Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr, her son Jake, homophobia,…

…feminist fucktardery and a whole slew of other reasons why no one in that family has a clue.

Someone recently linked me to an article by Jake Pentland, son of Roseanne Barr, a feminist nut farmer in Hawaii who used to be a celebrity.

In the piece titled, “The Smoldering Forest of Man,” Jake lamented what happened to John Wayne at the hands of feminists, then lauded feminism for reconstructing men into something better than they were in the days of, well, John Wayne. Then he set about, in a fashion muddier than Mississippi River bottom water, to tell feminists it was time for them to shut up, but in the next breath he was pondering on how we can be strong men without offending any of them, and most importantly, while being the kind of men feminists say they want us to be.

It is one of the most bizarre examples of cognitive dissonance I have seen in quite a while. I set out to comment on the piece, and did, but by the time I was through writing I knew I would be doing this article. And while I am at it, I do need to acknowledge that I was pretty hard on him, maybe too hard. After all, he was trying, right? He was at least trying to figure out how to hang on to his balls while still allowing his mother to have a grip on his scrotum.

Tough job.

And it is easy to understand how he got there. The conflicts with his mother over this topic are not new. In an article dating back two years on, he got into a heated Twitter exchange with Barr on the “point of feminism.” It was an exchange in which Pentland actually did very well. He held his ground pretty calmly in the face of his mother’s repeated public, highly personal insults. In the spirit of Toronto he qualified for some real red pill kudos for handling himself admirably in the face of bald hatred. Maybe it was the fact that it was his mother that helped. I don’t know, though. If she were my mother I would pen a Mommy Dearest and make it available for free download.

The sparring between them continued a year later on his Blog Talk Radio Show. If you think her Tweets were vile, get a load of this.

And here I have to side track for just a moment to point something out. Barr is no exception to all the schmaltz and hot air feminists have always generated about being inclusive and supporting the issues faced by gay men. She was so outraged by the Chic Fil-A gay marriage controversy that she Tweeted, “anyone who eats Shit Fil-A deserves to get the cancer that is sure to come from eating antibiotic filled tortured chickens 4Christ.”

She later sorta-kinda apologized for the remark.

She is also a big supporter of the GLBT community in Hollywood. She was named The Advocate’s “Person of the Year” in 1994 and included in its “Heroes” list for pushing producers and network executives to start employing realistic portrayals of gay characters on television.

But what was the insult of choice Barr threw at her son when he wasn’t being of service to her ideology?

That’s right, you are one faggot motherfucker. True to feminist form, Barr talks a lot of shit about social justice and equality for gay human beings, only to prove with the kind of honesty that only spontaneous anger can produce, that she is one hypocritical sack of macadamia nuts.

But that is enough about Barr. She is, after all, par for the course for feminists.

The real point of this, believe it or not, is that it leaves me with at least some empathy for her son, and perhaps how he ended up on his currently courageous but confused path.

If you read his article, available here, what you will see is a man struggling hard, and failing, to divorce himself of a lifetime of spoon fed feminist bullshit, about men, but more importantly about himself.

Between the lines of his defiance against feminism is apologia for that defiance; the telltale pleading for acceptance from the very source that has poisoned his mind for his entire life. He seeks to dismiss feminism, while seeking to comply with its dictates. He seeks to defend men, while accepting the canard of their innate danger and inherent need to be re-engineered into something better.

He is trying to reject his mother’s teaching, while still hanging on to her love. And he does so even though that love is and always has been contingent on his compliance with her twisted worldview.

Got news for you Jake, the only way you can please a feminist is by cutting your own nuts off. There is no middle ground, and the quicker you quit looking for it the better off you will be. John Wayne gave us feminism on crack by coddling people like your mother; by regarding her as an incompetent child with which a real man does not argue – he just gives her whatever she wants with a wink and a nudge and with the willingness to sell out any other man to do it.

John Wayne is not your answer any more than Homer Simpson. They are just two punching bags, one of them with a cowboy hat.

The way to rise above all this is by rejecting both of them. That does not mean rejecting the care of people you love, or forsaking your strength. In fact, it means calling on a form of strength you never knew was possible; through a path to manhood that rejects your being demeaned as as a bumbling fool – or exploited as a sacrificial hero. It means tossing feminism overboard, your mother with it if necessary, and rejecting all the traditional programming that leaves you undermining that rejection with apologies and excuses for yourself that are not needed.

It means claiming manhood in your own eyes and no others. And by recognizing that the only thing wrong with you at all is that you are still not over the self-hatred that your mother made sure was stuck in your gut.

You are on the right path, but you have not figured out yet that there is no room on it for you, and your shame. That shame has to go. All it will ever do is confuse you and slow you down.

A man can love his mother and still tell her to shut the fuck up.

  • mstewart

    How can you love such a hateful person? Even worse if its his mother, who should be loving and kind not destroying her son publicly. Can you imagine when he was a child and disagreed with her irrationality and dared to stand up for himself? How could you love someone who so clearly crippled you with not a shred of regret?

    • Anti Idiocy

      Loving a parent who hates you (and at the same time, because of being your mother, may have some instinctual yet twisted sort of “love” for you) has got to be a major mind fuck.

      Feminism is the most insidious hate movement that humans have ever devised. During the peak of Nazis’ anti-Semitic atrocities, Jewish parents could assure their children that they were not inferior. In the depths of slavery, and for decades upon decades afterward, when blacks were widely seen by socially dominant whites as fundamentally inferior, black parents could assure their children that they were fundamentally the equals of whites.

      Feminism is the first hate-movement in history in which the socially dominant hate mongers are raising their victims.

      • napocapo69


    • John A

      Loving a parent does not mean you have to buy their bullshit – true love means telling someone when they are wrong. Sucking up to people you love is not a sign of that love, rather, it is a sign of your own insecurity. You don’t have to stop loving feminist relatives, but it does take strength to love them and oppose some of what they stand for. Leave the hating for the feminists.

    • napocapo69

      For a feminist, a son is an experiment to develop.
      The result of this experiment is measured by self accomplishment.
      If the experiment is succesful, the outcome will be likely a “non man” with no identity and tendency to fall in self deception; and this is a great result for a woman (not only a feminist one) because she can still exercise her “fake compassion” like she did when he was a child. She retires from the feminist profession but can still work as a perpetual mommy.
      If the experiment is unsuccesful, the outcome will be, likely, a man with poor trust in women and a rebuttal of mother-son relationship; also in this case the result is not that bad for a feminist woman, who can retire from the mommy job and still dedicate to the feminist profession.

      After all, feminism is the projection of mothers’ bad relationships with men, on sons.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    If the RadFems are any indication, even cutting off pieces of his anatomy will not be enough.

    I can’t even imagine the childhood of forced repression he had to endure.

  • Bombay

    Anyone who shames you is attempting to hold you hostage with their relationship with you. Apparently the relationship is not so important to them that they will not use it for control and possible loss. Do not be held hostage.

    • JJ

      Honestly bro, I am impressed with this guy’s inner man. It possesses the fortitude to realize that his mother is a feminist “nut” job for the ages; and that she most likely has brainwashed him with so much useless shit that he cannot forsake her even after she publicly humiliates her own son to his face.

      Her programming, couple with the schooling and tv she most likely made him watch; tells me that she ultimately failed to cut his balls off, metaphorically, and literally.

      His inner man, since he left her behind, is still struggling to find the pieces. After he finds them, then he will have to spend time putting what would have been his character and actual self back together again.

      Her having kids is more nutzo than her thinking she would be a great president. Considering how messed up her son is, imagine what would happen if she could kill him with UAVs, like Obama did to Qaddafi?

      I wish him luck. He will need it.

  • GVrooman

    I always get her mixed up with Rosie O’Donnell. They are both big, fat, obnoxious man haters who pretend to be comedians, and they have similar first names, so it is hard to keep them straight. One thing for sure, any woman who calls her own son a “motherfucker” can’t be very bright.

    • JJ

      Very true, I got stuck for an assignment having to watch her film about a foster home her character worked in. And a boy named America. His name was AMERICA?

      It had all the trappings of a radfem’s thought process on crack with a nuclear forest fire for a period.

      Her and this guy’s mom can both promptly kick rocks; and then drown themselves.

      “America,” both the US and a fictional character will all be better off.

  • Near Earth Object

    “…the only way you can please a feminist is by cutting your own nuts off. There is no middle ground, and the quicker you quit looking for it the better off you will be.”

    No truer words!

    • Near Earth Object

      A rhetorical question, Paul,
      Do you know what ‘day off’ or ‘break’ mean, in terms of taking one.

      I just sent a little something through PayPal—“Lunch”—to AVfM.
      It would please me to no end if you took a special-to-you person out to lunch tomorrow.

      Just my way of saying, I am very glad that you are on this side of the matter at hand.

      • Paul Elam

        Just got it and sent a thank you. Lunch out you wanted me to take, lunch out it is. And you are right. I do need a break. Thanks again!


      • Max Cade

        Beautiful gesture. You’re a good man Neo. And the good man Paul really deserves it too.

        Hope you got my email? Just checking in case it went astray in the address chain :-)

  • donzaloog

    I expect no less from Rosanne. She’s a well known asshole. I love that last line, Paul. It was perfect.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Never was a Roseanne fan. I hope this young man gets the message, it sounds like he is trying while keeping a piece of the house standing. Well Jake, your learning fast that the house is not to be saved. Your mother will either start respecting you as a man; you’ll walk your own path, or for ever be attached to that unsavory tit.

    Well done Paul.

  • Correctrix

    The guy seems used to it though. He sounded utterly unperturbed by his mother’s rant. He must have heard that stuff a thousand times.

    • Aimee McGee

      No, he’s used to blocking out the feelings.
      My experience of the adult children of these kind of abusers is they are very damaged and at risk of bad relationships themselves

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      She is Bi polar, and obviously borderline personality disordered and has been all her life.

      • feeriker

        Yep, that much has always been painfully obvious. But since she is (or rather, was) a ratings-garnering star, both Hollywood and her audiences were not only willing to overlook her mental health issues, but actually seemed to credit them with much of her success.

        • @thanatos Nyx

          That seems to be a common problem with stars. Few stars are willing to admit they have problems or have them checked. I don’t think having a mental illness should become popular in Hollywood but I do think that getting treatment that is working for your mental illness should be complimented rather than get the reaction of “Oh no! They have a mental illness!”

          Mental illnesses aren’t a problem if they are treated or worked around properly.

  • Phil in Utah

    My first article on this site was about how my mother’s abuse of me, my father, and my sister drove me to take the Red Pill.

    Roseanne makes my mother look like a saint.

    • feeriker

      I remember 25-odd years ago, when Roseann Barr was first breaking into the mainstream with her standup comedy, seeing portions of a standup show she did on one of the cable channels in which she joked at length about having grown up in a violently dysfunctional family. Despite trying to be funny, I recall that she clearly had “daddy issues.” This would explain a lot of what has emerged from her in the quarter century since she inexplicably became one of America’s most popular comedians.

      By the way, that one show I remember watching a quarter of a century ago is also the last time I think that she ever even came close to being funny.

  • Ray

    “John Wayne is not your answer any more than Homer Simpson. They are just two punching bags, one of them with a cowboy hat.”

    …but, but, but he sounds like he’s saying something. :-)

    Simpson on the other hand may go down in history as the American educational system’s dumbed-down version of a Mark Twain, “Every time I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.”

    Somehow, both of those guys strike me as less than appealing male role models.

  • Phil in Utah

    Just did some research on Roseanne, on a whim. Turns out she’s accused her parents of sexually abusing her. They and her sister denied it, and their lawyer said that they passed a lie detector test “with flying colors”.

    Raise your hand if you were surprised.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Roseanne (along with an even more evil Marilyn VanDerbur, (former Miss America media whore)was one of the “leaders” in the “Recovered Memory” witch hunts back in the ’90’s. It was mainly geared toward her father. (She’s from SLC, btw)

      When her father passed the polygraph as innocent, she merely claimed he passed because he was “in denial”.

      People were being accused by their kids and going to prison in droves.

      She didn’t succeed in getting her father in prison, but she is one. nutty. broad. Whackadoodle. A piece of work.

      …but then everyone already knew that.

      • Phil in Utah

        Yeah, I just barely read about that in “Legalizing Misandry” by Nathanson and Young.

  • Alphabeta Supe

    Roseanne Barr is of the same degenerate order as Sharon Osborne. An extreme example of vile motherhood, to be sure. My deepest sympathies to Jake – what a nightmare he must be living through.

    A man can love his mother and still tell her to shut the fuck up.

    Righteous admonishment is a greater expression of love by a man for his mother than respectful silence.

    Love your mother, Jake.

    • scatmaster

      Roseanne Barr is of the same degenerate order as Sharon Osborne.

      No wonder Ozzy went back to the bottle and Arnold canned Barr’s fat ass.

  • Stu

    I don’t know what the real John Wayne was like, but I know what the characters he played were like, and if you believe what people who knew him say, he never played any characters and was not even an actor. John Wayne never acted so they say. He played one character his entire career…….him.

    If that is true, he was a very tough, rugged, gutsy guy….he was also a pathetic white knight. The John Wayne you see on the screen would be the sort of guy that would swagger up to the U of T protests and start taking out all the guys that offended Big Red.

    Massive chivalry is a giant smoke screen that all manner of undesirable low life scum hide behind to improve their image. Everyone from super macho swaggering tough guys lying, coniving politicians. Even hardened violent criminals in prison. Maffia hitmen who torture and mutulate people can claim to be honorable by sticking to a “never harm a woman” motto. The Australian Gov even used the notorious underworld hitman “Chopper” to do ads from a prison cell as part of the anti violence against women campaign.

    Even he can be admired and adored for his stance on this, and make himself an honorable man and good citizen by hammering on about how men who do anything to upset cupcake deserve lifelong torture and hellfire in the after life.

    All these manginas are just compensating, the way woman say men who drive big powerful cars are compensating for some……..short coming. Manginaism and White Knighting are the mating strategies of the pathetic, and the smoke screen to hide behind to distract, or hide, or excuse their short comings, and sometimes downright low life personas.

    • @thanatos Nyx

      Actually the character he played wasn’t even entirely him. Yakima Canutt, John Wayne’s stunt boy, is where he got most of his acting from. Canutt was a war veteran and a true farm boy. I learned about him from Cracked so I cannot guarentee this but here is the link to cracked so you can check the sources they linked in that article.

  • Piroko

    “what happened to John Wayne at the hands of feminists”

    John Wayne wasn’t destroyed by Feminists. He was destroyed by “The Conqueror” and killed, like about a third of the cast and crew, by radiation. The film was recorded downwind of the Nevada National Test Site (ie, the biggest collection of man made radioactive holes on earth), and they took some of the irradiated soil back to the soundstage.

  • KeanoReeves

    I feel sorry for the guy. He is struggling to come to terms with his own masculinity.

    That was/is my battle. I know how difficult it is to leave one set of beliefs and get another. I know the tears, the hatred. It is NOT easy. You are challenging the programming that was done to you from early childhood.

    Yet over time I succeeded somewhat. I now have issues of my masculinity. …. Its painful.

    • Max Cade

      I feel your pain and support you in your struggle, brother.

  • XanderGibb

    This is the biggest load of drivvle I have ever read! Jake Pentland is no more homophobic, than I am a fan of the clitoris. Clearly you are unaware that Jake has many gay friends including myself, and if having an opinion makes one a bigot, then you sir are a bigot!

    You wouldn’t know cognitive dissidence if it bit you on your fat ass and you are an embarrassment to those of us who are actually “Writers” Reading someones Twitter timeline does not tell you who someone is and to presume so is foolish!

    Clearly your need for attention over rides your zeal for clarity and it is disturbing that any publication, even an internet based one would waste space on what us clearly speculative idiocy.

    I am proud to call Jake my friend and I’m as gay as the day is long, so I think you need a lesson in research & fact finding, before you return to your little blog! I am convinced The New York Times will not be calling any time soon!

    • Dean Esmay

      Dude, did you even bother reading this? It’s not him who’s being called out as homophobic, it’s his mother and her abusive behavior that’s being called homophobic.

      I mean jeez, try not to stereotype yourself as the hysterical gay dude who doesn’t listen or think before he speaks, would ya? Jake’s not the problem, his mom is the one acting like a bigoted and abusive asshole. Maybe if more people (like yourself) call her on her bullshit she’ll grow up a little. One can only hope, anyway.

      • XanderGibb

        Get a hair cut and learn to read! Read the title, put down the bong! Believe me she is happy to be challenged with valid points! Haters gonna hate!…..

        • TigerMan

          “She” wtf???- in your previous response you were ranting at Dean over what turns out to be your total misreading (if you read it at all which I seriously doubt!) of his post.
          Dean was NOT attacking Jake or anyone else’s sexuality if you think he did kindly quote where you think he did or STFU.

          • XanderGibb

            Ooh Diddoms! Welcome to the kiss Deans Ass Club! This is America and I will say what I please!, so you STFU You are so right, he wasn’t attacking Jake, it was a letter of recommendation! Wow do you get free drugs on here what?

          • TigerMan

            I asked you to quote where Dean had attacked Jake’s or anyone else’s sexuality – all I got in return was a total evasion. Put up or shut up.

          • Suzanne McCarley

            Looks like he’s gone now. Maybe he went to read the article.


          • scatmaster

            I thought you lived in Pennsylvania.
            Is it not a little late for you my dear?

            Or is it an example of a MHRA never sleeps.

          • Suzanne McCarley

            Virginia, and I work evenings, but it is time to crash for the night…

          • scatmaster

            Pleasant dreams Suzanne!!!

            Virgina is for lovers. Is it not?

        • scatmaster

          Apostrophes learn them. Know them.

          • Near Earth Object


            (Hear in voice of Data from STNG)

            To know them, is to love them.
            And to love them, is to know them.

        • Stu

          So, Dean has long hair, so Dean must sit around all day doing drugs, wow, I never noticed. Hang on, how do you know Dean doesn’t have long hair because of some other reason. Is that the new rule now is it, if you have long hair, you’re a drugy? They must have changed that rule several times over the decades. I remember once they used to say, if you had long hair, you were gay.

          Maybe that’s it, cause I heard all gays do drugs big time once too. Hang on, so since Dean works like, 25 hours per day, 8 days a week, I suppose he can’t be a big druggy. And since he’s married…..well….yeah I’m pretty sure all those things are just stereotypes that prejudice people like to make up. I reckon Dean is just a guy with long hair actually.

          We do have free drugs here though, they are called Red Pills. You should stock up. They might help you get rid of that emotional thinking problem, you know, the one that makes you come in here, skim an article and then rant on because you think somebody insulted your friend, and then twist things around even after you have your mistake pointed out to you, so you can continue to justify your rage. Why don’t you just admit you didn’t read it, or you just skimmed it, and didn’t know what you were talking about.

          Tell me something, if Rosanne is such a nice person, why does she use the the accusation of being gay, as an insult to her son. Even if he was, so fucking what. Why does she say it, like it’s a bad thing. There is message for you in there if you look closely. Feminists hate gay guys just as much as they hate straight guys. If the didn’t, they wouldn’t use it as an insult so often.

          Wake up, you can be a gay guy and still be a man, and you can be a gay guy without playing kiss up to feminists. You don’t have anything in common with them, they merely rode on the coat tails of your past victimhood in order to hitch themselves to an actual human rights movement, in the same way they hitched themselves to the civil rights movement and likened themselves to blacks in the US. Even lesbians never suffered the discrimination that gay men did. When did you ever here of gangs going around just looking for lesbians to bash. When was sex between women a crime punished by jail time.

          Time you gay guys woke up and realized you are being used by your alliance with feminists. Right here, the MHRM, that is the movement that fights for men’s rights, while the feminists strip away men’s rights.

          • TigerMan

            That’s exactly what (I wished) I said! 😉

          • Andy Bob

            “That’s exactly what (I wished) I said.” Mr Tigerman

            Me too.

            Mr XanderGibb’s, put down the chick drink, dry your eyes, and listen up. Roseanne Barr attempted to shame her straight son into silence by accusing him of being gay – and you attack a website that calls out this blatant example of homophobia with an incoherent hissy fit.

            I nominate you for the Gay Moron of the Year Award. If I were Jake Pentland, l would defriend you faster than Lady Gaga can change sparkly outfits. You are an embarrassment to him, yourself and gay men everywhere.

            Before dissolving into a puddle of hysterical accusations about this article, it would have been a splendid idea if you had actually read it first. That is the only explanation for why you have gotten the meaning of this article so completely wrong. Or, perhaps your iPad screen needs a wipe. Perhaps you’re just an idiot.

            This website advocates for the rights and welfare of men and boys, regardless of their race, religion or orientation. This admirable pursuit is supported by a diverse range of men and women, including gay men like me. The only people who object to AVFM are bigots who have a problem with the idea that men’s rights are human rights.

            You may be content to sit obediently at the back of the GLBT bus, allowing man-hating lesbian-separatists to determine your course. I am not – and neither are a growing number of gay men who have had enough of the misandric bile that characterizes their every thought and action. That includes the gay-shaming tactics employed by the likes of Roseanne Barr – tactics which should alert you to what feminists really think of you. Read Mr Stu’s blog for an eloquent perspective on this.

            If you really are a friend of Jake Pentland, then you should encourage him to read this article, which offers him a viable solution to dealing with his mother’s poisonous influence.

            With so-called friends like you surrounding him, I am not surprised he is floundering in confusion and self-loathing.

          • Kimski

            Stu, along with Mr.Andybob’s, your comments belong among the very rare, where it’s completely safe to go down and upvote before even reading it.

            I very rarely disagree with any of you, and as usual I didn’t this time either.

        • Dean Esmay

          Not cutting my hair.

          Roseanne’s the one showing that she may say nice things about gay people but she’s the first one to start throwing out anti-gay slurs when someone contradicts her point of view.

          I don’t smoke pot. Big on judging people by appearances, are ya? Fits, for someone who only reads headlines.

          Try coming back and re-reading. We have sympathy for Jacob, we don’t think he’s a homophobe.

          • Paul Elam

          • Dean Esmay

          • Kimski

            Here’s a Danish band for ya’, Dean. 😉
            Check out the lyrics.

          • Grumpy Old Man

            Dean now that you’ve been outed. :)

        • Grumpy Old Man

          Xander, Welcome this always puts a smile on my face>>>

    • Grumpy Old Man

      You miss fired here.

      • TigerMan

        I think one of Pavlov’s pooches has escaped again! 😉

        • Grumpy Old Man

          He was one of my favorite trainers, I always eat well with him.

          • TigerMan

            Yebbut it’s like having a servile butler – always used to ring the bloody bell when dinner was served! lol

    • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

      Xander, you and Jake must have only saw the title. No one was accusing Jake of being homophobic. It’s Roseanne that’s being accused of being homophobic. Her on-air remarks to her own son, trying to shame him as a woman-hater, basically calling him a homosexual as an insult, is what was considered by the author to be homophobic. If you actually read the article, Jake was getting a fair bit of praise here. You got this backwards. Read again.

    • Dr. F (Ian Williams)


      What a snivelling and viperous knob of rancid butter you present as?

      “This is the biggest load of drivvle [sic] I have ever read!” I take it you type and never read what you spatter. Yours here is the capping stone of the biggest pyramid of drivel on my monitor by far and a long time.

      You reach down deeply in your cup of wisdom to let us know about drugs and bongs and I can’t believe I am saying the next bit – “Get a haircut.” What are you? A Singaporean barber at the airport?

      The next time you drop your duds and take a hissy-shit, I ask that you remember that when you serve that steaming pile with the words, Haters gonna hate.” you also present no differently to an actor performing as a deranged waiter in an undergrad play on surrealism and comedy.

      Nobody takes you seriously here, and I suspect that your hastily cobbled pastiche of nonsense reflects that consensus in your three dimensional world too.

      “…put down the bong!” ? Mate I suggest you pick one up and stuff it with crushed lithium, or have multiple doses of it administered from a distance by your shrink via sharp breaths into a blow-gun.

      If you care about Jake, perhaps suggest to him he get new friends?

  • fathers4fairness

    Reminds me of another f**ked-up child of prominent feminist – Rebecca Walker – and her ultimate rejection of her mother Alice Walker (author of The Colour Purple).

    “Rebecca accuses her mother of being a cold, selfish, child-hating feminist, who wanted nothing to do with Rebecca (or, really, with motherhood) while Rebecca was growing up, even less to do with her when Rebecca became pregnant, and then, nothing to do with Rebecca’s son, who is Alice’s only grandchild. According to Rebecca, her mother even cut her out of her will. Rebecca guesses that her “crime” was “daring to question her [mother’s feminist] ideology.”

    • Max Cade

      I much prefer Rebecca Walker’s original article, which is an even stronger indictment of feminist hypocrisy. The Salon article is more about mothers v daughters, and even claims RA as a third wave feminist, whereas the original is more effective in its portrayal,of feminism as a flawed experiment. The original:

      • fathers4fairness

        Oh yeah. A perfect indictment!

        “Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women into childlessness. It is devastating.

        But far from taking responsibility for any of this, the leaders of the women’s movement close ranks against anyone who dares to question them – as I have learned to my cost. I don’t want to hurt my mother, but I cannot stay silent. I believe feminism is an experiment, and all experiments need to be assessed on their results.”

        Amazing. Sheltered from any criticism by the stenography of media and bleating politicians, Feminism metastasized into what it is today – led by intellectually malformed elitists like Alice Walker.

        A picture of Whoopi Goldberg reminded me that both she and Oprah Windfrey got their “big breaks” in the film version of “The Color Purple”. And that film’s misandry was well-deconstructed in Nathanson & Young’s “Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture”

        • Dean Esmay

          The book was better than the movie, and somewhat less overtly misandrist. It was still there though.

          Oprah was already big BTW, but it certainly changed things for both her and Goldberg.

          It is interesting that more people are starting to see the toxic results of this ideology on generations of young women. They’ve been screwed over, although only a few seem to realize it, and some just blame men.

          Sadly, at times I think GWW may be right, and the only thing that will change things is if enough women feel personally wounded, because what happens to men and boys still doesn’t matter. That’s when I’m in the worst mood.

  • onca747

    I remember sometime during the late 80s when men in sitcoms went from being the strong, wise father to being either a pathetic dinosaur or a dweeb with his testicles in his domineering wife’s purse.. a tradition that continues to this day. I think it was around the time “Rosanne” started airing.

    • feeriker

      Reason number 10,018 to avoid network TV.

  • Dan Perrins

    WTF is it with these fucken Acme Fem & co. twits and inflicting mountains of mental malice on their kids?
    Roseanne go back to stuffing your face with crispy creams and save your son some anguish.
    Or keep on making comments and calls like the one in the video, laughing at you isn’t bad either.
    Perhaps a resurrection of her comedy career. “Dumb-Ass statements and comments, Barr none.”

  • feeriker

    Anyone have the scoop on what kind of influence Jake’s daddy was on his formative years? Given Jake’s current condition, one gets the impression that Bill Pentland was either the ultimate mangina or the ultimate doormat.

  • malcolm

    Ugh, I remember watching her TV show and thinking “STFU” many, many times. I can’t imagine being a child and being prisoner to that horrible woman.

    Jake Pentland does have my sympathy, and I’m sure that when he manages to get his thoughts and emotions sorted out he will be fine. He seems to be an intelligent man.

  • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

    I actually liked her TV show when I was growing up.

  • DavidicLineage

    Being one of Jake’s twitter followers and a bit of a listener, as well as a regular avfm reader, I feel like this is friendly fire. Seems like you’re saying he should disavow his mother because of her rhetoric, and that can’t realistically read as anything but further rhetoric.

    A lot of what I see here is venting, and that’s good. We desperately needed a place for that. Jake, though, is taking the whole mess and making a running dialogue of it. We bitch about cracks in the foundation, he’s halfway done building a house.

    He’s got feminists genuinely seeing the error of (parts of) their philosophy on almost a weekly basis, and for that alone I say Jake’s earned his stripes.

    • Paul Elam

      Believe it or not, I agree with you completely.

      There is a quandary, in my opinion, for how to address Jake, and all purple pill eaters for that matter.

      I did my best here to acknowledge where I think he got it right and to not too viciously point out where he is still part of the problem. And I was not doing a song and dance about having empathy for him. I feel for a guy raised by a mother like that and it is apparent he has come a long way.

      We have a place here at AVFM for Jake any time he wants it, and he will be treated with respect. But that does not imply pity-based tolerance for the latent misandry in his writing, or the furtherance of some of the ideology he still subscribes to. e.g. It was a good thing that feminism came along to reconstruct men in a more servile image.

      In that sense, he has worked toward his stripes but not earned them.

      In the end it doesn’t really matter, I think. He appears misguided, but of good character and genuinely looking for some answers. And he puts his thoughts out there to face scrutiny with the rest of us. I am betting he has the mettle for the whatever is dished out, and the character to learn from whatever part of this appeals to his good senses.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    What, no apology from XanderGibb?

    I am so shocked.

    • Paul Elam

      Are not.

      • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

        Guys, you should have seen how angry I was making XanderGibbs on Twitter. Everything he said to me was a knee-jerk reaction. Here is how the exchange went:

        xandermonium™© ‏@XanderGibb 9h

        @MarvinAmelie @TheRealRoseanne @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland He is minion of the asshat who wrote the article about Rose & Jake! SMH

        @XanderGibb @MarvinAmelie @TheRealRoseanne @JakePentland I’m hardly a minion. I’m a loose cannon.

        The Mad Shangi ‏@TheMadShangi1 9h

        @xandergibb @jakePentland Jake seems like a cool guy and seems open to a chat. Got no hate for him. And I was a fan of Roseanne.

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland Who suggested you did?

        The Mad Shangi ‏@TheMadShangi1 9h

        @XanderGibb @JakePentland It just seemed like it was being implied that I’m out to get them.

        xandermonium™© ‏@XanderGibb 9h

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland No implication. Guilty conscience maybe?

        The Mad Shangi ‏@TheMadShangi1 9h

        @XanderGibb @JakePentland Should I feel guilty?

        xandermonium™© ‏@XanderGibb 9h

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland What are you my Jewish Mom? You seem to want to be admonished! My beef was with the author not his flock!

        @XanderGibb @JakePentland Why are you so angry? LOL!

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland Not angry. No time for idiocy Preparing for a live show! Peace LOL!

        The Mad Shangi ‏@TheMadShangi1 9h

        @XanderGibb @JakePentland Your knee-jerk responses are very angry, dude.

        xandermonium™© ‏@XanderGibb 9h

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland Jerk is very apt! I told you I was busy! Take the hint!

        The Mad Shangi ‏@TheMadShangi1 9h

        @XanderGibb @JakePentland If you’re so busy, why not wait till you’re not busy anymore, before responding back to me? Such ANGER!

        xandermonium™© ‏@XanderGibb 9h

        @TheMadShangi1 @JakePentland Why not accept that I am blocking you now for your impertinence? No Anger here, #Tranferance

        No anger? Bullshit. All of his actions were fueled by anger and a need to defend a guy who wasn’t even being attacked in the first place.

        • XanderGibb

          When you harass people on social media, don;t be surprised when they tell you to leave them alone. You are tortoise faced hypocrite. Be very careful who you mess with!

          • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

            You mad, bro? Someone seems to be a little butt-hurt after looking like a fool. Showing up here in the comments section, venting your spleen about your perceived injustice against Jake and Roseanne. You didn’t even know what the fuck you were talking about, but you were so riled up, weren’t you? I laughed my ass off after your petty little comment about me being your Jewish mother. What the hell were you smoking, boy? You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, before you make a monkey out of yourself again. Really now, all that bitching about assumptions, only for you to turn around and try to bash someone for having long hair? Christ almighty. You sound like a 12-year-old girl having her first period.

  • Sting Chameleon

    Apparently we’ve got a legit troll on the premises, I advise everyone to not feed it. In any case, kudos to Jake for starting to break free from his feminist programming and forging his own path, the man’s got some guts and I respect that.

    • DavidicLineage

      Not exactly (a troll). He’s genuinely defending a friend from his standpoint, he’s just far more passionate than he is bright or perceptive, so things like this happen. I’m convinced he’s overall motivated by goodwill, but he’s got the feminist disease of “my opinion right now, yours if we get to it” and is just completely unable to face that.

      • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

        Jake Pentland himself pretty much told him to fuck off, because even after the misconception was cleared up, he kept right at it. And in Jake’s mind, it was because of him feeding him misinformation, he too jumped the gun about this article and looked like an asshole. Jake Pentland is actually a cool guy I been talking to him on Twitter.

  • MGTOW-man

    “It means claiming manhood in your own eyes and no others.”

    Manhood is not something that should be worn on our sleeves so just about anyone can get to it, mock it, torture it, and control it. It is an inner fortitude derived from oneself and not at the mercy of those who defer to women to determine not only their own worth, but will try to do the same thing to you…if you let them.

    “A man can love his mother and still tell her to shut the fuck up.”
    —Ditto! And to add: a man can be honest with women on matters women find offensive and inconvenient and STILL LOVE WOMEN. Never let them steer you otherwise. Corrals are for herds of fools, not real men.

  • driversuz

    Go away, pesky Troll.

  • driversuz

    You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (trolling). [Ref: 3040]

    Additional remarks: