No sex in school

Are the words “boys and girls” social constructs? Well, of course they are. These words were created by people and their meanings spread throughout societies across the globe. There is no doubt that these words, like all words, are societal constructs used to identify certain objects, places, or people.

But are boys and girls social constructs?

Well according to the people behind the creation of a school for small children in Sweden, yes. I wouldn’t put it past feminists to propagate the insane notion that male and female genitalia only grow because of the current societal influence of two parents. But getting the public to accept something like that would be difficult even for the eternally privileged victims that support the feminist hate movement. That won’t stop them from trying though and the first step, as with all social perversion and control schemes, starts with children.

A preschool in Sweden wants to eliminate gender bias by referring to children as “friends,” instead of girls and boys, and avoiding gender-specific pronouns such as “him” or “her.”

For everyone that was wondering how life in Sweden could get any worse thanks to feminist influence, here’s the answer.

The taxpayer-funded preschool which opened last year in the liberal Sodermalm district of Stockholm for kids aged 1 to 6 is among the most radical examples of Sweden’s efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood onward.

Right off the bat anyone that isn’t wearing bigot goggles can see the main flaw with this program. It’s funded by public tax dollars. In my opinion, if a bunch of idiots want to get together in an attempt to destroy all concepts of male and female in the minds of children they can do it without my money. However, as any anti-feminist knows, all hate influenced projects put forth under the feminist ideological banner are always paid for by the people feminists hate. Those people would be men, women who disagree with feminism, and especially, men.

Moving on to the bigotry the school promotes, I’ll start with a question. How exactly do the words boy and girl instigate gender bias? These words were created with the purpose of identifying human beings with penises and vaginas. I suppose the school faculty believes that by not referring to the children as he or she will help…with…?

I lost my train of thought trying to think along the same lines as these wackos. Don’t get me wrong I understand what they say they want to do, which is create an environment where boys and girls aren’t expected to do certain things just because they are boys and girls.

But how the fuck do the words boys and girls prevent that!?

Do they envision a world where everyone is referred to as friend? Do they realize that we already have words with which we can use to describe people in a gender neutral way…like people? One could wonder if the faculty had an ulterior motive, such as eliminating masculine and feminine perspectives. Oh wait that is their fucking motive and they have no problem letting everyone know. Anyway let’s get to the motives that the faculty actually does want to hide.

Sort of.

“Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,” teacher Jenny Johnsson told the AP. “Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.”

Hmm…I really don’t have a problem with this. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe there are no harmful ulterior motives at work here.

Breaking down gender roles is a core mission in the national curriculum for preschools, underpinned by the theory that even in highly egalitarian-minded Sweden, society gives boys an unfair edge.

Ah shit…no wait…no. Ok that last line was a little bigoted…nah ok it was very bigoted but still…these guys want to break down gender roles so that’s a good thing. No more men being expected to run to the aid of random women. No more men having to always ask women out on a date and women never ask men out on a date. No more men having to pay for everything. This is some good stuff here so stupid, untrue theories like society giving men an unfair edge can be looked over in the pursuit of actual fairness between men and women…oops I mean between “friends”.

Director Lotta Rajalin notes that Egalia places a special emphasis on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. From a bookcase, she pulls out a story about two male giraffes who are sad to be childless — until they come across an abandoned crocodile egg.

Ok…yeah there’s nothing wrong with showing that gay couples can be good parents. A few books that depict this are fine I guess. Seems like they are doing a lot to suggest that everything men and women do has absolutely nothing to do with biology but I might just be a little too overzealous.

Nearly all the children’s books deal with homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children. There are no “Snow White,” “Cinderella” or other classic fairy tales seen as cementing stereotypes.

Oh fuck no! Fuck this shit! What the fuck!?

Ok I take back my assumption that these bigots were trying to do the right thing in a completely idiotic way. These heterophobes don’t want to eliminate gender stereotypes; they want to introduce new ones. But they won’t stop there.

Egalia doesn’t deny the biological differences between boys and girls — the dolls the children play with are anatomically correct.

What matters is that children understand that their biological differences “don’t mean boys and girls have different interests and abilities,” Rajalin says. “This is about democracy. About human equality.”

And there it is. Not only does the faculty of this school wish to place the idea that only same sex couples are normal in the minds of children. They also wish to put forth the lie that men and women do not have differences beyond their genitalia.

I think most boys and girls, if they haven’t already, realize the difference in ability they have as opposed to their opposite sex by the time they are fourteen. The obvious physical advantage men have over women is too big of a difference to deny, yet these “teachers” wish to lie to children in order to push their ideological view, born from feminism, which proclaims women can do anything men can. Well I’m not sorry to say that no, women cannot do anything men can do.

What people like this fail to realize is that the advantages men have over women do not make men better human beings. Instead of accepting the fact that men and women are different, these ideologues would rather poison the minds of children with lies and try to force thousands upon thousands of years of evolution out of preadolescent humans in order to create a population that appeases their inferiority complexes.

In their minds, the fact that an average male police officer is more capable of apprehending a criminal than an average female police officer is an affront to a woman’s humanity.

In their minds, a male firefighter able to carry a 200+ pound man from a burning building is an insult to female firefighters that cannot.

In their minds, a man and a woman happily married, a rarity these days, is some form of female oppression and in some way a discrimination against homosexuals.

In their minds, a heterosexual couple is a stereotype.

I have some news for the bigoted feminists in Sweden and feminists around the globe. Heterosexual couples are not a stereotype; they are a FUCKING BIOLOGICAL NECCESSITY. Without all of those men inserting their nasty socially constructed patriarchal penises into eternally oppressed and victimized female vaginas none of you bigoted bra burners would exist. Each and every feminist moron knows this. That is, unless they went to preschools like “Egalia” where they would learn that babies come from fucking crocodile eggs.

One could wonder what the “teachers” at Egalia would do if one of the children put forth a few questions, a few important questions that the majority of children around the globe would ask when only homosexual couples are put forth as the norm in their school.

Teacher, does everyone have two mommies?

Why no, Billy. Some children have two daddies.

But, teacher, I have a mommy and a daddy.

Well, Billy, some children have a mommy and a daddy.

Then why are there almost no stories here with children who have a mommy and a daddy?

The faculty doesn’t just openly admit, they proudly admit that they have virtually no stories which feature heterosexual couples. Now I won’t presume to know what is going on in a facility I’ve never been to but I wouldn’t consider it too farfetched to suspect that the faculty at Egalia only discourages masculine behavior…in boys. I also don’t find the suspicion that they encourage young boys to do things seen as feminine, like painting their nails, too farfetched either.

I don’t feel that boys should be discouraged from doing masculine or feminine things. However, I feel that encouraging one side of things over the other under the premise of “letting children be who they want” is more than being dishonest. It’s downright appalling. Teaching children that there is nothing evil about homosexuality is not a bad thing, however, not having an equal balance of heterosexual material reveals the bias of the school faculty.

Destroying gender is a bad thing. Men and women are not the same. You cannot claim to recognize the differences between men and women and at the same time eliminate all references to gender in your school. Well actually you can because the Egalia faculty has done just that but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bad idea. The knowledge we have about men and women didn’t just spring up overnight. It didn’t just pop into some patriarchal oppressor’s head and he forced everyone to accept his ideas.

The characteristics associated with men and women are universal. They are seen everywhere on the planet in every culture and every society. Yes there are drastic differences between western and eastern cultures. There are differences between western cultures. Hell, there are differences in cultures between eastern and western America. The point is that male and female characteristics have remained almost identical since and most likely before recorded history even when one civilization didn’t know of the existence of the other. These characteristics weren’t just created out of nothing, and in the beginning when there were no governments there were no societal constructors to impose them on anyone.

Now if you were to believe psycho feminists like Marly Daly you would come to the conclusion that evil patriarchal men invaded a feminist matriarchal utopia and forced everyone to conform to male and female roles.

That didn’t happen in case you were wondering.

People with common sense can deduce that humans fell into their roles because of the human instinct for survival. Evolution or god, whatever you want to believe, gave men and women natural biological abilities and instincts with which to use these abilities. This is why when men were building and leading a medieval society in England, men were also building and leading a society in feudal Japan. Simply put, men were given the natural physical strength, ability, and aggressive nature needed to do these things. Were there weak, lazy, unmotivated men in these times? Yes no one denies that but if you can show me a civilization built primarily by female labor, defended primarily by female warriors, and technologically advanced primarily by female inventions then I’ll buy your poorly written comic book for a dollar.

The point here is that men don’t act “manly” only because of societal influence. The point is the majority of men and women act the way they do because men and women have been acting this way since the human race started. Yes society is more influential in the lives of men and women today but that is, in my opinion, only because of humanity’s technological advances over the past two centuries. Survival for everyone no longer depends on whether or not the next crop will be good or if a rival tribe decides not to invade. The skills and abilities given to us by nature are no longer a necessity so we have shun them and taken up new identities. This is not a bad thing but proclaiming that men and women who act the way our ancestors did are only doing so because of social constructs or stereotypes is, for lack of a better word, bullshit. It is easy to see where someone can be genuinely confused when considering this concept though. You see, men buying women dinner and drinks in order to get into their pants is both a societal construct and a product of biology.

Women aren’t going to give it up unless they feel they are getting something in return. That something used to be determined by biology, the ensured survival of herself and her offspring. Now it’s alcohol, diamonds, and money. Because of the technological advancements made by men, women no longer need men to have a roof put over their heads, they just need money. So while buying women things is a societal construct, a woman giving it up after a man provides her with something, the biological element remains the same. I don’t have any problem being freed from these biological chains but at the same time I would have a problem with some “teacher” telling my son that the reason he exhibits masculine traits is because society tells him to. Not every man that is assertive and hates being lead acts that way because society told him to.

Believe whatever you want about gender and society but I believe this school is an insult to humanity because it seeks to destroy gender altogether. And if they can’t destroy gender the faculties of schools like this will do whatever they can to erase any form of masculine identity boys might develop.

Feminists claim that it shouldn’t matter whether or not a boy wants to do masculine or feminine things yet in every instance I have ever seen where feminist groups claim they are trying to free people from gender roles there is only ever talk of changing men. There is only ever talk of having men be more feminine. There is only ever talk about how inhuman masculinity is. Feminists claim that things men do are seen as more valuable in societies.

Well that’s because they are.

Without the things men do society wouldn’t exist. Humanity would have been wiped out by wild animals. If not the animals then nature as no one would have constructed shelters with their bare hands and advanced technology with which to repel the elements. The only argument feminists ever bring up in opposition of this fact is the fact that women give birth to men.

No shit.

The faculty at Egalia has made it clear that “the hierarchy where everything that boys do is given higher value” must be eliminated. The only reason idiots like this are even able to argue for such a system is because male contributions to society were the most valued in the past. If women didn’t value the hard work and sacrifice men put forth all those centuries ago men would have just said fuck it and went to sleep. At least that’s what I believe.

But finally, if there was any doubt that these people were bigots I give you all one last piece of information about the program at Egalia.

Rajalin, 52, says the staff also try to help the children discover new ideas when they play.

“A concrete example could be when they’re playing ‘house’ and the role of the mom already is taken and they start to squabble,” she says. “Then we suggest two moms or three moms and so on.”

Now if it isn’t obvious to readers that these people wish to indoctrinate children into believing heterosexuality is abnormal it damn well better be now. Teaching children that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual is one thing but these people wish to encourage children to be homosexual. There is nothing equal about this program and the faculty in no way encourages children to be who they want. Encouraging children to have two moms when they clearly set up a game where there is only one is not encouraging them to be who they want. It is forcing your ideological view on children.

A simple remedy to girls arguing over who gets to be the mom in a game is to pair them with another group or maybe teach them patience, a concept that is apparently unheard of at Egalia.

All I can say is there are going to be a lot of confused children wandering around Sweden.

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  • meninrevolt

    This is wrong in so many ways
    I’m speechless

  • Eincrou

    Even the earliest humans, from 3 million years ago when our genus emerged, knew that humanity was made up of two categories of creature: male and female.

    The intentional blindness these people are hoping to create is beneath even a cockroach’s natural ability to discern.

  • !!SPARTA!!

    Coming to a town near you

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      And a family

  • J3DIforce1

    This is absolute fucking insanity…no matter how many times I hear outrageous PC bullshit it still blows my mind straight out of this world that it is 2012 and at humanitys current level of technological advancements and science, the people from the fucking dark ages have more common sense than our current society as a whole.

    • Ugly Bumper

      …It’s 2011.

  • J.G. te Molder

    I have no words.

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    “Do they envision a world where everyone is referred to as friend?”

    No, that’s way too biased. The correct term is frienemy.

    • jmnzz

      I envision a world where every feminist is referred to as fucktard.

      But that’s just me :).

      • http://none Atlas Reloaded

        “But that’s just me .”

        The hell it is 😀

      • Eff’d Off

        …and this is just me to you.
        Thanks for a terrific read buddy.

        [img] – Copy-2.jpg[/img]

        • jmnzz

          My pleasure.

      • Eff’d Off

        [img] Kindergarten.jpeg[/img]

      • Jabloko

        R u sure? 😀

  • silent

    It sucks that it’s paid for by tax money, but let them do it. When Sweden falls apart and gets swallowed up by its neighbors, we can all have a nice laugh from afar. Any man living there should vote with his feet. Especially if he has sons.

    Communism failed, and socialism is about to fail. Nature will run its course there so soon that it’s really a net loss of resources to worry about it. Try not to catch a falling knife.

  • reficul

    OT: “A New Generation of TV Wimps”… just when you thought the TV\media couldn’t be more misandric…

  • quackademic

    The “American gender-feminist construction” is proving to “Break the patriarchy” which basically means it breaks and divides working class males.

  • Promoman

    Textbook Trojan Horse. It’s true that gender roles do contribute to the ills that plague society but this approach is past throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I rarely dish the conspiracy label but this is looks a candidate to me.

    • Patrice Stanton

      I say it’s just a damn clever ‘Plan’. The wisest propagandists always target those too young to understand what’s being done to them – and parented by those too ‘cowed’ to object.

      But consider the compulsory school system in this country and one of its founder’s, Horace Mann (rather than search out my own texts I went to Wikipedia). In the early mid-1800’s he went to Prussia to study their educational system whose purpose in a Wikipedia nutshell was: an attempt to “to instill social obedience in the citizens through indoctrination. Every individual had to become convinced, in the core of his being, that the King was just, his decisions always right, and the need for obedience paramount.” Mann supported the Prussian system’s use in his native state of Mass. and it spread from there to New York State, and the rest as they say is history.

      So I get the ‘privilege’ of paying for all kinds of good kiddy-indoctrination from pre-pre-school thru 12th grade, whether I choose it for my kid to partake or not (we didn’t, we homeschooled). It just hasn’t gotten as extreme here. Yet.

  • quackademic

    The only males who can “speak out” in the Gender-feminist dominated North Eastern states, are males who are NOT HETERO-SEXUAL.
    Gender-feminists have constructed a paradigm that says hetero-sexual males are the scourge of all the worlds problems. Now the world will look at this statement and see a laughable perversion …But proffessors of “Gender-Raunch” aint laughin and there getting federal pork to force this perversion onto their students.

    • FascistOrigami

      OK, as a homosexual male who is from the northeast, I’ll “speak out”.

      I hate the idea of a genderless society. Not only is this a stupid idea doomed to failure, it doesn’t even help any homosexual who is really honest with himself. I love my partner’s manly qualities, and I assume he feels the same about me.

      I like my world filled with men and women, peppered with a smattering of gender-bending folk who are accepted, but still comparatively exotic.

      The only reason to feel good about this project is its certainty of failure.

      • jmnzz


        Accepting people for who they are and what they want to be is how things should be.

        But these bigots are not about acceptance, they are about reshaping society to fit their worldview by forcing their ideologies into the minds of children.

  • quackademic

    I wander what Russia and China think about the “American Gender-Feminist theory” that most all of the worlds problems are rooted in hetero-sexuality.
    They might think America needs to sober up and get off the drugs.

    • Patrice Stanton

      I’ll bet they’re thinking, “Keep taking those blue pills, ‘friends’.”

    • Jabloko

      The reason why I’m going to get a russian gf once I’m at University :D. They still haven’t got brainwashed, so I hear.

  • Paul Elam

    Great job shining the light on this insanity, jmnzz.

    5 star article, though I am tempted to take a star off because the story line made me scratch a hole damn near through my head.

    • jmnzz


      Sorry about the head scratching but to quote Ray from ghostbusters…”it just popped in there…”

  • B.R. Merrick

    (Sigh.) From Viking hordes to mushy, sex-neutral humanoids. Bizarre and sad.

    But worry not, fellas. This has been done before, and failed before, within a single generation in a kibbutz in Israel:

    The kibbutz government had become predominantly male, apparently because the women showed little interest in politics, and a traditional division of labour along sexual lines had become established. Men were doing most of the productive work, while women were doing mostly community and service work such as teaching, nursing and housekeeping. Marriage had reverted to its original form, with a full wedding ceremony and celebration, and public displays of attachment and ‘ownership’, previously almost taboo, were now commonplace. The units of residence had changed from the group to the married couple, and couples were now claiming and gaining the ‘right’ to enjoy the company of their own children. Children slept with their own parents and spent a great deal more time with them. Women had also shown a return to traditional ‘femininity’ in terms of appearance, temperament (empathy and lack of assertiveness) and hobbies. ‘In the one place where feminists thought their ideal existed, the feminine mystique is ripening as fast as the corn in the fields’ (New York Times, April 1976).

    In other words: Boys will be boys.


    • thehermit

      Yes but don’t underestimate the harm these people can cause.

      • B.R. Merrick

        I know. That’s why I added in “…Eventually.”


    • Jabloko

      Did you know, that the Viking society was not very patriarchal at all? Of course, men were leading that society as well, but woman had the sole right to possess the keys of the home, and to decide over it’s things, and interests, just like they had the sole right to divorce. Inheritence was dual gendered (so even girls could inherite land, and lamb), and the most beautifull gravesite ever found belonged to a woman… But at the same time, all the governing, looting, fighting, sailing, merchanting and stuff like that were left for us…I think thoose viking ‘hordes’ made a lot more sense than we do nowdays :)

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    As an addendum to Paul’s assesment last night that if you reject feminism, “you just hate women” the blue-pillers shit out of their mouths, I now see it this way:

    Reject misandry? You’re a misogynist!

  • JockeVXO

    I’m a Swede, thankfully not from Stockholm though. The one thing that caught my eye (more than the rest) was:
    “Breaking down gender roles is a core mission in the national curriculum for preschools, underpinned by the theory that even in highly egalitarian-minded Sweden, society gives boys an unfair edge.

    Why this is one of the main objectives of Swedish pre-schools is because the former Swedish government determined the Swedish version of ‘Patriarchy Theory’ (Könsmaktsordningen) to be factual truth (Skr 2002/2003:140):

    ”Trots en lång historia av aktivt jämställdhetsarbete
    präglas vårt samhälle fortfarande av en könsmaktsordning.
    Arbetet måste fortsättningsvis ges en mer feministisk inriktning.
    Det innebär att vi måste vara medvetna om att det råder
    en könsmaktsordning, att kvinnor är underordnade och män
    är överordnade, och vilja förändra den. Det innebär också att
    regeringen betraktar manligt och kvinnligt som ’sociala konstruktioner’,
    dvs. könsmönster som skapas utifrån uppfostran,
    kultur, ekonomiska ramar, maktstrukturer och politisk ideologi.”

    In English:

    “In spite of a long history of work promoting equality, our society is still influenced by a power order between the genders (Patriarchy). This work must continuously be given a more feminist orientation. This means being aware of that there is a power order between the genders (Patriarchy), in which women are inferior and men are superior, and wanting to change that. This also means that the government considers ‘male/masculine’ and ‘female/feminine’ to be ‘social constructs’, i.e. gender patterns that are created through upbringing, culture, economic boundaries, power structures and political ideology.”

    So there it is, the Swedish government has determined that we live in a Patriarchy and that we therefore must favour women at every level in society. Meanwhile, boys are getting lower grades than girls for the same performance in Swedish schools, and we are bombarded with feminist statements about how there is an “antipluggkultur” (a culture based on an aversion toward studying) among boys in our schools that is rooted in their masculinity.
    But, sure, we are a highly egalitarian-minded society, right? Or maybe it’s a feminist one…

    Oh, yeah, also, check out this link:

    I don’t object to the removal of gender quotas, but the reason for removing them was because they started favouring men. Ah, ain’t feminism grand? Discrimination in favour of women – Equality; Discrimination in favour of men – Discrimination!

    • Patrice Stanton

      “…boys are getting lower grades than girls for the same performance in Swedish schools…”

      If that means what I think it does (i.e. same # correct answers = lower score) then that is Evil.

  • Wayne

    I’d hate to be the cleaner at Egalia, especially if the vagina-wearing-friends pee standing up like the penis-wearing-friends do.

  • MateNeo

    What the fuck is this Sweden! You’re such a beautiful place.

  • George

    Is this the school that is making young men squat to urinate? Or just another of the same stripe?

    • jmnzz

      “Is this the school that is making young men squat to urinate?”

      Say whaaaaaaaaaa…?

      I would ask you to please tell me you’re joking but I know you’re not.

      • Josh

        Isn’t sweden the country where it’s ILLEGAL to pee standing up? and they have those stupid things in the public restrooms that make noise if you pee standing up or whatever?

  • criolle johnny

    “we suggest two moms or three moms and so on.”
    Those of us raised in a patriarchal family remember “aunts” and “grandmothers”.
    Then again, teaching in a inner city school, I’ve had four generations who have never used the word “father”. It was astonishing to see family trees with only one side, mothers.

  • andybob

    Here it is in all its creepy Daliesque horror. The world deconstructed and stuffed into the loony confines of the feminist vision of how the world ought to be. Dr Mengel would be proud. Everything about this ‘utopia’ wreaks of femtard aspirations. It is a landscape far removed from what rational people consider healthy, natural and right. Poor bloody kids.

    The deepseated envy of men that underpins everything these ideologues say and do is displayed here. Only this time, they’ll go after innocent children and attempt to twist and corrupt all of their natural impulses. Feminists are always conspiring to squeeze the joy from others. And they’ll do this while masquerading as do-gooders, purging the world of evil men (I bet they’re we’re never referred to as ‘friends’).

    This stunning example of feminist narcisism is doomed to failure. Nature always wins. Gay giraffes do not pine over eggs. Even the most backward ‘friends’ will eventually figure this out. You can be sure that these lezziloonies will blame the power of the patriarchy when it all backfires. It’s a shambles that these morons are permitted any influence on the education of children. It is infuriating when you consider how many men must be sitting back in silence while these imbeciles run amok.

    This is an excellent article Mr Jmnzz. The desecrtation of hereosexual relationships is something most gay men deplore (read Fascist Origami and B.R. Merrick). The clear delineation of naturally expressed masculine and feminine traits should be celebrated, not choked into oblivion by these nihilistic barbarians.

    With ‘friends’ like these…

  • Denis

    This is only shocking because they are so upfront about it. Feminist pedagogy is already doing this silently in North America.

  • ZimbaZumba

    This sounds like social engineering à la Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Stalins Russia or Mao’s China.

    These simplistic social ideals formulated from a few naive principles completely miss understand the complexity of the human condition.

  • dulantha

    Actually gender is the psychological factor of sex. We cannot simply ignore that. Gender based specifications are biologically advanced and they are advanced in evolution too. Gender based specifications are keeping the sexual attraction between two sexes. That is the real nature of sexuality. These thing are not only man made. Gender neutralizing is for making it easy to grow homosexuality, bisexuality and other complicated sexualities. Who really want to do this?
    1)Feminists who hate men and natural male sex drive.
    2)Corrupted politicians who are looking for votes in any way.
    3)Hypocrites who are bashing the real nature of sexuality.
    4)Stupid liberal democrats who have no policies for their lives.
    5)Corrupted media.

    • white demon

      While the 5 reason you have listed are true, I actually would only put number 2 in the list!

      It all goes down to the vote, just think of the following scenario:

      The is an election in a tiny town, 100 people are to vote, a politician finds out that 40 of them are voting for his rival, 40 are for him and the 20 rest undecided. Politician finds out that of the 20, ONE person feels that he/she has no rights in the town. So politician passes a law which gives this person full right at the expense of others.

      So……because of this, that person votes for this politician, so now he/she has 41 votes, while the rival 40. So, who wins?

      There, are many other factors to this scenario in real life, this is just an over simplified example I made to demonstrate my opinion.

  • white demon

    I’m speechless! I just wonder when this all will come to an end…….?

  • Aurini

    Great article – I have one minor disagreement.

    I think it’s important to start preparing children for their eventual gender roles from a young age. I’m not talking about ‘forcing’ roles onto children – if I had a transexual child (from what I gather this can be noticed early on) I would support them, and treat them as the gender they *wish* to be – but barring that, I’d be preparing a daughter for Ladyhood and a son for Manhood.

    As you said, it’s not until 14 that they really begin to notice the social pressure to perform (in different ways), that’s why I consider it a parent’s duty to guide them when they’re younger. Timmy; don’t hit girls, and hold back your tears. Sally, behave politely, and don’t go around challenging boys.

  • sparkwhite

    You’re entirely correct here Paul. The biggest point is that social radicals should NOT be funded with taxpayer money–neither personally (sex change operations) nor as a group. And you’re right not to tidy up A Voice for Men for mainstream consumption. Posers ≠ not something needed in the MRM.

    Get the store up and running already!

  • rickster

    Been reading a lot of articles on here, and I have not yet been disappointed. I have been looking for a while for some kind of activism to combat the feminist campaign that seeks power for women and slavery for men, for quite some time, and am grateful to have finally found a voice on so many websites which have clued into the devious plan of male oppression that modern feminists seek.

    About the article, Sweden sucks, and not just because it’s a matriarchy. Those other reasons are irrelevant to this discussion, so I won’t bother continuing with them in mind. I’ve been to Sweden and know that it has been dubbed the best place in the world to live, for women. Why, because women can do whatever they want up there. It’s funny to see how they have all the same rights as men, getting an education, taking on the role of breadwinner in the family and such, yet still complain about how men don’t pay for dates, court a woman anymore, or don’t ACT MASCULINE! Now some don’t mind, but they generally are upset with how the traditional rules that favored women are being broken down and eliminated in the name of equality, and how men are stepping down as the lead gender in the romantic setting. What did they expect? And that to me is the biggest hypocrisy of all, and the biggest reason why I hate feminism because they seek to have all the rights and privileges that men have, with none of the responsibilities while still holding onto whatever advantaged they previously had as women, all the while not giving a damn about how this affects men. We are simply expected to shut up and conform. Hell no!

    • Paul Elam