Sophia Guo: U of T bigot

As we have promised in recent days here, AVfM has continued its mission to investigate and identify the culprits behind the violent protest of Warren Farrell’s lecture at the University of Toronto last month.

That protest resulted in assaults, both on the persons and on the freedom of movement of students who wanted to attend the lecture. It included the vandalism of private property and interference with the free speech rights of Dr. Farrell as well as students attending the lecture.

Thus far to our knowledge the U of T administration has failed to conduct even the most rudimentary of investigations, and is not interested in disciplining the offending individuals who were involved in the illegal actions.

The administration’s failure to appropriately act on this matter amounts to complicity and encouragement for this kind of conduct, and forces the conclusion that an atmosphere of brute intimidation and censorship is precisely what they want to foster at U of T.

This is unacceptable.

Given that the university administration has now proven to be just as culpable as the offending activists at the protests, we will continue to expose and illuminate as many responsible individuals as possible.

We continue with Sophia Guo, a U of T student and activist shown early in the video, saying “These so called men’s rights groups are actually hate groups.”

Even though such a statement, however lacking credibility, is certainly within the realm of free speech. Even the ironic fact that her words had to be captioned on the video because of the loud chanting of “Fuck Warren Farrell!” from her peers doesn’t change the fact that she is free to express her opinion.

But Guo, using the Twitter identity of wowidec, actually took things a step further, publicly admitting that she was among the activists who vandalized promotional posters for the lecture that were placed there after Dr. Farrell was invited to speak.

This is where Sophia Guo crosses the line from exercising her own free speech and into the abridgement of the free speech of others. This antisocial expression of her political views is unacceptable in a society that is both based in the rule of law and on the principles of free speech.

The question now then arises, what sort of ideology, what worldview is it that motivates an individual like Sophia Guo to decide that the free speech of an identified group of people, in this case men, should not be allowed? What is her perception of men, broadly speaking, that would foster the idea that she could justify taking such license with their freedoms?

We find a chilling example of that in one of her Twitter communications under the wowidec handle.


Click to enlarge

So, to Sophia Guo, the knowledge that men are one third as likely as women to attend college — but three times more likely to take their own lives — is summed up in a single word.


This is the idea of “gender equity” that seems to form the collective groupthink at the University of Toronto, with the full participation of the faculty and the administration. And it is not entirely surprising. One might expect this sort of moral degeneration in an environment dominated by feminism, a gender ideology based on hatred and elitism. And it shows, with pristine clarity, in the words and actions of students like Sophia Guo.

Like the individual we reported on earlier, Emma Kadey, Sophia Guo shows a bigotry toward half the human population that is socially reinforced at the U of T, and sanctioned on all levels. Or, as one young woman said at the protest, “I came as a part of my women’s studies group.”

Guo gives us a virtual library of her sentiments on men and boys. We provide some samples here, but to place more of them would just be redundant.

Some ideas on who is supposed to enable her drug use.

And finally, in a campus environment where false rape allegations carry a lot of weight, Guo prescribes a solution for those unfortunate enough to be accused.

Click to enlarge

Guo has made other statements, many of which we have preserved from her now defunct Twitter account. They are perfectly legitimate expressions viewed under the absolute lens of free speech. But they are also perfectly clear demonstrations of her attitude as a bigot.

In the coming days, Sophia Guo will have her profile as a bigot placed at But she will not be alone.

We will continue to work until we have identified every violence promoting, property destroying, bigotry spouting ideologue associated with that protest and placed them all on the pages of AVfM, as well as

We have a long way to go.

Tip of the hat to Agent Umber for the significant assist on this work.

About Agent Mauve

Agent Mauve is a part of the growing MRA underground army. His or her actual identity is unknown. Mauve brings an intense dislike for the behavior of gender ideologues and some serious social network research skills. Says Mauve, "I want to be the Simon Wiesenthal of the Men's Movement."

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  • Kimski

    Why is Scatmaster getting two downvotes, when all others only get one??

    Either he hit a really sore spot, or we’re being oppressed here, guys.

    I want another downvote, or I am seriously going to start bitchin’ about it.
    Oh, this is SO unfair!!

    • Roger O Thornhill


      Basically the more down votes the idiots give you, the more you know you’re right and that they’re sore.

      They know that they’re wrong yet they still try to defend an ideology that does nothing for them. That’s what makes them so angry I guess.

      • Kimski

        Add to that a pampered and protected existence, where they continually have been given everything they ever wanted, and still were left feeling unsatisfied.

        What continues to amaze me, is the fact that none of them seem to want to determine where that unfullfilled sensation originates from.

        I mean, could it actually be that none of them ever really had to earn any of it?

        /sarcasm off.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      OK! OK! Just because I love ya!

      If you don’t got two down votes, you ain’t trying hard enough!

      • Turbo

        And as I notice you only have one here, I will return the favour Ms Cotton. :-)

        By the way, what is the Grav?

        • Kimski

          “By the way, what is the Grav?”

          A cutout from a picture of a gate to a german KZ camp, would be my guess. If that is the case, the complete sentence reads: ‘Arbeit macht frei’.

          I’m pretty sure I have visited that place in RL on one of my many journeys.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Dachau Prison Camp gates -Oct 2012.

          Arbeit macht frei – Work brings freedom.

          …Don’t look now, but “so that it never happens again” …IS happening again…

          Then They Came For Me (updated version)

          First they came for the Sex Offenders, and I did not speak out, even for the falsely accused–
          Because I was not a falsely accused and said “women never lie” even though I know they do.

          Then they came for the Domestic Abusers, and I did not speak out, even for the falsely accused–
          Because I was not falsely accused and thought “they MUST have done “something” to deserve it”.

          Then they came for the Dead Beat Dads, and I did not speak out– not even for the Parental alienated or paternity fraud victims.
          Because I thought I thought I was a “nice guy” exception and it could never happen to me.

          Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

          • Suz

            If the MRM was homogeneous to adopt a single creed, this would get my vote.

          • Kimski

            Yes, I knew I had seen it before. At that time it wasn’t painted, though, but just left in rusty metal.

    • Kimski

      Thank you. 😉

      (-But I’m going to bitch anyway, ’cause that’s what I do..)

      Edit: btw. regarding the downvotes:

      “so I can do exactly the OPPOSITE.”

      Ring a bell?
      Just like kids..Very predictable.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    So many single down votes on this thread! LOL!

    • Kimski

      Yeah. :)

      Everybody together now:

      HI, SOPHIA!!


    • Zarathos022

      Like I said: Nothing worthwhile to say. All they have are their little shaming tactics and when that doesn’t work then they resort to down voting.

      They’re cowards just like the bigot they’re defending.

      If a may paraphrase a line from a certain classic video game:

      “Mankind ill needs saviors such as them”

  • sevencck

    I can see I’m going to really enjoy reading OneHundredPercentCotton’s posts as the weeks and months pass.

  • Redfield

    In the interests of risk minimisation are there any universities in Canada that do not offer “Womens Studies” incase I can’t talk the lad out of a quick tour of the tertiary education system in Canada?? Does the Canadian government have a travel advisory on this issue??

    • Coldfire

      I don’t know if there are any universities that don’t offer “Women’s Studies” or “Gender Studies” but there are plenty of prestigious polytechnic institutions that offer nothing of the sort, including the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I highly recommend them if you want to see the best of Canadian tertiary education.

  • BlueBlood

    Ah, the Downvote. The internet equivalent of whispering ‘fuck you’ under your breath when the intended recipient is far out of earshot.

    I love the internet :-)

    What’s that my old grandfather used to say? “There are no atheists in a foxhole, and there are no cowards on the internet.”

    He was half right.

  • Redfield

    Agree with leaving this young woman be, there should be an inquiry into the Canadian University system, young people say a lot without thinking …. They also have a duty of care to her …

    • The Observer

      In other words, “let the poor widdle girl go, she was just joking, can’t you take a joke?”

      Heard it all before.

      No, it’s called being accountable for your own words and actions. She is an adult and should be treated as such.

    • sevencck

      This site isn’t actually doing anything except shining a spotlight on a stage and holding a microphone in front of someone’s mouth. That person still needs to be the one to get on the stage and speak. Why are you so willing to deflect responsibility away from this person, she is an adult who is choosing to live her life in a way that negatively impacts the way others are able to live theirs. Why should these people be allowed to continue behaving in this manner free from public scrutiny and criticism — the same public they are forcing themselves upon?

    • corbyworld

      You are completely missing the point of all of this. Yes, she is but one hate-filled young woman, however, she is an out-birth of a much, much larger problem. Our universities are teaching these young women this bigotry.

      Our universities are teaching these young women this bigotry.

      Exposing her will lead to their abuses as well. Ultimately, the universities are responsible. They allow feminist dogma to be taught. That dogma is bigotry.

      Do I need to repeat myself again, or do you understand?

  • Howard Gordan

    Where is NOW? Where is Jezebel? Where are all the Feminists that are supposedly not like this? I only hear the chirping of crickets. That’s because those Feminists that are supposedly not like this are quietly standing on the sidelines cheering on these Feminists that they are supposedly not like.

  • PrinceOfIndia

    Great work Paul Elam and Agent Mauve.
    Just a heads up, I have found the following links – (Emma Kadey) (Sophia Guo)
    Their “Women and Gender Studies” group seems to use notesolution (course link: , so you may be able to identify more Bigots by searching through the members of the group.
    (You’ll need to sign up in order to look through the group members and signing up is a bit of a pain, I can recommend any easy way to have your account activated if you need).

  • Redfield

    Being accountable is one thing, punishment is another, I am all for going after the hateful spigot that generates this sort of gender ahte toward anyone … and yes now that you have said it, leave her alone … I would prefer to see gender hate curtailed in places of higher education (institutionalised hate) than focusing on individuals …

    • sevencck

      This site isn’t punishing anyone, it’s merely giving an activist a bigger stage than she expected. If she experiences negative social consequences for her behavior that’s her fault, she’s the actor here not this website. This website is just a window strategically placed. You’d be in favor of the news reporting on this matter right? What if she was reported in the news in such a way that carried negative social ramifications? Would that be the news media “punishing” her or would that merely be the news reporting a story to the public?

    • Howard Gordan

      Places of higher education are made up of individuals. If you want to see hate curtailed in places of higher education, you have to focus on individuals.

    • Bev

      Read my post above. Death threats are not a joke. Neither is shouting fire in a crowded theatre. She stepped over a boundary. She can thank her lucky stars the police are not involved. I would suggest (no tell you) a male student would not have gotten away with this he may have well found himself in a cell.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        No male student would have gotten away with “joking” about killing women, much less an organized campus group of men sharing that same joke. Didn’t they shut down an entire fraternity over a rape joke? Rape is no laughing matter…unless it’s male prison rape jokes. Now THAT’S funny!

        A man joking “Kill men” otoh, would be a defender of women and an honorary “boobster”.

        No woman, much less an organized group of women, would get away with “joking” about killing gays, or minorities, because THAT is no joking matter under ANY circumstance.

        But women already know that. Women MADE that rule! Gays and minorities are their human shield – their piggybacked ride to victimhood and hijacked claims of “oppression” instead of the second-in-command Plantation Mistress role they actually enjoyed.

        Women aren’t going to give THAT up.

        It’s why “all men are evil” except minority men who are “oppressed victims” and welcome on Team Girl – as long as they relinquish their manhood in exchange for victimhood.

        It’s why false rape accusations are said to be simultaneously “rare to nonexistent” while still aknowledging false rape accusations against black men are excessive – it puts the onus of false rape accusations back on white men for their willingness to be racist enough to prosecute and wrongly convict black men, while bypassing the fact that a WOMAN made the false accusation.

        Feminist truth #1-3: Women never lie. Women are not racist. Women are not sexist.

        Feminist Truth #4- it’s always all men’s fault.

        Women = Good, Men = Bad.

        • trogdor

          Let’s try for women = people, and men = people. Yeah, there are severely unpleasant folks on all sides. There are also some pretty cool ones. Drawing lines in the sand benefits no one. Acknowledging the extant power structure is helpful because it provides context for making things better for everybody.

          That’s the only feminist truth I know of.

          And no, jokes about violence are never funny, regardless of the circumstances.

          • Suz

            “Drawing lines in the sand benefits no one.”

            Mostly correct. Feminists drew a line in the sand, because it DID benefit them; then feminists moved that line again and again, inching ever “forward.”

            We are shining a spotlight on that line.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            We ARE aknowledging the “extant power structure”.

            The REAL one, the “women have got it dicked” not the “women are victims” one.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Riiiight, Redfield.

      Now that you’ve had your say, kindly go away and leave us alone…

      We promise to be good and not make any more trouble for the “kill men”, “male suicide is funny, funny stuff ” “men aren’t oppressed -WE are oppressed – just because we won’t let them speak on OUR 60% female campus” crowd.

  • Primal

    These comments are hilarious as hell…and the sheer number of em is telling. We have lift-off Houston. 2013 is going to be a very very interesting year.

    That said, while we savor the taste of fried feminist (NOT), VAWA is rearing it’s ugly head once more. Is anyone on that? Where do we go to fry some bigger but no less filthy fish?

  • Primal

    OT but related. Now that ‘feminism’ is becoming to hot to handle…the predictable shift to some other term is happening: This term should be far easier to shut down because sexism is more specific and far less easily ‘loaded’.

    • Bev

      No it won’t if Australia is an example. Sexual harassment or whatever don’t go to the courts. They go to tribunals stacked in favour of women and where men seldom get a fair hearing.

      • Primal

        Ugh. Thought you already had enough kangaroos. In any case, you sure don’t need more in feminist marsupials.

        That said, I sure didn’t mean to imply that ‘sexism’ isn’t a dangerous term but I’m hoping they can’t load it with ‘gender’ or ‘patriarchy’ or ‘equality’ as easily as they have ‘feminism’ is all. At root, this is an ideological war…and thus words are the biggest enemies of all. I’m looking for words which we can define destroy with ease…and ‘sexism’ seems easier than ‘feminism’ so far.

  • Turbo

    It is hard to understand where this hatred is coming from, and what makes these young adults think it is Ok to spout in public. But they must be being taught this in Uni if not before.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      “Mommy? Why don’t I have a Daddy”? is probably where such teachings begin.

      Does Mommy admit to her own failures or short comings, or is it all the fault of “men” – who aren’t allowed in the child’s life to set the record straight or defend themselves?

      “Your Daddy was a bad, bad man, and I was a blameless victim” might get the ball rolling on that conversation.

      • corbyworld

        A-men to that sister! I’ve listened to so many single moms spout that retoric. It was all ‘his’ fault. As I’ve said numerous times, the word responsibility was never learned by such types.

  • JFinn

    You guys, we need to stop “bullying” bigots who publicly rejoice at the suicide rates of half the world(which is apparently what women’s studies looks like.)

  • Codebuster

    Liberals need to make up their minds. If they are going to lobby for unconstitutional laws like hate speech legislation, if they want to erode due process at education institutions (as per the Dear Colleague Letter/ April 4th Directive), then they have to be prepared to be named and shamed when they break the very laws that they ultimately lobbied and voted for.

    There is nothing sweeter than the opportunity to use the very laws that these morons are responsible for, against them.

  • UKMan

    Sophia Guo – a drug taking creep who likes to promote KILLING BOYS (her caps).

    Will she be looking for employment in social work, child care or teaching?

    Why aren’t the police investigating this piece of human excreta?

    Why isn’t the University of Toronto distancing themselves from her?

    No doubt her little ‘friends’ will start regressing her: woman – student – girl – child. When she reaches embryo stage, perhaps her mother could do the world a favour and exercise feminism’s precious ‘choice’.

  • gateman

    I have a tip for feminists the next time they want to stage a protest/blockade but retain their anonymity.
    Wear a pink hood and call it the “clitoral hood” as a sign of girl power..

  • Kimski

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but analytical thinking is not part of the curriculum at Universities anymore, right?

    • Cultural_Expat

      Actually No.
      In a recent article:
      George Will describes the Higher Ed-Academic/College/University interpretation of free speech. Essentially Will points out that it is only free speech if the college endorses it; if you are a student or faculty and you hate the right ideas and/or groups, then than that’s “Free Speech.” If you don’t then if you perpetuate the ideas using campus resources you can be punished.
      The “protectors” of this “Free Speech on Campus” hold position similar to that of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at University of Wisconsin-Madison which as Will writes promotes “mob rule”:
      “…Last year, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the vice provost for diversity and climate — really; you can’t make this stuff up — encouraged students to disrupt a news conference by a speaker opposed to racial preferences. They did, which the vice provost called “awesome.” This is the climate on an especially liberal campus that celebrates “diversity” in everything but thought…”
      Universitys typically have electronic communication rules that have to be followed in order to use University resources. Many of these rules are similar to describe in Wills’ piece:
      “…The College at Brockport in New York banned using the Internet to “annoy or otherwise inconvenience” anyone. Rhode Island College prohibited, among many other things, certain “attitudes.” Texas Southern University’s comprehensive proscriptions included “verbal harm” from damaging “assumptions” or “implications.” Texas A&M promised “freedom from indignity of any type.” Davidson banned “patronizing remarks.” Drexel University forbade “inappropriately directed laughter.” Western Michigan University banned “sexism,” including “the perception” of a person “not as an individual, but as a member of a category based on sex.” Banning “perceptions” must provide full employment for the burgeoning ranks of academic administrators.”

      Will concludes-regardless of the college’s propaganda-that colleges and Universitys are the least tolerant of Free Speech; they want what I’ll call Correct Speech:
      “What happens on campus,” Lukianoff says, “doesn’t stay on campus” because censorship has “downstream effects.” He quotes a sociologist whose data he says demonstrate that “those with the highest levels of education have the lowest exposure to people with conflicting points of view.” This encourages “the human tendency to live within our own echo chambers.” Parents’ tuition dollars and student indebtedness are paying for this. Good grief.”

      Finally, I will end with this. The U of T haters have been identified. This makes it easy for the U of T Administrator in its own “Diversity and Climate” type position to act –or not- on any electronic communication rules that may have been broken by these UofT haters.
      I hope agent Mauve has time stamped these proclamations of hate from these girls, that way the UofT administrator can easily tie the name to the time to the internet service used and choose to enforce or not enforce UofT’s electronic communication rules. From there…it’s likely an article on her-the UofT administrator of Correct Speech, and I’ll betchya money It’s a her, and I have not even peeked.

  • yinyangbalance

    Sophia is as brave to be a hateful murderous bitch as a white supremacist is for being an active member of the KKK. This is not bravery it is cowardice, the fact that she is running away from her twitter account (@wowidec) is only a glimpse of her cowardice. Like Mateusz said above, there is nothing brave about taking a stance within a mob that reflects the mainstream views of the system that supports it. Just like the KKK were not scared of having public lynchings back in the day. In fact, they had parties around the “strange fruit” and never once answered for their crimes.

  • Cultural_Expat

    As a follow up to my last post, the person in charge of students and their behaviour and insuring that they follow U of T’s electronic communication guidelines seems to be:

    Vice Provost of Students Jill Matus

    She can be reached here:

    She likely is the one that insures student codes of conduct are followed.

    And as a matter of Trivia, her web page indicates that her current Research is in the :
    Histories of emotion; theories of late style.

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    Omg she must be suuuuch a badass!
    Such a strong, independent, noble, strong! Super duper independent! Did i mention STRONG!! Womynz!

    She’s totally gonna KILL people because of her uncontrolled, unintelligent, publicly embarrassing emotions.
    That’s what STRONG INDEPENDENT womynz do right?

    Lyk its so not fair that such a STRONG WOMAN has people disagree with her
    STRONG INDEPENDENT college girl opinions.

    Take some midol and change your panties hon.

    You are in the process of getting your Shit Royally Fucked Up because of your mouth.

    And omg its against your will!
    Must be E-Rape!

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    After reading through the comments I cant decide which is more hilarious…

    The feminist trolls who think they’re making a difference by down voting EVERY comment…

    Or that they still spew their worthless ideology that they believe is rock solid yet there is nothing but emotional drivel and hatred to back it up.

    Such shining examples.

  • Bombay

    Now is a good time for men at the University of Toronto to have a men’s rights rally. I am sure there would be plenty of opportunity for “good” videos of the feminists protesting a rally for human rights.

  • Steveyp333

    Thankyou THANKYOU to AVFM for expoing what really goes on behind the public facade of the feminism cult. I was actually shocked by that “good” comment she made – don’t even know where to begin

    PS Doubling my monthly donation :)

  • Gamerp4

    I wonder who is that 1 person that has downvoted all of the comments up there 😛 like you i am not thrilled.

    Sophia Gup Enjoy your stay and enjoy the meal BIGOT.

  • Ken

    One word for this deranged and hateful person.


  • thegeekylatina

    What is wrong with this young women? Why are this women becoming like this? Are their mothers like this? Or is it that education, specailly college education and so called women studies are making feminist out of this weak minded women?

  • Krazie316

    Excellent work on exposing these twits

  • Lovekraft

    All we MRAs are expected to do when feminists and manginas visit AVFM is require that they read and understand the many articles outlining our position and ideology.

    Then, when they comment further, it would be clear whether they committed to this or not. It will become very evident whether they are the enemy.

    As a side note, the workplace has started to shift, where pro-women guiltthink has dropped off, likely due to the scorn feminists will receive. Instead, I am able to watch these morons prance about and make fools of themselves, afraid to openly declare their ideology due to MRAs like myself being present.

    The next focus of our thinking needs to be to neutralize the White Knights. These d-bags are sell-outs and cowards.

  • Jean Valjean

    Whatevenisthis–“Men are oppressed by women…try walking down the street and having a bunch of huge women telling you that they want you, that you’re hot, catcalling you when you’re alone on the street. Try being told your entire life that you will NEVER be as good as the opposite sex. That’s oppression. Stick it in your dirty fedora and suck it.”

    The feminists have a saying, “The privileged have the luxury of not recognizing their privilege.”

    I have a saying too, “The truly privileged have the luxury of calling their privileges ‘oppression’.”

    If a couple of men are attracted to a woman and they make it known that is not oppression. That may be annoying and socially awkward behavior but it does not come close to oppression.

    If a democratically elected government forces males to sign up for the draft–a law that upon the fiat of government can deny men their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness–and that government is elected by a women who represent the majority of voters who are not themselves obligated to serve in the military then that is oppression.

    A society that thinks the feelings of women are more important than the lives of men is not a society which is “oppressing” women. The fact that you cannot see this shows how fucked up your values are and how far we have yet to go to get “equal rights” with women.

    I am not a beast of burden or cannon fodder to be ground up for the pleasure and profit of a nation. I am a human being. I am entitled to be treated as equal regardless of how much money I make or whether I was born with a vagina or not. I am entitled to be free from violence and to enjoy the same protections that women get.

    That is not bigotry. That does not constitute a hate movement. But I do see how it might strike at female privilege. Heaven forbid they get true equality.

  • the Man has spoken

    feminist = member of the ugly girl’s club.