The radfem conquest of Sweden

When I was a young boy I asked my parents what there was to stop another Hitler coming to power. They assured me that there were various democratic processes that would safeguard against such a thing ever happening.

Many years on and due to life’s experiences, I have been brought to the conclusion that a psychopathic power will not be prevented by democratic processes from gaining control so long as they don’t wear a funny mustache.


“It cannot be bargained with. It cannot be reasoned with and it will never stop, ever!”

That is a quote from the movie Terminator. Though taken from a fictional story it has some degree of aptness as regards the stance of radical feminism’s ambitions based on an unswerving hatred and intended harm that is the trademark of their mental condition.

Radical feminism has declared its psychosis by expressing its desire to destroy the male gender or to harm as many males as possible. As with all extremism, it does not matter about the quality, majesty or beauty of those who are targeted, nor their obvious innocence in the eyes of most normal people. The psychopathic mind creates its own logic. It attaches blame and vilification to those it chooses to demonize and persecute. It does so without remorse or compassion and those that appeal for mercy or compromise cannot expect any.

Some hope that a solution can be found by working together. However, the feminist’s imperious influence which has moved them into controlling funding sources; colonization of body politic thinking; plus their dominance in mainstream media and charitable institutions gives them such a powerful position that there is no reason for them to bargain away any concessions to the inferior sex. Feminism acts like a shark consuming and campaigning to change society into a society where misandry is the norm and men are the despised underclass.

To see what sort of future we may expect I looked to Sweden (population 9.5 million) to see how that country was conquered by Radical Feminism.

I recently bought a kindle version of a book by Oscar Swartz called “A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange” It cost just £5 from Amazon.

The book gives a chronological account of how Sweden was transformed from being a so called utopian ‘liberal democracy’ into a modern day totalitarian witchocracy. It is a destiny that Australia is frighteningly staring down the barrel of unless the political and legislative classes there can miraculously find the courage to stand up for common sense.

Sweden is a showpiece example of how ridiculously scary Radical Feminist rule is and how Sweden is an international embarrassment. Hotel workers there are trained to spy on their guests in case they should indulge in any untoward sexual activity. To be male is to be regarded by some as equivalent to Taliban terrorism. A girl being teased on a school bus can try to claim rape because she thought the boys’ willies stood up.

Leading Swedish Radfem academics, Professor Christian Diesen and Eva Diesen from Stockholm University published a book calling, not for 200 men to be convicted of rape each year but 25,000. “The average Swedish man should ideally spend a year of his life in gaol [jail] due to poor sexual interaction with women.”

In the blind insanity amongst the political classes the drive for ‘one upmanship’ has left Swedish citizens with no electoral choices as the different political parties seek to show off  who can be more feminist by calling for ever stiffer penalties against men only. Sex is not illegal to sell, only to be perceived to buy.

The dark tide of tyranny, directed at a single sex has created a misandric paradigm that can only be described as psychotic as the Nazis or Stalinists ever were. Sweden is a dream society for radfems where a man, accused of rape, has to prove his innocence. Anyone with an ounce of logic will know that to prove a non-event is extremely difficult.

Below is an extract from Oscar Swartz’s book. It is an account of what happened to 18 year old Joakim who fell out with his girlfriend. He is now one of the 200 men being convicted of rape each year, most on bogus charges.

25 September 2010. Teenage couple breaks up

Joakim, 18, spends an evening at his computer. He is in his boy’s room in his mother’s four room apartment. As usual he has spent some time with his girlfriend. She often stays over at his place as she has a lot of conflicts with her parents. The pair has sex practically every time they meet, oral as well as vaginal, which is no secret to the mother as the flat is not very sound proof. Sweden is still quite tolerant in these matters: Young people can have sex at home. The girlfriend herself says that they have a good relationship and that they like each other. They watch movies, meet friends and make trips on his moped. This evening she goes to bed while Joakim stays at his computer.

Before he goes to bed, he gets horny and wants to poke some fun at his sleeping girlfriend. He swings his penis in the air in front of her face and let’s it caress her between the lips to wake her up. She does, but dizzy with sleep she asks what he is doing, pushes him away, turns over and falls to sleep again.

Next day the girlfriend is picked up by her mother who brings her shopping for a journey she actually doesn’t want to make: Going to Finland with her parents on September 27 – 29. She would rather have stayed with Joakim. He calls her 2-3 times every day from his mother’s phone on her Finland tour to keep the girlfriend’s spirits up. When she returns from Finland she spends the night with him and they have sex as always.

On Saturday October 2, Joakim had to see his grandparents. He had promised to call his girlfriend the minute he returned home. He did not however, thinking it was too late. She is disappointed and wakes him up by a call the following morning and complains. The quarrel ends by Joakim saying that she has 24 hours to decide whether to continue seeing him. She says she does not want to stay together. Joakim returns her belongings.

5 April 2011,

Joakim sentenced to prison for rape The sentence against Joakim, 18, is passed for the events on September 25, 2010. He gets four months’ imprisonment for rape and is convicted of paying damages to his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend considered Joakim being the one breaking up although he only took her at her word and handed back her belongings.

The subsequent day she met her social worker to talk about her problems with her parents that she so far had been able to flee from to Joakim. She wondered what would happen if she would now report that Joakim one week earlier had woken her up with his penis between her lips. The social worker checked with the Police who said that in legal terms it could be a crime. The girl then reported her former boyfriend Joakim to them and asked for large damages. A chat conversation had been saved and used as evidence in court: “i put my cock in ur mouth once for 3 sec when u slept (…) did i force u to have it? it dont count as trying rape, just if i had continued, i stopped at once, i fucking tested it one time”

Three seconds of bodily touching between two persons in a relationship who normally have sex – including oral – every time they meet is however regarded as a serious crime in Sweden. It does not matter that they after this incident had sex as usual as soon as they were reunited after her trip to Finland. In the judgment one can read:

“Through the information it is proven that Joakim NNN at the time has put his erect penis in A’s mouth through improperly exploiting that she due to sleep was in a helpless state. The district court also finds that there has been a question of a sexual act that with with regard to the nature of the violation and the circumstances in general, is comparable to sexual intercourse. Joakim NNN is therefore guilty of rape (…) Rape according to Chapter 6, Article 1, second paragraph of the Penal Code carries a penalty of imprisonment for at least two years and a maximum of six years. If the offense under the circumstances is to be regarded as less serious, the sentence (…) is imprisonment not exceeding four years. If, in view of the circumstances , the crime is considered less aggravated, a sentence to imprisonment for at most four years shall, according the third paragraph, be imposed. (…) In this case, it has been the case of a short-term events. Joakim NNN has suspended his act as soon as A woke up and made it clear to him that she did not accept his actions. No violence or threat has been present. The District Court therefore finds that Joakim NNN shall be sentenced for rape under Chapter 6, Article 1, third paragraph of the Penal Code.”

If the proposal from the Center Party (c) in the Parliament on March 2, 2005, had won, 18-year-old Joakim would have been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for his three-second contact between his and his girlfriend’s bodies that he immediately interrupted when she woke up, pushed him away and turned over to sleep again. If the current development of Justice policy proceeds it could very well be that ordinary bedroom behavior between two partners can lead to two years’ imprisonment. The ex-girlfriend demanded that Joakim pay 75,000 SEK (10,440 USD) in damages for the violation and 10,000 SEK (1,400 USD) for pain and suffering. The judge lowered this to 25,000 SEK (3,480 USD) and 5,000 SEK (700 USD) respectively. In the publicly available judgment the name, personal registration number, and address of the sentenced perpetrator Joakim is obviously written out. There is however no information whatsoever about the girlfriend, since her name is classified as secret, as always in rape cases in Sweden. We cannot even know her age. Due to her school situation (High School) she should be between 16 and 18. Age is not a case. She was in no way underage since the age of consent is 15 in Sweden.”

Ref.:  Swartz, Oscar (2012-05-29). A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange (Kindle Locations 3371-3379). Entartetes Leben. Kindle Edition.

About James Williams

James Williams is the creator and producer of Men's Matters on radio ExpressFM in Portsmouth, England, the first men's issues programme in the UK. He was a local politician until May 2012. James is also a master mariner by trade, sci-fi novelist (Reaching Beyond series) and the father of 3 children. James is married and never divorced.

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  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I’ve been genuinely frightened by some of what I’ve seen coming out of Sweden. I didn’t think it was possible things could get as bad as was shown in that “The Gender War” documentary.

  • Rog

    As long as they charge women with rape for performing oral sex on men who are asleep…

    • Anthony Deluca

      That would also be bad. Lets just put some sanity back into the law.

      • Sting Chameleon

        Until that does happen, let them have a taste of their own medicine.

    • Rog

      i have read about many men who have been trapped into child support like this (oral sex and then sex while asleep without birth control) and thats a revenge that takes its toll for 18yrs minimum…

  • Poester99

    The big problem here is not that this happened, but that MOST women everywhere would be fine with throwing ex partners in jail for breaking up with them. If given the power to do it, do it they will.
    Women simply don’t consider men as human.

    • Kukla

      I agree. Most normal women seem to despise your average male and wouldn’t usually think twice about ruining his life for something silly like a break-up.

      I used to think that the big chunk of women that hate men were just indoctrinated but I’m really starting to think a lot of them are just inherently that way. A lot of women just naturally hate men, simply for being men.
      I think it’s due to an inferiority complex some women have.

      • http://thereluctantmysogynist.blogspot.ca/ limeywestlake

        Is it just me, or do a large proportion of women lack a moral compass? Everyday, it seems to get worse and worse.They really are a personality disordered class – or so it seems. I do not think that they can be ‘won around,’ or be made to see the light of reason.
        Fuck knows how this endgame is going to play out.

  • droobles

    And you hear a bunch of women here in Brazil saying that women wouldn’t lie like this. Revenge and money, some of the basic motives that make people lie.

    Even worse, such a thing happens and the girl probably has no conscience problems, no remorse. It is such bullshit, I have no words, the loss of democracy.

    Organized political power for the MRM seems necessary with increasing urgency.

    • Poester99

      With the feminists going berserk and the white-knights doubling down, it is absolutely guaranteed that the gender “cold” war will go hot sooner rather than later.

      Seemingly normal woman are embracing their inner bigot in droves, in small part because a significant portion of their (single mother) unaborted male spawn, are becoming defacto misogynists, to their great consternation and hand wringing.

      The mrm may have a small part in building awareness now, but when the dam breaks, we will be pushed along by the tidal wave just like everyone else, it won’t be pretty, and it won’t be “fair” by any stretch.

      Here you go, here’s how “normal” women think:


      • Steve_85

        My mother was (is) a feminist. At 18, I would ahve called myself a mangina. If a girl asked me to do something I wouldn’t even think about what it was, I just agreed. If she was having an argument with her boyfriend (or any other boy) I would always take her side…

        Fast forward 9 years.

        My experiences (and watching my friends/neighbours taken to the cleaners) have woken me up. The real world is not like I imagined at 18. Women are not the beautiful angels I once believed, they are just people.

        Now? I guess I’m misogynistic by default, “What have you done for me lately?” Like all people there are some good and some bad. However, the consequences of picking a bad woman are sky high. I have decided that the only way to survive, the only way to avoid these laws that encourage (not enable; encourage) women to charge men with crimes, is to swear off women.

        I don’t trust them. More importantly, I *can’t* trust them. The consequences of being wrong are too high.

        • Sting Chameleon

          We ought to protect ourselves brother,we can only trust in our comrades and become self-reliant. Male kinship is a powerful force and the FemBorg knows it, which is why it tries so damn hard to keep men from establishing strong bonds.

  • Poester99

    Can’t someone get us her name for Register-Her.com??

    • JGteMolder

      Considering she didn’t perform a crime she doesn’t belong on there.

      The ones on there should be the ones who authorized this horror of a judicial system.

  • Zorro

    Boycott Sweden!

    No travel tourism, no buying Saabs or Volvos, and no more of their goddamned meatballs!

    [Ann-Margret’s another story…]

  • externalangst

    Elder Swami once wrote an article here on AVfM connecting women’s post-breakup vengeance against a former lover as an aspect of hypergamy. It was inspired.

    The idea was that this vengeance was a reprogramming mechanism to reset their emotions and mind for the use and abuse of their next target. Affection for past lovers is a hindrance to exploiting the next man and unhelpful for appropriating the last man’s assets. As has been noted, men often exhibit a life long love for deceased partners that many women do not. They are quickly emotionally reprogrammed for their next mark (er mate).

    This rationalized hatred of those men they once professed to love is very useful to extract all of the resources possible from a past lover while reprogramming herself for her next victim.

    This explains the almost universal hatred women have for past lovers – especially soon after the breakup. They claim to be victims of bad men and go to extraordinary lengths to harm them and profit from them. All this under the guise of them not deserving the ‘profound love’ of a women (sigh).

    MRAs have commented that modern feminist laws are set up to indulge women’s hypergamous nature for the serial exploitation of men. Elder Swami’s insight was to see women’s post-breakup, hateful vengeance as a mechanism for hypergamy.

    It seems that feminist laws are designed to indulge this aspect of the hypergamous instinct as well. May God have mercy on our souls.

    • Sting Chameleon

      But what about women who don’t act that way? I’ve seen plenty of women getting ditched by their SOs and they seem to simply cool down (or surprisingly, they want to win him back).

  • Poester99

    The question is, why are all Swedish men cowardly manginas? Don’t they know that their sons will have it even worse even if they have any?

    Or do they simply believe that they are second class citizens and deserve every draconian law that is made to punish them.

    Sweden needs the male birth control pill so badly. How much do you want to bet that their birth rate would drop to 0.1% in a heartbeat?

    • Bombay

      “The question is, why are all Swedish men cowardly manginas?”

      It may be more extreme there, but the same question can be asked about men and women in most countries where feminism has taken hold. As we all know, we are having difficultly stopping the feminists in our respective countries, but that does not make us cowardly manginas.

  • BioCan

    I wonder if national statistical polls in Sweden will reveal any consequences to the unjust, egregious, and extreme laws that have arisen in that country? Will their be a declining birthrate amongst the native population (excluding immigration and the birthrate amongst immigrants) or any other detrimental effect?

    Perhaps time will tell. These laws may even get worse.

  • http://Human-Stupidity.com Human-Stupidity.com

    shocking indeed. Terrible. Looks all like a nightmare.

    How come George Orwell could not foresee this?

    Would be great if someone posted a summary of the Sweden book, I have too many books and things on my to-do list.

    All this is so against anything I have learned about justice, due process, constitutional rights, law when I was young. It is just mind-boggling.

    Actually, I still believe most men are not aware of the danger the live in, until it hits them. If men knew that they can be arrested, imprisoned and jailed at any time, no matter how virtuous a life they lead ……

    I think most men are clueless.

    Or they bought into feminist propaganda that women don’t lie, so they don’t live in constant fear.

  • knightrunner

    Guys Im going to put on my foil hat now. It seems to me that all this anti-male hate is headed to one end. One end and one end only. That is genocide. I think society is being engineered so that one day radical feminist will be the only feminist. And the world will be brain washed into believing that killing or removing men from society is a good thing. I may be way off. But i have rolled it over and over in my head for a while now. My heart keeps.screaming that I must be wrong. That I must be missing something. But for the life of me I can’t find it. 2+2=4. It will always equal 4. No matter how much we don’t want it to.
    I have heard that if things keep going as they are the last man will graduate college in 2068. Add the average life span of the average man to this minus 18 (age which most men begin college) you get 2128 (estimated). Remember that all politicians, doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and scientist are college graduates. This means that by 2128 all of the above positions will be held by women. What is to stop radical feminist from taking over the world and destroying men and all women that disagree with them. It may come to pass that women will be the only people celebrating the arrival of the year 2200. Because women will be the only people left. I really really hope Im wrong. I would greatly appreciate any logical person that can prove me wrong about this. Cause I really don’t want to believe that I could be right.

    • externalangst


      I once read in the women’s fashion pages:

      “There is only one thing better than getting a new dress; that is getting a man to pay for it”.

      Many women get their self-worth as a female (& human being) by how much stuff they can get from a man. Then groups of women socialize by boasting to each other how much they have extracted from their men.

      In a world without men to exploit, many women will have a hard time with their self worth. Besides, what will women talk about without having men to bitch about and degrade.

      You raise an important question.

    • externalangst


      Regarding your question about a future feminist genocide of men. I once read in the women’s fashion pages:

      “The only one thing better than getting a new dress is getting a man to pay for it”.

      Many women get their self-worth as a female (& human being) by how much stuff they can get from a man. Then groups of women socialize by boasting to each other how much they have extracted from their men.

      In a world without men to exploit, many women will have a hard time with their self worth. Besides, what will these women talk about without having men to bitch about and degrade.

      You raise an important question.

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

      ” I think society is being engineered so that one day radical feminist will be the only feminist. “


      Although it is not necessary to say that society is being “engineered”. Things are just unfolding that way due to the internal, dialectical logic of feminism itself.

      The future of liberal feminism, as the feminist writer Zillah Eisenstein said, is radical.

  • gateman

    It would be interesting to know if there is even a significant MRA movement in Sweden (and Scandinavia in general). Are the men waking up or is the frog slowly boiling?

  • ActaNonVerba

    That Joakim story was a real downer and I felt a rush of righteous anger reading it. What an evil little young woman to do such a thing out of spite.

    • James Williams

      She seems to have had personality issues. The piece referred to her having a social worker.

  • Rper1959

    Thanks George the case of Joakim is but one of many mind boggling cases in the book. It is most enlightening to look at the financial penalty applied in these cases of “rape” which are huge, compared to those applied in cases of severe and grievous bodily harm which are trivial.

  • Kukla

    I never understood why Swedish feminists are so extreme and pissed off. I don’t think Swedish men have ever been that bad to deserve anything like this. I think these Swedish feminists are seriously just mentally ill people(they seem to fit the feminist criteria of psychopathy perfectly).

    • Kukla

      Also check out these empowered feminists singing “I hate you, you f*cking man”…

      • JFinn

        I found a version of that song in English:

    • JinnBottle

      The one contribution feminists have made to my life is that I foresee that by the time I die, I shall have zero attachment to this shitted-up world.

  • dhanumis456

    For the countries where the matters have gone that bad, the lack of any opposing voice suggests only one remedy: The men there should presume any and all consequence (including a death sentence) as soon as they make any kind of relationship with a woman. That is, they must be MGTOW by default, and if a man chooses to have any kind of relationship with a woman, he must be liable for anything that happens to him, period. When you’re seeing how bad the situation is for you and you still voluntarily jump in, you deserve it.

    I have no sympathy for men who first engage in a relationship with a woman with nobody forcing them to, and then expect kindness or truth or justice or any other human traits and values. This is to be had in your mind that you’re a human being only as long as you’re an MGTOW. As soon as you engage in a relationship with a woman, you lose all your humanity and you’re nothing more than a pet (this is by LAW, mind you). You do know what an owner can do to a pet, right? The owner can choose to play with the pet for entertainment, the owner can kick the pet (the pet has no voice to speak in and nobody to hear it), the owner can kill the pet with little to no consequence, etc. By choosing to relate with a woman, you sign up to sacrifice your humanity and be a pet or a slave. What is so hard to understand here? If you’re now facing the results of your choice, why complain?

    Either stand up against the injustice or refuse to play. You do have both the good choices. If you still choose the third way, well, good luck to you but you do not have a right to complain. My take on the story is, Joakim is on the wrong side and impractical; he chose to do something risky even while knowing all the laws in his country. The girl is very wise and intelligent; she first used Joakim to find a stay against her family, and then used the favoring system to her advantage. In short, Joakim is a bad pet and the girl is an excellent owner who knows how to extract the best out of her pet.

    Hope I won’t be misunderstood. This seemingly counter-intuitive perspective arose from the highly unjust system prevalent there. But once things are that extreme, isn’t it just common sense to expect death for all things love/romance, and so you engage on your own peril? Okay, consider a piece of software that installs something very cute (a cat that dances to any music playing on the computer, or something you like very much) but your virus-scanner flags the software as infected. If you still go ahead and install that software, do you expect someone else to be responsible for the loss of all your data and stealing of all your banking and other passwords? No. And the creator of the software, though morally bad, does deserve a pat on the back for extracting data from one more victim.

    It’s not that I favor those who are actually wrong; it’s just that I admire their working strategy and despise that of their victims who, though innocent, knowingly fall prey to it.

    Moral: MGTOW or Ruin. Pick one.

    • Turbo

      Sorry dhanumis456, I cannot agree with you here. I don’t admire any part of their strategy, I think it is deceitful and underhanded.
      I understand where you are coming from, but you are assuming that all men know all the rules and laws. They generally don’t know them, not at least in the finer details. They don’t exactly teach this stuff to kids at school, governments use distorted figures to cover up the traps, and the media play along by refusing to cover these issues.
      Men have to learn these lessons anecdotally, by looking around and seeing the results, and many of them do not learn the lesson until it is to late. That is one of the reasons we are here I believe. Men who have not learned the lesson because they have not been told, just do what men do, get married and have children. The natural instinct. Then many get shafted by this cruel and corrupt system later on.
      As for Joakim, I would suggest he had no idea he could be charged for rape for what he did.
      Saying to a man that you should have known better so I have no sympathy in these cases, is just like when people say to men “You should have kept it in your pants” but never say to women “You should have kept your legs shut.

      PS. I hope I have been clear, I am in a rush.

      • dhanumis456

        @Turbo Sampling bias, dear Turbo. Those who are ever gonna read the above comment are already aware 😀

        Joking aside, what you said is true about the semi-feminized countries. You’re right about my assumption too, for which here’s the basis. In places like Sweden where it’s so extreme (and has been for years), I assumed most people must be aware of the system. Notice that in the beginning of my comment I said ‘when the situation is THAT bad’.

        For example, I’ve read that many girlfriends over there ask their boyfriends to sit while peeing or else they’d dump them. What do you think of those boyfriends that submit to them, rather than part their ways? They don’t need to read the law books to know their position; it’s just common sense. By handing over your control on the manner in which you pee, or simply of anything else, you know what you’re in for.

        I doubt the men are not aware of the laws and consequences. How come the women always know all these laws that are in their favor and use them too, while men remain clueless? I think they do know that the system is discriminatory but they’re so desperate that they choose to ignore the consequences. I’ve heard of many men who go for a third marriage after being ruined in the previous two! They’re clearly aware of the system but just can’t go their own way.

        But in the places where the situation is not that bad (yet), yes there are many a man who is not fully aware of the system. My above comment does not apply to those people. As you said, it’s completely based on the assumption that the men are aware of the system; it applies to only those men who knowingly do it. The reason for that assumption is, it’s natural to guess that the men in such an extremist nation do know their place; where the military symbol (their lion) has been castrated, where misandric course is part of the education system, where the provider of an illegal service (prostitution) is not guilty but the buyer is, where the SCUM is played on stage, where men’s standing up while peeing is being made illegal, etc. I think men in that country must be aware of these things. After all, the whole world is. Just do a search for peeing standing being made illegal in Sweden and you’ll find a large number of non-MRM sites and forums discussing it.

        • jack

          But in the places where the situation is not that bad (yet), yes there are many a man who is not fully aware of the system.

          It’s even worse. I can assure you that in countries like Germany and France the vast majority of men are clueless. The men’s right awareness in those countries is zero. I hope feminism can implode in the US like communism imploded in Russia, and be done with worldwide after that.

          • Bewildered

            ” I hope feminism can implode in the US like communism imploded in Russia, and be done with worldwide after that.”

            This should have happened long back but has been delayed because of men’s stupidity. The sheer number of idiotic manginas in the WEST ensures that this is going to be delayed even further.

        • Turbo

          I understand your points, and I certainly agree with Moral: MGTOW or Ruin. Pick one.

          I am in a rush again, will comeback to you in a day or so.
          PS. I didn’t down vote you.

        • Turbo

          @ dhanumis456

          The thrust of what you are saying, as I understand it, is that if these men are well aware of the misandric situation and they still choose to engage in it then they deserve what they get. They should have gone MGTOW.

          Perhaps I am being pedantic here, but I have a problem with the phrase “Deserve It”. In my opinion, no man, or his children, deserve to be treated the way this feminist ghastly system treats them.

          But I do agree with you, if you do have intimate knowledge of how the system works, then you should avoid it at all costs, no doubt.

          You say that all Swedish men would be well aware of the situation, that is an interesting point. I wonder. Sweden is obviously the mecca of Feminism as we have learned. But I wonder if the average Swedish man really is aware of the severity of the situation. I would love to here from someone from Sweden to give us heads up on just what the average “blue pill” man in Sweden understands.

          I mean, the US, UK, Aus etc, whilst perhaps not as bad as Sweden, are still in a shocking situation, and yet many men still rush headlong into marriage and children seemingly oblivious to the perils. Even though I think most men now know, at least in the back of their minds, that there is something wrong.

          And yes, dhanumis456, if a girlfriend of mine threatened to dump me unless I peed sitting down, she would be talking to herself in seconds.

          As Mr Miyagi said in the “Karate Kid”, best way to avoid punch is to not be there, LOL

          • dhanu

            @Turbo (I’m dhanumis456, changed the display name.)

            “In my opinion, no man, or his children, deserve to be treated the way this feminist ghastly system treats them.”

            I agree but how is knowingly becoming yet another victim of the taken-over system a solution? If the system is unfavorable, the ways to beat it are fight it or stay away from it. Those who are feeding it become yet another statistics to turn the system even more ghastly, as the feminist machine (media, politics, and academia) presents the stories in the usual warped sense (male-bad-oppressors, female-good-victim) and the courts make decisions based off the same theory. For example, if a man marries and then gets divorced such that he gets no child custody, it’s not only bad to the man himself, but adds yet another man to the list of child abusers or bad parents (otherwise why he wouldn’t have gotten the children).

            In the present case itself, you see how it ended up for Joakim. Not only did he get the heavy fine (bad for himself), but he also contributed to the registry of female-abusers and rapists (since that data is used for making laws, therefore bad for every other man too). So you see that it’s a vicious evil cycle. The bad law counts the participating men as the evil oppressors, and an increase in their number then results in the law becoming even worse, ridiculous, and arbitrary. The corrective action, therefore, is to either fight this system (what we’re doing here per our capacity) or at least do not contribute toward making it even worse. Those men who feed it make it worse for all other men. That’s why I said that those who knowingly feed it deserve it.

            “You say that all Swedish men would be well aware of the situation, that is an interesting point. I wonder. Sweden is obviously the mecca of Feminism as we have learned. But I wonder if the average Swedish man really is aware of the severity of the situation.”

            From the status updates and comments of my worldwide friends (they’re 2500+ and I’ve randomly added them to a fake account), I find the Swedish men to be very desperate. Interestingly, they also get the least number of likes on their updates from the women. Dean Esmay’s experience should also tell you something. The Swedish men (barring some exception) are knowingly manginas. I have observed the trend in other (even non-MRM) forums as well. (But I’ve not met them in person, so there might be a selection bias and probably I’m only talking about those who come online rather than those who mostly work offline or are too busy to talk online.) Yes, it would be better if someone natively from Sweden could provide some insight here.

            “But I do agree with you, if you do have intimate knowledge of how the system works, then you should avoid it at all costs, no doubt.”

            Basically we’re saying the same thing; the knowingly irresponsible people ‘being deserving’ part might have felt a bit off to you. I understand that you’re saying that it’s the system that is bad, not those men. I never said they’re bad, but their actions do have a bad effects and so for the greater good, they should avoid those actions because the results are inevitably bad for all other men too.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        As it happens I know a woman of Swedish descent who spends much time in Sweden and talks often on Facebook with Swedish friends. On many issues she is a very kind and decent woman but when it comes to men she is often astoundingly misandric. So much so I’m increasingly reluctant to talk to her, even though I’ve invested much time in the past in being her friend while she went through rough times (I do this for male friends too, BTW, a human being who needs help is a human being who needs help). Her misandry did not start becoming apparent to me until the last year or so. Anyway, I’ve watched her discussing stuff like this with her friends in Sweden; she and one of her female AND ONE OF HER MALE Swedish friends started going on about how terrible Swedish men are, how they’re selfish and narcissistic. Swedish men. Narcissists. And this blue pill Swede guy was totally going along with it.

        You know, maybe most Swedish men are narcissists but I sort of doubt it, or all these horrible laws wouldn’t be happening.

        • James Williams

          For your own sake, don’t get too intimate with her if she spouts misandric crap.

  • rams888

    I don’t know if this has been posted on the site before, apologies if it has. A left wing group in Sweden is attempting to make it illegal for men to stand while urinating….


  • Stu

    I often think back many years, twenty, thirty years, when I used to say that laws like this would be enacted and men would be thrown in jail for the most ridiculous reasons, on the flimsiest or non-existent evidence. I used to give examples of possible scenarios, and I used to be laughed and told I was mad.

    Well, it’s here, at least in Sweden, and it’s migrating to all western countries.

    The thing people, and men in particular just do not understand is that feminists will not stop. No matter how privileged women become, no matter how downtrodden men become, the feminist will always be portraying women as living in a complete male dominated dystopia.

    One of many of the tactics they use, is to keep referring to the past. “Women couldn’t vote four zillion years ago” And of course making the absolutely insane case that men now, who had nothing to do with anything in the past, must pay compensation to women now….who also had nothing to do with anything in the past. e.g. They weren’t victims of anything, the current men were not oppressors. Firstly, this requires that one buy into their revisionist and selective history reporting, as well as ignoring the many ways that men were even more repressed.

    The thing is, even if their view of the past were accurate, which they are not, it doesn’t matter, because the past will always be the past. Nothing you do now can change the past. This is why my father had to pay, and then I have to pay, and then my son has to pay. No matter how much retribution has been payed, the past remains the past…..unaltered by any compensation paid by non-oppressors to non-victims.

    In the future, when all men live in chains and work sixteen hours per day under a whip, and are terminated at age thirty when they start to wear out…..the feminists will still be able to look to the past and say…..women could not vote ten zillion years ago…and continue to justify the ramp up of draconian treatments against men for imagined crimes.

    And this will not stop….ever. Each generation of feminist will try to outdo the last. Each generation of mangina will appease and appease, for the small crumbs of humanity bestowed on him in return. Each generation of men, and women, grow up in, and get used to the conditions that are present at that time. The feminists merely ask for on more inch at a time…..just another inch….how much harm can just one more inch do. And on it goes….for infinity

    Being a MGHOW is not enough. If that is all you do, what you are doing is choosing to retreat to higher ground as the flood waters rise. But, as in this case, the flood waters are never going to stop rising, any ground you hold now will just be surrendered again and again, until you have none. Go your own way…..for sure….but while you are doing it…..fight back. Don’t leave things to others, they are all doing what you are doing…..waiting.

    If you feel you don’t have the time, the skills, etc etc to contribute something to the fight back…..then just go to your paypal account and set up recurring transfer of $5 per month to this site. You can sit and watch the water rising all you like, but only money, effort, sacrifice, and time is going to stop it. You can run, but you can not hide. The water is coming after you, and you will run out of higher ground to run too, its just a matter of time. Sweden’s laws are coming to all of us in the West. Only you can stop it.

    Donate now

    • jack

      Stu, should you decide to write a book I’m sure it would sell!

      • Stu

        LOL. You wouldn’t believe how many people say that to me. I’m starting to believe that maybe I could. But the subject matter would not be directly linked to the MRM, or so most people would think. However, I see it very differently, and one day I may actually write that book. I suppose you could say I’m not ready to tell my story. I’ve even had a film crew pester me for it. Now that has you thinking doesn’t it lol

        • Valentine Brook

          A male!? Writing books!? Do it now while it is still legal

  • kiwihelen

    Hmmmm…and I am thinking about the statistics I saw about mental illness, suicide and alcoholism in Scandinavia in a whole new context.

    • Bewildered

      ” For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. ” —- Rudyard Kipling

      I had always thought that this was a tongue-in-cheek remark. But boy ! was he prescient !

  • Mateusz

    Whenever men demand protection for people accused of rape (not for accused rapists, as the media likes to say, but people who are merely accused), feminists like to counter with “Women would never lie about rape! It’s just too serious and terrible!” For them, this is a perfect refutation.

    • JFinn

      And when a woman does lie about Rape(Duke Lacrosse team, Kobe Bryant, etc,) feminists say “women don’t lie about rape!”

  • Gamerp4

    After reading this, I have to wash my aggressive emotions out of my brain, not because i have testosterone flowing inside my veins but because My humanity is stopping me from doing something bad and evil.

    And this is what equality is and still many women comment that not ALL women are like that (NAWALT), Majority of women if given some justifiable reason’s to do EVIL will turn out to be just like that, Goodness and moral virtue is not a VAGINA thing, it comes from beauty of nature and self sacrifice but in today’s society where culture is turned upside down to accommodate values for women in general to believe that they are inherently wiser, mature, fairer, non violent, non abusive, truthful, nurturer & loving creatures, but i believe that most women even cut some of these characteristics out of their natural bios to facilitate their calls for EQUALITY, I myself in a society have never been called wiser, mature, fairer, non violent, non abusive, truthful, nurturer & loving creature because i OWN A PENIS not a VAGINA, and society and culture in “ALL” not in general but sees ALL the men has dangerous beings who in their life time would do a crime against women EVEN IF THE CRIME WAS TO PUT MY PENIS IN A WOMAN’S MOUTH ON HER PERMISSION OFCOURSE FOR 3 SECONDS and later would be jailed and registered as sexual offender, What true equality we got there, i can never feel safe without all these laws trying to MAIM me and SHAME me for crimes that I didnt commit or if did were not in any shape or form can be called CRIME.

    Leading Swedish Radfem academics, Professor Christian Diesen and Eva Diesen from Stockholm University published a book calling, not for 200 men to be convicted of rape each year but 25,000. “The average Swedish man should ideally spend a year of his life in gaol [jail] due to poor sexual interaction with women.”

    Why 1 year sister you could have claimed to put all men in jail for their entire life and you wouldn’t have faced any jail term because your not misandrist, YOU CLEARLY DONT HATE MEN, not in your words NO! you just want “INNOCENT” men to serve time in jail for “Crimes” that a “TINY” bit of men commit, But no we cannot jail Women for pedophile or rape against innocent male child NOP! we dont want that, THANK YOU for showing me the true colors of EQUALITY, i thought it was I as a man with a penis is equal infront of law and social norms to a woman who has a vagina BUT i am dead wrong it is that I as a man with a penis is equal infront of law and social norms only if the woman sees me as equal or else its Jail or emasculation for me.

    • JFinn

      “NAWALT” = “I am sociopathic or sadistic enough to be fine with the fact that most women are like that.

      • Kimski

        Agreed, to the point that experience and life has not given me reason to think otherwise, and the evidence has been substantial over the years.

        AWALT..-to some extend, because all women are humans, too.

        • Valentine Brook

          With respect, you mean females are human. ‘women’ is a construct like ‘men’ and does not exist in itself. We can all be whatever we like, but as soon as we start defining ourselves as ‘man’ or ‘woman’ we limit our potential and become stereotypes.

  • James Williams

    To control a society, a power must control it’s young men. In every uprising across all cultures it has always been the young males who have picked up stones or taken up arms to resist oppression. They often do not do it willingly and need considerable provocation. It seems though that against the social cancer of feminism we are muted due to a clash of principles. On the one hand there stands the arguably noble concept of ‘protect the female and self sacrifice’ and, on the other, is the principle of opposing the tyranny of totalitarian oppression. Consequently, we are divided. Perhaps other factors will dictate, but before the rise of modern tyranny is seriously opposed, there will be a lot of suffering by a lot of innocent people. Interestingly the ancient Greek philosopher Plato predicted that tryanny would follow democracy as the system of rule.

  • Valentine Brook

    I got mind-damaged by all their crap when it first raised its stupid naive head in the early 80s. I thought the pigs had disappeared beneath their rock years ago, so you can imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that their Hate has taken over American classrooms where child abuse is now completely legal, endorsed by the President on down.
    I’ve had enough. I’ve never suffered from that peculiar disease so many males seem to carry within them – this bizarre idea that they should never hurt a female. I understand where it comes from, but it cannot be applied in this sort of situation. These radfem pigs and their sex-traitor males are utterly unnecessary , they perform no positive or useful function at all. However there are two ways they could assist us, willing or otherwise – as an agricultural fertiliser or soap. Kill them.