SlutWalks: Stupidity in a Tube Top

SlutWalks, the newest emerging fad in the Sexual Grievance Industry, appear to be spreading like genital herpes, and coming to a city near you.

Taking on the bizarrely distorted guise of a social movement, the initial gathering was sparked by a comment from a Toronto, Canada, police officer that women should avoid “dressing like sluts” in order to reduce the chances of being a victim of a sexual assault. The statement so outraged Canadian sluts that they have organized and are now gathering to walk the streets, defending sluthood from further attacks. Oh, and purportedly raising rape prevention awareness along with their discount store skirts.

Central to the controversy, of course, is the question of whether or not a woman’s attire actually contributes to her chances of being raped.

The answer is probably NO.

After doing as much research as I have been able to do over the past several days I have found no empirical, or even circumstantial evidence that demonstrates that dressing like a slut is any more likely to directly result in being raped than dressing like a school teacher or a trash collector.

I would also add on a personal level that after reviewing several of the images from the SlutWalk, I am even more convinced that these women are not at any heightened risk of sexual attack, at all.

It appears our Uniformed Toronto Traditionalist was off the mark with his well-intentioned advice.

So naturally it set off a transcontinental firestorm of indignation and exposed cellulite.

And it furthered ideas about rape prevention so unfathomably bad and misleading that it makes our Canadian cop seem like the Einstein of sexual self-protection.

What else would you expect from a bunch of sluts? Remember, just because someone looks like shit doesn’t mean they are not stupid.

We get a pretty good picture of the mentality that is driving this movement from the “Mission Statement,” which reads, in part:

“Historically, the term ‘slut’ has carried a predominantly negative connotation. Aimed at those who are sexually promiscuous, be it for work or pleasure, it has primarily been women who have suffered under the burden of this label. And whether dished out as a serious indictment of one’s character or merely as a flippant insult, the intent behind the word is always to wound, so we’re taking it back. “Slut” is being re-appropriated.”

So to begin with, the founding SlutWalkers are not concerned about rape, per se. At least not near as much as they are concerned about being sluts in a world that looks down on them, well, like they’re sluts or something.

The rape advocacy is just a tag on, a stab at respectability, for a bunch of shopworn anybody’s babies that want to feel better about spreading their legs at the sound of “Buy you a drink?” with Pavlovian predictability.

I note that neither from the police officer in question, nor from the most ardent opposition to their cause, has anyone asserted that the sluts deserved to be raped.

With their newfound “re-appropriation” of the label, though, they do deserve to be called sluts. In fact, if you will forgive the non PC vernacular, they are totally asking for it.

Insomuch as everyone now appears to agree, both on the fact that they are sluts and that they do not deserve to be raped, we should be able to clean the residual scum off the streets go on about our business.

Ah, but we really can’t. Not with any real concern for women who actually are victims of rape.  Personally, considering men are the more frequent but utterly ignored victims of rape[1][2][3], and with the epidemic of false rape accusations[4] and corrupt prosecutions becoming just as pervasive, my interest in women who get raped any more is somewhere near as intense as my interest in cake decorating and midget wrestling.

But I am interested in two other things. One, in educating a miserably misguided and gullible public; and two, in pissing off feminist idiots; not necessarily in that order.

So, as a public service of A Voice for Men, I will tell you in just a few paragraphs how women can reduce their chances of getting raped, for real.

And that begins with a better understanding of the subject in question than you are getting from the SlutWalkers.

Here is the basic, undeniable truth: Dressing like a slut doesn’t lead to rape; being a slut most certainly does.

Go ahead, don your Amy Winehouse couture and paint your face like it was a whore by numbers kit. That alone will not result in any unauthorized pipe laying.

But like it or not, PC or not, slut friendly or not, promiscuity does lead to the enhanced likelihood of rape.  As even the most obtuse rape advocate will acknowledge, most rapes of women happen from known assailants, often potential or previous sexual partners.  So the fewer football teams a slut fucks the less of a chance she has of being exposed to the linebacker who will rape her.

Now, by all means dress like a slut; just don’t drink like one.  We all know the slut scene is the party scene.  But sluts might consider a policy of keeping their slutabrations alcohol free.  Alcohol is involved in a huge number of rapes. It can impair judgment and lead to poor choices.

“Sure, uh, Johnny(?), let’s go for a ride in your car out to the country.  I’ve only known you though six shots of Hornitos, but it feels like I have known you all my life.”

Many non-politicized websites, including this one, will advise, with no harsh judgments on sluttiness, that women not to go into unfamiliar areas with strangers when they are intoxicated and without friends or their own transportation.

In other words, they advise women not to be stupid sluts. If a woman is concerned about the possibility of rape in her life, she can stay sober when in new surroundings; stay close to friends and don’t do things like go into an abandoned building with a stranger.

If he rapes her it will be his fault, but she will be just as raped, and the right to point and say it was his fault may not seem so beneficial at the time.

Just saying.

By following this advice about not getting drunk and getting into really crazy situations with strangers, you can also address another social ill.

False allegations.

Too many sluts, especially ones who really don’t feel as good about being sluts as the SlutWalkers would want, have the nasty habit of feeling guilty after one or more of their drunken, fuck whoever is in the room escapades, and handle that guilt by accusing their erstwhile sexual partners of rape.

Happens a lot these days.

So, the less slutty sex, the less false allegation, which in turn increases the believability of women who actually are raped.

The impact of sound judgment is exponential and all positive!

All you have to do is know the difference between sexual freedom and sexual stupidity.

And that is precisely what the SlutWalkers don’t know.

Their world is one of fantasy, where we can prevent female rape simply by telling men not to rape women.

Imagine that, all along we have been dealing with an education problem. Men don’t know that it is bad to commit rape, so we just need to tell them.  Just check out this short piece by Dr. Kathleen Young. It is all put as succinctly as saying “If a woman is walking alone at night, don’t rape her.”

Now, wasn’t that simple? Get 10,000 potential rapists to read that stunning piece of brilliance and you will prevent who knows how many tens of thousands of rapes!

Next we tell people not to steal cars, break in houses, rob people or put catsup on a good porterhouse.  Then we can stop locking our doors; leave our cars running with the keys in them and flash our money in seedy neighborhoods, and nothing will happen.

We no longer have to take any responsibility to protect ourselves or our property ever again, because we all know that people don’t do bad things once you tell them not to.

Seriously, if you have done any reading at all through the statements from SlutWalkers, who have come to this site to comment on our articles, you know this is exactly the kind of bizarre, wildly unrealistic mentality they are promoting.

It is the mindset of people pathologically bent on having no responsibility whatsoever for their decisions in life, and willing to quickly forgo all common sense to get there.

I can do more for rape prevention, right now, by telling any potential victim willing to listen that anyone who tells you that you can’t make choices that improve your chances for personal safety and well-being has an ulterior motive, and your safety is not a part of it.

Your choices follow you in life, even the one to be a slut.

Hate it all you want, but the red pill is a better choice because that mountain of truth isn’t going to budge, even if the ground thunders with a million slutty footsteps.


[2] * 2.1% of men reported forced vaginal sex compared to 1.6% of women in a relationship in the previous year. From: Predictors of Sexual Coersion.

*94% of sexually abused youth in correctional facilities reported being abused by female staff. From: Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities, 2008-09.

* Among inmates reporting staff sexual misconduct, ~ 65% reported a female aggressor. From: Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, 2008-09.

* 50% of homeless youth reported being sexually abused by a female. From: It’s Not What You Think: Sexually Exploited Youth in British Columbia.



  • TDOM

    Once sluts become “streetwalkers” doesn’t that remove them from “sluthood” and turn them into common whores?


    • BeijaFlor

      Don’t we wish?

      … Well, maybe not.

    • Attila L. Vinczer


    • RossT

      No! They are now professionals with an hourly rate! Just like lawyers! :)

  • Roland3337

    Slutwalk isn’t about rape. Never was, never will be.

    It’s just another opportunity for feminists/the sexual grievance industry, to shout into their own personal echo chamber.

    Aside from the absurd comedy of it all, it’s a bummer we have to hear it, too.

  • A quiz

    I swallowed half of a burrito without chewing and almost choked to death. Hey, I was hungry, and the restaurant didn’t tell me I had to chew first.

    Every weekend I leave the keys in the ignition of my car and park it in North Miami. I’m not responsible if it gets stolen.

    I leave my gas fireplace running while I’m at work, so my dog can sit in front of it. It should be just fine that way.

    I dress like an easy lay, drink like a sailor, flirt with everyone, and go home with whoever looks good to me at 1am. It’s not my fault if something bad happens!

    If 1 – 3 sounded irresponsible, but 4 sounded completely true, guess what! You’re a Feminist!

  • Nergal

    SLUTS!? I thought these were photos of rutting hippopotami….. Now that I think about it, maybe all this “I’m a slut,don’t rape me” stuff is a case of wishful thinking.

    • Snark

      “Yeah, totally … guys are ALWAYS trying it on with me … honestly … no, really … don’t laugh …”

  • Lara

    The thing I find ridiculous about this entire argument that feminists think they have is that rape is a sexual act. While yeah, the act itself usually involves some kind of penetration of the woman’s genitalia, (when it’s a woman being raped that we’re talking about) rape itself isn’t about sex, it’s about power and control and isn’t a sexual act, but a violent act. There isn’t any difference in the thought processes of a rapist and a person who brutally assaults someone. It’s about ‘beating’ their quarry into submission and forcing them to feel pain, even if it’s emotional more then physical. That will explain why not every person who gets raped is scantily clad and drunk, but they still may have been in a dubious area of town and alone. Rarely do rapists attack anyone if there is someone else there. Personally, I don’t think the random violent rapes are happening nearly as often as they used to. The “rapes” that are being reported now are so called date rape, drunken or drugged rape, or women just regretting hopping into bed with someone. Real true rape is almost extinct I think, unless it’s an adult perpetrator and a minor victim because the perpetrator is too afraid to try to victimize an adult, children are much easier to control these days. It’s probably a lot to do with the fact that their moms have all gone to attend the slutwalk and are starved for attention from anyone they can get it from.

    • Snark

      I’m pretty sure rape is about sex. Power is just the means to that end.

    • Donn

      I highly disagree, while I’m sure power plays a large role, I’d also say sexual gratification still plays a part. Penetration of someone using genitalia is a sexual act, sorry.

      • RossT

        Someone can force their fingers or objects into your rectum repeatedly against your will until you bleed. Were you raped?

        • srasteppe

          No, that is sodomy.

    • Tom M

      Lara, you sound soooo concerned about violence except that your feminist false allegations and lies ARE VIOLENCE.

      But, hey, you have the right to abuse, lie, falsely accuse and all the other fun stuff you sluts do which are no less serious violence than real rape (not counting all the fake rape you pull out of your violent slutty arses)…

      • Lara

        You will NOT refer to me as a slut thank you very much, nor will you bunch me in with these insipid cows who can’t think for themselves!

        Based on everything that I’ve ever learned about rape, it isn’t about sex. That is why in Europe, when they used to castrate men for being convicted of rape, the men would find other objects to sodomize people (not only women) with. Studies I believe still show that people who perpetrate real, violent rape were themselves abused sexually by someone in power, usually women. They are therefore attempting to gain back some of the power they lost from the women who took it from them in the only way they know how.

        Like any other form of abuse, it’s a cycle and the real cycle is beginning to break because more and more people are becoming a little more self aware then they used to be. Feminists lie, spread false tails of rape, expand the technical meaning of rape to further their cause. Their cause it NOT my cause and if women really were still being raped like they used to be, I doubt they would be so blatant about their particular beliefs on rape.

        My statement that rape isn’t about sex but power, is exactly true. REAL rape, is about power and control and the perpetrator gets off on it. These false rapes aren’t the same thing and yeah, they are about sex, but then it isn’t real rape, it’s only become rape because the feminists have decided that’s what it is.

        • Lara

          I apologize for being abrupt, but I do take personal offense to being called a slut and a feminist. I’m not either. I’m new here and maybe I’m being a little too open with my comments and because I’m obviously female it’s assumed I’m here to harass men and spread discord. I’m really not, I’m trying to learn and grow and find a way I can help men get back what was taken from them. It seems my presence is offensive to many people. If you feel it would be better if I leave then I will. I don’t want anyone to feel I am here to disrespect them.

          • Snark

            Guys: Lara has commented quite a bit recently, and I think it’s pretty clear she is not a feminist. She is ‘on our side’ so to speak. This is just a disagreement but not over principle.

            Lara: don’t leave – some guys here are a bit trigger-happy since we’ve been subject to drive-by flames so many times in the past. They must not have seen your other comments recently or linked them to your name.

            This disagreement is just that, a disagreement about a particular issue, not a dispute over principle. Lara has shown herself to be on our side where it matters.

          • Denis

            I’m still on the fence about Lara, but I appreciate her commentary and alternate POV even if I don’t agree.

          • The Enlightener

            Lara is probably the same slut from The Spearhead who constantly attention whores, she is no ally. She ain’t special. She ain’t nothin’.

          • Izzey

            When I first came here, all I did was read. I knew Paul from another site, and then his youtube videos, and blog…etc.

            I watched this site being ‘built’ and I just knew it would be worth every single ‘brick’. I am as proud of it, as many of the men/women here. (maybe a little bit more, because I knew from a friendship I revere; the long hours, frustrations, and sleepless nights, to get it to where it is now. And there is still much to be done.

            I will take any criticism in the context it was delivered. And I accept that not everyone likes me here. I also respect their right to be ‘leery’ of any woman ‘claiming’ to want to help.

            I was reading here for months and months before I uttered a single word. My advice to you was to “read….read…read.”

            Your ‘exhuberance’ to post has been noted. But because (and you have already witnessed it on other threads) women come in here like gangbangers to refute and I dare say; belittle, the MRM…all women are ‘the enemy’ until proven otherwise.

            Crying and whining is barely tolerated. If you have ‘thin-skin’…don’t post here. (I’ve said that before)
            There are some great writers here…read some articles. Both men and women write here. Go do some reading. Also, read some other sites. A lot of the posters here read everywhere.

            You’ve just arrived…
            Take it easy.


          • Paul Elam

            I have been watching this without comment for a while. I invited you here because I thought your story was thought provoking, and I still do.

            With all respect I hope you pay attention to what Izzey had to say to you. There is a great deal for any newcomer to LEARN about the MRM. It is a really difficult subject made more complicated by the fact that we have to unlearn a lot of social programming and feminist bullshit (that we get from the education system where you learned rape was not about sex).

            Since you came here with a contribution I would have preferred that others have a bit more patience with you, and it seems overall that they have.

            But I ask you to consider that people who have been at this a long time have heard the same old feminist disinformation so often and so much that it has calloused our ears and eyes. And it UNDERSTANDABLY taxes our patience.

            It gets old explaining the same old stuff for the 9,000th time to people whose thinking has been saturated in the blue pill paradigm for their whole lives.

            So I reiterate, if you would like to help, that sort of thing is always welcome here. The best way you can do that is to study many of the early articles on this site, ask questions and be very patient when someone shreds your words to pieces without much hesitation.

            It is the nature of the beast, and when you come to understand what we do here a little better, you will have a different way of seeing it.

        • Tom M

          Well, maybe you learned just a bit too much from feminists then? You quote them right out of their textbooks, inbetween times of logic, just like the best of the “good men” & “conscious men” do, somewhere between Glenn Sacks and whassis name.

          • Lara

            I don’t believe I’ve actually quoted anything or anyone, merely stated things that I learned (as I understood them) decades ago in junior high and high school and back then, it was always taught rape was about power and control, not sex. If that’s feminist then I apologize because that’s what doctors and psychologist were saying. I think from now on I will just read and not comment. I don’t think me engaging in topic discussions is worth anyone feeling uncomfortable.

          • Snark

            It was just a disagreement, Lara, if you can’t handle that then go ahead and just read from now on. But don’t make it out to be a bigger thing than it was.

          • Paul Elam

            “I don’t think me engaging in topic discussions is worth anyone feeling uncomfortable.”

            Yes it is, and a great deal more.

          • Gendeau

            As I understand it, feminists want rape to be about power so that women can be absolved of any blame.

            Dressing and acting like a slut and getting raped for sex, well…some evil, evil MEN might say she had contributed to it. (didn’t say deserved it).

            Funny as if I get home after being mugged whilst drunk most people would believe that I had to take some of the blame for being drunk.

            But that logic only works for men, in my experience

          • Izzey

            Funny as if I get home after being mugged whilst drunk most people would believe that I had to take some of the blame for being drunk.

            But that logic only works for men, in my experience

            That logic works for me.


          • Paul Elam

            As I understand it, feminists want rape to be about power so that women can be absolved of any blame.

            Totally correct. ALL feminist theory, from DV to rape, to phony wage gaps, to so called rape “culture” is an extension of Patriarchy Theory, asserting that all these problems stem from male hegemony over women.

            It ALWAYS absolves the “victim,” putting her in the exalted position. She is powerless, therefore no blame can be assigned her for anything, including the fact that she makes less money than a man because she chose to be a receptionist instead of a brain surgeon.

          • The Enlightener

            Indeed, Paul. The idea that rape is about power in anything but a secondary role to SEX itself is a lie.

          • Tom M

            “LEAVE LARA ALONE!!!!”


          • Tom M

            Lara, I WOULD say the same exact thing to you if you were a guy spouting the same feminist quotes from their textbooks, betwixt truths. I’ll say the smae thing to you I’ve told many, many other men and women – Clean up your act and stop contradicting the good you say with the feminist myth quotes and you will have a very strong argument. Oh, and dont’ be afraid of too much truth. The full truth really is NOT your/our worst enemy as so many femichivarists parrot contantly…

            Yes, Lara, I know that you are generally and vocally against feminism – BUT – you do the same thing many guys do (I’m talking about guys who’ve been pummelled by femi-chivalrists and still don’t see how and why, and they kick themselves and everyone in the arse).

            Those guys are mad at feminists too, but they still end up somehow contining to ignorantly quote garbage right out of the supremacist feminazi KKKollege handbooks of Gender Studies (femichivalrist lies), which IS what took them and their chilren (and friends and extended family…) on a hay-ride to hell.

            It’s just so drilled in and ingrained that they can’t let go of many myths and thus can’t even really see the enemy they at least in part try to revile.

            Those guys quote such things as “rape is a violent act.” No, real rape isn’t alwaysviolent nor is real rape nearly extinct. In fact most violent rape is a result of violent women and feminists abusing those guys (when it is a guy) and he gets even. this comes f4rom interviews and studies from serial rapists. Yet feminists dont’ want to admit this fact thet THEY orchestarte most violent rape through their abusive supremaicst policies, laws and agitprop. I’m not excusing violent rapists but pinning the majority of the blame swquarely where it belongs – femichivalrists, who likewise orchestarte the majority of DV injuries and DV deaths to women in the same manner (promiting and rewarding female violence while refusing ANY ehlp to abused men and their children).

            Another thing (of many) I get on stupid guys about is quoting femichivarists who insist that child moslestation is a male thing only and they say rediculous things like men are so affraid of euqal adult relationships with real women and “children are much easier to control prey these days” that more men now only feel safe having sex with children…

          • Lara

            My apologies if what I was spouting was feminist propaganda. It’s what I always heard growing up from doctors, teachers, cops and the like. I assumed, it would seem incorrectly, that the information I had been given was based on science and not just someone’s belief system. Thankfully I have access to the Internet and can find things out myself now rather then rely on what other people will allow me to read and research. So I will read and learn and reeducate myself as it would seem everything that’s been taught in schools and by anyone in a position of authority for the past 40 years is based on what the fems want the public to believe rather then what is actually going on.

            Again, I didn’t mean any disrespect at all and I am really sorry for offending you all. Perhaps some day, when I’ve learned enough I’ll be able to post and not make a fool of myself and stop showing just how naive I really am about everything :D. Take care and see ya around!

          • BeijaFlor

            Lara, I have to say again what I’ve said before … just read AVfM for a while, without making any comments. Read, and see how the men here feel about the way things have been going. Read, just read, and see why the men are upset and why we’re posting our comments about the worst ways that we’re treated by the women in our lives.

            Don’t touch any keys but the “page down” key. Don’t try to rebut or disprove our upsets. Just read, without making any comments, and see how we feel.

            “Feminism” is so very much about “how the Sisterhood feels” and “how you, the Eternal Victim, should feel!!!!”

            What we’re inviting you to do, is to try and observe how Feminism makes US feel.

            Other men on this board may be pissed off that I am paying this kind of attention to you. Honestly, your ill-informed, ill-advised comments and cemented-in-place opinions have earned you the scorn that many of us are giving you.

            But maybe – just maybe, and I hope for it – you might lurk quietly on AVfM long enough to really see the problems. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand enough of what women-in-general have done to fuck us over, that you’ll speak up against their ways.

            I hope for it but I don’t believe you’ll do so. I challenge you to do better than I expect!

          • Snark

            Offending? lol

            Stop making it all about yourself* and you’ll be fine.

            *I know some chicks struggle with this, but try

        • BooRadLee

          I agree with Lara that a real rape is often (but not always) about power, getting back a power that was taken away. It’s a perversion of the mind and it comes in different shapes.
          But there’s rape, rape and then false accusations of rape.

          Concerning sluts, I believe that THEY are mind and body rapists. They dress and act in a way that is carefully designed to excite a man’s imagination, and by doing so they invade a man’s privacy. The slut initiates the connection already when she picks her clothing in the morning (or for that matter, in the store). That’s what the expression “fetching” means.
          If she wants to go to bed and be fine with it, OK. She and he gets a deal.
          But even then, before she picks the one she’ll accept to go to bed with, there are those fat, ugly, or poor immigrant guys she feels aren’t worthy of her specialness, who she will dismiss often with despise…
          There’s a sadistic side to a slut. They claim that they want the freedom to dress the way they want, but I think there’s often a darker psychological motive to it. I believe some are true perverts (mind perverts) who act innocent. They get a kick out of seduction, enjoying their “power” over men. And often, they really enjoy rejecting them. Enticing, and backing off : it’s a form of castration, it’s sadism.
          A woman dressed like a slut is constantly saying : “Look at what you can’t have… maybe you could, but maybe not. Hmmm….”
          Some women enjoy driving men crazy, and when a guy is tired of being taken for a ride, and gives her what he might believe she wants, she is outraged and claims rape.
          Then there’s the idiotic slut who just follows the fashion magazines, or wants to compete other sluts. Some really young ones unfortunately don’t know better because nobody explained things to them when they grew up.

          Believe me, if you saw a naked woman with no make up walking in the street, even if she had a nice body, you probably wouldn’t be attracted to her. She’d be flapping her feet uncomfortably on the pavement, under a crude daylight, dangling her way around.
          What makes a slut somewhat attractive are all the accessories that are designed to be enticing, and the attitude that promises sex. It’s the advertisement that puts the product in the spotlights : the high heeled shoes, the push up bra, the low cut moldy shirt, the color choice for the clothing, an original necklace, the lighting in the pub, etc.
          A woman is ALWAYS conscious of her effect on men (they are even conscious of the way they laugh).
          The wrapped present promisses illimited possibilities, it makes your imagination work, but unwrapped, it’s only one specific thing, that might be to your liking or not.
          There’s a clear line between dressing in a sexually appealing way, and dressing normally (well, since slutty is becoming the norm, I’ll say “wisely”).


        • Adam

          I think with that situation you described, the prosthetic rape is about an addiction. An addiction to the hormones, feelings, control – whatever of the situation.

          I am no expert but would imagine rape *begins* as a means for an unconsented sex act and then may morph into your situation given enough practicing or obsession.
          I would imagine reasons behind this are usually revenge or desperation, whatever it is that drives someone to seriously break the law.

          Similarly drug use starts as a curiosity or through peer pressures and then takes its own place in the user’s mind free of outside influence after enough use (dependence).

    • BeijaFlor

      Are you disagreeing, ranting, or masturbating to a rape-fantasy?

      • ProleScum

        “Are you disagreeing, ranting, or masturbating to a rape-fantasy?”

        All three. At the same time. :)

    • dejour

      I’m pretty sure rape is sometimes about sex and sometimes about power, often a little of both. I think the reason that feminists tend to see it entirely as an act of power is that rape victims will experience *powerlessness*.

      But just because the typical victim experiences a severe loss in power, doesn’t mean that the rapists’ goal was to exert power. It’s possible that this is simply a consequence of sexual gratification.

      Also, the more broadly rape is defined, the more likely sex would be a motivator.

    • giselle

      I see your point, but you have to admit that alot of rapists would rape anyone anywhere just because they could. Not all rape is about power and control..some of it is just because they want it and they can get it by force. I dont include the rapists and thus the murderers of little kids who fuck them and then kill them or bury them alive, im talking about a typical rapist who is horny and has no self control whatsoever..theyre not particularly violent, theyre just out of control and stronger so they take what they arent given. Id say that the vast majority of rapes are not about power, but for pleasure…the poor men in prisons getting raped in the butt arent into power games, theyre there, theyre weak and alone and some big dude wants a BJ so guess what, youre going to give it to him or he’ll beat the crap out of you. ted bundy and the like are more murderers than they are rapists….those intense sickos are in the minority.

      • The Enlightener

        “I see your point, but you have to admit that alot of rapists would rape anyone anywhere just because they could.”

        They be rapin’ everybody up in here.


    • srasteppe

      Lara is actually correct on this. Rape is, while sexual in nature, based on control and power. Rape is not about getting your gun off, but about domination of the victim. I would, however, venture to say that date rape does not fight into this category. Date rape doesn’t usually involve force, only drugs. It is meant so that the victim does not remember and the perpetrator can get off. Rape is usually violent or has the real threat of violence. Both victim and perpetrator are alert.

  • Melgender Swing

    I think a lot of them are just upset that a degree in Womens Studies is useless?

  • Melgender Swing

    Dumb Sluts!…:-)

  • Melgender Swing

    The problem with the Sluts is that they are de facto members of a cult and have been brainwashed beyond the ability to make decisions using common sense,,,,


    So naturally it set off a transcontinental firestorm of indignation and exposed cellulite.


    Apparently Viagra sales went up after the protest.

  • Eff’d Off

    Off topic but bugger the rules you lot…

    Wrap your skull-globes around this !

    [img] Wiki.jpg[/img]

    • Paul Elam

      It’s not OT. You could have added SlutWalks and made it seven. :)

      • Eff’d Off

        Ok ok… for those of us that just can’t get enuff’ cop THIS !

        [img] Wiki Small 7.jpg[/img]

        • Roland3337

          Fem-pogo device??

          Ha!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Damn!

          Seriously funny shit!

          • Eff’d Off

            Hey Roland ya Boofhead, you reckon I should do a part two of the femmo devices ?

            I was wondering about it and then I read your comment here and it’s got me thinking you know. I mean at first I was going to let that bugger have his walking about the page here and then when all was read and done it would be pressed to the wall (gently) and thereafter be serviced with a duster (Stop it you filthy men) to make way for other posts from us all.

            You see, as this is my first foray into cartoons I am no expert by any measure, but I am learning quickly because it’s great fun and I’m looking about with my drafts to see what’s crap and what works.

            So, my question to you is about that Pogo frame. Can you tell me what it is about that panel that amuses you? As I say I am a novice of the style and when I draw stuff that appeals it then definitely has my attention.

            Jokes momentarily aside mate you’re a decent guy , I read your stuff and have a good idea about the stuff that drives you mad and sad.. it’s like all the MRA’s here.

            So can you give your thoughts please.

            When you do I can give you a really good reason why I am asking.

            Ta mate.

    • Tom M

      Awesome, Eff’d!

      I know why the feminist cutlery failed – knives are a phallic symbol, so the whole creation was attacked and destroyed by rabid fem-bots.

  • Denis

    I don’t like giving advice to women, so I won’t. Sluts have the right to dress and act as they please, I have the right to not respect them and avoid them. It has very little to do with what is on the outside, they are narcissistic materialists. The painted faces and public expressions of sexuality are merely camouflage for a woman who is ugly on the inside.

    Men need to be personally responsible for their own safety. To avoid false accusations men need to avoid drunken one-night stands with unknown sluts. It’s unfortunate to judge a book by its cover, but don’t be a stupid douche!

    • Paul Elam

      “The painted faces and public expressions of sexuality are merely camouflage for a woman who is ugly on the inside.”

      A whole other essay about sluts themselves. I’d wager in most cases, and especially based on the pics I saw of the SW, that slut is a woman who totally sexualizes herself because she can’t compete with other women whose sexual appeal requires little effort.

      She is trying to fuck her way to feeling desirable and adequate.


        Yep the whole thing says “I am desperate and needy”

        They really think people can’t see through this self-deceptive charade.

        These spoiled brats are harming the the genuine victims.

        Ten years from now they will asking the usual question “where have all the good men gone?”

  • David Green

    “Paul Harvey, noted newspaper columnist, cited the alarming coincidence of crime statistics and short skirts. FBI crime files reveal that forcible rape shot upward almost in proportion to the rise of the hemline. The consensus of law enforcement officers in 50 states agreed that there is a correlation between the miniskirt and sex crimes. Of the law enforcement officers who responded to the question, “Does the short skirt invite sex crimes?” 91 percent answered in the affirmative. The view was summed up by the juvenile division commander of one large city when he said, “Some sex crimes are committed by individuals aroused by their sensory perception, and short dresses of some girls could provoke such an attack.”

    “A newspaper article from Toronto, Canada, confirms that Canadian police agree with the U.S. report: “’91 percent of Toronto policemen think a woman in a revealing miniskirt is more likely to be a rape victim than is her more modest sister,’ a spokesman from the Toronto force said Tuesday. Since 1964, the year the mini was introduced to the female fashion market, rapes have increased by 68 percent in the U.S. and by 90 percent in England,” said The Law Officers, a police publication. “Abbreviated costumes are no doubt a factor in offences against women,” said Sgt. George Gough of Toronto’s Morality Squad. “When a girl in a short skirt is followed by a man after she gets off a street car at night, there isn’t much doubt as to what attracted her assailant.”

    “Dr. Luchenstein, physician at Tombs Prison in New York City, worked with 170,000 prisoners over a twelve-year period. He said, “The so-called crimes of passion are increasing alarmingly, and will continue to do so… until the principal cause is eliminated. This, it seems to me, is the present style of dress, which, to say the least, is immodest. Immodest dress has a direct bearing on crime incitation, no matter how innocent the wearer may be.”‘

    Creeping Compromise, Written by Joe Crews, Pages 28 and 29 Published 1977 by Amazing Facts Inc.

    • BeijaFlor

      1977, eh?

      I will freely admit to enjoying the view, when a cute young woman shows off her legs in a miniskirt or short shorts. But the view is all I enjoy – much like the talk-radio personality who has said, “I LOVE the women’s movement – especially when they’re walking in front of me!”

      I do realize that she’s showing off to EVERYBODY, though – “Not to ME” – and I just enjoy the view.

      Wonder how things may have changed in the thirty-four years since the 1977 publication? I would bet that the statisticss show that guys have gotten inured to short skirts, and they no longer have the erotic impact they had when Twiggy strutted forth in the first miniskirts….

      • David Green

        1) It is an old debate and 2) If men were inured to the erotic impact from the way females dress then the sexual harassment laws would not have been necessary.

    • Bombay

      It seems that David’s quotes do suggest that there is a correlation between dress and rape. Could it be that there is no “research” showing this because there is lack of honest research in that area? We all know how government collects data that supports their PC position when at all possible. So more to the point – is there valid research out there that shows women dressing like sluts does not increase sexual assault/rape? If not, then were is the research to support either position?

      • Tom M

        Some research is just banned altogether – so PC and taboo that it is forbidden.

        Another example of such is the absence of research to show what percentage of mothers make false abuse allegations, or how that ties into parental alienation child abuse. Banned research.

        Sorry, but because that research is a banned taboo of all taboos, and so many men/fathers have asked about the real numbers over the years (are we abused men minority or a majority???), many men, esp fathers, took it on ourselves to unofficially research this by verbally surveying all the men and esp fathers we could (we still do – it’s part of the invite to join the ranks to revive our nation, constitution and such).

        We found that 3/4 of all divorced fathers we have verbally surveyed had false abuse allegations made against them, which means a bogus and abusive protective or restraining order was made against them.

        We likewise found that in every one of those bogus protective/restraining order cases that PARENTAL ALIENATION CHILD ABUSE (most serious abuse, often more serious than rape) automatically accompanies those false abuse allegations, hand-in-hand, as does much more abuse of the children and fathers…

        Looking back on what we found on this, these findings should have been predictable: After all, what mother makes false abuse allegations and gets a bogus restraining or protective order and then tells the kids, “Sorry kids, I made false abuse allegations against your father just to win you and a lot more in the divorce (“because I’m just conceited and abusive like that”) and to keep your dad away. But really, he’s a good guy who never abused me and he didn’t really go crazy all of a a sudden and beat me up like I told the judge and authorities. I still want you to have a close healthy relationship with your father.”

        This ought to scare the hell out of middle-age, almost middle-age or older men looking for a potential partner again. This means that nearly 3/4 of your prospective partner-pool is swimming with sharks in sheep’s clothing, filled with the most vile of all criminals (next to prosecutors, judges, et al) who will mangle you. again, because they have, and for the same reason a dog licks itself – BECAUSE THEY CAN.

        Shouldn’t DV Coalitions be all concerned and up in arms that 3 out of four(!!!) of all divorced fathers are very serious abuse victims, along with their children? Of course not, because the DV Coalitions are the worst abusers of all. Historically the most vile of all predators have always hunted in packs.

  • Melgender Swing

    I would love to see a hemline vs rape rate graph!

  • Keyster

    It’s a very personal violation of the human body particular to the female of the species. Just because they’re women they shouldn’t be raped, regardless of how they dress or behave.

    Men don’t have to worry about being raped, so they shouldn’t have to either.
    It’s not fair, it’s not EQUAL. But then, either is menstration or having to squat to urinate.

    It’s burdensome being a human female in this civilization and we’re obligated to somehow make it all better, or else they’ll yell and march and make spectacles of themselves.

    How can we give women all the innate benefits a man has, while still allowing them to retain all the benefits of being a women? That’s the feminist conundrum.

    Until women can piss standing up, we’ll all suffer.

    • Tom M

      Oh, but little do you know! GRRRLS CAN PEE STANDING, and have all the fun they ever wanted, including writing their names in the snow!!!

      Hell, the war’s over and nobody told anybody!

      • Keyster

        There was also a doctor in I think, Hungary or Yugoslavia that offered recuntstructive surgery for women who wanted to pee standing up. He somehow rerouted or repositioned the urethra so that the stream would be more horizontal or “male like”.

        They like male attention, chivalry and government sanctioned favoritism as a “protected class”. But they want to be treated and accepted as fully male also…if it’s on THEIR terms only.

    • David Green

      Men do indeed have to worry about being raped of their children, homes, money and freedom. Indeed every female is a Potential Financial Rapist.

  • criolle johnny

    If she walks down the street in Minnesota in February wearing a bikini, can she sue the weather because she gets frostbite?
    Perhaps she can sue King Canute because he didn’t hold back the tide.
    … or grow up and assume some responsibility for her own actions.


  • Promoman

    SlutWalks have proven that even logic can follow the lemming’s lifeplan.

    • BeijaFlor


      Off topic, science-fiction author Spider Robinson presented a very-hippie character who made the money he lived on by selling hand-painted buttons with that as the message … I find it all too believable!

  • codebuster

    There is never any excuse for a man to rape a woman. But that is not the question. Here are the questions that are relevant:
    1) How serious is the experience of rape to a slut?
    2) Do some sluts actually get off on it? We know that women fantasize about rape, so it must invariably follow that some would dig the real thing. Still, that is no excuse for a man to rape a slut.
    3) For an honourable woman who loves her man or for a virgin who is saving herself, we must assume that rape is a majorly traumatic event.

    Bottom line? Slutness has a price. A slut places little value on herself and her sexuality, and so it is reasonable to regard rape as, well, maybe not trivial, but perhaps on a par with a slap or a punch. A slut does not lose as much in a rape as what an honourable woman loses. In other words, a woman’s history matters, inasmuch it sheds light on the amount of damage that a purported rape inflicts.

    Remember, there is no excuse to rape… or punch or slap or intrude on the personal space of anyone. But the rape of a slut versus the rape of a virgin are two entirely different categories of harm. And this is what needs to be brought back, the need to account for a woman’s history, if for no reason other than to decide what manner of compensation she deserves.

    • BeijaFlor

      THE LAW doesn’t regard them as different categories of harm.

      I will go to prison for just as long, get raped just as hard and as many times by my cellmate “Bubba,” and suffer just as poignantly … whether I rape a confirmed drunken slut or a novice-nun virgin.

      The first sentence of your last paragraph is perfectly correct: “Remember, there is no excuse to rape … or punch or slap or intrude on the personal space of anyone.”

      And I am pleased to see that the last three offenses are completely, intrinsically, gender-neutral. Comb that out of your pubic hair, sluts!

    • Eoghan

      “3) For an honourable woman who loves her man or for a virgin who is saving herself, we must assume that rape is a majorly traumatic event”.

      Sounds like islamo-fascism, and we are supposed be against political correctness where groups are treated differently under the law.
      You can’t have different laws for people that attach an ideological significance to virginity and sex and people that don’t.

      • codebuster

        Eoghan raises a good point in relation to an explanatory gap that I’ve been aware of, that needs clarification.

        Of course you can’t have different laws…. That’s why one way of interpreting rape, as I suggested, might be from the perspective of its capacity to inflict trauma. Ultimately rape is about theft of something desired of something that is not for the rapist to take, and so a value has to be placed on that which is stolen. The trouble is that virtue, honor, virginity, whatever you like to call it, is different to other items of theft in that it is the very currency of cultural evolution. This needs a bit of explaining… bear with me.

        A car, a gold bar, any material good has a value that is easily arrived at. Market value? Purchase price? Whatever. It is easy to arrive at an agreed-upon price. But things like honor, dishonor, integrity, debauchery, lie at the very foundations of cultural identity. If sluts are prepared to throw it away for any manner of troglodyte, then they impact on the market value of female sexuality, bringing down its price… and thus we arrive at our contemporary Idiotsphere. A woman living within the Idiotsphere who does not agree with this valuing system is on her own. So something else needs to be defined to provide value, something related to honor, courage, integrity. The only way to “assess” its value, I suggest, is what it means to the woman that is raped… I mean what it really means, and not the relativistic feminist interpretation, and this is where the question of authentic virtue enters the equation. You can’t do that legitimately with a car, or a gold bar, which is subject to market forces. But you have to do it with respect to rape, because there is something else being transacted other than just a dumb vagina attached to a dumb slut. Clearly, a slut does not value that which she throws around with abandon, for all and sundry, and it is only within the context of “virtue” that this transacted good can be priced.

        I suppose that one can argue that a slut is selling a very different kind of good to what an honorable woman is selling. It’s a good that has a direct impact on the kind of family you want to raise. The theft of a bicycle is very different to the theft of a car.

        This idea of factoring virtue into rape trials is not new. It’s how things were before feminism came onto the scene. A slut has no right to claim that she has been sullied, because that is her identity.

        • Eoghan


          A woman that has a lot of sex without a high asking price can be more honorable than one that doesn’t and is holding out for the highest bidder, IMO. I don’t think that I misunderstood your position initially, you have gone on to clarify to me what I thought you were saying and what you are saying is the foundation of traditions like holding up the blood stained sheet on the first night of a marriage and honour killings and so on.

          • codebuster

            I am well aware that the age of permissiveness retains a lot of momentum, as reflected in your view, and I think we understand one another correctly. And you are partially correct in that there is a category of materialistic woman that holds out for the highest bidder – I specifically exclude that type, typically a product of the Anglosphere, from my definition of honorable.

            Your reference to blood stained sheets and honor killings relate to cultural realities that do not apply as a universal default for all religions. There are many ways of interpreting honor, virtue, etc, and your strawman argument falls flat.

            But I think in essence, we are on the same page. Indeed, I understand your position very well, given that I too was once a subscriber with the experience to back it up. But you see, I fundamentally disagree with you that a woman that has sex with many men is honorable. It’s a fiction that comes part and parcel with the feminist package. It’s an artificial construct that owes its success to the contraception technologies. Take away those technologies, and you are back to a very different dynamic that forces people to confront values relating to honor and integrity. Such values have no place within the Idiotsphere.

            So yes, I am glad to see that we are on the same page, and no, I do not expect you to agree with me. I come from a theoretical space that you’ve not considered, and which is unlikely to interest you.

          • Eoghan

            I didn’t say that a woman that has sex with a lot of guys is automatically “honorable”, I said one that does could be more honorable than one that doesn’t.

            The idea that having a lot is sex is “dishonorable” is an artificial social construct too, it was put in place in lieu of reliable birth control, its a product of social engineering.

            As you logically argue that we would be back to square one in the absence of birth control, logically with reliable birth control, we are on square two.

            The problems that arise for men, children and society out of the square two situation, can be fixed with the introduction of the concept that for a child to be born, a woman need the fathers consent.

            I wasn’t arguing a strawman when I said that the pre-birth control shame based social construct of honour relating to her virginity and sex life is the basis of holding up bloody sheets and honour killings, (I think that this has happened in all three of the big religions religions).

            As you say, we are not likely to agree on this as I don’t believe that the mens movement has and jurisdiction of the sex lives of women or that maintaining pre-birth-control social constructs is necessary or the job of the mens movement.

    • Poester99

      The exactly the historical reason why rape has been treated differently than any other violent assault.

      So now we’re stuck with the hyper-response to this crime without the original pre-requisite snow-white maiden whose honor (and marriage value!) has been despoiled.

  • 4thtroika

    They couldn’t PAY me to assault them.

    • Tom M

      That’s just asking for false allegations – not doing every last little thing they want or demand

  • Falsely Accused Soldier

    @Paul Elam

    I think this was your best article yet in my opinion. It would be AWESOME if you would make a youtube video out of it.

  • Meditato

    The whole “appearance won’t get you raped” assertion is itself a myth. Most recent research in this area is either based on preconceived notions (i.e. the researchers go into the study with the assumption that the dress correlation is a myth) or on simple surveys of students. There is a vast body of research going back decades that correlates men’s (including convicted rapists’) acceptance of rape as being “deserved” with the degree of provocative clothing worn (Scully and Marolla 1984). People were quick to jump to the idea that this was a myth when a couple of *surveys* came out showing different results, but the trend seems to be borne out of political correctness rather than an honest consideration. *A Natural History of Rape* by anthropologists Thornhill and Palmer cites Camille Paglia (1992, 1994) who views rape as a predominantly sexually-motivated crime and asserts that the whole “it’s all a myth” claim is a feminist party-line, not a scientific one. See pages 182 and 183:

    Also, I’ve personally observed date rape situations where clothing was almost certainly a factor, so I know a fair amount of that goes on, perhaps without being reported.

    But I don’t think dress is a factor in most rape cases, partially because I don’t think most women who get raped are dressed any different. But when a women is more provocatively dressed, is she more likely to be raped? Before the current wave of politically-correct controversy, the studies seemed to indicate a “yes”.

  • universe

    “Historically, the term ‘slut’ has carried a predominantly negative connotation. Aimed at those who are sexually promiscuous, be it for work or pleasure, it has primarily been women who have suffered under the burden of this label.

    – Why, because the term slut is reserved only for females? That must be it, that only females get branded with the term slut.
    But society doesn’t want you girls to feel left out. Afterall, vulgar promiscuous men are labelled: philander, wolf, womanizer, skirt chaser, et al.
    Well, you goils did ask to be treated the same as men so you got what you’ve asked for.

    And whether dished out as a serious indictment of one’s character or merely as a flippant insult, the intent behind the word is always to wound, so we’re taking it back. “Slut” is being re-appropriated.”

    – Yipee, all chicks are to be regarded as sluts. Now, that’s a real step up. So, open wide, take your meds and swallow. (laughing; I meant your blue pill).
    With sexual promiscuity comes with an added threat of passing on social diseases. That’s a dated term for sexually transmitted infections, btw.

    Girls, being a real dyed in the pink sexually ready and available amenity or utility takes less than a half loaded inflatable raft full of talent to begin with. It takes more effort to inflate a blow-up doll! How difficult can it be to get the attention of young men with the least amount of clothing possible and allowable by law with the least amount of thought that precedes or follows. Not very difficult, I hasten to add.

    Now, for all the pseudo sluts, pretending to be something they’re not, merely donning an appearance for a lark, if you can not even do that properly – stay at home. You’re costing tax-payers needless expenses with your hang-over demands for something of your own making. Just like the reams of stolen money your slut marching sisters have managed to con out of society.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier


    Finally a man sees justice for a murder his wife was responsible for having him commit(falsely accusing the victim of rape).

    • BeijaFlor

      Eauh, Gawd. That can’t be. How can ANYONE blame a WOMAN for ANYTHING?!!

      It goes all against the rules of Sacred Sluttery!!!

      The only manly thing to do would have been for the wronged husband to shoot HIMSELF for having disturbed his Sacred Slut in the throes of her Sacred Gina-Tingles. It’s the only appropriate way for him to atone for his short comings ….


      (“Let the poor chump hang from the yardarm till sunset, then cut him down and set the corpse adrift,” says Cap’n Paul. “He has suffered enough.”)

    • !!SPARTA!!

      Oh Snap!
      That’s the same city I live in
      looks like it happened way back in 2007…

      • !!SPARTA!!

        Looks like she was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter
        5 years…

        • Izzey

          Not enough.
          She gets five years, and a man is dead.

          Reverse the genders now, and what do you have?

          This is the ultimate price for a false rape accusation.
          Where are my ‘red thumb’ girls?
          Come on out and debate/justify this shit.

          Oh, I forgot…you all only wish you had the balls.


          • !!SPARTA!!

            I think manslaughter fits perfectly, but t years is a fucking injustice

  • Eff’d Off

    Hey, remember that foamy faced Bob… guy.. knight… thingy ?

    Well I promised that I’d draw the bastard and you know what… I bloody well did.

    For those that missed out, click here —>

    He was too easy.

    In the spirit of Elaine Benes and the soup Nazi… NEXT !

  • Eoghan

    Rape as power works in our favour.

    What happened in the childhood if an individual that would cause them to attempt to address a perceived imbalance of power with a woman

    Child abuse, by a woman.

    • Paul Elam

      I am sure Eoghan means the concept of rape as power. Too bad for you, Futrelle.

      • Eoghan

        Yeah that what I meant, thanks.

  • Mark

    I am so FUCKING SICK of hearing about how rape is crime of power. It’s a fucking cliché by now. I don’t believe it is, and even if it is, SO WHAT? Why does that make it unique?

    So other crimes don’t involve power? You think hoods who rob and beat old people don’t get a thrill out of it? You think vandals don’t enjoy the property damage they do? You think white-collar criminals like Madoff only do it for the money and don’t get their jollies thinking about all the little middle class peons they’ve fucked over?

    Every crime on some level has to do with power, I don’t care how large or small it is. Every time I hear the “rape is only about power” myth, I want to slam my fist into the wall.

    • Nancy

      I agree that rape is not only about power. It’s about sex. I don’t think all crimes are about power only. Stealing $400 from the local 7-11 may be more about needing a drug fix. Yes, power is involved but it is only one aspect. Feminists have over-simplified rape and tried doing their usual dance of only telling one side of a story by saying rape is only about power. Yes, there are usually power issues connected to rape but it is far more than that.

      They preach this mobius-strip explanation over and over and before long you have herds of gullible people (who have a vested interest in identifying as feminist…that’s a lot of folks…) seeing only one side and fervently defending that side without thinking one whit about the possibility of things being more complex. Magnum Ovis! LOL

      • Keyster

        “Yes, there are usually power issues connected to rape but it is far more than that.”

        There are power issues with sex between a man and woman. The man is usually dominant, the woman submissive. That’s the crux of the matter; that feminists are trying to change and control.

        As the article alluded, I would guess at least 95% of the time rape is going to involve alcohol with one or both participants. It’s very politically incorrect to state this however…because women should be allowed to carry on like drunken debaucherous pirates just like men do, and not have to worry about being raped in the process.

        “Women can try to be like men, but they’ll never be gentlemen”.

        • codebuster

          Keyster, you are missing out on a key step in this power struggle.

          The man is dominant over the woman.
          The woman is dominant over the child.
          The child grows up to become a man or a woman.

          This interconnectedness across generations is neither trivial nor an accident.

          And it does raise the old chicken-and-egg question… is it the mothers teaching the children what’s important, or is it the men (supposedly) oppressing women that establishes what’s important?

          This is mind-stuff, the very core of it, that is quite at odds with mainstream genocentrism theory (EP).

          And as for women thinking that they should behave like “drunken debaucherous pirates just like men do”, you are aware that that is pure projection of what it is that they value in men. This is their idea, and it’s a reflection of Otto Weininger’s famous observation of the relationship between criminality and prostitution. They really don’t have a clue, the poor dears. Gawd sluts are stupid.

          • David Green


            Females control reproduction and access to sex yet there are some men who will dare to take what they want from those they want it from: Hence the term rape.

      • Paul Elam

        Saying rape isn’t about sex is like saying armed robbery isn’t about money.

  • Keyster


    • The Zeta Male (2)

      That is a wonderful gathering of disease spreading sperm recepticals.

      • Melgender Swing

        I prefer the term Cum Dumpsters!…:-)

        • The Zeta Male (2)

          How about human microwaves!!?

        • Zuberi

          I prefer the term “sperm toilet”

  • Izzey

    This article.. is top of the line.

    I will be back.


  • Paul Elam

    Totally OT, but funny. A needed bit of humor.

  • keith

    I’m not a psychologist or a rapist yet but, have you ever considered rape as an act of social and intimate powerlessness. An isolated consciousness seeking intimacy and attachment however brief.

    It’s a construct that for me explains male on female, female on male, male on male and female on female and just about every form of passive and dominant sexual behavior. Even a false allegation can be attributed to unachieved intimacy.

    It’s a generalization, but for me a good focus for thought. Being simple minded I tend to look for the unifying theory and then apply it.

    I tend to take the issue of date rape and the redefinition of rape to a non consensual accusation, as an unachieved exchange of intimacy. Which may be the overarching crime in nonviolent rape and nonconsensual sex.

    It also handily explains to some degree the occurrence of false allegations. Interestingly underachieved intimacy is indicative of social isolation and representative of an isolated consciousness, loneliness. Which may be a gateway to neurotic pathologies.

    An achieved exchange of intimacy is one thing that cannot be taken or purchased or tricked into occuring. The loss of it or the inability to achieve it in the first place is the defining experience of adultery.

    Unfortunately an achieved exchange of intimacy is counterproductive and counter intuitive to competing and providing. If you monetize intimacy, you have a great reason for stringing up a rapist or shooting an adulterer. You have lost the property of your intimacy. Which may be a possession that is not equally shared in the first place.

    In the case of adultery, it compounds the effect of isolation. Rape which excludes the woman as perpetrator in the minds of some women, would be a better alternative than adultery, which includes her as perpetrator. Adultery destroys intimacy in an existing relationship. Rape doesn’t and may have the effect of increasing intimacy.

    I watched a movie called “interviews with hideous men”. A guy explains to his girlfriend his attraction to another woman, after the other woman described her experience of being raped and how she avoided being murdered.Intersting movie, worth a watch.

    I tend to think of male intimacy as an aethetic discipline, expressed privately for the purpose of protecting competitiveness. It’s why most men don’t make a public display of fetishes.

    It is for this reason that the “slutwalk” fails, it represents a transient female intimacy that is dangerous to men. Manginas however support this shit I think because they confuse the adulation of chivalry with intimacy. I think on some levels the “slutwalk” is an effort to redefine male intimacy. Epic fail.

    Just saying (but still thinking)

    • Paul Elam

      I would have to be very heavily persuaded on this concept to buy it. That is probably because of my evopsych orientation. I see rape (opposite sex) as an aberration of reproductive strategy. In that light, I see intimacy as a part of the same framework. IOW, we have a push for intimacy because it facilitates reproduction and childcare.

      And the same for sluttery. I said earlier that I think unattractive women become sluts as a compensation mechanism that makes them feel, even if just in transience, as desirable; sexually adequate, and that too goes back to reproduction.

      Base reality, we are animals that fuck in order to further genes and ensure species survival. We can build institutions around that (courtship, marriage, commitment) and in one way or another all will be traceable back to ejaculating in the vicinity of a seed and then caring for offspring till they can survive.

      • keith

        “I see rape (opposite sex) as an aberration of reproductive strategy.”

        I don’t disagree with that view and suspect that the “aberration of reproductive strategy” is the more popularized form of rape.

        Social isolation is not conducive to reproduction. If you buy the notion that humans as herd animals are herding as an extension of reproduction. Intimacy is not experienced in the same way by males and females, because the reproductive roles and interests are different.

        “IOW, we have a push for intimacy because it facilitates reproduction and childcare.” Boom and the lack of it is counter intuitive to reproduction and childcare from the female perspective.

        Sluttery is a great device to entrap male intimacy (especially with alcohol) but it will not promote female intimacy. If you can live with the idea that male intimacy is expressed privately and female intimacy is expressed publicly, so to speak.

        • Paul Elam

          Good stuff, I am sticking by the basics for now, but I think there is a lot of promise in the idea of the distinct differences in the experiential aspect of intimacy between men and women.

          Perhaps increased incidence of sluttery is somewhat related to decreasing testosterone levels in men and increased incidence of MGTOW. Yep, I mean that literally.

          Hope you write more on this one!

          • Eff’d Off

            Boing !

            I just saw a cartoon light-bulb hover above my head.

            One of them environmentally safe bastards like a Xenon Halogen Lamp intended for direct replacement of a non-halogen bulb. Tested in Femmo Labs Inc. Dougnut shaped.

          • Izzey

            How does a prositute file a report for rape?

            “We had sex, but he did not pay me”

            “But madam–that would constitute a robbery not a rape, because he stole the merchandise you have for sale”

            “Okay…I want to report a robbery”


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  • Zuberi

    I see the slut walk for what it truly is. Iron clad proof that it’s women who are degrading themselves, not men.

  • Strong Man

    Yes–actually being a slut is the biggest problem–both for actual rapes and false rape accusations.

    At the same time, dressing like a slut (and especially walking around in “slutty” clothes in a slut walk, sends a pretty strong message you actually ARE a slut.

    The clothes you wear really do send messages about the kind of person you are–like it or not, as I explain in The Truth About Men and Modesty

  • Melgender Swing

    Good Old Frank said it best!…….

  • AlekNovy

    I think we need a sarcastic “creepwalk” with the premise of “just because I like sex, doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be sent to prison on fake sex harassment and fake rape charges”

    Just because I’m a creep (I.e I don’t look like brad Pitt) is no excuse to send an innocent men to be butt raped daily in prison.

    Women regularly excuse all kinds of Bullshit done to men with the excuse of “oh, but he was creepy” or “he must have deserved it by being creepy”.

    So I think we need a sarcastic response called creep walk.

    • Perseus

      Creep Walk is a brilliant idea. Should absolutely do this.

    • Aye_El_Oh

      Lol I agree! I can’t stress enough that men and children are also victims of rape. Women who cry wolf on getting raped aren’t worth shit, and are an insult to anyone who has been actually raped. I am a female, and I can honestly say, that if I were wearing something low cut, it wouldn’t surprise me if guys looked… I don’t consider that creepy, but I would if someone grabbed my breast. Funny thing is, anytime a man has ever made me feel uncomfortable through comment/ inappropriate touching, I was fully clothed (except one instance was when I was 17 at a water park with friends from church wearing a bikini and a shirt). One occasion I was pregnant, walking down the street in broad daylight, not even remotely sexy and this man walked past me saying “nice tits” I got so scared I started running and went into the first store I could find. THOSE people are creepy. Some women exaggerate, or like the attention of claiming because a man glances her direction qualifies as “creepy”. Those women suck, and guys who hang out at water parks to grab teenagers asses suck too. I think the moral of the story is that some people just suck ass, and unfortunately we have to live with them, but we don’t have to be one of them. I don’t want to and I don’t think you do either and I don’t think anyone deserves to be called a “creep” unless they are actually being intrusive and making people feel uncomfortable.

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  • nicenthic

    Men have been born with the innate ability to keep sex separate from our emotions. Most girls do not have this ability. Once you have sex with a girl, she starts heavily investing herself in you. But it’s up to you to keep your emotions well guarded when dealing with sluts. For most semi-intelligent blokes who’ve had at least some action in his life, this is quite easy to do. But it’s not so easy for a young guy with his first few lays. This is when he might put his heart and soul into a bad apple (read: slut). He will get burned and then learn from it.

    The real morons are the guys who don’t learn and invest themselves again in a another slut and possibly marry her. Then they lose a lot more than their hurt feelings – they could be stuck with alimony, child support and even a lost house. Now that’s a lesson they wont forget!

    Learn some game theory and see how your mindset changes completely. You will be in power and every girl will just be another social experiment and possibly another conquest when you get good at it. You will understand women better than you can possibly imagine and use this new-found power to your benefit socially and in your personal life.

    • Perseus

      Great comments, very insightful.

      I think it’s important to note that while a female may invest in a male after sex and develop some emotional attachment, this shit is temporary due to hypergamy. Important because so much focus and emphasis is put on female emotional attachment through sex without consideration for the balancing backend of it, which is the temporary nature of her affection. Lest we get confused and leave ourselves with gaping vulnerabilities by limiting our perspective to her “innocent emotionality and female frailness.” She is not frail, and she is not tender in the medium or long term. In fact, beyond that brief period of initial courtship and sex, I continue to be fascinated in how little concern or regard females actually carry for their supposed ‘partners’. Regard for his health, well-being, respect for his dignity as a human being, are all sharply replaced with viewing him as an instrument of servitude to her whims. Bizarre indeed. Know your associates.

  • Aye_El_Oh

    I think everyone can agree on respect, and everyone can agree that rape is wrong. It happens to men women and children, nobody is exempt. I have had male friends who were date raped by women, in fact, they are the only people I have known who were date raped. It may seem silly, but they were just as upset about it as if the shoe had been on the other foot. I was a model in a slut walk themed art show (I am a female) there was also a male model (they had a hard time finding males for this exhibit). You can’t put every rape victim/ rapist in the date rape category, not every victim is a drunk scantily clad girl who takes off with a sketchy stranger. Why do we teach our kids “Don’t talk to strangers”? Because you don’t know if you can trust them. I think the message behind the fishnets is respect. Personally, I would like to see a respect walk with all different people dressed in all different ways, but that’s just me.

  • Samantha

    That was an awesome read! I will admit I am new to the site, but damn, it is just so refreshing to read stuff that actually makes sense! I came to this website looking for a little more information on this posting that came up on my facebook. It was a picture of a girl holding up a sign that talked about how she was “raped” after flirting and becoming so intoxicated that she did not apparently have the mental capacity to not walk out of the bar with this man. Now, several things came to mind when I read this. Why was she there alone? Where were her friends? Her boyfriend? Why did she not know her drinking limits? If she was going out alone, why not bring some form of protection, like pepper spray or a knife or even a flashlight to blind him? There were so many things I could think of that could have prevented this alleged “rape” from happening. Then I thought to myself, this has to be a joke post, right? …Wrong. I scroll through the comments and all I see is praise for this airhead. Women and men alike saying stuff like “Good for her for standing up for herself” and “Men are pigs”. I was in utter shock. So then I noticed the words (or word for some stupid reason) SlutWalk on the bottom of her poorly written poster, so I looked up “Stupid SlutWalk Rape Victim” and low and behold I stumble across this site! It was like a breathe of fresh air. Finally, a site I can actually relate to. I have never been one of these radical feminists, and I am sad to see what the feminist movement has become. It was created to bring equality to the genders, not put women on a pedestal and push men down into the mud. Men sacrifice so much for their female counter parts and I am thankful for every male role model and care giver in my life. They have not only loved me and taken care of me, but have made me a better person and I make sure to let them know how awesome they are by loving and caring for them in return. Again, this is an awesome site, and I cannot wait to explore more articles like this one. Thank you.

    • Paul Elam

      Welcome. :)