The inflated definition of misogyny

Feminists are very quick to scream when they see or hear something they consider to be discrimination against women. According to feminists, misogyny is still rampant in society, and women are treated badly and unfairly. Really, though, what do they consider to be sexist?

The issues most feminists today complain about, are normal issues that happen to many people and are not gender based. Mainstream misogyny is very rare in today’s society, and if it ever occurs, people will know about it, report it immediately and it will be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

So, what are some examples of what feminists consider misogyny?

  • If a man is chosen over a woman for a job, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl doesn’t get taken seriously, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl is not given complete control over her choices in life, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If violence is inflicted against a woman or girl, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a female boss is not respected properly, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl is falling behind in a class, it’s considered misogyny on the part of the education system;
  • If a woman or girl is not given proper health care, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl is poor or suffering financial stress, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl gets in trouble for a reason she disagrees with, it’s considered misogyny;
  • If a woman or girl in general is suffering, it’s considered misogyny.

Now, despite what feminists claim, these issues are not misogyny, because they are not gender issues. These issues happen to everyone, not just women and girls. Men and boys suffer from them as much, a lot of the time even more so. It has nothing to do with gender discrimination.

  • People get chosen for jobs over other people;
  • People don’t always get taken as seriously as they should;
  • People aren’t always given complete control over their choices in life, and may be restricted for financial, health and/or other reasons;
  • People suffer violence;
  • Bosses and people in power are not always respected the way they should be, regardless of gender;
  • People often fall behind in classes;
  • People are not always given the proper health care they need or deserve;
  • People suffer financial problems;
  • People get in trouble for improper reasons, or at least what they consider improper;
  • People in general suffer.

…but if one of those people are female, feminists immediately blame it on discrimination. Most of the problems feminists call misogyny are simple human issues that effect both genders. As has been demonstrated, feminists are not after equality. What they really want, by making these claims, is to change it so that only men ever suffer from these normal issues.

An example of this is how feminists continuously try to classify domestic violence (and in some cases, even violence in general) as a form of gender discrimination. Men can be victims of domestic violence too, so domestic violence is a violence issue, not a gender issue.

To demonstrate further the way situations are so easily labelled misogyny, here is a detailed example of a fictional situation:

A student at a school has just been accused of misbehaving. This student believes they have done nothing wrong, and is annoyed by the false accusation and is determined to have something done about it. The student complains to one of the teachers, but doesn’t use proper manners and instead uses shouting and foul language. The teacher disciplines the student for it, and the student has to do extra work after class.

The short story above does not mention the gender of the teacher and student. So let’s say, both the student and the teacher are male. It would be considered a normal dispute. Change the gender of both of them to female, and it’s still a normal dispute. However, make one of them male and the other female, and bang… it’s gender discrimination! The male in the situation is a chauvinist, and the female is being discriminated against, despite the argument having nothing to do with gender. It could also be noted that in situations like these, the male is the one who gets blamed the majority of the time, and the female is always considered the victim.

That, folks, is the inflated definition of misogyny. For something that is done by a man (or boy) to be considered discrimination against women (or girls), the woman or girl just has to disagree with it. Whether or not the problem actually has anything to do with gender makes no difference in what feminists decide to call it.

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  • Alek Novy

    I loved the hypothetical story, and how you demonstrated how gender impacts it. Illustrations like this can be very powerful.

  • ZenCo.

    That’s not, “an inflated definition of misogyny”…
    That’s called misandry.

  • Denis

    Misogyny is so overused. Technically, it’s a matter of motive not actions which is always uncertain due to speculation. It’s very rare and biologically unnatural.

    I think the worst reaction is to be defensive, brush it off as nonsense with a laugh. It loses it’s sting after you’ve heard it a hundred times. Paul’s definition is the best:

    “A man who loves women and thinks they are rational, intelligent, mature human beings and expects them to act that way.”

    • Zerbu

      Problem is feminists will continue to make these false claims of misogyny as long as feminism exists. I’ve seen them not only all over feminist websites, but even in magazines and news articles that I glanced at. None of the issues had any proof gender was a factor – they were just random things that happened to random women. In fact, hardly any of the issues I’ve seen feminists talk about are actually gender-based.

      The day people find out that women aren’t discriminated against, feminism will sink.

      • Denis

        It’s more than just accusations of misogyny and more than just feminists. I’ve had socon privileged princesses accuse me of misogyny as well. Shaming language is used on all sides on most ideologically entrenched issues. People are becoming aware of PC culture, they just aren’t appropriately equipped to deal with it yet. It’s just a matter of time, the GenY 4chan culture will destroy PC. To illustrate how rare misogyny is, even the sociopath Marc Lepine didn’t hate women, he declared “I hate feminists”.

        • Steve_85

          You don’t have to be a sociopath to hate feminism, and there has never been anything more deserving of our hate.

      • Lucian Cross

        While I agree in spirit, I’m forced to disagree.

        Feminism cannot sink so long as women have no incentive to grow-up and give up their disproportionate advantages. Like anything else, they simply won’t without a sufficiently powerful and sustainable reason – and an obvious benefit – to do so.

  • Rper1959

    “For something that is done by a man (or boy) to be considered discrimination against women (or girls), the woman or girl just has to disagree with it.”

    Yep to disagree with a women is misogyny, and if it’s in an intimate relationship its domestic violence. Any issue affecting women just needs to be called a gender issue for there to be action to correct it!

  • Dr. F

    It’s a timely thing reading this article as I have been having quite the oddest day, and reading here has me all a flutter.

    It all started when I squeezed an orange for some juice and it croaked, “Misogyny”. I couldn’t believe it so I squeezed it again three times in succession and it gasped, “Pat – ri – archy.”

    The shower hissed, “Monssterrr”, and my front door went, “Beast” when I left the house. If only it stopped right there and then but it kept on at me.

    The tram I waved down dinged it’s bell, “Hater Hater”. I purchased a travel ticket by putting three coins in it and it went, “Another – chauvinist – pig.” I sat on the tram seat and it sighed, “Opresssss – ion.”

    Ok so now I’m pretty scared, so I look around me and notice every single person there is female. I can’t recognise anyone as everyone is holding a newspaper up to their face. Every time the tram jolts all of the papers rustle, “Sexist.”

    Freaking out I got off the tram and ran through a park and my feet hitting the wet grass went, “Pig – pig – pig….”

    Somehow I managed to get home and blew off work calling in sick. It’s been frightening and I really need to calm down with a strong drink.

    I think I have worked out what all this is about. I believe that somewhere I am being given the message to examine my sexist ways against women. Whoever or whatever it is that’s doing this has done me a service now I think about it, and the world isn’t so bad after all. Message received whoever you are. I get it and thank you.

    Curiously though, I just noticed as I added two cubes of ice to my drink they clinked together, “Racist”.

  • Dr. F

    Zerbu, thank you for a wonderful read.

    You bring honest inspection to the table with the rare existence of misogyny being dwarfed by the loud sustaining noise of feminists reporting “seeing and hearing it everywhere”.

  • Dr. F

    Ok, you want Misogyny ? Well I just read an article on the ABC website titled:

    “A Portrait of Women and Girls – Single older women will become the new face of homelessness in New South Wales within a generation.”

    I’m telling you this misogyny is everywhere. It says in part,

    “What we found in this report is I think confirming what a number of women knew intuitively about issues facing women in Sydney, and they’re issues around homelessness, issues for older women in Sydney, accessing good care, but we also know there’s issues around domestic violence.”

    Scoff away white pigs, but it continues:

    “The report called A Portrait of Women and Girls predicts that single older women will become the new face of homelessness in New South Wales with a generation.
    It says older women have lower retirement savings and incomes, putting them at greater risk of homelessness.”

    More misogyny.

    “Helen Williams is from the Women and Girls Emergency Centre based in Surry Hills. It helps find homes for more than 300 women every year. She says the services are already seeing an increase in the number of older women needing help.”

    I think they need more money and thank goodness this was addressed in the article too.

    “The Government wants the facts, corporates want the facts, and often the big philanthropists want to see the evidence. It’s not enough to just tug at the heartstrings, you have to really tug at the purse strings.”

    Now I admit I have never seen many homeless women, ok, well one actually, but they are out there mark my words on it.

    Open your wallets boys because these people need our help and the others with penises in the same situation are a distraction.

    Author’s note: Where the money be going to I do not know, but it will be put to very good u$e.

    • gwallan

      Once upon a time being homeless meant sleeping in the open every night. It’s been re-defined to mean not having the same roof over one’s head each night. Originally virtually all the homeless were men and nobody gave a toss. Now, under current definitions, something like a quarter of the “homeless” are women. Have a guess where all government efforts are now targetted.

  • Jay

    Good article, and so very, very true.

  • scatmaster

    femmiroids really are an over sensitive lot are they not?

  • JFinn

    Feminists make women think that nearly everything victimizes them. They paint women as extraordinarily weak creatures. This makes women feel hopeless and bitter.

    Feminists are misogynists.

  • Merlin

    Feminists love to deal in falsified ignominy…which is designed to take the attention away from their own shortcomings. Fortunately the light is being shone like a laser over their bullshit. In the mainstream news just yesterday in the UK, a feminist was left squirming after the male news presenter took apart her argument with facts that the MRM have been aware of for some time. I had to laugh out loud.

    • Dr. F

      Thanks Wizard Bloke,

      Hearing things like this is a crime to hold only for oneself and is best shared.

      Just as you have.

    • Zerbu

      Really? That’s great!
      Do you know where I can find a clip of it?

      • Merlin

        You’ll find it here, but unfortunately the clip has been cut down somewhat, surprise, surprise. Either way, Jeff Randall does get across some points which is good to see compared to what we normally end up listening to.

  • StarStuff

    Great article.

    This is a rampant and overall stupid problem perpetuated by childish adults.

    Not getting your way =/= zOmG mIsOGyNy

    I am utterly disgusted by the ridiculous mindset of these beasts.

  • Kimski

    I’m still waiting to see how long it will take, before they start realizing they are actually creating far more misogynists with their claims of mysogyny, than anything else I know of.

    It’s like the classic ‘what came first-the chicken or the egg?’-riddle, only transmogriffed into a ‘what came first-feminism or mysogyny?’-version.

  • keyster

    Misogyny is taking the view that women as a group (or woman as an individual), are in some way inferior to men, and therefore deserving of discrimination.

    Equality is taking the view that women are innately superior beings beyond reproach and criticism, while deserving of special rights and privilages as a group, enforced by the government.

    How did it get like this you ask?
    The origins are found in Critical Theory technique; as a very clever tactic to control and destroy any oppositional view to a socio-political philosophy. This was later adopted by Saul Alinsky, and used very adeptly by Gloria Steinem, et al. in the 70s.

    We’re trying to criticize the Critical Theorists, and by definition, that can’t be done. This is why any refutiation of feminist governance as “not equal to men”, is met with ridicule and condemnation.

    It’s why they’re simply right, and we’re wrong; regardless of how you try and position the argument.

  • Atlas Reloaded
    • Zerbu

      A feminist, mangina, or someone who lets other people tell them what to think would say yes, that is misogyny.

      However, a more LOGICAL person would say no, it isn’t. Domestic violence happens to men as well. Misogyny, by the REAL definition, is hatred of the female gender, not hatred of an individual female.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        “Misogyny, by the REAL definition, is hatred of the female gender, not hatred of an individual female.”

        Not anymore. I have been accused of being a misogynist several times in my life for being simply against an individual female. Most disgusting was when I attempted to explain that my dislike was towards the woman and what she was doing/saying; people siding with the female decided I was “protesting too much.”

        • Stu

          If you are against anything that any woman wants to do or say, you are a misogynist.

          Katherine Becker chops of her husbands penis and puts in in the garbage disposal……if you are against that, you’re a misogynist.

          A woman caught on video camera attacking a man in the street with a weapon, if you give even the slightest hint of believing anything other then……he deserved it…..and then some…….you’re a misogynist.

          If you aren’t actively protesting against female genital mutilation, even though there is hardly any cases of it in western countries, and what there is, is illegal, and punishable…….you’re a misogynist.

          If you aren’t engaged in activism to continue and expand the practice of male genital mutilation……all so woman can have their preffered looking penis when they are young, and their old bag wrinkle cream when they are old…..then you’re a misogynist.

          Misandry…….what’s that…..even this spell check says it’s not a word.

          • Kimski

            “If you aren’t actively protesting against female genital mutilation”

            If you make a point rightfully claiming, that the ones performing female genital mutilation are other females and not men…-you’re a misogynist.

            If you even question this whole mysogynist idea, whatever action or lack thereof it may specifically concern,….well, Sir,-you’re a mysogynist.

            Why is it then that feminism, which is generally trying to make every woman on the planet into a victim, is supposedly NOT a mysogynist ideology?

            -Because even asking that obvious question would make you a mysogynist.

        • Raven01

          Feminists make misogyny possible by encouraging more and more women to behave badly and demand that the bar be lowered…. not for everyone just for those possessing the holy vag.
          A self-perpetuating cause. Fighting fire with fire does not work in this way but, if I use logic to explain why I’ll just be abusing some poor illogical feminist.

  • tm

    Great article. Here’s one more example of ‘misogyny’ from Sweden, who’s already become known for striving to become a paradise of equality:

    • Kimski

      Nice. 😉

      I took the opportunity to link to the article on their blog and congratulate them on their new level of idiocy. Always nice to watch them make complete asses of themselves.

      • tm

        ‘and congratulate them on their new level of idiocy.’

        Ha ha, +1

  • Atlas Reloaded


    “What kinds of reasons do men tend to give for taking up more space than women on subways, buses, and trains?
    It’s everything from “scrotum sweat is unpleasant,” to “I have the right to sit comfortably,” and “it’s physically impossible for me to sit differently because I have a penis.””

    Now this is an aspect of feminist-mentality I have been keenly focused on for sometime now. “My scrotum sweat is unpleasant/unfomfortable..” Please tell me WHAT GUY EVER GIVES THAT EXCUSE? WHAT GUY EVER, EVER TALKS THAT WAY?

    I don’t hear it. I see this in feminism here in the States as well. Feminist women give “examples” of misogyny that I never hear any man say.

    • Bombay

      How else can anyone make a connection between penises/balls and slouching except someone obsessed with penises and balls. Perhaps the best way to end feminism is to offer I am OK with my Vagina classes. Oh, they already tried that with the Vagina Monologues – and they became even more radical…. Maybe I-am-OK-without-a-dick training could be more successful.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        How about I-Am-OK-Without-A-Person-WITH-A-Vagina-Around-Me-No-Wait-I-Am-More-Than-OK-I-Am-Great-MGHOFW!

        • Bombay

          Yes. I like that better. LOL

        • Kimski

          You’ve got my vote!

          • Atlas Reloaded

            Say…what if OTHER GUYS catch on??

            Fuckin hope they start teaching MGTOW classes in colleges.

          • Darryl X

            @ Atlas Reloaded – They do teach those classes. They’re called math and science.

  • Lordmep

    You forgot to mention that understanding the definition of misandry, suggesting that men can have it rough too, showing any support for a male without doing twice as much for a female, and expressing any dislike for a female or female character are all acts of misogyny. I realize that last one about disliking other women is something that women do all the time thus making most if not all women misogynists, but I think its ok. It’s not like anyone here expects feminist propoganda to make sense.

    Apart from those, this was a lovely article.

  • tallwheel

    Have any experiments been done with questionnaires asking the participant who they think the victim in a given situation is, with one group of participants given a hypothetical story like the one above, and the other half of participants are given the same story with the genders reversed? This could yield interesting results… Might even help convince the general public that females are generally seen as the victim in every situation.

  • ForsakenEagle

    Misogyny as a word is losing it’s literal meaning. The feminists are hurting their own cause by making everything a man does to displease a woman an act of “misogyny.” The public becomes desensitized to the word itself and tunes out the endless list of ridiculous complaints feminists spew.

    However, language and culture are easily malleable. Misogyny will probably be replaced by a new, more politically correct term. Just like how “illegal alien” became “illegal immigrant” which is now “undocumented worker.” The fanatics who prey on the emotions of the public will do anything to have their way. They do not care who they hurt to realize their make-belief fantasies.

  • andybob

    Excellent article Mr Zerbu. Brilliantly sums up the extent to which ‘misogyny has been misappropriated. Women around me have begun to use ‘misogynist’ to describe any man they dislike – even if he is the most obsequious gyno-worshipper on earth.

    I was watching TV with a woman who suddenly blurted out, “I can’t stand him. He’s such a misogynist”. She was referring to some mini-celebrity I didn’t recognize. Accusations of misogyny from a western female always pique my curiosity. How had this pouting, pampered, protected, privileged and provided for little princess elected to misapply ‘misogyny’ on that bright and sunny afternoon?

    I asked her, in mock shock-horror, to elaborate. What had this botoxed beast done that was so awful that she had to drag out the dreaded ‘m’ word’? Surely she actually had at least one example of his misogyny. She didn’t know how to reply. I pointed out that in today’s socio-political climate, ‘misogyny’ was a very serious accusation. A man could be fired, sued, lose child custody or much, much worse if a woman falsely characterized him as a misogynist.

    Oh dear. Seems our little princess wasn’t used to anyone shining a torch on her little one-woman victim-fest. She was ever so pissed.

    She just didn’t like the guy. So, in her mind, that gave her the right to claim that he was a hater of women. I tried to point out that disliking a guy did not entitle her to make any kind of false allegation about him – ever. If she didn’t like him, then she should just say that she didn’t like him. Intertwining her feelings with charges of sexism gave them clout and made them seem less irrational. She falsely accused a total stranger of misogyny just to disguise the fact that she’s a grumpy old bitch with celebrity envy.

    Some western women have allowed themselves to become brainwashed into believing that misogyny (and rape culture and patriarchy) is everywhere. Others know this is crap, they just exploit the hysteria for their own benifit. The fallout made it clear that she had no intention of trying to understand me. She walked away mumbling something to herself – probably something about misogyny.

    • tm

      Great comment. Women use ‘creep’ in a similar fashion–to disqualify with no right to appeal any man they don’t like, for whatever reason.

    • Darryl X

      YOU, andybob, are a misogynist. Your insensitivity to the vulnerability of this princess is appalling. I don’t know how you sleep at night. If there were more men like you in this world, there would be less men like you in this world. Whatever the hell that means. Which means that charges of misogyny by feminists almost all the time is meaningless.

    • Stu

      As she walked off you should have said…….what?…….is it cause I’m gay…….and then mumbled…….fucking homophobe

  • Darryl X

    Feminists (80% women and 20% male enablers as broken down along lines of assortive mating strategies in a primitive form of social organization) refer to any man who objects to abuse and manipulation of him by feminists as “misogynists”. Really, this is a psychological phenomenon associated with or characteristic of malignant narcissists who “project” their own hate onto others and manipulate others with the public spectacle of their chronic victimhood. It’s a primitive or childish mechanism for coping with their own irresponsibility and consequences of their actions. It’s very sordid and this dynamic has become institutionalized in law, politics, society and finance, and is a primary mechanism with which feminists enslave others.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    >” The day people find out that women aren’t discriminated against, feminism will sink”

    That day won’t come on its own. Just like feminism just didn’t “Just happen.”

    Unopposed lies, repeated, DO tend to be believed. It’s up to men (and the women that love them) to speak out…early and often…and contradict the lies.

    Feminism succeeds to the extent that it’s not challenged.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “…misogyny will probably be replaced by a new, more politically correct term. Just like how “illegal alien” became “illegal immigrant” which is now “undocumented worker.”

    Too true.

    Ergo, rape is now… “undocumented coitus.”

    MRAs can play the “word game,” too.

  • Zarathos022

    A simple definition for misogyny: Anything that disagrees with feminist “logic”.

    Sounds pretty accurate to me.

  • Sabastion

    If THIS is the voice of men, I’m ashamed to be a man. Or rather, I’m ashamed that this is the voice my gender is associated with!

    What is misogyny? Misogyny isn’t even hatred of women. Misogyny is the favoring of masculinity over femininity by further interpretation. Misogyny is the tool used to attack threats to the position of masculinity.

    Yes, guys get raped, beat up, treated unfairly, but it is as people. Which is likely why you take this the angle you do, the explanation of ‘because people….’ doesn’t work for a lot of the things you wish it would. But women face way more violence that is gender based. And its not even always women, feminism stands up for femininity overall. Including effeminate men. So an example that maybe wont put up your defenses so much:

    A gay effeminate guy is raped based on his femininity. Here masculinity is being held above femininity. And its not rare. Feminism fights this too. Your idea of feminism is so far from what it actually is. Its not a bunch of whiny women who want to be superior.

    Turn on your TV. I bet you in 10 minutes you will be seeing beauty adds. Men are not expected and valuated on slabbing makeup on their face. And if a man wanted to do this, he would be ridiculed for being feminine.

    Look at rape trials. The victim is put on trial just as much as the rapist. And a woman’s sexual life has to do with judging her consent. Sleeping with 100 people still shouldn’t affect how ‘valid’ your ‘no’ is.

    Look at rape trials some more, clothes, situations also impact how valid the ‘no’ is. Hate to break it to you (actually I don’t), If you blame a woman for her rape, for any reason, it is misogyny. Women should not be taught to not be raped, men should not rape, and should be taught not to.

    Why the focus on rape? Because its gender based violence. Where masculinity is being held above femininity. You can’t flip these facts and make them the same for men. its not ‘people’ here, its femininity, that is the victim. You can’t spin it, without being even more of a misogynist. Look at the percentage of men who will be raped, and the statistic of women who will be. And look at the percentage of rapists that are men vs women. Its gender based. THAT is what feminism is fighting. Its fighting gender based violence, and violence based towards femininity.

    There is such a thing as male privilege. Higher pay, less likelihood of being attacked based on your gender and gender expression, not having your sexual life determine your ability to consent, not being valued based on your appearance, being regarded as more trust worthy while on trial (and in general), etc, etc, etc….

    You can deny it, and hate feminists, as long as you deny it, they’ll hate you too. But if you deny those basic facts, and refuse to believe you are privileged, and you continue to play this game you are, you are the problem.

    Misogyny is not a man fighting a woman. The very fact you think that’s what feminists are on about astounds and amuses me. All that I wrote? That is what we discuss and oppose. I am one, I’m in the spaces, I’ve done the studying, I know.

    The very fact I am included in feminists spaces as a man proves its not about man hating. I do not hate men, I am one. I hate men that promote these misogynistic and oppressive behaviors, though. And most of the feminists I know feel the same way, man and woman alike. (You should probably check this one out first as a mind opener)

    Those are the things feminists concern themselves with. Your idea of feminism is so far from feminism, hopefully this opens your eyes. And if you deny those things are gender based, and disregard those facts, as I said, you are the very problem.

    Feminism isn’t a game of petty girls playing boys vs. girls.
    But this certainly is a petty game you’re playing of boys vs. girls.

    • Paul Elam

      Yawn. Emasculated drivel seagull comment # 1447

      Didn’t we use to have a special femtard section for these posts? Seems like I remember that from the old days. Oh, well.

      • IronDr4g0n

        Its weird how Mr. Elam can be such a hateful fuck but when others point out the truth they are censored. Paul, fix this shit. Your mods are pussies and ban people for speaking the truth. Its fucking disgusting and hypocritical.

        • IronDr4g0n

          Not surprised though. That’s what you get for letting women be a part of the discussion.

          • driversuz

            PigTOW troll, banned.

    • Justin Thomas

      “What is misogyny? Misogyny isn’t even hatred of women. Misogyny is the
      favoring of masculinity over femininity by further interpretation.
      Misogyny is the tool used to attack threats to the position of

      Thank you for proving the author’s point. lol

  • theoutside

    Sebastion is an agent sent here from FB. (and is probably a woman)

  • David King

    Feminism is a good deal older than Steinem (nor is feminism endemic to the USA), and please watch your remarks around race. Fatherlessness is not a problem unique to the “black community”, and feminism casts a much wider net than “rich white and jewish women”.

    Also, though gender dysphoria is rare, it is real and, unless you are trans* yourself (or otherwise a specialist in human sexuality), chances are good that you aren’t in a position to comment on its validity.

    (And wall of text: paragraphs make comments much easier to read)

    • Justin Thomas

      Sorry but she’s right. Feminism, aka the movement of middle class white women to have even more privilege, combined with benefits programs (aka welfare), has destroyed the black community by removing fathers from families.

      Sorry race is such a sensitive topic for your feelings, but it is absolutely 100% truth that feminism has destroyed the black community in America.

      • David King

        She is factually incorrect about feminism starting with Steinem. You need look no further than Belfort Bax, who was writing about feminism around the turn of the 20th century, and the (in)famous Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 to see that.

        As for race, that is a matter of site comment policy. (Generic) ‘you’ will not post bigotry, including racist stereotypes (whether about blacks, whites, jews or whatever) on AVfM. Those who can’t live with that shouldn’t post here.

        What relevance the rest of your comment has to my reply to ‘Ren’, I don’t know. It’s not like I or anyone else dispute the damage feminism has done, including to the black community — though it is hardly unique to the black community.

        • Justin Thomas

          IDGAF about Steinem. Do you see that name mentioned anywhere in my post? No, so go burn your straw man somewhere else.

          If pointing out the fact that feminism has done damage to the black community by proxy of destroying the black family constitutes “racist stereotypes” on this website then all I have to say is that it’s a sad day, but fuck AVfM.

          • driversuz

            5 months ago Ren said, “Gloria Steinem and her affiliation with the C.I.A during the starting point of feminisim.”

            Today you said, “She’s right,” and you were corrected.

            You consider that grounds for “Fuck AVfM?” Did you by chance just waltz in here from some other website, looking to pick a fight?

          • Justin Thomas

            I said “She’s right” and then proceeded to elaborate on what she was
            right ABOUT; ie, feminism destroying the black community. YOU need to work on your reading comprehension and learn to reply to what people have actually said. This one is on you; you messed up, you misunderstood. If you had some humility you could admit that, but the tag “Mod” next to your name makes me think you won’t.

            Also, how can you be confused on what grounds I said “Fuck AVfM”? I spell it out pretty clearly in this paragraph –

            “If pointing out the fact that feminism has done damage to the black
            community by proxy of destroying the black family constitutes “racist
            stereotypes” on this website then all I have to say is that it’s a sad
            day, but fuck AVfM.”

            I mean I think it’s pretty clear, but then again… reading comprehension does not seem to be a strong point amongst people tagged “Mod”.

          • driversuz

            AVfM has made the same point, more than once. You seem to be speaking from a place of both ignorance and arrogance. You are not welcome to come in here slinging insults and implying racism. And considering you mention of “humility,” you might stop and take a look at your nearly hysterical overreaction to a minor correction.

          • Justin Thomas

            If AVfM has made the same point before, then why was I basically threatened by a mod for making said point? You guys are a bag of laughs; jumping on me and “correcting” (LOL?) me when YOU misinterpreted what I said, and then cry “overreaction” when I put you in your place. Yeah, getting banned from here would be a clear case of “and nothing of value was lost” for me, so go ahead and pull the trigger, IDGAF.

            Immediately resorting to threats of bans just shows how pathetic and small you are.

          • driversuz

            Go sleep it off, Junior.

          • Justin Thomas

            So you’ve abandoned the argument and are resorting to condescending one liners.

            Yep, I’ve got this one well in hand. Better go press that ban button to self-validate now! :)

          • David King

            This is very simple: you will behave yourself amicably and congenially, or you will not post here. Our job as moderators is to enforce some basic standard of decorum and, to date, you are way over the line. Knock it off, or leave.

            It is evident enough that you want to pick a fight (especially if, as you say, that being banned would be no loss to you), or you would clarify your “argument” just as I did my original point instead of upping the ante. You’re just not interesting enough for that, and we’ve all got much better things to do.

          • Justin Thomas

            You’re right this is very simple. You stepped way over the line, beat your chest threatening other users over your OWN misunderstanding of what they wrote, and instead of admitting that you made a mistake like a grown adult, you’re pressing the issue and reiterating your threats and accusing other users of just wanting to argue.

            Look, I don’t really care. Before today I didn’t even know you existed and after today you will continue to be another angry nobody in my life. If you want to “ban” me, go ahead! I honestly don’t care, because you have no actual power; if I ever so feel inclined to comment on an AVfM article, all I need to do is fire up a VPN or IPP, make a new account, and I’m good to go.

            Sorry little bro, but you’re shooting blanks. The idea of moderators as infallible sources of authority is a relic of the old, 1990’s internet. We’re in the 2010’s now; a moderator’s place is servant to a community, cleaning up bad and off-topic posts, not exercise some internet muscle to “ban” people that no longer actually exists.

            I’m out now and won’t be replying further, go ahead and feel free “ban” me (on this account, lol) if it makes you feel like you “win” or whatever.

          • driversuz

            You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (trolling). [Ref: 2901]

            Additional remarks:

            Kid looking for a fight.

          • IronDr4g0n

            This is why avfm is failing and MGTOW is getting bigger. You guys are just a bunch of white knights in disguise. The censorship of “sensitive topics” here is disgusting and completely invalidates everything you pussies preach. Fuck avfm. You people aren’t helping, you’re just creating a bunch of traditionalist faggots who whine and bitch and never actually do anything relevant.

          • driversuz

            Funny how you PigTOW always show up, yapping and nipping at our ankles, whenever we are mentioned in the mainstream media. One would think perhaps you’re hoping someone will notice you…

            Bye now.

          • driversuz

            You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (derailing, trolling, general contempt for the work AVfM does and off-topic subjects). [Ref: 5173]

            Additional remarks:

            PigTOW begging for relevance.

          • David King

            Very well (suz beat me to it).

            For total clarity: you got banned because you picked a completely pointless fight with two mods, not because of any misunderstanding or inability to admit being wrong or any other childish reason you will doubtless dream up. On the contrary, we see right through your game and we’re just not interested because, like I said, you’re not interesting.

            As for ban evasion, it’s generally not hard to detect because it’s still the same undisciplined idiot behind the keyboard. It’s nothing personal, you understand, but we won’t tolerate this behaviour from anybody, so it really doesn’t matter how many identities you have or what account you post from.

            Until you learn to control yourself and learn to respect the comment policy, you’ll keep getting banned (and likely deleted, too), just like every other troll in a sea of feminists…

          • David King

            Suz said it best.

            You need to work on your reading comprehension and learn to stay on topic, to reply what people have actually said, and/or to reply to the right person.

          • Justin Thomas

            No, YOU need to work on your reading comprehension and learn to reply to what people have actually said.
            I said “She’s right” and then proceeded to elaborate on what she was
            right ABOUT; ie, feminism destroying the black community. This one is on
            you; you messed up, you misunderstood. If you had some humility you
            could admit that, but the tag “Mod” next to your name makes me think you

  • mrcanada976

    Last night, my room renter accused me of being misogynistic and only valuing women for sex they can provide. Im twice her age, and explained that I have been in a lot of relationships that went wrong and while I am a bit jaded I do love women. I shared some stories with her to give her perspective and she kept pointing to generalizations i would make as further evidence of my misogyny.

    This would be normal except for one major fact. This girls job is taking her clothes off for men, she escorts on the side and the fella she showed up with who paid her rent turned out to not be a boyfriend but a guy who responded to her ad for a “sugar daddy”. Virtually her whole life revolves around exchanging sexual favors for money.

    She overheard a conversation where i was talking about dating where I said if I dont get sex within 3 dates I walk, and pointed to this as evidence of my shallow point of view about women. I attempted to explain that there are women out there who will string a guy along forever, and IMO, if she has sex with me it shows shes willing to go in with both feet. In practice, I usually get sex on the first date, so its rarely a problem.

    The reason I mention this is because I found it quite presumptuous of a girl who has only been alive for the same amount of time I had been in relationships, who sells sex for money, and kites men along for money, to accuse me of hating women because I date to have sex and I dont want to wait around.

    The whole conversation started because I was in a completely unecessary argument with a girl I was talking to by text, and I suggested that the girl must be PMSing because she flipped a switch and was angry as hell for no real reason.

    It left me bewildered.

    • Bryan Scandrett

      She’s just reading threat narratives on you.

  • Annie

    Feminists love playing the victim role so much, that when I hear the word “misogyny” I laugh.
    -love, a woman