Study Reveals Female Rape Victims Enjoyed the Experience

Editorial note: among the thousands of articles published over the years of AVfM’s existence, a tiny handful are cited over and over again by dishonest critics of the Men’s Human Rights Movement as ‘typical” content for this publication. With about a thousand articles a year published on this site, it should be telling that only a small handful are cited over and over again as if they are typical, rather than unusual. This is one of those few articles.

This particular article, penned in mid-2011, was written to illustrate the still-common phenomena among gender ideologue “researchers” of incompetently or intentionally misusng scientific evidence: twisting statistics in an invalid manner, or worse, simply repeating statistics that have been disproven or were entirely fabricated, known as the woozle effect.  The entire below article is nothing but an illustrative example of what Murray Straus identified as “Evidence by Citation” and other forms of academic fraud in widespread and unchallenged use by pseudoscientific ideologues with PhDs, and it quite clearly says so if you just read it to the end: this entire article is a bunch of fraudulent lies, meant to teach a lesson about just how gullible people can be and how easily they will accept horrible lies about male sexuality but get angry about lies regarding female sexuality.

What should also be instantly noticeable to you is that the odds are good if you found this link recently from a site that angrily linked it as “typical” of AVfM content, it is actually quite old; if it were “typical,” why this same old article over and over and over again? And, right at the bottom, it has always stated quite clearly that the whole article is a satirical lie–and still, on a regular basis, people angrily refer to it as if it’s a serious article that reflects our everyday views. What this says about our attitudes about male vs. female sexuality, and just how gullible people can be when presented with information that looks scientific, and just how shallow and/or dishonest our critics seem to be, should give thoughtful readers pause.

The original article–which again, is nothing but a pack of lies, and which the very last paragraph explains to be nothing but lies–appears unaltered below this point. –Eds.


A university study, Romeo, Felicia F. “Acquaintance Rape on College and University Campuses,” AAETS. Web. 22 Nov. 2010.”  The study of female rape victims concluded that the majority – 57% – of women who were raped on college campuses, reported feelings that were described as “positive” and “satisfied,” about the experience.

The study reflected survey results of 1,700 victims of rape that was perpetrated by a male acquaintance in a social environment, also known as “date” rape.

A meta analytic review of related studies pointed to the validity of the Romeo study. Hoskins and Fisk, 2010.

Perhaps surprising in the survey results was the fact that nearly 38% of the respondents reported a desire to repeat the experience, some obsessively so.

This would also be quite consistent with findings outlined in an article from Psychology Today, regarding the prevalence and incidence of rape fantasies in women, much of which are quite extreme and violent.

From the article:

From 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women’s rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them.

For the latest report (Bivona, J. and J. Critelli. “The Nature of Women’s Rape Fantasies: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Contents,”Journal of Sex Research (2009) 46:33), psychologists at North Texas University asked 355 college women: How often have you fantasized being overpowered/forced/raped by a man/woman to have oral/vaginal/anal sex against your will?

Sixty-two percent said they’d had at least one such fantasy. But responses varied depending on the terminology used. When asked about being “overpowered by a man,” 52 percent said they’d had that fantasy, the situation most typically depicted in women’s romance fiction. But when the term was “rape,” only 32 percent said they’d had the fantasy. These findings are in the same ballpark as previous reports.

Clearly, there is much yet to be understood about women and their predilection for being physically overpowered and forced to engage in sexual activity in a violent way.

And it calls into question whether prevailing attitudes about rape may be convoluted due to a social taboo against the practice.

It may be time in modern culture where we need to start evaluating the possibility that women, through the cultural expression of patriarchy, may be unfairly restricted from articulating their desire to be raped, and as such cut off from the full actualization of their sexual freedom.

In another Psychology Today article on dealing with the sexual liberation of women, some aspects of repression were addressed.

From the article:

What caused the sexual revolution?

Many factors may have been implicated, such as improved contraception (the pill which gave women more control), but effective condoms had been widely used for a century. Marriage prospects and careers were the key. Women’s marriage prospects worsened steadily throughout the sixties and there were only 80 men of marriageable age for every 100 women (2) thanks to an echo effect of the baby boom a generation earlier. Women also postponed marriage as they developed careers.

The net result was a large and increasing population of women who were sexually active outside marriage. Facing stiffer competition for men, women upped the ante by offering increased levels of sexual intimacy outside marriage.

In addition to complying with the masculine desire for sex without strings, women today adopt a more masculine sensibility regarding issues of number of sexual partners, sexual variety, and sexual satisfaction.

And, in a related study by Kale and Weiser, 1998, it was suggested that the full actualization of that liberation would include the idea of women’s pervasive rape fantasies being fulfilled spontaneously by men in their immediate environment.

On a more subjective note, this could be an explanation for the recurrent theme in feminist literature of “rape culture.” It may well be that the outward obsession with this notion, in a culture that clearly condemns and punishes rape, may be a matter of projective denial reflecting a desire for an actual rape culture to emerge in order to fulfill women’s unfulfilled sexual desires.

It also calls into question whether the concept of “consent,” where it relates to sexual activity, is antiquated. Indeed it calls into question whether the concept of “rape,” in the literal definition, is just a cultural misconception for a male tendency to fulfill women’s desire for sexual excitement and thrills and women’s collective desire to see this accomplished.

That would at least partly explain why there is currently far reaching efforts to broaden the definition of rape, given we interpret those efforts as an attempt to fulfill as many rape fantasies as possible.

All this should be considered, however, with the caveat that the Romeo study found no results whatsoever as presented in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article, and the fact that the Kale & Weiser and Fisk studies are not extant.

These items, indeed this entire article, are illustrative examples of what Murray Straus identified as “Evidence by Citation” and other forms of academic fraud in widespread and unchallenged use by feminist ideologues. They were presented here as an example of their destructive use.


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  • Frodo

    For all the idiots who are pissed about this article

    Educate yourself.

    • driversuz

      All they really have to do is read the whole article, but some of them *cough*feminist ideologues*cough* aren’t that smart!

  • Paul Elam

    Wish we had more like you on our team. Very thoughtful comments, and I too am concerned about taking what I think are necessary measures to draw attention to usually disregarded information.

    However, as long as this prove to be the only way to do it, I will continue, looking forward to the day that less provocative measures will be effective.

  • klepp0906

    It’s not a “flat out lie” and it’s naive to say so. Just the same as saying because the majority of nuggers are violent that they all are.

    Studies do exist that depending on perpetrator and environment – some women do like the experience and others actually fantasize about it occurring.

    Like many things in life – it’s purely subjective. I can cite a recent online poll of sexual fantasies based on gender and women almost double the number of men that fantasize about being raped.

    Again, proves nothing and is subjective. But a rape isn’t a rape isn’t a rape. With the pathetic feminism movement they don’t need anymore ammo to play the victim. This is coming from someone who’s friend spent 3 years in prison because his partner decided she wanted to retract consent after the fact.

    • driversuz

      Speaking of naive, I think you missed the entire point of this article.

    • driversuz

      Speaking of naive, I think you missed the entire point of this article.

  • Paulette

    Personally and in my opinion, I think posting this article is irresponsible. But, I really understand how men can feel about feminism. It seems extreme sometimes. And rape is quite a feminist subject.

    Who knows what the stats are. I get frustrated with them, they are all over the place. Regardless, it is a human rights issue that leans to being a women’s rights issue. My belief is that people who claim rape, were raped. Rarely, there is falsity.

    The man who raped me was my friend for 13 years and he chose to drug me to do his job. There is no benefit in me falsely accusing him. And I did not want it to happen.

    • driversuz

      The only reason rape is “quite a feminist subject,” is that feminists adamantly refuse to allow anyone but themselves to voice an opinion or publish proven facts about it. that said, I think you may have missed the real point of this article. Read every word, and follow every link.

      • Paulette

        I read it. It is a satire, correct? I do not think I missed the point. Still, I think it is irresponsible is all. But I did kinda go on a tangent though.

    • Brian

      You may know the trauma of rape, but you understand little about rape as a false accusation.

      When I was in my 20’s I thought exactly like you. Guilty till proven innocent when it comes to rape. Since then, I have dated a girl who falsely accused another girl of raping her, yes girl on girl. It was provably false. I myself was falsely accused by another girl once of raping her though we never even had sex (she was afraid of her boyfriend at the time and thought the accusation would protect her from him– druggie logic). I was threatened once by a stalking ex of mine, who took pictures of herself bruised and threatened she was going to claim that I beat her. When I told her I would expose the truth to her lie, she coldly stated “…and who is going to believe you” with a smile on her lips.

      On top of this, I worked for a polygraph company that often had to do polygraphs on whether or not someone committed a sexual assault. I wont say that most of them passed, but I will tell you it was a surprising percentage that passed with flying colors who were falsely accused. Often it was a mother trying to win custody over a child by painting the father as a monster. Sometimes he was a monster, but again, you would be surprised at how often not.

      Bottom line; never underestimate the number of situations and scenarios where someone who was never raped might have a percentage interest in falsely claiming a rape, just because you would never do that.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Ok piper down a bit! Most sane empathetic people get that rape is wrong yes? Yes. I think purpose of the article, despite me being wary of most MRA leaning or related articles/websites, was pointing out the slippery slope on the subject of the Rape/Ravish Fantasy or Roleplay. I don’t think they’re really saying “ok since some women have these fantasies go pounce on the next woman you see!” or the excuse that a woman has an orgasm during rape so therefore it’s ok.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Some women are different and their likes aren’t always 100%. For example find the combination of pain and pleasure quite fascinating, while I haven’t engaged in said activities. In fact I’m still eligible to be sacrificed to a Dragon if you catch my drift. That being said yes I know all us females aren’t nymphos and have varying sex drives and sexual desires. However I have nothing against most nymphos, except the ones who think pedophilia is ok. I mean obviously that’s all kinds of vile.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Hmmmm you do have a point. Sorta like no one does meth after reading a YouTube comment that says “METH IS GOOD!!!!” Unless you’re already a pitiful jackass. Ok that was an insult to Burros and the cast of Jackass. My bad.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Meh I’m neutral and usually avoid feminist and MRA websites like Ebola. I ended up here because of a Google search. Just thought I’d comment here as it seems this website has some level of civility for the most part, something I haven’t really seen in other MRA websites.

  • Cadence Wallace

    In English please?

  • Cadence Wallace

    Oh for the love of Hades you’re not another one of those “Lizard Men/Women/People Are Real!” conspiracy theorists? Illuminati stuff…meh yeah that’s real but Lizards? Not sure if satire or not, but I’m not judging. I mean shit I’m a Pagan, as in I’m practice religious beliefs that have nothing to do with Christianity or Judaism or Islam, so to most people I’m crazy. At first I was just trying this out, until shortly after I experimentally converted I got a job. So yep, proof enough for me so I’m staying a Pagan.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Yeah see this why I tend to avoid gender specific or race or religion specific groups: way too much drama and bullshit and hypocrisy. African-American groups say “We should encourage our youth to express themselves!” Which is great unless you’re an African-American girl that identifies as a Goth, is a practitioner of Paganism and a die hard Metal Head and lover of the Mosh Pit. Then you have your Black Card revoked. If you’re for equality Feminists claim to welcome you. Then you mention that you like porn, have more male friends than female friends, like sexy costume and find the idea of using handcuffs exciting and arousing. Then you’re labeled a self-loathing sexist traitor. With religious groups you’re worshipped(almost literally) for being celibate and believing in religious freedom. Until you say you’re a Pagan and course the group decides you should burn in Hell for eternity blah blah. So in general I’ve taken the On The Fence approach so instead of being one sided(although there are groups I still cannot stand) I try to hear both sides. That’s served me well so far although more often than not I’m left doing the “face-palm” because of the overwhelming idiocy I’ve seen. Good thing I’m finding all this out now at 19 instead of having a ton if regrets at 90.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Solved the whole demonization thing on my own: I don’t trust the vast majority of people 100%.

  • Marie Holt

    I was quite incensed while reading this article until I read the bottom and realized the purpose of this article. I am a Feminist….. but….. I seem to be a different breed. We truly NEED a different name for a movement where a woman , such as myself, is adamant about the rights, freedoms and privilege of human beings, whether male or female , and regardless of sexual orientation. I oppose inequality …. period, and that includes males and females. I do not question that vast numbers of women have “rape” fantasies, but I don’t see them as fantasies of rape so much as fantasies of rough sex and being sexually dominated, in a manner which they find erotic and pleasurable, wherein……. the woman is in control at all times in her OWN mind, and therefore….. the actions and emotions and reactions are within her rationality of eroticism within such a scope of sexual activity. Women may have “rape” fantasies, but they do NOT fantasize about anything being done to them that they would not find erotic and arousing.They do not fantasize, for example, about being brutalized and put in ICU, or stabbed and murdered, or of being dehumanized to the point of being destroyed so that they have no self esteem left and commit suicide…….. women’s fantasies have everything to do with controlling the situation and experiencing things they would find erotic and arousing……. NOT the opposite. I don’t think there is any shame for a woman to fantasize about being sexually dominated in a manner she would find arousing, where its final culmination is an orgasm or a sense of being “owned” and valued. Some women are submissive or have submissive fantasies and some are NOT by and large submissive but fantasize about being dominated once in a while for sexual gratification. It is not always a primary fantasy, it is not always the only thing she fantasizes about. Not all women fantasize ABOUT it. Fantasies are vastly different from reality…… and you would be hard pressed to find a woman who would say that she hopes to be raped , because she thinks it will follow the constraints of what happens in her erotic mind when she fantasizes about being dominated. Women KNOW that when she is raped in reality, that SHE has NO control over what happens to her and that the rapist is NOT loving ON her, but is in fact, terrorizing and violating and often times, brutalizing her physically , and that there is a very real potential for physical violence that leads to death. NO ….. no woman wishes for this nor fantasizes about that UNLESS she has a serious underlying mental health disorder , and I don’t think men really think women do that. But to be clear….. again………. what a woman fantasizes about when SHE is in control of the fantasy in HER mind and what she knows would happen in a real rape are two very different things and she is aware of that difference. I DO wish that man hating feminists would get the HELL off the feminist band wagon and stop trying to speak for those of us feminists who value and support men , and who see men as part of the solution to inequality instead of the “problem”. Men and women ARE different, and one of the very valuable aspects of good men is that they are protective of women…… it is part of their nature. Women tend to be nurturing and men do value this. We need to fight for real and sane equality between men and women that has a distinct appreciation for the differences that bring positive potentials between the sexes, attributes of each gender that provide strong bonds and association potentials and uplift one another to a higher plane of reality. This ‘battle” of the sexes has to stop. We have to change the way we talk, communicate and judge one another, and start focusing on our strengths, positive attributes and commit to one another, gender to gender, person to person, to supporting each other in our efforts to be seen, heard, understood , respected and valued, in a fair and equitable manner. I think this article’s picture and title may be considered as inciting, however, this in itself is intending to be provoking thought and consideration in ones own soul about their real ideology regarding this issue. For this reason, I find that valuable, if only because, the basis of its discussion is revealed at the end of the article , and is purposeful in its attempt to illustrate and demonstrate by reciprocal irony, the attempts made by some feminists to misconstrue , incite, and produce academic fraud. It is never wrong to expose untruths…… or to expose their purposed intent toward the continued destruction of construction communication and effective alliances between the sexes in our desire for a mutually beneficial and more encompassing equality.

    • driversuz

      “This ‘battle” of the sexes has to stop.”

      Yep. That’s why we’re here. Welcome to the Dark Side.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Marrie, great post and thank you for visiting.

  • YellowYam

    Nope. They enjoy it.

  • Dr.A

    There is definitely a type of woman (usually first noticed when the woman is young in her late teens and 20’s) who has a “classic” history that includes some or all of the following: early sexual activity (roughly age 15 or earlier), promiscuity / multiple sexual partners, many sexual partners (somewhere in the ballpark of 20+ by the time they hit middle-age), risky and casual sexual experiences (lack of protection, multiple partners at a time or in a short time, one-night stands, etc), inappropriate sexual partners (a teacher, friend’s spouse, their boss, etc), history of STDs (and +/- abortions), a plethora of healthcare visits for vaginal / breast / pelvic related complaints (pain, bleeding, UTI’s, discharge, suspected STD, suspected pregnancy, nausea/voimiting related to lower abdominal pain, etc, etc) and often a childhood history of abuse or neglect (often it is sexual abuse, but do not underestimate the impact of simple parental neglect in producing this type of woman). Eating disorders may also be featured, as well as anxiety (such as panic attacks).

    This woman will generally have AT LEAST one “rape” in her past (alleged rape). Usually she has been “raped” multiple times. Often the rape is accompanied with guilt and a desire to keep the incident secret from her partner (boyfriend, husband). Often the rape happens after an invitation (ie, the alleged perpetrator is invited into the woman’s home by the woman herself or the woman accepts an invitation by the alleged perpetrator to meet him somewhere) and it often involves alcohol and/or drug use. Often these women will admit to rape fantasies and there are even instances in which the woman claims to have been raped by the same man multiple times (in situations where the woman is fully free to report the man to police, move or relocate, or is otherwise able to avoid or protect herself from the man).

    Some people say that these women identify with being victims so strongly that they exude that to others (men) and a man who already has a tendency to seek out and take advantage of a “weak” female will pounce on the opportunity to do so with this type of woman. And that this happens over and over. The woman does little to avoid these men and these types of situations because she believes she deserves to be used or abused sexually and she takes teh stance of “learned helplessness”. Some men (likely anti-social and deviant themselves) refer to these women in very negative terms: slut, whore, *** dumpster, a sexual “rag doll”, etc. The worst of these men will also do things like film the sexual encounter (and then it shows up on YouTube and causes a scandal) or invite other men to watch or partake. Things can become very degenerate very quickly — and leave the woman feeling rather used, shameful, remorseful, victimized, empty, thrown-away, etc. An accusation of rape may or may not be made.

    So do these women LIKE being raped?

    During the “rape” do they experience any sexual arousal or pleasure?

    In interview some of these women DO STATE that they found the experience at least partially – often completely – arousing (and that they feel deep shame, guilty and/or a sense of “dirtiness” about this fact). The incident will often become incorporated into their future sexual fantasies and they may even find it difficult to become sexually aroused during consensual sex without some element of force or humiliation being present.

    Now — all that said —- even if the woman “enjoyed” being raped, that does not mean that a bad thing (perhaps even a crime) did not occur.


    Because even a child, who has experienced sexual abuse/sexual assault by an adult, may then have some or part of these experiences incorportaed into their sexual psyche and sexual being. Does that make it “okay” that the adult engaged in sexual activity with the child? If the child says, “it made me feel all tingly inside. I kind of liked it” – do we absolve that adult of any wrong-doing? Of course not.

    These women are often those same children, grown-up.

    And – btw – there are other rape cases in which the rape is very violent, completely “unsolicited” by the victim (usually a “stranger rape”), and, without a question, are NOT “enjoyed” by the victim by any stretch of the imagination.

    • driversuz

      The “type of woman” described in this article, is a figment of the author’s imagination. The entire, and the “supporting” links are fake. You might want to read the editor’s note at the top, as well as the last two paragraphs.