacked by one of us.”

        Define “us” though.

        Do you mean those of us on AVfM who are regulars and have taken one, if not both red pills? If so I completely agree.

        However the MRM is so much bigger than us. There are men awakening all over the place, angry that something is wrong, feeling victimised by women like Claire but who are trapped in the torment of taking the Blue Pill – a combination which shorts out the “white knight” reflex.

        As far as I’m concerned; though I would not wish it upon her, if Claire was attacked of faced death threats, then it certainly would have been with a fair share of provocation.

        However such an attack would instantly elevate her to the level of victimhood and possibly martyrdom, and that’s the last kind of “legacy” which any of us want her leaving.

        You also go onto say “The more likely outcome of naming and shaming violent, abusive, Stalinist thugs like Emma Claire is that one of us be physically attacked or killed than that anyone would ever put so much as a finger on her hate-soaked face.”

        Let’s be honest though, as much as we’d all grieve such a loss or injury, that sort of tactic would only further expose the hatred and chauvinism which underlies feminism.

        Sadly, now that this has gone public, we’re well and truly now “playing the game” in terms of politics and as such, we need to be mindful of it every step of the way or we’ll get caught out by it.

        • Laddition

          We’re doing her and others a favor by showing that actions have consequences. This is a valuable life lesson for anybody claiming to be an adult.

          please take your concern-trollery elsewhere, it’s fucking tedious

          • Mr.Zeph

            “We’re doing her and others a favor by showing that actions have consequences. This is a valuable life lesson for anybody claiming to be an adult.”

            Agreed. I’d say that this applies to the largest majority number of so-called adults, of either sex, that I’ve met.

            “please take your concern-trollery elsewhere, it’s fucking tedious”

            Pissing on newbs does not lead to growing numbers.

            I have and have had the same concern for long-term political perception. That you refer to it as tedious is as sure an indication that there’s an objection that isn’t being responded to–over and over and over.

            If the squeak annoys you, perhaps it’s an opportunity to find out where something in the system can be oiled.

            The line between being active and assertive, and being unfairly perceived as hostile and dangerous can be a fine one to navigate. When in public, I often speak with the full knowledge that the least of my comments can and will be blown out of proportion and in the most vitriolic and hostile light possible.

            The fine art of communications discipline and awareness never harms.

          • TigerMan

            Did you feel big putting the guy down like that.??
            As it happens I also support Paul’s position and decisions (not that he needs it) on this issue. What I don’t support is public smackdowns of a guy for expressing his heartfelt opinions and concerns especially when his areas of disagreement or concern were all politely expressed and well explained. That just smacks of playing to the crowd – something which bowspearer certainly can not be accused of.

        • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

          I take your concern seriously, even if others think you a “concern troll.” I don’t think you are one, I think you’re genuinely worried. That said, we have made our staunch opposition to any form of violence for the men’s movement so abundantly clear in so many places, we have no responsibility for the (extremely slim, very nearly nil) chance that someone will hurt her. Far more likely she’ll be surrounded for weeks by White Knight fools who think her a victim, and she’ll be relishing every minute of it while pretending fear. And, far more likely she’ll fake an injury, like Sasha Wiley-Shaw did.

          Rest assured your concern is noted, and already thought hard about. The only harm she’s likely to come to is if she hurts herself. Well that and the long-term shame and infamy of being outed as a Stalinist hatemonger.

          She put those comments out. She took part in the violence. She needs to face the consequences the same as a man would: as an adult, not a child who gets away with murder because she’s a girl. Fuck her.

          • bowspearer

            Good, as long as there’s a detailed counter-strategy in the works. You’re absolutely right, the white knights will circle and they’ll try it on. I’m not worried about about people calling me a “concern troll” right now. When the fallout hits, they’ll very quickly change their tune.

      • malcolm

        It’s difficult to overcome that initial instict “oooh leave her alone, she’s just a young woman”, but it’s that exact sentiment that has led us down this path. It’s time more men realized that these women are active agents of a system that cares nothing for you and your sons.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        Well said.

        It is quite a process to take away from the rote and often unreasonable concerns over women, and to fully dedicate the concern to what is happening to men.

        I am 55, have worked on this for decades and I STILL struggle with my inner white knight, and with the rounds of “what if this or that?” and “what will people think?” I see filling bowspearers posts to this.

        I totally get it, and feel it as well.

        I have to sometimes force myself to remember that while I might worry about what happens to some 20 year old asshole skating through an arts program on beer, weed and gender politics, that the only violence that has happened here was against men and against the principle of free speech.

        If someone ever does get hurt, it is a hundred times more likely to be me or you than the cute little lipstick feminist. And in the extremely unlikely event that someone did something stupid toward her, they will point at us an scream, and would if the name of the website was avoiceformenbutdonteverevereverdoanthingbadtoafeminist.com

        And a lot of the public would believe them.

        It is one of the realities of this struggle and will be for some time.

        Putting a strong disclaimer in a box will not immunize us from criticism and backlash, nor would it protect her from some nutjob who decided to do something stupid and sick.

        But there is another matter here. I don’t whine a lot about the threats and attacks I get. Shit, lol, there is a group trying to take down our facebook page right now. Youtube has kept me from being monetized and I have been shadow banned from reddit.

        Add that to the hate mail and threats and we are having a good time. The irony is that I know in my heart that the only thing I am doing wrong is speaking the truth in an age of deception.

        But as I said I don’t whine about it an excessive amount because, guess what? I know all that every time I open my mouth.

        I insist on having the same expectations of bigots. If you don’t want people angry at you, quit shitting on them because of their sex, race, sexual orientation or whatever.

        More bigots on the way.

        • bowspearer

          And Paul you and I both know the way this war works and the strengths of the enemy. You’re right, threats of violence are pretty commonplace (I’m not surprised at all by what you’ve eluded to) for anyone dealing with men’s issues and it’s abhorrent.

          Unfortunately feminists have rigged the game where an Everest sized mountain of abuse can be heaped upon men’s rights activists and noone bats an eye. Conversely as we all know, the slightest thing against a feminist, no matter how justified, and it’s everywhere and the white knights and sheeple are crying blue murder.

          Should the bigots expect to “cop it sweet”? In an ideal world. However we know that it is far from an ideal world and will be whilst feminists continue to hold the moral victim ground in this war.

          If you think a disclaimer wouldn’t work, then fine, but there needs to be some counter-strategy there, because as we both know, there’ll be recriminations there, combined with the usual feminist victim-card-playing and manipulation of the facts.

          I just hope that the counter-strategies which Dean brought up and are being planned are as iron-clad as possible. This is the start of a huge victory for us. I would hate to see it manipulated by the enemy into a defeat….

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      By the way, I talked to Erin Pizzey yesterday (yes, we will be publishing an interview) and she noted that as she and a Canadian Senator were on tour in Canada earlier this year, she and the Senator faced numerous death threats from those of Emma Claire’s ilk. This is one of the reasons Erin recently remarked that Canada has become the most frightening country in the world (to her–although I’m sure she’ll be quoted out of context by the fascist Futrelles of the world to try to mock her). The police asked her if she wanted to just cancel her speaking engagement and she said no, of course not, and went on to do it anyway.

      Men’s advocates like Erin Pizzey have far more to fear than Emma Claire ever will, and have already sacrificed and lost far more than Creepy Harpygrrl ever will. Erin believes in inclusiveness and in recognizing all victims of violence equally, as do we at AVfM and all serious men’s advocates. She puts her life at stake to say so. Worry more about the likes of Erin. And us. And yourself. We’re the ones in real danger. They will come for us, if they can.

      • bowspearer

        Oh I agree completely with you, however you’ve missed the political implications here. Violence towards MRAs by Claire and her ilk need to be extreme and shocking for them to get widespread coverage. However in contrast; the slightest thing against Claire or her fellow bigots and you can bet your ass that that victim card will be milked far and wide for all it’s worth.

        • Raven01

          No, Bow.
          You have missed entirely the point that waiting for your abuser to see the light and change his or her behaviour never works. You must either remove yourself or your abuser from the environment. And, frankly I have no plans of abandoning society to hide in the rainforest just yet. So, it will be the abusers that have to go.
          And, make no mistake Emma Claire is an abuser of men and boys along with being a bigot.

          • bowspearer

            No you’re missing the point. To quote Sun Zsu:

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
            you will succumb in every battle”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

            In this case, we know that the enemy (feminism) are masters of misinformation and will try and twist this around to turn this against us if they could.

            One scenario which instantly comes to mind is they stage a stunt and then use it to try and claim we incited violence. Yes I truly believe that such individuals are entirely capable of such behaviour.

            The question is, how do we preempt that. The answer is by throwing a disclaimer in there which shields us from it each and every time.

            It’s not a question of whether to proceed- we must proceed. However the question is, how do we do so in a way which truly recognises ourselves and our enemy. This is a war as Paul said and we cannot forget strategic concerns as we move forwards…

          • Raven01

            “The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means. Whenever you parry, hit, spring, strike or touch the enemy’s cutting sword, you must cut the enemy in the same movement. It is essential to attain this. If you think only of hitting, springing, striking or touching the enemy, you will not be able actually to cut him.”
            ― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

            Sun Tzu is of little use without Five rings as a companion piece.
            Feminism is intent on destroying me, my son and any male they can, even if the majority of self-identified feminists fail to follow their support of bigotry through to its logical conclusion mentally before supporting it.
            Feminism and chivalry are both my enemies and, when anyone dons their uniform they declare themselves as my enemy.
            Consequently, I will cut them down with words and non-violent acts.
            “If you do not control the enemy, the enemy will control you” also, Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings.

          • bowspearer

            Raven, you’ve definitely missed the point and in fact I know that you haven’t even bothered reading what I’ve actually said. I’ve never opposed the naming and shaming, contrary to your response and those of others here (with the one exception of Dean I might add) – my concern has entirely been about preempting recriminations. I’m not denying this is a campaign of extermination on their part for one minute. In fact I am all too aware of the nature of the enemy and what they excel in. In such a war, where you are the oppressed; ignoring such things leads to your extinction.

            I’m just glad that Dean has said that there’s counter-strategies in the works.

      • Raven01

        Looking forward to the fruit of that labour and doubly interested being Canadian myself.

      • TigerMan

        OMG I am so jealous Dean – Erin Pizzey is a bloody hero to me (although knowing her she would pooh pooh the notion). By standing her ground and refusing to back down to the bigots who opposed her (ie radical feminists) and finally recording in detail their antics in wresting power from the equity feminists to become the mainstream of feminism (a fact which sadly most of the general public is still unaware of) she has done an invaluable service to make sure those critical parts of history were not erased.(esp in her book This Way To The Revolution which I shamelessly plug once more)
        This news has really cheered me up. I am sure I speak for many here when I say please let her know how she is appreciated, admired and loved for all she has done. :)

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      The MRM is already constantly associated with the actions of violent men acting alone. The only way AVfM could “prevent” this, would be to shut up.
      Not an option.
      The admin here is forever advocating against male on female violence, as it advocates against female on male violence. The entire message is as clear as day.

      • bowspearer

        Wrong. The one way AVfM could avoid this entirely is an explicit disclaimer in each of the naming and shamings that we vehemently condemn even remotely thinking about resorting to violence against these individuals and encourage people to engage in peaceful methods of activism regarding them, such as maximing the exposure of their bigotry.

        Sure, feminists might TRY and come back at us, but we just have to point to X line/paragraph where we condemned such violence and their claims have no credibility.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          Wrong. If you cannot read my opposition to violence and illegal conduct in the OP itself, then a spoon fed disclaimer is not going to make a difference.

          • bowspearer

            That’s the thing though Paul, you’ve decried the violence they perpetuated, but haven’t EXPLICITLY spoken out against anyone possibly doing the same in recriminations after she’s named and shamed.

            This isn’t about your meanings – this is about what can be used against us down the track.

          • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

            I would argue that any such statement would merely serve as a distraction, and be spun as a “veiled invitation” for someone to do violence.

            I for one appreciate the concern expressed, and appreciate the discussion, and think nothing more needs be said. Anything more will be beating a dead horse.

            Onward and upward.

          • bowspearer

            Well Dean if we’re ruling that out, then the question has to be, what’s the “plan B” here if it does happen. By all means, don’t reveal it if there is one. However there needs to be one.

            The worst mistake we could make is to underestimate the enemy at this stage in the game.

          • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

            bowspear, how naive do you think these men are? Do you honestly believe that Paul, Dean, JtO,et al are underestimating the opposition – having been under sustained attack by it for years?

            I sure don’t.

          • bowspearer

            I wasn’t implying they were naive at all. I just saw an issue and raised it. The irony is that had Dean’s response been the standard one from the getgo – namely that they were already planning on that – then virtually all the posts I’d made here with that concern, would have not been made.

          • Mr. XY

            IN REPLY TO: “bowspearer”

            If there is ever violence against the bigot in this article it will likely be a result of her own actions and violent behavior but expect AVFM to get blamed for everything by the Cultural Marxists regardless of what any MRAs say or do. The more successful AVFM will get, the more it will be attacked and blamed. Don’t start appologizing for the TRUTH. Start getting used to STANDING YOUR GROUND.

            This is a non-violent website and movement. Anyone who feels the need to keep apologizing and placing disclaimers for speaking the truth about these bigots needs understand that it doesn’t matter how many times you say it’s “nonviolent”…these feminist liars will still accuse, attack and blame this movement for such well known facts as 10 out of every 5 women are raped every 3 seconds…twice…and studies have show all of this can be prevented by funding more militant lesbian programs like VAWA.

          • bowspearer

            Of course we should expect that Mr. XY, which was at the heart of my whole concern. You’re right and in fact in other comments on here, I’ve said just that.

            However the old saying is “work smarter, not harder”. Some things we’re going to have to just straight up duke out and hold the line with, teeth gritted. However anything we can preempt and effortlessly deflect is going to make that uphill struggle just that much easier for us in the longrun.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I am not buying a word of this at all.

      I have written several pieces about the rationale behind these actions. My opinion has not changed, and is not going to.

      You are welcome to post all the objections you want, but remaining silent and complicit any more is not an option.

      This is not an invitation to leave. I would like as many people as possible to stay here, including you, but you may find that this is not a place consistent with your ideals.

      We are fighting back in this war on men and boys, peacefully and legally. If we lose, we lose, but here we are fighting and nothing you are going to say is going to sway that a bit.

      • bowspearer

        Paul, this has nothing to do with the rationale of your actions. In fact I have said MULTIPLE TIMES that I agree with your actions here. If things were that simple, then the world would be an easier one to live in.

        However your actions don’t exist in a vacuum. When you name and shame her, that’s not the end of the story. Will someone who’s new to the movement do something stupid? Will Claire and her ilk stage something to try and vilify us and get herself the victim card?

        When that happens, how easily can they make that stick on us. Is our disclaimer against violent activism going to be seen as nothing more if they can spin it that way (and heaven knows, if they can, they will)?

        My concern is, if we don’t come out and explicitly condemn violent recriminations against these individuals in our approach, are they going to find a way of accusing us of inciting said violence.

        You’re right, this is a war and as a male survivor of child abuse, rape and domestic violence, almost entirely at the hands of women, I am all too aware of the stakes involved.

        However wars and battles are lost on the ability to exploit weaknesses in the enemy. If we don’t cover ourselves as we do this, they could turn the tables on this and use it against us.

        I fail to see how having a concern over this runs against naming and shaming or even REMOTELY opposes it for that matter.

        • Laddition

          As a wise man once said
          “We are fighting back in this war on men and boys, peacefully and legally. If we lose, we lose, but here we are fighting and nothing you are going to say is going to sway that a bit.”
          reading > whining
          just sayin’

          • bowspearer

            A quote from another wise man:

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

          • Laddition

            “I have written several pieces about the rationale behind these actions. My opinion has not change, and is not going to.”

            so point to these – problem solved.

            it may be time for your medication (just a feeling)

            give it up, you’ve tried one of the old plays that used to work, but that shit doesn’t play anymore. reality has moved on, try to keep up

          • bowspearer

            Laddition, only the foolish mistake wise counsel for the words of the enemy.

            The problem is that you’re not thinking strategically here, or more to the point, like a lawyer. What could be used against us, what hasn’t been explicitly said that they can manipulate?

            It’s ironic you accuse me of a tired old ploy when you’re not being rational here. If you were you would realise that my concerns were how to preempt possible issues with this down the track, rather than opposing the actual naming and shaming.

          • Laddition

            what a sad ‘man’ you are. nobody cares what you ‘think’, or what you consider ‘rational’. you lost

          • bowspearer

            You know what Laddition, I really don’t care what you say right now, because in a couple of weeks when we’re dealing with them trying it on to villify us, you’ll very quickly see that my concerns had merit. Fortunately as Dean has said, counter-strategies are in the works, which is incredibly reassuring.

          • Laddition

            Okay, it’s a deal. I have made a note in my diary to check out whether your doomsday scenario has happened. I wait with abated breath…*yawn*

          • bowspearer

            You’re claiming that’s a “doomsday scenario”? Wow you’re in for for a rude awakening. That wont be a doomsday scenario, it’ll merely be “round 2″, only this time they’ll be baying for blood even more, which will hopefully work even more in our favour.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            Laddition. I am not sure if you are trying to tell me or Bowspearer to take psych meds. Either way it adds nothing of value here.

            Please save the personal insults and the circular firing squad for another forum.

          • Laddition

            okay, but it wasn’t you and I was genuinely concerned about ‘him’

          • bowspearer

            IF you were worried, it was for foolish reasons Laddition. Not only am I published already from a few years back, but I was arguing against the Alpha paradigm in favour of the Zeta paradigm with prominent MRAs before Paul named it. In my teenage years I even wrote a paper about the double standards between genders for year nine english – where my teacher who was a feminist, was forced to admit I “had a point”.

            My only “crime” as an MRA has ever been, and will ever be, keeping my eyes on the next battle in this war, the real enemy, and the path forwards to ultimately redefining masculinity to something truly authentic.

            Worrying about me being “the enemy” here, is literally the epitome of wasted energy.

          • Laddition

            good to know, I feel better already

    • bowspearer

      Indeed and wars, especially campaigns of extermination when you’re the party being wiped out, are best fought as tactically as possible 😉

  • Raven01

    Feminists like the screeching harpy, Creepy SpitterGurl and this Emma Claire have me thinking that perhaps Paul did not go far enough.
    I know, I cannot believe I typed that either.
    Paul was on the money in Yanking Off The Hood. But, the single biggest enabling factor for this behaviour is a complete lack of real world repercussions for such behaviour.
    Then, I realised that I can cause real world repercussions. Agents Orange and Mauve as examples document misandry as does Register-her.com. What is stopping me from doing the same or using those existing tools and then bringing this information to the attention of those that need it? That could be school boards, parents, employers (especially those that depend on public good will/opinion).
    As it turns out, not a damned thing is stopping me. My initial reaction was that might be going to far but, this is exactly what MRA’s already face. And, ours is not a movement of hate and violence. Exposing and crushing metaphorically these bigots is a public service not a “dirty trick”.
    The gloves are off bigots, your idiocy is going to start affecting you in negative ways that even you can’t ignore or blame on some imaginary “patreeeeee-archy”.

    • bowspearer

      Yes but here’s where that gets problematic. You or I might handle things the right way, but what about if someone pushes it to the likes of death threats? How do we deal with and minimise that, because that’s well and truly going to come back and bite us on the ass if it happens due to one angry, uneducated individual.

      The last thing we want to do is hand them the victim card on a silver platter….

      • Steve_85

        They’re gonna claim it anyway.

        AVfM has stated on several occasions that their official policy is no violence. Ever.

        While I may not always agree 100% with this, I do respect the right of the owners of this site to maintain their site free of any kind of violence or threats and pre-edit a lot of my posts to be calmer, which is probably a good thing in and of itself.

        • bowspearer

          “They’re gonna claim it anyway. ”

          Yes but the thing is, how easy do we make it for them to do so? That’s where my concern lies.

          • Laddition

            Somehow I doubt that you being happy and us getting anything done are compatible.

            We prefer to make progress.

            You being happy? mehhhh. not sure that it’s possible anyway, why try?

          • bowspearer

            Laddition, you’re jumping to conclusions and being rather foolish in your approach here.

            The thing is that if something goes down that’s shocking enough and it can be pinned on us; we wont have made progress at all.

            This isn’t about opposing naming and shaming. This is about covering our backs and asses while we do so we can’t be stabbed there by feminist machinations.

          • Laddition

            yeah, well I have different views as to who the fool is.

            your approach does not work, it was tried, it failed, only a fool keeps bleating on like you.

          • bowspearer

            And yet Laddition, it is you who foolishly underestimate the enemy here.

            To draw an analogy, if this were a physical war with armaments, I’d be the guy raising concerns with our defenses and you’d be the guy shrieking that I must be an enemy spy in response.

          • Laddition

            I did remind you about taking your meds, right?

          • bowspearer

            Oh and btw, it’s already started 😉

          • Bombay

            LOL. Or a large gold member…

          • bowspearer

            KARMA MRA MGTOW and Bombay – clearly you missed the part where I was one of the half a dozen or so people on here who had rushed in to deal with the initial salvo in the form of spookymulder just before I’d posted this.

          • Bombay

            Nothing personal bowspearer. I was making a joke. MRA on…..

          • TheUnknown

            My thoughts on the image concern are that there’s really nothing they could say which hasn’t already been said about AVFM. There must be hundreds of women listed on the Register-Her site which AVFM associates with, and any one of them could suddenly claim that the MRAs here are responsible for some monstrous harassment that may or may not actually happen. Or, the last subject of ridicule Sasha Wiley might do the same. (sure she’s older, but she’s a teacher and look how fragile her wrist is.) The only way to keep a good image is to keep it consistently.

          • bowspearer

            Well that and have scenarios planned out for dealing with it should it happen TheUnknown

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Speak the truth and let the devil be damned.

        If these women were being libeled and slandered the way they libel and slandered Dr. Farrell, then I would share your concerns.

        I don’t see any concerns for Dr. Farrell’s health or well being, and he is being misrepresented and slandered.

        If no one has done Jane Fonda in yet, with all the lies, libel and slander SHE gets (yes, a LOT of stuff printed about her IS inflammatory and false). She has been spit on, and she handled it …like a lady. In big girl panties. Activist chicks are so much tougher than you give them credit for.

        I wouldn’t worry about the TRUTH causing these little ladies any harm.

        The minute AVFM derails off the Truth Track is the last time I log in.

        There is nothing WRONG with The Truth.

        It is never wrong to tell The Truth.

        The Liar is never The Victim.

        • bowspearer

          “Speak the truth and let the devil be damned.”

          Oh don’t get me wrong, I have no issue whatsoever with the naming and shaming; it’s what follows it and how it could be used against us which concerns me.

          “I wouldn’t worry about the TRUTH causing these little ladies any harm.”

          I’m not worried about that in the slightest. My concern is that we’re SEEN to be advocating for a non-violent exposure of these bigots for what they are. The reason is because if we’re not, and either some nutter does something or more to the point, Claire and her ilk try and pull a stunt, you can bet they’ll try and vilify us with it by playing on white knight instincts of the public at large.

          Yes AVfM has a policy of non-violence, but my concern is that the policy alone simply isn’t enough here – there needs to be a public restating of a condemnation of all violent activism- even with bigots like this.

          This has nothing to do with concern for her. This has entirely to do with us being able to preempt and claims of inciting violence should her and her ilk try something.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            There are also claims of MRAs condoning rape.

            Should there be a ” Don’t y’all be gitting all rapey and violent” disclaimer?

            You know, since ALL men are prone to violence and rape and all?


            Attention, Gentlemen: When Emma Claire states “Political Position: Kill all men, Hail Satan” ….don’t get violent.

            (You DO know they publicly post the names, addresses, work place and photographs of female sex offenders here in the US, and I’ve yet to hear of harm coming to any FEMALE offender, even though there is great public sentiment and acceptance of violence against people who harm children?)

          • bowspearer

            This has never been about us – it’s been about the dangers of feminist manipulation when the recriminations hit. Fortunately as I’ve already acknowledged in multiple posts now and as Dean has said, there are contingencies in the works when they try it on with propaganda based recriminations.

        • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

          “If these women were being libeled and slandered the way they libel and slandered Dr. Farrell, then I would share your concerns.”

          This is a really good point.

          There is a lot more evidence of the connection between false sexual abuse accusations and vigilante action then there is between someone outing a female bigot who was mean to a man.

          And they’ve definitely slandered Farrell and levelled some extremely high profile false accusations against him.

          I don’t think that any of these bigots are under any threat from MRAs. A man who owns his vulnerabilities is the least volatile man in existence. Anger does not equal volatility.

          If anything they’d be safer if every man was an MRA.

          • bowspearer

            If you were talking fully fledged MRAs, I’d agree, it’s that middle stage where the wild card exists. However that said, the likely outcome if there is violence, would be staged violence by the group themselves (ie a false flag).

            I’m just glad you (presumably anyway), Dean and others are wording on contingencies in the event of reprisals.

        • Mr.Zeph

          Interesting reply. It is notable that some of the protesters were making false accusations as easily as they called total strangers rape supporters. It is not a far step to move to calling someone a rapist–that is, making a false allegation against an individual, one of the very issues we’re trying to rectify.

          As long as our actions are strictly legal and serve a legitimate benefit to society at large, I see no problem whatsoever in holding an individual publicly accountable and responsible for their actions.

          Would anyone here have any trepidation of exposing this same person if she had made a false allegation of rape against a certain man, and we had evidence to prove it false? I don’t think so.

          We have the right to speak our disagreement or opposition to someone’s harmful actions publicly. We have the right to remove the shield of anonymity though obscurity when one is knowingly doing a disservice to society at large.

      • Raven01

        That is like “what if feminists try to claim Anders Brevik was an MRA”?

        There will always be headcases on both sides of any debate. The difference here is that every major spokesperson on behalf of men and boys has made it a point of public record to come out against any violence and come out hard. And, those statements have always been widely supported within the community.

        They already lie their asses off about us as shown in the U of T videos. We would not be giving up anything or handing them a bludgeon. We would be simply unmasking common thugs for all to see.

        • bowspearer

          Of course they’ll lie Raven. My concern is how easy we make it for their lies to stick.

          • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

            We get it. You want to apply Legal Teflon to the movement. Problem is BS, there’s no way to do it while still remaining effective. Sadly, I believe it will take a high-profile trial of some kind to REALLY kick us into high gear – but I’m hoping it’s a Reproductive Rights trial, not some kind of criminal one.

            We have a HUGE opposition, funded with billions of dollars, and a mainstream media wholly engrossed in the feminist narrative – if they want to ‘spin’ us as pretty much anything, they have the complete ability to do it at any time. The only reason not to, is fear that truth will get out to the general public, showing their true colors, as it were.

            Fear of bad publicity is pretty much the only thing holding them back. They NEED plausible deniability, and the only way they’ll get that is if we shut up. They could EASILY fabricate something tomorrow, and have every MSM network scream blue murder, and scores of politicians calling for our heads.

            The only thing holding them back is the Manosphere, the alternative news media, and fear of loss of public support. Right now, any Court case attached to the MRM would lead to a massive swelling of our ranks, and they know it.

          • bowspearer

            I wouldn’t go as far as legal teflon, as realistically you’re right, we never would be able to do it and be effective (Dean pointed that out a few hours ago and I agreed with the point he made). What I do want is for us to have preemptive strategies in place now we’re kicking things into high gear. You can bet there’ll be recriminations and retaliation and when they hit, what I’d like is for us to be as prepared as possible for contingencies. Sure sometimes they’ll exploit a weakness, but more times than not, I’d love nothing more than for their every attempt at discrediting us to horrifically backfire and brutally damage their credibility.

          • Mr.Zeph

            Factory said: “Fear of bad publicity is pretty much the only thing holding them back. They NEED plausible deniability, and the only way they’ll get that is if we shut up. ”

            Oddly enough, that’s my concern for us. And I’ve just realized that we already have bad publicity. And we’re still moving forward. We don’t need plausible deniability, we simply need to use the most persuasive tools.

            OK, Factory. Sold.

          • bowspearer

            Yes but there’s a difference between being scared of moving ahead because of responses, and preempting the responses where possible (or having contingencies planned in the event of the inevitable return salvos) while proceeding ahead courageously.

            I know Paul likes to draw the David and Golliath comparison and it certainly has merit. However we have to start thinking about strategies as we start to exponentially grow and become a significant force for social change.

          • Mr.Zeph

            “Yes but there’s a difference between being scared of moving ahead because of responses, and preempting the responses where possible (or having contingencies planned in the event of the inevitable return salvos) while proceeding ahead courageously.”

            Sure, I get that. But know what? No street fight is ever orderly and pre-planned. It’s nice to plan a grand strategy, but the fact is that in the field, no plan ever makes it past step 2. After that, it’s all improve. That’s just a fact that we have to deal with. The real world is messy.

            We certainly can make grander plans, I’m working on some right now, but we also can’t expect them to be created overnight, and we certainly can’t hold our punches until the time is just right, because it never will be.

            Men are being impoverished now. Men are being subjected to unfair laws, or non-application of law now. Men are being unjustly jailed now. Men are losing their children now.

            I agree that we should be circumspect of our language and behaviour, I agree that if we had funds enough for think-tanks and persuasive authors and government connections that we could do it just right. But we don’t–yet.

            I think that if we just agree to let each person do their thing their own way, keep out of each other’s way, that is a stronger force due to decentralization and variety, than a monolith built on lies, such as the radical feminist movement.

            Do what you’ve got to do brother. If I can’t back you up, at least I won’t trip you up.

          • bowspearer

            Zeph I agree that when it turns to a melee then all you can do is get in there and improvise – heck I’ve been doing it on 2 fronts over the past day heh.

            But I really do believe that even though we don’t have money yet or the exposure, we need to start thinking towards the day in the not too distant future when that begins to change.

            I agree too that plans are far from formulated overnight, however we need to start thinking about when we are at that point.

            A while back Factory accused me of being way too into the curve. However we’re reaching a time where we’re at the point I was then (I’ve since moved to a deeper level, as you’ll notice from comments between TigerMan and myself here) and a point where where we need to be ready to move to that next level.

  • malcolm

    It’s sad to see hatred so deeply embedded in such young people. It’s alarming how feminism can make a young white middle class woman who has a better standard of living than the vast majority of other human beings in the world feel such malice towards men.

    Oh well, she made her bed, now she will have to lie on it.

  • Paul Elam and Agent Mauve

    Fresh from the hunt and color me Mauve
    Enjoy this titbit there’s more on the stove.
    To the bigots and violent whose work I decry
    I’m coming for you, and now I must fly.

  • Zarathos022

    The words elude me.

    The words to properly describe the amount of rage and contempt that I harbor towards this festering, misandric waste of humanity just FUCKING elude me.

    • Steve_85

      They aren’t worth your hate.

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    Well, there isn’t much of a brain to pick at when it seems as if her “logic” is constructed purely from strawmen and assumptions that she has no solid backing for.

    Who would have ever thought that this putrid flavor or feminist would throw logic out the window and put her emotions above ALL?

    She has an ugly personality and she knows it, but rather than admit it and be a reasonable adult, its easier for her to project her blatantly obvious downfalls and insecurities on everyone else.

    I mean… how could she POSSIBLY be wrong about anything? Her gender studies classes clearly identifies the problem as TEH FUCKING PATRIARCHY! HAIL SATAN!


  • craigmcf

    As I mentioned earlier, these people will never change but the beauty of it is that we will have the advantage as we approach everything with our eyes wide open and a working brain.

    We know where the problems originate but as always we will deal with this blight with dignity, intelligence and strength. Characteristics these people will never understand or have.

  • lugger2010

    Well, as someone who lives in TO., I have younger freinds who are in university, and I WILL be showing them this entire article w/ this creature’s picture, and encouraging them to “pass it on”…..
    Just trying to do what I can.

    • scatmaster

      good job lugger. on the ground activism. wish I was still in university.
      I will be posting decals at U of O as Stephen has promised to send them along tout du suite.

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        Scatters, I was wondering when you’d show up.

        Quite the circus here eh?

        • scatmaster

          Yup guy closes his eyes for a nap, hits a nephews birthday party and I come home to this.
          Love it!!!!

        • Roger O Thornhill

          Shit, I went to bed too early!

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            And they went to bed too late and they shat.

          • TigerMan

            Phew what a long thread – as Vinny Jones said towards the end of “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells” – “It’s been emotional” 😉

  • Aimee McGee

    I’m just left wondering where the hate has come from…so much hate for one whole gender

    • TigerMan

      It seems to be cartoons look actually fashionable!! Most of the extreme forms of Misandry (verbally at any rate) are from girls often using “cute” anime avatars etc and mimicking Japanese girls in style of chat and interests. The avatars and cartoons are all really “cutesie” yet they chat with deadpan style about a desire to kill all men and another emphasised that she wanted to physically put mra’s balls through a meat grinder. Another has said that the present she wants for Christmas is Paul Elam’s decapitated head!
      In addition there is a #killallmen hashtag and it was being used quite liberally by many of these anime fans. Maybe there is something worth researching in this cultural phenomenum not to mention that there are no shortages of manginas who are totally unfazed at seeing women they admire openly expressing such hate and disdain but they themselves will join in mocking mens rights and their supporters. Quite a few MRA’s have had their accounts suspended by sending replies to some of the offenders – that’d where they then get reported by the taunter for sending “unsolicited” replies which often then results in immediate suspension. So while some of this is pure trollery it is often ideologically backed (ie marxist feminist etc included in their profiles). Anyway after hearing about all the masses of “grass eaters” amongst young men in Japan it could well be that a very nasty form of feminism has intertwined itself into the anime cartoon pop culture amongst the girls and young women over there which in turn is being copied in the west. If I find the time I might do some research on that and see what I come up with.

      • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

        “Another has said that the present she wants for Christmas is Paul Elam’s decapitated head!”

        Has anyone ever considered doing a “manboobz-style” expose of the virulent and violent misandry coming out of these people?

        • TigerMan

          Yes I’m sure that can be done too. What I’m also interested in is that such open misandry is done by many who have a LOT to lose. College students and pencil pushers in taxpayer funded jobs. The very fact that they feel so secure in being open about their misandry in istelf gives a hint at where we should be addressing a lot of focus. In short we need to ensure one way or another that such expressions have consequences and those consequences should also be targeted at any official bodies that are either looking the other way or indeed encouraging said misandry in the first place – because one thing is for sure similar expressions of misogyny would not be tolerated for one moment.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

          The strangest anti MRA comment I have ever seen is this one on his site:

          By the twisted spinster –
          “Well, now I finally feel like getting a tattoo. One that spells out “piss on Paul Elam” on my face.”

          I don’t understand it.

          • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

            Funny part is, I used to know that woman and even tweet back and forth and occasionally do Yahoo chats with her. Then something twisted and changed in her, and she pretty obviously began deeply loathing men in general. Meh. She’s a middle aged spinster living alone with her cats and lost contact with reality, decency, and common sense. There’s no reasoning with some people.

      • Aimee McGee

        I saw some manga comics early in the 2000s and I admit I found them disturbing…

        There are two quite distinct thoughts going through my head with regards to this young woman.

        Firstly, I wonder if she is a sychophant follower and is trying to show she belongs with the “big grrrls” and at 19 years old she is not considering the consequences…

        Secondly, I am wondering where her father has been in her life. Was he alienated by an angry and bitter mother?

        • TigerMan

          Well the odds are statistically that she is more likely not to have a father in her life than a mother – but she is at college and has all the attitudfes of a pampered princess so my guess daddy is just another ATM ernabler whom her mother simulateously blames for every bad thing that can happen ie PAS – but I’m just guessing maybe she lives wiith both parents who are both really decent people. I’m sure she will still find someone to blame though when her bigotry becomes unfashionable and she has to live in the real world with the rest of us. lol

    • Raven01

      That simple question is enough for several articles Aimee.
      And, as rhetorical as it is I will blindly toss in my 2 cents anyway :-P.
      I have little doubt that the current in vogue feminine hatred of all things masculine has the exact same roots as racism, nationalism, tribalism and so on. A toxic combination of ignorance, and an immature mind constantly seeking approval and recognition from the “tribe”.
      The same mind set contributes greatly to white knights.

      While forcing people to mature is an impossibility(we can help it along with the introduction of natural consequences however), destroying ignorance is most definately a “do-able” action we can and are engaging in.

      • bowspearer

        And yet there’s a very short answer: moral panic+traditionalism*pro-female gendered = feminism + misandry.

        Where you find the unpacking comes from is traditionalism itself. In truly addressing the issue, the causes behind women feeling the socialised need to be protected [by men] and the socialised attitudes of expendability towards men, need to be fully addressed. If someone doesn’t beat me to it in the next few years, I’m planning to do a doctorate on it.

        • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

          I hope you do that doctorate. It’s been my contention (and not only mine by any stretch) for years that this is the case.

        • Raven01

          That will be an interesting read.
          I have a long held belief that misandry is firmly entrenched in both the left and the right.
          The misandry in traditionalism is a bit more slippery since, there was arguably a net gain for the species. I just think that by now we should be able to do much better for both men and women.

        • bowspearer

          And yet there’s been no yellow spine with me. You and others seem to think that worrying about recriminations means I’m scared of them. If I was scared of recriminations, then I wouldn’t have been getting in the trenches on rapebook in the way I have the past 24 hours. Yes as the movement grows bigger, so do the attacks from the other side.

          However in war, you develop counter-strategies and scenarios for when your opponent strikes at you. Wanting there to be counter-strategies in place isn’t fearing the inevitable attacks by them – it’s embracing that reality and wanting to be as ready for it as possible.

        • TigerMan

          You raise some interesting points but I fear it is too clinical. I say this because history has shown us time and time again that put a highly laudable socio\political template to work and watch how shortcomings in those who participate undermine it. I think the same will apply to any template no matter how well thought out or utopian. I’d wager it is human ignorance and shortcomings that tend to undermine more than anything else. A long time ago I think Socrates with his “know thyself” injunction provides a clue to the missing piece. That if we don’t encourage each citizen towards self realisation or worse if what is put in place distracts from that natural need then we are just perpetuating ignorance because social\political templates don’t liberate anyone – only individuals can do that.
          So what we need are templates that encourage individuals towards self-realisation and that might have to be one quite radically different from what we have today with a focus on consumerism and materialism.
          There is a youtube channel called the “new american dream” I think which explores this more empowered approach to the relationship between individual needs and the greater whole. I like their ideas because they can be adapted to work even within highly faulty models like the one we are now in. What is neat about such positive initiatives is that you don’t have to wait for the payoff. Attend to or prioritise your real needs instead of those you were persuaded to think were your needs and immediately your sense of wellbeing will improve. As more people improve their wellbeing this has positive knock on effect and a positive momentum can then develop.

          • bowspearer

            Here’s the thing though. You raised Socrates’ notion of “know thyself” but which self do you mean, the authentic self or the socialised self? I’m reminded of what a wise being once said “you must unlearn what you have learned”.

            The fact is that gender isn’t just some academic construct – it’s a social construct that’s been around since time immemorial. It has as much to do with the Caveman days as it does with modern day society. The fact is that society has said that men and women should act a certain way because of their genitalia.

            The only way you can reach the authentic self is by “unlearning” the socialised self. To do that, you need to understand every single aspect of how your socialised self differs from your authentic self and the causes behind it.

            Thus I’d argue that what I’m talking about is a key component of achieving what you’ve brought up here.

          • TigerMan

            The self behind all the masks – the one we started out being very much in touch with until we got distracted and threw out the baby with the bathwater so to speak.
            One can’t say too much about it here in terms of what it actually is for it cannot be grasped with intellect but it can be KNOWN in the sense of experienced. Contact with it even superficially is usually accompanied by feelings of peace, joy and happiness despite external circumstances. It is the greatest asset we have literally under our noses but also perhaps the most taken for granted and neglected.
            If in an effort to get back to the “authentic self” trying to “unlearn” everything I’m not sure is practical. The authentic self doesn’t go anywhere as it is we that wandered off – what is needed is a consciousness of that thirst we have to reconnect to the source within us.
            Following that thirst will lead back to the well within.
            That we have that thirst or hunger is interesting but we try to satiate it by offering it everything else but what we really need and deep down we are not fooled.
            If I am thirsty for water saying water water water will not not quench it nor will elaborate descriptions or even photographs. Sadly that is what most of us do we offer ourselves substitutes and try and kid ourselves we are satisfied etc.
            How can you thirst or hunger for something which does not exist?
            Answer – you cannot so if you become aware of this fundamental thirst it must be for something which is real.
            We must be honest with ourselves first to acknowledge the thirst and second to acknowledge whether or not we have quenched it.
            Understanding these 2 main aspects are what can lead to wisdom because your heart can then lead you to the well so you can lower your buckets and bring up as much as you need to quench your thirst.
            Sorry about all the analogies but it is the nature of the topic.

          • bowspearer

            I’m not disputing any of that. However at the same time, there is a progression of socialisation and indoctrination here and if you are to undo it, then you need to understand the nature of that progression. I agree it’s not a simple formula because people are complex. However if we can come to understand how we have been socialised, and how it has affected our perception of self, then we can understand where to look to uncover and be our authentic selves.

          • TigerMan

            Yes this is really two issues – one is the politics of the masses (society or the collective of individuals) and the other is the politics of the self. Both have linkage but since the two havr never been closely linked in recorded history as far as I know then we are on new ground.

        • TigerMan

          Whoa that was out of line – you might not agree with the guy but he had the balls to speak and explain his reaoning without resorting to cheap insults.

        • bowspearer

          Not to mention TigerMan, that what he resorted to was a typical shaming tactic of white knights and feminists alike.

      • Aimee McGee

        Oddly enough Raven, although it is rhetorical, I think we all need to ask the question if we are going to address the toxic nature of gender feminist thinking.

        In the mean time, I am going to keep ironing and believe it or not pray for this young lass…

        By praying for her, I am not excusing her, but rather I am asking the Divine to heal something that is broken.

        • TigerMan

          Thanks for the reminder Aimee :)

        • bowspearer

          You’re right Aimee, and I’ll do the same. I pray that in time she comes to understand what justice and equality actually are and comes to abandon her bigotry for them. I will live in hope for the day when it does for her and countless other bigots there like her.

  • TigerMan

    Paul – sent you a DM on twitter 😉

  • bowspearer

    It’s ironic Paul. You claim to want to win this war, yet when someone who is acutely aware of the MO of the enemy points out a flaw that could come back to bite us, you immediately presume I must be a feminist playing the part of the “concern troll”.

    Wow. It’s highly ironic when being in the trenches on Rapebook tonight and voicing strategic concerns tonight, coming from a place of being a male survivor of abuse, I’d be villanised by both the MRA AND rad feminists.

    There has been no ploy here. Countless times I’ve told you I support moving forward on the naming and shaming, yet rather than discussing the issue of countering repercussions (kudos to Dean for being the exception here), it’s just easier to blindly declare an MRA who views this as a war that has a long way to go (I’m under no illusions that it could be another 50 years until we’ve fully won this, maybe longer) as the “enemy”.

    Yes, you made an editorial decision, but Paul, the MRA is so much bigger than just you or I or any other individual out there. You may have made the decision, but the fallout from a bad choice affects far more than just you – with flow on effects hitting those men at their most vulnerable.

    Waving around the mod-hammer wont change that, and being in the demographic of men who are all too aware of the double standards towards men as a domestic violence and rape survivor, I’m not going to let go of my concerns where I feel the enemy may be able to exploit a weakness.

    Armies don’t surrender when a weakness in defence is discovered- they take steps to fortify that weakness. That was all my comments have been concerned with – contrary to the assumptions numerous people here have made.

    • Raven01

      I can’t speak for Paul or even in representation of this site but,I do not consider you a “concern troll”.
      I consider you too terrified by the enemy to be of any use when it hits the fan.
      I would take just one DannyBoy over 2 dozen Mr.WhatIfs at my back when confronting misandrists.
      You are beating a dead horse, the issue has been dealt with by the site here and, will be plain as the nose of your face when the First Principles are rolled out for wider consumption.
      No violent advancement of our claims will ever be accepted (hell you can count on it being denounced should it ever happen). And, when confronted with calm, feminists have a strong tendency to be emboldened to even more outrageous acts of idiocy and violence.
      SpittleGurl would never have dreamed of her gleeful attacks at U of T had she faced even the potential of a punch in the face for her efforts. She like many bullies is a coward at heart. And, that is their weakness.
      They can be incited by calm, non-violence while providing no grappling points.
      Seriously, go to youtube and subscribe to both fidelbogen and integralmath and watch every video either has post then come back to keep playing the armchair quarterback long after the play has ended.

      • bowspearer

        If I was too terrified, I wouldn’t have been FTSU on rapebook tonight. Don’t mistake terror for calculating prudence. We’re escalating things, which means the stakes get higher, the retaliation gets bigger and when a weakenss is exploited, the defeats can be greater. Saying we’ve got a potential problem and being concerned about it is far from cowardice, it’s watching our backs and wanting us ready should they be lunged at. Also just because I haven’t been on youtube for the past few years, doesn’t mean I haven’t been incredibly active online as an MRA (at many times retraumatising myself in terms of the abuse I’ve survived too I might add).

        • cvar

          I think your concern would normally be legitimate, but in this case, it doesn’t actually matter what we say. Paul has repeatedly stated his (and this sites) policy of non-violence. It’s in the mission statement as well. Putting up a big old front page disclaimer saying NO VIOLENCE will be ignored like those already are.

          For legal purposes, the site’s policy is the best that can be done preemptively. I guess he could reorder it so that no violence is #1, but I don’t really see that having a huge effect on any legal claims brought against Paul or the site.

          • cvar

            Oy Oy, don’t just downvote and run. Tell me what you disagreed with. So much to learn hiding in you guys’ and gals’ brains.


          • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

            No. Putting up a great big No Violence sign is absolutely better that putting up no such sign.

            That, and reiterating a position of non-violence continually in our rhetoric. Like a drumbeat. So that the general public will come to associate it with us.

            Thing of what a good ad slogan or jingle can do to establish a ‘brand’. It’s along those lines.

          • Keith

            Violence without you is the violence within you.

          • cvar


            We have a great big no violence sign. This site’s policy is it. Making a page spanning graphic in great big block letters will be ignored just as easily. This site’s policy is also made clear in it’s posts (none of which have ever called or suggested violence in any way) and in it’s moderation (warning and banning people that suggest violence.)

            I think our continued refusal to behave like feminists do is enough to highlight the policy. Making a banner wouldn’t help with the legal issue.

            O…kay? I mean, I agree that someone who surrounds themselves with violence is probably violent as well, but relevance? It’s been made pretty clear that violence, violent speech or inciting violence won’t be tolerated here. Further graphics won’t assist in establishing that and won’t prevent accusations of violence.

            (It also took me nearly a half hour to stop reading that as “Violence with out you is violence within you”. Confusion levels maximum!)

          • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen


            I’m not talking about AVfM. I’m not talking about “legal repercussions”.

            I am talking broadly, in principle, in long-term strategic policy.

            Nome sayin’?

            We (whoever “we” is) need to lay that stuff on THICK, and manipulate it skillfully.

          • cvar


            Ah, I’m with you now. I was talking to bower in a more specific AVfM sense. Generally speaking, yes, all MRA sites should have something that states clearly their position against violence. All of their writing and moderation activities should also reflect that position. Doing otherwise is political suicide.

            I just don’t see much difference than a banner at the top of each page and a stated site policy when it comes to dealing with the blind accusations.

          • Steve_85

            Keith: “Violence without you is the violence within you.”

            Do you even know what this means?

      • TigerMan

        I don’t consider bowspearer to be a troll of any kind. Seriously YOU talk about “calm” when using college jock rhetoric like that.
        By all means we can disagree but but insults like the ones you and one or two others here have used are uncalled for and I don’t give a fuck of how many downvotes I get for pointing that out.

    • TigerMan

      I regret to see you getting so many downvotes for speaking honestly and politlely with reason. It makes me ashamed that well reasoned opnion expressed in good faith is getting thumbed down like some hapless gladiator in the arena.
      I thought we were better than that.

      • Raven01

        It is called “a difference of opinion”.
        About half of his up votes came from me actually.
        I’d be a bit hypocritical if I expected feminists to own their shit and take criticism like an adult and then refuse to do the same or accept the same myself.
        This MRA has his big-boy Underoo’s on.
        Polite reason has earned us generations of fatherless children, state dependent mothers, innocent men incarcerated. Whereas in your face activism has provided footage like JtO and the Vancouver MRAs, Mary Kellett facing likely for the first time in her life, very real consequences for her choice to be a bigot.
        Does that stuff anger me? Damned skippy it does but, it really isn’t hard IRL when confronted by an angry feminist that nothing will piss them off more than calm refutation of their stance or on occasion completely ignoring them. And, when they get angry, much like a child they have little impulse control and prove my point for me. Reading and listening to Fidelbogen led me to clarify that tactic and use it more often.
        I get in the trenches IRL so, my views may be different from media MRA’s. Both are useful and honestly the tactics do cross at times and right now we need the media campaign to use trench techniques.

        • bowspearer

          Except that wasn’t a mere difference of opinion. The only person here who actually engaged in that was Dean Esmay.

          What happened was much closer to an online pillorying than I was talking contingencies and i had multiple people either accusing or implying that I was a concern troll – right down to Paul himself pointing out where the door was.

          Admittedly I said in an email to Paul that I could see where the naysayers were coming from. However just because I can recognise a line of argument, doesn’t mean I agree with it hook line and sinker.

          Furthermore, just because I’m concerned with how to manage the fallout, and am raising the issue of contingencies and countermeasures, doesn’t mean that either I’m too scared to push ahead with it, or to get in the trenches when it’s needed (in fact multiple comments in this thread where I have gotten in the trenches at the first opportunity, attest to that).

          You talk about how reasoned argument hasn’t worked with feminists and white knights, and that’s largely spot on. However this wasn’t an exchange between a feminist and a group of MRAs – it was an exchange between one MRA and another group of MRAs.

          A few people here have brought up old sayings, well I have one which sums up the debacle perfectly: “the enemy is out there!”

          • Raven01

            Sorry you see it that way. But, count just how many posts urging caution and an almost hand-wringing apologetic outing (at least typed and from my regional bias it came across that way) you wrote.
            If you were trying to do what Fidelbogen is speaking of in his reply @cvar then, my apologies without excuse.
            If not I still see it as too tight of a focus on “parrying” and not “cutting”(Excuse the 5 Rings reference again). And, that is how it came across.
            Much of the fallout if the engagement is controlled will be in our favour. Feminist hysterics seems to be a part of why people are distancing themselves from it more and more every day. Encouraging those hysterics can be a useful tool.
            Either way, you keep doing what you do, I’ll do what I do and if were lucky we’ll both make a difference here and there. We don’t have to agree on everything in order to keep rowing in the same direction.

          • bowspearer

            Since you refer to “cutting” and “parrying” as separate entities, I’ll draw you to the analogy of the Samurai. Yes, samurai have the razor-sharp katana for doing severe damage, but they also have the Tanto for parrying. No samurai worth his salt would ditch one for the other as they recognise that a fluid two-bladed style involves interchangeably parrying and cutting with effortless ease.

            Suggesting countermeasures and contingencies is about parrying, but it’s about doing so to fend off an attack and get the next lunge in, in the most fluid manner possible.

  • J3DIforce1

    “i keep getting friends texting me they found a viral vide of an MRA protest and that im in it. i’m so glad this is my legacy”

    Yet people tried to have it taken down over “privacy” concerns! If its a legacy leave it up. Don’t go gettin mad if the viral part does not favor well for you.

    MRAs are just the outspoken few, but the awakening that something is wrong is shared by the many and carried by people who don’t even know what the fuck an MRA is. THAT’S why the video went viral. You can try and stamp us out all day, but even if you could, you can’t stop change. You don’t have to be an MRA to smell the rain from the coming storm.

    My advice to feminist and feminism in general! If you want to survive you better start doing what you say you do and stop doing what you actually do. You better step it up and speak for all or you’ll just be seen as another pimple in history from future generations.

  • spookymulder

    This post is absolutely despicable and every single person who has commented and agreed with it is a vile human being.

    All of Emma’s tweets are facetious. They are humorous. “Misandry” is a common Tumblr joke, as is “kill all men.” Citing these tweets as fact is like citing Jamie Foxx’s monologue on SNL last night as evidence of a black conspiracy to Kill All Whites. It just makes you look juvenile, sophomoric, desperate, and ugly.

    I hope when you gather with your families this holiday season, you look around at them and realize that they probably feel as little for you as you do for women.

    This is libelous, defamatory, and disgusting. Take it down immediately.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Oh yes, it is all just spoofy, goofy, facetious antics of sweet lil Emma. And the tearing down of posters promoting Dr. Farrell’s talk on the boy crises was just another little bit of sweet humor from her sweet little self. And chanting “Fuck Warren Farrell,” standing side on side with the despicable, no, wait, sorry, other misunderstood sweethearts at that humorous little gathering calling him a rape apologist and an incest supporter, all of it, was just wacky hijinx from the sweetest kindest little sugar cube you ever did see.

      Hang around for a bit, and hear what some other women have to say to you, spooky.

      And, while I won’t honor your polite request to remove the post, I do want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

      • Poester99


      • scatmaster

        Well we know who the 1 down vote in this thread is from.

      • Rad

        In other words, pussy pass denied.

    • J3DIforce1

      So when the comedian Tosh made a rape joke, by your logic women had no right to get upset then right? Is that it?

      • spookymulder

        k then

      • TheAmazingAnarchist

        In my opinion people getting angry over a comedian making a rape joke is silly as a whole. The woman did have the right to get angry(although, the only reason she did get angry was because she feels rape only can affect wimminz, she wouldn’t get mad at a holocaust joke, guaranteed) but it was stupid of her to get angry either way.

    • Raven01

      If suggesting people be killed is humourous to you, then I would suggest that besides being a Grade A asshole, you should review your own sense of right versus wrong.

      Oh, I almost forgot.
      Fuck you and, the horse you rode in on.

      • spookymulder


      • Steve_85

        Hey now, the horse hasn’t done anything wrong.

    • bowspearer

      You know, there’s an old saying of “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”. You say she was just joking – well I wonder what tiny sliver of humour that the poor young man she verbally abused and angrily slandered was supposed to take from it. Oh and by the way, last I checked, that was legally classed as public humiliation on her part.

      Furthermore you claim she was “just joking” yet in doing so you admit such things were said- making your slander claims utterly fallacious.

      Furthermore citing conspiracy theory accusations in light of countless male-hating and genoocidal manifestos from such “delightful” sources as Dworkin, Solanas and Daly amounts to an incredibly embarrassing fallacy on your part.

      Finally, please tell me how the blind claims of misogyny are any better than men calling bra burning women “man-hating lesbians” during the 1960s. I can’t wait to hear your response to that one.

      • bowspearer

        You know spookymulder, you accuse everyone here of being a vile individual, but here’s the rub. You claim that Claire was “just joking” however even if she was just joking, she was still trivialising very real and serious men’s issues and in doing so, behaving in a chauvinistic manner.

        You talk about vile, but let me tell you the realities on the ground. We treat men who have been the victims of rape and domestic violence simultaneously as perpetual predators and cheap, filthy, worthless sluts.

        Did you stop to consider how many of those men, demanding the same attitude to the abuse they are victims of, or were you too busy running with the debunked fallacy of “the Patriarchy”?

        The fact is that Claire, whether “in jest” (which her actions on video do not give credence to) or maliciously, actively contributed, especially through her choice of slanderous slurs, to a culture which shields female rapists, violent women, female child abusers and female pedophiles- a culture which sees battered men arrested arbitrarily and subjected to prison rape, and underage boys raped and then forced to pay the female pedophile child support. The term for that type of behaviour is enabling. You might want to reflect on that before calling anyone here vile. Some of us who are male survivors regard her personal comments in the same league as those made by radical Islamic Clerics which compare women to “uncovered meat” for dressing a certain way.

    • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

      “All of Emma’s tweets are facetious. They are humorous.”

      Really? Yet you and your buddies point to Youtube trolls with no connection to the Men’s rights Movement posting “facetious” calls for violence against feminists as evidence that Men’s Rights activists are violent.

      I’m curious. What makes a threat of violence serious? The fact that the person uttering it has a penis?

      Now here’s the real question. If you soft pedal women’s agency when they make death threats, how do you know you’re not doing it all the time subconsciously?

      “A woman can’t be president, she can’t be relied up on to take effective action.”

      “A woman can’t be CEO, she can’t be relied upon to lead a company.”

      “A woman can’t utter death threats, she can’t be relied upon to follow through.”

      “A woman can’t be…”

      If you really want equality, start with yourself.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        Oh! Oh! I can tell. He down voted you! He DOWN VOTED YOU!!!! And you are a WOMAN!!!

        What a misogynistic, rape apologizing, incest supporting asshole!

        Fuck Spookymulder! Fuck Spookymulder!

        • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

          “And you are a WOMAN!!!”

          I am a woman. And I want my death threats taken fucking seriously, goddammit!

          • TheBiboSez

            Typhon Blue is just SOOOOO adorable when she is making death threats! ME! ME! Threaten ME!

            (Welcome back, TB…we missed you. See what happens when you take a break?)

          • Mr.Zeph

            I can haz de deaf-trets?

        • Phil in Utah

          It takes some fuck, then some shit, then some fuck, then some shit, you got a fuck shit stack, a fuck shit stack…

          • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

            Ah yes. “Fuck Shit Stack”. So applicable in so many situations.

          • TigerMan

            Fuck dat some serious satire shit goin down right there bro ! lol :)

        • Iron John


    • Poester99

      Do your frequently find your self wondering, should I poke that beehive with this stick, or shouldn’t I?

      Need to get that checked

    • R Leger

      “This is libelous, defamatory, and disgusting. Take it down immediately.”

      Which part is the lie… looks to me like the article contained backed up facts and an well explained opinion on them. The only fragment of your statement that has a hint of truth is when you call all this disgusting. I agree. Her actions were disgusting.

      Welcome to the real world, where you can’t hide behind your computer screen and fling your vile vitriol. It’s not our job to protect the identities of assholes. If people don’t want to be known as an asshole, all they need do is not be an asshole.

    • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

      As you rejoice in the holidays, discuss over your big turkey dinner how when your sons look back on your sick, suplicating collabaration with the Femistazi who will enslave them and steal their children, they will piss and shit on your pathetic, quisling grave.

      Now get back to feltching your supremacist overlings, they are growing restless in your absence, spooky bitch-ass cunt.

    • http://beliefblower.com ReneeHendricks

      Spookymulder – except…it’s not funny if the gender is changed, now is it? Tweeting/posting “kill all women” would not be regarded as hilarious. Standing outside a feminist’s speaking engagement yelling “fuck you!” or “feminist groups are hate groups” or following a woman around wanting to listen in on the speech and spitting “you are fucking scum!” over and again would *not* be tolerated.

      So, no. Emma Claire is not funny or “facetious”. She’s a disgusting, vile person herself. The very sort of woman I’m teaching my young son to avoid at all costs.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      To Spookymulder

      An anagram of your name is “Proudly Smokes” and it meant nothing to me until I saw something odd about yourself.

      The cigar you have clenched between your teeth is a turd.

      It looked ok when you shoved it in your gob, but your myopia and tunnel vision had you not see it for what it is.

      We on the other hand, see you exactly for what you are – a canary in a coal mine watched by frightened feminist fuckwits.

    • Zarathos022

      In addendum to Mr. Elam’s comment:

      P.S.: Go fuck yourself, mangina.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I will be sure to inform my wife and two of my best friends that I hate them and that I assume they hate me.

      Idiot. Stop protecting fascist thugs with your “they’re just girls they’re just joking” sexist bigoted bullshit. How little you must think of women, to think they’re just angels who never commit violence, and that they’re allowed to practice bullying, censorship, and actual slander with impunity because they’re female.

      If anyone here has no respect for women, it’s you sir.

    • Aimee McGee

      When I look round at Christmas, there will be some wonderful teenaged nephews who I want to grow up knowing they are valuable for their being human, rather than because of their utility.

      When I look round at Christmas, there will be beautiful nieces and my partners daughters and I will be hoping they grow up with belief in their own agency and autonomy.

    • Mr. XY

      We’re just joking here too. Enjoy. Hope Emma is ready to enjoy a lot more of our humor…it’ll be riot.

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen


      Some of the folks around here have taken you rather seriously, but I can see you are quite the comedian, eh? Yes indeed, I am laughing my ass off at you.

      Meta-satire, right? 😉

  • greg

    Even without her degree, she’s already qualified to run the YWCA here in Evanston, or to take a position at the The National Hotline For Domestic Violence.

    • bowspearer

      It’s that last option that’s truly scary. Truly scary indeed.

      • greg

        Or possibly she can be a Women’s advocate at our local courthouse here in Skokie IL, paid by VAWA, thru Social Security Title IV D Funds, to help the False Accusers fill out the paperwork properly, for orders of protection.

  • Poester99

    Well done Agent!

    From her recent tweets, it is not surprising that her parents dislike her.
    I wish she would consider the pain of the children on her path to “self-discovery”, but I will not hold my breath.


    • R Leger

      oh look.. she works with children… lovely /s

      • bowspearer

        I wonder if child protective services in Toronto shouldn’t be contacted – especially if she works with boys.

        • R Leger

          That would be wasted energy… though as a father I would not want my son taught by someone who thinks its funny to degrade another human being like she did… Even if I believed her ideology was correct, the way she enjoyed screaming at that man trying to enter the talk does not tell me personally that she should be around other humans, never mind children. That was pure domination, you could see the primitive parts of her brain every time she cracked a micro-smile as she berated/dominated that man. She knew she could attack him with impunity, and she got off on it.

        • http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com Attila L. Vinczer

          Another area I work in to expose is the ravenous child CAS workers, Children’s Aid Societies who cause immense harm to families as they feed on our children.

          • bowspearer

            I don’t doubt that for one minute. However this case is starting to garner public attention and so it could make for a bit of a “smoking gun” if you will.

            The old saying is that someone has to die before something happens.

            Well in this case hate speech and violence was being directed towards an epidemic of people dying. It’s alot harder to dismiss and very self-shaming once the usual prejudices start to kick in.

    • scatmaster

      she deleted her account. heh heh heh heh

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      Blog deleted. Somebody’s on the run.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Hmm. No longer available. Get censored, did it?

    • TigerMan

      “The authors have deleted this blog. ” – Now there’s a surprise!

    • TheSameDog

      Always submit hate sites to archive.org before outing them!

  • Skeptic

    Feminist Emma Claire’s action is reprehensible to a degree I believe she should be arrested for public violence. As should Little Miss Spittle for her violent outburst at the Warren Farrel gig. Indeed I reckon the whole mob yelling the obscene chant “Fuck Warren Farrel!” should have been arrested for disorderly conduct.
    What’s odd, even alarming to me is that none of the police in attendance at the Farrel gig have to my knowledge so far arrested Miss Spittle despite clear and incontrovertible evidence of her public violence in the form of a video posted of her actions existing here at aVfM – pussy pass from white knight police?

    Something that’s also very interesting to me is the fact that NOT ONE SINGLE feminist anywhere has publicly denounced the actions of Emma Claire or Little Miss Spittle. This despite aVfM being closely monitored by feminists, that aVFM has over 40,000 subscribers and many more casual visitors. Despite GirlWritesWhat’s thousands of subscribers too. Then there are thousands who subscribe to Warren Farrel’s site and youtube videos.
    Now, nobody can tell me that there aren’t feminists in all that sizable reading/viewing audience. Yet where is the feminist denouncing the hatred and violence in the name of feminism from these nutjob women? Nowhere.
    This illustrates to me yet again perfectly what a hate movement feminism is.
    All Feminists Are Like That.
    A FALT.

    • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

      “Now, nobody can tell me that there aren’t feminists in all that sizable reading/viewing audience. ”

      There have been a few on the Youtube channel.

      However I think most of the reasonable ones are now likely reconsidering identifying themselves as feminists.

      And feminism sheds another layer of sanity and compacts into a denser form of crazy.

      • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

        Question is, will it nova, or form a singularity of crazy?

        • bowspearer

          I’m personally hoping for a moderate sized nova – big enough that it embarrasses the movement even further and small enough we can survive it fairly unscathed in the end.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          A black hole of stupid.

          • bowspearer

            I’d love to be that optimistic Paul, but in reality, we have a few decades yet before it starts to completely implode.

          • Kimski


        • gwallan

          Might be worth keeping an eye on the federal election due in Australia late 2013.

          I believe PM Gillards misogyny rant a little while back was laying the groundwork for a “war on women” election campaign that will make the recent US election look like a Sunday school picnic.

          • Booyah

            I fear your right and after watching the US elections turn into a one issue joke, its a very real concern.

        • Robert Crayle

          It will form a black hole not sizeable enough to sustain itself and eventually decay to a size too small to register.

          And good for that.

  • Phil in Utah

    A situation update: Emma Claire is aware of this article, and is quite upset at being called out on her bigotry. She’s especially mad that somebody dared to compare her hatred of men with hatred of blacks, and has now changed her Twitter handle to @literallygoaway

    Also, I know it’s a bit OT, but I’m getting a tad impatient: when will we see the article exposing David Futrelle as the creator of r/beatingwomen?

    • Agent Orange

      Now changed to @goawayforever
      She is scrubbing everything of hers off the net. those who have screenies of it, be prepared to reupload to another location so people will never forget the bigot she is.

      Also..follow all communiques and collect everything you can for anyone showing support to her.

      • Poester99

        oh, look whats happened now..

        “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”


      • Kimski

        “She is scrubbing everything of hers off the net.”

        Cockroaches don’t like bright light.
        It’s an empirical fact.

      • scatmaster

        I hope you did it Agent Orange because I went to bed at 2 in the morning after just signing off AVFM and I come back to this. Everything was already scrubbed Damn it.

      • TPH

        Ah, poor, poor Emma. The net never forgets, the net never apologises, the net has your hate on display for all eternity. Employment searches on your name, background checks, the nosy friend.

        They will all find out sooner or later. Your hatred and nasty actions against a man advocating positive change will follow you. Of course you never bothered to find out who he is or what he advocates, you hate him because he supports boys and men, something I think you are incapable of.

    • Poester99

      Violence and hate from feminists is their standard operating procedure and everyone knows it. Society has already been largely restructured to forgive and forget these sorts of things from the divine church of the feminine and their high priestesses, the official feminists.

      Emma Claire please do continue to write about all about your hate, it is quite enlightening.

    • Poester99

      Logically, then,
      Emma Claire hates black men, who woulda thunk it?

      She’s failed her first entrance test into the fifth column.

      • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

        EMMA CLAIRE HATES BLACK, AND JEWISH MEN. What a fucking racist, anti-semite klanswhore. Prosecute that poisonous witch for hatespeech, ASAP!

        These are legally protected groups, prosecute that cancerous boil under the full force of law. Destruction of private property and infringement upon the rights of citizens to peaceably congregate and their right to free speech and expression. These Stalinists must be held to account in this once free and great country of Canada.

    • puck_marin

      I wonder how many times she will change her handle before she either gives up or leaves twitter all together?

      • Poester99

        soon, young Padawan

    • spookymulder

      You people aren’t just “outing a feminist” (what the fuck even, like she was a closet feminist????)…

      You’re defaming and attacking a NINETEEN YEAR OLD GIRL.

      You know all of those news stories about teenagers who kill themselves because of bullying (cyber and not — especially bullying re: sexual orientation, which many commenters have done here)? Well, you’re the people who make those stories happen.

      And I am done. I will no longer comment on this article. Because there is, as Cosmo Kramer would say, no arguing with crazy. I wasn’t here to do that, even though you turned me into that at the end.

      So long, and thanks for all the fish.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        To be “defaming” her we’d have to be lying about her, moron.

        We’re exposing a hatemongering, censoring, violent bigot who’s proud of her hatemongering censoring bigotry. You’re exposing yourself as a sexist who protects violent sadistic sexist creeps just because they’re women. You show your contempt for women, AND your contempt for your own sex, by doing so.

        You’re right there’s no arguing with crazy, and brother are you crazy.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          I love he way he put NINETEEN YEAR OLD GIRL in all caps. I think it was supposed to be for shame emphasis. Sort of like saying to someone, “You’re beating up on a RETARDED KID.”

          And of course in adopting this take, he reveals that he sees her as no more accountable than some kid with a mental handicap.

          Nineteen year old young men, and younger, leave body parts and life blood on battlefields across the world.

          The whole fucking purpose of feminism was women’s unrealized capability and personal agency, yet still we see every day that it takes a Daddy Figure to come out and by god make everyone treat cupcake like she is made of bone china, no matter what she does.

          You are correct, Dean. He does not respect women at all. He can’t even expect a feminist to act like she runs her own life.

          What a pathetic fucking mess this shit has become.

      • Zarathos022

        Once again (I type this slowly so you’ll better understand):

        Goooooo fffffuuuuuuucccccckkk yyyyooouuuurrrrrssssseeeeelllllllffffff mmmmmaaaannnnnngggggiiiiiiinnnnnnaaaa.

      • gwallan


        The nineteen year old WOMAN has not been defamed. She has been quoted.

        If she believes she has been mis-quoted she need only contact the editors. I’m sure they will be only too happy to quote her again.

        • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

          Indeed, if she wishes to issue a statement we will happily put it on the front page. If she feels she has been libeled she is invited to demonstrate that for us, or, failing that, to take it up with us in court.

          We have this thing in this country we call a 1st amendment. And at AVfM, we don’t hesitate to call out bigots and hatemongers when we see them. Even if they’re 19 years old and people think they’re just cute harmless little girls. (How fucking condescending toward women can you get?)

      • John A

        News flash Spook, nineteen = Adult. Plenty of nineteen year old ‘boys’ go to adult prisons.

        How many nineteen year old conscripts died in Vietnam?


        Oh, and don’t call women ‘girls’ – it’s sexist.

        • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

          “News flash Spook, nineteen = Adult. Plenty of nineteen year old ‘boys’ go to adult prisons.

          How many nineteen year old conscripts died in Vietnam? “


          When I was nineteen years old, I was onboard a ship enroute to the combat zone, and I didn’t even have the right to vote in my own country. But in those days, that was the norm, not the exception.

          As per the Vietnam War Memorial info pages and search engine, http://thewall-usa.com/ approximately 42 percent of the more than 58,000 names on the Vietnam War Memorial died for America without ever having the right to vote. They were under 21 when they died and the 26th amendment had not yet passed.

          Only eight women’s names appear on the Vietnam War Memorial. All were old enough to vote at the time of their deaths.

        • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

          “Oh, and don’t call women ‘girls’ – it’s sexist.”

          Okay, but can we call gender feminist women “infants” for the way gender feminism’s victimology tries to infantalize (make babies out of) all women. 😉

          I am feminist hear me roar, Wah! Wah! I am invincible, Wah! Wah! I am feminist, Wah! Wah! Wah…

      • MrShadowfax42

        “You know all of those news stories about teenagers who kill themselves because of bullying (cyber and not — especially bullying re: sexual orientation, which many commenters have done here)? Well, you’re the people who make those stories happen.”

        No spookymulder, the feminists at that “protest” are the people who make those stories happen. Did you even watch the footage of the “protestors” you are defending. At one point they dismiss male suicide as “something that is dealt with by feminism”. One of the students who tried to attend – only to be blocked by these bigots – explained that in fact two of his friends had committed suicide within the last two years.
        That was actually one of the main reasons he was trying to attend the talk. By trying to prevent these talks from going ahead, these “protestors” are in fact denying very real attention being paid to teen suicide.
        So nobody here is the least bit impressed with your arguments.

        • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

          Yep, old Emma and her friends are the real bullies–and what’s more, they fucking know it.

          By the way, am on the phone with GWW, to your concern that this Stalinist thug may have caused him to feel suicidal? While that’s certainly possible, and she obviously initially hurt his feelings, he’s also obviously gotten over it:


          • MrShadowfax42

            Thanks for that Dean, he seems a very well-balanced guy, glad he is unapologetic and blogging so reasonably about the whole incident. Not sure I could be as reasonable if somebody tried to bully me into submission.

          • MrShadowfax42

            Ah, wasn’t concerned for him specifically re suicide, although god knows I sympathise with people who have lost friends to suicide. I meant more that the attitude of the feminists in this video trivialises male suicide and fosters an environment where any concerns about it are ignored. In fact even talking about it is labelled “hate speech on campus”. Spookymulder suddenly gone quiet, I notice.

          • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray


            “the attitude of the feminists in this video trivialises male suicide and fosters an environment where any concerns about it are ignored.”

            And that feminist attitude is appallingly/grossly negligent, given that 80 percent of suicides in America are males. I don’t have the stats for other Western countries like Canada, but I fear it’s very similar.

          • TheBiboSez

            Dean, of course you’ve thought of this already, but I’d love to see this brave, savvy guy’s blog post reposted here at aVFM.

          • James

            That was a really good read, thank you for linking it.

      • R Leger

        Interesting that the MRAs seem to feel this woman should be held to account for her own actions, yet you’re here arguing that she should be protected from herself. Who the one disrespecting women now? Why do you feel the need to treat women like they are children? Is this some of that “benevolent sexism” you and your ilk seem to rail against? We feel she’s an adult who should be held to account, yet you feel she, for some reason, needs to be protected from her own actions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing worse for the equality of women then modern feminism.

      • Stu

        A 19yo girl is old enough to drink, drive, marry, vote, join the military, run for political office. She’s old enough to own her shit……if not….lets take away all those adult rights and consider her a child.

        The only real problem you have, is that she is female, and your dick is doing your thinking for you.

        • TheBiboSez

          Stu is correct – Spooky, even though they relay on dupes to do their dirty work, feminists detest “nice guy” suck-ups like you. To a feminist, the only difference between you and a douche is that the douche will actually be inside her vagina for a bit.

          You don’t get sex from them by being nice to them, you idiot.

      • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

        Oh, poor little rabies-mouth, the poor dear is- wait for it.. n i n e t e e n. Most excellent, so she’s a fully and completely legal A-fucking-dult. You know that status which confers r e s p o n s i b i l i t y for your heinous actions. N i n e t e e n. Did you have a point other than that statistically she’s been sexually active for about six years, and votes in our elections for public office?
        N i n e t e e n. So your point is that she’s older than boys who get conscripted to murder, bleed and die in wars over resources to service the insatiable material consumption by females? C o n s c r i p t e d, something your priviledged little priss and her ‘right’ to vote wouldn’t know a fuck of a thing about.

        N i n e t e e n year old responsible, poisonous ADULT.

        Fuck you.

      • TheAmazingAnarchist

        “You’re defaming and attacking a NINETEEN YEAR OLD GIRL.”

        19 isn’t old enough now? She’s an adult and you damn well know what you’re doing at 19(you must be 14) so I hardly see an issue here. It’s also funny how you brought up suicide since the vast majority of suicides are males(and most of them not because of sexual orientation)

        “no arguing with crazy.”

        Just crazy? Remember, we’re also rape-apologists, incest supporters, woman-haters, and probably NEO-NAZIS too! You better tell your momma!

      • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

        Translation from white knight into English: You are forcing me to see this woman’s agency. (Agency = Action + Consequence.)

        I can’t handle a world in which women have agency because women are static beings roughly in the shape of my own psychological needs. They cannot be allowed to assume the shape of their own character.

        If they did they would cease to be satisfying objects of moral masturbation for me.

        For the sake of my ability to fap myself into a white knight lather, please desist in judging women by their character and start inflating their victimhood and weakness.

        (I really love it when a girl’s victimhood is so swollen by “social justice” that it pops right out every time she takes a breath.)

        It’s misogynist to judge women by their character and not the size of their oppression!

      • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

        “You know all of those news stories about teenagers who kill themselves because of bullying (cyber and not — especially bullying re: sexual orientation, which many commenters have done here)? Well, you’re the people who make those stories happen.”

        What a Titanic load of gross hypocrisy!

        Where’s all your concern for human life, when males are being witch-hunted en masse by gender-feminist trained judges as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube http://tinyurl.com/65dpzwu or men and their children are being denied shelter from violent women at gender feminist run domestic violence shelters as shown in “Los Misandry” at Youtube? http://tinyurl.com/27oh7cp How many males have died as a direct result of gender feminsim’s hate war on men?

        How many males are struggling in educational situations, trying to just have a viable future, and experiencing gross hatred of their sex at educational institutions like the U. of T.? How many males have given up and/or lost their lives as a direct result of the gross hatred spawned by gender feminism on educational institution campuses like the U. of T.?

        Gender feminism is one third of the race, class, and gender crap-oganda that’s spewed from teachers podiums in curriculums like Sociology and Women’s Studies as shown in Marxist Valley College at Youtube. And anyone (especially male) who speaks up or offers a dissenting opinion is name called, i.e. Warren Farrell at the U. of T. Where has all your concern been when it has come to the lives of males – in this thread, or elsewhere? :-/

        • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

          And to underscore Spookymulder’s gross hypocrisy regarding bullying motivated suicide, I ask, “Where is his concern for the young man who was bullied at the gender feminist hate fest against males on the U. of T. campus?”

          It’s apparently nowhere to be found – just an abundance of male bashing from him in this thread. Given that 80 percent of suicides in neighboring America are males, I find his omission of that concern appalling.

      • Rad

        Spookymulder, don’t you know that cigarettes contribute to the patriarchy via phallic symbolism?

        You better not let those feminists you defend see you smoking. That is definitely inviting perma-friendzone status. Surrender your fags, and your actual phallus while you are at it.

        Shaming can go both ways, amirite?

      • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

        “bullying re: sexual orientation, which many commenters have done here)? “

        Really? And precisely how many commenters have done that here? How about you give us a list of names, Bozo?

        But you will never do that, because you are lying through your teeth by pulling stuff out of your ass, aren’t you?

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Well would you like to write that up? I never heard Futrelle did that. If it’s true, can it be proven?

  • http://forsakeneagle.blogspot.com/ ForsakenEagle

    Looks like someone had fun down voting comments here.

    • Zarathos022

      Only because they don’t have anything worthwhile to say.

  • Phil in Utah

    And now it’s @goawayforever

    Ah, the joys of seeing bigots run scared.

  • puck_marin

    Her twitter name is now @goawayforever

  • Agent Orange

    That’s okay….I say we name each and every protesting individual at that protest. I have a copy of the original vid, so even if it is pulled I can dispense it to other Agents for research purposes.

    • Rog

      and get charges pressed for blocking the doors and interfering with freedom of speach

  • knightrunner

    Thank you Paul. And thank you agent mauve. To all the agents, you guys are heroes.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    Gotta love their, “Look at this comment! See! See! This is why Feminism® is still so desperately needed!” defense.

    By following that logic, this statement is also true,

    “We the kkk, have received many negatative, vitriolic, spiteful, hateful comments, letters, and threats targeted at our organization. These are PERFECT examples as to why the kkk is, without question, absolutely correct in its stance and as to why our politics and policies are still so desperately needed.”

    And of course there is absolutely is NO possibility that good chunk of the nastier comments toward feminists are just trolls and/or feminists themselves. Nope, none. That’s just super paranoia.

    Looks like feminists ARE finally getting into one of the higher paying more difficult jobs nowadays: Mining*.

    *quote mining

    And even then, their reading comprehension and reasoning skills are sorely lacking.

    • keyster

      Our dear Emma agrees with the KKK on Blacks and Jews. A Grand Witch in the making.

    • Rad

      “Haters gonna hate.” is the war-cry of social metaphysics.

      Gonna hate what? And so what? Where’s the beef?

  • LulzGoat

    I’ll try helping in the investigation to discover the identities of these women. I’m a UofT student and I’m the admin of a few UofT facebook groups, 2 of which are approximately 1600 students big. Plus, with the picture of the club, I at least know where to look. I just need to go downtown is all 😛

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Excellent. Please email me at paul@avoiceformen.com I have some additional photos we are trying to ID. Thanks!

    • MrShadowfax42

      Great stuff. And don’t forget the manginas in that crowd as well. I saw at least one of them screaming “Fuck Warren Farrell!”, in fact I think it was one of them who started that little cheerleader chant.

  • RM1970

    I can’t forget, Congratulations Mr. Elam and Mr. Agent Mauve, great work, by the way, there are 247 recent pageviews, 119 cities and 21 countries, nothing bad. Keep it up AVfM Team. Best of luck to you, and of course, you can count on me.

  • barbiehighheels

    Do you feel like men?

    Do you feel like men now?

    Do you feel like men now that you’ve launched this smear campaign against a nineteen-year-old university student feminist?

    Sometimes I feel that as I get older, my ardent feminism softens and I hate men a little less, but I see this hateful (and untrue, slanderous, cruel) post and I’m reminded of why I hate men.

    You’re boys. You’re boys and you feel threatened because a woman isn’t taking any of your shit, so instead of engaging with her on an adult level and reaching out to her, to possibly even explain yourselves and what it is you’re doing here at “A Voice for Men,” you have decided to attack this girl, and essentially validate everything she has been fighting for. You are bullies.

    You are despicable, this is disgusting, and I couldn’t be more ashamed of you.

    Congratulations, boys. You’ve spewed vicious lie-filled filth into the internet about a lovely young woman who just wants equal rights for women.

    Do you feel like a real man, now?

    PS if you need me I’ll be getting “misandry” tattooed on my knuckles

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      If someone told you your feelings about any of us, especially your shame or disapproval mattered, well, they just fucking lied to you. I will let others address the rest of your really stupid bullshit. Right now I am powerful hungry and I am gonna make myself a sammich.

      • Stu

        No you are wrong Paul, if you make it yourself, it’s only a sandwich. If you want a sammich, you’ll have to get a woman to make it for you. :)

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          I get in touch with my feminine side, then I makes me a sammich. :)

        • Steve_85

          That’s the problem with feminist picnics, never any sammiches.

      • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

        *gasp* Don’t you DARE!!! I’ll make your sammich, with your permission of course.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam


          • Stu

            Sammich. Noun. Sam mich

            A sandwich made by a down trodden oppressed woman, for a male chauvinist pig.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Thank you very much for that.

      Thanks for what?

      For confirming that feminists hate men and that they always have, and that those who say otherwise and claim that’s the “straw feminist” are liars or deluded. You have just validated everyone who says that feminism is a hate movement, and that you are part of a hate movement.

      Me? I don’t feel “like a man.” I feel like someone who’s helped identify not just one hatemongering bigot, but two: Emma Claire, and now you. Except I doubt you’ll have the guts to put your real name out there: hatemongering bigoted cowards such as yourself almost never do.

      Thank you for the boot-heel click and Nazi salute, you man- and boy-hating fascist creep.

    • Bombay

      LOL – gender shaming. Back at you:

      If you are a man – do you feel like a man now?

      If you are a woman – do you feel like a woman now?

      Either way – you should see a sex therapist if you feel like your “sex” when writing about this.

    • RM1970

      What is a real man for you? If you think to be a man is agree with bigots, who hate men, hate free speech and openly advocate double standard, think again. It’s not a man, it’s mangina, here you can’t find any mangina, because we have brains and balls.
      If she is nineteen years old, she is old enough to be responsible. Your vision is so twisted, you call us bullies, but what we are seeking here, is justice, and fair treatment. When she offended, bullied and harassed, Who doesn’t agree with her, she became a bully. You admitted, you hate men, I don’t hate women, I like to think the mean women who I know were raised by an evil ideology, if we were raised with love and compassion, both men and women would better.

    • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

      • Zarathos022

        Damn fucking straight.

      • Bombay

        I wonder if this guy, who showed so much restraint when being called names, is now contemplating suicide? Creepy Scum Girl should publish an apology and should be encouraged to do so by her supporters. This is how she can feel better about herself.

        I hope she has learned a good lesson and is modifying her disgusting behavior. If not, I think she may suffer more consequences. Such is life.

        • http://22to28.wordpress.com 22to28

          “I wonder if this guy, who showed so much restraint when being called names, is now contemplating suicide?”

          I’m not.

          • Raven01

            Reading your blog on the event right now.
            I must commend you on your restraint in the face of such a repulsive vitriolic attack.
            It wasn’t that long ago that I was in university and the difference in 2 short decades is unsettling. Open debate and logic seems to be trumped by ideology, indoctrination and feelings today.

          • scatmaster

            I applaud you sir for your restraint in the face of trying circumstances. I do not know if I could have handled the situation as well as you did.
            Do you have any idea who the other ring nosed rat is?

          • Bombay

            Cool. I read your blog. Well done…..

          • PolkaDotHighRise

            Hey! It’s awesome to see you here. Hope you stick around.

          • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

            You are a class act.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        Straw feminist! Straw feminist! These people don’t exist!

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F


      An anagram reveals a warning to others here with a message of not doing as you do – “Has bile. Be Higher.”

      Quite frankly, my visceral response is one of utter repulsion only, and not unlike to announcement of a chemical spill – “Bah! Sigh. Bile here.”

    • Kimski


      Can’t help thinking back on a time in my life, when that kind of shit actually worked.

      What a fucking moron I used to be.

    • Zarathos022

      In response to your shaming bullshit, here’s a question for you: Since when the fuck did equality mean issuing a fucking death sentence for all men simply because they ARE MEN?!?!

      Like I told all your buddies at the protest. You wouldn’t know what equality was if it shat in your faces.

      Hell fucking yes, I feel like a man. I feel like a man because I’m finally standing up against a bigot like you who tries to tell me that, because I’m a man, I’m somehow responsible for every fucking foul thing that goes on in the world.

      We have problems that we need help with like you do.

      We have a right to life like you do.

      We feel and hurt like you do.

      And it burns your ass like hellfire because more and more people are starting to listen to OUR side of the story.

      This asshole you’re defending deserves to be exposed for the shit that came out of her mouth.

      She’s living proof that misandry exists.

      So please, dear madam, kindly go fuck yourself.

      Have a nice day :)


      • Zarathos022

        Oh and btw a “real man” is a man who’s smart enough to not want to spend even a second with a bigot like you.

    • Raven01

      Awwww, look. Emma showed up to bitch for sympathy for her hatred. That or a very unimaginative Women’s Studies clone of her, “PS if you need me I’ll be getting “misandry” tattooed on my knuckles”.

      PS. No one and I do mean no one could give a damn what a spite filled horrible person like you thinks constitutes a “real man”.
      PPS Those “lies” we’re telling came straight from the horses mouth. So, take up any hate therein with Mz Claire herself as she is the author, rather than exploding at the reporter of her hate.

      • Booyah

        If only they’d all get misandry tattooed on their knuckles. The world would be a much safer place for all men.

    • John A

      I’m reminded of why I hate men.

      Who is the hater here? You hate men because they are men. Emma Claire is being exposed because of what she said and what she did. She is being held accountable for her actions. Can you understand the difference?

    • R Leger

      So where is this great lie you’re spewing about? Did you even watch the video. Did you watch as your “lovely young woman” who only wants equality berate that man by calling him a rapist and scum. Did you watch the little micro expressions of pleasure that crossed her face as she attacked that man, as she dominated him? She can say all the “I want equality” she wants, she can try all she wants to cloak her hate in activism, but she can’t hide her physiological responses to the pleasure she felt attacking that man. Do you know what becomes of people who gain pleasure from dominating others? Feminists would call them rapists.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        Please someone do pinpoint the lie.

        If there is a lie in that article, I’ll tender my resignation to Mr. Elam.

        I’m serious.

    • MrShadowfax42

      “Sometimes I feel that as I get older, my ardent feminism softens and I hate men a little less, but I see this hateful (and untrue, slanderous, cruel) post and I’m reminded of why I hate men.”


      What a bigot you are! But at least you are honest! I guess.

      By the way, we aren’t boys, we are men. And she isn’t a “girl”, she’s an adult bigot.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      A search of Barbiehighheels’s email address has turned up something interesting anyway.

      If you google her email address mymonsterischic@gmail.com you will find here her involvement in a “battle of the bands” activity. http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/mymonsterischic

      Nothing wrong with that for sure, but her revolting words here might well be a “heads-up” for those receiving her input with this project.

      The “2012 Warped Tour” is involved in her association with the website where she is the contact person.

      Here is the Warped Tour website http://vanswarpedtour.com/

      Would you want to be tarred by her misandric brush? I sure as hell would get her the hell away from anything I was involved with. Especially if I had anything to do with the organising of many bands going all across America and their updates on a very expensive looking website.

    • Aimee McGee


      Which bit of
      a) tweeting about killing men
      b) and slandering Dr Warren Farrell and
      c) obstructing people from attending a public lecture is about equality?

      Secondly, I’m an “older” woman too…and my frustration is that we treat 19 year olds as infants without agency and pretend they don’t know right from wrong.

      Me at 19, I sure as hell knew that my actions had consequences. What about you?

    • Stu

      Even you aren’t stupid enough to have misandry tattooed on your knuckles…..I wish you would though….I wish all the hateful bigots like you would.

    • malcolm

      Yup, I feel like a man. Thanks for asking.

      I feel like a man who’s looking forward to some good entertainment over the next few days as these bigots get exposed one by one and scurry like cockroaches for cover when they are no longer surrounded by the police and their own violent mob of thugs. I guess the little princes and princesses aren’t so big and tough after all, are they?

    • Mr. XY

      The “she’s just a girl” defense. How dare all of you not reach out to tha Hitler youth and “explain yourselves” to her on an “adult level”….maybe even apologize to her like Gay and Arjuna.

      “Do you feel like a real man, now?”
      We’re all real men and women here, but Barbie, what are you supposed to be in your high heels with a “misandry” tattoo on your knuckles? A “real woman”? LOL!

    • Cultural_Expat

      Dear Spookymudder and BarbieHighHeels,
      Are you trying to shame us? WTF? Spookymudder are you that stoned out White Knight dude with the dirty hair in the U of T protest? The one seemingly very much under the influence of something hallucinogenic, slowly mumbling at the camera “we really don’t want to talk to you…,” and then just continuing your incoherence as if at you were on the TV show The Views, at their sacrificial alter, where they hand you your balls? Don’t worry, you’re safe dude…you arrived there a eunuch.
      BarbieHighHeels, what the hell does that name represent? I thought the idea of Barbie was anathema to feminists? Maybe Barbie’s vogue in this week edition of feminism…I dunno? Are you one of the girly, high-heeled, pumped-up ass varieties of feminist? Ahhhh…we see feminist individuality where contradictory and opposing ideas can dance harmoniously in man hating unity. Nice.
      I will address your message in that I do feel sorry for the young feminists being outted. They are young , yet legally adults, and unfortunately culturally brainwashed to act out the hate of others that should have the wisdom of age to know better. However, I agree with AVFM’s policy that these protesters need to be identified, and their “work” highlighted so the world can see their view of the world. So the world can see what the U of T allows and what is likely promoted by U of T’s liberal arts departments. Feminism is built on a foundation of lies. Liars lie. These are not so much protesters as brainwashed liars. Liars will think twice about lying and distorting if they know that they own it. AFVM is just pointing out the owners of this vitriol. Finally, I tell my children, of approx… These protesters age, never, do or write anything that you cannot stand by as it may end up on the internet and be around and reflective of whom you are….forever
      U of T and perhaps her parents-likely single baby mommas-should have warned these “children” about actions in today’s day and age can negatively affect other people’s views of her and her ideology these children choose to viscously promote. Positively, I look at this outing of the protesters as a learning experience for both her and her peers. Let them be all the wiser next time; they should go underground with their teachers.

      • Raven01

        Oh I would love to identify that scrawny white guy with dreads trying to stare down C.T. West in the video. That pencil-necked mangina must have watched half a dozen UFC video just to work up the courage to be that bold with better than half a hundred skirts to retreat to and hide behind.
        Unmask that white knight and watch the fireworks rival a nuclear meltdown. I’ve met his type before and they have no courage, yet they are one of the most ardent supporters of anything anti-male because, they hope that will eliminate the competition of stronger men for female attention. A despicable pussy-beggar if there ever was one.

    • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

      I feel like an empowered woman. You know, defending our rights against the matriarchy. But thanks for asking, demonspawn.

    • malcolm

      Oh, and by the way Leah,

      make sure you get a professional to tattoo your knuckles, you might not be happy with a small town tattoo artist.

    • TheAmazingAnarchist

      Should I get “rape-apologist” tattooed on my back or on my shoulder? Decisions, decisions…

    • InpectorLohmann

      By defending her actions, resorting to shaming tactics and outright admitting that you hate men, you are in fact the one who has validated us.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        No no, don’t you know Not All Feminists Are Like That? I just wonder where the ones who aren’t are when things like this happen. Are they afraid the Stalinists will beat them up? Or do they just not take the Stalinists seriously because they’re “helpless and weak girls?” [ponder]

    • Pappy

      “PS if you need me I’ll be getting “misandry” tattooed on my knuckles”

      Don’t bother, it will just wear off when they drag on the ground…

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      “PS if you need me I’ll be getting “misandry” tattooed on my knuckles”

      And you already know where you can hide that – if there’s room in there with your head. :-)

    • Bev

      Lets take a different tack:
      Barbie Don’t feminists rail against barbie dolls as a form of mysogony against women as it represents an airbrushed form of an air headed woman as some form of sex object for men and is training girls to be that way.

      High heels again exploitation of women by the fashion industry something feminists rail against.

      So why do you choose to use an avatar that represents an evil personified form of mysogony against women?

      I remain puzzled, perhaps you can explain it to me.

      • Turbo
      • andybob

        “So why do you choose to use an avatar that represents an evil personified form of mysogony against women?” Bev

        Because it’s ‘ironic’ – these imbeciles understand irony as well as they understand logic, hypocrisy and honesty.

        My favourite part of Ms Barbiehighheals’ plaintive cry for (sob) fairness (sob) was suggesting that we should be “reaching out to her [Ms Claire],” as if AVfM were some kind of Bigot Hotline with sympathetic white knights manning the phones.

        You see, Ms Barbiehighheals, we did reach out to Ms Claire. We reached out with our enormous pricks and burst her bubble of smugness – the one that has, until now, enabled her to advocate for violence against men with complete impunity. As you can see, our pricks have global reach.

        As an aside, your blog was a miracle of anti-male shaming. In fact, there were more colours of shaming language in your rant than the rainbow flag at a gay pride parade. Red, black, blue, pink, green, yellow and tan. As Dr Elam and Mr JTO have pointed out many times, shaming and lies are the only weapons feminists have, and you’ve expended them all at once. Not wise.

        Emma Claire reminds me of Sasha Wiley in that her so-called activism looks like a manufactured performance piece. Even the photograph above the title looks like a stage-manged pose. It is a fourteen year-old girl’s impression of what a celebrated, high-powered feminist a’la Hillary Clinton looks like – complete with a nose-ringed nod to her artfully cherished radicalism.

        The problem is, she’s no longer play-acting in front her dressing room mirror in Mom’s lipstick and shoulder pads. She’s a grown-up now. That computer monitor links her to the real world where real people have real problems. The real world is also inhabited by people who don’t like thugs who advocate killing other human beings. Nor do they like bigots who actively deny freedom of speech.

        AVfM is a site that attracts such people. We are men and women of diverse races, religions, abilities and orientations. Any attempt to vilify AVfM as a hate site is doomed to failure because it is a lie. This site respects all human rights and despises bigots like Emma Claire. This is her opportunity to stop play-acting, and get real.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

          We have just been Andy-Bobbed.

          Love it, and I was waiting for you to wheel one out mate.

    • TigerMan

      Hi – take the red pill honey – you will feel much better for it. :)

    • TPH

      Thank you barbiehighheels,

      You just affirmed one of the many reasons I became an MRA. As you might of deduced by now, misandric shaming language and tactics only give us strength and resolve. Keep it up. We need to laugh at our “opposition” now and again.

    • TheBiboSez

      Barbie, it is so much worse than you can even fathom.

      Where else in the world can you find a group of smart men (and a few great women, too) who can NOT be controlled by a woman?

      Who are imprevious to your shaming tactics? Who don’t respect even a tiny bit of your female priviledge?

      You tried to exploit this priviledge – even naming yourself “barbiehighheels” was an obvious and stupid ploy to use your stale sexuality to manipulate us. You stand before us naked, and all we feel is mild disgust.

      I’m not sorry if we hurt your widdle feewings. I’m energized by it.

      I would bet that a lot of guys here are too joyful over their freedom from the clutches of female manipulation to do more than laugh at and mock your failure.

      Whatcha gonna do now, girl? Flash your cooter?

      We are your worst nightmare – free men beyond your control. We will infest your nightmares and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

      You’ll try. In your fear you will flail about. And fail, again and again.

      Men didn’t want this war. We were happy to work with you as equal partners. You brought the war to us.

      But you won’t enjoy it a bit.

    • Rad

      “Do you feel like men?”

      I don’t hold any “collective feeling”, that’s not what we do here. We are the smallest minority, individuals.

      “Do you feel like men now that you’ve launched this smear campaign against a nineteen-year-old university student feminist?”

      A smear campaign would assume that the facts are otherwise than they are. They aren’t. Pointing out her age is irrelevant. She’s an adult. It doesn’t matter whether she is 18 or 80.

      “Sometimes I feel that as I get older, my ardent feminism softens and I hate men a little less, but I see this hateful (and untrue, slanderous, cruel) post and I’m reminded of why I hate men.”

      That’s not anyone else’s problem but yours. It’s unlikely that anyone here has sympathy for your irrationality.

      “You’re boys. You’re boys and you feel threatened because a woman isn’t taking any of your shit,”

      Please provide an example of said “shit” of which “we” gave, that she then evaluated and did not “take”.

      “…so instead of engaging with her on an adult level and reaching out to her, to possibly even explain yourselves and what it is you’re doing here at “A Voice for Men,” you have decided to attack this girl, and essentially validate everything she has been fighting for. You are bullies.”

      Translation: You men have agency. Women don’t. The way you would be critical to other men is not the way you can be critical to women. There are separate rules and standards based on gender. Men have to treat women as if they have superior status to them, if you don’t, then they will have “valid” reason to hate you — for not treating them like infants. Treating someone like an adult they are is bullying — if they have a vagina.

      “You are despicable, this is disgusting, and I couldn’t be more ashamed of you.”

      Yes, shame was once a profitable industry for feminists, traditional women, and white-knights alike. But the stock of that industry is plummeting rapidly.
      To borrow from you, less and less men are “taking feminist shit” anymore. Don’t you know that that the economy is in a downturn? Men can tolerate a lot, especially in this culture of altruism and chivalry, but they have less and less tolerance for shit-taking as the margins get thinner. You and your ilk needed to STFU under these conditions, you needed to turn it down a notch, but instead you ramped it up and will continue to ramp it up. This was the worst strategic decision feminists could have made. The more they do it under these conditions, the more red pills will be swallowed. At that point we will ensure the equality that you mouth merely as a platitude is made into actual reality.

      “Congratulations, boys. You’ve spewed vicious lie-filled filth into the internet about a lovely young woman who just wants equal rights for women.”

      What lies? Go ahead and let us know. Equal rights? She is being treated equally right now. And she does have equal rights. It’s just that your conception of “equal” is not “equal” at all, it is women above men,— the same attitude you exhibit when you said:

      “…engaging with her on an adult level and reaching out to her, to possibly even explain yourselves and what it is you’re doing here…”.

      “Do you feel like a real man, now?”

      I don’t feel any satisfaction or dissatisfaction from you or this woman. I am not like you. I don’t need the validation of others. And I don’t simply “react” to the fires other people fuel. Reality exists apart from the arguments and flaming and shaming and screaming that dominates the landscape. I am primarily concerned with how things actually are, not what other people think.

      I assert my values. What you and this woman believe is the antithesis of those values. This is why there is a conflict. Now, if you want to give up and go home, I’m happy to be left alone. Something tells me that that is not going to happen anytime soon.

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

      Barbiehighheels, I can’t make out if your comment was satire, or for real.

    • Mr.Zeph

      “Do you feel like men now?”

      I’ve always felt like a man. Thanks for asking.

      “Do you feel like men now that you’ve launched this smear campaign against a nineteen-year-old university student feminist?”

      How exactly is the detailing of anti-social bigoted activity a “smear campaign”? And of what relevance of noting that she has reached the age of majority?

      “Sometimes I feel that as I get older, my ardent feminism softens and I hate men a little less, but I see this hateful (and untrue, slanderous, cruel) post and I’m reminded of why I hate men.”

      Because we don’t put up with your shit to create your own personal fantasy land?

      “You’re boys.”

      And proud of it. Thanks for pointing that out! I consider the term “boy” to be an affectionate appelation.

      “You’re boys and you feel threatened because a woman isn’t taking any of your shit,”

      Oddly, I’d say it’s the inverse. You try to remind us that she’s ONLY 19, implying she’s “just a girl”, and we aren’t taking HER shit.

      “so instead of engaging with her on an adult level and reaching out to her, to possibly even explain yourselves and what it is you’re doing here at “A Voice for Men,” you have decided to attack this girl, and essentially validate everything she has been fighting for.”

      Oh, as she reached out as an adult to explain herself at the protest? “Scum! You’re fucking scum!” She attacked. She is validating what WE are fighting for.

      “You are bullies.”

      No, SHE was a bully.

      “You are despicable, this is disgusting, and I couldn’t be more ashamed of you.”

      HER actions were despicable and disgusting. Your shame is irrelevant.

      “Congratulations, boys. You’ve spewed vicious lie-filled filth into the internet about a lovely young woman who just wants equal rights for women.”

      “Scum! You’re fucking scum!” How exactly does that promote anyone’s rights, let alone equal rights? How does abridging people’s right to listen to someone else somehow equalize women’s rights? Seriously?

      “Do you feel like a real man, now?”

      Always have. Thanks for asking.

      “PS if you need me I’ll be getting “misandry” tattooed on my knuckles”

      Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    • http://www.mens-rights.net MRO

      Goofy Feminazi Cunt Said:

      “You’re boys. You’re boys and you feel threatened because a woman isn’t taking any of your shit, so instead of engaging with her on an adult level and reaching out to her, to possibly even explain yourselves and what it is you’re doing here at “A Voice for Men,” you have decided to attack this girl, and essentially validate everything she has been fighting for. You are bullies.”

      Let me get this straight:

      1. Warren Farrell turns up to a university in Toronto to speak about issues that have been marginalised by feminists, manginas and what your goofy ilk refer to as ‘patriarchy’.

      2. A bunch of feminazis slandered Dr Farrell in a rather vulgar, derogatory way and try to intimidated his audience. The feminazis slandered men they did not even know, merely because those men were interested in hearing what Mr Farrell had to say.

      3. We’re all a bunch of bullies because we’re commenting about one of the women who played a role in setting up an event that led to the slander and intimidation of innocent people.

      Sorry bitch, but that the feminazis did is a form of bullying. It doesn’t matter if goofy, insane brain is unable to understand that female bullies are still bullies; having a cunt between their legs does not render their bullying null and void. If you were truly in favour of equal treatment for all then you wouldn’t be turning a blind eye to violent female thugs.

      ps. While you’re getting that goofy tattoo on your knuckles, ask the tattooist to tattoo “DUMB FEMINAZI CUNT” and “DO NOT ENTER: HAZARDOUS WASTELAND” across your forehead and vulva, respectively.

  • Phil in Utah

    I love how self defeating the “this shows how much feminism is still needed” argument is. If these people really are embracing misogyny so much, and they’re doing it in response to feminism, then it just shows how much feminism has completely and utterly failed.

    • bowspearer

      The irony is if they’d step back for a minute, GENUINELY evaluate what the MRM actually wants (sorry but if you’re not a Zeta, you’re just a confused and angry blue-pill taker) and let the Zeta women in the MRA take charge, they’d get the agency they sorely crave (and which I completely agree is a legitimate gripe for women).

  • MrShadowfax42

    The hysterical reactions from barbiehighheels and spookymulder tells me instantly that A Voice For Men is going about this investigation in EXACTLY the right way. Let’s keep up the momentum, and name and shame EVERY single one of the bigots on that video.

    Lesson to the feminists: if you don’t want to be called out on your bigotry, don’t demonstrate it in public and be filmed doing so.

  • Dartagnan

    First time I logged in. Seeing her say “fucking scum” and the look on her face says it all for me. Could it be that the very heart of feminism, its heart of darkness, was unmasked in that moment?

    Seems to me that people hijack ideologies and project their own inadequacies on them. Seems a common thing for humans to do. The Them and Us thing.

    Seeing videos of these people hits home much harder. I think words alone dont work as well. The more feminist thinkers can be outed for what they REALLY want and think then everyones better off.

    Respect to what you do on this site. Ill be donating a tenner today. Realize its not a lot but I suppose it all helps.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      No that is another.

      Different face of the same Hydra however.

  • oldfart

    “The universities are stuffed to the gills with organized, talented, state- or NGO-funded “change agents.”

    It is my winter project to trace these foundations,NGO’s and the people that run them.combined with women in top govt positions and also in the UN women’s groups.

    If you know of an NGO or foundation funding these activities please make a note in one of your posts here.
    If you know who is funding the trust,NGO,or foundation,make a note please.
    If you know of a feminist politician who *also* participates in UN women’s groups *and/or* is involved in disbursing or receiving these funds,please make a note in the comments.

    I don’t expect to be able to submit a rough draft until early March,and will need help with a tree graphic or other appropriate graphic.

    I have lots of time and intend to use it.

    • Raven01

      CUPE publicly endorsed these violent asshats.
      Thanks to their support of this episode of disgrace for Canadians, although I do tend to support unions I will make a conscious choice to remove all support for CUPE. Actually, I will publicly support anyone engaged in taking on CUPE in any matter, enemy of my enemy and all.
      Provided of course that the opposition to CUPE is not in direct conflict with my ethics.
      Are you in Canada yourself by chance oldfart, DannyBoy and I have uncovered a nest of femi-nasties that is currently on the backburner but will be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day.

  • oldfart

    To define the “activites” from my post above:
    1.Those funding the media hype and begging for public donations.
    2.Those funding women’s shelter and the free legal aid organizations.
    3.Those funding ‘training’ for cops,judges and lawyer.
    4.Those funding on-campus women’s groups,including above definitions.
    5.The system whereby judges move VAWA and other public monies into and out of ‘slush funds’ and the originators of that money,be it public or private,govt or obtained from extortion of men via prosecution.
    6.ect-you see my line of thought?
    (follow the money)

  • TheUnknown

    While she’s changed and protected her Twitter, and if experience tells will soon play the victim in every possible way, I concede, Paul, that you’ve shown she was neither private nor shy about any of her hateful beliefs and words, and shared them with the whole internet to her name before someone stepped up and told her to her face those words are wrong.

    I still don’t believe in “outing” people as a matter of course, but this woman had outed herself long ago.

  • RM1970

    Well, I have to work tomorrow, so I get to go, but I leave this site with 409 recent pageviews, 215 cities and 19 countries, have a good night, everybody.

  • IAmA_WhiteMale_AMA

    The twitter profile @milktea02 seems to be a supporter of the sexist bigot Emma Claire. http://twicsy.com/i/rWDWVc

    edit, 2 more self identified misandrists. @elssakim @sarahchd

    Also, I found the source for the background image on Emma’s twitter profile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miralasolas/5390043964/

    Unless she took the pic or got permission, she’s in violation of copyright. It’s not creative commons.

    • IAmA_WhiteMale_AMA

      I found another blog that might be Emma’s http://scarberian.tumblr.com/

      edit: she’s talking about this article here: http://misandrygangordie.tumblr.com/page/5

      • TheSameDog

        Funny thing, when I visit http://misandrygangordie.tumblr.com/page/5, I get redirected back here. Must be a turn-back script she just installed, and it is apparently IP-based not cookie-based because it happens even when I paste the URL in a different browser. It think it looks at HTTP referer and blacklists the IPs of everyone who comes from this page. Maybe someone who can change their IP on demand could test this by pasting the url into another browser (e.g. Chrome if you are reading this with Firefox, etc.), not by clicking on the link.

        • cvar

          She eventually closed that blog and another user from here reopened the name and set it to redirect to this page. Anybody who knows that blog was hers will end up here.