The future of civilization

Take heart MRAs; history is on our side. We may not see substantial success in our lifetimes, but give civilization enough time to develop and female preference will be regarded as backward as racial preference. Sociobiology suggests that gender feminism is akin to racism. Both are derived from our deep evolutionary past in order to give an advantage to the groups that practice it over those that do not.

The use of brain scanners has provided support for the evolutionary psychology of moral decision making. Certain triggers are seen to elicit activity in mainly the older emotional areas of the brain, whilst scenarios not related to our evolution are processed more in the higher cognitive areas. When confronted with issues with an evolutionary imperative, such as sex and violence, subjects whose moral position aligned with an ancient evolutionary imperative displayed activity mainly in their lower emotional brain. Conversely, subjects who considered the consequences and utility of their moral decisions utilized mainly their higher cognitive faculties [1].

Hardly surprising, but very important. This is evidence that, far from what traditional moralists would have us believe, when it comes to sex and violence: it is not at all their finer moral or religious sensibilities, nor their superior reasoning skills, that inevitably lead them to concur so fundamentally with pre-historic humans on modern manners. No. It’s their most base emotive reaction, which is largely devoid of reasoned considerations.

It will come as no surprise to MRAs that the heart-felt rightness that many feminists feel for female preference is an unthinking emotional response derived from our deep evolutionary past. It is the same reason why racism just feels to be the obvious and correct sentiment for too many people.

Only after emotional determination are higher order rationalizations employed to justify that response [2]. This is why a feminist will claim that there are reasons for female preference: e.g. men are stronger than women; yet remain unmoved by a particular case where the woman is stronger than the man, or where strength is irrelevant. Similarly, when all evidence necessitates compassion for a male rather than a female, it will automatically be bestowed on the female instead. By the primitive brain regions and then justified ad hoc, if at all. It is an emotional response, not a rational one. In the modern world, this is as inappropriate as racism.

Importantly, in the case of racism, we can intellectually override this base emotional drive in order to relate to each other in a multicultural world. But think back to the times, not so long ago, when racism was not only approved but mandatory. There was a time when if you were not a racist, there was something wrong with you. We now realize that we can longer afford such unreasoned and hateful indulgences, as the alternative is conflict. Yet we are not so civilized as to apply the same intellectual override to our base evolutionary preference for females. We will ignore this at our peril.

This does however, hold out hope. For if primitive racist tendencies can be overridden by a cognitive process through self examination, education, and logical thought then there exists  the possibility that the innate preference for females can also be intellectually reevaluated and diminished on a mass scale. Equality of the sexes may be our best measure of civilization. If this is so, we’re in trouble. It is as if having progressed well down the road rejecting racism, we do an about face and now embrace it wholeheartedly. This is what has happened to sexual equality. It is being reversed.

Evolution gave us our prejudiced base traits. Civilization and education can free us. How are we doing? Progress on racial prejudice is advancing; but slowly. The ubiquity, persistence, and stubbornness of racism around the world attest to its biological and social power. It is likely that sexual prejudice is even more powerful, as it has not only favored group selection, but also individual selection. Social reinforcement and modification by the power groups (state & church) for the benefit of power groups wraps it all up nicely.

Why do we pay politicians and judges so much when, for the most important human rights issues, they use their lowest, reptilian faculties and revert to being a simple, reactive, emotional blob? It is because society itself is still largely reptilian in relation to sex. This does not bode well for the future.

It is not just sex and race where we are so uncivilized. Deference to power may be another negative evolutionary throw-back to a primitive past. This may explain the resilience of corrupt political donations and practices, public indifference and acceptance of police brutality and corruption, and as some have pointed out – celebrity culture. Deference to power; be it political, sexual or reproductive is not a viable long term strategy.

Deference to powerful people and females is primitive and uncivilized; because in the modern world there are no good reasons for it. Eons ago, when we lived in small groups, respecting a leader and protecting the group’s reproductive capacity had an evolutionary advantage. This is no longer the case. Today, deference for the powerful only encourages and protects their corruption and the resultant harm visited upon the people. Deference for females promotes overpopulation, underachievement, and waste. As well, both constitute an offence against the rights of the average male.

The future will only see the differences between the sexes become ever more diminished in importance, via technology and the irresistible desire for equality. Why then do gender feminists insist on an ever more genderized world? A world with more and more laws and customs based on sex? It doesn’t make sense unless seen as a further power grab by the powerful. It is antithetical to the civilizing project of releasing us from the tyranny of our genes and a threat to us all. MRAs: civilization is calling. Feminists are the racists of the future.

[1] Greene, J. From neural ‘is’ to moral ‘ought’: what are the moral implications of neuroscientific moral psychology? Nature Reviews. Neuroscience. Vol. 4 Oct. 2003. pp. 947-950

[2] Hite, J. The Emotional Dog and its Rational Tail: A Social Intuitionist Approach to Moral Judgment. Psychological Review. 2001. Vol. 108. No. 4 pp. 814-834

About externalangst

Externalangst, a 49 y.o. male, has been bemused at the dishonesty of feminist doctrine for decades and only recently has discovered the manosphere. Thanks all for restoring some truth and justice.

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  • Dr. F

    Thank you Mr Externalangst,

    When you talk of the structure of the brain it surely gets my attention.

    Music and maths and finer manners all give us hope for a better world and these are the things that come from the outer parts of our brains.

    The more central parts, the bits that got us to lean to the light and glance away from a cold wind are needed to be sure.

    But what of those central parts that have us terminally in fear ?

    Is this ancient part of us that the feminists want to clamp crocodile clamps to and pull back the lever ? Well I reckon they are wanting us to run away in fear and bark in scared unison but they forgot about something that just might flip the canoe right over.

    We have manners and empathy and we bloody well care about the poor bastard next to us stuck with a knife. We are smarter now, and we read about mistakes from history and their result since the scratchings of pictograms and cuneiform.

    I wonder sometimes about the Marcottes and penners of mid-brain gunk like “SCUM” and how we have accommodated them and their writes.

    Ironically, it is our outer brain parts of evolution that have let them do their thing unfettered. Our good will and “smarter being” have listened to their hatred gather and gather it has. Yes, the outer brain has let the inner brain poison the water with a beaker of ink.

    This is our paradox. We have evolved to the point of allowing all voices to herald and augment our chances of survival, yet at the same time it is the societal following of those very primitive voices that pulls us apart.

    We listen because we are smart and evolved, yet we listen and with good grace accommodate the ancient parts of our brains just that cannot reciprocate.

    Perhaps if we are all to survive we must pay homage to our ancient R-Capping of the spinal column, (where we learned to fear all differences no matter what) and our “Mozart manners” where we can see those adversities for what they are ?

    In other words, should we see our ancient primitive brain with it’s fear and chemical recoil as part of us always and at the same time just start again with the smarter parts of us ?

    Should we just smother those ancient parts of our brains by academic editing and just press on and be led by the more evolved essence of us ? I think yes.

    Doing this will rid of us our fear of shadows, and I truly believe that the whole spectre of racism, and feminism with all other stripes of bigotry will fall by the wayside.

    We are now too smart to not see how far we have become to be blind to the war between the central and outer parts of our brains.

    • jms5762

      Your thinking is giving me a headache! Learn their game and turn it back on them. Fight fire with fire. I tried all that calm rational logical listenening touchy feely intellectual shit with the shrews in my family. It don’t work. Play the headgames but do it in a premeditated concise matter. You will shut their shit down quick! Be a chauvanist foul mouthed pricked when she starts in with the bad behavior. She wont like it and may be less likely to act out in your presence in the future.

  • Merlin

    To be honest I’m as offended by the racism subject being thrust in my face 24/7 as I am the subject of feminism.

    The reason I say this is because I have mixed with folk of different races all my life and take them as I find them, despite their accent, beliefs, or skin tone. What does piss me off is being included in generalisation when the racism card is played…I can’t begin to say how offended I am by this; and feminists? what can I say about those sexually biased parasites.

  • AntZ

    “Sociobiology suggests that gender feminism is akin to racism. Both are derived from our deep evolutionary past in order to give an advantage to the groups that practice it over those that do not.”

    Ultimately it is, indeed, this simple.

  • jms5762

    The Whitehouse just this week advocated the wholesale marginalization of men. Barack Obama has devised a plan to take care of women from cradle to grave. He has guaranteed successful schooling, career,health care as well as child rearing. Fictional characters named Julia and Zachary were used in examples played all over MSM these week. Julia the mother and Zachary the child. A father was never mentioned nor were similar opportunities offered to men or boys by the Whitehouse. Advocation of fatherless families has at the highest office of the land. Remember this is the man who is the commander in chief. We are invisible already my brothers. Our seed, utility, money taken from us. Once a solution for fatherless reproduction, perhaps stem cell source, is found as well as increased use of robotics for the hard traditional jobs of men and gov’t as well as society will no longer need the common man. Nice knowing ya gents. Hope I get reincarnated with tits and a pussy. I won’t have to do shit in the future then! Hmm…do transexuals qualify for this new Whitehouse vision of the future?

    • Bombay

      Unless you are married or on the hook for child support or alimony – you do not have to do shit now.

      • jms5762

        Flying under the radar are we Bombay?

        • Bombay

          Yes! And I am happier than I have been for the last 20 years. The kids are grown, the X has little leverage now (the kids will keep her in her place) and I am not looking back.

          And to follow in the footsteps of our brothers Aussie, Keyster – are you up for a beer sometime after work. Perhaps half way in/near Golden?

          • Stu

            His wife won’t let him out to play, he’s got a asap curfew. :)

          • jms5762

            Is Golden near central Texas?

          • Bombay


            Near Denver.

  • BioCan

    This article pretty much sums up what I thought about the academic nature of feminism for a while now. It is very reptilian and tries to assume an emotional appeal. In an argument, you want logic and reasoning to be used and not emotional appeals. I never understood how universities can foster this anti-academic rubbish on their campuses. Perhaps it can be studied from a historical perspective but to think that it has merit on an intellectual basis is misleading. Often times that’s what I see for most sub-disciplines in the social studies. A lot of statements that are made without proof or evidence and are also unfalsifiable. If feminism had a more quantitative approach proving, with statistics and no bias, that there is patriarchy and whatever else they claim than it can be taken more seriously. However, you’d need to somehow quantitatively measure a list of variables of inequality and it’d be more difficult that way so it is often avoided. I’ve even read a section on feminism in a textbook before and it tried to argue the case for qualitative over quantitative research as being crucial to the field. Go figure.

  • ForsakenEagle

    Totally agreed that feminists are the racists of today. I’m glad to read the optimism in your article. Sometimes the outlook can be bleak until you gaze at the larger picture. Great job, externalangst!

  • externalangst

    “Perhaps it can be studied from a historical perspective”

    Indeed it can. Those many thousands of feminist tracts in libraries today will be an invaluable future resource for historians and social scientists. The alleged mysteries of the female mind will available for critical evaluation. It won’t be pretty; but will be a worthwhile insight into their dark soul.

  • keyster

    Every attempt at social engineering has nature pushing back to re-establish balance. Long after segregation was outlawed, we now self-segregate – – because we like living around people like us, that share similar cultures and values.

    Feminists are fighting nature. This is what make them so strident and indignant. They hold motherhood in contempt because, “it’s just not fair”. They hate being physically weaker and smaller. They hate having to sit down to pee too. “Guys are so lucky”.

    They seek redress, through govenment intervention, for their own biological imperatives. This is at the root of the great strain we’ve been enduring for 50 years, and perhaps since the radification of the 19 amendment.

    Being more like men is Job #1….as long as it’s the good parts and they can keep the good lady stuff too, as the situation dictates.

    They’re simply the perfect person.

    • BlueBlood

      LOL @ “Guys are so lucky.”

      Have any of you ever, ever, had a female bitch at you about hygiene, odour, or similar, and then have said female demand you put both toilet seat AND lid down?

      I’d wager there’s not a single one amongst you fine lads.

      I’ve “doubled-down” ever since I was about 7 and realised what was really happening with the whole ‘put the toilet seat down’ bullshit.

      • Kimski

        Actually I managed to turn that around pretty quickly, by being the first one to bitch about having to piss on a toilet seat, that were always down.
        A compromise were negotiated, and she always left it up, while I always left it down.
        Didn’t make any difference in the long run, though, ’cause she pretty soon found something else to piss and moan about.

      • keyster

        “Put the seat down!” is the perfect microcosm of the entire “social equality for biological unfairness” war that feminists wage.

        It’s the male’s penance for being born male; the convenience of being able to stand up and pee.

        Why is it the MAN’S JOB to put the seat down? Because he’s blessed with being born advantaged, or “privilaged” as they like to say.

        Now imagine an entire social movement based on fighting “male privilage” turned into something imaginary called “patriarchy”, and call it “women’s rights”.

        Typically the very first impression a boy get’s that women are to be treated differently, is their mother reminding them and all other males in the house, to put the seat down. It’s down hill from there through the course of his life, until he dies 8 years sooner than his wife….from all that bending over, putting the seat down.

  • Raven01


    So, instead of advocating for legalized prostitution feminists and government officials are tripping over eachother to hand women with outstanding warrants a free pass if, once picked up they claim to be a hooker that would like to point a finger at a man and have him charged with sexual assault or common assault.
    Yeah, there is no motive for false accusations to pile up there.
    They spin it to sound like it only applies if the woman comes forward to report a crime 1st but, that is not how it will be applied.

  • sethster

    The future for men is quite bleak. I predict there will be a massive war that will start soon. The war will be the worst ever seen, hundreds of millions of civilians will be killed. The war will affect every corner of the globe and will have a profound effect on the future of civilization.

    Governments will be attacked both within their borders and from other countries. The result of the violence from these attacks will lead to the imprisonment of millions of men and the technological tracking of men who are not sent to prison.

    This war will be so horrific that there will be no major wars between countries for hundreds of years. The war will be blamed on men as all wars are.

    After the war is over, the world will be ruled by a world wide matriarchical government. Circumcision will become castration. Women will be impregnated by choosing from the billions of frozen sperm that have been collected over the years.

    Men will live as slaves their entire lives unless they are part of the ruling class.

    I could go on, but I’m tired.

  • Elder Swami

    outstanding my friend, I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • externalangst

    Thanks elder

  • JGteMolder

    About the deference to the powerful; I have to say: no.

    When a chimp challenges the leader for control, there isn’t actually a fight to see who is the most powerful; it is a posturing exercise with lots of loud screams. Also, this chimp must already have enough support from the rest before he tries it, and it is in the end who has the most support after the challenge that becomes the new leader.

    Although youth and strength has something to do with the process; it isn’t the be all, and end all of the contest. Indeed, if the leader chimp afterward does not protect the weak from the strong, warn and put down his own supporters if they go after weaker members of the tribe, the new leader chimp will very quickly become the old, if not dead, leader chimp.

    He may be the strongest chimp, whether through committee or raw physical strength and likely a combination of both, but the leader gets no respect or deference if he does not rule justly.

    It seems then, that deference to authority and power to the point of detriment to oneself or other weaker members of the tribe, is as much and probably more taught, as it as part of our brain. Indeed, if it is part of our brain, it is but a very recent development in our evolutionary path, not an ancient one.

    Interesting to note, the females of the chip pack have a very big impact on who gets to be the leader chimp. Which once more takes the bullshit of men innately working to dominate and oppress females to the cleaners.

    Religion’s and civilizations’ “sexist” marriage practices are in fact not of the reptilian brain. Indeed, arranged marriage and shaming of those who cheat on their spouse, was a system solely in place to fight against the reptilian brain sex drive. Although in religion it would probably be called satan’s/demons’ temptations or some shit like that.