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Victim Feminism Speaks!

The Second Sexism is just victim-envy, according to feminist Suzanne Moore, columnist for The Guardian. (Note: the long-time nickname for The Guardian is “The Grauniad” or just “Graun.”)

I was thinking it had been a while since Suzanne Moore had written a spectacularly crass, polemic, anti-men spiel in the Graun. As that is her raison d’etre, there had to be another one on its way and there was.

The commenters below the line pretty well demolished Moore’s “arguments” about men claiming status as “the new victims” due to their “victim envy” of women. She referred to a new book about men that the Guardian/Observer had already laid into once:

Lagging at school, the butt of cruel jokes: are males the new Second Sex?

Regular commenter Ally Fogg (web site here) asked Suzanne if she had actually read this book and got no reply. My guess is no. She was just re-hashing the Guardian/Observer “line” on it.

My comment was brief but it raised an important point. I responded to this horrendous paragraph in Moore’s piece:

“Still, we all get bamboozled with the choices women now have. Despite everyday stories of violence and abuse against women, we are now to refer to prostitution as ‘sex work.’ I still await the dinner party where middle-class parents tell me: ‘Tom is doing his law conversion but even though Charlotte hasn’t done her Sats she already says she want to do sex work! We always knew she was entrepreneurial.” (my emphasis).

I said:

“As a woman who refuses the role of ‘victim’ I find this article insulting.

“How can I assert my agency with people like Ms Moore demanding that I fit into the ‘poor little victim’ box like a good little girl?

“I am not a victim. And I will fight feminism all the way.

“Oh. and sex work is called sex work because ‘prostitution’ takes away sex worker’s agency. They don’t want to be victims either it seems.”

There is something ironic about feminists, great believers in women’s power to “smash patriarchy,” turning certain groups of women into powerless victims, objects even. Sex workers, trans women, Tory feminists, women who have cosmetic surgery, women who wear too much make up, women who wear too little clothes, women who fuck too many men, they all know what it is like to be objectified and belittled by The Good Feminists.

It is actually quite a “patriarchal” or “matriarchal” approach to take. “You are a victim because I say you are, and since I have a column in the Guardian I get to have the last word on the subject.”

Except, thankfully, in the internet age, Suzanne Moore and her cronies don’t get to have the last word.

At the end of her article she mentioned how on International Women’s Day feminists on twitter silenced men critics, with the witty hashtag #whatabouttehmenz . But as Mark Simpson wrote in his article about misandry being the acceptable prejudice, this is a very sexist tactic:

Quiet Riot Girl has kindly brought to my atten­tion the vogue online for dis­miss­ing any­one who sug­gests that men might face sex­ism as well as women with the retort: “whatabout­the­menz?” And it seems it isn’t just fem­i­nists using this school play­ground approach.

It’s a rather telling phrase because it tries to project the child­ish­ness of the peo­ple deploy­ing it against the ones they want to shut up. Iron­i­cally, it also seems to depend on the “patri­ar­chal” notion of sham­ing the whin­ing boy who doesn’t just sup it up “like a man.”

Simpson’s work is also important in challenging the lazy white middle class “victim feminism” spouted by Moore et. al. because he documents just how much gender roles and gender relations have changed in recent years. The metrosexual revolution he has written about is the result of a post-industrial society, where men aren’t “patriarchs” anymore (if they ever were). Men have suffered huge job losses, the destruction of “manly” industries such as mining and steel work. And have become “like women” in how they now care much more how they look, because many of them can’t take so much pride in what they do as they might have done in the past.

Another commenter under Moore’s diatribe quoted a slightly less cliched feminist, Ros Coward. Her book Sacred Cows inspired the wrath of Beatrix Campbell who said she felt “betrayed” by Coward. But sometimes “betraying” the “sisterhood” is the only decent honest thing to do. As the commenter at cif said:

From Sacred Cows by Ros Coward:

The combination of feminism and changes in the economy have shattered the easy way in which men could assume that their masculinity entitled them to a superior position. The uncertainty which men have been feeling and the effect of this on the socialization of boys show how inadequate it is to assume the all-importance of gender division, categorizing men into powerful positions and women into subordinate ones. […] Now we have to acknowledge that gender is one among many divisions in a truly uneven and heterogeneous society. [emphasis added]

Coward wrote that in 1999. It’s odd that she did so, while all Moore manages now is to shout ‘tripe’ and claim gender trumps everything else.

Note — This piece is a reprint, first published earlier this year on Dr. Tams’ Graunwatch.–DE

About Elly Tams

Dr Elly Tams is a freelance researcher and writer. Her debut novella Scribbling On Foucault’s Walls wonders what would have happened if Michel Foucault the homosexual French philosopher had in fact had a daughter. Elly is known online as Quiet Riot Girl, the controversial 'anti feminist' blogger ( @Notorious_QRG on Twitter). She also runs Graunwatch, a blog dedicated to analysing and criticising the Guardian newspaper, especially its feminist dogma.

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  • TheBiboSez

    “Victim envy”?

    Since when has one’s contempt for the pathetic, whining nature of perpetual victimhood become envy? Just because women gain proxy power from establishing their ever growing helplessness does not mean that men want to play that game, too.

    In the feminist groups and writers I monitor, there is a growing push-back against the increasingly shrill, butthurt and censoring attitudes of groups like Jezebel and Atheism+. These rebellious feminist traitors sound a lot like MRA’s, so much so that they have to insert a gratuitous slap or two against MRAs to try to salvage their fem-cred.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that by departing slightly from feminist orthodoxy they are shitting in the Pope’s punchbowl – their crimes can never be forgiven.

  • Brigadon

    It’s called ‘projection’ and without it feminism wouldn’t exist.

  • Otter
  • Suz

    Chasing down the “logic” behind Victim-envy, makes me dizzy. And nauseous.

    • Otter

      Feminists are pretty consistent one thing: projecting their own insecurities onto men.

    • tallwheel

      Indirectly, she is admitting that having victimhood can be enviable at times. Who doesn’t sometimes wish they could get all the sympathy they want?

  • Booyah

    Ive noticed that their is a real trend to label the MRA white men by feminists. Any other men are of course a minority and protected by feminism. (Or so these poor men think. Of course when they actually are in trouble theyre part of the patriarchy and its their fault and not feminisms problem.)

    Feminism’s attitude to transgender women (IE minority in a pretty huge way) was clearly on display on Feministing recently, basically being a pretty despising one from memory. Something about being able to hear their clunky brains even though they considered themselves women. It was an outrage and they would be easily identified and of course banned on sight in that warm cuddly all embracing feminism equality we’ve all come to know and love.

    Around the same time a transgender man was welcomed at AVFM with respect and open arms. We have far more open minds than feminists and this attempt to exclude anyone but white men from the MRM must be tackled by us every time it is seen. To me a black man is just a man who has been oppressed twice to my once. Apart from that it ends there. The MRM is for rights of all men and we have demonstrated more open mindedness in that regard already. Despite the vast funding and head start afforded to feminism.

    Anyhow im back off to the matriarchy but thanks for speaking up on our behalf.

    • napocapo69

      You know, feminist spread hate mainly against the more powerful enemy, the white heterosexual male (also because many powerful feminists are lesbian, and you know feminists do not like fair comeptition 😉 ); hence they assume their main target is the one that fights back, maybe it is partially true, but it is not always the case.
      It is an old tactic, “dividi et impera”, used to put men aganist each other, used by Nazism, and centuries ago by Ancient Romans;
      As Martin Niemöller wrote against Nazis:
      “… in the beginning they came and brought away the gipsies, and I was glad because there were too many thieves
      …then they came and took the jews, and I was glad because I had no simpaty for them
      …then they came and took the gays, and it was ok because I did not like them
      …then they came once again and took the communists, and I did not say a word, because I was not one of them
      One day they came to take me, and there was no one left to take my defense”

    • Dean Esmay

      The racism implicit in that is in the denial of all the Men of Color who are part of this. There is also a tendency to identify us as “middle aged” even though our demographic skews quite a bit younger, and “bitter from divorce” even though an awful lot have never married.

      But what’s a few bigoted ignorant racist sexist stereotypes when there’s women to protect?

  • Dani Pettas

    Awesome piece.

  • napocapo69

    she silenced men? … what a mighty woman…well, she’s not alone, we had a taste of this unique feminist power also at Warrel Farrell speech…

    Elly, thank you for the article.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Me, I don’t do the “date” thing. I don’t pay for hookers. I don’t buy products from flirtations sales”persons.” And I don’t talk to drunks or other “persons” wobbling on their heels (or sensible flats) due to other inebriates. And above all, I snap back when a control freak sociopath “progressive” tells me what I am allowed to think or say.

  • Jay

    Great comments regarding sex work. The European misandrist feminists are at it again:

    The laws they want passed are misandrist and against individual freedoms and civil liberties. As Elly has pointed out in her article, a woman has agency and therefore herself should be able to decide what she wants. These people also use fake statistics to grossly exaggerate trafficking and demonise men and male sexuality.

    I firmly believe that sex work and not allowing laws which are so blatantly anti-male (like the Swedish model which punishes men and discriminates against sex workers) should be very much part of our mission of gender equality.

    These misandrist feminist gender ideologues claim sex work needs to be abolished for gender equality. That is ridiculous. Men or women who engage in sex work need to be given the same rights as other workers if we are to work towards gender equality.

    • napocapo69

      You know, prostitution is a crime where men abuse of women paying for something women asked to do.

      quote:”The most important thing to understand about prostitution is that imposing sexual intercourse with money is a form of violence that shouldn’t be accepted,”

      Feminist have no more barriers to their mysandry.
      quote:”Critics, however, argue that criminalising prostitution also increases the risk of rape and violence”

      you see, putting in jail and ruining the life of a man for doing nothing wrong, is not an issue at all, it is not even considered…

      By the way, another misandric attempt coming from the long Swedish “arm”..

  • the Tired Low Social

    i am reminded of an ancient greek myth. in it, heracles (more commonly known as hercules, though that’s his Roman name) is challenged to clean out a stable of flesh eating horses for some reason or other. he accomplishes it by redirecting a nearby river through the stable which washes away the horse shit. i’m tempted to say we follow that and let the shit build up and get front row seats for when the backlash washes it away. if so, feminists really would be stuck barefoot in the kitchen i bet. but being decent people that we are, i doubt anyone would want to subject tons of people such severe repercussions since there isn’t a way the could possibly piss off that many people that much.

    • the Tired Low Social

      by the way, i do realize how confusing that might sound. in effort to make my point more transparent, my comment was mostly put in to mention that particular story since it fits so well with today’s events. the horse shit being feminism or what have you, and the river being the rational, logical people who make up the true forces of equality. it’s pretty mulch-purposeful

  • Towgunner

    Victim envy…they’re so delusional its not funny. Look how clever I am, I spun the term “penis envy”…silly. Here is the truth: feminists are all victims, you used your weakness to gain access to “power”, which points to only a couple of conclusions, namely you are indeed truly weak and inferior to men. That aside, men don’t won’t to be a new victim class, not even close. From MGTOW to the liberty movement, men want a world that is free from a tilted playing field…we have the courage to say give us a world where the chips fall where they may. We know that’s the true route to freedom and fulfillment but we also know and accept the risks and perils that come with that. feminists don’t, they want immediate status and a big state that extorts it from others. Men are not a victim group, in fact, the reason why feminism is so popular is because men have the self confidence and pride not to ask for help, whereas all of these over embellished female ‘accomplishments’, have always been made possible by an act of the state. You just weren’t capable of doing it on your own, that’s the sad truth. Lastly, us men seek to destroy all the nifty little crutches and privileges (all of which are inherently discriminatory) you have installed in our society and culture so that we’re all truly on a level playing field. Look to history as to how the sexes fall out when things are leveled…not good for you “super women”.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Victim envy…heroism envy?

    Oh…remember Pearl Harbor, btw…

    The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
    by Randall Jarrell

    From my mother’s sleep I fell into the State,
    And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze.
    Six miles from earth, loosed from the dream of life,
    I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters.
    When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.

    (Remembering you today, Dad. One of the rare Ball Turret Gunners that lived to tell the tale…)