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Not a feminist, not a sexist

I enjoy most of TJ’s videos, even if I don’t agree with 100% of what he says. There are a handful of his videos that I really love, especially this latest one. It is worth watching for the well-articulated ideas and for a peek at a more human side to the Amazing Atheist. PE

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  • napocapo69

    one of the most brillant video he produced

  • fidelbogen

    I only watched about half of this, since TJ wears me out pretty quickly.

    But, about the guy who says “be a feminist or be a sexist”. He is an asshole, of course — that much is self-evident. But it also seems clear that he is a feminist, and so he ought to be called out on it.

    Some statement along the line of “do all feminists behave so hatefully toward the rest of the world?” would probably do the trick.

    Another possibility (which takes a different tack) would be “why is it sexist to not be a female supremacist?”

    All in all, these people need to get the memo that they no longer control the definition of feminism.

    In other words, feminism is what we say it is.