Yes, that one word.  That one word that rolls of the tongues of feminists like hairs off a cat.  The one word that, I’m sure, makes most MRA’s either grow red with exasperation or roll their eyes, and for good reason.

To find what feminists really mean when they use the word is no easy task—even the supposedly reliable definer of feminist concepts,, has a very shaky, unclear, tinfoil helmet-wearing article on the subject.  So, perhaps a bit of help from Wikipedia is in order: “Patriarchy is a social system in which the male gender role as the primary authority figure is central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children, and property. It implies the institutions of male rule and privilege, and entails female subordination.”

Is this what we have in Western culture today?  No, of course not.  Anybody who says otherwise is either living a very sheltered life, or has an agenda (usually the latter).  The fact that women initiate 70% of divorces is certainly evidence that women aren’t held in perpetual slavery by their club-toting, whip-cracking, double-breasted suit-wearing husbands who stepped out of a time machine fresh from the Fifties.

What is Patriarchy blamed for?  Well, if we want to pick apart the few instances in which feminists are anything resembling specific in their use of the term, I suppose we could go with their blaming it for domestic violence.  This claim, of course, falls flat in face of the fact that domestic violence is so high among lesbians.  The same thing happens when feminists try to blame rape on Patriarchy.

More recently, though, a feminist I was debating blamed patriarchy, as I’m sure we’ve all heard before, on “systematic, widespread violence against women.”  She, of course, completely skated over the high rates of domestic violence against men, the portrayal of anti-male violence in popular culture as not only acceptable, but humorous, and the fact that men make up 80% of murder victims.

What if she were correct?  If you said “horseshit,” you’d be right, but if we examine that claim a bit longer instead of dismissing it immediately, we’ll find a few anti-feminist gems.  Evaluating her claim requires a look at what is meant by Patriarchy in this context, for one.  She is referring, of course, to the Man, or what is more accurately interpreted as “men in power”.  So, who holds the power in our society?  The answer “men,” while technically correct, is quite misleading.  Since 85% of the homeless are men, obviously being a man doesn’t give you power.  A tour of the American South will also debunk the notion that it’s white men who have the power.  No, the people who hold the true power in our society are the rich and politicians; whether they are male or female has absolutely no bearing on the amount of power in their hands.

So, let’s assume she’s saying that it’s the powerful people who are causing the violence.  Does this hold up under scrutiny?  Certainly not.  A vast majority of violent crimes are committed by people of low socioeconomic status.  Many bigots, from white supremacists to feminists, have tried to paint violence as a result of blackness or maleness, conveniently forgetting that blacks and men represent disproportionately larger numbers of the people of lowest socioeconomic status.

But violence does affect people of every class, in some form or another.  So, poverty isn’t the cause of crime, but is certainly a mitigating factor.

Perhaps it’s time to take another look at the prison demographics for the United States.  In addition to men of color (excluding Asians), the most common group of males you’ll find in prisons are children of single mothers, who represent 78% of prisoners.  Yes, fathers, when they are responsible, are one of the biggest crime-stoppers out there.

A rather interesting study was conducted by zoologists in Hluhluwe-Umofolozi Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  They had been discovering disturbing numbers of rhinoceros carcasses all over the park, bearing injuries that were inconsistent with any type of weapon used by human poachers.  After investigation, they discovered that the rhinos were being killed by juvenile elephants whose fathers had been killed by poachers.  One of the scientists decided that they should remedy the problem by bringing in a group of six elder elephants.  The adult elephants arrived, and the moment one of the juveniles tried to brutalize a rhino, his step father picked him up and slammed him onto the ground.  Before too long, the rhino killings stopped altogether.

The lesson that can be gleaned from this, and which shows this feminist theory (like pretty much all others) to be a house of cards, is that Patriarchy, at least in the traditional meaning of the word, isn’t the cause of violence.  It is the solution to violence. Feminist theory, when put to work on modern societies, makes them nothing short of unlivable.  Who knew?


Lie G, Schilit R, Bush J, Montague M, Reyes L. Lesbians in currently aggressive relationships:How frequently do they report aggressive past relationships? Violence and Victims Vol. 6, 1991. pp. 121–135.

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Phil in Utah is a part-time student of Religious Studies at Utah State, and a full-time student at FTSU. An unapologetic hippie redneck, he is equally proud of his affinity for Shakespeare and his ability to spit fifteen feet. He has a blog at

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  • Charbroil

    “Patriarchy, at least in the traditional meaning of the word, isn’t the cause of violence. It is the solution to violence”

    I don’t know about that. The elephants you cited are evidence that having a father around is the best way to teach a boy how to be a man, but that isn’t necessarily patriarchy. Other than that, great column!

  • Adi

    Feminism itself is a part of the patriarchy in western cultures. It uses patriarchal structures for pretty much all of its power base and influence. It relies (and shits) on patriarchal models of fairness to advance its cause.

    Feminism needs the patriarchy to keep strong and grow even stronger. The whole idea of painting women as victims of some oppressor is directly and exclusively tapping into patriarchal chivalry. For modern feminism more than ever, chivalry is the single most important ingredient.

    • Vivica Liqueur

      Holy crap, that’s really true about chivalry, it’s used to shame and control for sure.

  • Dr. F

    Patriarchy indeed…

    Whenever I hear that word, I know if brains were dynamite the utterer doesn’t have enough to blow their nose.

    Feminists eh ? As useful as a G rated porn flick !

    Quite frankly we’d be better off right now if their dad’s had settled for blow jobs.

  • Adi

    And the very notion of a “patriarchy” the way the feminists use it is contradictory. If there really was a patriarchy, then women could not have gained any freedom or power at all. The fact that women have gained a great deal of rights means that either:

    1) The patriarchy had no power to protect its own structures of oppression from a few female activists who didn’t even need to use violence to get what they wanted. But a system of oppression cannot be if it can’t uphold its own structures.


    2) The patriarchy was powerful but acted intentionally in the interests of women. But this means it gave them more rights and freedom upon request. Hence women had all the political power they needed – with or without the vote.

    The bottom line is, if you’re going to blame all the injustices on the patriarchy, you must also credit the patriarchy for everything else. This includes feminism and the concept of gender equality or any equality for that matter. The very idea of justice, democracy and law and order are all products of what feminists call “patriarchy”.

    If you don’t like the patriarchy, then don’t live in it and go to an island and start some alternative system. But don’t bash the male built civilization whilst benefiting from it with every breath you take in every moment of your life. You think you can do it better. Fine – then DO it. Put your money where your mouth is.

    In fact, I think most feminists would learn a lot about life if they actually did live without men for a while – say 1 day (2 if the climate is good).

    • Charbroil

      Actually there was a woman who lived as a man for a year and wrote a book about her experience, and you’re right, she learned a lot.

      • Adi

        I know about her. Interesting experiment. But I meant live WITHOUT men – which includes living without services provided by men.

        • Charbroil

          Whoops, I mis-read what you wrote there. D’oh!

      • Steve_85

        Se may have lived as a man for 18 months, but she is still a woman. Her experiences and story are still filtered and told through the eyes of a woman.

        She wasn’t bought up as a man, she doesn’t think like a man.

        Invalid experiment is invalid.

      • keyster

        Feminists rejected that book.
        She was considered a turn-coat.

  • Jean Valjean

    The female reproductive monopoly guarantees that whatever women want men to be–we will become. Because being what women want is the only way to gain access to reproduction.

    Women have come out again and again saying they want men who make more money than them, are strong, confident, and take charge kind of guys. But then when we strive to achieve all this we are called patriarchal, controlling, or we have the wage gap thrown in our faces.

    Men, having been confronted with this impossible and contradictory standard are right to “opt out”. Many find diversion in video games, some find their way here to the MRM.

    Feminism is just another way that women promote their interests at the expense of all others. It’s not about equality and never has been. It’s about selfishness, entitlement, and expanding female privilege.

    Patriarchy is the boogeyman that feminists use to manipulate people. It’s no different than the communist boogeymen of 60 years ago or the Islamic boogeyman of today.

    Feminism is the art of blaming men for the choices women make. No matter how much choice, power, and autonomy women get they will always blame men if their choices don’t turn out the way they wanted.

    A prime example of this is reproduction. Women have 100% reproductive rights and autonomy. They unilaterally make the choice to make babies and have birth control options that are 100 years more advance than the one available to men. Yet, when the fuck around and get knocked up it’s always men’s fault. If the man they banged isn’t financially capable of supporting her and her kid then he’s the scumbag not the whore bitch who thought it was too much trouble to get a free shot at the clinic once every 3 months.

    Everything is men’s fault and the only way not to be made a scapegoat is to tell women to go fuck themselves and find something else to do with our lives.

    • Bombay

      2012 thumbs up. And this same principle will last until the end of the species in one way or another.

  • Rocco

    Excellent article.

    The same thing happens with humans in my experience. I know we’re not supposed to talk about these sort of things but growing up in NY there was street violence but when I moved to St. Louis for school I saw a different side.

    In St. Louis the violence was 16 year olds with guns who would shoot you just because they could.

    The university I attended had a mortality rate.

    The reason, most people felt was that in NY organized crime kept kids with guns off the street. If the street got too hot, the crime bosses lose money.

    In St. Louis there was no older grown men in control, these were kids from the slums with single mothers.

    I felt much less safe in St. Louis than I ever did in NY. One of the Chevy Chase Vacation movies featured this side of St. Louis.

    We are not so different than other mammals, we just think we are…I suppose we are big headed…lol.

  • keyster

    Studies have shown time and time again, the safest place for a woman, is with a man.

    Feminists HATE those studies.

    • FifthElemen7

      Cite these studies please. I’ve never even heard of them, unless they were written in the 1800’s.

      • Skeptic

        5th Element,
        You want studies on men protecting women from harm eh?
        It’s called history. Duh!
        Something feminism has tried to eradicate.

  • Kimski

    Every time I hear the word ‘Patriarchy’ coming out of the mouth of a self-proclaimed feminist, I just exchange it with ‘UFO’.

    It adds a much more realistic and interesting perspective to the whole discussion, as well as the person I’m talking to.

    • Jean Valjean

      Every time I hear the word ‘Patriarchy’ coming out of the mouth of a self-proclaimed feminist, I just exchange it with ‘UFO’.

      Uterus Fuck Off?

      Un-Fuckable Ovary?

      Unstable Fascist Overlord?

      Unbangable Female Oprah lover?

      • Kimski


        -All of the above, Mr.Valjean.
        All of it and then some..

      • Just1X

        “Unstable Fascist Overlord”

        for the win

      • Him There

        Uneducatable, Fat and Obsolete?

        Universally F**kin’ Orrible?

        Underhanded, Feminist and Objectionable?

  • Stu

    No matter what you believe about the Patriarchy, the fact is that no human society developed beyond grass huts without men being in charge. I hear all these ridiculous statements by feminists that for example, women do most of the worlds work. I’ve heard many a male feminist repeat this nonsense. If you live in a built up area, especially suburbia, or inner city……just walk outside, and look around…..point to one thing that women built, or maintain. And what you’re looking at is just the tip of the iceberg, all that concrete, roads, steel, doesn’t just grow in trees, it has to be mined processed, just to have raw materials…….before anything is built…..or repaired. There is much you can’t see, the millions of miles of cables, wiring, pipes. What men have done, and continue to do, is nothing short of miraculous.

    It’s all going to start going backwards soon I believe. As usual, when things start unraveling, men will be blamed, and the misandry ramped up. When men’s prospects for a good life are practically zero, feminism will be dead. If it’s true that women use sexual power, and reproductive power, to control men, and harness male power to do their bidding……and I think that is true……but it won’t work when the majority of men can’t have good rewarding lives. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Thing’s like sex, reproduction, and love, are secondary to survival, food, shelter, clothing, security etc. In other words, the harder things get for men, the less they will value a piece of pussy.

    • Bombay

      I like that project management principle applied here! Cool.

  • kronox

    ” Yes, fathers, when they are responsible, are one of the biggest crime-stoppers out there.”

    Here’s my problem with that statement, it implies that fathers in general had a choice in the matter to begin with. Perhaps it was a situation like mine where “im on birth control dont worry” turned into my son. It took over threey years and over 10 grand to secure the rights i should have had in the first place and i was 19 at the start of this. Ask yourself, how much money does the average guy have on hand at the age of 19? I had zero, however my parents, who were furious over the obvious injustices of the court system, saved my life and helped me out. So when i see fathers who are stuck paying child support i know longer think “wow what a loser he should just be with his kid” i know now that he was dealt a bad card through no decision of his own.

    • Jean Valjean

      ” Yes, fathers, when they are responsible, are one of the biggest crime-stoppers out there.”

      I noticed that line to but let it pass because I wasn’t sure if he meant it that way.

      Nonetheless it brings up a salient point. No man should be criticized for not being a good father when no man has an actual right to be a father. Men must fight to be in their children’s lives and that costs money. We must not only pay lawyers but also child support and after spending all our money we are supposed to have abundant time to spend with our kids–kids that the courts have already decided were better off without us but with our money.

      The courts and women make the decision for men not to be parents. If they wanted men to be better fathers they’d give us the right to be fathers.

      Obama thinks this same way. He says that black men aren’t “stepping” up and doing their part to be better dads. How can a man “step up” and do something that he has no right to do?

      Once again people heap obligations without rights on men. We owe everyone, we must sacrifice for everyone, we must protect everyone, we must serve everyone.

      And who the fuck does anything for us? One misstep, one mistake, and we get discarded and blamed for every fucking thing.

      Fuck that shit.

      I will never hold it against any man who walks away from a woman, a marriage, or even his own kids. You can’t walk away from something that you don’t have a right to.

    • Phil in Utah

      What I meant by “responsible” is “engaging”. There are plenty of fathers who provide well for their kids, but are never at home to give them any discipline. At my high school, the super-rich kids had all the same behavioral problems as the kids from trailer parks and ghettos.

      Trust me, I’d be the last person to marginalize men for failing to make child support payments. My dad was a lawyer and a feminist, and even he admitted that “best interests of the child” was a lie that corrupt judges tell.

      • wholebrainartist

        I took “responsible fathers” to mean those who (given the chance/opportunity to) would actually tell their kid, “Hey it’s wrong to gore that rhino unless he tried to gore you first.”

        • backdatdonkeyup

          “It’s wrong to gore that rhino unless he tried to gore you first.”
          I wish my father had told me this just once.

      • Skylar

        The only reason men are the subject of debate at all is because more often than not, they are the ones who leave. If mothers were the ones that generally left, pretty sure children would feel just as misguided. It takes two parents being involved to raise a child.

  • Steve_85

    The funny thing is that ‘Patriarchy’ is exactly what the response is going to be when the shit hits the fan. The only way to stop this cycle from repeating itself is to make it LAW that no woman can vote. That will fix the problem in the short-mid term. To fix it for the long term, we simply make it a requirement to execute anyone who tries to stir up support for changing it back.

    Men prefer to be lead by Men.
    women prefer to be lead by Men.
    When Men lead, life gets better for everyone.
    When women lead, life gets better for some women, in the short term, at the expense of everyone in the long term.

    Can anyone give me a good reason for giving women ANY form of leadership? At all?

    • Atlas Reloaded

      “Men prefer to be lead by Men.
      women prefer to be lead by Men.”

      Sorry, but this is truth.

    • Jean Valjean

      I’m not for taking anyone’s right to vote. Instead I want women to sign up for the draft, get their head shaved when they join the military, compete directly against males on team sports, be expected to fight in combat and make sure their casualty rates are equivalent to male rates.

      I want women to work and I want them to be expected to pay half the mortgage and other marital expenses.

      I want an end to preferential treatment based on sex, female only scholarship and training programs, and women’s studies programs which teach bigotry against men.

      If women want to continue to deny men reproductive rights then they should bear the full cost of all offspring they produce instead of putting it on babydaddies or the government.

      I want real equality. Not this “equality when it suits women and patriarchy when they can’t hack it”.

      • Steve_85

        “I’m not for taking anyone’s right to vote.”

        Let’s say that in 50 years things have gotten bad enough for the men to rise up and take shit back. The only way to stop the whole thing from happening again a few generations later is to remove the women’s right to vote. That is actually how we got here in the first place. We gave them the right to vote and they used those votes to vote in idiots who gave them whatever they wanted.

        As much as it hurts (tickles) me to say it, women should never have been given the right to vote, and if this does come to a head, the only thing that can stop us from repeating the cycle again in a few years is to remove their right to vote, and to execute any idiot who tries to give it back to them.

        • TCM

          I really have to disagree with using the law to advocate traditional roles. At least in the outset. Hear me out in this. The way to make women hate anything is to give them exactly what they ask for.

          So let’s mandate affirmative-action quotas for the military draft, which would draft women into battle ahead of men.

          Let’s mandate government quotas which require women to be employed in difficult and dangerous physical labor, the same as men have always had to do: construction work, logging, mining, etc. If we can use affirmative action to force women into the most desirable forms of employment, shouldn’t we also use it to force women into the most undesirable forms of employment?

          Give men the option of the legal abortion. Cut off all welfare to all unmarried mothers who could have gotten an abortion. No more “strong and independent” egotistical welfare queens.

          Let’s stop seeing it as our role to protect women. If I see a woman getting battered in the street, it’s no longer my role to risk my life to save her simply because I’m a male, any more than it’s the job of black people to risk their lives to save white people. I may call the police, but given the likelihood that she initiated the violence and the police arresting innocent men for defending themselves, I may not even do that much. And if a woman blames me for such a position, I’ll simply answer by saying “my body, my choice.”

          Let’s start actually prosecuting and detaining female criminals. Lock up every woman who does not sign the military draft, who is violent, who does not pay child support. Lock up every women who drinks or smokes while pregnant as a child abuser. Let’s create and enforce mandatory minimum sentences for female criminals, especially female sex offenders.

          Let’s conduct investigations for women who sleep their way to the top of the corporate ladder, effectively using their sexuality to exploit their male coworkers, under the category of Sexual Harassment.

          Let’s stop paying for women’s dates, women’s drinks, women’s engagement rings. It’s no longer our role to be the providers.

          And so on and so forth. Let’s do this for about 50 years until women can’t stand it, and dream of the “good old days” when men were gentlemen and reflexively died for women. Then we’ll do it for another 50 years until they are abjectly miserable of it. And maybe, if we feel like it, we’ll consider going back to the way things were. But truth be told, I see no real reason to do so.

          Furthermore, any advocacy of “going back to old days” on our part will get us nowhere. Indeed, it will ensure we are never listened to. Women wanted equality. I say let’s give it to them.

          • Steve_85

            Who said anything about traditional roles? They can still go to work, they can get married or not. They just can’t vote.

            To hell with traditional roles. They wont work anymore, women are way too entitled. I don’t want to spend my life working so she can sit at home and watch television. Fuck that.

          • Skylar

            You are one of those *tips fedora* “oh my god I was nice to her and she friendzoned me” butthurt douchebags aren’t you. Oh you’ve probably been such a fucking gentleman haven’t you. The thought of losing gentlemen such as you to something as absurd as equality brings me to tears!
            How about this: If you see a woman getting ‘battered’ in the street, maybe you should fucking help her because she’s a fucking HUMAN BEING. If you were able to walk by anybody getting the shit kicked out them in the street, then you’re just a shitty person. Plain and simple. Your example here is actually alarming. It’s not your role as a ‘man’ to help, it’s your role as a fucking decent human being. Like jesus christ dude.
            Your passive aggressive resolve to just let equality happen because “women are so going to regret it!” is fucking stupid, but fine by me. Whatever man, if you’re not gonna get in the way of equality then that’s cool. Hopefully you’ll come to see how blatantly stupid you are if you are around for it.

        • Jean Valjean

          I disagree. Women faced with compulsory military service are going to vote for politicians who are anti-war. When trouble comes politicians are going to be less willing to go to war knowing that women will be killed and the public outcry over it.

          We have a system where we are supposed to be equal but where women get special privileges. End that system and it won’t matter who they vote for. Right now our 4th amendment rights aren’t being protected but if they were upheld there would be no VAWA or “Office for Women”.

        • Sting Chameleon

          The reason why the lawmakers gave women citizenship was to curb female criminality: Male judges and jurors were far too lenient due to men’s natural inclination to protect women, so lawmakers decided it’d be a good idea to have female judges and jurors. And it worked very well the first few decades.

    • Skylar

      Your ignorance is laughable. Among the thousands of positions women have excelled in regarding leadership roles, the fact that you can’t even think of one is fucking ridiculous. How about fucking motherhood? Because I’m pretty sure my mom raised me on her own and did a pretty fucking good job. I pity yours for your lack of recognition to all that she’s probably done for you.
      Same goes for fatherhood, you have to require quite a bit of leadership to lead a fucking child through life.

      • driversuz

        Looks like school’s out for the summer, and the dainty little girls have to exit their “safe space” and rage at reality for a while.


  • JFinn

    The majority of our rulers(female voters, who have a stronger hegemony than the minority male voters) like to hire male middle-managers(governors, legislators, presidents, etc.) This is because the middle-managers get all the blame.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    ” One of the scientists decided that they should remedy the problem by bringing in a group of six elder elephants. The adult elephants arrived, and the moment one of the juveniles tried to brutalize a rhino, his step father picked him up and slammed him onto the ground. Before too long, the rhino killings stopped altogether.”

    I can’t stop smiling at this!

  • Zuberi

    Quick question! Who’s the guy at the top of the page with the porn star mustache?

    • Atlas Reloaded

      He killed my father…prepare to die..

      • Dr. F


        • Atlas Reloaded
          • Dr. F

            Nazi nut at that.

            Nothing you can do about it now. Proof. You’re locked in as one of those patriarchy thingies.

            Hell, where’s a cop when you need one, and for that matter where’s that chicken leg fat boy ?

            Whoop whoop… patriarchy alert. Whoop fucking whoop aye.

          • Kimski

            Daym!! -That’s one of the best effing pictures I’ve EVER seen on these pages. I’m having this printed out and framed.

            -Any suggestions for a text to go with it? -I’m thinking something along the lines of “Gott mit uns.-Feminism fighting Patriarchy through the ages.” -Or maybe a simple:
            ‘The Strong and Empowered.”

        • Atlas Reloaded

          No woman in her right mind ever supported patriarchy, right?

          • Dr. F

            Ok, you got me there.

            No comeback for that lot, and now I’m off for a celebratory wrestle with the pelvic nipple with tweezers whilst projecting a moving picture in my mind of the queen doing the “bloke stick Lambada” circa 1951.

            Sorry Femeroids reading this, but I am what I am and fuck you by the flaming way.

            Woof !

    • Jean Valjean

      Inigo Montoya played by Mandy Patinkin in the movie Princess Bride.

    • Kai

      How old are you? If you are over 25 I will need to revoke your man card. 😛 Joking! But aAnyone old enough HAS to know that reference!

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Someone not knowing this movie is…..inconceivable!

    • Just1X

      You would do yourself a big favour by watching “The Princess Bride”, the film is not a girlie film (well mostly not). Mostly it’s a funny film.

      Watch out for “The Dread Pirate Roberts” (IIRC)

  • Kai

    I had to look up this finally feminist 101 website and see their thing on patriarchy. Naturally I had to leave a comment. Here it is for everyone’s amusement:

    So how exactly is the patriarchy being enforced? I see women doing exceptionally well in society. “Men are over” is pretty much the theme. No one is actively prohibiting women from being “strong and independent”. In fact, women have so many options and privileges some women think they’re entitled to “having it all”. More women are enrolling and graduating from college, getting masters degrees and PhD’s which is translating in to higher earnings. They spend more, are the majority in America (51%) and vote more than men. They live longer, have more money spent on medical research specific to their sex, make up the vast minority of work place deaths (something like 3% or less), female deaths in war are nearly negligent and women are less likely to be subjected to violence *in general*. Male victimization in domestic violence is actively suppressed on an institutional level, men make up the majority of people in prison, men are expected to absorb suffering without complaint and are expected NOT to speak up for themselves no matter how bad it gets for them. In fact, speaking up for themselves is received with massive societal shaming techniques by feminists and non-feminists alike (but it’s particularly vial when it comes from feminists for what ever reason).

    Okay, so feminists can say women are raped more (at least, out side of prison but men in prison aren’t even people so they deserve what ever punishment they get while there) and are the minority in engineering school. Rape is certainly vial and needs to be prosecuted. Women should not be discouraged from becoming an engineer (speaking as an engineer and spending a lot of time in engineering school, men in engineering/physics/math bend over backwards to be sensitive to the needs of women which extends generally to men’s attitude of women in many other aspects of society as well). Girls just aren’t that interested in building stuff. It’s not so much society as a matter of innate proclivities. I could definitely learn the skills to be nurturing and a home maker if I was really pushed to do so with incentives and affirmative action. But take away all those artificial incentives and I’m perfectly happy with my stereotypical male profession.

    So, basically all I’m asking is, isn’t it about time feminists updated their perceptions of patriarchy to match reality?

    • Phil in Utah

      Other than your misspelling of “vile”, I’ve got to say, excellent work, my man! I can’t wait to see how their mods respond to it. >:)

  • Bombay

    Perhaps patriarchy is men creating the infrastructure of society. The feminists are angry that they cannot survive without it and are in denial. People in denial will say and do anything usually on an unconscious level in order to avoid the truth. So even if it does not make sense, they are mad at men because they cannot have it all unless they take what men create.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Yup, they think we rule the world because we create all the structures that hold together civilization (they call them ‘power structures’). And since they hate men, they can’t stand the thought that GASP! they might need us a lot more than they think. They believe women can maintain civilization just as good as we have done for centuries, because they take everything for granted.

  • Perseus

    LMFAO at the header graphic. OMG that’s the best thing ever.

    Prepare to die.

  • the hermit

    It took some time for me to undertand what feminists mean under the term “patriarchy”. They mean the status quo, the peace between the sexes. They don’t like it.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “Patriarchy…The one word that…makes most MRA’s either grow red with exasperation or roll their eyes….”

    And we all know how much male “exasperation” and “eye-rolling” scares feminists.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “They believe women can maintain civilization just as good as we have done for centuries, because they take everything for granted.”

    Well, why WOULDN’T they take it for granted? They took men’s kids– which men SAY they care about– and men did…nothing.

    I’m sure the women’s movement is just TERRIFIED that men are online now endlessly clucking like hens.

    Oh, I know. That’s “shaming.” Forgive me. I forgot about all the real world things men are doing to stop the most precious things they SAY they value from being taken from them, like candy from babies.

    The National Organization for Witches must be unable to sleep at night knowing all the words and mewling men do now online, from computers, in safe comfy places, cataloguing how “distraught” they are.

    • Dr. F

      “Part of the process” says it must start somewhere.

      At first a clucking, then writing and sharing thoughts never before even dared became a trickle.

      Now in such a short time those same tremblings of discontent are grabbing root in the mud.

      We are on the bottom floor of this building and I can see it being frenetically built as we speak. I’m seeing a structure of sheer intelligence and merit in debate backed with scientific reference addendum at OP footing like never before.

      We are gathering like a Hitchcock menace against lies sheathed as “truth” like never before seen.

      Remember four years ago, just four years ago trying to whimper about misandry ? That whimper was always downgraded to a peep – yet now be a femmster twit on a blog and try lies and see the rallying of those swamping against it.

      No mate, we are seeing a mighty wheel turning slowly a different way.

      Nothing can stop it now and the MSM reflects it with counter arguments in the “Huffington Post” and “The Guardian” of all places. Also “The Age” in Australia ‘The Washington Post” and even “The New York Times.”

      Put me in a time machine to 1990 and I do not think so.

      I prefer to be right here right now watching a pretty good “inverse light show” of misandric fireworks winking out thank you very much.

      Aye brother, I am with you on this as you definitely are clearly seeing the same thing.

    • Him There

      I’m new to this (publicly expressing my views, questioning, being questioned and challenged that is). I get what you’re saying, but my view is that the way things are now took decades to build, and will take time to turn it around.

      It might look like baby steps, but the more new converts to the cause there are the better. It means more people making simple, single acts of defiance – challenging dimwit misandric statements on blogs, questioning newspaper articles, writing articles from a bloke’s perspective, talking to mates and getting them to take their blinkers off and *think*.

      There’s a line in the I Ching (Wilhelm translation) that says:
      “No plain not followed by a slope. No going not followed by a return.” (hexagram 11, line 3)

    • LikkiCurry

      Fascinating to see how the narrative changes and such full in their asses, projection wielding Douchey Bitchicks condescending from their towers of diarrhea run out of their nasty petrol and die out.

  • donB

    Wonderful comments. However, the world is the way it is because good men got tricked into letting women have their way all the time. Women blame men for nature’s objectivity which doesn’t represent the conveniences of women. They will get by with it as long as men let them. Women will have as much power as men allow. Complaining is great…as it is a wonderful first step. But we men must get organized despite our differences. Thus, we are going to have to break a lot of hearts, make a lot of women cry, and break out of this mode that wants men to defer to women to determine our worth, friends, dignity, image, egos, and power. As long as males let their hard-wiring dominate their actions, males are in trouble. Hard-wiring accounts for less than we think when it comes to why men act they way they do for women. Sure, vaginas are wonderful and just being favored by women makes us feel better, but mainstream males are STILL getting socialized by older males, females, and society in general to act the way they do towards women. When we get our fathers to change the way they bring up their boys…as intelligent creatures that look before they leap…and when they do not like what they see, then, duh, they do not do it because they are “supposed” to, then our gender stands a chance at changing things to a more sane society. Let us put our energies to organizing and fighting back, heh? Our number one task is to get mainstream male, obedient, brainwashed-dummy-puppets to stop making the same mistakes over and over and over. Women are great “sometimes”, but they are NOT everything. When men break the shackles, they will change the world. So let’s get started. Complaints must morph into action! Be man enough to fight back! Do something!

    I agree with all the comments about how men must find ways to go it their own way—regardless of what it costs us. As long as we cling to losing, we will, well, lose! Jack-off if you have to—you can think of any women you like, for as long or as little as you like, and not have to pay or suffer for it. It doesn’t feel as good, but it works good enough. It will have to suffice for men who are serious about all this. Otherwise our destinies are in our penises. If not satisfactory, then sport-fuck them only. But whatever we do, we must let them know that we are not OK with the world and how it is filled with hatred against us. Men are going to have to sacrifice here. Wanting women to change without making them do so, is wheel-spinning and hurting our boys futures. So get busy! Strong, real men do not lose their bearings over women and they defend and protect their own gender, else have their manhood yanked from them!

  • jatkoroikka

    This is why I much prefer the term kyriarchy.

  • respect for men

    Well I’m new to this site today. I accidentally stumbled on it googling “women for patriarchy” (there weren’t any such sites) nothing but hatred towards and the belittling of men–very sad. I am a woman so maybe I’m not supposed to comment here but I wanted to let you gentlemen know that not all of us women are feminist nazis. But what should women like me do? I can see how feminism is ruining our country and causing hatred between the sexes, destroying the home and on and on. I have a high respect for men. They are our heroes, infantry, special forces, firemen. They are our great minds of history (Einstein, Benjamin Franklin etc.) I hate how tv makes men look stupid and incompetent. I believe men to be generally noble and honorable people (there is evil in both sexes). I’m not afraid to live in a “patriarchal” society; I love my husband and take pride in honoring him. So my question is Is there anything women that feel the way I do can do to try to fix things, make things right? I’m sorry if I posted on a male only site but there aren’t many sites that see the good in men. Thanks

    • Paul Elam

      Welcome, and thank you for your comment. I appreciate your kind words, but I have to honestly tell you that the best way you can support men is to quit valuing them by the dangerous and demanding things they do so that you don’t have to. Quit glorifying men being your “go-to” conveniences when you need someone to walk into a burning building, or faces bullets, or toil in a coal mine or sell his soul to succeed in a corporation.

      Quit demanding sacrifice for your love, and stand up for treating men like human beings who are just as valuable as you are.

      Not trying to be cold, but you asked, and this is what I think you can do.

  • respect for men

    Paul. You make a good point. That is not all I value in men, though. I only ment to illustrate that men are usually the only ones brave enough or strong enough to do those things and that women owe them a debt of gratitude. How often do you hear women admit that we can NOT do everything men can do. We are not the same. Men think quicker under pressure than women do-very useful in dangerous situations, men are more mathematical and business minded and run businesses better–my husband works in business and he says that when women become managers they don’t do so well, that they try to over-compensate for their lack of natural ability with a bad attitude. This is why men make better bosses. Men don’t complain and whine as much either. Sounds like I am against my own gender but I’m not. I’m just honest about what I’ve observed. So I value men for many reasons not just the heroic ones.

    • backdatdonkeyup

      Men think better in dangerous situations, and run business better. sounds legit.
      The best you can do educate yourself, referred here as taking a red pill. (naturally lubricated in holyshitIneverknew).
      I recommend “Setting the record straight” article on this site.

      Search youtube for “Feminism and the Disposable Male”
      by GirlWritesWhat, my favourite voice in the movement (sorry paul), and my indoctrination introduction. She is a host on our radio show, and proof this is not a male-only site.

      Edit:included an AVfM article.

    • Skylar

      You poor misguided person. The fact that you are cool with devaluing women while being one yourself is heart breaking.
      “my husband works in business and he says that when women become managers they don’t do so well” Cool, guess who’s opinion that is, a mans. I mean it’s super awesome and stuff how people think this way because of male domination, but it’s simply that, because of male domination.

  • Bewildered

    See two ‘evil white patriarchs’ in action ! Here they have taken a break from ‘ oppressing women ‘ though!

  • D girl

    The Patriarchy is often violent against men because the patriarchy gives power to “real men” men who show strength, are aggressive, are a specific type of leaders, and are willing to use those different types of violence to get what they want. Men that don’t have or show those qualities are also abused. Even within the Patriarchy of men there is a hierarchy. It doesn’t give power to all men, it gives power to men who follow it’s rules. Women who follow those rules are also often given power (although this happens far less often as we are socialized to be the opposite of everything you need to be to be strong, aggressive, and a specific type of leader. In fact we are often punished for being those things as they are “unfeminine”).

    What it has done is created a sort of bubble where is you are this kind of man then you are real and if you are not you better start acting that way or else…

    Often young boys are violently attacked by older males or their peers for not behaving in this manner. Even women, who also support the patriarchy (even though its obviously in their best interest to oppose it) teach their sons to be this way, or stand aside as their husband beats the boy into becoming a real man.

    This is a problem for everyone that everyone is contributing to.

    My friend, who is a gay male, has been raped and sexually assaulted many times for not being a “real man” by “real men” even though he is a real man. My son has been pressured and bullied by his peers for “acting like a girl.” My male students often are emotionally immature because they aren’t allowed to feel their emotions. They have told me straight up, “boys don’t have emotions”. Boys are NOT naturally less emotionally mature than girls, because of how they are socialized emotionally they are not given the space to be mature. Actually, they are encouraged to be the opposite which hurts them in the academic setting.

    Also, the fact that emotions are not seen as male and must be repressed accounts for much of the violence against both men, women, and children of BOTH genders. Because when you are not allowed to process your emotions and move through them, which men can’t do because they aren’t even supposed to have emotions, then secondary emotions come into play such as anger. Repressed emotions lead to anger and rage which the patriarchy also endorses as acceptable to display for men (not women). Men then act out on these emotions on other men, and women. Their targets, not “real men” and women.

    I feel as though instead of stating how men are hurt by this system you have denied the system exists which really does nothing but throws the baby out with the bathwater. Instead of joining together with people who are also oppressed (women), you have made them the enemy, specifically feminists.

    Don’t you realize you are both fighting the same battle and will get farther if you work together? Probably not, it seems many of them do not either.

  • Skylar

    This article was pathetic enough, but reading the comments here was just as discouraging if not more. The amount of blatant ignorance I’ve seen here is fucking ridiculous. First of all, the fact that you are trying to argue that fathers are essentially ‘crime stoppers’ thus we need patriarchy is extremely idiotic. Like seriously, do you really believe that. Pretty sure patriarchy is actually the fucking cause for violence in this situation, but here let me try to explain it to you despite the fact that you’re probably too much of an ignorant twat to accept any of what I have to say.
    First and foremost, it really shouldn’t matter which parent is walking out. Being a single parent is fucking shitty either way, and whichever parent decides to be a dick and ditch their kids doesn’t make a difference to the kid, it’s that fact that one of their parents abandoned them. But yes, usually women do end up keeping the kids. And given the example you regarding young males in prison, I’m guessing you’re relating it to the cliche ‘dad went out to get milk and never came back’ scenario.
    So a dad leaves his family for example, and this family happens to have a son. Due to patriarchy, males are viewed as the stronger, responsible sex, which ties into the ‘man of the house’ ideology. Thus, said son feels the obligation to take care of his single mother and family, because patriarchy tells him he’s supposed to.
    It’s also probably worth noting that statistically, young males in prison are generally from poor families and are in jail for drug and gang related reasons (You didn’t mention this part, but clearly you are an ignorant person, so I understand.) So when a father leaves his family, the son feels responsible to provide despite being a child, turns to a life of crime to make money and bam. There you go.
    As you can see the issues here are not just centered around patriarchy, but also class and race. So yes, if a father didn’t abandon his family, then maybe his son wouldn’t feel obligated to turn to crime because he wouldn’t have as much of a reason to.
    “Patriarchy isn’t the cause for violence” is, quite simply, a pathetically ignorant statement. Obviously it’s not the cause for violence in general, but it causes quite a bit of fucking violence my friend.

    • driversuz

      Go sell your fairy tales somewhere else; we’re waaaay ahead of you, Princess. Bye now.

    • driversuz

      You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (trolling and general contempt for the work AVfM does). [Ref: 5226]

      Additional remarks:

      Paaay-Treeee-Aaaaar- Keeee!!!!11

      • Skylar

        Wait So I’m trolling because I have an opinion that is factual and not ignorant? Oh, okay. Sorry for coming across as threatening.

        How about instead of acting out of defense you actually provide me with a reasonable response to what I am saying.

  • Skylar

    The main reason men oppress women is because
    subconsciously men fear women. According
    to scientist Emanuel Swedenborg these ancient stories consist of a deeper
    symbolic language, something he called the science of correspondence. It is
    considered a science because the concept is based on universal laws and truths,
    and not on social sensitivities or individual preferences. The idea behind his
    theory is that people will desire what is considered beautiful in his or her
    own mind, and because women are universally considered prettier than men their
    beauty was used to represent what all minds find alluring. Because of this, men
    would feel threatened by females, because what is beautiful is also what is
    threatening. This, at its core, is what I believe to be the main cause of
    oppression of women. Men fear being controlled by a woman’s beauty, so in turn
    must degrade, humiliate, and dominant them as much as possible in an attempt to
    gain power over that which governs them. Simple as that fellas.

    • driversuz

      You have been banned because of a serious and direct violation of Comment Policy (ban evasion). [Ref: 5231]