Emma Claire

Who is Emma Claire and why is she so hateful?

Allow me to start by once again acknowledging the small minority of “MRAs” and their bedfellows, the vast majority of feminists, who steadfastly believe that people should be allowed to spread hate, bigotry and violent ambitions under the cover of anonymity, as long as they are female and/or feminist.

We have heard you, and we are unimpressed with your willingness to enable social decay. Perhaps though, as the lot of you continue to paint virulent feminists as a red herring, or imaginary villains concocted by MRAs as a scapegoats and boogeymen, you will take note of how easy it is to track these people down and document their actions, as well as their patently hateful rhetoric.

Now, for the rest of you, we begin to deliver on our promise to begin outing the identities of the individuals involved with the violent protest against the freedom of speech of Dr. Warren Farrell, and the freedom of University of Toronto students who wanted to attend Dr. Farrell’s sponsored lecture on the difficult issues faced by boys.

While we continue efforts to identify one particularly virulent participant in that protest, the investigation has uncovered information on some others.

We begin tonight with one Emma Claire (pictured above  and apparently at 48 seconds into the video), a U of T student who was present at the protest, involved in its planning and participated in the destruction of posters announcing the event that were placed on campus. She also  incited others to do the same using twitter.

I present the evidence against her courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose short description is in the bio section at the base of this article.

We start with her obvious knowledge of the event in advance and clear intent to illegally interfere with its promotion by organizers.

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Remember folks, feminism helps men, too.

At this point, we do not know the identity of Damey, Alec, or the person referred to as “I,” but we have added their names to Agent Mauve’s list of leads on people known to have participated in attempts to censor Dr. Farrell.

But before we go further, let us give you a little perspective on the ideas harbored and proclaimed with some degree of public pride by Claire. We begin with something that could easily be construed as the clownish antics of a college student. It is the simple proclamation that all men should be killed and a salute to Satan.

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Of course, as I said, this is just youthful foolishness, surely she does not believe in Satan.

But as her expression becomes less obviously comical and she gets into actual issues, we find that for Ms, Claire, many a true word has been said in jest.

The first is perhaps Ms. Claire’s revelation of what qualification a student organization must have in order for her to consider membership. Consider this post from her twitter account.

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On either taking or otherwise obtaining this photograph which features material that libels Dr. Farrell as a man perpetuating a culture in which the sexual assault of women by men is normalized and tolerated, which is patently, categorically untrue, Claire finds herself the qualifying conduct. She finds her deal breaker in the vicious and dishonest character assassination of an individual who has dedicated a lifetime to helping children in trouble.

And we make note for future reference that she finds that type of home at the organization known as U of T Students Against Sexism, who apparently produced the product Claire found so attractive.

And while it may seem superfluous to even posit the question now, we have to wonder what, precisely, would lead someone be attracted to that particular set of qualifications.

Some might argue again, that this is just a matter of ignorance and youth; that she is actually convinced Dr. Farrell is Satan incarnate, that he hates women, that he wants them to be raped with impunity by any man who so desires.

And she might believe all that, but the cause is not youth or ignorance. I will let her explain to you why.

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She doesn’t just hate men; doesn’t just want them dead or silenced or marginalized or ignored. She at least entertains the idea of permanently marking her skin with that hatred, like a convict signaling gang affiliation.

Are we starting to get the picture here of what kind of human being Claire is? I think so, and I think Claire is the one telling us, over and over again.

Let’s take a look at what is driving this woman. And remember, she is just part of a culture that embraces and gives refuge to this kind of thinking. She is not on the fringe of anything. She is an involved, activism oriented student, given free rein by her peers and the administration of the University of Toronto to engage openly in speech that would get her expelled, even arrested, were it directed at anyone but men; to participate in the destruction of private property on university grounds, and on those same grounds to attempt to illegally silence the voice of an activist for human rights.

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Emma Claire is not going to stop. And no one at the University of Toronto is going to stop her. We can figure that one out by the fact that they chartered clubs to enable that kind of conduct.

For that reason, we bring her to public attention here at AVfM.

Additionally, over the next two days, she will be listed on register-her.com as a known bigot, and her image and name will find a place on our display of featured offenders.

If this makes anyone at the University of Toronto uncomfortable, we hope they will show the wisdom of preventing the need for this kind of action by launching an investigation into that protest and properly disciplining any students or faculty who violated U of T policies and/or Canadian law.

In the meantime, we will show you a reminder of how Emma Claire feels about her actions, after she has had time to reflect on them.

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Actually, a proper legacy cannot be rendered to the world simply by being seen and unnamed on a video that does not reflect near enough of one’s ideas and actions. More is needed.

So this will be the beginning of Emma Claire’s real legacy; where she can revel in the full and permanent notice of her deeds, and the lesson she is providing to the world about the nature of feminism, and the etiology of hatred. And so that anyone who ever does an internet search on her name again will be aware of it.

Legacy sealed.

Another offender in this outrage in Toronto will be featured here within three days, also courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose work in this is ongoing.

About Agent Mauve

Agent Mauve is a part of the growing MRA underground army. His or her actual identity is unknown. Mauve brings an intense dislike for the behavior of gender ideologues and some serious social network research skills. Says Mauve, "I want to be the Simon Wiesenthal of the Men's Movement."

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  • Antifeminist One

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve just signed up to AVfM and wanted to pass on my thanks for all the great work this site is doing.

    On-topic though, I have (along with a few other good men) been implicated on Twitter as being responsible for abusing and bullying this poor girl off the site by some menstruating mangina by the name of AldoNotarandrea.

    I just wanted to say that as much as I wish I did, I’m only saying this so as not to steal any of the credit from the excellent work done by Agent Mauve et al.

    Hopefully I can assist in exposing these hateful people in the future!

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “The one way AVfM could avoid this entirely is an explicit disclaimer in each of the naming and shamings that we vehemently condemn even remotely thinking about resorting to violence against these individuals….”


    Plus politically naive.

    It’s like urging blacks to announce to each person they meet, “We’re not a lazy race!” It reinforces, not refutes, the bias.

    A guilt-free person doesn’t walk around constantly proclaiming his/her innocence.

    > “we just have to point to X line/paragraph where we condemned such violence and their claims have no credibility.”

    On what planet?

    Millions of innocent guys are in jail now. Did it do them any good to tell cops the wife lied, that they never are violent toward women?

    There are tons of “facts” showing women are as violent as men. Feminists groups are endlessly shown such facts. Does it stop them?

    Don’t expect feminists to be logical. They aren’t. Feminism is their religion. Ergo, faith makes them immune to facts and reason.

    I can see it now: women’s groups claim AVFM is violent toward women. We raise the curtain to reveal a huge banner proclaiming our strict adherence to non-violence. The feminists look at each other, shrug shoulders, then hold out their hands to us– confessing they’ve been wrong all along– while singing ‘Kumbaya.’

    Look: the “wage gap” has been endlessly debunked. The data is there and shared. Has it stopped even ONE die-hard feminist from whining that women “unfairly” make less than men?

    Our weapons rust because each time our army starts to move, some new Polonius comes out urging caution, endlessly nattering “on the one hand this, on the other that.” Such temporizing kills initiative. Instead of getting pumped up by peptalks, we shrivel into self-doubt and inaction.

    These same “no-just-yet” folks were often quiet when feminists savaged males, women’s group armies committing atrocity after atrocity. It’s only when men decide to act that they speak up. So where does their loyalty lie? Are the pro-male during anti-male times… or agents for feminists?

    Perfectionism is anti-life. It’s also anti-action.

    Women’s groups’ repeated lies became public policy. Why? Because they acted.

    Men’s groups repeated truths became debate club jive. Why? Because they failed to act.

    Researchers aren’t politicians. Fact-finders are not promoters. If facts alone could create sound policies, libraries would be kings.

    The fact is, Martians don’t make laws that harm men. Feminists do…when unopposed.

    Most men’s groups have been waiting to present the perfect counter-argument at the perfect time, ensuring perfect laws. The result? A half century of male inactivism that fertilized the fetid fungus of feminism. While fathers dithered, their sons endured humiliation during “Take-Our-Daughters-to-Work Days.” While girls went on field trips and had fun, boys stayed stuck in classroom atoning for the sin of having an ugly appendage.

    The “Bushido Code” was written during peaceful times. No real warrior could ever live up to its teaching. No good warrior tried. Like Bruce Lee, they did what worked.

    That’s what we need to do. Listening to those who want us to act in an error-and-pain-free world consign us to endless passivity. That means endless suffering at the hands of ever-active feminist torturers.


    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Do you see feminist disclaimers of :

      “We don’t condone false accusations of rape, stalking or domestic abuse” ?

      “We don’t condone the hatred and abuse of baby boys”

      “We don’t condone slicing off men’s body parts”

      “We don’t condone paternity fraud”

      I’m just too lazy tonight to work up a list of assurances women should proffer men to assure them we aren’t out to do them harm.

    • bowspearer


      Plus politically naive.

      It’s like urging blacks to announce to each person they meet, “We’re not a lazy race!” It reinforced, not refutes, the bias.

      A guilt-free person doesn’t walk around constantly proclaiming his/her innocence.”

      Funny how you bring up African Americans yet fail to note the difference between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

      Did the KKK try and equate MLK to Malcom X? I have no doubt they tried. However because MLK was constantly on message about being non-violent, then they failed abyssmally.

      “On what planet?

      Millions of innocent guys are in jail now. Did it do them any good to tell cops the wife lied, that they never are violent toward women? ”

      And how do you think those laws get changed if not through high levels of public pressure which bypass the mainstream media’s agenda, which in turn requires getting the vast numbers of uneducated people out there, who do not know what they do not know, on side?

      Stop ignoring the fact that this is us vs feminists with the spoils being public opinion in this war.

      “I can see it now: women’s groups claim AVFM is violent toward women. We raise the curtain to reveal a huge banner proclaiming our strict adherence to non-violence. The feminists look at each other, shrug shoulders, then hold our their hands to us– confessing they’ve been wrong all along– while singing ‘Kumbaya.’”

      Meanwhile the rest of the world sees us noting our track record as well as our non-violent stance and recognises how off the planet those claims are.

      “Our weapons rust because each time our army starts to move, some new Polonius comes out urging caution, endlessly nattering “on the one hand this, on the other that.” Such temporizing kills all initiative. Instead of getting pumped up by coaches who raise spirits, we get hammered by those who espouse self-doubt and inaction.”

      Here’s a thought, how about actually reading what has been said before jumping to conclusions so far that you just effectively leaped over the grand canyon. I never said don’t attack. I pointed out where I saw a weakness in our defence while we were on the move.

      As it’s been clearly lost on you, that means you address it while pressing forwards with the attack. It happens all the time in warfare.

      “Researchers aren’t politicians. Fact-finders are not promoters. If facts alone created policy, libraries would be kings. The fact is, Martians don’t make laws that harm men. Feminists do…when unopposed.”

      You mean the same feminists who are such intrinsic manipulators that even now they’re claiming we’re attacking the wrong person, based on the fact that the photo shown of her is one that was taken of her reflection in the mirror.

      No fighter worth their salt delivers a blow to the opponent while giving no regard for how to counter the blow that will be delivered against them right after it.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      I’m with you on this one, Auntie. I found your battle analogies apt. If you were advocating for recklessness, I’d agree with Bowspearer. However, reasonable precautions have been taken and continue to be taken. AVfM simply has no control over whose voices join in the chorus on any given issue. The non-violence policy has been stated and is enforced here. AVfM has no control over the actions of its readers outside of this space. Whatever else needs to be considered, has been considered by the admin.

      One case in point, right here in this thread, Chris Key published a comment he made over in Boobland. The worst that can be said about it is that it was vulgar and insulting; that’s a big deal to Booblets (coming from an outsider at least) but here it’s not. However this morning when I checked my blog comments I found a massive two-page pile of excrement, in the form of a vitriolic anti-gay rant, with Chris Key’s name on it. HERE, he presents himself as favoring men’s rights and despising feminism, while elsewhere he makes it clear that he’s rather selective about WHICH men whose rights he supports. In the future his comments here might be closely monitored, and he may eventually find himself unwelcome, but as yet, he’s likely no more damaging to AVfM’s credibility than a drunk cousin at a wedding. He could even be a Booblet or a “plant.”

      The admin here is prepared to handle such issues as they come up, therefore there is no need for us to slow down and walk on eggshells. We have good generals.

      • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

        Dean also said, “I for one appreciate the concern expressed, and appreciate the discussion, and think nothing more needs be said. Anything more will be beating a dead horse.”

        I agree. Instead of continually hijacking the comments thread for two days, perhaps you should write a comprehensive article on the subject and submit it for publication. Good night.

        • Mr.Zeph

          Oh FFS. So lets say that you’ve managed to deeply shame you allies into inaction and self-loathing. You’ll have accomplished exactly what?

          By all means, vent, but think we can do that without beating each other up on the lines?

          You have the right to think and feel as you do, as do others.

          Just breath, brother. Take a break.

    • TigerMan

      It is mainly Paul’s neck on the line here – Paul took the decision – I support it.
      Bowspearer is not a newb nor an enemy – he spoke about his concerns where it would be much easier for him to keep schtum. He got a lot of downvotes for speaking those concerns but I think he deserves to be heard with respect and not put down as if he is some kind of coward – he isn’t.
      It is not his neck on the line like I said and it isn’t your either.
      We need to get out of the tally ho mentality because that’s where pack mebtality tends to take over and I would rather hope fort something smarter more quietly relentless and determied to keep sway instead.
      I think few if any of us here need a lecture on how bad it is and has been. As far as I am concerned it is a given and you are right this is a war but wars often have many battles before they are won – the smartest strategests know this and keep their eyes on the main prize.
      We are fighting an enemy on their ground not ours remember that. Men are good @ physical war this is not a physical war if we try and make it one it would be very bloody and self defeating because of the chivalry factor.
      Therefore we have to learn how to fight in a different way with a different mindset and allthough bowspearer’s caution can be irritating – his are the kinds of voices we also need to listen to as well.
      Raising our game in direct action sure but I think we also have to raise it in other ways that we are not so au fait with and we need to learn from not exclude those voices that might be able to teach us something about that.

  • Mr.Zeph

    This ought to be interesting, at least for me.


    See the comments.

    • cvar

      Good luck with that. I think the more feminists find themselves forced to address MRA’s and the MRM in general instead of using shame tactics and intimidation to avoid a debate, the better off we’ll be.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz


  • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

    Bowspearer, let me put your fears to rest.

    You need to recalibrate your level of threat recognition.

    Its entirely likely JTO will be asphyxiating in a pool of his own blood before Emma gets so much as a “boo” in her direction.

    He’s already been threatened by a mob (and for reasons I won’t specify, that mob is even more threatening then it appears on camera.)

    So let me ask you, bowspear… when JTO(or another of us) is dead in the ground because of a wildeyed feminist thug and the news media doesn’t give a flying fuck while Emma’s faked a scratch for the camera, what should we do?

    They still will paint us as monsters and villains and themselves as saints.

    We are the monsters. All we can do is roar and bring in more people to be monsters too.


    • bowspearer

      You actually raise what we’re not doing now, which to be honest is one hell of a countermeasure in and of itself. Honestly, the big problem with this movement is we constantly expect men to “man up”.

      Paul says he gets countless death threats – well why aren’t they put on display?

      Because they glorify feminists? “Prove they’re getting to us”?

      Take a look at the reaction to the protest in public spheres. People are embarrassed, they’re ducking for cover and misdirecting. What happened is inexcusable.

      We talk about the violence of feminism, but where’s the evidence of it, except being kept hidden by not publishing it.

      To my mind, restating our position of non-violence publicly, whilst demonstrating the threats that have been received since this happened alone, is one hell of an embarrassment for feminists.

      The more feminists talk about a big tree, the longer the distance of the “branch” of the radicals gets and like all branches that get too long for their won weight, it snaps. At that point the rest of the “tree” is forced to take a long hard look at itself under public scrutiny.

      You asked what we’re supposed to do, well that’s just right off the top of my head right now.

      There’s a difference between waiting and trying to play to our enemy’s weaknesses….

      • Kimski

        “Honestly, the big problem with this movement is we constantly expect men to “man up”.

        I’ve tried to stay out of this discussion from day one, as I usually do, whenever MRA’s are at eachothers throats over some minor detail. This kind of thing usually happens, when the main objective of all of this starts eluding them, and tempers run wild.

        You see, I think that the biggest problem, by far, is the willingness to set up circular firing squads, where everyone has a go at eachother, when there’s so many and much bigger fish to fry.

        And, quite frankly, I think it’s embarrassing as hell, every time I see that happen.

        Cool, calm and collected has to be the imperative words here, gentlemen, and equally important is the unity we show the world.

        There has never been anything wrong with agreeing on disagreeing and then moving on. You don’t necessarily have to be right about everything.

        Just my two cents, before I’m off for something more important.
        Hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

        • TigerMan

          LMAO! The funniest sketch ever in my opinion is one you hear little about – it’s one of a farmer being interviewed about his flying sheep and as he is being interviewed you can hear the expert ones whooshing by in background while the failures make a loudish ffffffflumpfff noise as they fall out of the trees! It’s the deadpan style of the interview combined with the sounds effects that does it. I had it on vinyl many years ago and I’m sure I came near death through laughing so hard!! lol :)

    • Skeptic

      Yes, I agree Typhonblue.
      There’s even a dance for it!


  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Interesting comment made by Tawil over one year ago on this site. I am putting it here as it absolutely needs to be read by us but more so by the narcissistic females out there wallowing in their slop of feminism.

    Tawil has, by sheer brute-headed intellect and a nose for the hidden topic that is never spoken of, puts it better than any scholar I can name. Here he points to the “girl-code” that is taught to all females from toddler age, and that is the lavish self adornment and praise folded into the narcissist contract.

    What he has to say makes me love all the more our MRA women.

    Over to you Mr Tawil.

    “For most adolescents growing up means a confrontation with the reality principle. But there exist insidious counter-culture cells within society that say, “You don’t ever have to grow up if you side with us and our political agenda… we own a slice of public reality that allows you to forego most of the frustrations of the reality principle”. And then women or men join the group. Psychoanalysts refer to this as the “narcissistic contract” whereby protection and indulgence is assured by the sub-culture based on absolute allegiance to the group. In other words, if a woman pledges absolute allegiance to the ranks of feminism she will be sheltered permanently from the need to grow up… but of course there is a trade-off in that she will also need to be a faithful servant of the feminist message.”

    • Kimski


      The essence of the widespread herd mentality we have been witnessing lately.

    • Tawil

      Glad you reposted this one as is relevant to the topic of females remaining perpetually in a state of childhood narcissism (“monadic ultranarcissism”) and the problems it causes for them. The idea however isn’t mine, it comes from Cornelius Castoriadis who puts the problem like this;

      ‘The “narcissistic contract,” theorizes what the psyche expects from society as compensation for the abandonment of its “monadic ultranarcissism”. That’s the narcissistic contract: If you behave in this or that way, you’ll then have other people’s recognition; you will be cathected by the others, who will fill the narcissistic breach opened by the abandonment of originary omnipotence.’

      The idea here is that feminist culture buffers women from maturing toward a responsible adult conception of reality in which narcissism sometimes has to give way to facts.

      It’s a dichotomy that poses a huge dilemma for women: either have thier childhood narcissism indulged by the sisterhood in exchange for promoting the ‘good face’ of the girl culture, OR if you give girl-culture a bad reputation you get banished by them and are on your own without narcissistic supplies. Awful set of choices.

      There is however a third choice in which women can opt out of this dichotomy and become a Zeta woman in the service of the reality principle…. but this third choice means that women can’t arrive here and expect the AVfM community to fill the breach with yet another version of childhood narcissism. At best this site offers a combination of justified pride tempered with reality…. a position that requires some serious withdrawal symptoms from their previous experience. This third position also promises freedom from the hegemonic control that the sisterhood has wielded over women since they were little girls.

      By upholding thier end of the narcissistic contract (promoting women as good, and men as bad) the women protestors from the U of T have not only offended males. They have also made the sisterhood look bad due to violent behaviour and will be banished accordingly – by that same sisterhood.

      The women on AVfM provide an example of a third model – and they are cherished accordingly as part of a genuine humanitarian culture.

      • TigerMan

        I think the biggest mistake we all make in growing up is the “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” . The “baby” is that part of us in touch with reality via the moment called “now”. As we grow up we begin to sacrifice knowing ourself for concepts about how our self should be – a concept no matter how clever or stupid is never a substitute for direct knowledge and communication with ones self. That contact or immediacy is also a source of nourishment that the psyche needs for it’s health . In the bible for example this need is codified or put as a metaphor thusly “a man shall not live on bread alone” – of course that does not mean that he\she should widen their diet! lol
        What is being alluded to here is another kind of “bread” a kind which you can still hunger for even when your belly is full. This nourishment is not even promoted by most religions today because most religions want to place intermediaries(priests buildings, books statues etc between people) in between the individual and their connection to their selves – their real selves that is. First they have to break that connection – one reason why Catholics deem anyone born to a Catholic family as a Catholic with it’s soul in mortal danger until it is “saved” by being baptised etc. Sadly religions are not the only influence set on breaking ones connection our whole society does this because people are easier to manipulate if they are more or less unaware of their own strengths and power.
        Men’s disposability is a big stumbling block but the inroads of technology have made the workplace safer than it’s ever been and progress proceeds so that leaves war. Okay here is something radical – let’s promote peace instead – not political peace because that is not a real peace ie it is merely a cease fire.
        I think wars “out there” are the collective result of wars within – the war inside individuals. It is therefore in my interests as man and a human being even more so to rediscover the peace of being I once enjoyed on tap and without effort and somehow sacrificed for “beliefs” in the process of growing up. When Socrates said Know Thyself he was really addressing adults after all. :)

        • Tawil

          TigerMan, there’s a lot of wisdom in those words… if only people could let go of concepts and rely on the spontaneity of their true selves.

          If people are going to entertain concepts at all it helps if the concepts are an extension of lived experience rather than an attempt to force nature to comply with an artificial concept that has nothing to do with lived existence. In the end we need to hold our concepts lightly and be willing to scatter them to the wind if they don’t chime with life.

          “let’s promote peace instead – not political peace because that is not a real peace ie it is merely a cease fire.”

          Well said! Count me in. :-)

          • TigerMan

            Fantastic you got the point I was trying to make –
            you said
            “If people are going to entertain concepts at all it helps if the concepts are an extension of lived experience rather than an attempt to force nature to comply with an artificial concept that has nothing to do with lived existence. In the end we need to hold our concepts lightly and be willing to scatter them to the wind if they don’t chime with life.”
            A lot of wisdom there too Tawil that is called putting the horse before the cart instead of the wrong way around as sadly too often is the case.
            The most thrilling thing is that we don’t have to bring peace to the world because as a wise man said there is no thing called “world” that can experience peace. We are the ones that can and need to experience peace within for that is the “world” as far as we are concerned and if enough individual “worlds” experience that peace then iy is bound to rub off “out there”. Or put it in another way the more individuals end the war within the less we can expect to see wars without.

      • Aimee McGee

        Thank you for the wise words Tawil and for the re-post Dr F.
        I’m trying to put something coherant together about WHY I’ve made the zeta choice (though sometimes it feel like it chose me!).
        I grew up around grown up women. Tough women who lived life, often awful experiences, but they didn’t claim victimhood. They just kept living life.
        I grew up around men who had secure roles and identities, whose input to the family was respected and appreciated.
        I grew up around adults who demonstrated the value of learning and the love of sharing knowledge and skills…I know no one else who’s father helped her apply for a tax number then take her through the steps of a tax assessment as part of a series of evenings spent together. He also taught me basic woodwork and was there using his professional mentoring skills when I was struggling with my post-graduate training.
        I can’t imagine how it would be to be perpetually wanting to be treated as a child.
        Socialisation can be hard to tackle at times, at work today we were talking about family gatherings and I was joking my sisters will inspect me for wrinkles, grey hair and extra padding on my bum…which is their way of teasing me for my being physically much more like our paternal line, whereas they are more like our mother and also to see how 3 years apart has changed me…yet I had colleagues saying I might want to dye my hair to hide the grey. My gut reaction was to think ‘maybe I should’…but then my zeta mind kicked in and said ‘but the sisters are not judging, they are just updating their mental image of me, and it is done as only elder sisters who know I will be making similar adjustments to my internal meme for them…we just do it in a jokey ritual of greeting.
        I’m glad I can see the path of zeta hood and be happy with who I am

    • Mr.Zeph

      “Tawil has, by sheer brute-headed intellect and a nose for the hidden topic that is never spoken of, puts it better than any scholar I can name. Here he points to the “girl-code” that is taught to all females from toddler age, and that is the lavish self adornment and praise folded into the narcissist contract. ”

      Pointer to the article, please?

  • oldfart

    There’s no talking to Nathan Hevenstone.
    He’s assimilated the mindset of the oppressor,Stockholm syndrome style.
    Thanks for trying Suz.
    BTW,I’m dealing with FM also,it’s amazing the intolerance for that in men and women.
    I see how you’ve become so strong,show one moment of weakness and the wolves show teeth.
    The time for molly-coddling the haters is over.A new age has begun.One where the weak become strong through group unity.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “I wanted to draw attention correlating the actual outcome of women spouting off vexatiously that men are rapists…. Innocent men go to prison because of it…”

    Exactly. Yet men didn’t get the connection between a few tiny crazed feminist cells and the life-threatening systemic cancer that followed.

    Fully-feeling boys are socialized to become men who don’t know WHAT they feel. Since feelings are great shit-detectors, diminished emotional savvy meant males detecting less shit. Instead, they come to believe feminist dogma, viewing themselves as dangerous. They buy the lies that male anger is never justified and always violent.

    Guns weren’t put to male heads. Instead, sex was withheld. And men were called “gay” if they had close male buddies. Thus shamed, guys learned to put all their emotional needs in female baskets, giving women tremendous power.

    Men understood that their sole source of love was Mom or Girlfriend or Wife.

    After years of stuffing feelings, most men don’t know what they feel. They just know not to displease “she who must be obeyed” (a la Rumpole).

    When the “little ladies” began yammering about evil males, boyos knew enough to tune out and/or watch sports. They never thought feminist gossip would become serious law. Instead, guys believed men had all the power.

    They were rudely awakened when anti-male divorce laws reamed them. Or they got jailed because a woman lied.

    Of course, when the accused males looked, belatedly, for help they found none. There were no men’s groups (or none they knew about, said groups shunning media). Instead, there were just other men like themselves who looked out only for themselves: every man an island, facing feminist tsunamis alone.

    The men’s groups that DID form were mostly sad, tepid, affairs led by sad, timid men. The leader was usually a guy who’d lost his own kids and unconsciously wanted others to lose theirs, too (misery loving company).

    The groups refused to use mass media or master other modern arts of suasion. Raised to be “logical” instead of “emotionally aware,” they couldn’t understand why feminists consistently cleaned their clocks.

    Millions of men lost contact with their kids (whether they joined the MRM or not) because there was no “movement” in the movement. Guys were afraid to make waves. They might have earned Purple Hearts in actual wars, but refused to openly oppose women’s groups during peace time.

    Typically, a guy would laught at the very idea of a “men’s movement.” He’d certainly not give it $10 a year. Until he got served divorce papers. Then he’d cough up $10,000 for a retainer (maybe $100,000 altogether) and still not get custody. He’d end up paying her a queen’s ransom. And be saddled with bills until his kids were 23. All because he refused to spend $10 when there was still time.

    That pretty much remains the case today. I mean, quick: name 5 men’s group’s known nationally? How long have they been around? What have they actually accomplished?

  • James

    I think it’s time you stood up from the keyboard and walked away for a while. I admire your tenacity, but you’ve gone from tireless reiteration of your point to namecalling and insults now, and you’re only undermining yourself.

    • Turbo

      I agree James, and I certainly hope he is Ok, he was getting a bit irrational IMO.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Auntie Pheminizm and Bowspearer,

    Your kiddie nip and scratch-fest is a disgrace. This pointless and immature dialogue ends right the fuck here and now.

    The last few exchanges have gone into the “moderation bin” and when Paul returns he can restore them or delete them. Big suprise to the outcome there.

    Anything else by either of you with reference to the “fascinating” debate goes right in the moderation bin from this point.

    We get it, we get it, we get it and we all know your positions with the “debate” or whatever the hell it is.

    Pull your heads in Heckle and Jekyll.

  • James

    I think you’re overstating the significance of the comment thread of a single article just a tad.

    It’s the internet, this sort of thing happens. It’s not like male rights activism is any less vulnerable to this than, say, a Youtube video about Yes Minister once someone mentions their pet conspiracy theory about how Margaret Thatcher masterminded the production of the show as propaganda.

    • bowspearer

      Not at all, this is far from the first time I’ve noticed this “blind spot” with many MRAs.

      The problem comes from the sheer number of MRAs who on one hand want change but on the other hand still haven’t broken free from how we’re socialised as men.

      The fact is that the system is and always has been designed so that other men police male behaviour which deviates too far from “the norm”.

      White knights are a classic example of this. They go after MRAs because MRAs defy the norm of “chivalry” by challenging feminists, whom chivalry blindly regards as perpetually fragile, innocent and in perpetual need of male protection.

      However there is much deeper socialisation there than that – the core foundations of socialised masculinity.

      The natural response when dealing with male victims is to try and make them “man up”, by dismissing their issues outright, or examining them in a manner which is rigidly trapped in a machismo worldview (of course what I haven’t gone into is that women are the other safety valve here to pull men into line).

      As such, anything which might victimise them is examined far less critically than what might victimise a woman, and male reactions to the same incident are met with far more antipathy.

      Look at our reaction to men crying for example and the way feminists try and twist that around because it’s seen as a state of emasculation for example.

      The same goes when someone crosses a line. Men are expected to have far more of a “thick skin” when it comes to offensive things said, or if it is enough too warrant it, smash the head in of the person making the offensive comment.

      An MRA who I follow on Twitter put it best earlier today when he said:

      “The NWO – or New World Order = simply the 1% top men enslaving the 99% bottom men using females as their lieutenants. ”

      Someday soon, in the near future, feminism will be defeated and when it is, we’ll find ourselves face to face with the real enemy, it’s puppet master.

      When that happens it will not just be a case of fighting the enemy without, but the enemy within in terms of those mechanisms.

  • BlueBlood

    Whoa! I’ve just worked a 93-hour week due to a lack of staff and a number of large disturbances, and I come back to this shitfight. It’s taken a full hour and a half to read the entire thread. All I can say is I’m glad this issue is getting the attention it deserves. Well done, Paul and
    Agent Mauve.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    @ Bowspearer

    I am replying to your comment, but it goes for everyone in this heated exchange.

    Your comments attacking each other are coming in with such rapidity and this thread is getting so long that everything you are posting is getting tagged as possible spam by the filter. That means I have to go in and approve each comment. I have spent the last 15 minutes doing that.

    And for what?

    All of you please have the good sense to recognize that you are not going to agree on this stuff, if you haven’t by now, and all you can do is degenerate into a bunch of infighting that I have to go in and approve one by one.

    Let it go. The enemy, which is not you, is out there in abundance.

    I don’t care about rationalizations or “But he said,” or any of this shit.

    If I have to keep going back in to read this unproductive shit and approving each comment I will keep in mind that the trash button is very close to the one that says “approve.”

    Enough already.

    • R Leger

      My strained and bloated inbox thanks you Paul 😛

      • TigerMan
        • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue


          GOOD DAY!!

        • Skeptic

          Thanks for the wonderful video of Man Boobs misandry bubble bursting!

          Trigger warning for interior decor appreciators, tidiness adherents and fine food lovers.

          • TigerMan

            lol you spotted him! :)

        • Kimski

          Yeah, fuck off. I’m full!


    • cvar

      Wake up, check phone. I have mail!

      tap.. tap.. The fuck do you mean 99+?! WHAT DID I DOOOOOO


  • Pokey

    That one that’s psychotically telegraphing that guys every movement while calling him scum looks like an animal about to strike.

    I’d like to see equal rights come into play so when this woman finally snaps her lid off, she gets knocked on her arse like everyone else.

    Publishers note: This person is now banned from the site. I strongly suspect this is a feminist plant, which was Tawil’s first instinct. First, she came in with racist remarks, then moved on to violence advocacy very quickly. I am leaving this comment up as an example. We will all have to watch newcomers very carefully here, unfortunately. As this work escalates, they will try to infiltrate this forum and make violent comments so that people like Futrelle can use them on his “blog” Don’t hesitate to call people out instantly. The mods will be on top of it and will back you. Thanks.

    • Turbo

      Agreed, and Tawil correctly, as did a couple of others, jumped on this immediately. The first response, was a dismissal, “cool your jets” which did sound like either naive in our climate, or someone trying to test what would be put up with here. I suspect the second option, as most of us here understand what is acceptable.

  • Verdad

    So, Emma Claire desires a “legacy” and fame?

    Oh we’ll give her a legacy and fame all right, plenty of it…

  • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

    Thank you for the careful and detailed analysis and deconstruction of this person. I’m aware of just how much time it takes to be clear, accurate, scrupulously fair and to stay within the relevant arena.

    If this is the legacy she wants, she’s welcome to it, as are any employers who may employ her – if their insurers are willing to allow it.

  • JFinn

    Turns out bowspearer was a feminist troll. Everywhere ‘he’ posted turned into a huge distraction, which was obviously ‘his’ goal. This being one of the longest comment sections, ‘he’ managed to make its beginning unbearable, arguing in circles and baiting people. I recommend deleting some the more repetitive posts.

  • stagbeetle655321
  • Bryn Albert

    So she is in a club that is supposedly against sexism yet she is sexist towards males? That basically sums it up. Hypocrisy. She is for misandry but against misogyny? Kinda funny she doesn’t see the logic failure at work here, but also really kinda sad I think. Classic textbook example of sexists though. Refuse to admit the reality of the situation because of a classic us versus them mentality or whatever reason and perpetrate the exact same evil they proclaim to find so repulsive.

    If she means Lucifer also known as the light bringer with all that Satan talk I think she is projecting her own unhappiness on whatever construct she can and men just happened to be her target. I wonder what caused her to hate men so much to invoke such a thoughtless destructive campaign? Jesus said to fight evil such as this with love but people (men and women) with such a close minded outlook do not make it any easier.