Gynocentrism: Barbie meets Dinky Toys!

If you haven’t had enough of the argument over the “nature vs. nurture” crap, feel free to throw this into the mix. Personally I think it’s a pile of bullshit opinion comparable to a can of nuts, bolts, washers and screws. They all look worthwhile and if you dig long enough you might find the right size or the right fit, that’s why you will never throw them out, you just never know and they’re shiny.

I’d like to direct this to all the piece of shit, knuckle dragging, dick wagging, perpetrating, objectifying, wife battering, rapist men out there. For those that are unsure…take a number and wait till you’re called. It’s time for some sensitivity training. That’s right dude, and we are going to take a shortcut here so that you can feel the power of your sensitivity immediately.

For this exercise you will need a toy car, a toy truck, a doll, an elastic band, handcuffs, two pocket size rocks, (marbles will do), a worm and a glass of water. Hurry up we’re waiting.

Now take the two pocket size rocks (marbles will do) and put them into one of your pockets, right to the bottom, no cheating. Now this part is important so pay attention. Make sure you have enough room for this. Spin around three times as fast as you can, this will induce a state of attention deficit disorder. If you fall down or stumble, good job, you’ve achieved attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

WARNING:  make sure no one is watching, or you might find yourself medicated. Remember it’s a sensitivity simulation. Spectators will be confused.

Once you achieve a reasonable state of “who gives a shit” you’re ready to move on with the exercise. Pick up the worm and give it a name. Now I don’t want to introduce any cultural bias here, you’re not trying to impress anyone but the worm. If this kind of multi-tasking is a challenge take your left index finger, stick it in your nose and wiggle it around. Now you know why you shouldn’t stick a worm in your nose, its physics and it feels weird. Now put the worm in your pocket, that’s right the same pocket as the rocks (marbles will do). Why? Because rocks come from the ground and so do worms.They’re friends.

Here’s where we move on to the self-empowerment portion of this sensitivity simulation. Take the truck and sputter just like an engine. If it sounds more like a motorcycle either you’re cheating or you have dry mouth. This is where you get to use the water. However, if you are in fact cheating you’re only cheating yourself. Once you drink the water begin sputtering like an engine again. Remember achieving the right sound is not nearly as important as spitting all over your face and the floor. Now take the car and place it on the floor within arm’s reach. Rev up the engine in the truck, sputter counts, the more the better. You can’t have a good accident without a slippery surface so if you need an extra moment to sputter take it. Now slam that fucking truck right into that car and mean it.

This is the moment of male ecstasy, the absolute expression of the force and nature of an overwhelming patriarchy. It is the infusion of godlike omniscience and the ultimate oppression and subjugation of car, truck, saliva and floor. The boy becomes man and the man becomes God. Of course the worm becomes paste. It is at this point we end the simulation, directing you to wipe the spit off your face, reach into to your pocket. Yes the one with the rocks (marbles will do). Telling us exactly how you feel, yes now, we want to know, give us the depth of your sensitivity, we ARE READY FOR IT!!!!

If you responded with green Jell-O, remove your hand from your pocket, the one with the rocks (marbles will do) and go get some from the refrigerator, good job. Now we move on to the next simulation.

Take the elastic band and grabbing some of your hair create a pig tail; don’t worry about symmetry or location the object here is to be introduced to the word pig. Now pick up the doll and in a wholly nurturing fashion begin to project your emotional immaturity in a soft, subtle and coercive tone. Remember that you speak for the doll and it can’t possibly experience or feel anything that you have not interpreted and assigned to it.

Try to project a meaningful dialogue with the doll. It is your responsibility to speak for the doll and to express the emotional insight and experience that the doll should be engaged in. If at this point you find that the doll is unwilling or uncooperative you may need to resort to shaming, verbal abuse or even corporal punishment.

WARNING: make sure no one is watching, or you might have to blame the doll. Remember it’s a sensitivity simulation. Spectators can’t possibly empathize with your narcissism.

Continue to objectify the doll while convincing yourself that it’s all about you and your feelings. You may find it helpful to use either, the princess, the mother or the marriage narrative. Using all three at the same time does qualify as multi-tasking so don’t be afraid to challenge that doll. It should be relatively simple to compete emotionally with a lump of plastic, so don’t give up until the doll achieves a complete understanding of your state of oppressed victimization. Once you have subjugated yourself, and again you need only convince yourself and only you know for sure, you have achieved the purpose of the simulation. You are now sensitized, and narcissistically self-absorbed.

Good Job.

Yeah, nature or nurture, tough question. Which to go with, trucks or dolls? Hmmmm!

With my vast experience at breathing and flushing toilets, I’m left to conclude that rather than argue over the two, nature or nurture it might just be safer to try and make them work together. It’s frugal and cost effective, besides what if I throw one of them out and I’m wrong.

I’ve decided that the route to take with my kids is to nurture their nature.

It strikes me that “nature” speaks to the individual, while “nurture” speaks for a community. If we cannot nurture the nature of an individual, how long before the individual becomes a pathology of self- loathing, against their own nature and against the community. It is curious that we now see crime as a nurtured outcome and grant innocence to the individual, by gender.

You may be wondering why the handcuffs are left over that’s for a very special simulation that needs to take place between every father and son. It’s called cops and perpetrators. No doubt, Dad already knows the rules and how to play. It’s time to nurture his assigned nature.

As a closing chill to this little exercise of sensitivity consider the similarity of a woman parenting an infant. Watch closely the behaviors that mirror doll play, the objectification of the experience, how well the mother (doll goddess) is controlling the outcome as compared to the experience of the infant. Observation will reveal that nurturing is nurtured convenience. The infant does not really exist, only the mothers experience defines the infant’s presence. Munchausen by proxy is not a behavioral anomaly, it resides in every maternal relationship, only the extent to which the expression is acknowledged, defines it.

Very many men, raised by single mothers, know the truth all too well. They know the years of her suffering and sacrifice. They know because she tells them.

In fact she tells everyone.

About J Galt

John is a father, writer, social commentator and mentor to young men. He is a regular contributor to A Voice for men focusing mainly on gender politics and pervasive social illusions.

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  • Anti Idiocy

    This is a friggin crackup.

  • Snark

    This is a whole new level of brilliance.

  • reficul

    “Very many men, raised by single mothers, know the truth all too well. They know the years of her suffering and sacrifice. They know because she tells them.”

    I am afraid it is not only single mothers – every mother who “feels” she is unhappy in her relationship does exactly the same

  • Nergal

    You must have been William S. Burroughs in a past life. Either him or some kind of mutant insect shaman, praying maniacally over the corpse of washed out concrete manatees in the back alley abortionist’s chair,receiving your divine instruction over bloodied coathangers in the crystal radio you made from the teeth of bloodless Communists.

    • keith

      In your earnest attempt to out me, Sir, I will have you know that I have not taken heroin, yet. Unlike Mr. Burroughs and an erection, I was unable to firm up a second matrimony. Though I do not wish to niggle your nergal, I do try to set standards on my writing. They may well reside between distasteful and vulgar, never the less, they are standards. :)

      • Nergal


        You’re a master of….whatever it is that you do,sir.

  • Denis

    This was very interesting. The nature-nurture debate will continue with new findings likely supporting both in varying degrees for different aspects of humanity.

    It is very interesting how boys and girls tend to gravitate to different types of toys, but not all the time.

    What do I do with the worm and marbles in my pocket?

  • Keyster

    I’ve been working next to a daycare center the last 3 years. I’ve observed the behavior of the boys and the girls. It’s what you’d typically expect.

    And so if they spend the majority of their waking hours each workday with only each other, who’s nurturing anything at all? The small mexican woman who rules over the daycare certianly isn’t, I can vouch for that. She makes sure they stay out trouble and feeds them lunch and little more.

    And of course I’m compelled to ask, if it’s nurture then who nurtured the original nurtureres, and so on down the line?

    Mattel had a female CEO for a view years where she put her feminist education to work. All new “gender neutral” lines of toys and marketing as such. It was a complete disaster and she was asked to resign. Something similar happened at Fisher-Price.

    Now they’ve just excepted the fact that little girls want to be “sluts” and are adapting their product lines accordingly, with short skirts, push-up bras and make up…..for 8 YEAR OLDS! …and it’s selling!

    Being a mommy and having a baby is not cool to 8 year old girls.
    Being a raging slut with a little toy iPhone is where its at.
    Will you let your little girls be denied what all the other little girls have?
    No. Must keep up. My little girl might look like a slut, but she’s also sassy and independent.

  • AntZ

    Brilliant, Keith. As usual.

  • J.G. te Molder

    I’ve done the simulations, and what revelations, I’m sensitive now. NO! I’m CONSCIOUS! :)

  • Nancy

    Feminists have for years maintained that the research that shows boys choose trucks and girls choose dolls is totally related to socialization. Even when the research was done on children too young to have been socialized the fems continued with their ridiculous assault on boys choosing trucks and girls choosing dolls. The thing that shut them the fuck up was when the research was done on chimpanzees. What did they find in the baby boy and girl chimps? Duh. The boy chimps liked the trucks and the girls chimps liked the dolls. STFU! LMAO. gg

    • fidelbogen

      This (about the chimps) intrigues me very, very greatly.

      Perchance, do you have a link to anything that relates to this?

      • Nancy

        I read about this study in the David Geary book “Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences, 2nd ed.” I can’t recommend this book enough. It is literally filled with studies that repeatedly refute the feminist myths. The media just ignores it. He has pulled together quite a resource for MRA’s. The reference section of studies cited is about 110 pages. Turns out Geary is on the board of advisers for the new Boy’s Initiative. Good!

        This is the study I referred to:

        Alexander, G.M., & Hines, M (2002). Sex differences in response to children’s toys in non-human primates (Cercopithecus aethiops sabaues) Evolution and Human Behavior, 23, 467-479.

        The same researcher published an article in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” titled “An Evolutionary perspective of sex-typed toy preferences: Pink, Blue and the Brain” 2003 32, 7-14.

    • Snark

      Then they constructed the theory of ‘chimp patriarchy’.

      • Nancy

        lol! And Lancelot Link was an oppressor!

  • codebuster

    One question… biological predispositions notwithstanding, how does one take out of the equation the effects of:
    1) the mother’s fawning over the promise of her little man becoming a real man;
    2) the father’s fawning over the promise of his little princess becoming a real woman (red-pill mras excepted)?

    It’s all well and good anecdotally referencing the rough-and-tumble taking place in daycare centres in an attempt to be able to say “see, it’s all so clear and obvious you dummy, and I don’t need anyone to explain it me, you intellectual snob.” But such an approach overlooks the “initial conditions” that start the brain’s wiring-up process. You know, the initial conditions that starts with moms’ and dads’ expectations towards their li’l princesses and buttheads. Not to mention, of course, the biological predispositions, which includes not just physiological appendages, but also the internal stuff like hormones, etc… and perhaps even the genes that impact on predispositions (but do not determine anything).

    There is only one thing demonstrated herein, and that is the power of self-deception within a self-fulfilling reality. See, it’s so obvious, it’s right in front of our faces, and you’re proving it! :)

  • codebuster

    And of course I’m compelled to ask, if it’s nurture then who nurtured the original nurtureres, and so on down the line?

    The parents are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children who become parents who are products of culture who raise their children

    …and so on, down the generations. Why do we appear to have a problem with this? Think memetics.

    • keith

      Therein lies the rub for me. If the argument for nurture was valid then feminism wouldn’t exist. HAHAHAHAHA :)

      • codebuster

        Ah but feminism is chivalry. It’s an old cultural code reformulated within the context of the contraceptive technologies… HA!

        • keith

          Moral and ethical imperialism is a result of technology.
          That’s fucking brilliant! I’ll have to test that.

  • Red0660

    Have you all heard of the new Affirmative Action Barbie? You press the button and she says a lot of cool stuff.

    “he he he girls come first in college admissions”

    “he he he I’m a girl, merit and ability is for boys he he he”

    “he he he I was carried on a pedestal to the corner office”

    “he he he government contracts go to girl owned businesses…he he he girls come first”

    “ohhhh bama he he he Stimulus Packages are for the ladies”

  • Richard G.

    The video is titled “Beyonce- Run The World – LIES”

    If anyone is with the singer Beyonce and her new song “Run The World”, then you will know that message is purely gynocentric. There is this woman that made a video response, and her points are only negated by the fact that she is a feminist. What is most disgusting of all is the comments by so many women are completely apathetic to men, and there some that imply that men who respond to the video are trolls with “male privilidge” who are trying to keep women down, and that they automatically validate the points that the woman makes in the video.

    The link on the top should direct you to the video. Women are our enemies, and it is time that we completely treat them as such. Their words no longer hold any meaning to men, and if they were to phase out of existence, I wouldn’t give two fucking shits. Women are SO thoroughly convinced that they are being oppressed, and any man speaks out is accused of being an oppressor.

    Feminists will rob us of our freedom, and take everything from us, including our lives, just to validate the lies that we are holding them back. I have never such a disgusting attitude from females, and they are convinced that they are being “empowered”.

    • Richard G.

      Sorry, I meant if anyone is FAMILIAR with the singer Beyonce. My mistake.

      • Gendeau

        Shame, I fancy being ‘with’ Beyonce, she wouldn’t be talking though…happy thoughts, big smile (her too).

        Wouldn’t marry her though, I’m not crazy

    • fidelbogen

      “Women are our enemies, and it is time that we completely treat them as such. “

      Sir, you are certainly welcome this opinion. However, it is not one that I myself would rubberstamp. Nor do I feel it is politically necessary to espouse it, especially not in such a public way.

      IF you truly feel that women are the enemy, there are plenty of ways to secure our interests in light of this possibility, but without openly stating that “women are the enemy”.

      My own policy is to be agnostic upon this point.

      Finally, consider that if women in fact ARE the enemy, it might be a wise move to not let them know that you know they are the enemy. This could give a tactical edge.

      • Richard G.

        I become more bitter everyday, and I just can’t help myself. I shouldn’t have to live in fear or shame because I was born with a body part between my crotch. Their attitude really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The ignorance of these women isn’t flattering, it really isn’t, and they think that the world owes them something. One girl even says, ‘The world is ours for the taking, and we have yet to realize that!’, or some shit like that! It shows the inherent selfishness of so many women. These were the very same group of people that once upon a time took pride in taking care of their husbands and children.

        To say that women are oppressed or denied opportunity is a great disrespect to people who have actually been oppressed or marginalized. They have never been hung or lynched, or water hosed in riots. They have never had to go to war, and get their fucking limbs blown off, or come back home after losing their fucking minds watching their Brothers In Arms get killed.

        It’s just sickening, but then again I have “male privilidge”, like men don’t bust their asses to make ends meet. But you know what, like the bitch in one her comments says, ‘That’s not the effing point!’

        • fidelbogen

          The trouble is, if you make a huge, blanket statement such as “women are our enemies”, then you are leaving no individual woman anywhere with any kind of escape hatch from the “enemy” category. Then they will just decide “oh what the hell, we grrls have no choice but to stick together.”

          This both creates the ‘enemy’, and creates solidarity among that ‘enemy’. It also plays into the hands of the feminists. I’m not sure it is politically wise, from our standpoint, to encourage such a thing.

        • Keyster

          Try not to take it so seriously.
          They’re becoming parodies of themselves, and when you react that way you validate their message.

        • Snark

          Richard, I entirely relate to where you’re coming from, having been there myself, and not so long ago.

          However, I endorse what Fidelbogen is saying, but rather than repeat his points, I will elaborate in my own way.

          If you watch a feminist video on youtube, and make your judgement on women based on this alone, of course you’re going to feel angry towards women. Because you’re judging them all according to this particular woman, who is a particularly hateful creature. (Not necessarily the one you linked to, which I haven’t watched – speaking generally.)

          Similarly, if you go read a hit piece by Kay Hymonwitz (sp?) and view her as an effigy for all women, then yes, you’ll come away from it thinking that all women are nasty pieces of work.

          Only, what’s missing from this picture? … any and every woman that isn’t Kay Hymonwitz. That’s who. And while she is, indeed, a nasty piece of work, the women who aren’t Kay Hymonwitz haven’t had a fair hearing here.

          Ah, but Snark, there are SO MANY women with this kind of attitude and entitlement today … okay, yes. There are. And if you move around in the circles of the manosphere you will be bombarded daily with links and youtube clips and blogs and articles full of hate speech towards men.

          Keep in mind: there’s something of a selection bias here, because the very purpose of the manosphere is to disseminate that kind of thing – to make examples of hateful women, to expose them, to bring them to attention, etc.

          Thus, if you spend most of your online time in the manosphere, your impression of women as a whole will be somewhat tilted towards the feminist and the misandric. Those are the women you will be reading about, watching, and helping to expose to the world.

          Now, I fully concede that princess behaviour goes beyond the openly misandrist and feminist subcategories of ‘women’. That being said, if you step outside the manosphere and the femosphere – and go to a neutral web page or news site, insofar as that is possible – and check out the comments on a piece in which a man or men have been exploited in some way by a woman. E.g. paternity fraud, a false rape accusation, and so on.

          About half of the comments registering disgust on the part of Joe Public are not by Joe Public at all but by Jane Public.

          Just recently I posted a link to an article in which a woman had forged her ex-husband’s signature to gain access to his frozen sperm, impregnated herself, had two children and did not tell him, and years later has dragged him into family court and has been awarded £100,000 of his money.

          Scrolling down the comments – 99% of which called for her to be punished and for the family court decision to be reversed – I noticed something profound.

          They weren’t all written by men.

          Actually, quite a number were written by women.

          You see, the overwhelming majority of women would not do something like forge an ex-husband’s signature to gain access to his frozen sperm, have two children without telling him, and then bankrupt him.

          Most wouldn’t. It wouldn’t even cross their minds.

          And when such a scenario is brought to their attention, they are rightly disgusted, and do not just take the side of the woman on any pretence of ‘girl power’.

          Of course, if you only looked on feminist sites, or on MRM sites working to expose feminism, you’d get the impression that women support or defend this kind of abuse, because feminists always will do the ‘girl power’ thing.

          But feminists are a minority among women.

          They are a loud minority, but they are a minority.

          Believing that, e.g. every woman would defend a woman’s abusive actions, or even commit them herself, is no different from believing all men are potential rapists – no doubt the (willful) result of only looking at men who rape when making judgements about men.

          It’s poor form to attack ‘women’ because a great number are potential allies in the fight against our real enemy, which is feminism.

          Attack feminists. Mercilessly but think tactically. Don’t alienate those who agree with our principles.

          • Paul Elam

            Well said, sir.

          • chris

            All true. But if the point is the one often made here, basically that “women are not our enemy” I direct you to the compelling category of discourse about gynocentrism. That only a few women are feminists is not good news, it is bad news, because it affords cover and succor to those who are gynocentrists and more insidiously harmful to society, AND to the rather large demographic that is a slave to anecdotal thinking, stumbling through life saying this and that cant be true because no one they know is like that.

            Its way more complicated than not alienating those who agree with our principles because generally women have the ability, as do some men that are loose lazy thinkers, to be utterly intellectually inconsistent, at once agreeing with an MRA principle then walking in the next room and joining the side that is in clear violation of said principle…for plainly emotional reasons driven by an exact circumstance that makes them say “yes but…..”

    • fidelbogen

      I have gone to that video and left a few classically Fidelbogen-esque comments. I wonder if they will be deleted…?

  • Red0660

    Yea it is also amazing how much women focus on themselves. The video got around 266,000 views. I put my own two cents in there as well Let me know if you guys have some more points to add or better stats. I’m always building my arsenal. This is an information war. It is a war for minds.

    “It is estimated that at least 4 million women experience a serious assault by an

    intimate male partner during an average 12-month period.” Yes and last time I check 2.98 million men experience a serious assault by an intimate partner in an average 12 month period. 30% of cases which are brought to attention require medical care catagorized as serious injury.

    I believe perhaps the rap lyrics you refer to are indicative of the mutual disrespect between black men and black women within the matriarchal black community. Without a place in the home or in the lives of their children how else do you expect black men to view their relationship with women. Game artificially raises male value in contrast to female hypergamy. It is the only logical response to a female dominate social strata.

    Actually women recieve the majority of healthcare, education & welfare \ social assistance funding along with “women first” affirmative action in college admissions.

    Actually the black man was removed from the family beginning in the mid 1960’s. Fatherlessness breeds fatherlessness. The black family was not always this way. I suggest you understand what happened.

    @oneivage No you are sadly misinformed about the aspects which tore apart the black community. It is unfortunate that you demonstrate misandry toward your men rather than demonstrate an understanding of these issues.

    “Men aren’t objectified in the same way” No just in a different way….as “use objects”

    Men are not considered men by default but must “be a man”. Being a man implies action and action implies use and utility…esspecially toward and for women and culture.

    Actually single childless women make on average 8% more than men in every major city in the United States.

    Rape is such a nebulous term that it has lost its definition. Violent pathological rape is rare comparably to other types of “rape”. ” Violent rape is a pathology with a strong corelation to prior history of abuse by a female.

    There is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993).

    Actually when women’s violence against children is factored in it equates to around 1 in 6 victims of violence being women. According to the U.S. DHHS women commit the majority of child abuse and child murder. According to the CDC and APA violent relationships are reciprocal. 70% of the time the woman becomes phyically violent first. Male DV victims of abuse are much less likely to report abuse and furthermore have little protection under law and policy.

    The wage gap is not based “on the same work” but rather the disparity in wages over the entire workforce. Women work fewer hours, less overtime and in the lower education occupations they work in jobs that pay less and are not working in the jobs the lower edu men are working. Even in “the same job” no variables are factored. Men work on average 10-15% more hours workforce wide.

    • Richard G.

      I have your comments on that video, and those miserable cuntrag ho-bags jumped on your case like White on Rice.

      There was even this one comment from some whore (or probably a simp) named ‘TheLostShoes’

      ‘Whenever the topic of feminism comes up there’s at least one guy arguing that men are sometimes discriminated against, too.

      Whenever the topic of domestic violence comes up there’s at least one guy saying that some women beat men.

      Whenever the topic of sexual harrassment comes up, one guy will always say that women do that too.

      Guess what: That’s not the effing point!’

      The apathy and cold-heartedness of feminists is so blatantly obvious, that they think that womens problems are the worlds problems. And you were on point in saying that the Black community is matriarchal. The Hispanic community from which the woman in the video and myself are derived from is well on it’s way to becoming matriarchal as well. And I mean Hispanic American communities which have settled in America for two to three generations, and integrated with Western society.

      • Richard G.

        Damn, another mistake. I have meant to say that I have seen your comments on that video, my bad.

  • Red0660

    Her video is FILLED with so many logical fallacies it is ridiculous.

    ‘women are victims of domestic violence and therefore hold no institutional power in the household or under marriage law’

    ‘if this is a woman’s world and women are not lowly oppressed victims of men then why are 90% of rapes female’

    ‘there is a disparity of earnings between men and women as a whole of the workforce. It does not matter the reasons why because the reason is that women are oppressed’

    Feminists have the logic and reason of a 2 year old.

  • Red0660

    I have to admit, the outtake at the end where she was interrupted by the anti-virus was hilarious.

  • MateNeo

    Holy shit!!! this is not just another article…. not at all….

    This is like a giant leap in the thinking process. I am completely stunned.

  • by_the_sword

    What about the worm? Can I take it out of my pocket now?

  • Elderswami

    great one keith! loved it

  • The Free Libertarian

    You sir have done it the right way.

    Using humor and the like.

    Very funny, but more importantly friggin bang on the money.