Prostitution and the Evil, Evil Penis

Oh, God.  Here we go again.  Gentlemen, when will you get it through your brains that your dicks are little more than of the devil?  Someday, humanity will wake up to the wonderful truth set forth by the mother in that memorable film, Peggy Sue Got Married: “Peggy Sue, you know what a penis is… Stay away from it!”

Some lady named Janice G. Raymond has written an article about the “evil” of prostitution.  According to her bio at the end, “Janice G. Raymond is professor emerita of women’s studies…”  Need I say more?  You already know what Ms. G. Raymond thinks about whores and their enablers.  How dare a woman accept money for sex!  She should be made to wear a chastity belt, no tongue kissing, and “stay away” from the P-word, until she accepts money on the ring finger of her left hand, for staying home to cook, clean, having exclusive use of the car, and oh yeah, sex.  Money for sex with a stranger: evil.  Money for sex with a man who is successfully tamed, whom the thugs in charge of your land mass have officially declared to be your husband: good.

Ms. G. Raymond, a studier of women, thinks that bartering with one’s body is somehow perverse.  What Ms. G. Raymond doesn’t realize is that both men and women barter with their bodies on a regular basis, and not just for sex.  A man who doesn’t show up to work with a working body doesn’t get paid.  If he doesn’t get paid, he may very well not get laid, because a man who doesn’t show up back home with a paycheck is just one more mouth to feed, and there ain’t no food where there ain’t no paycheck.  What difference does it make whether the man barters his body on behalf of a coal mine, or the woman he’s banging barters hers for a little domestic security?  Remove the man from the ability to barter at all, as has been done successfully in the black American community, ensure that the woman gets paid for getting laid and pregnant, and the woman accepts money for sex: a welfare prostitute.  Why isn’t this exploitation, Ms. G. Raymond?  (By the way boys, Mo’Nique deserved that Oscar.)

Because when we’re not talking about the prostitution Ms. G. Raymond abhors, you’re not going to hear about exploitation.  A man who is pushed off his land and taxed into submission by a government, who has his choices limited by wealthy men (and now women) that start corporations and get into bed with that same government, takes one of the few choices left for any man that wants to feel like a man, and goes deep into that coal shaft.  A woman with similarly reduced choices gets on her back, while the paying customer on top of her does most of the work.  Both the man and the woman have bartered their bodies.  The difference lies in the fact that the woman has made a physically safer choice, although admittedly more intimate.  It is also a far easier choice.  However, in some small way, she is doing what an ordinary housewife does: She brings herself to the transaction, knowing full well what the man wants out of it.  She can just lie there and wait fifteen minutes if she wants.

And why is it that we never hear about male prostitutes when the official heralding of the Exploitation Horn is heard?  They’re out there.  I’ve seen ’em… Okay, I’ve met ’em.  There’re quite a lot of them.  Sadly, from what I hear, the heterosexual ones are “forced“ to accept male clients quite a lot, mainly because most women who really, really want sex simply have to ask the nearest man for free.  Why don’t these feminists ever explore that angle?  Oh, that’s right: women’s studies!

I think it’s more than that.  After all, these are men.  Men can look after themselves.  Men are natural providers; they should figure out a way of providing for themselves.  Men are generally smarter than women, physically stronger, tougher-minded, more solitary, territorial, better at navigation and spatial relationships, and have visibly accomplished far more in this world than women.  If a man wants to be a prostitute, therefore, he simply cannot be exploited.  Women, being generally weaker than men in every way, are too easily manipulated and pushed around.  Therefore, men and women are not equal.

Whoops!  How did a women’s studies expert (who has probably never been laid properly) stumble on that conclusion?!  That can’t be right.  Back to the drawing board, girls.  It must be something else…

I’ll tell you what it is, you coercive, death-oriented Madam of the Brothel of Feminist Nonsense: punishment for possessing a penis (or PPP for short).  Prostitution, in general, pleases men.  More specifically, it pleases the part of a man that he normally considers his favorite, virtually the only visible part of the anatomy that classifies him as a man at all: his dick.  This marvelous organ is genetically pre-programmed to respond to anything soft, wet, and warm.  Chiefly, it responds to pussy.  Access to one may prove difficult for some men, so one more option for pleasuring the little guy is, from time to time, to pay for pussy.  The only difference is, for access on an ongoing basis not only to pussy, but to all the other wonderful things a woman can bring into a man’s life — her cooking, her femininity, her decorative abilities, her niceness, her gentleness, her sense of humor, her miraculous ability to create life, her nurturance, her innate intelligence — it is required of the man to pay up quite a lot more.  The kind of body-bartering that Ms. G. Raymond opposes is actually far cheaper monetarily.  Granted, there may be emotional or psychological side effects that the man or the woman finds displeasing, but all of that is so relative as to beggar belief.  Ms. G. Raymond would have us believe otherwise.

Which is why rent boys are never mentioned.  Being a male prostitute has nothing to do with PPP.  Beyond that, it evens the field for playing victim, and the feminist/misandrist team wants to play where there’s a little hill they can control.  The men’s team must always be at a disadvantage, or the game is called off.  When a straight male prostitute takes it up the ass from a male client, as opposed to a straight female prostitute being sodomized, the idea of exploitation suddenly evaporates, in spite of the fact that the straight male prostitute will probably spend a great deal more time afterward in a much hotter shower to get the feel and stink of another man off of his body.  (I’ve watched straight boys do it for money online — they genuinely do not like it.  To be honest, I’ve tired of watching them.  Misaporno, here I come!)

I am baffled by the article’s obsession with European prostitution.  Germany, of all places.  A woman who finds herself selling her body in such a country is, at any given moment, a stone’s throw away from any number of institutions that have spawned the world’s greatest philosophers, composers, playwrights, poets, architects, artists, scientists, mathematicians, and economists.  Beyond that, she is exposed every hour of every day to the onslaught of feminist ideology, enshrined in virtually every institution throughout Germany, including their mass media.  Instead, that whore is taking the easy way out.

That isn’t just a female trait: It’s human.  We all want the easy way out.  Try going back to writing everything by hand.  Try walking two miles to the store instead of driving.  Try going back to office work without computers.  Try washing your dishes, even your clothes, by hand.  If you’re Ms. G. Raymond, try doing something about prostitution purely voluntarily, as opposed to running off to bureaucracies with guns to make them do it.  If humanity didn’t want the easy way out, then a man with a gambling problem, who has solicited prostitutes in the past, would not suddenly embrace Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, supposedly wiping away his manifold sins in an instant.  He also wouldn’t have a car.  Prostitution is easy for a great many women, because there are a great many men who aren’t getting any, or not nearly enough.  The ease of a career path does not equate with exploitation.

At what level is exploitation not up to individual interpretation, Ms. G. Raymond?  She’ll never have an answer, but the crowds will applaud her nonetheless, because if you bother to read her stupid article, you’ll notice that much of what she says is simply a given.  The article is not questioning the “evil” of prostitution; it merely questions how different European bureaucracies handle the “evil” itself.  The article is not questioning who is responsible: Men are.  The article is not questioning who the victims are: Women, and children who are lumped in sexless, with female adults engaging in volitional behavior that is inherently “evil.”

In the article there is no mention of Denmark’s record, a country where prostitution is semi-legal.  (Maybe she couldn’t find anything bad about Danish whores?)  Instead, all the article says about semi-legal prostitution in other European countries is that: “In 2007, a federal government report found that the German Prostitution Act had not improved conditions for women in the prostitution industry nor helped them to leave. It had also failed ‘to reduce crime in the world of prostitution.’“  (I wonder what the odds are of an act being able to improve conditions for prostitutes when one of the intentions of the act is to help them leave prostitution.)  What about The Netherlands, famous for its red light districts?  “The government-commissioned 2007 Daalder report found that the majority of women in the window brothels are still subject to pimp control, and their ’emotional well-being is now lower than in 2001 on all measured aspects.’“

That’s more arbitrariness and subjective description than I even care to think about, and that’s just three sentences about two semi-legal countries.  What conditions need improving?  What are the crimes being committed, and should they be considered crimes, or are we just talking about volitional drug-taking?  Define “emotional well-being,” you self-righteous idiot.  How many other horrible things have happened in this world since 2001 that might be having an impact on well-being?  War?  Recession?  This ringing any bells?

The governments of Europe, who came along after the creation of human relationships, the division of labor, and the creation of currency, put themselves in charge of the money supply, embraced dangerous and foolhardy economic standards, and are now in the process of destroying the economy upon which these women depend for their very survival, and yet because hookers aren’t completely happy, well Ms. G. Raymond now has a shot at the big time, so fuck all of that other stuff.  When the economies of these First World countries finally do collapse, there will be a great many more women turning to prostitution to make ends meet.  So much for women’s studies.

But not for Ms. G. Raymond’s ego.  This has been the problem with progressive ideology all along.  Results don’t matter.  What does matter is whether or not the feminist progressives in charge get laws passed that say what they want, and whether they also get the credit.  Soon, women all over the continent of Europe will be scrounging for food, but at least Ms. G. Raymond and her lesbian lover will be safely insulated from the greater horrors, because they know how to play the political game.  Alpha females who succeed on the backs of alpha males have no real need to explore the inner lives of female prostitutes, because they know how to direct the biggest and baddest guns, manufactured by men.  PPP will thrive until there’s nothing left to eat.  You want to see exploitation?  Lady, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Here’s another article that argues for reduction in rape via legalization of “exploitative” prostitution.  According to the author, “Using this model, it is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year.”  Below is the list with the rate of rape sorted ascending:

As you can see, there are plenty of Portuguese dudes getting a piece, and look at their comparatively low rape and homicide rates.  Portuguese prostitution is not prosecutable, unless a third party is involved.  (No threeways?)  Conversely, in Ms. G. Raymond’s home country, where prostitution carries a terrible stigma (along with the male sex drive), and is still a prosecutable offense in most geographic locations, the rape and homicide rates are much higher, while the pussy action rate is much lower.

Color coding seems to indicate a trend of increased homicide and rape when there is less sex available, and the inverse when more men are getting laid.  In fact, if you color code the countries and replace the rates (all ascending) with the names of the countries, you will see a very interesting trend.  The color-coded countries at the top of the sex/month column (meaning very little humping going on) have a tendency to have higher rape and homicide rates:

The color-coded countries at the bottom of the list (meaning a lot of happy dicks) have a tendency to have lower rape and homicide rates (excepting The Netherlands, which oddly enough has the highest homicide rate):

Which goes along with what Angry Harry says: “Indeed, there is nowhere on this Earth where the people can be happy if the men are not happy.” I have been amazed (and I truly mean this on an intellectual level), since fully embracing my sexuality, at how easy it is to please another man in bed.  Happiness, it seems, comes quite naturally to men.  No pun intended.

So here’s a message for the man-hating Ms. G. Raymond: First of all, I will gladly take your supply of dick, since you don’t want it.  Secondly, in countries where more men are having sex, there is frequently less rape and less violence.  This is probably because all that pent-up sexual energy has various outlets.  If you put less legal stumbling blocks in the way of penises, they will search out what they want, and, quite literally, BOOM!  Problem solved.

But Ms. G. Raymond will never listen.  She is convinced of her own “superior” intellect, and since she now has a title with “emerita” in it, a Latin term for “accepted by the only tribe that matters,” she can go on her merry way, now that decades of feminist thought, backed up by Puritanical beliefs that outlawed most of men’s sexual desires centuries ago, have given her faulty premises the look and feel of solid foundations.  Sadly for all of us, her baseless beliefs will lead to more government intrusion into the most private of matters, more PPP, a great many more angry and shamed men, a lot more unhappiness, more guys walking around with UXP (unexploded penises), more rape, and more homicide.  At some point in the future, I’m sure Ms. G. Raymond will be living in a gated community.  I would, too, if I could afford it.  Unfortunately, I’m not “emerita” anything.

B.R. Merrick writes for “Strike The Root“ and “A Voice for Men,” lives in the Northeast, is  proud to be a classical music reviewer at and iTunes, and in spite of the poisonous nature of television, God Himself will have to pry his DVDs of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” out of his cold, dead hands, under threat of eternal damnation.

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B.R. Merrick writes for "Strike The Root" and "A Voice for Men," and is proud to be a classical music reviewer at and iTunes.

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  • Herbal Essence

    Feminists attack legalized prostitution for one reason only: it is an Achilles’ Heel in their efforts to extract the maximum amount of resources from men for the minimum amount of reciprocity. AKA pussy rationing.

    Millions of men in the U.S. would experience a revelatory newfound freedom if they could get all the female ministrations they wanted for a reasonable price.

    Calling prostitution exploitative is pure projection on the part of feminists. The sick joke they have turned marriage into is FAR more exploitative of men than safe pay-for-play activities between consenting adults.

    Women in countries where prostitution is legal or semi-legal are far less shrewish and manipulative than in the US, because they know their man can walk out the door and get a hot and willing friend for a reasonable price.
    Were prostitution legal and reasonably-priced in the US as it is in many other parts of the world, feminists would see one of the main pillars of their slave state (pussy rationing) be shattered.

    The reality is, though, male-enslaving Social Conservatives are just as responsible for this idiocy as the feminists.

    It is my dream that one day, every decent man in the US will see living with/marrying a woman as a worse fate than living in a leper colony. And if he can get some good action for a fair price, that glorious day will come sooner.

  • TDOM

    Excellent article. The topic is one that I have wanted to write about, but haven’t as yet. My thought is that the men who pay for sex are the ones being exploited. That includes husbands who support their wives. The man must go out and earn enough wages to support not only himself, but his wife and children. In retrun he gets a few moments of pleasure and it may not even be all that enjoyable if she doesn’t put some effort into it.

    The real difference between a prostitute and a wife is that the prostitute is not paid nearly as well. She must put out considerably more with considerably more partners to earn her living. I think this is what feminists object to more than anything else. It is the complete opposite of the feminist goal of enslaving men and offering as little in return as possible. Ideally, the feminist would trap her man (men) through pregnancy and child support without ever marrying him (them). She would demand payment in installment for the next 18 years or so without any further obligation to the man. Prostitution undermines this process. The prostitute exploits a lot of men for a few minutes each to earn her living. The feminist would exploit a man (or a few men) for a lifetime. The feminist must fear the prostitute because if given the choice, many men would choose the lesser of the two evils.


  • Paul Elam

    Fembots attack prostitution for the same reason they attack football, linear thinking and a lot of other things. If they suspect a man likes or needs something, they want to undermine it.

    And Merrick is spot on in that they will have women die of starvation than profit from giving a man a few minutes of pleasure.

  • B.R. Merrick

    And to think that just ten years ago, while reading John Stossel’s Give Me a Break!, wherein he argues in favor of legalizing prostitution by using Nevada as an example, I was still telling myself, “Well, we can’t legalize that!”

    Ten years, the Internet, and lots of free time later, a complete 180. My grandparents are spinning in their graves. But thank God for John Stossel.

  • Richard

    Feminists want to undermine prostitution (and sex) because men enjoy it – they do the same thing with football, Star Trek, Benny Hill, Monty Python, and many other things.

    Feminists also want to ration sex – as the T-shirts say, “I have the Pussy, so I make the rules”. By rationing sex, they control it – and have greater control over (most) men.

    @TDOM – SPOT ON! Prostitution does not exploit or degrade women. It exploits men. The men are the ones paying, the women are GETTING PAID. That is not exploitation, that is a JOB. Labeling prostitution as “exploiting” and “degrading” to women is a male-shaming tactic – in addition to that, it flips things all around – and points all fingers at men, not women. That is, prostitution is a man’s doing, not a woman’s doing – hogwash.

    (Ever met a woman – that when confronted with a wrong-doing flips things upside-down – and makes everything “your fault”???? – This is a common tactic women use).

    Ultimately, the “prostitution card” seems to be a win-win scenario for Male-Hatred and Male-Control in a myriad of ways.

    Ugh. I really gotta stop doing this. It is just so tempting sometimes though.

    One more, than I am outta here.

  • bfjotld

    I’ve read “Sexploitation” and I recommend it. I am trying to understand women too, it’s a combination of thousands of years being oppressed by men and some psychoanalytic ‘penis envy’ which manifests in this PPP attitude that the article talks about.

    And something that my girl said, women tend to be more skeptical because once impregnated – then they have to wait 9 months and then carry the baby, while a man tomorrow can go somewhere else. So it’s a bit unfair to be a woman as the instincts tell them to be careful. Of course you realize that contraceptives don’t change the primitive instincts.

    I believe the divorce laws are antique and need to change. Indeed, 100 years ago, you had to pay something to the woman, otherwise, divorced, she could not do shit – was considered useless and unable to support the child. Now they can. But now, i find it aberrant that my wife, after 30-40 years of marriage, if I die first, is allowed by law to have some of the stuff that I got from my parents. She didn’t contribute shit to that, my parents worked for it. The whole thing has to go to children.

    As a parallel, look at the companies wanting maximum profit with minimum effort. If the laws are in such a way that allow some reduction of taxes somewhere, there will be companies willing to do that. If the law is unfair to men and allows women to rip off everything, of course there will be some that consider it acceptable.

    People never change, but laws do :)

  • by_the_sword

    Prostitutes are the scummiest women around (no pun intended). You would do well to avoid anyone who is in the sex industry. They have no remorse whatsoever.

  • Paul Elam

    @ B.R.

    If you have not already, you should check this out.

    It is from the National Organization of Men Against Sexist, who claim to be, ironically enough, pro-feminist, gay affirmative and anti-racist. Of course, they also claim to be academicians, when they are really hate mongers working to undermine men.

    This particular article asks the question “Does Consensual Prostitution Exist?” and of course throughout the piece, the ass wipe who wrote it actually makes the tacit inference that men who secure the services of prostitutes are actually RAPING them.

    Janice Raymond has nothing on this twerp.

  • B.R. Merrick

    Thanks for the link, Paul.

    Richard: Feminists want to undermine prostitution (and sex) because men enjoy it – they do the same thing with football, Star Trek, Benny Hill, Monty Python…

    Good Lord! Not Monty Python! Is it because they awarded the All-England Summarize Proust trophy to the girl with the biggest tits?


  • TDOM

    @ Paul
    As far as self-hate groups go, NOMAS may be the best of the best. I quite literally became physically ill after reading an article there a few months ago. The author of that article just barely stopped short of calling it rape if a man takes a woman to dinner and a movie prior to a consensual act.


  • B.R. Merrick

    In that linked article, Paul, the author certainly brings up some grim facts (and much of it with underlined words for emphasis). Then there’s this letter from a disillusioned prostitute:

    I was bought and sold between men in the US. I am a white female, born here. My daughter was held hostage, so that I could ‘work’. One year, I saw her for one day. My mother, who is now 77, was beaten several times because of me. I have seen many of my girlfriends killed. It is often easier to kill yourself than to know you will be tortured all night when you get home and are not able to sleep before you must go back to work. I have had 81 broken bones, including my nose being broken three times, my jaw fractured, my ribs have had 28 separate breaks. I have had my feet broken so that I could not leave…

    They left out the part of the letter where she says, “In all that time, it never occurred to me to run away, get a gun, or tell a cop.” I’d like to know exactly how much of this woman’s life was truly controlled by some thug where she couldn’t tell a soul, not even one of the johns, about this horrific predicament.

    Beyond that, all the horror stories are never connected to any reasons why, which is exactly the case with the non-stop drug war. Prostitution, like drugs and guns, is an idea that by virtue of its very existence attracts the wrong element, and turns people evil. Then the author almost stumbles on it (after underlining furiously):

    Whatever one may think of the exchange of sexual intercourse for money, consensual or not, it is a criminal act. In all 50 states – except a few rural counties in Nevada – the exchange of money for sex is legally a crime for both the buyer and the seller.

    When drugs are legalized, the criminal element dies, which is why there is no criminal alcohol or criminal cigarette element, and no exploited women. When guns are legal, the criminal element attracted to them is kept in check by the vast non-criminal, gun-owning element, that does not exploit women. Wouldn’t it be the same with prostitution? What john is going to want a woman he knows is being abused as opposed to a woman who works at a clean brothel of her own volition?

    Instead, the author finishes by praising Sweden, and probably will never see the chart above, nor observe what is rather obvious just by a cursory glance at it.

  • Paul Elam

    @ TDOM

    That’s the NOMAS we know and “love.”

    That website is filled with more raw hatred than a KKK rally, and to watch the feminist and gay activist community sit by and whistle while it happens is just as bad.

  • TDOM

    @ Paul,

    At least at a KKK rally those in attendence aren’t Black.


  • Peter
  • Peter


    Friday, September 03, 2010
    Tyranny, Murder, and Killer Gangs

    This is a story about tyranny and murder, the kind of organized crime against the people that goes on every day, every week, or every month in every city in the US. This one happened in Spokane Valley, a little community along I-90 between Spokane, WA, and Coeur d’Alene, ID.

    Seventy four year old Pastor Creach was a nice old guy. For 30 years he had been Pastor of the Spokane Valley Baptist Church. In addition to his ministry he operated a garden shop and green house where he raised and sold plants for local gardeners. He was featured last spring on a local TV garden show. He often patrolled his greenhouse at night to fix leaks in the automatic watering system, or chase off deer looking for a tasty meal. In recent times he also had to chase off occasional vandals or graffiti taggers. Drug dealers would occasionally use his parking lot to transact their illicit business. After dark on his rounds Pastor Creach usually carried a hand gun. In the US citizens have a fundamental right to own and bear arms.

    Pastor Scott Creach
    May he rest in peace.

    In Spokane Valley the local “law enforcement” gun thug gang is run by Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Killovitch. His hired gun thugs all wear brown shirts like those of fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini. At about 11 PM on August 25, 2001, Deputy gun thug Brian Hirzel drove an unmarked assassin vehicle into Pastor Creach’s garden shop parking lot – trespassing in the dark of night and acting like a drug dealer or vandal. As expected, Pastor Creach carried his handgun as he approached the darkened vehicle trespassing on his property. Hired assassin Hirzel watched him approach, and when he came within “can’t miss” range shot him down. Pastor Creach died in a pool of his own blood face down on his own land. Coldly murdered by the criminal conspiracy that terrorizes and controls the people.

    This was not a random accidental killing. It was a deliberate, planned lay-in-wait ambush murder. We will probably never know why the criminal conspiracy felt that it had to murder Pastor Creach. Did he find out about Sheriff Killovitch’s big money drug dealings? Did he learn about other ongoing criminal activity of the County Council, vote fraud, money laundering, mass murder, etc? Now that he is dead and cannot talk, we the people will probably never really know why he was murdered. What we do know is that criminal tyranny and conspiracy by the County government is responsible for his murder. I’m not a Baptist, but it must take a very scary kind of satanic evil to gun down a 74 year old Baptist Pastor without warning in his own parking lot in the dark of night from an unmarked “hide” car.

    Sheriff Killovitch sent his hired assassin Hirzel out of town, supposedly on “vacation” the next day so that local media couldn’t interview him. It gives their lieyers time to cover the killing and blame the citizen who died without knowing who murdered him. Like the restaurant killing in the film The Godfather, getting out of town for a time lets the frackus die down, only this time it was the county gun thugs doing the murder. It would be an unusual story if it weren’t so common. Stories of murder, tyranny, and similar violence against the people happen every day, every week, and every month in every city in the United States. See Injustice Everywhere, a web site that lists similar crimes against the people that occur on a daily basis. A very violent and very deadly war against the people is being waged by our police state governments.

    WANTED FOR tyranny, murder, criminal organization,
    and criminal conspiracy

    WANTED FOR tyranny, murder, murder for hire,
    and criminal conspiracy.

    A fair trial would take these murderous thugs out at dawn and hang them from the nearest lamp pole. The people are not safe nor free while criminal gun thug armies of tyranny rule our lives.

    It won’t really help to elect other County Council members or a different Sheriff. Bob has interviewed all the candidates for County Persecutor, for example, and they all are a pack of lieyers who protect and defend the murderous thugs who murdered Otto Zehm a few years ago now. Nothing much will change unless and until the people begin to fight back. We will not have law or justice in our land until murdering gun thugs like these are caught and hanged by the good citizens. A self empaneled jury of 12 good men needs to catch and hang these satanic killers at dawn. But be very careful. The forces of evil and corruption have hired small armies of violent thugs to protect themselves and each other. There is nothing they hate more than free and honest men. They will not stop at murder to silence a free man.

    News Stories about the murder:
    Spokesman Review

    UPDATE September 8, 2010

    A young American soldier survived his tour of duty in the Iraq war. Thinking his life was no longer in danger he arrived home last week at Fort Lewis, Washington. He was gunned down on the street in Vancouver, Washington on Labor Day, murdered by the violent terrorist gangs in the US. His death makes the 7th citizen murdered by the blue gun thugs in Washington state last week. The blue swine are keeping his name secret, and the name of the terrorist in a blue shirt who attacked and murdered him. He is any young soldier, and he is every young soldier. He served his country, and his country killed him.

    The evil in blue shirts is waging a war against our people. The killing goes on day after day, week after week, month after month. Their terrorist killing goes on in city after city, in every city in the US. What will it take for the sheeple to wake up and start enforcing justice for the dead soldiers and for the dead civilians?

    Northwest Cable News Story

  • Theodore Labadie

    @ B.R. “How did a women’s studies expert (who has probably never been laid properly) stumble on that conclusion”

    Not at all uncharitably, I thought that exact same thing about Catharine MacKinnon when I saw her debating prostitution with Lionel Tiger. She had a parsimonious, sour aspect that I honestly thought could have been remedied if she could go out and get herself good and fucked. Vibrators are no substitute for cock.

    Male prostitution and gay pornography are generally ignored by feminists because any such inclusion would destroy their theories. Plus, the health and welfare of men is miles away from being on their radar unless a discussion of such can be twisted to promote their ideology. Male prostitutes do not have pimps and the gay porn industry treats employees on the whole fairly decently. One company, Corbin Fisher, I believe even sets up 401k pension plans for men who sign an exclusive contract.

    As a strategy in the fight to gain complete freedom over what men do with their own bodies and their own lives may I suggest a rehabilitation of the feminist shibboleth “the male gaze?” (Unless someone’s already proposed it.) The male gaze is responsible for some of the world’s greatest art and I think part and parcel of the mindset that allowed the development of science. Feminists want to criminilize the way men see the world? OK. Kiss technology and medicine goodbye. No butt-tuck for you.

    Also, it’s too easy to show feminism up as a sham. If feminists really cared about women in the sex trade as individuals instead of as cannon fodder in the war against men they would work to change their working conditions immediately. They should know that even in the most totalitarian regime they will never, ever stamp out prostitution or pornography. Legislated morality never stops “undesired” behavior. Oh, but the Netherlands gets trotted out as proof against the legalization of prostitution. Dutch prostitutes still have pimps, the sex-slave trade is on the rise, etc. Is this correct; is there a direct correlation, or are feminists cherry-picking evidence? Is sex slavery due to legalized prostitution or to lax Dutch immigration laws?

    I suspect–actually I know–the truth is that feminists care more about their ideology and wielding power or about receiving restitution for some slight they feel they’ve received from any one individual man than about the people feminism is supposed to protect. That’s their Achilles’ heel. Way past time to rip it apart.

  • B.R. Merrick

    Theodore Labadie:If feminists really cared about women in the sex trade as individuals instead of as cannon fodder in the war against men they would work to change their working conditions immediately.

    Exactly. If I were a feminist like Wendy McElroy, who I think defines the term quite differently and is not a misandrist, and I stumbled upon some information that made it seem like women were being taken advantage of in the sex industry, I’d set up my own profitable brothel and take care of my employees, whom I smuggled away from the pimps. But since feminism is not and cannot be defined the way McElroy attempts to define it, this will never happen, because it benefits male sexual power too much and destroys a useful victim group.

  • Theodore Labadie

    @ B.R. I’ve never heard of McElroy. Thank you. And three of her books are available at the closest library. Must read.

  • B.R. Merrick

    Theodore, here is her website:

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  • Beth

    I personally think Prostitution should be legalized in our country! It should be a controlled prostitution system. Just think the government can make money, less crimes would occur, and less spreading of STD’S. I am not talking about the yucky crack head’s ~ Maybe “Pretty Women” type of gals.

  • B. R. Merrick

    Beth, I appreciate that there’s a woman out there who wants prostitutes and their johns to be left alone, but government control of anything is death oriented:

    Prostitution, as part of the free market — an entity composed of every individual walking around on this earth — is naturally self-regulating. Governmental involvement will not only destroy much that the prostitution industry requires in order to function in a proper manner (thereby ensuring that the vast majority of female prostitutes will not have adequate protection), but its subsequent failures can always be blamed on the free market (i.e., you and me), and feminists will continue to have plenty of ammunition with which to frighten hysterical soccer moms everywhere.

    Fear not, however. You are thinking in the direction of Wendy McElroy, a “feminist” who would agree with you. McElroy goes as far as I do politically, and actually recommends that women (and men) not vote! Now that’s what feminism ought to be!

  • The White Rider

    The more they push it underground by further outlawing it, the less safe it will be for those who sell and use those kinds of services.

    The vast majority of those who sell when it’s legalized aren’t a result of human trafficking or being exploited/abused. They do it because it pays much better than low wage drudgery. Same with women who work in porn.

    If anyone’s being exploited in prostitution and porn it’s probably the men since there’s such a lack of demand for it by women that they often have to be “gay for pay.” Again though, their choice to do that kind of work.

    Nobody’s forcing these people to do this kind of work. The opposition to make it legal is just puritanical crusading masquerading as “morals”.

  • Herbal Essence

    BR Merrick-
    I understand and respect your distrust of gov’t regulation but I think the benefits of legalized and regulated prostitution outweigh the “daddy government” aspects. As touched on in my reply up above.

    I’ve been to two European countries with legalized and regulated prostitution and I was surrounded by professional, hot, and reasonably priced sex workers.

  • kiwihelen

    One of my friends was left by her husband with drug related debts owed to a gang. She went into prostitution to pay that debt off…chosing to set up with a “massage parlor” run as a cooperative organisation by other women. I was one of the few people who knew this, sometimes baby sitting her small son. By the time I knew her, she had paid that debt, and was continuing to be part of the sex industry to fund her way through unversity.

    Since that time, NZ has decriminalised prostitution, and this has allowed some increased safety (including several successful prosecutions for rape by prostitutes) for sex workers, and an increased awareness of the issue of all sexual orientation of sex workers i.e. that there are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite and transgender sex workers.

    The bad consequence of decriminalisation is that there has been an increase in streetworkers who are often the most vulnerable members of the profession, the young, the addicts and the homeless victims of society. Work is being done by a number of organisations including the national union of sex workers to find ways of protecting this group of sex workers, but often because they are from cultural minorities it is an uphill battle.

    One point, which my friend made to me that made me think long and hard about sex workers and their role in society was this: registered and professional sex workers use contraception AND condoms to prevent both pregnancy and the transmission of STD. It could be argued that sex with a professional sex worker is safer than with your typical 19 year old drunk university student pick up.

    Oh, and my friend – has gone on to have a successful academic career. She married a guy who completely respected the choices she made and made the ultimate commimtment of adopting her son as well as marrying her.

    The only time I saw her distressed in the whole time she worked in the industry was one night when she saw one of her lecturers enter the parlor she was working, and she had to make herself absent for about an hour while he was there…because she wanted in no way for her academic career to be influenced by someone who could see her as manipulable for sexual favours.

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  • Smith

    I’ll second the poster who said that prostitutes are “scummy”. Any man who uses them is PATHETIC. No condom can provide more than 70% protection against HPV (give your wife cancer from a whore?) and herpes (cheat on your wife and then infect her so she can’t find a good guy to replace you). There are 50 plus sexually transmitted diseases the hag you’re bagging can give you – pretty and smelling clean but a walking VIRUS. Normal use condom failure rate is 12 – 18%, how much higher does that get with a whore with no arousal (dry) and a loser giving her his all? How many ripped and dislodged condoms with the HUNDREDS OF GUYS she pollutes in a year? There is nothing High Class about any whore. Keep them illegal, unprotected and victims of THEMSELVES. No tears shed for their worthless lives or the men stupid enough to use them.

    • Phil

      You don’t know anything. The fact is, you are far more likely to get an STD from a random stranger you meet in the bar than from a prostitute. In Nevada, there hasn’t been a single recorded transmission of an STD from a legal prostitute in over 40 years.

  • Paul Elam

    @ Smith

    Your comment was so shaming and rude that I almost sent it to the femtard section rather than let it stay here.

    I won’t say much to you. Others can if they want. But I will say I’d take a whore over a wife like you any day of the week. At least when I paid her she would take care of what I wanted and go away.

    I say that knowing you COULD be a guy, but you have NEUROTIC BITCH written all over you. If you got these issues from a man who cheated on you and you ever want to know why…

    Check the mirror.

  • B. R. Merrick

    No tears shed for their worthless lives or the men stupid enough to use them.

    No tears shed for you, either. Try reading the article again, and kiwihelen’s comment. Thanks for bumping my article in the comments section, though.

  • Phil

    I respect prostitutes. Sure, they may exploit male sexuality for money, but at least they’re honest about it.

  • jack

    Shouldn’t men’s right organisations sign this open letter:

    It’s a petition against the wave of arrests targeted at sex-workers in the run-up to the London Olympics. Finally an issue on which (some) MRAs and (some) women can agree.

    Alternatively, we can sign it as individuals. It takes a few seconds.