The Organized Silencing of a Man Publicly Burned to Death

Are you in pain? If you’re a man, then Shut Up.

Are you being abused, by your wife or girlfriend? Tough Shit.

Are you worn down by the continuous public narrative that due to your masculinity, you’re obviously a lesser person, or violent, or criminal, or just fucking guilty?

Quit Whining, Shut Up, and Pay Your Fucking Child Support Payments.

In fact, if you have any complaint about the systematic abrogation of your rights, and you speak up against the marginalization of your identity based on your sex, (if you’re male) and you weather years of public shaming, accusation, theft, violence, and criminalization of your person – you can be assured that nobody cares, and your pain is fodder for comedy, or else it is invisible.

What if a corrupt and profiteering family court system driven by money appropriated from fathers in their child support payments – this court system irrevocably separates you from your children, devastating you while utterly denying your pain, and garnishing your earnings. Tough shit, pay up sucker.

this is what death by self immolation looks likeBut lets say you endure such prolonged agony and abuse through the courts, and such systematic refusal by the institutions of society to redress any grievance that your last ultimate option to be heard is to literally and actually set yourself on fire and die, burning in public.

Now, lets imagine a world so totally twisted that the media totally blanks this as a news item. That dismissive and scant reporting of this act of political self immolation is written off with throw away lines calling you, the burned corpse – a deadbeat, a lone nut.

Imagine all that. It’s pretty far-fetched, but try.

Now, further imagine that a very few citizens recognize the significance of a father’s public suicide by gasoline fuelled self immolation, and that these rare few write an article on wikipedia documenting the decade of torment and eventual suicide by fire of a man so brutalized by a corrupt family court system.

Now, this last one will stretch credulity, but try to picture in your mind – a society so totally indifferent to the pain of humans who happen to be male, that the accounting of a political suicide by self immolation is deleted by the moderators of wikipedia on the grounds that it is irrelevant.

Try to imagine that.

I cant imagine that world. I truly and utterly cannot comprehend it.


To you who belittled the pain or the sacrifice of Thomas ball:

To the members of the media who wrote this man off as a lone nut, or a deadbeat dad:

To the reporters and editors who made decisions not to mention this in your publications and broadcasts:

To ideologues who continue to dismiss the brutality and scorn heaped onto a man until he felt nothing except the agony of his body consumed by a gasoline fire he ignited himself:

And to the wikipedia editor who deleted his article under the horribly disgusting lie that this man’s death by self immolation was irrelevant:Thomas Ball wikipedia article censored

Can you possibly imagine that you’re actually going to silence men so brutalized they burn themselves to death?

Can you actually be so profoundly stupid that you fail to recognize the extremity of rage, that when turned inwards in a last heroic effort to avoid harming others consumed a man in a tower of flames?

Do you, in your pea brains think blanketing the marginalization of men with silence will produce any outcome except a great many more disfigured corpses?

If you’re somebody addressed in that last section, look hard at yourself in the mirror. Sir or madame, have you no fucking decency? And if your answer to that is ultimately no, then beware of what you cultivate by your indifference.

Thomas James Ball’s Wikipedia article :