The voices of men

It has long come to my attention that there are major differences in the minds of those who would depose a gynocentric culture with one whose tenants are based upon personal accountability, individual merit, and individual freedoms.  As I speak these words, there is evidence enough of the discontent in the hearts of men, that they have been stripped of liberty, of love, of joy, of family, of personal property, and even their lives by systematic abuses of a government system that uses men as chattel and women to breed more chattel.  Regardless of the proposed paths to freedom, it is exactly that which binds us in total; a passion to claim for the first time in history a separation of our definition as men from the expectations of the flawed and corrupted system under which we are ruled.

I have stared around in wonder as a blind man who sees for the first time, and have found want in every corner of men’s hearts for something greater than they are given.  It is not the want of greed but the want of necessity for survival of our minds and hearts where we see a world cold to us as empty space.  It is not the want of ease and comfort given by others but the want of the means to pursue an honest days labor and to pursue the fulfilling of individual dreams through our own volition, without fear of it being smashed beneath the feet of jealous interlopers or stolen by the coercive force of a state gone mad with power.

That we share these things in common, in the NOW of our shared experiences with the empirical evidence that validates these experiences as being beyond subjective speaks volumes.  We may claim legitimacy of our experiences as objective, as we have proven our case by the standards of “beyond a reasonable doubt” based upon the empirical evidence.  We have seen reams of studies, of collected data by government agencies, of correlations of this data across almost every nation on the planet, regardless of the system of economics or the system of government. 

We have seen the same patterns of evidence repeated regardless of faith or the lack thereof.  We have witnessed it ourselves in the streets, in our schools, in our place of work, in our homes, and in our media.  There is no more denying the truth of our collective enslavement to a vile model of our relationships with one another, and a definition of ourselves as truly free  under the current system of gendered politics is as laughable as squeezing blood from a stone.

We have long argued the history and the histrionics of gendered politics through antiquity for thousands of years. Yesterday’s collected knowledge and contemporary art has given way to today’s knowledge and contemporary art with regard to the relationships between the sexes with nary a smidgeon of difference except in the complication of the theory of “Why?”   

We argue such theory because the answer might give a solution to the problem of “What now?” – or at the very least, convince others who personally relate the newest theory to their own political view or personal experience as a reason to agree with the assessment of what should clearly be the evidence of the issues “Right now.”  It does not alter the objective truths that we can plainly see in front of our eyes.  Dividing the issues into theories that appeal to paradigms of Morality vs. Immorality, Faith vs. Atheism, Science vs. Mysticallity, or any other conceivable subdivision does not alter the fact that we can no longer sustain the present condition and that suffering is the at the end of inaction.

Suffering is at the end of inaction. 

Suffering is at the end of inaction.

To the action we have addressed our various forms of solution, but it is tainted with regard to theory.  By that I mean I could compile a long list of proposals and that only one would appeal to an individual, and the rest shunned because of the implications of the end result of those other actions, their consequences to far across the dividing line of whatever moral code the individual ascribes to.  Even the idea of doing nothing appeals to some, for the sake of evil, as some people just want to watch the world burn itself to ashes, or want to become masters of humans, or  prop up a corrupt system for monetary benefit.

I am therefore addressing those whose interests lay within certain forms of actions that can be described as non-aggressive and non-violent in nature, and who want to see truly free men redefined away from the corrupt standards of gendered politics and statist intervention in personal affairs.  I am speaking specifically to those who will listen to reasoned argument and may be swayed by it to work as individuals toward a common goal.

I am in essence, asking for activism.

I am, in fact, asking that we place down our theories and our own inaction and attempt to raise our voices in unison.

We have honed our words to sharp points over the years, and the debate that should not have to be debated has begun to fall upon the ears of the masses.  The very real physical threats to personal liberties have been noted by a growing portion of the population, and this from all corners of the political and theist spectrum.  Discontent flares higher on all sides as the means to financially sustain the weight of an entitlement culture begin to strike Western Cultures in total. An increase in gynocentric political power systems is happening at an alarming rate in many other countries as well. 

Old models of gynocentrism that were previously only social and cultural are being inflated and institutionalized within the laws of many less developed countries, and the resultant effects have an even more odious  effect on the direct liberty of men trying to stay out of reach of the new police states being formed right now.  Of this we have ample evidence, and I will not bore you with further detail as would insult the facts you already know, but to say that these things are now being talked about more regularly in the context of peaceful civil disobedience to the human farmers who care a not a whit for the men they enslave.

Know that we have the capacity to alter things.  By choice we can adapt lifestyles that free us from many of the obligations of gendered politics and the state, and that while often described Men Going Their Way, being vocal about such action as you may take in this direction is just as powerful a force as rubbing a dog’s nose in its own feces.  Being vocal about it is a form of activism, and the decibel at which you get the message across can be as soft as talking to a friend or as loud as going on the airwaves and talking to thousands. 

This takes the idea of MGTOW away from a personal form of safety in this stormy sea of gynocentism and actually offers it as viable solution to others, especially when framed in the context of self-actualization and self-improvement.  I offer a gentle reminder who practice this lifestyle and wish to speak of it openly that It does not require the disparagement of the opposite sex, or complex theories to describe whether or not the actions of men and women are caused by nature or nurture. MGTOW stands as the basis for a lifestyle that allows men to find self-fulfillment without having to be angry or bitter and it can stand alone as a project of love instead of anger.  It defines itself by the individual!   

Those who become activist MGTOW can move the discussion into the realm of the MRA without necessarily addressing every issue, or at least with a minimum of effort.  Being MGTOW and being an activist are compatible in this sense.  It represents a surefire way to deprive the government of all kinds of taxes, and literally shuts down the current gendered politics paradigm on a significant level if done in mass.

To those who describe themselves as MRA’s I can say that I have seen just about every variation out there.  There seems to be even more diversity in ways and means than MGTOW if only for the fact that they are often more inclusive of both sexes in their personal lives. This provides neither benefit nor hindrance to the MRA.  I must stress that by definition an MRA actively advocates on behalf of the issues.  We will find them performing nearly every type of non-violent activism out there. 

I will not list these individual actions except to say that will be plenty of time to examine each one in future discussions.  There are some who may call themselves an MRA who have not fully grasped that they must do something more than speak into a vacuum on the many chat-rooms or forums dedicated for such.  Such as it is MRAs should not be blinded by the hatred spewed upon them by a gynocentist culture, but should be wary nonetheless and stand strictly on the merits of individuals before including or calling  others by the same title.  There is a reason why most MRAs are actually vetted in some social circles.  While we respect diversity and differing opinions, there are a few actions that are inimical to any movement based upon principles of non-aggression and non-violence, and any so-called MRA who displays violence should be disavowed immediately.

Then there are the rest.  By “the rest” I mean those of you who will not define themselves as MGTOW or MRA, but who will stand upon the issues in the light of either or both groups.  Here is where I look right now for our next great charge.  You are the individuals who outnumber us ten to one, or a thousand to one.  You are the silent ones, the ones in the shadow of a corrupted system of sexist politics who really do not feel as if they have the strength to walk beyond day to day survival.  Perhaps even with the understanding of what is happening you are thinking, “I am only one.”, or “I could lose everything if I speak out.”  Perhaps it is something as simple as not rocking the boat because you are in that struggle for custody in a divorce, or you are trying to renegotiate child support payments because of layoffs in a recession.  Perhaps you are the abused one in a relationship, and fear that speaking out will result in further abuse not only by your partner, but by state coercion at the point of a gun.

I argue that continuing to be silent only enforces your own slavery. I argue that continuing to be silent only consolidates the loss of human dignity and allows the leash to be tightened even further upon your neck.  I argue that continued silence will effect your children and your children’s children beyond the point that you may be able to reach them, beyond the point meaning their eventual indoctrination in our schools, their own pain as they repeat the cycle of gynocentric violence enforced through the state, the eventual dissolution of individuality as they become just another number, their reliance upon the opiate of the masses to keep them compliant even in their pain, and the remanding of the product of their own labor to be redistributed to those who abuse state power. And ultimately the final slap in the face as they look back and say “What did you do?  You had the power to say something when it was the most important time to do it!  Why did you sell me into slavery?” 

Can you look into the eyes of a child, any child, even if it not your own and imagine answering that question?  Is soothing the pain you feel in your own life by going along with this miserable facade worth the price that must be paid in future generations because of your inaction?

The time is NOW.  The time has come.  We must call out in unison while these issues are rising in the consciousness of mankind. We must lift our voices into the streets.   We must hold our freedom, our dignity, our hope before all humankind….and we above all…we must be willing to love our fellow man enough to give us the strength to do it!

About James Huff

James is a veteran of the U.S. Army, pursuing his own business and personal ambitions. Since taking the red pill, he has been constantly seeking and enacting new ways to alter the status quo.

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  • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

    Yes. The time has come and the time is now.

  • Ethical

    “The time is NOW. The time has come. We must call out in unison while these issues are rising in the consciousness of mankind. We must lift our voices into the streets”.

    Father’s day is the third Sunday of June, a beautiful day for a rally. International men’s day isn’t till November 19. That gives lots of time to get sponsors and advertise. Sign me up.

  • Paul Elam

    Amen. The time is now.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Huff read this lovely piece out aloud.

    Next time good bloke, you send me a request and I’ll whip you up an illustration for it.

    Harrumph ! …and to think I have been bumped by a silly ole’ microphone picture.

    • Paul Elam

      Lol, I can fix that.

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        So can I.

        You want me to send you the perfect picture for it ?

        • kiwihelen

          Dr F love the picture…I suspect it is out of my price range though!

          • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

            Thanks Kiwihelen,

            It’s out of my price range too as I gave it to my folks and it’s on their wall.

            It’s also a two by three foot reminder of what a tremendously generous chap I am.

            They still laugh at me to this day.

  • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

    this is the best article i ever read on VOM,but i have a question:
    where do men of different cultures,religions,ethnicities fit into MRA and MGTOW?
    We don’t seek your active help but a little bit of guidance won’t hurt us.
    Feminists don’t differentiate between women of any country but the many MRA websites focus solely on christian,white men of usa.
    can anybody answer?

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      May 30th through June 6th is a convention in Cleveland Ohio, we will broadcast live for those that cannot make it. The Masculinists Activism through Media Convention is the name.

      I strongly suggest as many as can, tune in and follow along with us. We have a LOT of announcements that week. All of them answering your question.

      Also you will find that Masculinism has focused on primarily the east, because that is where we exploded first. Now we’re finally starting to give our attention to the west. In Masculinism you will find MRAs who are christian, atheist, muslim, pagan and more, from many cultures and political ideologies.

      In any case the movement outside of Masculinism is by no means limited to white christian men. The voices of other men are growing ever louder and this movement is, for the first time in history, unifying Men.

      • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

        i am from india and i have joined save indian family.i would like to hear your views

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          I know many from SIFF. We have at least one directing some of our program at end of month. As you know the movement in India is HUGE, much much larger than in the USA.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      I agree, there are a lot of christian american sites and activists.

      AVfM has had articles about many parts of the world including Africa, India, Japan, China, Australia, Sweden and North America. It’s very interesting to learn how these problems we face are spread across cultures to the detriment of all men. I encourage you to make a submission.

      • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

        thanks a lot.I am not that capable of writing but i can provide some vital data from indian context

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          We need more help from you all.

    • http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/ Christianj

      You may have to elaborate on that a little more as I for one do not see anyone except for what they can be, nothing else..

      • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

        thanks.So even men from other countries are counted in this movement.right?

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          Brother, the MRAs and Masculinists in India are regularly discussed on AVfM radio and in our meetings.

        • Bev

          Nationality, culture and gender do not count here. Only your support.

    • Paul Elam

      You found the right place. Welcome.

      • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

        thanks paul.i always wanted to contact you.My case for nullity was dismissed today by a corrupt judge and i am in dumps now.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          As we know judges are typically corrupt, here, there. We must instead for our own systems. Leave them out of the equation.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      If you oppose feminism be you man or woman you fit in to MRA like glove.

      Religion, colour, creed, age, background or shoe size – it makes no difference.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        I do not oppose feminism. Feminism doesn’t even hit my radar. I am so far above feminism, like a god above the earth, that they aren’t worth one bat of my eyelashes.

        I focus on one thing only, issues. If feminists happen to be supporting an issue I oppose, that’s their problem, not mine.

        • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

          I admire your focus and steely confidence for sure.

          I also like how you are focusing on issues only, like myself.

          One issue for me is feminism, and it hits my radar not as blip but a blimp.

          I’m no god unfortunately, and being ensconced in the muck and mire of this slow motion catastrophe has my feet in gum-boots right on the ground where the filth is.

          The filth happens to be feminism and so yes, that’s what I oppose.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            I talked with you a couple weeks ago and without question you are a god. Even you are issue based :D. The issues you face in Australia are more directly impacting you there. We were on our way to where you are, but no more. And where you are now, you will not be there anymore. Soon, we will together end this shit.

            I only made my comment to say that each of us in the MRM has our focus, and I think its far more expansive than the symptom called feminism, and more to the disease known as misandry.

      • http://justiceforhumanists.wordpress.com/ right_mens

        thanks for your kind words

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Great stuff james. The trick is getting the blind to open their eyes and take their first dose of red pill reality. We are not yet a collective and that is an impediment but we are still spreading the message like a virus.

    Wasn’t this on AVfM radio? I really enjoyed it.

  • napocapo69

    Splendid call to action.
    On my side of the ocean I’m already in action.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Ah, Mr napocapo69,

      Great post. Short at 14 words but the information packs a punch.

      You, me and the rest of us adore such things as you said here.

      Your English is fine our Pizano.

  • http://none j24601

    Without action nothing changes, that’s for sure, but an impassioned call to action, however heartfelt, runs a danger of alienating many otherwise valuable allies. There are some of us who care greatly about the fate of men and boys, who have important insight into what is required, but who find themselves severely limited, through extreme life experiences, and therefore cannot answer the call to action as others may wish.

    There are strong and capable voices now emerging on the side of men and boys, but they must not be allowed to become the new tyranny; I feel that it is incumbent upon the strong to temper their message so as not to alienate those of us who have quieter voices, but who are no less determined to effect the necessary changes, but without losing its impact. That is quite a challenge for us all.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      A call for action is not a call to tyranny. The quiet voices are the majority. If those quiet voices want to make change they need to make their voices louder. All of us are hampered by life and prevented from acting in this fight. But still we do it. We have to do it. If not now, when?

      I will offer compassion to everyone but no longer sympathy. Sympathy is the path to self sorrow and complacency. I am in the same boat as nearly everyone else. Broke. Full time work. Barely surviving. Behind on bills. Obligation ridden. Family problems. Suffering in so many ways. But still, here I am working.

      What can activism be?

      Talk to a friend.

      Speak to that man at the grocery who says “I’m not black I don’t get handouts from the government” and remind him that its not black MEN that are getting those handouts either.

      Say brother to a man as you walk by him.

      Hand out business cards linking to websites.

      Write a letter to a man in prison and send him 2 dollars so he can buy some ramen noodles.

      Activism is so much easier than most know that the excuses simply cannot be tolerated anymore. If someone is not an activist that’s their business. But if they are not then they ought not call themselves an activist and instead say they are an MRIP, Mens Rights Interested Party.

      But if they can activist in even these simple ways above, then let them proudly declare their activism and inspire other men to do the same, rather than saying “I can’t” they should say “I did”.

      • http://none j24601

        Brother, I very much admire your way in the world, and there is much in what you say above, especially were you illustrate what activism can be, with which I completely accord. I am no stranger to some of the items on your list. However, I’d like to point out some of your response which serves to substantiate my position

        First, I am clear my comment cannot be construed as suggesting that a call for action is a call for tyranny. Second, all roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes; we don’t necessarily need loud voices, we only ever need effective voices, some of whom may be overwhelmed by those you make the most noise. Third, we may all be hampered in life, but not to the same extent. Forth, who was asking for sympathy? And, in any event, sometimes sympathy is appropriate; it is brutish to suggest otherwise. Fifth, I am not bothered too much about the boat that I’m in, and like you I’m engaged in the endeavour with all that I can muster. last, you say, “…excuses simply cannot be tolerated anymore,… they ought not call themselves an activist,…instead say they are an MRIP.” Kinda makes my point.

        Not withstanding the above, Aoirthoir, keep up your good work.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          “…excuses simply cannot be tolerated anymore,… they ought not call themselves an activist,…instead say they are an MRIP.” Kinda makes my point.
          This response demonstrates my point.

          There is nothing wrong with not being an activist. If someone is not an activist, then let him not say that he is an activist. Let him acknowledge that he is not an activist and then work towards being one if he so chooses. Especially since activism is so easy and requires no more than 2 minutes of your day.

          • http://none j24601

            Would you describe yourself as a radical masculinist?

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            All Masculinists are radicals, so yes.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    G’day TDOM,

    You have email from me.

  • keyster

    When the point is reached where MRA’s feel free to no longer act anonymously, we’ll have reached a breaking point.

    As it is now, if you COME OUT to the world as an MRA, online, you will be pink listed and finding and/or keeping employment near impossible. You’ll alienate friends and family as well.

    At least in the USA, there is NO WAY an employer would touch someone who self-identifies as something called a “men’s rights activist”. Remember we’re a radical, potentially violent fringe group of blatant misogynists. Employers don’t want some guy coming and and stirring up litigious female employees.

    It’s challenging to have to operate in the shadows. I think this will change, but for right now, except for a few brave exceptions, we’re online ghosts.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      All of us here in cleveland are out as Masculinists. No pink slips. Every employer I talk to in Cleveland supports us. They have no problem hiring Masculinists or MRAs.

      Perhaps the challenge is realizing that the ones that determine whether we have pinkslips is ultimately us.

      I think more MRAs really need to examine books like Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill or The Secret for a mystical interpretation of the same tactics.

      • keyster

        Could you post the list of names here please, including your own? Also, all those cool employers in cleveland. Thank you.

        Send me link to your Facebook page while you’re at it.

        And it’s a “pink list”.
        In other words you’re outed and some feminazi sends a letter to your employers HR dept.

        Let’s say your name happens to be Paul Elam and you apply for a job at Hewlett-Packard, and they do a backround check – – you’re pink listed.

        My point is; there’s a very genuine fear out there among MRA’s of using their real names for a reason. Feminist activists? No problem. As a matter of fact many employers would look upon that as a positive.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          Aoirthoir An Broc IS my real name.

          You can watch our videos to see several of the Masculinists and all are out.

          List of employers? I talk to EVERYONE about Mens rights. I mean that. There is NOT ONE PLACE I go that I do not bring up Masculinism or Mens rights. PERIOD.

          I run the Cleveland Web Design and Development Meetup Group which has over 400 members. I run classes, workshops, and conferences. I regularly talk about Masculinism and Mens Rights at ALL of these events, not one objection ever.

          Quite simply, if you want a job, YOU out yourself to them from the first meeting. I’ve outed myself instantly as a Pagan, as a Fetishist, as a Jehovahs Witness (when I was one), as a Masculinist, as a former Lab Rat (YES I actually tested medications in exchange for money), as a former abuse victim, as a person that didnt go to school from age 11 to 18, as a former Irish “traveler” and more. When YOU out yourself you theft the feminist of ANY power she has over you, PERIOD.

          In fact I am SOOOO outed that members of our Web Design meetup are the ones that regularly help me with our masculinist activities here in Cleveland, including the women. I simply decided this area was going to be amenable and kind and loving to Masculinists and that fact alone has made it so.

          Which is why I strongly recommend MRAs read books like:

          Think and Grow Rich,
          How to Win Friends and Influence People
          The Secret
          The Bible
          The Tain bo Culaign
          The Baghvad Gita
          Star Trek

          and more. Devour anything that tells you that you can have a positive future and just make it happen.


          • Bombay

            I like this answer!

          • keyster

            My apologies Aoirthoir An Broc (which you have to admit is an odd name).

            I think if you feel secure enough, or I should I say have balls big enough to “come out” (use your real name, speak publicly, etc.), you are an MRActivist.

            If you do not you’re an MRAdvocate.

            I consider myself an MRAdvocate, which is a lessor form by definition. I know how employers are. I know HR reps keep blacklists of people that they deem “undesirable” within their industry networks.

            If you feel can safely and openly advocate for men’s rights you should do it. Personally I don’t – – at least not yet.

          • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist


            I am fine with MRAdvocates, MRActivsts and MRInterestedParties. The only ones I am not fine with are MRComplainers or MRWhingers. These are men that will spend perhaps hours complaining in comment sections or chat rooms and then when you ask, “ok, what are you going to DO about it” they make excuse after excuse. They do this even after you explain that activism is as simple a task as calling a stranger brother or writing a letter to a fellow Man who is a kidnap victim of the state and is in prison.

            So even to say brother or write a letter they refuse and yet insist they are ACTIVEists. I’m sorry but they are not. Both of these things can be done fairly anonymously and can be done without the MRA label. For that matter feminists do far more prison advocacy than MRAs. Did you know that? The feminists are outshining those that claim to support MENS Rights Activists in this vital area. To address this The International Association of Masculinists will be announcing their Prisoner Advocacy Program soon. It will help facilitate MRAs, MRIPs and even MRCs and MRWs that want to help. A letter a month is what we ask them to write.

            But worse, the MRCs and MRWs will often not only not do anything, but when YOU are doing something they will WHINGE about it. Several of us last night discussed protesting Adam Sandlers new movie and someone whinged “why arent you doing court protests!” Well let’s see, my faction of the Masculinists Movement has only been active for FOUR MONTHS…so court protests are on our agenda but we’re not going to be doing EVERYTHING in four months. What can I do to help YOU protest at courts brother?

            And men were still whinging about the Pigwalk when we called in to suggest we could do the first one with HelperDawgFromHell (Ben) in his University. Finally I suggested, how about a simultaneous pigwalk, you march in your area at the same time. Even if you are marhcing alone, if we have hundreds or thousands across the globe marching who identify as MRAs, well we can record that. And still whinging and excuses….

            So I think the point that J24601 from above missed in my points is that when we talk about being an activist and hitting the streets we’re not tired of those that cannot or will not. Being an activist is as simple a thing as saying something to a man in need. But the things we are tired of is those that WONT do those things AND try to stop OTHERS from doing so through their rhetoric. Those ones we will resist strongly.

            You, nor he, seem to be among them.

          • scatmaster

            Am I considered an advocate or an activist if I contribute financially to the cause?

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          Scatmaster, you decide what you are.

          The point that we are trying to get men away from is saying “Cant” vs “this is what I DO”. So lets presume the brother who wants me to protest in front of courts, but doesnt like that I am protesting a movie. Instead of taking exception that I decided to protest a movie and make that a mark against me, he could have said “that’s great, would you also consider protesting a court? Or helping me protest a court?” and I would have said yes.

          So someone could say, well mostly I just comment on blogs but sure, I could write a letter to a prisoner or tell a man “hello brother”. Because activism doesnt mean protesting or distributing fliers or marching and shouting. It can mean being a quiet voice, but it also does not mean telling others NOT to do.

          The difference between an activist and a not activist is the non says “nothing will ever change” while the activist says “things ARE going to change and by the gods in heaven and earth *I* am going to make them damned well change…”

          So I dont get to say you are not an activist. But I can encourage you to help me, please help me write letters to prisoners…for instance. Or please come with me to Mississippi in September to march in a Pigwalk in support of HelperDawgFromHell, and your saying no doesnt make you not an activist. You have your own work.

          Example…we went to my apartment and I was showing the other Villager, Thomas, from A Village For Men around Fairview Park Ohio. We walked by one house and I took him by it to say, this is what I would like us to rent. It turns out someone lives there now, unbeknownst to me. He said can I help you? We explained we were from A Village for Men, and were putting the first domestic violence shelter for men in the USA together. That turned into a conversation, he’s a Christian who was led to the house by God. He repairs bicycles and gives them away. I said to him, call on us and we will help you with this god directed work! So we gave him a card. Explained mens rights, and he loves it and supports it.

          Now why does he support it and why do most people here support it? Because I decided I would be out and tell everyone about it. EVERYONE. So now, we have ONE MORE ALLY here in my town.

          So notice, no protest, no march…just a word and a hug. THAT is activism. It just means being ACTIVE…

    • James Huff

      This is why I feel I am in a great position to do what I do. I provide an example by being an entrepreneur and an activist who puts himself out there.

      Let them come for me. How many more will rise up to take my place if they try to silence me?

      I have nothing to lose. Not saying anything would keep me from being able to look into the mirror into the morning.

      • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        POVERTY is incredibly freeing for MEN.

        I have spent my life hungry, literally hungry. Lacking food. While it is uncomfortable, I can just as well live with it.

        As we Men band together, let them try to take our jobs.

      • scatmaster

        Not saying anything would keep me from being able to look into the mirror into the morning.

        I do not understand this statement.

        Are you saying for those who have not “outed” ourselves should not be able to look at ourselves in the mirror?

        • Raven01

          I believe he says that he could not look himself in the mirror if he chose to keep his mouth shut rather than speak out against anti-male injustice.

        • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          My position is this scat… and understand I live a mystic’s life.

          The reason people do not like an MRA and the reason he faces risk of losing a job is because he has become convinced that people do not like mras and that he has become convinced he will lose his job if he outs himself. It is a circular approach that one feeds the other. In a sense a lot of mras and masculinists face this issue, but less so masculinists.

          In one case a masculinist was talking about masculinism and mens rights at his job. Then he told me he apologized to the workers and said he should not have done that. I asked why? Do not feminists talk about it at work? Do not men talk about their families, sports, and other likes at work? Do they not talk their religion and politics? He answered yes. So then I said, why should you be ashamed and apologetic? You are trying to save lives… And he understood, stop being embarrassed. Then he started a blog a few days later.

          But saying that you and you alone decide the morality of you outing yourself.

  • kiwihelen

    I am watching the ground swell of MRA with great excitement. I’m willing and regularly stand up and argue against misandry, but I can’t wait for the day that there will be someone else also taking the stand.
    Us women who refuse to buy into the victim culture pedalled by the third wave feminists need to do our bit and be aware of facts and figures to throw back at the feminist’s puppets when they blindly parrot misandry as facts

  • Schadrach
    • Lee

      Nothing wrong with friendly questions, but when an adult stranger starts asking things like ‘Where do you live?’ or ‘Want to come over to my place?’, its creepy. The right thing to do in a situation like that (imo) would be to talk to the waitress discretely instead of potentially humiliating an innocent person.

  • Sad Dad

    I would like to think of myself as MRA, I believe we can make a difference, but I cannot over voice myself because I have much to lose. I own firearms, and my ex will use any excuse to not let me see my children more than she already does. I talk to men every chance I get, I donate what I can to this site and others. I wear t-shirts and blog everyday. I wish I could be more outgoing with what I beieve but it’s just not possible at this moment in time. What does that make me? Do I have the right to call myself an MRA?

    • Stu

      Absolutely. You are an MRA, and there is no shame in protecting yourself from having that used against you.

      If you are vulnerable, it is wise to protect yourself, for your own interests, as well as the interests of the MRM. It doesn’t do the MRM any good if you have problems caused by being out.

      • Stu

        Having said that, the day will come when it will no longer be a disadvantage to anyone to be out. When we have grown in numbers, and have MRAs in businesses all over, and we have built the social networks, the face to face friendships, and an MRA has a life outside of the blue pillers world, and not dependant on blue pillers for anything, friends, work, love, acceptance, anything. The day will come when the the MRAs will hire employees straight off the feminist pink lists.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      The one that decides if you are an MRA is you. Lets say you didnt do any of these things, but you also didn’t give me shit because I do, do these things. If you in that case tell me you are an MRA I say, you are an mra.

      The only ones I say are not MRAs are the ones that spend 99% of their time whinging at:

      1. Feminists
      2. Broads
      3. Men in the MRM who ARE doing things bitching that we are not doing the thing THEY want us to do.

      Since so many are doing #3, I am VERY vocal about them being MRCs and MRWs.

      But the rest of you that are not bitching about your brothers, I support whatever you identity you claim.

      Stu has more good points.

  • jack

    I managed to place two of the AVfM false rape allegation stickers on my recent long-haul flight. One in the business class lounge inside a newspaper. One in the seat pocket in-flight magazine. It felt good to be doing more than just whine on forums.

    • http://oathofman.com Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist


      Notice activism, STREET ACTIVISM does not have to be a huge amount of fucking work. PLACE A STICKER. Do SOMETHING besides bitching about others who are doing something. This mother fucker, Jack, WENT OUT and DID something.

      Jack! You are a hero of mine I will follow your lead.

      We are going to be opening up newspaper distribution boxes and putting our fliers in each newspaper…

      • father marker

        Now there’s an idea, become a junk mail delivery person, slipping some flyers into each mail box along with the junk mail.

  • MGTOW-man

    Wonderful writing.

    I have been saying for a long time while complaining, whining, and arguing is a great first step, men must get passed this step into that of action. Complaining is activism but action is better activism.

    As MGTOW’s, MRA’s, the in-between’s, as well as the “rest” Huff spoke of, our purpose in this movement is to incite unison, galvanization, and solidarity amongst men and like-minded (sensible) women.

    All too often on men’s movement websites, I see men compete with one another about who is the smartest, the most correct, the most intellectual…with the haughtiest of attitudes… who has the “best” plan… about the way to oppose shortsighted, oblivious feminism.

    Too, it is as if there is an elitist, snobby attitude of movement leaders that caters to a cliquish, who’s-who mentality. Often, “ordinary” men and women are alienated, left out, made to feel foolish, branded as simpletons, and ultimately ran off. THAT is a mistake that will prove fatal to our movement.

    We can’t get things done singly; only our collective fight will make a difference…and that means that all consenting men and women count and are to be respected. There is strength in numbers. Together, despite our differences, we stand a chance at prevailing. Alone, we will be erased.

    What we need is to find ways to unite ourselves regardless of our differences and our opinions. Nothing will get done in our favor until we learn this lesson.

    Imagine Elizabeth Stanton fighting all by herself, or with only a few cohorts. Only when they learned to take on other similar views, philosophies, opinions, and substantiations, did enough women finally unite as a coherent front to go after their goals (as misguided, shortsighted, and as “wrong as mud” as they often were). However, we should learn from this example. Men must get over their inability to work together…using sympathy and empathy for those who share the same goals but go about it in different ways and with opposing plans…except for those who favor violence.

    When we can get the average man to read sites like this one, identify with us on a simple, understandable level, agree with us (with personal experiences and commonsense reinforcing that agreement), then we have done something beyond merely whining-activism.

    It is those men who we should be seeking to make veterans and to help us help ourselves and help the boys….who WILL ask all men someday, “what did you do to help stop hatred of males, preserve some of the sanity, and that tried to ensure us boys had a masculine-based future?”

    Will your head be hung in shame? Mine won’t.

    My advice is to stop bickering amongst ourselves, quit omitting those who are less intellectual, be supportive of the “ordinary” and consenting men and women, keeping in mind that we are all on the same side…before that is no longer true.