Hugo, we hardly knew ye

They’re rolling out the guns again, hurroo, hurroo
They’re rolling out the guns again, hurroo, hurroo
They’re rolling out the guns again,
But they never will take our sons again
No, they never will take our sons again
Hugo, I’m swearing to ye

The mournful ode, about a limbless, broken soldier returning home to a shattered wife, and sung to the same melody as the American Civil War song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”, seems like a fitting coda to the career of the iconic, ironic male feminist, mental patient and porn Professor Hugo Schwyzer.

The manic self-expulsion of Mr. Schwyzer from the femme-o-sphere triggered nuclear levels of rage, shame and destruction to the people and edifices of that already blighted, benighted realm.  As Mr. Schwyzer’s painful tweets spiraled out, Jill Filipovictim, the hoary proprietrix of Feministe, made a critical mistake: she tried to silence Mr. Schwyzer (in full accord with standard feminist supremacist practice), but she did so in such a way that her act of dominance was misinterpreted by the uncharitable to seem like she might possibly have some genuine human compassion for a feminist man.

Specifically, Filipovictim tweeted:

Jill Filipovic@JillFilipovic                            9 Aug

@hugoschwyzer @jessicavalenti Hugo, if this is really you and not a hack, please, close your laptop and call your therapist. Please.

Oh, no, you didn’t! This huge breach of feminist etiquette, saying “please” to a man, twice in one tweet, touched off a huge negative reaction among the so-called “WOC” (“Women of Color”) who forever haunt the fringes of the white-feminist-industrial-complex.

Blogger Mikki Kendall was credited by the Washington Post as being the first to attempt to co-opt the victim narrative by shaming Filipovictim for appearing to have compassion for a man instead of WOC feminists.  Other feminists joined the scrum, and the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was created to whip privileged white pudenda to the back of the bus.

In a video for Huffpost, Kendall makes no secret of her hatred for white feminists of both genders:

The tartly named Red Light Politics tumblr made the seemingly non-germane case for the furor over a kindness being a race thing:  This IS about race when the white editors that published him either did not bother to do basic background research to see how he had systematically picked on non white women or, if they did the background research they decided that these women were disposable and a fair price to pay in exchange of the click bait and page views he brought.

Filipovictim, caught with her privileged, shit-stained thong around her cankles, gleefully admitted her compassionate error: Understandably, that was taken as my showing concern for Hugo when, for the past year and a half, I had been silent about him even as many women repeatedly expressed their need for feminists to collectively stand up and push back against him.

Arch your back, Jill.

Hugo, of course, was so appalled that the victim narrative he had so carefully cultivated was snatched away from him that he sought out the man-o-sphere blog GLPiggy.NET to reveal that he was the only male feminist to use Game (a form of pickup artistry) to seduce feminists:

He said that other male feminists merely took all their cues from women. “They weren’t doing anything, they were too chickenshit.” They only talked about violence against women, he said. Hugo tended to focus on female sexual empowerment or on belittling men. The latter worked and was vetted by prominent outlets, and that’s one part of the story here. The prominent male feminists “weren’t edgy; they weren’t sexy” he said. And then the bombshell for me: “It’s about having Game.” “I took Game to the feminist world,” he said at one point. Hugo said he made fun of Game as presented in the “Manosphere” because he was a natural at it.

So, Hugo is now spinning himself as some sort of Agent Creamsicle, penetrating deep into the monologues of feminism to foment a civil racial jello (jelly) fight.

He did this by turning the privilege narrative against itself, and the white feminists are livid that our Agent Creamsicle has undone their hegemony over the perpetual victim status that lines their purses and pads their backfat at the expense of the race-based civil rights movement that was overwhelmed in the feminist quest for Plan B, mani-pedi’s and abortions.

SHHHH! Don’t tell the feminists about our evil plans to insert more male feminists into their ranks, because our undercover operatives at FreeThoughtBlogs are beginning their stealth campaign to undermine the credibility of false rape claims. Fortunately, other prominent man-sites are providing cover stories that we all hate Hugo and all those like him, too.

But if you are reading this, feminists, just remember: just because you regret going to bed with Hugo Schwyzer doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. You’re the ones who spread your page views open wide for his two-fingered click bait. And, since you’re already up, could you score us another bag of popcorn, please?

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Once he stumbled onto GirlWritesWhat's videos, August Løvenskiolds, aka The Bibo Sez, started eating red pills like they were tic-tacs. He likes debating feminists, but knows this stage will pass soon enough.

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  • The Real Peterman

    I understand what that picture up there means: this is a rocky time for Hugo Schwyzer.

    I love how a feminist has to apologize for appearing to show compassion for a man. But feminism isn’t anti-man, oh no!!!

    • Greb

      Yeap. Being able to show compassion (not weakness, but compassion), even to your enemies, even to those ones that hurt you, is one of the greatest moral advances of humanity.

      You must be a fundamentalist to lose track of something like this. Feminism is not a theory or an ideology anymore (if ever was). It’s a bloody religion.

      • dhanu

        It’s a cult – the Cult of Sisterhood. Male hatred is its very foundation.

  • Dean Esmay

    I was seriously considering trying to get an interview with Hugo and had some actual compassion for him.

    Now I’m not sure I could talk to the guy. Holy cow. But watching the Professional Misandrist set tear each other apart over this guy is amusing I must admit.

    • Dean Esmay

      By the way, whenever I get a chance, I make a point of asking Women Of Color who associate with feminists why the hell they dance to the tune of these Privileged White Women and cooperate in throwing their brothers under the bus so readily.

      They never like the question. They should be asked it more often, because that’s all feminism really ever was: a movement of Privileged White Women seeking even more privilege (and less responsibility) than they already had, at the expense of everybody else, riding on the backs of people of color to do it. That’s really all the Jezebel and Feministing crowd are, with a few Aunt Jemimah supporters here and there stupidly throwing black men, hispanic men, etc. under the bus.

      • UKMan

        Aunty Toms?

        • Bewildered

          Aunty Thomasinas ! Get the names right or the gender police will get you!

      • Porquemada

        Seems to me that it’s all about getting a chance to carry that $38,000 handbag.

        If a few men need to be used to get that bus some extra traction in the soft spots, so be it.

      • Bewildered

        They should be asked it more often, because that’s all feminism really ever was: a movement of Privileged White Women seeking even more privilege (and less responsibility) than they already had, at the expense of everybody else, riding on the backs of people of color to do it.

        Seriously ? Were they that smart that people couldn’t make out what they were up to?
        Which sane,mature adult,apart from brats, makes the personal political?
        Look at the havoc it has caused in the black communities.

        • Shrek6

          Mate, thanks for putting this video up Bewildered!

          And I give this woman 10 points for having the courage to stand up and be counted. Good on her!

          Yeah, I know she is crying over the loss of traditional values and the ‘traditional sense of male disposability,’ but at the end of the day, that is the system that existed for thousands of years and IT WORKED!

          If you go back several hundred years or so, men were not that much more disposable than what women were.

          I would dearly love to see the black women of the US, in fact the whole world, tell feminism to take a hike and to fight the privileged white women tooth and nail. I would love to see them take back their power, so they can stand under their own flag.

          Then maybe we might see white men finally have the guts to stand up and fight feminism, even if it means costing them personally.

          Feminism is an intrinsic evil and will have to be fought on many fronts, before it can be beaten!

      • Jim Doyle

        Womanists tear into them the same way, and see how much good that has done.

    • Dan Perrins

      An interview with Hugo might of been interesting, provided he would actually tell the truth about things. (I have a difficult time believing anything he says most times)

      When he was a femie mouth-piece I loathed the asshat.

      He fucked himself butt good at the alter of feminist approval. Now it appears karma has come a calling and he has said and promoted some absolutely abhorrent things about men.
      The pity I have for him is used up by not indulging in some insulting, scathing comments.
      But I’m damn tempted.

      • JJ

        Here, here. You are much kinder than I. I personally think he deserves only a small pittance of pity. Only in the hopes I can be somewhat objective in the face of what he has done just to get some poosey.

  • Mark Trueblood

    Feminists, along with major mainstream publications, gave Hugo a voice and a platform (and apparently other things) because he told them what they wanted to hear. He ate their execrable ideas, swallowed them, and regurgitated them, while they wriggled with delight. Despite his extremely checkered past and incredibly dubious scholarship.

    My hope is that some of them will start to realize that it’s not only Hugo that is a fraud.

    • crydiego

      Oh yes, a great point. How deep does that worm hole go?

      • Mark Trueblood

        I assume it is cavernous and smelly

        • crydiego

          Probably some form of tape worm attached to colon of the single organ beast known as feminism.

    • Bewildered

      My hope is that some of them will start to realize that it’s not only Hugo that is a fraud.

      The million dollar question is, will they ?

      It’s astounding how human beings fall victims to frauds even when the modus operandi doesn’t vary much.
      Does this mean that the average person is inherently stupid?
      Or does this indicate that there’s a tremendous information overload that zaps people’s reasoning which results in most people relying on faith to process information?

      • Mark Trueblood

        It justifies their emotional needs and delivers tangible financial incentives.

      • Matthew Lane

        “The million dollar question is, will they?”

        Oh oh, the answer is no…. Now will you be paying me that million dollars in a lump sum, or over time?

  • ManUpManDown.

    August, you’re a great writer. Always excited to see your work here.

  • scott mclelland

    This one has me torn up , I am bi polar , something i have never made a secret of , and while i am very much of the fact that i own my own shit , my mistakes, my gains, irrespective of what i hold myself to the standard i hold everyone to , and i can see some mania in there , and i also have been down the road of suicide , however i cant take hugos seriously as i have never met a suicidal person who made a big issue out of it coming anywhere close to being successful . Conversely while i have compassion for him for that , it doesnt stop me at all from thinking that he is a total turd of a human , i just cant bring myself to wishing harm on him.

    • The Real Peterman

      Yes, not every bipolar person is a dick like Hugo so that’s no excuse. He’d probably be a dick if he wasn’t manic or BP.

    • theoutside

      Yes, I believe he has psych issues and went into some sort of relapse — maybe using/drinking again, with impulsivity and so forth. It sounds like possibly hypomanic episodes, with hypersexuality, exhibitionism, etc.

      Having said all that, he is still a complete asshole.

  • ali

    ” just because you regret going to bed with Hugo Schwyzer doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. You’re the ones who spread your page views open wide for his two-fingered click bait.”
    Thanks August! Solid gold!

  • Porquemada

    Agent Creamsicle. That’s just delicious.


    • August Løvenskiolds

      Credit for the name “Creamsicle” goes to Typhonblue/Asha, who first came up with it in a conversation we had just before I wrote this post. It fit perfectly with the post, so I used it.

  • crydiego

    August, another stellar article!

  • Legion

    Confusion to our enemies!

  • Andy Bob

    The links provided by Mr Løvenskiolds in this stellar post are a must-read for anyone not yet convinced of the pathological instability of the some of the key players of organized – and well-funded – feminism.

    One commenter on Jill Filipovic’s apologia – a tortuous exercise in cognitive dissonance in which Ms Filipovic claims responsibility for being a Hugo Schwyzer enabler while explaining how none of it was actually her fault – links to a post authored by one of Mr Schwyzer’s WOC (Women of Colour) feminist ‘victims’: Emi Koyana

    The post, “Silencing and Intimidation of Women of Color at ‘Men Against Sexism’ Conference” is a terrifying foray into the mindset of a deranged individual who takes Asha James’ threat narrative to a whole new level.

    A male feminist attempts to reassure her by raising, not one, but two (yes, I said two) hands somewhere in the vicinity of her ‘personal space’. She demands that he be escorted out of his own conference and that bodyguards be provided for the remainder of her stay – all male, of course.

    Ms Koyana subsequently pens, with the help of some sympathetic hysterics, a list of demands to ‘Men Against Sexism’, which includes the permanent disappearance of the offending male feminist. And you thought Rebecca Watson was a drama-seeking nutjob. She’s strictly amateur compared to Emi Koyana, whose party piece meltdowns have become a featured attraction on the feminist conference circuit.

    One is left to wonder how those irresponsibly gesticulating ‘Men Against Sexism’ reconcile their support for all this infantile nonsense. Enduring such intersectional mayhem could be some kind of penance for their patriarchal privilege. Perhaps, like Mr Schwyzer, they’re all undercover PUAs brushing up on their game. Most likely, being a feminist lackey is now as lucrative as being an actual feminist. After all, someone paid for that conference, the hotel rooms – and the bodyguards.

    • Kimski

      If the MHRM ever gets to a point where we get the same funding that feminism receives, I suggest we start handing out free straightjackets to the opposition.

      I don’t think I’ve ever come across another group of people that overtly stricken with all sorts of mental instabilities outside of an asylum, to be quite honest.

  • Jimmy

    If anti-racists are so against scapegoating racial groups, why do they keep asserting that white people have “white privilege” on a daily basis, to an audience of millions of people?

    If someone started talking about “yellow privilege” in Japan, or “Hispanic privilege” in Mexico, or “Arab privilege” in the middle east, and how this “privilege” must be removed from them, it would be called hate speech rather than social justice.

    Their words and actions prove that “anti-racist” is really just code for anti-White.

  • Jeremy

    In order for me to believe Hugo knows himself, I would have to believe his years as a feminist are a deliberate deception.

    • Dean Esmay

      He pretty much admitted that was the case.

      Some of the ideologues are claiming they saw through him all along but I don’t think they did. They had no coherent reason for hating him, they hated him because: penis and because he wouldn’t stay quite as far in the back of the bus as they wanted him.

      • old joe

        He isn’t the kind of guy who plans anything that far ahead. He’s a slave to his appetites and he’s pretty smart, charming, and he’s used to getting away with a lot. He’s a great tactician but not a strategist at all.

  • Phil in Utah

    For the morbidly curious, here’s what Hugo is most likely up to right now:

  • Shrek6

    August, loved the article. Oh the web they weave is so hard to untangle when someone is caught with their hands in the wrong place.
    Poor Hugo. But I am glad that he hoodwinked all those so-called educated privileged white women.

    I just love it when the cats are fighting among themselves. It makes for great entertainment.