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How feminists define gender traits

The ever so common feminist mantra in our misandric society is “men bad, women good.” To put it another way: men are inherently bad by nature, and women are inherently good by nature. If a man or boy ever displays a positive trait, or if a woman or girl ever displays a negative trait, it’s then identified as a social construct. In the mind of a feminist, and someone who believes feminism, women are the embodiment of everything good about the human species, and men are the embodiment of everything bad.

Male Female
Positive Trait Learned Innate
Negative Trait Innate Learned

Feminists switch between believing that all human behaviour is socially constructed, and believing that there is innate human behaviour, depending on whether the belief will support the “men bad, women good” mantra. They deny that there may be any innate positivity in males, or any innate negativity in females, by psychologically projecting any negative female traits onto males, and any positive male traits onto females. This way, they can continue to take down males.

How traits become male traits

Whenever someone who possesses male genitalia (that is quite literally the one and only requirement, a male personality isn’t even needed) displays a negative trait – it is a male trait. When someone with that same genitalia gets angry, it is “male aggression.” When a male does something stupid, it is because males are stupid.

This does not just apply to traits that are actually associated with maleness. The trait does not even have to actually be masculine for it to be seen as a typical male trait. As long as it is negative, and the person is male, it is a male trait. Even if it is equally likely to be displayed by females, it is still viewed as male behaviour. In fact, it could even be a typical female trait that is rarely displayed by a male, and feminists and other gynocentrics will still view it as a male trait, simply because it is something they don’t like.

The negative trait, whether it is typical male behaviour or not, gets attributed to the male gender. Even if it is only one person who has displayed it.

Of course, it is a common mistake for someone to attribute traits to someone’s gender, age, race, religion or other group, even if it is not a typical trait of that group, and this is a mistake that most people, regardless of their own gender, age, race, religion or other group, make. However, feminists and other gynocentrics not only go overboard with shaming the male gender in any way possible, but they even institutionalized their beliefs as the norm that men are bad and women are good.

Phrases such as “men are stupid”, “boys will be boys”, “*sigh* boys”, “all men are jerks” and many others can be used for any purpose, as long as the person they are used on has male genitalia.

Another thing worth mentioning is how male-on-male conflict is viewed in regards to gender. In a negative situation where both the perpetrator and the victim are male, it is often that both are blamed, even if the victim does everything he possibly can to avoid the situation. If a male so much as explains a lie that’s been told about him by another male, he is accused of retaliating, as a result of his maleness of course. The term “boys fighting” can be used even if only one boy is actually doing any fighting, though a male being a victim of male-on-male violence can be viewed as violent.

What they say about females who display negative traits

When a woman or girl displays a negative trait, unlike a man or boy, it is viewed as a social construct. For example, if a female ever perpetrates any kind of violence, it is always because a man wound her up (even if it is something stupid like not getting her the right gift, it is still the man’s fault.) Some feminists even blindly blame negative traits displayed by females on patriarchal discrimination. Negative traits displayed by females can also be portrayed positively. For example, when a female attacks a male, even for a stupid reason, it is sometimes considered perfectly acceptable, and in our society where everyone has been poisoned with misandric views, it is assumed that the male deserved it.

When a male and female are in an argument, the female is usually the one believed by default. Why? Because according to feminists, females are never wrong, only males are. If the female is reacting negatively, it must have been because the male did something very bad, whereas if a male is reacting negatively, it’s his nature. Some feminists even consider any male who dares say no to a female to be a misogynistic woman-hater.

Some people make jokes about how women and girls who do show negative traits or do stupid things are acting “like men/boys.” This label can be applied whether the behaviour is masculine, neutral, or feminine. It just has to be negative to be seen as a male trait.

In situations where both the perpetrator and victim are female, unlike where both are male (which was mentioned above,) it is seen as a social construct and that both parties have suffered problems in their life. Many feminists try to label this as a result of the so-called patriarchy. Generally, neither are really “blamed” for the situation.

So, an outline on who is by default blamed for problems…

  • Male problem: It is a result of his male stupidity.
  • Female problem: It is a result of the patriarchy oppressing her.
  • Male-on-male conflict: Both are to blame.
  • Male-on-female conflict: The male is to blame.
  • Female-on-male conflict: The male is to blame.
  • Female-on-female conflict: It’s a social construct forced by the patriarchy.

So remember, the feminist mentality is that there are no positive male traits or negative female traits, and anything that contradicts the “men bad, women good” mantra is a social construct. That, folks, is how feminists define gender traits. Anyone who dares to question it will be labelled a misogynist by feminists.

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  • operationoptout

    And they think they are going to send manginatits and cheekmeat here as there representatives to set the MRM straight? Laughable that they would even attempt to counter writing of this caliber.

  • LJ

    Clear, concise, bravo! Way to shed light on the situation.

    These were recently brought to my attention.

    Maxim’s How To Cure A Feminist:

    A study finding that people can’t tell the language of men’s mags and convicted rapists apart; this appears to be inductive reasoning for the “all men are rapists” canard:

  • Zarathos022

    Aaaaaaand another daily dose of feminist bullshit brought to you by Zerbu of A Voice for Men. Nice Article.

    BTW: Here’s a little music to facepalm to:

  • Rper1959

    How true and elegantly stated Zerbu, clearly you “get it”, as do most men, but the feminists don’t get it , nor do they care, their clever little system suits them perfectly well.

    Of course women and feminists are not adverse to criticising their own sex when it comes to the most improtant issues of appearance and clothing. Readers my be interested that iconic feminist Germaine Greer, recently appeared on national television in Australia and rather then offer any useful commentary of the performance of our feminist Prime Minister Julia Gillard, choose to attack her dress sense and say she had a “big arse” ,

    yep don’t you just love the smell of feminist hypocrisy in the mornings!

    • Fr Bob

      Leave it up to Germaine Greer, to say something completely stupid. Sorry had to role my eyes when I see her name here at AVFM, I hear a primal scream in my head, omg make it stop.

      • Darryl X

        I wish I could, Fr. I don’t have a gun and even if I did I’d probably use it on myself first. I guess that makes me selfish. That’s probably because I’m a male.

    • Rper1959

      and here is the clip of the whining harpie in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM0_gZaOj_w

  • Renly

    Want to be less man, more human? Why, you should read Dworkin, of course!


    I thought some of you might be interested in that. It won’t be surprising to most of you, I’m sure.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    and anything that contradicts the “men good, women bad” mantra is a social construct.


    men bad, women good

    • Stu

      for now :)

    • Paul Elam

      LOL, good catch, Karma. Fixed!

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Zerbu, great analysis and we’ve seen it all before in social situations, the workplace environment and media in all forms. You have distilled only the truth here and thank you for this.

    Everything you put in bullet form was experienced in the unfortunate marriage of Mr. and Ms. Henderson of Woolongong NSW here in Australia some years back.

    * Male problem: It is a result of his male stupidity.
    [Mr Henderson asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.]

    * Female problem: It is a result of the patriarchy oppressing her.
    [Chipped nails, toilet seat slamming, orthopedic problems with high heels, ongoing hair removal discomfort, diamond ring rash and missed career as a chocolate taster at Nestle’s.]

    * Male-on-male conflict: Both are to blame.
    [Males from neighbouring houses complaining to Mr. Henderson about the sound of crockery smashing, the regular drunken female voice singing to “I did it my way” at 2 A.M. and the occasional and unsightly appearance of their front lawn littered with Mr Henderson’s clothing and other belongings.]

    * Male-on-female conflict: The male is to blame.
    [After Mr Henderson initiated conflict by cursing at her, he did, In the act of dodging crockery slip on a rare 18th century Wooten and Baybrige teacup forcing his head to smash through a china cabinet full of Ms Henderson’s priceless antique ceramic clog collection. The cabinet was upturned and most of it’s contents destroyed.]

    * Female-on-male conflict: The male is to blame.
    [Mrs Henderson was forced to break an entire set of a rare 18th century Wooten and Baybrige tea and coffee set including a teapot, sugar bowl and lid, milk jug, teacups, saucers and coffee mugs whilst flinging them at him in self defense.]

    * Female-on-female conflict: It’s a social construct forced by the patriarchy.
    [Ms Henderson is in fierce disagreement with the following women:
    – Ms Barnes her divorce solicitor regarding fiscal remuneration from her husband.
    – Ms Baxter of Sotherby’s regarding the estimate of the antique clog collection.
    -Ms Sgt. Chappel regarding editing procedures of the police report.
    – Ms Loren at the city bank regarding Mr Henderson’s signature for access to his storage box there.
    – Mrs Rush, senior matron at the hospital concerning the issue of shutting off Mr Henderson’s life support system.]

    With Mr Henderson no longer a thwartive element in Ms Henderson’s career plans, she is now Senior tester and taster at Nestle’s chocolate factory in NSW. Her enthusiasm for her work is so strong she has been known to sneak into her workplace on the weekends to work long hours for absolutely no pay whatsoever.

  • Malestrom

    The little table near the start of your article sums it up too perfectly for words. I am actually now embaressed by the verbosity with which I have attempted to explain this to people in the past, I think in future i will just get a pen and some paper and draw it out like you did.

  • Anti Idiocy

    More support for the SPLC nonsense, and an additional dose of reaction against the MRM:

    • ThoughtCriminal

      Keep it coming,feminists,we aren’t going anywhere.

    • Paul Elam

      The clip from Potok will make some great radio material.

  • http://none j24601

    Before I even read the article I have to say that the accompanying picture is so so adorable. But I’m a man, so what do I know?

    From: A father in waiting (still), bearing, amongst other things, the pain of 2 abortions… Hey, let’s hear it for the patriarchy.

  • http://www.artistryagainstmisandry.com Jade Michael

    Great analysis Zerbu. I am linking to this article when asked to explain the stigma placed on men in society.

    It’s becoming a daily occurrence that I hear how “stupid” men are from the women around me at work. I am a lone male housed in a department of 8 women. I am the only person in the company who does my particular job, so I am a “department” unto myself. This makes the issue of where to physically put me a scratch on the head for the powers that be.

    I am tired of those sows acting like its okay to cut on men while one sits there among them for 8-10 hours daily. I am tired of being seen as a crybaby if I bring it to light. I am tired of these women expressing how ignorant men are in all facets of life while fixing issues on the software those same women manage to hose up daily. I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen at my place of employment. I’m tired of the women in HR who view political correctness as anything that women say = acceptable and correct. I’m tired of having worked at the same place for 7 years, on the same software, and watching my female boss get certified in it and take all the credit for my work. I am certain a male boss would not have allowed something like that to happen. Men recognize hard work and talent and are generally comfortable in making their own contributions, at least enough to allow someone else due recognition.

    Wow, this article really hit home after the week I’ve had. Thanks (with apologies) for this much needed opportunity to vent!

  • Skeptic

    Here’s one guy who’s not having his traits defined.
    Man he’s on fire – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahAzMER9ic&feature=related

  • keyster

    In case anyone was wondering, the “Gender is a social construct” meme originated from Hegel and picked up by the Frankfurt School within “Cultural Marxism” philosophy; at first Fromm and then Marcuse.

    Be aware these guys tended to ramble in a sort of hypnotic pretzel logic cadence, typical of Gender Studies academics today.

    The very basis for 2nd wave feminism comes, ironically, from a group of men. The idea was to appeal to woman’s sense of oppression and entitlement, infiltrate Academia with these notions (Eros and Civilization), graduate the indocrinated into the mass media, destroy the culture and destroy Capitalism from within. And build an Egalitarian Marxist/Socialist Utopia from the ruins.

    We’re in the latter stages of this brilliant strategy coming to fruition. They couldn’t win with pure ideology alone, so they employed Machiavellian technique on a mass scale, because they believe their way is best, and we’re too oppressed and stupid to realize it.

  • DruidV

    Long ago in grade school, I learned that when people don’t understand something, they tend to fear and hate that thing.

    I also learned in grade school that the thing most feared and hated was my unique and individual masculinity, along with that of all the other boys.

    Female teachers of course, had no clue about it at all and the male teachers tended to be fruity gym coaches, violent disciplinarians or more often than not, white knights with many pretty young princesses to protect and coddle.

    Generally school sucked from start to finish for me and virtually all of my old H.S. buds, since we were neither jock nor scholar.

    I learned in high school exactly what a “good” man was and as it turned out I, unfortunately, wasn’t.

    Sure, I watched the pretty blonde cheerleaders and jock types having all the fun and getting all the glory, but that isn’t what truly sucked.

    The really shitty part was that though the hot, blonde cheerleaders “deserved” to be with the handsome, heroic jocks, the “average” girls who weren’t cheerleaders at all and could never, ever hope to look like them, somehow thought they deserved to be with those jocks too.

    At least we “loser” guys knew our places, unlike our female counterparts. We knew those blonde bitches were out of our league and so we admired from afar.

    Ugly betty should have followed suit, but wimmin is as wimmin does…

    As a result, we “loser” guys were simply left out of their equation, due to low demand for any of us and also due to their impossibly overblown expectations of us non-sportsuperheroes, and their equally overblown senses of self-entitlement.

    Even though plain Jane never would and never did get her dream date with Biff Skippington, she would nonetheless have NOTHING to do with “losers” like us in the meantime.

    Proms, dances and other social events, were simply out of the question for us guys in the lower/middle class, as it were.

    This is pretty much how adult life now works as well. Nothing has really changed for the better since my days in school, either.

    Said it before, I’ll say it again; American women are fucked! They have priced themselves out of the market…

    • Kimski

      I take great pleasure in knowing that the majority of ‘Biff’s’ works at McDonald today, while the high school princesses turned into fat, moaning bitches watching Oprah from a couch, or are dancing around a pole in the nearest strip bar.

      Great analysis, Zerbu.

  • andybob

    About five years ago, my partner told me about some borderline female colleague at the company where he had just started. Her malicious behaviour included gossiping about him, undermining his authority, assigning tasks well beneath his professional status – you know the sort of thing. Never easy for a decent man to handle.

    Apparently the more masculine the guy, the more vile she behaved. The other women looked on in that herd-like way they sometimes do. They don;t care who they hurt as long as they’re having fun. My partner is a bodybuilder with a booming voice who is not easily intimidated. Naturally, she went beserk.

    He decided to leave the company, citing her as the reason for his departure. I wrote his resignation e-mail on his behalf. Did you know that ‘psychotic’, ‘repellent’, ‘repulsive’ and ‘destructive’ can fit snugly into the same sentence? They fired her vicious arse…on Christmas Eve. Ho, Ho, Ho.

    It gets better. A few months ago. He was offered the directorship of a new but dynamic company. During his walkthrough of the premises, guess who he saw berating some poor guy? Have another guess what one my partners’s conditions was for accepting the directorship. And yes, she had to vacate the premises, by Christmas Eve.

    So you see Jade, sometimes these women actually get their just desserts. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is sweeet. I hope next week is better for you. Stay strong and pen a thumping ditty in their honour. We’ve got your back, dude.

  • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

    Brilliant execution Zerbu, just the right thing.

    OT: To all those fucktards responsible for spinning the media’s portrayal of men as bafooning next to their priss ‘in-charge’ female associates, let the truth reign free.

    Texting woman falls into lake Michigan

    Texting girl falls into fountain

    Texting girl faceplants during live broadcast

    Grief, females, what is your major malfunction?

    Desperately social, anyone?

    • http://theredsphere.wordpress.com/ Zerbu

      Have ONE man or boy do the same thing, and then have a guess what it will be blamed on.

  • Otter

    When I was at senior prom I had just broken up with my girlfriend but still went with her instead of leaving her without a date. She started grinding with other guys on the dance floor so I went outside and sat at a table alone. Within about 10 minutes a bunch of other girls had come to sit with me and we were all laughing and joking around. My ex girlfriend came over and started whispering viciously at me that we needed to talk. I wasn’t interested and told her “I just want to go home.” She walked around the table and threw a glass candle at me. It missed my head by about a half foot and shattered on the wall behind me.

    The principal immediately came over to me and asked, “What did you do?”

    • http://theredsphere.wordpress.com/ Zerbu

      Yep, I’ve heard stories like that a lot. Not only that, but I heard ONE story about a similar situation happening to a woman… on a feminist website (it was a while ago so I don’t remember where to find it).

      Just shows how misandric our culture really is.

      • Otter

        yea I don’t mind being blamed for things that I did wrong but being blamed for someone else’s behavior is just crazy

        • father marker

          Otter I would have responded to the principal – Wrong question sir. Its more like “What did I refuse to do?”

          • Otter

            I told him all I said was”I just want to go home.”

            She had already run out of the building and he started treating me like I was the problem. I was stunned at the time but now I just feel lucky that I had witnesses.

          • Kimski

            That is probably a reccuring reply in a lot of divorce courts, too.
            -Along with ‘what did I refuse to buy?’

  • SlowBurn

    If you want a crystal clear representation of this type of treatment, see how Aileen Wuornos was portrayed in “Monster”. Then ask yourself if you have ever seen a male serial killer portrayed with such understanding.

  • chop

    As i’m learning more about these issues and our society and government attitudes towards men and women, i’ve seen some simple truths. they are as follows: men have accountability, whether they are responsible for an event or not. often they are denied choices to control events but are held responsible for things they cannot control. for instance forced parenthood does not give them an option of abortion or any custody of their child. and yet even if they don’t want to be a parent the child may be coming anyway. (or aborted even if they want it). we have zero reproductive rights, but will still be finacially responsible for the child.

  • chop

    a woman on the other hand has choices but no accountability. she has birthcontrol choices a man doesn’t have, she has morning after pills, abortion(which a man has absolutely no say in unless she chooses to ask him, and she decides whether to take his opinion into account. which is zero legal say for him.) she can give the child up for adoption, foster home, welfare etc… and the list goes on. he has no say. she is not even compelled to tell him of the pregnancy. he is not allowed by law to be there for the delivery or assist choosing the childs name. nothing. and yet if she can’t afford the child the gov’t will give her money, for free. but not before going after him for child support. if he can’t pay, they will give her money but then he will be expected to start paying asap or go to jail. then when he can afford to pay again, they force him to pay the child support back. when a woman gets welfare for her child that’s not in lieu of a man’s child support, do they ask her to pay that back? the answer is no! so the one who made all the choices is not accountable to pay for her own choices. but she gets the custody and can give that up if she wants…. so it’s not really a responsibility. the one responsible for bringing the child into the world gets all the choices and all the benefits but none of the accounability…! ??? WTF!
    so in short: women have choices and no accountability for those choices. men have only responsiblities, no choices, no rights, only accountability. whether they chose to be a parent or not. this is our country. a country that hates men.
    proof: a 2006 law suit against a woman who lied to a man about being on BC and couldn’t get pregnant managed to get herself pregnant anyway and chose to keep the child despite the man expressing his unwillingness to become a parent. well we all know how far that gets you. the state of michigan dismissed his case to give up his parental rights and financial responsibility. it was an air tight case in a land of common sense. but was dismissed by state court and then a federal appeals court. the real proof of misandry is that the judge ordered him to pay everyones legal bills. even the states as well as the womans. this was a public whipping! a message, to anyone else who might be so bold as to try to stand up for men’s rights, that warns them they will be beaten down. they said that the 14th ammendment, the equal protection one does not require the gov’t to treat all classes of people equally. actually that is exactly what it does, but apparently they meant equal protection for only some people. the guy was too broke and broken to take it to the supreme court. can’t really blame him but wish he had.
    also note, the judge worked for the state, which pays welfare to moms. had they given men equal rights then the state would end up having to pay more to single moms. think maybe he got a call from the governor or other lawmakers asking him if he wants to keep his job?

  • cornutts05

    I am new to the site, but here’s one for ya. My future ex attacked me while I was picking up the atv. She pushed me, continually blocked my path and took the keys from me. When I went to get them back she clung to them with a death grip and started a tug of war and fell her fat ass on the ground. I was arrested and charged with domestic assualt. In court, her and her best friend said I choked her and dragged her across the ground by the neck. She had a paper cut sized scratch on her finger from her ridiculous behavior clinging to the keys and that was all. I was convicted of disorderly conduct by a female judge who said that if I hadn’t had been there, my ex wouldn’t have ended up on the ground. Keep in mind that it is my house and I had every right to be there, and their stories didn’t match each other or the police report and got caught up in several lies…isn’t perjury a crime? This is the damage that the femenists are reaping upon us.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Interesting yet common sounding story, and welcome.

      “ATV” ? Is that “All terrain vehicle” ?

    • Steve_85

      Now where have I heard this before…?

  • cornutts05

    Yep, All terrain vehicle. That is a very short synopsis. This has been going on for over a year with every single trip into the courts a new jaw dropping unjust experience…even in the civil court over every aspect of the divorce. The Domestic violence industry is incredible. Now that this has happened to me I am shocked at the bias. Look up the story on Thomas Ball…the fella that lit himself on fire in front of the court house. I know how he felt. I have served in combat 3 times as an EOD technician, and it means absolutely nothing in court. I have searched out honor for the last 16 years, and all it takes is a lying vengenful woman to make up a story, and there is no benefit of the doubt, no matter what your past says about you…but what can you do? Nothing really.

    • Turbo

      You can join us here, because the story you just related is exactly why we are here. Welcome, and do stick around.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “but what can you do? Nothing really.”

    Well, er, not exactly. Anti-male laws didn’t just happen. What DID was an MRM that failed to fight back.

    Had the NMM (non-moving men’s movement) taken a stand 30 years ago, midandric laws wouldn’t have passed. They certainly wouldn’t have hardened into today’s cement. Most guys then now say they didn’t see the horrors coming. Alas, there are none so blind who refuse to see. That is, they were willfully blind, perhaps blinkered by cultures who said men who complain aren’t “real men”…aided by millions of female legs that promised to snap shut unless boyos “complied.”

    It will take millions of men experiencing the rude awakening of finding they have few rights in domestic courts to form a “united and fighting” MRM. Sure, feminism will fight us, but so what? They’ve never met real opposition…and will fold when they do. Plus they will continue to believe what they believe no matter what…just as do most losing sides in court cases. But so what? We’ll be on the winning side.

    The way to begin is to raise consciousness online. Then start acting in reality to rout the enemy.

    As for the culture at large: one day (sooner rather than later) it will see that the marriage rate is dropping. And the world filling with angry boys grown into men who lack fathers and refuse to assume assigned roles. They will be abetted by men refusing to support systems that use males as expendable drones.

    More and more males will refuse to help damsels in distress. And choose not to maintain infrastructures that render guys second-class citizens.

    Societies cannot long endure when they mock/punish the most productive citizens. Men, of course, will survive since they know how civilizations work and are willing to pay the price for maintaining them, something fembots take for granted. But see how long feminists will smirk when the consequences of 60% female college graduates hit home. An army of Women’s Studies majors will turn into so many spare tires on cows. When toilets back up, femininnies willl whine at the resulting sludge, but won’t fix the problem.

    And men will quote Rhett Butler en masse: “Frankly, my dears, we don’t give a damn!”

    • Skeptic

      “Had the NMM (non-moving men’s movement) taken a stand 30 years ago, midandric laws wouldn’t have passed. They certainly wouldn’t have hardened into today’s cement. Most guys then now say they didn’t see the horrors coming. Alas, there are none so blind who refuse to see. That is, they were willfully blind, perhaps blinkered by cultures who said men who complain aren’t “real men”…aided by millions of female legs that promised to snap shut unless boyos “complied.”

      FYI, guys involved in the fledgling MRM 30 years ago DID take a stand. They lost because there weren’t enough of them and were very isolated and politically marginalized that’s all. There had to be a period of consciousness raising BEFORE political action – which we’re now seeing more of.
      Playing the blame game and suggesting these elder guys were just cuntstruck willful ignorami sell outs may feel good to you.
      But there’s no need to keep up the terrible shaming revisionist history. We get enough of that from feminists as it is.

      I do agree with you however there is a lot that men who are more in the know these days (thanks to the digital communication systems that didn’t exist back then) can do. The prescription is in your final two paragraphs.
      I’d like to see you desist from the elder bashing though, then I’d see you as an ally rather than a resentful younger man with an axe to grind.

  • Iphis42

    You’re overlooking one thing: in a dog-eat-dog world, it’s much more beneficial to posess the so-called “bad” traits. I’m female, and I’ve always regretted having to be seen as soft, and passive, and docile, a push-over, etc. I would kill to be able to be seen as the embodiment of the “bad male traits,” aggressive, physically imposing, etc.

  • MrMan

    I would sure love to know how this patriarchy we live in works. As far as i can tell i (a man) have less freedoms, rights and liberties than women. Less opportunity in education and employment. Less money spent on my health care. I will also be subject to harsher laws and punishments for any crimes i may (but wont) commit. I will be paid less (probably) than most women doing the same job and i will even be given less consideration for a job if a woman also applies for it. Also, how (in a patriarchy) do women control most of my countries wealth, own most of the land and property and get supremecy over child custody as well as being entitled to any number of different child benefits and support that i would not be if i were a single father?

    Please someone, explain to me what i am missing about this misogynistic, patriarchial society we supposedly live in???

  • Zeus Vapor

    Feminists need to stop criminalizing masculinity. That should be the new mantra. That being said, this article is right on target by exposing the power of deceptive victimization used by women who seek protection. Gender is a socially constructed based in ideology (post- structuralist) whereas sex is biological and based in science. It amazes me to see the term gender being used throughout academia. Feminists appear to be afraid of anything remotely scientific like biological determinism as it would undermine the ideology of genders plasticity. We are influenced by environment but how we respond to it is innate. As human beings we come with a suite of behaviors both good and bad but there is absolutely nothing about a woman that makes her in any way morally superior.

  • E. Moon

    You don’t understand feminism. You have fallen prey to the idea of
    believing that just because the “radical feminists” or whatever we call
    them anymore say something, all feminists believe the same. It’s no
    different than saying that the West Boro Baptist Church’s beliefs are
    held by all Christians. Neither are true. Feminists, the vast majority
    of us, believe in EQUALITY. Men aren’t any better or worse than women.
    You (Men) are under influences, positive and negative, by the way the
    world works just as women are. Feminists want to reduce any and all
    inequality between the genders and sexes. It’s not about “Bringing down
    the men” and taking control, it’s about leveling the playing field so we
    stand as humans, not men to women, all the same.

    • driversuz

      Oh please. If you all believe in equality, why do you let bigots speak for you and make laws in your name.
      Sell your script eslewhere, troll.

    • driversuz

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