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Were you sexually assaulted by Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College?

The following posting by Pierce Harlan, appeared on Community of the Wrongly Accused. Pierce is speechless. I am speechless, almost. But first let me reprint Pierce’s words:

I am speechless. No discussion is necessary to underscore the evil behind Amanda Childress’s comment. She should be fired for it, if indeed the quotation is correct.

Amanda Childress, Sexual Assault Awareness Program coordinator at Dartmouth College, [said] campus policies aren’t going far enough to protect students. “Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?” Childress asked at the panel, before noting that while 2 to 8 percent of accusations are unfounded (but not necessarily intentionally false), 90 to 95 percent are unreported, committed by repeat offenders, and intentional. “It seems to me that we value fair and equitable processes more than we value the safety of our students. And higher education is not a right. Safety is a right. Higher education is a privilege.”

Thankfully, there was a real lawyer present: “I think the ability of our communities to rely on the processes on both sides of the equation is inextricably connected to a fair, equitable process that is thorough and based on evidence, not just conjecture, speculation and rumor,” said Gina Smith, a partner at Pepper Hamilton Law Firm who consults with campuses on how best to address sexual assault and comply with federal laws. “We cannot in individual cases just punt to statistics.”

For the record, Ms. Smith summed up the philosophy of this blog. Childress’s comment is something we are seeing with alarming frequency among feminist writers: there is no necessity to worry about the wrongly accused because there are so few of them. The chilling suggestion is that we can adjudicate a specific case based on statistics — since it rarely happens, due process is unnecessary. 

Source: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/02/12/disagreement-campus-judicial-systems

Here at A Voice for Men, we tried repeatedly, by phone and email, to reach Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College for comment, and to see if she wanted to retract her remarks, or somehow clarify her words in case she was somehow taken out of context. After almost a week she has not responded to any inquiries. We’d like to say we find that surprising, but we’re not; hateful ideologues rarely want to answer pointed questions, and it appears that “hateful ideologue” describes Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College perfectly.

It is interesting times we find ourselves in, where institutions of higher learning, which are both directly and indirectly funded by the government, do not feel obligated in any way to respect either the right to free speech or the right to due process. It is an inversion of justice: education is not a right so, therefore, you can destroy a man’s life with but a word?

Make no mistake, an expulsion, especially from a prestigious university like Dartmouth, is a very big deal. The ridiculously costly tuition monies will most likely not be returned. Word of the expulsion will reach other Ivy League and comparable prestigious institutions, and so once word gets out, other colleges may refuse you admission. The shame, humiliation, and mocking alone might drive some young men to suicide but, in any case, their academic and post-academic careers will be profoundly and negatively affected, possibly over for good, losing scholarships and/or finding themselves in massive college tuition debt they cannot pay. This is not to be dismissed, as if the destruction of these men’s lives is as insignificant as swatting a fly from the air.

While a few of my Libertarian pals won’t like this, and will be inclined to say “but it’s a private institution, they can do whatever they want!” I call bullshit: not only are all these institutions of higher learning receiving substantial government funding, giving them a higher obligation than “whatever the market will allow,” what we are talking about here should be seen as an illegal contract. Outlawed. With the full weight and penalty of law. If you eject a student, you need to give them their tuition money back, period, and you should on top of that be subject to a lawsuit for the damage you’ve done.

You can’t just take someone’s money, trash their reputation, then throw them out. People doing this sort of thing should not just face lawsuits, they should risk time behind bars for it and, at the very least, have their government funding stripped.

But we all know that will not fly in the current climate and “the free market” will not fix the problem by itself. In fact, the unfree market, as it is currently rigged, actually incentivizes this behavior: take a young man in, take his money, then chuck him out the door. Everybody wins but that young man, right?

Well, there’s one way the market could fix it: young men could start refusing to go to college at all. They’re increasingly opting not to, as women are a steadily-increasing overwhelming majority on most of our campuses. Maybe it’s time for Dartmouth and other colleges to face an incoming Freshman class of zero males.

Except we all know that won’t happen either. Most people are still caught up in the delusion that boys are failing in education because there’s something wrong with them, rather than something wrong with the system, and parents will continue to pressure their sons into entering the modern Factory Farm University that routinely grinds up inconvenient young men that is the modern American university.

So there’s also another way to fight the system:

As we all know, if you think you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted, you probably have been. Indeed, Paul Elam, Publisher of A Voice for Men, recently took the brave step of admitting that he may have a memory of being sexually assaulted by Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College. He has taken the courageous step of coming forward with his possible memory.

Here at A Voice for Men we want you to know that if, like Paul Elam, you think you have a memory of being sexually assaulted by Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College or, really, anyone else at Dartmouth College, you should be brave too. With some hunting, we followed links from Amanda Childress’ department at Dartmouth College, and found their anonymous reporting form. We all know how valuable and empowering anonymous reports can be–you can have courage without even identifying yourself!

Here at A Voice for Men strongly that if you have ever been sexually assaulted, or just made to feel creeped out and afraid of, Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College, or anyone else at Dartmouth College, you should take the courageous step of reporting Amanda Childress or anyone else for sexually assaulting you or making you feel afraid and creeped out, and give explicit details of what she or anyone else at Dartmouth may have done to you.

Remember, if you think you may have been sexually assaulted you probably were. And if you even think it may possibly have happened, and you don’t take the brave step of anonymously reporting, you are helping to promote Rape Culture. So be brave and report!

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • scatmaster

    I see Snidely is at it again. Evil genius that he is.
    I do believe that through my side business I sent out a strap on to one Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College. 😉
    I suspect she has raped many females as well.
    Those are just allegations of course.

    Now where is that report?
    My Tor browser should come in handy.

    I paid a visit to Dartmouth College (to deliver the strap on ) last year and have not been able to sit down properly since. Something has triggered repressed memories. RAPE!!!!!!!

    • Caprizchka

      Yes indeed. I have been silent far too long. I remember Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College or someone who looked like her raping me but I was too drunk at the time to see her too clearly. I believe in fact that it was Amanda Childress of Dartmouth College who bought me my last drink. I blacked out.

      • scatmaster

        I am so sorry to hear that please avail yourself of the REPORT(link) to bring down this sexual predator by the name of Amanda Marcott, err, Childress!!!!

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        Have courage! You are an inspiration to us all! [wipes away a tear]

  • https://www.facebook.com/darryl.jewett.3 darryl

    “It seems to me that we value fair and equitable processes more than we value the safety of our students. And higher education is not a right. Safety is a right. Higher education is a privilege.” – Amanda Childress

    Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Those who would give up essential liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.”

    Childress is a malignant narcissist and psychopath.

    I agree that higher education is not a right but it should be afforded to those who deserve it because they work hard and denied to those who don’t deserve it because they don’t work hard.

    Proportion of women and men matriculated at university currently approximates three to two. Despite this easily ascertained fact, men earn a disproportionately greater number of degrees in real curricula like the Natural Sciences, Engineering, Arts, etc… Despite their disproportionately greater representation at universities, women earn a disproportionately greater number of bull-shit degrees like business administration, middle-management, social work, accounting, basket-weaving, womens studies, etc…

    Funny how these feminists never learn from history, tempt fate by repeating it and ignore the wisdom of our forefathers as long a it is to their own personal advantage and to the disadvantage of honest, innocent, responsible and hard-working men.

    • SlantyJaws

      I think with the rising costs of higher education in the US and elsewhere it’s time for third level institutions to take a long hard look at where and how their resources are being allocated, with an eye on benefits to wider society.

  • Duke

    Mass rape hysteria foments a type of “Klan law” reaction, that is now eroding hundreds of years of American case law.
    Folks, this is the inevitable result of Letting American law enforcement get into the manufactured statistics / for federal pork bloating dollars business.

  • Bombay

    “Safety is a right.”

    Safety is not a right according to the USSC. Feminist continue to fabricate whatever they want.

    “WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. ”


    It begs the question of whether a University/College has more of an obligation to provide safety than the police.

    • sondjata

      A most excellent find!

  • Partridge

    Amazingly, it now appears that Dartmouth College is defending Childress’s remarks: http://www.cotwa.info/2014/02/dartmouth-endorses-administrators.html

  • hatredisfoolish


    4th and 5th blog entry down.

  • Bewildered

    When insanity is normalized anything is possible !

    • https://www.facebook.com/darryl.jewett.3 darryl

      The problem isn’t insanity, Bewildered. The people who promote this kind of bigotry are not insane. They are evil. (They also are stupid as the two go hand-in-hand). Don’t excuse their behavior with nonsensical diagnoses like bipolar disorder or any one of a variety of fictitious personality disorders. None of these rob anyone of the ability to choose. So they aren’t an excuse let alone an explanation. Calling bigots like Childress insane is a disservice to those who really do suffer genuine mental illness.

    • tallwheel

      When insanity is normalized we live in an insanity culture.

  • upheaval


    Feminists rarely shock or surprise me, but the phrase- ‘Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?’ sent icy chills down my spine.

    We have gotten to the point where our enemies are openly calling for Salem Witch Trials to be implemented at the college level.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we simply cannot afford to lose this war on misandry.

    The world our foes wish to create is too horrific to even imagine.

    • Justice4all

      “Ladies and Gentlemen, we simply cannot afford to lose this war on misandry.” But the reality is that WE ARE losing this war especially on college campuses and we need to execute the right strategy to turn the tide. I love the idea of flooding an anonymous bullshit reporting system with rape accusations aimed at Childress and other administrators at Dartmouth. But that’s just the beginning. We need to start broadcasting to the parents of young men that are of the H.S. upperclassmen age that there is a very real, hostile and dangerous environment that awaits them when they send young Johnny off to college. Taped to every condom handed out on campus should be an attorney’s calling card so that our young men know the number to dial when the police or a college administrator shows up at their door. We need to start promoting the taking of classes online and discourage enrollment at high-risk institutions like Dartmouth, Vassar, Duke, Xavier, St. Joe’s, UNC-Chapel Hill, etc… we need to create havoc, negative publicity, embarrassment and disruption in a non-violent way and start to turn their world on its institutional head. In short, we need to fight fire with fire and bring the full power of the MHRM movement to their doorstep. If they want a fight over human rights, let’s give it to them.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        I agree with all that. I’d also like to see parents sending a copy of a few of our articles, or Helen Smith’s “Men On Strike,” and let the College President (of whatever college their son is going to) know that the university will face lawsuit if their son is ever accused, which will force a reaction.

        It’s all a matter of time and resources. Paul, David, JTO, James, Bob, Attila, and others, are absolutely crushed under the number of things we’re doing as it is. Do you want to head up such a project, or know anyone who does?

        • Justice4all

          I work with a team of people that are working diligently on establishing men’s issues / men’s rights groups on college campuses. A challenging type of activism for sure given the toxic anti-male environment that exists on virtually all university campuses today. Progress is being made with new inquiries coming in monthly from people interested in establishing a men’s group on their campus from across the country so there is much work going on and plenty still to do with not enough workers. Our plate is full too but hopefully we will find some additional volunteers to help with the workload so that we can tackle some of these kind of national campaigns.

    • sybil

      How about this? “Why could we not lynch a student based on an allegation?”

      “Why could we not torture a student until he confesses and then burn him at the stake based on an allegation?”

      It wouldn’t be the first time in history that these things have happened.

      • nawotsme

        It would be a very good way of letting people know where this is heading sybil. I wonder if some form of student protest could be organised where a lynching was “played out” on campus. Using a harness and leave a man hanging from a tree for all to see. It would be a powerful image, and may bring some attention to this issue. And if attention isn’t brought to this issue, it would at least desensitise students for when it does start (joking).

  • greg

    @kcjohnson9, #1 expert on Duke lacrosse false rape tragedy, writings on this.

    KC Johnson partial list of his writings on kangaroo courts/lack of due process on campus.


    @CathyYoung published this today. Want yo have sex? Sign this contract.


  • greg
    • https://www.youtube.com/user/ImagoCanis Drawing Butts

      “[S]he was not suggesting policy, but was asking a question—a provocative one—meant to generate dialogue around complex issues for which answers are necessary to continue to strengthen and promote fair and equitable processes at all colleges and universities,”

      I call bullshit. What dialogue is needed? What is wrong with the process of gathering evidence to prove a claim? There is no bias in “innocent until proven guilty”. Am I being idealistic here? The only bias is when people immediately approach the issue from the same tired “woman victim, man villain” diatribe that simply refuses to die among miserably indoctrinated tools.

  • russm

    Just pick a feminist you hate, get their number and email address, and use their details on the anonymous form. Pretty easy, and it will annoy two groups in one shot.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    And remember folks, as you tweet your thoughts out to the twitterverse on this matter, please encourage people to #FireAmandaChildress

    • scatmaster

      Done, numerous times Overlord, err, Snidely, err, Paul!!!!

    • Jared Spencer

      An excellent Idea.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/ImagoCanis Drawing Butts

    Pardon my French, but JESUS-BUTTFUCKING-CHRIST!! She might as well have said “the safety of our women” as opposed to “the safety of our students”. It must’ve taken a considerable amount of self-control (more like denial) for her not to.
    How can someone be so one-sided, so fascistic, so deliberately bigoted and not burst into flames via cognitive dissonance?

    • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

      She hardly cares about “the safety of our students” when she and her thinking are a direct threat to half of them.

  • The_Other_Steve

    Shades of The Committee of Public Safety and the Reign of Terror!

    It seems any and every type of injustice can be rationalized under the aegis of protecting the people’s safety. And, like so many of feminism’s highly cherished ideals, safety is almost entirely subjective, and therefore impossible to attain. All too predictable.

    • Eizieizz

      “Shades of The Committee of Public Safety and the Reign of Terror!”

      Don’t pull the french revolution down to the stupidity of feminists.
      The reign of terror was a reaction to france being attacked by several countries at once in order to role back the government to ancient despotism.

      Even though the reign of terror was terrible, they to a large degree were forced to an iron hand in interior politics by war.

      Feminists on the other hand are the most spoiled and pampered humans who this planet ever had the misfortune to endure. They are not forced to anything, so they are fully responsible for the mess they create.
      Feminism has nothing in common with enlightenment, which was all about due process, freedom of speech, democracy, science.

      • Duke

        Eizz…very interesting ,… are “Due process rights” a direct result of the age of enlightenment??? I would totally be interested in the history of this legal philosophy.
        And if “due process rights” are in fact a result of the age of enlightenment, then one could say feminist – klan hysteria is in fact …….a regression!!!
        someone should ask Robert.

        • Eizieizz

          One piece of evidence for the origin of due process from the enlightenment is the “declaration of the rights of men” the first universal declaration of human rights, which was ratified by the french government during the french revolution.


          Article 9 states: “As all persons are held I N N O C E N T until they shall have been declared guilty, if arrest shall be deemed indispensable, all harshness not essential to the securing of the prisoner’s person shall be severely repressed by law.”

  • Duke

    Folks i believe i have just discovered the number 5 on Dukes list of the worse place to be a male on American campuses.
    1. DUke University…( The duke false rape case)
    2. Meg Lankers Alma Mater ( her facebook rape threat against herself, that she Inflamed the public withby saying it was those nasty “conservatives”)
    3. Caleb Warner Alama mater. ( Campus false rape accusation where local law enforcement charged false rape accuser, but University still suspended male student).
    4. Hofstra University ( college gang bang in a bathroom turned into mass rape hysteria, and the persecution of innocent guys)
    5. Dartmouth University, for the University standing behind Amanda Childress and her Inflaming the public with rape hysteria, and trying to systematically remove guys basic constitutional due process rights when being falsely accused.
    This is a big deal Folks, Dartmouth is stepping up in this world!!!

    • Duke

      Folks feel free to Use “Dukes list” whenever you feel it would further intelligent discussions on the systematic removal of guys basic constitutionally protected due process rights, when entering an American University.

  • sungecko

    I’ll play the devil’s advocate and note it is possible that Childress really was well…playing devil’s advocate. Maybe, just like Dartmouth claims, Amanda wasn’t voicing her own opinion but maybe was “asking a question—a provocative one—meant to generate dialogue around complex issues for which answers are necessary to continue to strengthen and promote fair and equitable processes at all colleges and universities.” It’s hard to know for sure, since she won’t issue a statement herself.

    That aside, I have mixed feelings, but ultimately, I am strongly against messing with the anonymous reporting form. Ignoring the moral issues, if you submit a false report you are only further inflating the campus’ sexual assault statistics. You are just giving campus ideologues more ammo, another misleading statistic they will cite to portray sexual assault as epidemic and validate eroding due process. They will likely cite the number of anonymous sexual assault reports from the web page or just add the number to the number of normal reports. They will completely omit whether or not the report is credible, resulted in disciplinary action or an actual conviction in the real court of law. Indeed, administrators will likely just give up the number of anonymous reports made, but won’t go into any details since the data is confidential.

    Given that sexual assault doesn’t actually appear to be an epidemic problem on most campuses, even relatively few false reports could skew everything. Next year, Dartmouth ideologues could say, “We need to be harder on sexual assault (erode due process rights). We had X number of sexual assault reports last year, that is a X% increase!” They will ignore whether or not the anonymous reports are credible and just look at the number of reports. We won’t have access to the details of the confidential data to correct them.

    • Turbo

      You may have a point about increasing the numbers.

      I guess the other option would be to email the school and voice your objections to this bigot.


    • sybil

      I don’t think so. Would Dartmouth really want to publicly say that the number of rapes increased from (hypothetically) 2 last year to 1000 this year?

      • Bewildered

        You have grossly underestimated! It was one million ….. Oooops ! never mind ,lying for a good cause is noble !

      • sungecko

        I don’t think the Dean at Dartmouth would want to publicly say that Sybil. However, ideologues at Dartmouth (student or facility) invested in gaining power by portraying rape as an epidemic and their ideology as the only cure, certainly would. Of course, they may re-frame the number of reports to make the statistic seem more believable. For example, Dartmouth has 6,342 students, so they may say something like “1 in 6 students per year experience (they probably won’t bother saying “report”) sexual assault!”

        The current Clery Act stats (link) for reported sexual assault at Dartmouth are: Sexual Assault, Forcible: 2010 (12 on campus+10 off=22 total), 2011 (12 on campus+3 off=15), 2012 (11 on campus+13 off=24); Sexual Assault, Non-Forcible has had 0 reports since 2010. (current report;pg62)

        That averages about 20 per year. 6,342 students. Assuming that there is only one unique reported victim per each reported offense…that is about a 1 in 317 chance a student will be a reported victim of a reported sexual assault per year. Remember we are talking about reports not convictions.

        On a side note, I’m glad the clery report separates on- and off-campus reports. Unless it’s a field trip or college facility, I don’t think a college is responsible for what happens to students off campus. I would be interested to know how many reported perpetrators were Dartmouth students. Only counting reported on-campus sexual assaults would give you an average of only 12 reported victims per year, which would give a 1 in 529 chance of being a reported victim.

    • SlantyJaws

      If it was an isolated incident I might agree but between this and a host of similar incidents, not to mention the “dear colleague” letter and the all-systems-go push to utterly demonise men on campus, even reaching the BBC:


      I’m not inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m inclined to fire her first and ask questions later, this stuff is getting way out of hand.

  • comslave

    Here’s the real threat. If you throw rape accusations around like a toy, men are going to stop caring. If you are constantly beating up good men because of the tiny few that are bad, the rest will no longer see the value of being good. This attitude towards men can come back to bite women in the ass. MGTOW is the least of their worries.

  • JGteMolder

    I wish there was a guy or girl standing up, pointing at, “She sexually abused me when I was a kid.” Several cops show up, put her in cuffs, and immediately lead her out. Then when she screams bloody murder. The host saying, “Well, 70% of all child abusers are women, we’re merely treating you the way you expected to be treated. Wasn’t that what you wanted; an accusation is enough? You should entirely agree with firing your ass now and send you to prison.”

    No way better to show off the vileness of any proposal and how vile the person is, than letting a woman drink her own medicine.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    It would seem some clever attorneys are using Title IX to defend expelled male students who are victims of false sexual assault allegations on campuses throughout the US:


    From what I can tell, these case are happening right now. I think this war on campuses will be won through ever increasing lawsuits and headlines. I hope students who sue universities that conduct these witch hunts win and win bigs and do not sign NDAs. They need to publicize these cases to the hilt and make these institutions feel the pain in their bottom line: big money lost in law suits and scaring potential quality students from applying (fresh meat/tuition dollars).

  • Duke

    These new Kangaroo rape courts run by the campus gender-studies community, Along with the dear colleague letter that strips college guys basic due process rights will not stand forever!!!
    But they will stand long enough for me to put together a comprehensive “Dukes list” of the worse place to be a male student in the US.
    It will be a historically accurate documentation of who were the worse offenders, who were the “Mike Knifongs”, who were the meg lankers who manned the campus bully pulpits, right down to who were the lowly administrative “Lynch pins” of the operations.

    • Justice4all

      Fyi, it’s Nifong and there is a group working on a survey that will be used to gather the data used for ranking universities that have hostile due rights policies related to the disciplinary process for adjudicating sexual assault cases. Am guessing that several universities on your list appear will appear on this report once it’s completed.

      • Duke

        Thats great, i will be interested in reading youre list as well.

        • Duke

          Maybe Dean could put out a list also, and call it the “deans list”. LOL

      • Duke

        “MIG’s”, i….love it bro, the acronym is a winner.
        I will say there are now a few college mens interests groups that will be jousting for supremacy over others. May the best and boldest college MRA group win, its that simple.
        make note…..fortune always favors the bold!!!

        • Duke

          One thing about focusing on returning veterans…is that these guys are not going to be shamed, or intimidated in the least with gender-feminist hysteria lynchings.

  • Bewildered

    Yeah! come to think of it, I think I was,though I didn’t think it was a sexual assault at the time it happened!
    But now that those repressed memories haunt me, as a victim I demand to be believed or else I will call you a rape apologist !

    • Jared Spencer

      Goodness! That could ruin me! Very well then….you are believed, oh victim!

  • Duke

    Dean my friend…this is the best piece here at AVFM that i have read in a little while. The discussion here is something you can’t buy anywhere!!!

  • Alph

    Mr. Esmay has won the ‘Best article of the month’ with this one. Great work sir!

  • Andy Bob

    Rhetorical question? Are they having us on?

    The University’s defense of Amanda Childress remark is so disingenuous that I can’t even bear to contemplate how many hamsters’ tiny hearts gave out to create it. Those little critters deserved better.

    It was indeed a rhetorical question, but this does not make it any less reprehensible. Rhetorical questions are not employed in oratory to promote discussion, or even suggest ideas. They are devices used clarify a speakers position. The audience has no doubts about how the speaker would answer it.

    When Amanda Childress asks, “Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?”, she is asserting that the she believes that her university could and should expel students based on allegations. Framing it as a rhetorical question is just an indirect way that smarty pants academics like her use to invite audiences to agree with them.

    [True story: I know all this because I once participated in an inter-school debate competition. Sadly, my debating career was cut short when I received a life-time ban for referring to an opponent from S,C.E.G.G.S. – Sydney Church of England Girls’ School – as a potato head. Obviously, my rhetorical discipline was in its infancy. I’d like to say that the experience made me a better person, but I remain recalcitrantly proud of it.

    I was once motor-boated between my buttocks while standing in line at a Westfield ATM in Cringilla. I never got more than a passing glance at the perpetrator, but I feel that Amanda Childress was somehow involved. Where’s that form?. I feel a grievance coming on.

    • Duke

      ” I feel a grievance coming on”….LOL classic, andy bob…

    • Jared Spencer

      You got ass boated, too? What was the date? The foul demon responsible could have caught a 0600 flight to the U.S. Northwest and accosted me, as well. Catchy catchy catchy because I, too feel a grievance coming on strong, like a hard on in gym class.