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The U of T Student Union needs our help.

The Student Union of the University of Toronto needs our help.

Members of the U of T Student Union have drafted a motion to present to the university administration to take action against A Voice for Men, including banning the site from U of T servers and seeking to have AVfM’s hosting company shut the site down. [1].

As the Editor-in-Chief of AVfM, I not only support these students in their clear ambition to attempt to silence opinions they may disagree with, I hope to motivate others to help them draft and present a more effective, convincing and clearly imperative call to action against this website.

Toward that goal, I have included the full text of the existing Motion to condemn (which was emailed to us), along with my own commentary and suggested revisions. Such revisions as necessary for the motion to be a more effective motivator for the school’s administration to take action against this website.


Moved: C. Scott Seconded:

Whereas on November 16, 2012, a so-called “men’s rights awareness” group at the University of Toronto invited Warren Farrell to campus to give a talk.

Commentary: The use of the term “so called” to preface “men’s rights awareness” does no service to either the author nor to the proposed motion. The words “men’s rights awareness” are in fact a part of the self identification of a men’s rights awareness organization on the campus of the U of T. The authors of the existing motion are advised to reserve application of the phrase “so called” to informal slang and terms of art departing from the actual names of existing organizations and groups. This reservation will make a revised version of the motion more credible, and effective towards its intended audience, the administration of the University of Toronto.

Whereas Warren Farrell promotes misogynist, hateful views towards women and ideologies that promote gender equity, challenges women’s bodily autonomy, justifies sexual assault and decries feminism as violent;

As the existing motion requests action of the administration of a major academic institution, Dr Warren Farrell should be referred to by his correct title, which is Dr. Warren Farrell.

In addition, the motion suggests necessary actions to be taken against this website. Dr Farrell has no past or present association or relationship with A Voice for Men. Also, if Dr. Farrell is to be included in the motion, the reasons for that should be independently established through citation of his own writings or actions.

Specifically, the motion should include citations from Dr. Farrell’s writing in which he challenges women’s bodily autonomy. The motion should also cite writing or speech by Dr. Farrell which promotes misogyny. Furthermore, the motion should cite where Dr. Farrell justifies sexual assault.

Obviously, the veracity of the vague and unsupported claims about Dr Farrell are not called into question in this criticism. However, to provide the compelling rationale necessary for action by the U of T’s administration, proof of the allegations against Dr. Farrell may be helpful. It may also reduce the amount of conflation between Dr. Farrell, an individual, and A Voice for Men, an unrelated organization.

Whereas students at the University of Toronto made the situation known to the University of Toronto administration, asking for action to be taken due to Farrell’s flagrant violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code;

“The situation,” is unfortunately a pronoun lacking reference. In a formal call to action, “the situation” must be explicitly identified prior to use. It may not be obvious to the U of T administration, or others, precisely what “the situation” is.

Also, although Dr. Farrell’s flagrant violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, is obviously not questioned by this criticism, this too requires more specific detail; not only the offending actions or speech by Dr. Farrell, but also the specific article, chapter and subsection of the Ontario Human Rights Code violated. Further, although we must all accept the apparent malevolence of Dr. Farrell based only on unsupported assertion, the current motion demands action be taken against A Voice for Men, a web site and organization to which Dr Farrell has no present or past association.

Clearly, a separate MOTION TO CONDEMN Dr. Farrell is needed.

Wheras the University of Toronto administration refused to act; and

Whereas in absence of action from the university, students organized a petition and protest in response;

The motion has as one of it’s major goals the motivation of action by the University of Toronto administration. However, the motion makes claims of inactivity from the U of T administration, which happen to untrue. The office of the Provost at the U of T have at least stirred themselves to examine the events surrounding the presentation and accompanying protest sufficient to publish a clear positional statement [2]. Given that your target audience is already likely aware of the action they themselves have taken, it may hurt your credibility with them and perhaps others.

The most salient portion of that public statement begins in the second paragraph with:


The vast majority of the University of Toronto community understands that freedom of expression is vital to the mission of universities and cannot be reserved for those with whom one agrees. It is therefore heartening that many members of our community with otherwise divergent views have recognized that the disruption of this event by protesters was a threat to free speech.

Again, false claims of the inaction of the school’s administration will likely diminish the credibility of the motion and it’s authors. Convincing the school’s administration of a false history in which they participated is likely a counterproductive strategy to be avoided.

Whereas in response, police were called to campus and violently attacked and harmed activists;

While violent attack on feminist protesters by the Toronto Police department would certainly be problematic, if it were true, video of the event quite clearly shows that police officers, called to the scene to protect ticket-holders from assault were themselves assaulted by feminist protesters.

The U of T student newspaper “the Varsity” reported on 17 November:


One protester was arrested after a scuffle broke out in front of the auditorium’s doors. He was later released with no charges. Another protester was cautioned for assault of a police officer..

Interestingly, the Varsity article also claims that event organizers physically assaulted one or more attending protesters, referring to video of the event – which does not appear to depict any such thing.

However, whether protesters assaulted police, or whether the reverse case is true, A Voice for Men did not have a representative at the event, and conflation of the apparent actions of Toronto Police, of paying attendees, of event organizers, or any statement, real or imagined of Dr. Farrell are wholly apart from this website, A Voice for Men.

Perhaps a motion to condemn, arrest and incarcerate the Toronto Police Department, with supporting rationale, would be in order.

Whereas members of the so-called “men’s rights awareness” group also violently attacked and harmed activists;

According to reporting by Dan Smeenk  of the Varsity and according to video by independent videographer Stephen Brule, protesting feminists were not attacked, but themselves engaged in verbal abuse of event attendees, and initiated violence against members of the Toronto Police. Arguing the opposite of what is already documented in video format will likely undermine the credibility of the motion and its authors. False claims used to compel action by the U of T’s administration should be un-disprovable, otherwise members of the U of T’s administration might engage in fact-checking, severely diminishing the impact of the motion.

Whereas several female-identified students who were outspoken at the rally has[sic] since been targeted by “men’s rights” activists on the website AVoiceForMen.com, who are calling for their surveillance by men at the University of Toronto and for their actions to be detailed at an online blog which contains many hateful ideas about women;

The characterization of reporting and commentary by AVFM using the language “ female-identified students who were outspoken at the rally has[sic] since been targeted by “men’s rights” activists on the website AVoiceForMen.com” is an excellent strategy to demonize this website and it’s contributors. However, the following statements “ .. who are calling for their surveillance by men at the University of Toronto and for their actions to be detailed at an online blog” undermines the sinister portrayal of AVFM by admitting that such “targeting” consists only of citizen journalism and commentary.

This admission severely undermines the potentially useful impact of the word “targeting”. Without the anti-climactic reference to reporting and commentary at AVFM, an impression could have been created that the site’s editors advocated violence. This is a missed opportunity to more effectively demonize.

Whereas several of the female-identified students that have been targeted were less vocal or prominent than participants who were male-identified; and

Whereas men have, as a result, begun to harass these woman, the UTSU and female- identified staff at the UTSU;

As with all your claims made without citation or evidence, this criticism certainly does not aim to cast the slightest doubt on the motion or its authors. However, the last time I heard about women or feminists being threatened by MRAs, it became quickly evident that such threats were fielded by other feminists simply claiming to be MRAs. This uncomfortable fact was documented on the feminist website http://haifischgeweint.wordpress.com/ (please consider the link a helpful example of citation).

I’m sure ideological thinkers would not use the same tactic twice, and it’s at least plausible that somebody has threatened one or more of the violent protesters at the U. of T. However, the claims of threats made without citation or source do provide a strong impression of a game of make-believe, which the motion can only ameliorate by citation of such threats.

Whereas the message from this website claims to be of ‘equality’ but is in fact a message that is a misogynist, sexist, cissexist, heterosexist and homophobic response to the challenge of cis-male privilege in society;

Facts are sometimes inconvenient, but are often important. The message of A Voice for Men does not claim to be of “equality,” but we do support equal treatment under the law. However, the motto of the site, presently printed in the site’s mast-head is “compassion for men and boys”. However, our complete mandate is for Justice and Compassion, two elements glaringly absent from rhetoric in opposition to the human rights of men and boys. Admittedly the mandate for “justice and compassion” might not be readily apparent without reading some of the site’s content.

However, the claims of several flavors of sexism serves to considerably undermine the credibility of both the motion and its authors. AVfM’s contributing authors and board of directors include men and women of every sexuality and variation. In fact, a routine criticism of the AVfM’s weekly radio show is an excess of female hosts and contributors, suggesting to some detractors that the mandate to address men’s human rights issues is being diluted by too many female contributors.

Rather than making the easily dismissed claims of sexism, or homophobia, more substantive attacks against the site’s senior contributors would likely be more believable. For example, AVFM Radio’s co-host and star, Karen Straughan “Girl Writes What” could be attacked for her clear jealousy of younger, daintier and more feminine women than herself.

Erin Pizzey, the founder of the women’s shelter movement, now on AVFM’s board of directors, could easily be attacked on the grounds of senescence, or a wholly superstitious attachment to her life-long religious faith. Any of AVfM’s gay or bisexual contributors could easily be discredited based on which sex they are, or aren’t attracted to, although since outing the sexuality of contributors is not within the site’s editorial mandate, critics will have to do their own research. Preference for same sex partners can be manipulated by U of T student commentators into hatred of the opposite sex with some aptitude and practice. 

However, citing an exhaustive list of every kind of sexism with it’s own name does appear counter productive. In such a complete list, even the sexuality of the site’s management team must be despised by the site’s management team. A more plausible approach for U of T commentators would be to pick only one or two variations of sexism, and then cite content on the site, plausibly supporting such claims.

Whereas the content of the website has generated hateful and violent comments from both readers and writers;

With over 1,700 feature length articles, citation or evidence of “hateful and violent” commentary – if such exists — should not fall on the readers of the U of T student’s motion to locate for themselves. The site’s masthead includes a search bar from which offensive phrases or suggestions of violent rhetoric can be searched for and thereby cited as evidence of the claim of hatred or violence.

However, as tempting as it might be for administration members to register for the site and supply such commentary themselves, this tactic should be accomplished with screen-capture, as commentary advocating or suggesting violence is strictly forbidden, resulting in immediate IP-based banning of offenders from the site.


Be it resolved that the University of Toronto Students’ Union condemn the actions and stances AVoiceForMen.com has taken; and

Be it further resolved the University of Toronto Students’ Union support students that have been attacked by AVoiceForMen.com; and

Be it further resolved that the University of Toronto Students’ Union take action to have the website AVoiceForMen.com blacklisted and shutdown by their website provider for hate speech.

Certainly, if the students at the U of T feel it necessary to silence the expressed opinions of an organization or site they disagree with, they should pursue that censorship wholeheartedly. Indeed, that the authors of the MOTION TO CONDEMN support the violence and hatred displayed so blatantly by the protesters at the November 16 presentation by Dr Warren Farrell, they are encouraged to make their support for such conduct as publicly and loudly as possible.

And finally, it indeed is the position of this site, its editorial board and it’s contributors that men’s rights are human rights.

Thank you all for your kind attention.


In addition to provided suggestions for improvements to the language of the existing MOTION TO CONDEMN, Corey Scott, Vice-President Internal & Services, along with his co-authors at the UTSU may wish to audit one or more courses within the Writing and Rhetoric program offered by the University of Toronto.

“The Writing and Rhetoric minor reflects the belief that strong skills in critical thinking and written communication are central to a liberal education.”

Additional details of this program can be found on the web-site located at http://www.utoronto.ca/innis/wr/

[1] http://utsu.ca/section/1116

[2] http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/office/Provostial_Statements/Provost_s_Statement_on_Recent_Controversial_Events_on_Campus__December_2012_.htm

  • Adam Catalyst

    Yikes. Any UofT folks here who could attend the meeting? I work near there, but aren’t a student or faculty, at least at that school.

    • ssj4kevin

      Any idea if it’s open to alumni?

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        I bet a “concerned alumni” could show up easy enough. I am sure a pocket recorder would come in handy, too.

        • Never Blue Again

          Their previous encounter with recording devices appeared a boomerang for them. They might prohibit such things.

          What about Smart Phones ….. ? Check Audio Capture Sensitivity & quality at long distance and battery time when recording. :mrgreen:

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            Prohibit? Not an MRA they won’t.

          • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

            It would probably be better if they don’t know they’re being recorded…

        • TPH

          Spy pens are cheap, record up to 2 hours of audio/video plus they can be used as a USB drive.

          • erwin

            I might have one left in my “super secret spy-kit”, right Dr. F ;)?

            Seriously, though: just use a smartphone with enough memory. A student probably doesn’t have the money. These kind of talks can run pretty long (since it is about censorship and some information-freedom enthousiasts might want to attend it as well). There are plenty of free apps that record audio. I would try if it records well enough inside a pocket, or alternatively: just bring a noteblock and write down the most important bits.

            I would discuss this someplace else though. Anyone from the university who’s looking at the website because of that motion will look here first. It might make them mind their tone more than usual.

      • scatmaster

        Every member of the University of Toronto Students’ Union (full-time undergraduate and professional faculty students at the St. George and Mississauga campuses) can participate in this meeting. Proxy forms are available from Jan 21, 2013 to Jan 25, 2013. Deadline to submit proxy forms is Jan 25, 2013 at 5pm. Proxy forms are available at 12 Hart House Circle & the UTM Student Centre

        Does not look like it. Unless as an alumni you still pay dues to the Student Union or are still a member of the organization..

  • harrywoodape

    Here is some advice for the narcissistic feminist mafia. You can’t stop the truth about you from coming out at this stage of the game. People are on to you. There are more everyday that are starting to ask who the fuck you are and how you managed to con everyone for so long. The YouTube generation like to be entertained by exposure of corrupt and evil power structures. An apetite for feminism’s downfall is building exponentially fast. Your PR campaign is failing you badly and contributing to your demise. Next step is to go for martial law, book burning, witch hunting, and crucifixion is next. What’s taking you so long?
    The harder you try to slander and libel AVfM and men as a whole…the more problems you will create problems for your…ah forget it…you can’t hear reason or logic…I forgot who I was talking to.
    Why don’t you just cut to the chase and try to force your will and become openly misandrist and unapologetic….all this BS is just wasting your time and slowing down your progress towards supreme exalted eternal greatness. Smash all men. Start marching around with men’s heads on pikes and wear testicle collections in necklaces around your neck. Be proud. No more need to lie and spin.

    Get some balls!

    We’ll fuck you up with the truth if you dont. So get a move on and take power. You go grrls.
    It’ll be a big letdown that all men and women aren’t scared of you. You might be surprised that even if you have the government and media and armed forces cheering you on…that some of us men that you have fucked over have nothing left to lose and know what you are about. Nothing can stop us from doing all sorts of clever and brave things to expose you (and your friends…however high up they may be) to the light of truth. Bring it.

  • sevencck

    These tin-pot tyrants are actually doubling down on their appalling behavior. Mental gymnastics ftw.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    Since I won’t allow anyone to take us down, I have to hope they are successful at getting us banned from U of T.

    You can’t buy that kind of endorsement. And I will be happy to exploit the living shit out of it.

    • Augen

      Can you banner-post it?
      i.e.: right up there with “Angry Harry” in the white space, … “Banned at the University of Toronto!”

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        You bet I can, and will.

        And just think, if they ban us there it will force those poor students to break out their smart phones and Ipads to come here and see what the buzz is about.

        Just makes me shudder. :)

        • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

          Yup; their efforts are really not going to help them.

          Yet I rejoice!

          If these are the next generation of rabid feminists, and the best they can do; then 2013 is really going to be good for us.

          I love how they go after people; overly aggressive attackers are very easy to take down. They do most of the work for you.

        • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

          Maybe the U of T administration will eventually be forced by the powerful U of T SU to ban the Internet from campus to stop inquiring minds. One can see a time when powerful U of T intellectuals will be limited to communicating with two tin cans connected by a string.

          Of course, the women’s studies department won’t need to comply with that outdated mode of communication. As we all know from video evidence, they can just shout and scream at the top of their lungs to make their brilliant thoughts known to all.

          Bring in the clowns to the U of T SU public image. There ought to be clowns.

        • SolitaryMan

          It’s an evil plan to shut you down by raising your number of visitors through the roof! Those tricky devils!

    • harrywoodape

      If I had another son I would name him Elam.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        Wow, what on earth can a man say to that?

        • Loy Finly

          Mr Pelam,

          A man might well say, “I have named my young boy ‘Wrongy’ as was decided by the holder of the golden chalice upon its filthy seeding from erroneous spermatozoa”.

          Loy Finly.
          Sr Wrongarian.
          World Chapter to whit.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            A man might well, but if you run across a man in your circles, you might want to ask him and make sure.

          • harrywoodape

            I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you clarify in modern English?

          • Loy Finly

            To Mr Harrywoodape,

            Ape? A wood ape? Ugh. Such a fitting name for simian creatures as yourself that lope about here and there on this hating site. However, that is neither here nor there and I shall continue forthwith your request.

            My remark, as seen above, is in reference to a child of mine born from my seed. My loin. That seed was selected by a male technician at the Institute of Invitro Fertilisation near where I live. He “chose” the erroneous seed of Y-Chromo infestation and has subsequently been fired by my doing.

            A Y-Chromo seed, or male spermatozoa is a wrong seed. Hence the naming of our male child spawn – Wrongy.

            How can you not see that the letter Y appended to his name is indeed correct, you stupid monkey wrapped in a smarter looking gorilla suit?

            You disgust me.

            Loy Finly.
            Sr Wrongarian,
            World Chapter to whit.

          • Robert St. Estephe

            Mr. Finly,
            I am taken aback. Are you implying, somehow, out of some notion originating from deep down in the back of your teased-up and blown-out coiffe, that you actually believe your sis can beat my cis?

          • Bret Vanders

            These appalling misogynists will never listen. Isn’t it possible we can use our networkings to DDDOS the site and have the authorities shut them down? This should be illegal. This webpage denies the fundamental human rights of womyn everyehwhere!!!1!

          • harrywoodape

            @ Wrongy senior.
            I couldn’t see it perhaps because in the first draft of your Shakespearean masturbation you called him “wrong..o”. You then edited it to “wrong…y”. I hate to point it out but you didn’t “see it” either.
            But I wouldn’t have got your joke anyway unless you pointed it out to be honest…because pompous wordplay doesn’t interest me much. It’s maybe boring but I prefer dealing with people that don’t joke about their beliefs when it comes to deadly serious topics.
            Do you seriously think this is a hate site? Do you really believe men are biologically inferior at the DNA level? Because I can’t tell and so I am asking. You respond with insults?
            Being smarter than you look is better than looking smarter than you actually are. Maybe you shouldnt play with sarcasm…you are maybe too clever than the rest of us primates. If you cant procreate the old fashioned way…maybe nature is trying to tell you something. Who taught you to hate your inner monkey?

          • harrywoodape

            @ Loy the biggest mangina on earth.

            You tryin’ to make a monkey outta me, Dr Zeus?

            L O fucking L! Thanks I needed a laugh Dr. F.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Oh Mr Woodape thank you.

            Your reply is so funny I am wiping my tear stained face. You think you got a laugh? Mate I am weak all over.

            What tipped me off old son ?

          • harrywoodape

            @ Dr. F.
            You had me pretty good there. I laughed my head off. I google searched Wrongarian. Too intelligent and funny for the worlds biggest mangina.
            I raise a glass to you. I fuckin love you guys and gals at AVfM.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Hey I’ll tell you this for warm comfort.

            Our Dean Esmay was convinced Andy Vanders was a troll and he slagged off at him. I laughed and I laughed until Kimski took him aside and whispered in his ear.

            Seriously, imagine being a ventriloquist and someone starts debating the puppet? Not only that, but imagine when they ask the puppet, “Who taught you to hate your inner monkey?” I lost it with that gorgeous line. Thank you.

            So not to worry because if Dean fell for one of my mannequins then you are in good company.

            There will be more to come I guarantee it, and when that happens you can enjoy the show just like Dean does now.

            All good and curse that fucking Google.

          • harrywoodape

            @ Dr. F
            A revolution without humour isn’t a revolution worth having.
            So Vanders isn’t a troll?

    • Primal

      Doubling DOWN indeed. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long long time. Let them do our fighting for us. We simply can’t compete with that kind of stupidity.

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        Mr Hembling is not using satire or humour here.

        I thought this too but have been informed that he is quite genuine.

        The school, like all schools of university hold undeveloped impressionable minds. Once after time has passed and they look back at their words and actions some will say, “Hell. I got that wrong after all.”

        John Hembling has put may bottles of wine in the cellar for later maturing you might say.

        I applaud his greater foresight than I could ever have.

        • Primal

          I wasn’t talking about Mr. Hembling. What blew my mind is that the Toronto Student Union would even consider attacking back after being caught so red handed on tape. You can’t make this stuff up.

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Ah, I see now. Yeah that is mad stuff isn’t it?

    • cvar

      >Banned at UoT
      >traffic spikes from Toronto
      >college students
      >don’t understand human nature

      Do they even teach classes there or is it just a meetup place for ideologues to yell at each other?

      • Adam Catalyst

        It is a huge university, maybe 100,000 students, multiple campuses, some among the oldest in Canada integrated into downtown Toronto. Constantly used for film shoots for hollywood because of its scope and age. Like any body that large, it is far from homogenous. Really, the Canadian Federation of Students probably has a lot to do with this nonsense. There is often a gap between student unions and actual students in Canada.

    • Phil in Utah

      Mark Twain once printed in a newspaper: “Louisa May Alcott has banned my book ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ in the State of Missouri FOR ALL ITS DIRTY INCIDENTS.”

      It sold like hotcakes.

    • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

      I believe the term I’m searching for here is ‘Magnificent Bastard’….

    • erwin

      I absolutely love the way you think.

  • Theaverageman

    What I find most troubling is that part of peoples tuition weather or not they support feminism or not is being used to fund a feminist campaign that is trying to silence those who disagree with them.”cis-sexism, hetrosexism, cis-male privilege”…Those are ALL words only feminists throw around.How did higher education turn into THIS?

    • harrywoodape

      What I also find troubling is that my taxes as a Canadian citizen go towards funding an anti-male propaganda campaign and women’s shelters where they fudge statistics and work hard at ruining innocent men’s lives and taking away their children. It’s hard for me to get over on that. It’s like digging your own grave and paying for your own funeral.

      • flailer


        This is the primary reason i am MGTOW; paying NO taxes, contributing little to nothing, except to MRM.

    • Adam Catalyst

      To some extent, I believe this is the work of the student unions in Canada. Many students resent some of the programs or ideologies their mandatory student union fees cover.

  • null kill

    Hmmm… an open call for outright book burning. On a university campus. I wish I could say that this sort of thing surprises me. I wish I could say it hasn’t happened before.

    U of T, you are a laughingstock.

    • Adam Catalyst

      Could happen anywhere. With 100,000 students, it is easy at UofT to find a few dozen extreme hate filled sexists who want nothing more than women’s rights at the expense of *anything*, particularly men’s human rights. The general liberal policies at Canadian Universities help to allow this nonsense to go on. There is a lot of protest at Canadian schools, particularly in the GTA. It is a double edged sword, with potential to aid the MHRM cause as much as hinder it.

  • TheBiboSez

    Since they were making up the accusations against Dr Warren Farrell and AVfM out of whole cloth, it is interesting that the UTSU motion neglected to mention either transphobia or racism in their charges – could it possibly be that they actually support transphobia and racism?

    This is not as farfetched as it sounds – the transphobia of feminists is quite well established, at least as far as trans women goes: http://www.buzzfeed.com/annanorth/why-feminism-cant-afford-to-ignore-transgender-wo

    …and the racism of UT protestors Sophia “Kill all men” Guo and Emma “Kill all men hail satan” Kadey (including minority men, of course) is clear from their own writings, so perhaps they have some Ontario Human Rights Code violations of their own to answer for.

    Of course, as far as I can tell, transphobia and racism are strongly condemned at AVfM. It is a shame that the UTSU can’t say the same of themselves. How the UT administration rules on this issue will be quite illuminating.

    Now, as far as censorship goes, by the year 1836, abolitionist rhetoric had become so compelling that in order to preserve slavery, the US Congress passed the first “gag rule” to silence discussion of the subject. Various versions of the gag rule lasted until 1844; overturning the rule was hailed as a major step in the fight to free the slaves.

    Today, the UTSU wants to re-establish the gag rule by silencing AVfM in order to continue the oppression of men and the denial of men’s rights.

    One would hope that those at UT who actually value the Ontario Human Rights Code will recognize this censorship for what it is – a disgusting assault on the human rights of men and boys by privileged, lazy bigots.

  • James C

    Oh, what precious little snowflakes they are.

    They think they can stop this now?
    The more they try to censor people’s opinions, the more people they expose to their totalitarian methods.
    It’s snowballing at this stage, chumps. You had best grab hold and enjoy the ride.

    All you had to do was ignore Dr Warren Farrell’s lecture and nothing would have happened. A few dozen people would have listened to him and gone home enlightened, now a few hundred thousand have seen your true colours.


    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

      Ah, but ignoring didn’t work, did it? Neither did ridiculing. Now they’re fighting (or rather, spastically flailing about, shrieking as if possessed by demons.)

      What’s next? We hand them their asses, having totally F(ed)TSU.

      • Kimski

        “(or rather, spastically flailing about, shrieking as if possessed by demons.)”

        You might be closer to the truth than you think…but priceless anyway. :)

      • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

        “What’s next? We hand them their asses, having totally F(ed)TSU.”

        Well, if Ghandi was right about things, that would be the next step…yup.

        I think it’s great what’s happening now, but I did always know that ‘sudden success’ is the norm for anything really hard to do…(ie, years of slogging to no effect, until polished presentation and complex thinking is completed and ‘meme-packages’ can be distributed to the masses, who then see the message rather than getting confused or bored…leading to ‘overnight success’).

        The steamroller really is unstoppable at this point though. The greatest danger is that feminists will manage to steer it somewhere else, nowadays.

        I’ll even make another prediction: a Royal Commission will be set up to examine mens issues in Canada by Jan 2015. That’s two years.

        AND I will throw in a bonus:

        Mens issues will become a major election issue in the next US Presidential election, and will surface as ‘minor’ issues in the next Canadian one (which is likely to be quite a bit sooner than the US election).

        Yeah, you could say I’m feeling optimistic these days.

        • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suz

          “The greatest danger is that feminists will manage to steer it somewhere else, nowadays.”

          Traditionalists. I’ve had two “drive by” encounters with them this past week; they make a “Now, now, but..” statement, then they don’t stick around for a discussion after I respond negatively. I get the impression they’re actively poking around the edges of the MRM, looking for a weak spot – these guys are always around, but they usually voice their TradCon opinions within their own circles.

          It’s a sad state of affairs for feminists when they realize the only way they can slow us down is by riding the coattails of Patriarchs.

    • erwin
  • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ


    I only wish I could see their faces when they read what you wrote here.

    I’m sure their mirror glass could break with the way their faces will contort.

    • Zarathos022

      Cue white knight comments in 5,4,3,2,…

    • http://www.johntheother.com John Hembling (JtO)

      The following is copy-pasted from my sent-emails folder. I sent it about 5 minutes after Paul had my article published here on AVFM

      Subject: Suggested revisions to U of T Motion to Condemn AVFM

      from: JtO
      to: Corey Scott
      date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:27 PM
      subject: Suggested revisions to U of T Motion to Condemn AVFM
      mailed-by: johntheother.com

      Hello Mr Scott,

      I’m writing to you in response to your recently published agenda of a special session of your annual general meeting, and the mention of a motion to condemn the website A Voice For Men.

      I have read a draft version of your motion to condemn, and while censorship and campaigns to silence opposing points of view are not techniques I employ, I feel that your case before the U of T’s administration would be stronger and more convincing if a few clarifications and amendments are made to the current version of your Motion To Condemn.

      I feel strongly that the existing motion makes several mistakes which will undermine the credibility of the authors of that motion, and I have published a review of the existing motion’s language, along with my suggested revisions which will hopefully strengthen your case to have AVFM banned by the school’s administration.

      In particular, although this is already noted in the article linked below, It merits mention in this email as well. The language condemning Dr Warren Farrell should fall within a seperate motion, and condemnation of AVFM should be handled apart from any discussions of Dr Farrell.

      The conflation of Dr Farrell’s claimed rape apologetics and other points of view with positions claimed to be advocated by AVFM should be seperate in any motion put before the U of T administration. This is due to the fact that Dr Warren Farrell is not associated with AVFM, and impressions within the motion that he is will undermine your credibility.

      I hope this helps, and that your motion is acted on with dispatch by
      the U of T’s administration.

      Best Regards


  • tallwheel

    Wow. This is the first I’ve heard accusations of MRA’s harming protesters that night. They might want to produce some sort of evidence to back up claims as serious as that.

    • Near Earth Object

      All they can produce is mud for the waters.
      It appears quite evident that they are in severe damage-control mode.

    • Usagi Yojimbo

      “Wow. This is the first I’ve heard accusations of MRA’s harming protesters that night.”

      Funny, that didn’t look like JtO or GWW spewing hate at the “protesters.”

      I would entertain the feminists protesting and spewing bile and hatred about the lecture and forcing people to their will could be called another thing, if certain laws were applied: Domestic terrorists.

      Then I might be thinking a bit extreme. But by the looks of those videos, not by much. I have only seen such fanatical zeal in stories of the Manson family or Jonestown.

  • Kimski

    That was like watching the front row in an old black and white Beatles concert-video. The wackos has really managed to work themselves into a hysterical frenzy over being exposed to the general public.
    Too bad.

    Nice to know that most of them are probably too young to fully understand the ‘Streisand-effect’ of what they’re doing.

    As long as they keep coming up with easily disproven distortions of reality, continued attempts to oppress free speech, unsubstantiated claims of harrassment, and blatantly transparent lies, they have my continued and full support. I couldn’t come up with a better example of the consequences of feminist brainwashing, even if I tried.
    And thanks to these people, noone has to..

    Please don’t tell them that there’s no such thing as bad advertising. It would only make things more difficult for AVfM.

    @JtO: I understand why you go out of your way to lend these bigots a helping hand. Claiming that they need it in more ways than this would be the understatement of 2013.
    You really are a kind person..really.. ;)

    • rake

      As long as they keep coming up with easily disproven distortions of reality, continued attempts to oppress free speech, unsubstantiated claims of harrassment, and blatantly transparent lies, they have my continued and full support. I couldn’t come up with a better example of the consequences of feminist brainwashing, even if I tried.
      And thanks to these people, noone has to..

      Ha-Ha! Exactly.

      That’s what keeps blowing my mind, as I observe these various online and irl confrontations and exchanges: it’s how the femdamentalists so consistently make shit up. It’s not just a few honest errors of reporting or the occasional mistake made whilst arguing in good faith. No. They’re practically guaranteed to simply invent stuff and lie, lie, lie as an SOP. Maybe I’m naive, but I still find it hard to wrap my head around it. Such wilfull dishonesty and corruption is… horrifying.

      And, on the flip side, the only thing that MRAs have to do is to present the evidence, often with no further commentary required. Y’know, like link to a video of an event, or cite some Orwellian policy document, or direct attention to a bloodcurdling radfem fantasy action plan posted in plain view.

      It’s simply not necessary, as a Men’s Rights Advocate, to manufacture falsehoods (and why waste the effort?) because the most bizarre, illogical, reality-inverting craziness has already been said, or written, or done by some maniac proudly identifying as a feminist (or some other bold warrior fighting for ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’).

      That’s really all you have to do to be an MRA, I think: be honest. And being honest, and reasonable, and rational is… hate. Apparently. That’s what they seem to hate the most anyway.

      And though it’s slowly changing, for the most part the mainstream narrative is still largely dictated by the liars and lunatics, masquerading as the sane, the righteous, the just. Makes my head spin. Side effect of the red pill, I suppose.

  • http://forums.avoiceformen.com/showthread.php?tid=451 dhanu

    I don’t know if that level of vagueness and lack of clarity, citation, and evidence in the official letters is the norm in that country/state, but if they’re expectant of this letter to be accepted and acted upon, that means every future action is already fixed, and this letter is merely a formality to start those actions, and the department where this letter is headed to is probably full of the ideologues whose only duty is to rubber stamp such formalities and then act according to how they’re ordered from their feminist supremos. I won’t be surprised to see this letter being passed as completely legitimate without any requirement of proofs to support its claims. This administration is a JOKE. LOL :D

    • tallwheel

      Well, so far the administration hasn’t done anything. They didn’t stop Dr. Farrell’s lecture, so I wouldn’t be so quick to assume the administration will just do whatever the student union asks. Their “motion” looks like it was written by a bunch of kids trying to sound smart. I’m not so sure the administration will take it seriously.

    • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

      Is their modus operandi Goebbels-esque?

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

      • http://beijaflorbeyondthesunset.wordpress.com Rick Westlake

        And now that you mention Goebbels, that reminds me …

        Spike Jones wrote the perfect theme-song for the UTSU, seventy years ago:

    • http://menzmagazine.blogspot.com/ Factory

      The absolute best possible outcome for the MRM and AVfM is for the U of T to ‘ban’ the site and condemn the Mens Movement publicly. It would cause ripples of outrage in academia worldwide, it would SHRED the credibility of the school while drawing attention to ideologues in Education (hello Boy Crisis) and the bias they bring with them.

      It could spark a ‘national discussion’ on the validity of Feminism as the default State Religion, it could draw HUGE crowds of curious folks due to the news coverage and controversy…

      We MRAs sometimes lose sight of just how ‘interesting’ we are to those who don’t live and breathe this shit…even though we are a guilty pleasure.

      If the U of T does pretty much anything but shelve this and shut up about it, they are going to suffer some real damage in the credibility department.

      My guess is, they’re trying to find a way out of this mess that retains their feminist cred.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        101% spot on as usual, Dan-o.

        Part of the problem that UTSU has is that they are too stupid and too ideologically driven to know when to shut up.

        They won’t know what hit them till the truth kicks their fucking teeth in.

        • Kimski

          “Part of the problem that UTSU has is that they are too stupid and too ideologically driven to know when to shut up.”

          LOL. Exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days, word for word.
          Oh, well, I might have slipped the occasional ‘morons’ in there, too.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Thanks to R.Dylan for making this amendment possible.

    How many roads must U of T walk down
    Before you cite they hate man ?

    How many seas must a white knight sail
    Before a dame’s tears hits the sand ?

    Yes, how many times must a voice of men fly
    Before they’re forever banned ?

    The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

    • Kimski

      Now we’re talking..
      See, that makes sense!


  • TigerMan

    Tweeted with appropriate hashtags ;)

  • TigerMan

    Well I looked at their agenda (University of Toronto Students Union) for their upcoming meeting on Feb 5th 2013 and was surprised by their item apologising for their role in violent attempted censorship of Warren Farrells talk in November 16 2012 – surprised by it’s ABSENCE that is.
    Have these people no sense ‘of SHAME??

  • Aimee McGee

    Hmmmm….anyone know if the libel laws in Canada would allow a claim to be put in regarding their slander about AVfM?
    Probably not worth the effort, but might be quite entertaining, given minutes from meetings ARE published documents.

  • Greg Canning

    OMG! What a deluded and misguided bunch of drongo’s them UTSU yobbo’s are, apparently oblivious that their actions are spreading their message of hate, bigotry and intolerance around the world, and instead doing everything in their power to accelerate that message! Thank you Thank you ! I am surprised that the big sisters have not stepped in to stop them causing immeasurable damage feminism. Oh well our gain.

  • TheUnknown

    “Female-identified” is such an obnoxious term. It’s basically saying “I don’t consider you fully female, but that’s what you call yourself so…” And I know it’s none of my business, but I keep wondering which of the women featured on this site are merely “female-identified.”

    • Aimee McGee

      According to some tests by Simon Baron-Cohen (yes, his cousin is Sacha), my brain is rather male, but I have on good authority my body is all woman :)

      • Reggie

        I fully reject that notion. People are who they are. There are no male or female gendered actions, we only perceive them as such.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

      Indeed. It’s a nauseating attempt to be politically correct, which actually ends up being *offensive* to transfolk. They are idiots.

  • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

    We really should send them a thank you note for the comic relief.
    I think there is name for this type of document., something is coming to me, one of the protesters last names.
    Eureka I’ve got it an Urban Dictionary definition.
    We could call it a Sandhu paper.
    A modest definition;
    A complaint motion or legal document full of illogical ramblings and lies. Usually put forth by feminists of both cis genders ( sorry couldn’t resist that one) in response to Men’s Human Rights Issues.

    From another point of view I’ve heard lawyers call this the “shotgun” approach, basically spew anything and everything and hope something sticks.
    What I am somewhat surprised at is the fact that Osgoode Hall is right close to them and so is L.S.U.C., the law society of upper Canada.
    Perhaps they would like to take advantage of L.S.U.C.’s free half hour consultation service when they make their second draft of this Sandhu
    Damn fine roast of Acme Fem & co. JTO

  • UKMan

    Will they be blocking the 3g signals too? *rolls eyes*

    They can’t help themselves, can they?

    Lie, lie, lie, censor, censor, censor…….enjoy the extra traffic AVFM!

  • Strangled

    “The site’s masthead includes a search bar from which offensive phrases or suggestions of violent rhetoric can be searched for and thereby cited as evidence of the claim of hatred or violence.”

    Oh! There’s another option; you see, AVfM *might* have some sneaky-ass search filter that removes incriminating material when being used by a Brave Muckraking Feminist. Of course, as a software developer, I have absolutely no idea how that would be possible, but impossibility does not appear to dissuade the charges of people like this.

    To avoid the imaginary AVfM vajayjay filter, simply append “site:avoiceformen.com” (without the quotes, and without a space after the colon) to a Google search.

  • http://marktrueblood.posterous.com/ Mark Trueblood

    Though I have never been to Canada, my heart goes out to the students and faculty of the University of Toronto, being confronted daily with the troubling notions expressed on A Voice For Men that men are human and women aren’t demigods.


    Therefore, I have decided to offer my testimony to the U of T Student Union.

    “My baby was struck dead with the pox after Mr. Elam posted a YouTube video! My cattle gave forth sour milk, after Mr. Hembling put up a handbill in the town square about men’s rights! And, I saw Goody Girl Writes What in the forest, consorting with the Devil!”

    You’re welcome.

  • Zarathos022

    The only thing I have to say to these assholes is…

    Good Luck.

    You’ll need it.

    • Zarathos022

      Which reminds me, I remember a certain Disney song that could sum up these jokers in a nutshell. Stick THIS up your pipe and smoke it, UofT.

      • erwin

        Many Disney-songs and story adaptations are more relevant to the gender debate than one might think.

        Funny vid, though.

  • donzaloog

    “Waahh. Those bad men on the website correctly pointed out my shitty behaviour and I need to get rid of them. Waahh! PROTECT ME!”

    That’s all I heard when I read her statements.

  • malcolm

    It’s like they have painted themselves in a corner, and to save face they have to continue to prop up their blatantly false narrative of this event. The more they do so, the more ridiculous they look,
    I keep waiting for the day when somebody who has some authority at U of T just admits that the protestors were wrong. They were wrong about Dr. Farrell, they were wrong about the actions they took to block the event, they were wrong for lying about it, they are wrong for making false claims about stalking and harassment, and that they are wrong for misrepresenting what the MRM is and calling it a “hate movement”. That day will probably never come, so I am just as happy to see them making complete fools of themselves.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      A sympathetic, yet much more optimistic take on what you observe. What is occurring now is what a lawyer would call “making a record” or a forensic investigator would call “a paper trail.” Because this incident and its follow-up are continuing in a very public and well-documented fashion, it is likely to end up as an exemplary case history, usable after the fact by writers and analysts as a demonstration of the problems that are created by gender ideologues. It is merely a solitary case, yes, but because this case is becoming a highly articulated and documented narrative the ultimate narrative will provide an invaluable resource for later use, allowing scholars and critics to analyze and illustrate the problems the incident signifies. Let us hope the Toronto ideologues keep adding to this fascinating record.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Dear U of T Student Union:

    Without the A Voice for Men website as a publishing venue, many writers who contribute to the site, such as myself, will have too much free time on their hands. If you recommend censoring and closing down the site, you ought to at least recommend that we be given placement in labor camps or re-education camps. Personally, I am very sensitive to cold weather, so please don’t recommend a camp in Siberia. Thanks.

  • MGTOW-man

    Let me ask a question here…and I would appreciate a response from someone who has valid input and substantiated insight.

    “Preference for same sex partners can be manipulated by U of T student commentators into hatred of the opposite sex with some aptitude and practice.”—JtO, above.

    Good point, JtO, but…Wait a minute, could it be that we smell a rat?

    According to logic, isn’t it entirely possible that gay people, especially men, have had a bias REMOVED instead of one being created (against women). Since gay men are free to view women only as other people (claiming to be equal, and not sex objects, in which they would need to keep pleased—like straight men often do, regardless of right or wrong, in order to be liked), aren’t theirs’ a bias REMOVED?

    Thus, gay men out there, if they will be honest with themselves, and with others, (and distance themselves from the blight of feminism) they might be the key to overriding the general population of men who value that of competing for women over that of actual true equality and fairness—which apparently scares most of those so-called “men” away from activism?

    In summation, being against the unraveling caused by radical, hate-filled oblivious feminists and their cohorts in no way implies that such participants are gay, still, if the gay participants would step up here, it could help our cause.


    • Bromoflexual

      “According to logic, isn’t it entirely possible that gay people, especially men, have had a bias REMOVED instead of one being created”

      As a gay man, I’ll say that not only is it entirely possible, but it’s a reality. This guy sums it up nicely in his article about straight women in gay (male) bars:
      “Your Vagina Has No Power Here”

      Getting most gay men to swallow the red pill might be a bit tough, though. Since most physical and verbal harassment toward gay people come from men (at least that’s the common perception…if someone has stats that either support or refute that assertion, please let me know), it’s easy for gay men to unite with feminists against a common “enemy”: men and masculinity.

      • MGTOW-man

        Thanks for your insightful response. I see your point about gay men uniting with feminists due to a perceived “common enemy.” I wish it weren’t so. But it is men who do this to themselves with their hatred of gays (and possibly of their inner selves…shhh…as they feel compelled to display…unwittingly of course).

        This is why I say to men out there, and especially to MRA males, that it is utterly senseless and without any respect whatsoever, for a man, again especially an MRA, to be homophobic.

        Something tells me that things might be starting to change…as evidenced by your and other gay mens contributions to this site and its causes. Thankfully, not all gay men fall into the feminist trap.

        Since feminism isn’t winning because it is right, but because men compete over women, sex, and all, then with this customer/payment-prostitute-similarity gridlock against the advancement of TRUE equality, men and boys need all the help they can get here, gay men included.

        Thank you for your contributions. Spread the word, that despite redneck-ish, potentially self-loathing, homophobic haters out there, the MRM is where gay men should be. Tell them. The “bias removed” effect will help our cause with paramount results. Gay men are in the same boat as we and will benefit most and overall by being on the correct side.

        Remember, when feminist women began to allow lesbians into their ranks, did their movement start to make much larger gains.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    University of Toronto in the news again. Bernard Chapin’s introduction to the story:

    “College Offers Orgy Attendance”

    The news source: University of Toronto student group hosts “epic sex club adventure”

    • TheBiboSez

      Let’s hope that there are many, many children conceived during this romp, and that the UTSU sponsors are subsequently falsely accused of rape enablement AND forced to pay child support. Perhaps THAT would open their eyes.

  • chrixthegreat

    The U of T administration violates the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Human rights act all the time. We should work towards legal action towards them to get there provincial and federal funding pulled.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Mr. Hembling, you did a superb job correcting that freshman’s paper. U of T would do will to offer you a full professorship. The university would benefit immensely from having a faculty member who can teach critical thinking and writing.

    • Kimski

      “The university would benefit immensely from having a faculty member who can teach critical thinking and writing.”

      You get my vote for comment of the week.

  • Near Earth Object

    Excellent read, JTO.

    I smell fresh air. Isn’t it wonderful to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Winstone

    These sick feminists want censorship on Internet because they know that their ideology is a total lie. They should realize that Soviet Union disappeared, so what they want is no longer possible

  • 86

    John this was a terrific read.

    Should the motion pass, I hope someone forwards all of this to some or more of the following people or organizations:

    Wendy Kaminer (columnist, ex-ACLU, very big on free speech)
    Tammy Bruce (radio talk show host)
    Barbara Kay (columnist)
    Ann Coulter
    Dan Savage
    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    And just let them know of the protest, with links to the articles here, and links to this silly motion and the provosts statement.

    I think most of these folks would support AVFM in their various venues and/or just give you constructive advice, and even if some wrote articles in opposition to AVFM (which, frankly the Chronicle of Higher Education and/or Dan Savage might), it would raise awareness of what happened at UofT, which I think would be a big win.)

    Are there any famous/semi-famous gay First Amendment / Civil Rights lawyers? Especially those who have blogs or columns? I’d pass this by them emphasizing the protest, and this motion asking for a take-down based on hate speech.)

  • ZimbaZumba

    I am seriously thinking of enrolling at U of T so I can form a club and then invite Paul to come and speak. The ensuing shit storm would be magnificent.

    • Adam Catalyst

      In major Canadian Universities, there are usually a bazillion special interest clubs. If they file their paperwork correctly, they also receive a stipend from the student union for their activities. Your club probably already exists, with student unions funding. :) I studied, and teach in GTA schools (York University and Sheridan College) but never UofT, so my assumptions may not be 100% correct for that school. Is there not anyone here at UofT who could help?


    I will gladly show up to this meeting as a concerned alumni if I am able to.

  • http://none universe

    Be it resolved that the citizens of Canada and the world recommend to the University of Toronto to educate their students in equity by introducing a strict non-feminist influenced male studies program thereby complementing the sexual equality ideal so much maligned by a lingering ignorance of such matters displayed by students, faculty members and administrators alike and financed by portions of student fees plus fraudulently acquired funding supplied to women’s studies staff and budgets.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Good work. Please keep spreading the word so that some students begin to pick up on this. As the economy worsens (currency war = inflation, coming burst of int’l bond bubble) the boys will take these ideas further. They will demand cash refunds from the misandrist professors who have stolen their money. They will physically occupy campuses as in the 1960s. They will strike until leftists and misandrists are fired, so that faculty can be ideologically proportional to the population.

      Feminism is larceny.

  • Crimson Wool

    “Whereas the message from this website claims to be of ‘equality’ but is in fact a message that is a misogynist, sexist, cissexist, heterosexist and homophobic response to the challenge of cis-male privilege in society;”

    Okay, I’m sorry, maybe it’s been too long since I took the red pill, but isn’t heterosexist just a more PC way to say homophobic? I thought the idea was that it was a way to talk about people who are bigoted assholes to LGB people without implying mental illness was responsible for their shitty attitudes. Seems a little redundant.

    Also I thought misogynist was a noun and misogynistic was the adjective?

    • Reggie

      You oppressive grammar Nazi!

  • gthnk

    The use of “misogynist” and “hateful” in relation to attitudes or actions towards women is redundant. It also shows the person drafting the motion has no idea what misogyny means.

  • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

    That they would un-selfconsciously toss around lingo like “cis-sexist”, “female-identified” and so on, speaks tons on how wildly out of touch they are with the big bad world outside their little fishbowl. Don’t they realize that they are acting like blooming idiots in the eyes of the masses, and shooting themselves in the foot???

    Their behavior smacks of mental illness.




    Although I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t cite AVfM for “mansplaining”!

  • Carlos

    I fully support the Student Union’s motion for the U of T to block all access to this site from the U of T network.

  • oldfart

    “.. the racism of UT protestors Sophia “Kill all men” Guo and Emma “Kill all men hail satan” Kadey (including minority men, of course) is clear from their own writings, so perhaps they have some Ontario Human Rights Code violations of their own to answer for.”

    Perhaps that is the new hip and cool attitude of the University of Toronto.
    If the faculty backs them up,it’s safe to assume it is.

    Perhaps it will become like the Jihad,”Death to America” now cum “kill all men,hail satan!”
    It does not seem so difficult to pick which side is in the right,or at least not jump to unfounded conclusions,but whadda expect from would-be homicidal devil worshipers?(by proxy)

  • Suspicious Package

    As a UofT student I can tell you all that the majority of the student population is either apathetic towards, or despises, UTSU.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Cistransdigiphobic. Maybe that is what they’ll call us next. But I’m still fond of good old fashioned “running dog lackey.”

    • Adam Catalyst

      I’ve been trying to communicate that to people here, it seems to be the same case in the two schools I teach at, York and Sheridan. It is such a messed up thing that the majority of Canadian students don’t stand behind their student union. I suppose it reflects well on the students. Anyway, seeing as you are at UofT, would you be willing to go to the meeting?

  • Bewildered

    LOL! are you joking?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

    ‘a message that is a misogynist, sexist, cissexist, heterosexist and homophobic response’

    I really don’t get why these people think it’s OK to just plain make stuff up. I get the ‘misogynist, sexist’ part. It refers to anti-feminism. Fine, they see criticism of the women’s movement as anti-woman. They are wrong, but I see where they are coming from. It’s the basis of the disagreement between feminists and MRAs.

    But the other stuff? The only times I’ve seen anything regarding transgenderism or homosexuality on AVfM (and it doesn’t come up much), it’s been very positive towards such people. I myself am transsexual and bi. Karen Straughan is genderqueer and bi. Mentioning no names, I know that other people in the movement are trans or gay. I have never come across any discrimination from MRAs. AVfM recently featured the article ‘From woman to man to red pill’, by a transsexual, which was well received. Where is the transphobia and homophobia?

    Gender ideologues just make shit up.