Magnets Alison

Men’s Rights versus Feminism explained using magnets

Men’s Rights activists seek to bring awareness to how men are acted upon by society, acted upon by other men and acted upon by women. They are opposed by feminists who think that bringing attention to how men are acted upon will take something away from women.

Every era has had its mythology of women’s weakness and men’s strength. Ours is no different and it’s not progressive. How easy is it for you to see Jill as a victim? How hard is it for you to see Jack as vulnerable?

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About Alison Tieman (Typhonblue)

Alison Tieman (aka Typhonblue) is a Canadian writer and social observer. She is a Senior Contributor and Editor to A Voice for Men, penning superlative works that analyse gender-related behavior in men and women. She also writes for Genderratic, and is a founder and member of The Honeybadger Brigade.

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  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    I guess that explains how a man can be run over. End up in the hospital. And be served with a restraining order the next morning while being wheeled out of the MRI exam room.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    I guess that explains how a man can be run over. End up in the hospital. And be served with a restraining order the next morning while being wheeled out of the MRI exam room.

  • Carchamp1

    “… will take something away from women.”
    Thanks Alison.
    I do think the men’s and father’s movement REALLY needs to come to grips with the reality that we ARE trying to take something away from women. Power. Privilege. Money. Security. Lack of accountability. No need for me to go on here.
    Just saying that our movement is an ENORMOUS threat to women who are taking advantage of the status quo. Most women are NOT Honey Badgers. They are NOT egalitarians. This is not a knock on women, mind you. People just don’t tend to give up their privilege easily. And privilege has its benefits. The fight you have on your hands is enormous. I suspect that the pulling of fire alarms and death threats are just a harbinger of things to come.

    • Shamednomore

      I see it as the MRMs are not trying to take anything from women, we just want them to be fully accountable. With power, privilege, money and security comes OBLIGATION/ACCOUNTABILITY. We are actually trying to give women something and in doing so, individuals, relationships, families and ultimately societies will benefit from it.

      • TrishRan

        My personal experience has been that nothing makes feminists angrier than mentioning ways in which men get a raw deal or women get an unfair advantage.

        • Shamednomore

          I know…it’s a lot like when I questioned my mother on the rare occasion. What!!! don’t you question me…you go strait to your room right now.

          • TrishRan

            Great image! You nailed it.

        • Kronk

          Yup. Nailed it-

    • Susie Parker

      Privilege with benefits but no responsibility is morally corrupt.

      Male “privilege” was always earned, either with blood, sweat and tears, or just blood.

      • Bewildered

        But I suppose one of the biggest privileges was…..

        …to be married to a woman like this

        For better or worse {when it counts the most}

        • Bewildered

          Here they are together

    • Mr Happy Face

      ” I suspect that the pulling of fire alarms and death threats are just a harbinger of things to come.”

      Hopefully not quite so symbolically, as harbingers of arson and murder though.

  • benjames

    Alison/TB and Karen S. The light in the end of this generation of men’s tunnel.

  • Isaac T. Quill

    This is what happens when you cross Feminism with Einstein – you get The Special Theory Of Gender Relativity, which as we all know comes with a Rabbit hole that is big black and bottomless – even the light of reality has a hard time escaping!

    • Kronk

      “even the light of reality has a hard time escaping”!
      Something feminists have never seen…

  • Shamednomore

    Brilliantly explained Alison. It would appear the social construct of “actors and acted upon” forces responsibility and obligation on men, which intern benefits women. I wonder what the consequences are in forcing the illusion of power on men while at the same time denying them the right to be powerless (or a victim). Then you throw into the mix, men are oppressing women with their pretend power. With the expectation we have all this power while feeling like we in fact have very little, may put too much of a burden on some men. Perhaps it partially explains why men are violent at times, both to themselves and others.

  • crydiego

    Alison, I tried to think of all kinds of things to say to you for all that you have done and said. Finally, it all boils down to, thank you, and I love you.

  • Sagamanus

    It makes sense that you would use magnets for the MRA crowd. Insane Clown Posse asked the same thing.

    • Kawlinz

      I think magnets are a miracle!

  • Saddad

    Thank you for the vid, I don’t know how Dean was so emotionless, I don’t know if I could have done that. I guess that’s why he was there and I wasn’t. But just listening to her I felt my blood pressure go up. awsome job there Dean!!! I just wish there wasn’t so many people with blinders on. I know of many woman who think that most men don’t pay their child support, I do my best to talk rationally to these women but can’t get through to them, when I show proof they get all nasty and baligerant with me. How the hell can you work with that, nevertheless I keep on trying. I work with some men that believe that men do beat their wives and men also have it better then all women in all areas. I have tried talking some sense to them but they won’t hear it at all…They say I’m full of S%*t!!!! I believe it’s men like that, that are holding us back the most from accomplishing our goal..

  • Sandon

    This is a classic HAHA! As Sheldon Cooper say – “It’s funny because it’s true”

  • Sandon

    I bet when you arrested some of these women or any criminal woman, you also copped some abuse from her and some flying fists?

  • TrishRan

    Being acted upon is always bad?

    What about being acted upon to have, say, an inflamed appendix removed?

    The whole actor/acted upon thing is ridiculous. It ignores a very important word: Interaction.

  • Phil Taylor

    I see “Actresses” as drama queens.

  • Kronk

    Thank you for admitting what we already knew. Tell me, how did you handle the ‘Mandatory (of only the male of course) arrest insanity? Didn’t you still take lots more men to jail then the soft, frail female?