Hanna Rosin Abusing her Children: ON VIDEO

Hanna Rosin’s recent video on the “End of Men,” a continuation of her efforts to assert that women are taking over the world because in societies that don’t depend on brute strength, intellectually superior women should naturally ascend to dominance.

Never mind the glaring Master Gender implications of Rosin’s elitist ideology.  There is another concern here that Rosin smugly showcases for her viewing audience.

Her psychological abuse of her own children.

Having spent two decades counselling populations that are disproportionately affected by abuse of all kinds, I happen to know something about the subject.

Her abuse of them is clear and unmistakable, though some may not notice because we tend to see abuse in terms of overtly physical and sexual acts.  Psychological abuse, a devastating form,  can be much more subtle, but Rosin does manage to make it more obvious when she drags her children into the video, which is provided at the bottom for your convenience.

At 7:15 in the video, Rosin unambiguously asserts that females are superior to males in several ways, most notably that they are more intelligent and better communicators and listeners that are able to focus better than males, essentially making them more suitable for lucrative professional positions. She uses these ideas to essentially laud the creation of a male underclass- as women continue to thrive.

She also notes that boys are falling way behind girls in education (which she acts as though is troubling), but says she can’t offer any reasons for that because she is writing a book about it and has not done the research.

So rather than use scholarly references, she offers up her 10 year old daughter’s “expertise,” showing a home video of an interaction involving the Rosin family.

First and foremost, we must keep in mind what this interaction is.  It is one of a 10 year old girl, gloating on an outrageous sense of superiority over boys, while her younger brother is forced to sit silently and listen.

At 9:40 we are introduced to Noa, who is sitting next to mother Hannah at a table. Opposite this pair is the father and Rosin’s son, neither of whose names did Rosin  mention. Noa is there to explain why the boys in her class do not perform as well as the girls.

“The girls are obviously smarter,” she says, her tone laden with derision. She goes on, stating, “I mean, they [girls] have much larger vocabularies. They learn much faster.”

At this point the son lifts his arms and attempts to object with, “No!”

The father touches his arm, clearly an admonishment, and says, “Let her talk,” without as much as looking at him.

The message at this point is already crystal clear. In the Rosin family, the belief is that females are superior to males, and any dissent from this will not be allowed.

Noa continues her speech. “They [girls] are much more controlled. The boys today are losing recess. …[O]nly boys.”

At this point Hanna interrupts to ask. “And why is that?”

“They were just not listening to the class while the girls sat there very nicely,” answers Noa, her sense of superiority even more evident in her voice. Apparently in her class, each and every boy is a behavioral problem, while each and every girl is a model student.  Either that, or the teacher is gender profiling for punishment in the classroom.

But either way, make no mistake about it; where the Rosin family is concerned, this is the psychological abuse of both children.

First consider the son, and I know there will be many that would say he did not appear to be adversely affected by what happened in this video.  It’s true; he does not appear to have clearly visible  effects for the three seconds the camera was on him.

But that camera is not capable of telling us what is going on with his self image, even though he tried to tell us himself by objecting to being barraged with messages of how inferior he was to his sister, and indeed to all women.

Now, if that does not convince you of a problem here; if you are looking at this and asking, “Hey, what’s the big deal?” let me ask you to imagine your reaction to a family scene where a son, with scripted assistance from his father, is allowed to tell his younger sister how superior boys are while the mother sits by to enforce the daughters silence as it happens?

It would be abusive, would it not? So is this. Period.

If Rosin is actually writing a book on why boys are failing, I would suggest that her abusive form of parenting might provide her good source material. She will likely be able to support it later when her son fails out of school. It happens to a lot of people with diminished self worth.

The father is no less culpable. Almost all abusive homes have one primary abuser, and a chief enabler. While likely well controlled by Hanna, Dad is obviously the muscle behind his wife’s philosophical edicts. His son would not be being abused if didn’t have a father who allowed it. And his daughter would not be learning a hateful mentality if her father was giving her the loving guidance she needs.

And that brings us to the matter of young Noa. What are we doing to children when we raise them with the mentality that they are superior to entire classes of human beings?

Well, for one we are subjecting them to the same learned hatred that resulted in a countless forms of bigotry and discrimination that we have long sought to correct;  the same learned hatred that resulted in segregated schools (though that will not be necessary with boys if we just drum them out of education altogether).

We have fought the scourge of racism being taught to our children.  We teach young men now, from an early age and rightly so, that any notion of superiority to women is misguided, destructive and will not be tolerated.

It is not just because those ideas are wrong, but because we know that raising children with hateful, racist and sexist ideas has a severely negative impact on what kind of adults they will turn out to be.

These same concerns should extend to boys as well, but as we saw in the snickering reaction of the audience to that video, and the smugness with which Hanna Rosin puts her abusive mothering on display for the world, we have a long way to go.

Rosin’s personal catch phrase in recent times has been, “The End of Men.”

It is an idea she is obviously dedicated to, as evidence by the fact that she is destroying the youngest, most vulnerable man in her life, right in her own home, and putting it on display for the world laugh at.

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Adam Kostakis is a member of the activated non-feminist sector. He is a mysterious Slavic revolutionary hailing from the dark hinterlands, currently residing in a dark, baronial castle atop the basalt cliffs overlooking the Yakima Valley in eastern Washington State.

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  • AntZ

    My mother did exactly this to her four boys. She is a prominent feminist who travels around the world doing work for governments and NGOs.

    It was often much, much, much more explicit. However, if Dr. Rosin subtly denigrates her boys when she knows she is being video taped, it is likely that she is much more blunt and brutal when nobody is around to see.

    That was the case with me.

    To hell with all hate-filled people whose mission in life is destruction. What is so wrong with compassion? With empathy? With generosity?

    Why must feminism draw its energy from hatred?

    • Keyster

      “Why must feminism draw its energy from hatred?”

      Hatred (of a defined enemy), is exactly what fuels most socio-political movements. You need the hate before you can organize and have mass consent for war. Radical muslims thrive on it. Nazi’s did too. Feminists always have.

      • Krystal

        Feminism is not about hatred. I promise. It’s about equality for everyone. This is not feminism. Please don’t turn a blind eye to it. It is really and important, empowering, and inspiring movement. True feminism only seeks to help. Feminists do not see themselves as above ANYONE. But misogyny and sexism are NOT tolerated.

        • thehermit

          “Feminism is not about hatred. I promise.”

          You can promise anything you want, but the facts are against you.

        • Jim

          “But misogyny and sexism are NOT tolerated.”

          Misogyny is not tolerated but misandry is required. Feminism wallows in sexism; it glories in it.

        • John the Other

          @Krystal : You say “Feminism is not about hatred” and “True feminism only seeks to help”. What a novel idea. Please tell me where this lovely ideal feminism of yours is practiced? Is it a secret? and what is the name of the mainstream ideology informing female supremacy and male vilification in the courts, the schools, the government and the workplace? whats it’s name?

      • Man1

        Americans thrives on hate too for their many wars. Just look at the dehumanization of muslims in Hollywood propaganda.

  • Snark

    Calling her out on this is one thing. Is there any way to involve the police?

    If what you say is true, and this genuinely constitutes abuse, then it is a crime, and one caught on film. We should be able to bring this to the attention of law enforcement and have them build a case against her. Consider that a boy’s future is at stake here.

    • Jimmy K.

      I totally agree.

      @Paul Elam: So what do you think? There must be some organization which can put a lawyer on this.

      • Paul Elam

        See reply to Snark.

        • 4DayCloud

          I hear there sending people on a one-way trip to mars. I think that Dr. Rosin and her ilk should be the first to go. When they come running back looking for help, with any luck they’ll burn up on re-entry. They can take their superior skills but they cannot take anything created by a MAN to help with their survival. If it weren’t for men this whackjob would be washing her clothes on a rock by a stream. But speaking perfect english.

          Men created the auditorium she is speaking in, the microphone, the clothing, the cosmetics, the internal combstion engine that got her there, the language….etc. And MEN fight the wars that keep her free and able to express her hatred for the hand that feeds her.

          If her father has not slapped the sh*t out of her (leaving nothing) for giving such a horrific speech he has not done his job properly. Upon meeting him we would no doubt find that he is a mangina led around by the nose.

    • Paul Elam

      Sorry to say that nothing would come of it. Yes, in my opinion it is certainly abuse, especially to the son. But there is a problem with any kind of legal intervention.

      First, the system is clogged with children who are beaten, sexually abused and live in squalor with drug addicts, etc. In most cases, CPS, where it concerns children that are fed, clothed, clean and free of physical and sexual abuse will look the other way. And to my knowledge, this particular kind of abuse is not legislated against.

      I think our best bet is the court of public opinion, as weak as that is. Those shits were LAUGHING at that conversation. But still I hope that MRA’s and anyone else concerned with children pass this thing far and wide, starting with facebook and reddit.

    • Dusty

      There’s no way they’ll call that abuse, unfortunately. Most people will say that if the boy was bothered by any of that, that he needs to “toughen up.”

      The girl in the video said that girls are more well-behaved. I agree, and this is exactly why teachers favor girls in the classroom: they don’t pose a significant challenge to a teacher’s authority.

      This is also why women are taking on more managerial positions at work: they don’t question upper management.

      This is why parents who can choose the sex of their child now tend to choose females: a child who isn’t a silent, mindless zombie is seen as a nuisance that needs to be medicated.

      This is also why hunters tend to choose female hunting dogs: they are more docile and compliant than males.

      • outdoors

        “This is also why hunters tend to choose female hunting dogs: they are more docile and compliant than males.”

        i thought it was for over-all dedication and because they are the only females left, that are man-friendly

        i am sure the feminists will do what they can to teach these dog’s that they are equal to,or above their masters

        • Dusty

          “I am sure the feminists will do what they can to teach these dogs that they are equal to, or above their masters.”

          I know! Somebody needs to train these bitches to know their rights! :)

          • Dusty

            By “bitches” I mean female dogs, of course, just in case Dave Futrelle is combing this to find examples of woman hatred in the MRM.

          • Marc

            Fuck David Futrelle.

      • John A


        “This is why parents who can choose the sex of their child now tend to choose females: a child who isn’t a silent, mindless zombie is seen as a nuisance that needs to be medicated.”

        I heard that comment and it didn’t match my experience. Little girls are wonderful up to the age of 11 or so, after that anyone who chose a girl will get what they deserve.

        BTW, I’ve got an only son, but have plenty of friends and relatives with girls.

        • Dusty

          If you watch the video, she says that 75% of parents at fertility clinics request girls. I really think it’s a convenience issue for these people. Most people really believe that girls will be easier to handle.

          This absolutely matches my experience. The little girls are treated as a blessing, whereas the boys are treated as a pain in the ass.

          • hestia

            Most people who adopt internationally prefer girls to boys as well. Agencies do not allow “officially” allow adopting parents to choose the sex of their potential child but they have a choice to accept or reject a child when a match comes up.

            My husband and I are seriously looking into adopting from Korea and were pretty much told a boy would be cheaper and the wait be far shorter than if we preferred a girl. It was a depressing fact to learn, to think of all the boys not chosen simply for being boys.

          • Dusty

            Agreed. The wait is longer for a white child too, isn’t it? It’s depressing to hear that adopting a child can be looked at in terms of supply and demand. It’s as though certain children are valued more than others.

      • John A

        @ Joe

        “Women make better yes men” That’s what Noa said in the family video, basically, girls are better at sitting down and shutting up.

        Sitting down and shutting up aint no sign of genius.

    • Carlos

      All do respect, but absolutely not!

      I’m in 1000% agreement with Paul that what this mother is doing is abusive and detrimental but, getting lost in child abuse rhetoric when it comes to government interventionism is not the answer. In this instance she is demonstrating poor parenting but I don’t doubt she loves her children, albeit in a sexist and misguided way, and her children love her.

      We are too quick to assume that the government should become parent to children when parents make mistakes. CPS almost universally make things worse in cases where there is not overt physical abuse.

      How would you like the DMV parenting kids from your family?

      • Kratch

        I’ve considered sending the father a scolding message, possibly with a link to this page. He has a facebook profile (in addition to his “like” page). But I truly doubt that would do any good, after seeing him subjugate his own son the way he did.

        • Carlos

          A far better solution to involving CPS. If we don’t start supporting parental rights to educate and raise their children it won’t be long till people are routinely losing their kids for:

          – homeschooling
          – political beliefs
          – spanking
          – teaching them not to trust the government
          – teaching them religion
          – refusing unnecessary vaccinations

          I say “routinely” because kids are already being taken into custody for all these reasons.

          Allow government to seize children for anything other than physical abuse or a level of neglect that is tantamount to it and its a slippery slope to kids being seized for teaching them that men are not inferior and that feminists lie.

          Not only will children be taken when they shouldn’t be they will be dumped into a foster care bureaucracy that has proven itself incompetent time and again.

          Just one of MANY examples:

  • Dusty

    Saying that men will fail and making sure your son(s) do fail is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Feminists send out some mixed messages. On one hand, women are more oppressed than ever. On the other, women are beating the pants off of men. Which is it? Or does it depend on the audience?

  • thehermit

    The problem with this kind of abuse is that it is not even criminalised; and this kind of abuse what some women love to use, because it has no risk, and no (short term) cosequences.

    • Kratch

      Depends what State you live in. this could be construed as harassment under DV laws … in some states. But not DC.

  • AntZ

    To Dr. Rosin, I would leave a warning.

    Her sons probably idolize her. That is what children do when they feel that their only source of security and sustenance is one temper tantrum away from abandoning them. That is what I did.

    In many ways, Dr. Rosin will likely never be accountable for her abuse. I first confronted my mother when I was 40 years old, but in an outrageously gentle and understanding way. A few apologies later, and “all was well.”

    Not a very high price to pay. When I was 13, my professional paid feminist mother (also a Dr. Hot-shot) decided that I was too introverted and not sufficiently manly and aggressive. I did not fit in with her “violent predator” construct of what a man should be. To solve the “problem”, she hired an adult prostitute to teach me to be a man. My mother will never be accountable for this — I have never spoken of this before today.

    However, as to Dr. Rosin’s assertion that she “dearly loves her boys”, I remember my mother telling this same lie to everyone she met. Dr. Rosin, when your boys are old enough to know what you have done to them, they will not angrily confront you or reveal your abuse to others — just as I have not. However, when you are lowered into your grave, their last thought will be of hatred and revulsion.

    Just as it will be for me.

    Rot in Hell, Dr. Rosin.

    • Nergal

      “Rot in Hell, Dr. Rosin.”

      I second that. We really need to put laws in place to protect young boys at least from women’s psychological abuse.

      ““The girls are obviously smarter,” she says, her tone laden with derision. She goes on, stating, “I mean, they [girls] have much larger vocabularies. They learn much faster.””

      Oh really, so a large vocabulary is the measure of intelligence now? Forrest Gump had a pretty large vocabulary for a retarded dude, but he was still retarded. Put these kids on some geometry problems and see who comes out on top.

      Of course the females are gonna be “smarter” if you judge “smart” by female-specific aptitudes. That’s like claiming only females are capable of reproduction and then defining reproduction as “gestating a fetus”.

      These same “superior women” can’t even figure out that you’re supposed to put oil and water in your car. I saw a chick drive a car for two years and destroy the fucking engine because of that exact reason. That’s a firsthand eyewitness account of “female superiority” at work for you.

      • Y

        ““Rot in Hell, Dr. Rosin.”

        I second that.”

        I third that!


        “Oh really, so a large vocabulary is the measure of intelligence now? Forrest Gump had a pretty large vocabulary for a retarded dude, but he was still retarded”

        Blog gold! HAHAHAHAHA!

        Should we now call her Dr. Rosin Gump!!!



          Run Rosin run

          • KARMA MRA MGTOW

            Forrest Gump: My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You NEVER know what you’re gonna get.”

            Rosin Gump: My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You ALWAYS know what you’re gonna get.”

    • Kratch

      “However, as to Dr. Rosin’s assertion that she “dearly loves her boys””

      I can openly say I love my dogs… doesn’t mean I don’t still think of them and treat them as inferior creatures (not the same as mistreatment, for example, putting their food and drink in a bowl and on the floor, locking them in a room (with food and drink) when lots of company comes over, etc).

  • Aharon

    If this is what HR is like in public it must be horrible in private. I know abuse and that boy will have or does now have serious issues with self worth, self love, self confidence, and self respect. Any father is a monster for not protecting his children from such a woman.

    I have personal experience with having received extreme emotional abuse, neglect, and disfavor from my mother. She wasn’t so much a feminist as she was an angry, entitled, insecure, and self-absorbed woman. I guess that sounds like many feminists too. My father was her obedient lapdog even while continuing to receive daily ongoing emotional abuse from her too.

    To this day I cannot have a relationship with a woman even though I am heterosexual.

  • Aharon

    BTW, to add onto my post above; even with my mother dead in her grave most of my thoughts and feelings about her are still anger and hate. We spoke, by phone, a week before she died though I refused to see or speak with her the previous twenty-seven years.

    It is sick how society understandingly supports an adult woman who was sexually or physically abused by her father yet sneers down at a man who was simply emotionally abused by his mother telling him to get over it.

    • // Martin E

      Hello Aharon, unfortunately you are right, society in general expects men to be tough and get over things and therefore sees abuse of them as less harmful and less significant. But not everyone looks at it that way. I think that the abuse you suffered is every bit as bad as it would have been if it had been carried out by a man on a girl. And there are, I am sure, other people here who would feel the same. So, draw some strength and comfort from knowing that even if we number few, the internet can bring us together.

  • Robert Lynch

    Why do these moronic men put up with this? I know the urge to get laid is strong and these idiots are afraid their dick will dry out. But this is your children. He is programming his son to fail. He is programming his daughter to be a tyranical parasite on society. My anger is evenly divided between the obviously overly entitled mother and the spineless father. Also why does TED believe this is an “Idea worth Spreading.” These people believe whole heartedly that they are the intelectual
    “elite”. They appear with these viedos and others like it to be not exactly the brightest bulbs they love to beleive they are.

    • Y

      “Why do these moronic men put up with this? I know the urge to get laid is strong and these idiots are afraid their dick will dry out.”

      Dude, Hanna Rosin is NOT worth it. She is damn ugly and a nasty bitch to boot. I’d rather stick my dick in a blender.

  • Robert Lynch

    Since I’m on a roll. I’ll say this. If I were to go on and on about women in this fashion I’d be willing to bet that TED wouldn’t consider that and “Idea worth Spreading”.

    • Poester99


      Right, because only “going on and on” about the inferiority of men, qualifies.

      A quick survey indicates that they have preconceived and probably adamant notions about women always being the oppressed and men always being the oppressors. Here’s one intending the shame all men into just shutting up and doing as they’re told by their betters.

      • Poester99

        Sorry misread your post.

      • Anthony Greene

        Speaking of TED, a friend just posted this TED talk on Facebook today. I found it even more insulting (for different reasons) than the Rosin talk.

  • The ScareCrow formerly known as Richard

    Ugh, perhaps I am just “old”, but I remember women like this in college – once they realize that male classmates are doing better, they really go into a tizzy – all the lies they have been told come to a boil, and instead of blaming themselves – and trying harder, they simply blame the secret society of patriarchy.

    Whats worse – when they enter the workforce – and expect a slew of sexual harassment – yet the only thing they see is a bunch of cougar secretaries showing young new male hire-ees pictures of themselves in bikinis (to lure sexually) – that is when they really flip. The majority of sexual harassment in the workplace is committed by women (at least – IMO it should count as sexual harassment). Most men these days – are of course terrified to even pay a woman a compliment in the workplace – for fear of getting into trouble at work…

    I see many good and excellent men around me on a daily basis. And forgive my sexist attitude – but they do constitute the majority of people here (engineering). I’d guestimate that the men outnumber women 10 to 1.

    I also remember one woman in computer science class crying – because she could not grasp the material. She was one of three women enrolled in the class – about 50 people total.

    Is my information all out of date – have things changed that much?

    10 years from now – will there be more female engineers here than male?

    It seems like the insane rage that feminists have against reality – just digs a hole for them – rather than lifting them up farther.

    That is, instead of trying harder – they expect everything to come easy.

    Is my info out of date?

    Is that woman simply self-deluded?

    Or is she spot-on?

    Please enlighten.


    • The White Rider

      More female engineers than male in the future? No. Feminists are likely to instead try to use Title IX to alleviate that “problem” as well.

      • John A

        “More female engineers than male in the future?”

        I think it was a rhetorical question

  • Whitney

    The entire conversation between Rosin Plotz and the Rosinplotz at the Atlantic here:

    • Kratch

      The father’s hesitation in saying “boys rule” is disturbing. He had troubles even saying it, clearly he doesn’t believe it (or is afraid to state it openly)

      • Kratch

        It’s pathetic when a grown man needs to look to his pre-adolescent son to garner the strength to say “boys rule” in the presence of his wife and daughter, who just naturally and eagerly stated girls rule without hesitation or concern.

  • Kratch

    “It is one of a 10 year old girl, gloating on an outrageous sense of superiority over boys, while her younger brother is forced to sit silently and listen.”

    She isn’t just gloating while her brother must sit by silently, she is looking directly at him, effectively antagonizing and taunting him, knowing full well her father will prevent any repercussions. This is an example of the damage a white knight can do.

    “Opposite this pair is the father and Rosin’s son”

    Rather confrontational set-up, boys on one side, girls on the other. She setting her kids up for a gender war already.

    “First consider the son, and I know there will be many that would say he did not appear to be adversely affected by what happened in this video. It’s true; he does not appear to have clearly visible effects for the three seconds the camera was on him.”

    I don’r know about that, his pasted on smile and obvious frustration was becoming apparent just as the camera cut away from him. It’s only there for a split second, but it is there.

    I think what bothers me most about this is that she calls on “the world wide education expert”, her daughter… despite her son also being in school (why is he not an expert too?) on why boy’s aren’t doing well in school (wouldn’t her son have a better understanding of why boys aren’t doing well then her daughter?). She not only forces her son to sit by and be insulted and taunted under his father’s silencing subjugation, he is denied his voice on a topic he is uniqly qualified to discuss.

    • Factory

      “She not only forces her son to sit by and be insulted and taunted under his father’s silencing subjugation, he is denied his voice on a topic he is uniqly qualified to discuss.”

      ….which is why boys are not doing well in school…..

  • Poester99

    Hopefully we don’t have another Joe Biden in the making here, willing to throw every other man under the bus to try to, futilely, win the respect of their strong, independent and ABUSIVE mothers and other female relatives.

  • Anti Idiocy

    Aside from the fact that these hateful gloaters are hurting little boys, I celebrate Hanna Rosen and encourage her and other overgrown children like her to keep it up. The more they spew this stuff, the less they see what’s coming down the track straight at them. (BTW, I hope people here are storing up at least a week or so of supplies. Just buy the likes of canned food and bottled water or at least water purification tablets and cycle them through your storage before their expiration dates.)

    Bernanke and his cheerleaders might claim that things are under control, but our system is unsustainable and is collapsing. Take a look at these graphs:

    Service economy my ass. Keep it up, girls. Keep it up.

    • Innocent Bystander

      Women are winning – in an economy that is self-destructing. The reason women are winning is because the economy has stopped producing things. Look at the professions women are doing well at – lawyers, middle managers, bureaucrats – paper shufflers and parasites all. Even the average doctor is just working his or her way through a diagnostic flow chart and empathizing with the patient to encourage them to come back next time.

      The dominance of women in America is a sign of the decay and demise of the USA. Just as the female dominated society of Louis 14th in France was a sign of decadence.

      Rosen’s theory that this is happening in Asia is baloney (having been there numerous times myself). The only significant development is that urban people tend to prefer daughters whereas rural people tend to prefer sons. As societies urbanize the preferences predictably change – you want a daughter to look after you in old age, not a son to work the fields.

    • Schiff fan

      Yes, Hanna is barely worth listening to given the collapse we’ve got coming but the problem is that we will all pay dearly for the dubious pleasures of Cunt culture. As we ‘hopeless’ males handle the collapse, I sure hope we don’t offer unconditional respect, that is ‘live’, to the haters who offer us unconditional hate. I also hope we toss the white knights to the dogs when they come begging. This will be a wonderful opportunity to DEMAND second-sex services in the old historical tradition before we fight for em, feed em or shelter em. Trouble is most males will probably fall right back into the hero role without thinking…giving bitches like Rosin no reason to reconsider.

  • Greg

    I completely agree that what that family is doing would constitute abuse if it were a repeated pattern, and the boy was continually denied a voice. But we don’t have the full context. Maybe the girl’s speech was allowed, and then the boy was allowed to fully speak his mind, and then the parents made some comments that both boys and girls have strengths and are highly valued. And that it’s important to appreciate everyone. In fact, in that case, I’d argue that they were being good parents.

    I was definitely badly abused by my mother – frequently physically, but emotionally on a near-continual basis, so I have sympathy for this issue.

    But honestly, in this case, I think the best course of action would be someone telling Hanna Rosin in a gentle way that she seems to be sending harmful messages to her son, and that she should consciously make an effort to change.

    • Porky D.

      Rational judgments must be made on the available evidence, not on what may or may not have happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

    • Kratch

      There is a post above by Whitney that links to an article with the entire conversation. When the boys turn came to talk, he was handed a piece of paper with words and acronyms he couldn’t even read/pronounce properly. His mother and sister regularly laughed openly and sneered openly as he said stuff, and the list he read sounded off like a feminist checklist of grievances that needed to be fixed. I couldn’t bear to watch any further, you might.

      • Greg

        Thanks for pointing that out! I did watch the rest of the video. It wasn’t that bad. The boy read a checklist, sure, but he got to say that boys were better because they are stronger, faster, more powerful, harder working, the best inventors, the best artists, presidents and vice presidents. If you wanted to instill a sense of pride in being male in a young boy, you could definitely do worse. I got the sense that each side in the debate spent some time planning beforehand, so Jacob might well have come up with some of those items on his own. Lastly, the boys “won” the debate, by seeing who could motivate the baby to come to them.

        I think that this instance was fine for the most part. Nobody is perfect and no one can perfectly calibrate their language at all times.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if Hanna Rosin often makes comments implying female superiority, situations where no competing voice is heard. I just don’t think this family debate qualifies as abuse. There’s enough cut-and-dried abuse out there – no need to focus on borderline cases.

        • Kratch

          “The boy read a checklist, sure, but he got to say that boys were better because they are …”

          Did she or did she not then systematically dismiss that entire list and accuse the boys of bullying. She claimed victim status in a debate with her own family rather then acknowledging the strengths listed… IE, she denied her own son the pleasure of being recognized for those attributes and punished him by calling him a bully for even mentioning them. And she choose to rip down the use of anything physical on the list, as if the foundations of our society wasn’t built on manual labour and physical enforcement/protection (there is a reason you never see two female cops or paramedics together on patrol, or squads of all female firefighters). Rather hypocritical for the mother to dismiss these jobs while letting the daughter cry “we get no credit”).

          “the boys “won” the debate”

          Then perhaps you should re-read the name of the video… “Resolved: Girls are better then boys”.

          • Greg

            LOL – I forgot about the title of the debate. Funny how it could have been given that name, which bears no relation to the actual content of the video.

            Good points about Hanna’s dismissive tone. Her counter-arguments were so obviously poor though, I hope that Jacob didn’t take them to heart. At least David countered the bullying charge.

            I think the big problem is that the debate even took place. It put the parents in the impossible position of providing emotional support to their children while simultaneously trying to win a debate.

    • Paul Elam

      You would argue that they were being “good parents,” by encouraging or even condoning sentiments of gender profiled superiority and inferiority?


      • Greg

        Good point. Probably good parents wouldn’t suggest such an exercise to begin with. Somehow I was in the mindset that the debate *had* to take place, and the parents job was to moderate it.

        • Paul Elam

          I agree if the debate “had” to take place, it would be a stronger position, but part of my point is that the mother, and likely both parents staged this from the beginning, and even in this small sample I don’t see any way of avoiding that the young Noa has been coached by Mom regarding her superiority over boys.

          I understand what you are saying, but I really do think we are seeing a microcosm of the family in action within this video.

  • Anti Idiocy

    I think I posted on AVfM a link to a video showing the violent demonstrations in Greece a few days ago. There’ve also been violent demonstrations in the UK and Italy recently, and Ireland and Belgium are crashing and burning. For a further sign of how things are going in Europe (this isn’t directly about the Ukraine’s developing debt crisis, but it shows how things continue to unravel in Europe.):

    • Jimmy K.

      I know it’s popular in the US to say European economy is gonna crash, but I think it won’t come that far unless American economy is going down. And that’s the problem. Considering 25% of the American debt is in the hands of China and the FED is printing money like hell, the fall of the United States looks nearer than ever. I’m not an expert at economics but it looks like the US is… broke. America is falling further and further behind the competition because of the steadily fall of men. America is no longer a leader in the fields of science and engineering. Corporate America is selling their R&D centers out to China, India and so forth. A country that does not invent AND does not produce goods, cannot survive. I mean: what’s left? Oh yes the upper management making up their fluffy stories. One day the companies in India, China… realize they don’t need the management in the US any longer for they will realize they can produce their goods themselves. Face it: it’s over. What’s left of the US is one giant artificial construction made out of thin air. Thanx to your feministic government who didn’t manage to get the best of their talented people (mostly boys) in hard science and engineering disciplines. Instead they send them to law and business school. One day America will get up in the morning and realize there’s nothing left.
      It will be interesting to see Rome burn for the second time. I really pitty the good men out there. It’s a shame.

      • thehermit

        “I’m not an expert at economics but it looks like the US is… broke.”

        Not so fast, not so fast. If the US collapses, we (europe)are doomed also.
        We are on the same boat.

        • Jimmy K.

          “Not so fast, not so fast. If the US collapses, we (europe)are doomed also. We are on the same boat.”

          That’s exactly what I said in my first sentence :)

          Yes if America is going báááng then Europe is doomed too. At this moment things are not looking good in Europe. All the recent issues concerning the government debts are really frightening. In a certain way it are exciting times, but also frightening times.
          What I don’t understand is that governments keep taking the wrong measures. They should bring up their ‘best’ people (mostly men). Instead all they do is bringing up the females because… ‘they are female’. Sigh. Get ready for Doomsday

      • MasculistMan

        America is the leader in running its mouth.

  • Aharon

    Jimmy K.,

    Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment. Over the past 40+ years, the two most influential ideologies in America have been the co-conspirators of political-correctness and feminism. Together, they helped usher in an era of big progressive government, a police-nanny state, and huge debts. Together, they have reduced the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to shreds.

    It is indeed a shame.

    • Anti Idiocy

      Agreed. And just today Obama signed a HUGE tax cut extension and unemployment benefit extension. People can go on and on about how this, that, and the other thing in the bill are needed, but it will increase the deficit by the better part of $900 billion in just two years. Remember that toward the end of GW Bush’s presidency, people were complaining quite rightly about his deficits, which had reached a peak of $455 billion in 2008. This bill will INCREASE the deficit by about that much each year.

      The country can no longer function without overwhelming increases in debt. And the new federal debt is now being funded to a very large extent by the Federal Reserve’s creation of money out of thin air.

      We have a bankrupt service economy that can now only run with vast amounts of money created from nothing. I just don’t see countries that actually make things continuing to give them to us in exchange for the services of the likes of Hanna Rosin. This can’t unwind in a pretty fashion.

  • Capt. DaPoet

    What goes around eventually comes back around…

    When it came to the psychological and emotional abuse heaped on my head by both of my stepmothers my father was the enabler…In the end my second stepmother managed to bankrupt my father after their divorce and my first stepmother (who came back after my dad’s third wife left him) intentionally gave him an std infection which destroyed his liver and took his life.

    He would never listen to me when I tried to talk to him about the abuse and in the end my dad admitted, though not to me, that I’d been right all along…

    Sad to say my dad’s youngest sister is just as demanding and controlling as she accused her first husband of being as well as my mother with whom I recently ended by relationship with permanently…


    To Hanna Rosin.

    I have a funny feeling Hanna Rosin’s life will be meet with a big disaster or two in the next few years.

    Not sure what, maybe her husband might have an affair – with a guy.

    She might – hopefully – die of cancer due to the fact no male surgeon will be good or smart enough to save her!

    I hope her son grows up to be a great man and her daughters great women – then disown her!It will be interesting to see the reaction of her children in ten or so years when as young adults they see the video and/or read these comments.

    AVFm will still be here and so will I.

    I hope her son in future will hopefully write a book about his nut job mum (mom U.S spelling) a wikileaks (or should that be feminazi-leaks?) exposition of her nuttiness.

    I hope her son brings charges against her for abuse.I would like the MRM to help with that, we should support him, can we inform the relevant authorities and get this abusive women away from her victims?

    I wonder if Hanna Rosin’s new book will be Mein Kampf (English: My Struggle) with male/man/boy replacing Jew, Gypsy, black, and women, female, girl replacing Aryan?

    Love the way her ‘husband’ plays the SS guard in her mental Auschwitz concentration camp.WTF!

    Humankind is better off without the worthless collection of molecules Hanna Rosin amounts to.

    This women is a mere journalist, she lacks the brainpower to be a scientist, engineer mathematician, medico, etc

    What has Hanna Rosin contributed to science, engineering, art or literature – not a damn thing and she knows it (thus the chip on her shoulder) she and others like her are an anti-social, anti-human leach on the body of humanity.Hanna Rosin is the evil Ebola virus of human relations.

    I tell you what Hanna Rosin we men will do one last thing before be leave you alone
    in the Utopian male free desert you wish for, we will take back all the silly scientific, engineering, medical, art, and literature that males have contributed for the 2500+ years which obviously made your life so hard.

    Lets see how living like a cave women 4000BC works out for you honey.



    • scatmaster

      She might – hopefully – die of cancer due to the fact no male surgeon will be good or smart enough to save her

      A little over the top dude. I agree she is the bitch of all bitches but I just noticed that Paul’s article got posted to a message board on a main stream news site in Canada revolving around an article on education. You know what our enemies will zoom in on and the only thing they will zoom in on. Let them know we despise them, let them know we wouldn’t even piss on them if they were on fire but don’t advocate violence or death even though most of us feel it is what they deserve and trust me I know where you are coming from and I might have to be admonished at some point in the future when my frustrations boil over. Just saying.


        ‘She might – hopefully – die of cancer due to the fact no male surgeon will be good or smart enough to save her’

        I know it was nasty, but I really do hope for that, damn very harsh, very harsh, you know how many lives would have been saved if the attempt’s on Hitlers life would have succeeded? It is not he same I know, but very similar, the MRM really must stop playing Mr nice guy.

        So how do we bring this evil which down….

        The first thing we can do is gather evidence of her abuse and report it to the relevant authorities.Use the ‘system’ just in the same way she does.

      • MasculistMan

        You’re weak,scatmaster. They’ve said the same things toward us and it’s documented. Besides Canada is already neutered.

  • Robert Lynch

    Another note: Congratulations women have complained their way to the top

  • Porky D.

    She makes some good points, but the gloating tone is quite disgusting. Imagine if she were gloating over working class job losses or mocking people working for peanuts at Walmart ?How much laughter would that get from her lefty crowd?

    Frankly, every time i come across something this egregious it makes me want to take off the kid gloves in terms of my attitudes towards women as a class, and when that happens it isn’t going to be pretty. Hell, if Michael can draw The Pigman Cometh he can certainly come up with some offensive greeting cards and T-Shirts…

  • jaytheman

    Congratulations you have just entered the modern college classroom and that woman’s children are the class. I know Paul and a few of you have been out of the colleges for awhile but take it from a current male in the school system now, this is the norm. Often in the class at college immediately the teacher will pit the girls against the boys and be automatically on the girl’s side. I remember taking a gender studies class with my friend. Gender studies my ass more like women are oppressed class. Every time the teacher said something that was misandric all the girls in the class would love to hear it, but when either myself or one of the maybe ten other boys in the class would try to counter it with logic this is what would happen. Basically all the girls would tell us how stupid and blind we were and the teacher would pull some phony facts out to add to it. If we pushed the teacher further we would get threatened to be kicked out of the class. Yes that happened to me. I was threatened to be kicked out for disagreeing with the teacher that sure sounds like a place for higher learning.
    Anyway you’d think oh well that’s just a gender studies class those have obviously been taken over by feminists. You’d be dead wrong because it happened all over my college curriculum. English, Psychology, US history, Humanities hell even PE had some sprinkled in there. It’s all over campus life with a lot of services not only aimed at but made exclusively for women. Even girls themselves often will make it clear that they are more important than men and the teachers both male and female often bring this message home. Btw the teachers that weren’t misandric and truly treated everyone fairly are often the most disliked by the girls.
    Going back to the main point is this poor boy will go through his whole life not just having his mother say he’s stupid and worthless. The media the government his teacher’s and probably even his girlfriend or wife will as well. Let’s just hope at some point in his life he finds out about the MRM like I did.

  • Jonathan Mann

    Hanna Rosin can pretend to give a shit about helping males but its obvious that her main concern is with selling her writings and her upcoming book. And what is really repulsive is that she doesn’t even care that she is harming her own children in order to do it.

    The only positive thing that I can think of to say about her is that at least, instead of saying that women need more ‘help’ in all areas of life, a common feminist mantra, she is saying that men are through, which gives us ammunition to use against the feminist propaganda machine. The more a prominent feminist continues to say that women are naturally better for the economy and thus better suited for the world, the MRAs can continue to highlight the fact that women, as a group, don’t need help, and that the gender focus should be on improving boys education.

  • rebtus

    Paul Elam,
    The article labeled her agenda as “master race”, would “master gender” be a more accurate term?

    • Paul Elam

      Quite true. I love the ability to edit! LOL!!

  • Man1

    This Rosin is clearly a female-supremacist, one thing i gave to them though: they are really good at organizing, much like the Nazis, only they dont need to use weapons other than their tongue. We men are having an hard time organizing ourselves. Most MRA websites are made by amateurs, how come no rich man has come to the help and funded an MRA group to open a well made-website, and maybe even a phisical center for men ? We need funding by rich men, but these “alpha males” are spending their money on women. Clearly men solidarity is almost non existant.

    • scatmaster

      I hope you don’t consider AVFM a website made by an amateur.

    • AntZ

      Alpha males and feminists have a very cozy relationship.

  • Richard Brown

    Well Said whether you got the votes or not.At 70yrs I find this mind boggling.You might say where have you been?I am one of you and as a whole we are one.I will just keep chiping away at myself and maybe I will discover the man I am suppose to be before before the older man with beard and sickle shows up to claim me.
    Thanks for reading me.

  • HeavyWeather

    Her husband (mangina) needs a good ole fashion trip to the woodshed, for allowing his son and himself to be treated like that. Other than the fact that that little vidbite was obviously staged and rehersed equates to abuse in my book.

  • Nathan

    Hanna Rosin is just a typical sexist woman who abuses others in a common way for females which is to turn her words into weapons and I will so enjoy watching her crash and burn when people start to tear her down because they are repulsed by her.

  • Jeff

    The thing that needs to be done to point out the hate here is to reverse the argument. I have often shamed feminists into admitting they are wrong by doing this. As the author points out, had the film shown the same situation with the genders reversed it would have sparked outrage.

    So someone needs to hire a few actors and film it in reverse! Post it in every forum that shows her video. POINT IT OUT!

  • Aimos

    Be sure to read her full article and watch the full video here:


  • Anonymous

    This is truly disturbing.
    That she sees nothing wrong with the elitist mentality she is fostering in her daughter.
    That she sees nothing wrong about telling her own son that he is inferior because he is, well, a boy.

    Reverse the sexes, and this kind of sick mentality would never be tolerated – i.e., a father telling his daughter that she is inferior because she is a girl, a father gloating as he listens to his son tell his daughter how she’s worth less.

    In all fairness, listening to the way this lady talks, she does seem intelligent. I just don’t understand why an intelligent woman like herself could possibly fail to see the blatant and heinous bigotry in her own thoughts and words, and what it is doing to her son and daughter… sigh.

  • Edmond

    Disgusting Video
    I do not know what was worse, the closet Bull-Dyke mother, eunuch father, or the moronic girl.
    The young boy will have severe head problems, being bought up in such a dysfunctional house.

    • Jimmy K.

      Indeed. And when he resorts to violence at later age because of the dammage the mother has done to him and all the hatred he has heard, all feminists will point to him and pose him as an example of the ‘violent behavior of men’

  • faewillow

    Referenced in blog, “Gather News Pokes Fun At Abused Man.”
    Post is about the difference between the way American views and treats abuse of males and the way it does with abuse of females, with an emphasis on question why people think abuse of males is funny while we are horribly outraged by the same treatment if it is directed at a woman.

  • Agagooga

    While you are right that Rosin doesn’t reflect adequately on the disturbing implications of the power shift from men to women, you unfortunately seem to be taking a page from feminist methodology in over-interpreting this video

    There is a very good reason the boy was asked not to interrupt – it would disrupt the flow of the video. It’s the same reason you try and prevent random people from walking into your frame when you are shooting a video or photo.

  • Jack

    She is despicable. Probably has daddy issue and has effectively castrated her own son psychologically.

  • Jack

    That poor kid will either end up fearing women his whole life or hating them.

  • Jack

    It’s called public humiliation and is a typical behavior of parents who have a narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Sha

    I bet she probably even refused to breastfeed her Son just to make sure her daugher ger more out of her…

  • Phil in Utah

    I can see at least one good thing coming out of this: her son is gonna grow up to be a truly fine MRA someday.

  • Otter

    They did it to me when I was a kid and I’ll be damned if they do the same thing to my son.

    Over my dead body, you bitch.

  • Lee

    And someone MARRIED her?!

  • Lee

    Hanna Rosin is a star example of what a Intelligent Woman should never be. Because if you become that, then Intelligence is not a word to describe you.

  • Ana

    “…2 sons whom I dearly love.”

    …I don’t see it.

  • Daniel Kulkarni

    This is disgusting.