Are you waging a war on men?

A casual skimming of headlines provides a clear and horrifying picture.

A Father, shot by his child’s mother is barred by the court from seeing his son. The mother, who shot the boy’s father and grandmother is allowed continued access[1].

Are you already constructing an excuse for her in your mind?

An Australian woman burns her husband to death and walks free[2]. The judge cites their past abusive relationship as excuse.

The dictum of eye-for-and-eye is the brutal, retributive system of law exhorted in the old testament, I am continuously startled when modern courts call on the sadistic edicts of the god of the desert. But is that what the Australian court is doing deliberately? Or are we witnessing a legal system adrift of its moorings, and blown in whatever whimsical direction will placate the public’s indulgence of victim-feminism’s endless screeching for male blood?

In Canada, a woman who woke her sleeping husband by stabbing him to death walked free after her defence lawyer pointed out during the trial that “Of course she had other options” but that she was drunk at the time[3].

She was also female, so a violent history between The killer killer and her murdered husband was used to excuse making a choice to stab him to death.

Go ahead and read that again. Her lawyer admitted during the trial that she had options besides murder, and she still walked free.

Ligia Filler[4] is the violently insane ex wife of Vladek Filler, this man the latest political sacrifice on the mountain of corpses that corrupt Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellet is building her career on. Ligia, when picked up in the street by Maine Police, screeching, semi-nude, and unhinged threatened the attending officers with murder and dismemberment, then cackled while promising the murder of her estranged husband Vladek.

A man exhibiting this behaviour would have been shot. The Assistant D.A. Kellet suppressed the recording along with other evidence of Mr. Filler’s innocence. In fact, Kellet pursued the fraudulent case of rape against Mr Filler with such enthusiasm and disregard for the law that his conviction, obtained without physical evidence, was thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct. Having learned just how much lying is over the top, Kellet has dialled her witch-hunt down just enough to not be thrown out on the second try, and is dragging the innocent Vladek Filler through the brutalizing process again.

Nobody seems to mind except for a tiny handful of foolish and idealistic individuals who think the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and Rule of Law still means something in a post Bush America.

Maybe you too think the rule of law has some meaning – if so, sign the petition to investigate and disbar Mary Kellett

Against the backdrop of exemption from any female legal accountability, an American comedian was recently sentenced to 60 days in jail for producing a satirical video – edited to simulate his recitation of a sexually explicit song to a classroom of small children[5]. Note, that this man did not actually sing sexually explicit lyrics to children, his comedy video was edited to simulate that effect. He’s now serving jail time for his “crime” and is a registered sex offender. Taken to a logical conclusion, every actor who’s ever portrayed a violent crime should immediately stand trial and go to jail. Unless the actors are women, of course.

So-called “Men’s Rights Activists” write articles and letters – and circulate petitions in pursuit of human rights, all while clinging to an ethic on nonviolence. What a bunch of fools. The war against men is rapidly becoming a shooting war, the bodies are piling up, and the courts collude in the violence.

Men are jailed for producing off-colour comedy, and women are excused for murder. This is where we sit right now. Western law is transforming under the pressure of feminist lobbying into an instrument of apartheid.

Metropolitan police departments are now publicly encouraging mob violence against men not indicted, or convicted, but merely accused of rape.[6][7] Victim advocates reading the preceding statement will shriek that women don’t lie about rape.

This is a common dogma of the religion of female victimhood, and it’s so dishonest and absurd that anyone regurgitating it should be understood and identified as an advocate of jailing men and destroying families on false changes. False rape accusation is a for-profit blood-sport it’s apologists need to be publicly named for the tyrants and fascists they really are.

When western civil society wakes up to the fact that half the population are subject to systems of law which criminalize males by biological identity, but do not protect them from violence and murder, a new, brutal public ethic will emerge, in which the demographic now pedestalized and protected from accountability will become the target of widespread violence.

The stupid, shrill, and ideologically driven feminist Kool-Aid drinkers pushing for ever more absurd protections for the biological demographic already legally and socially supreme, are likely to become public targets of retribution.

This must be stated clearly, because critics of my argument will seize on a prediction of violence and characterize that prediction as threat. I regard violence as a bad outcome to be avoided, I abhor its use, and I definitely don’t call for it.

But it’s coming.

And the only people trying to stop it before we reach a point of improvised public executions, burning legislature buildings and lamp posts decorated with freshly hung corpses are being routinely and falsely accused of violent criminality by the ideologues pushing for this terrible, brutal outcome.

The unintentional comedy here is that if we step back from this, just dial back to a potential moment before civil society looses it’s collective shit, we do not find ourselves in a world of female supremacy and male subjugation. What we find before the point of societal tribulation is a nightmare world of universal human subjugation – the Orwellian police state.

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[addendum: Women are as violent or more violent than men in relationships]

  • Aharon

    “The dictum of eye-for-and-eye is the brutal, retributive system of law exhorted in the old testament, I am continuously startled when modern courts call on the sadistic edicts of the god of the desert.”

    It is far from just being modern courts suddenly reverting to the old testament. Bias, corruption, and executions have been going on for the past 100-1000+ years in western courts. Just ask African Americans what their view of American justice has been like to them.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      I can’t speak for the writer, but I see a difference here. I don’t think what happened to Blacks originated from the perception of a historical harm to whites, but as a measure of pure and simple brutal repression based on supremacy alone.

      Where it concerns men, there is the overarching belief in men and women alike that men have it coming as a matter of justified revenge.

      • Aharon

        Hi Paul,

        Good point about the perceived belief for justified revenge.

        I found the author’s jumping back and trying to connect the modern era with the ‘sadistic edicts of the god of the desert’ bit rather silly since for the past 2,000 years – post old testament era – ‘courts’ have often been places lacking ethics, decency, justice, and have handed out some crazy rationalized decisions.

        IMHO, within the analogy used by the author, those so-called old testament court or judge approved edicts of justice/revenge would not occur since those acts of violence by the woman against the man or husband would not have been sanctioned in the first place as justifiable. Payment in ‘like kind’ did not justify burning or murdering a husband even if the man actually beat his wife.

        I really didn’t intend to derail this into a historical biblical discussion. The ‘god of the desert’ bashing game simply gets boring after a while.

      • Eoghan

        Same source too, the plantation owners party.

  • http://matthewabsurdity.blogspot.com/ Matthew

    Nice one, but I think you could cite more empirical evidence, say the fact that it is more often the women who initiate domestic violence.
    You know, people won’t ask any question when requested to promote women’s “rights”, but become extremely harsh and demanding when asked to do something for men.
    In other words, we need particularly large effort and firm ground to convince people when it comes to men’s issue.

    I think the effect will be especially good if we simulataneously tell people about the manipulative nature of women (statistically speaking). Say, we could also cite empirical evidence of how women manipulate people into forgiving them despite being equally guilty as men. This means that we would at the same time wake people about the nature of women and thus enhance our progress.

    Just some opinion regarding how you could promote our activism.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Hi Matthew,

      I went ahead and added the citation you felt was lacking. As an interesting side note though, one of the things that Robert Franklin brought up on the last AVfM Radio show was the fact that the evidence of women’s violence has been known and disseminated for at least 30 years.

      It seems kind of pointless sometimes to have to keep including cites for what should be common knowledge by now, but your point is valid. Until it is common knowledge we should keep referring to the evidence.

      • Raven01

        Feminists often try to shout down anyone disseminating truth, and used the vilest ad hominem attacks, which seem to actually work on many people even if it is entirely invalid. The effect is those showing the truth have a double workload, spreading the truth and defending against bogus claims of misogyny (we really need a term that encompasses those that despise feminists, white knights/manginas, and the all too common sheeple), etc…
        Hey, I never claimed the majority of women voted logically. But they do have about half of all available votes.

        Just the support of MRA’s will never be enough. White knights may be taught, smarter women aswell. The mangina’s are a write off with that much self-flaggelation and, feminisms with their entitlement and misandry.

        I strongly believe that with strong men and smart women decrying misandry openly, demanding justice for all including men, the middle of the road women and the white knights will fall into our camp. Numbers = votes, and votes=change…… so entrenched is the current status quo I fear it may also take open rebellion(The single largest reason I have to support MGTOW).

      • http://matthewabsurdity.blogspot.com/ Matthew

        Dear Mr. Elam,
        I have encountered an counterargument against MRA recently. It is quite powerful, indeed (well, in terms of its power to emotionally manipulate people).
        I have figured out a way to deal with it here.


        I hope this will be helpful, in dealing with feminist’s emotional manipulating techniques.

  • Herbal Essence

    Glad to see the Other is still among us, alive and well.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam


  • Stu

    I’ve made posts saying this too. What’s going down now, will result in collapse, and lawlessnes. Women won’t have any rights then. Neither will men, but it’s getting that way for us anyway. If we can’t get equal treatment under the law, then in the end, we will bring about equal treatment under the lawless.

    • Tom M

      True, women are the tools of implementing communism which will make women slaves to, but slaves of greater worth? They are already enslaved by feminism, every mother making false abuse allegations in divorce (3/4 of divorced mothers) leading to then automatically destroying their children and of course themselves as a natural consequence.

      The majority divorce murders are directly the result of those exact abuses starting with false abuse allegations which are followed up with much, much more abuse. Some few of these uber-abusive women are murdered because they won’t let up on the continuous intense abuse resulting in him ending the abuse the only way possible since nobody will intervene or help him and his children. Judges know this, but continue fueling their own private ongoing serial murders anyway, the direct result of their own orchestration.

      As vile as feminism is, we often don’t see how much more vile chivalry is:

      If you attack feminism alone, effectively, it will not stay down but will spring back up due to chivary being the nourishing root of feminism.

      BUT, if you attack chivalry effectively the war is over and done, for feminism cannot revive dead chivarly nor can feminism stand on it’s own.

      • Raven01

        Proof positive feminism cares not a damn for women. If they did, they would demand legal recourse for men and fair treatment so that such incidents became far less likely. Murder, or murder-suicide is more likley to be seen as a way out with a person that feels or knows they really have nothing left to lose. The same holds true for impoverished areas having more violent crimes.
        Let a man build and have self-determined purpose and the world will be peaceful. Make him a slave and their will eventually be an uprising.

  • Kevin

    There will come a time in the near future when countless “male bombs” will detonate.
    A law is just some ink on a piece of paper. It cannot protect you once the lights go out and cities burn to the ground. Nature will overtake nurture and reclaim its rightful throne. I am interested to see how all these “strong, independent, and empowered” women will fare in a world where their cries for help go unanswered.

    • Tom M

      and you can indeed read that exact story at Isaiah 3:12…

      • http://shatterdmen.com/ shatteredmen

        Although feminist would think this is a blessing. it is a CURSE.

  • AntZ

    I believe the prediction of turbulent revolution will not come to pass. There is a crucial factor that the author does not take into consideration: technology.

    Within 30 years, biology and computer science will change the gender rules forever. Computer directed dream state interaction of men with virtual women, combined with artificial womb technology, will lead to a complete and permanent separation of the sexes. Men and women will drift into separate and non-interacting species.

    Men will find companionship with virtual wives.
    Men will cooperate with each other to raise children generated in synthetic wombs.
    Men will have no reason to risk their freedom, their property, and their life. Pointless interactions with women will quickly disappear.

    Presumably, women will also find ways to adapt to the new world. Or not. Who cares.

    • BeijaFlor

      I’m truly sorry, AntZ, to throw cold water at your “artificial womb technology.”

      But – what happens to humanity if it breaks down?

      Get a copy of Heinlein’s Beyond This Horizon – he foresaw some of this in 1942. I will let this much cat out of his well-wrought bag: It’s set in a civilization liberal in eugenics – with technology capable of artificial wombs – but the civilization turned its back on artificial wombs, because if that technology broke down it would be the end of Homo sapiens. To me, that if nothing else militates for us to continue relying on woman’s natural womb for continuance of our species.

      The fact that I personally have turned my back on ever siring a child, doesn’t mean there won’t be enough children to populate the future. But the generation that relied on artificial-womb technology – only to have it fail – would be the last generation of our species.

    • Tom M

      Out of oppression comes survival by neccesity.

    • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

      Presumably, women will also find ways to adapt to the new world. Or not. Who cares.

      I don’t. Fuck them.

  • Stu

    Yes. Collapse is coming anyway. It’s a matter of how soon, and what sort of governance we have during, and after. If the current feminist system remains, then collapse is all the closer. When the collapse happens, instead of finding rational reasonable intellegent solutions to problems, the system will ramp up it’s anit male laws and introduce a whole heap of measure to inslave men, to prop up standards of living for the women, and the elite.

    The world is currently being run just like an average modern woman runs a household. Emotions, endless mindless consumerism, everything for free, except their is no free lunch. The world is a finite thing, and so is everything on it. We are consuming all resources at staggering and increasing speed…..and a hell of a lot of that….most of it in fact, is going on waste….fueling luxury item production and consumption. Disposable this, disposable that…..throw everything out that is perfectly good because it’s appearance is out of date because Pink, or Lady Gaga says so. Sit around in 35 sqr houses wearing beach atire with heaters going flat out……leave 50 inch tv’s going all day, when nobody is watching….watch tv, using, consuming, instead of doing something that produces…….leave all the production to some peasants in some other country that live on a bowl of rice a day and haven’t heard of heating or air conditioning.

    We build buildings so tall, with no windows the open, that are uninhabital without constant climate control. The Rialto in Melbourne, it’s heating and cooling requirements use about 20 tonnes of coal per day…..just to keep the temp right…without anything else. Without it…..all you could use it for would be a giant greenhouse. It takes kilos of coal in energy just to raise the lift full of people up to their offices. We make cars that use more petrol then they have too just so they can have automatic transmissions…..so some slob can avoid the agony of haveing to shift gears……and power steering….same thing….do you think the power for the power steering comes for free……saving you a bit of muscle power costs you the use of five times as much energy in petrol as you would burn using your weak muscles. We put in extra wiring, extra electric motors…..etc etc……to save you having to wind a window, lock the doors. I’m waiting to see the first auto arse wiping toilet…….use another 500 watts of electricity to save your arm having to wipe your arse…….actually…..got them haven’t they……pumps a jet of water and a burst of hot air to dry your arse after……pathetic.

    What next……personal respirators to save you the effort of breathing.

    Every woman used to dream of being a princess. In the old days, only royalty lived without effort, and had people to perform all the tasks we use technology for now. Now, every woman lives 100 times better then the princess’ of old times……are they happy….no. What do they want then…..the answer……more. More luxury, more convenience……more more more.

    • Johnny Blank

      Stu, what you wrote struck a chord with me. I wrote a short sci-fi story titled Johnny Rocketfist that deals with nearly everything you just wrote. It takes place in a future where the world is mostly uninhabitable due to hyperconsumerism depleting nearly all natural resources, so people live in massive skyscraper-like white plastic airconditioned towers. There is one religion, one ideology, one government, it’s called Feminislam.

      It’s not a romantic comedy.

  • Stu

    It wont happen Antz. Women will oppose it, and will get their way. The technology will be limited for use by women. Us men will only further our enslavement by creating technology. Everything we have invented to date has benefited women more then men, and it won’t change. What makes you think the government will allow men to replace women with anything. They want us desperately competing with each other for the prime peices of arse….throwing all our money at trying to by every status increasing thing from bigger houses, bigger cars, more shit to keep the woman happy……every appliance, every gadget….and working our butts off to pay for it all……and the more we earn, the more tax we pay….and they get a cut of everything we by too. Every cent you spend is someone elses income……and their tax on that. If men could just have all the perfect tens……and spend all day in a virtual orgy of adoring women…..we’d work our arses off to buy the hardware and software……then it would be…….i’ll work enough to feed myself and pay the bills…and thats it…….you’ll find me in my pod the rest of the time……..you got my number……don’t call lol

    • http://voiceformen.com J3DIforce1

      “What makes you think the government will allow men to replace women with anything.”

      If you got a hand and a good imagination…then you can replace a woman! Nuff said.

      • http://voiceformen.com J3DIforce1

        I’m the best partner Ive ever had!

  • Stu

    Hey, I just thought of something. We’re volunteering for a matrix existence lol

  • Kevin


    Women will always want more and will never be happy. I hear all this talk about men being happy once interaction with virtual women is invented, but I doubt it. Women will find some way to ban virtual women. Women have taken away so much from men already, what makes you think that they won’t continue to do the same in the future?

    Besides, I want nothing to do with a virtual woman anyways. I refuse to take part in a world that has become so fucked up where people act more like machines than like human beings.

    Do you know what people in the future will say one day about us? They will say we fucked up so miserably as human beings that we needed to quit being human beings in order to save the human race.

    Technology killed humanity.

  • Stu

    Yeah, what happens is that we invent and produce the technology, then we get banned from using it, then woman have a replacement for sex with us. That’s how all technology ends up being used. The technology of today has freed women from having to give us jack shit. The more we invent, the worse it gets.

    We are better off going back to horse and carts and kero lamps.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Great post, these injustices seem to be a daily occurance if you look for them.

    A woman claiming abuse hired an undercover police officer to kill her husband. The court decision…acquited…”Ms. Ryan was compelled to take the action she did by normal human instincts and self-preservation”


    • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

      Can you repost the article. I don’t want to sign up just to read a newspaper article.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-Man

    I am really sick to bloody death of feminists who claim that the feminist revolution was “bloodless”.

    Look at how many men have been imprisoned, shot, tazered, beaten etc… because of unfair DV laws, VAWA, etc…

    Just because WOMEN have gotten no blood on their hands does not mean that feminism was “bloodless”…

    …It simply shows how manipulative and treacherous women can be.

    • http://AVoiceforMen Patrick

      SCP-M, Do not forget all the men who have commited suicide because they could not pay CS for a kid they could not afford, or have reprodutive choice.

    • http://shatterdmen.com/ shatteredmen

      I strongly agree that many of these women have blood on their hands and many of them do so directly. One of our members in Shattered Men has shown that many of the men who take their own life do have a witness…a woman and often the police just take her word that the man killed himself. She is never or seldom tested to see if she fired a gun

      Many others are driven and encouraged to take their own life and others just plain murder their husband in their sleep like Mary Winkler did and they get away with it.

      I contend there are a LOT more Black Widows that anyone knows. It is just that when a man dies unexpectanly, little is done to see if it was murder. If a woman dies unexpectanly, a man somewhere is suspected of helping her out and they actively look for ways to charge him.

      I also know of some women who have tried a twist on the suciide by cop thing…they have tried Murder By Cop


  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-Man

    “in a post Bush America.”

    Take that and shove it in your libdem ass.

    Obama RENEWED the Patriot act. Obama has waged war just like Bush did.

    Guess what numb-nuts.

    Bush is no longer president – Obama is.

    This is not “post-Bush-ism” this is “current Obama-ism”.

    When are people going to realize that political party doesn’t mean squat anymore.

    • Raven01

      The difference is Bush wasn’t smart enough to lie about his intentions and was voted right back in.
      Obama sugar coats a bitter pill but, how much hope is there when people won’t spit out a bitter one at first chance?
      So gear up, get Obama’s ear, if he values his job and you will vote and advocate for what you believe they will listen……. even if only to keep their jobs rather than any sort of integrity.

      • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

        Nobama in 2012.

    • Mr.XY

      I am not sure the author was being a liberal, only pointing out that many rights were taken away since Bush (which includes Obama). But as far as men’s rights go, I think Clinton was a disaster with VAWA, Janet Reno and Waco…etc. But then, if I really think about it, Bush Sr. with his Willy Horton ads called for tougher government and court actions…and I’m sure if I really start thinking about it, I will recall that Reagan brought us mandatory sentencing which put countless men in to prisons for nonviolent crimes. Both parties are part of the same police state, the same agenda, and the same lie.

      Where would feminism be without all these evil fucks pushing for a police state from every angle? There is a reason why men are being enslaved and it has less to do with gyno-centric rights and more to do with money and police state power. Women are a weak link and what the courts and government have done is bribe and empower the lowest class women to be an army of Judases to allow the government to hold unprecedented power over men, families, and society as a whole.

      I have always believed that this was about a police state…that’s at the root of the Feminist movement–and many women are too corrupt to care and many men are too blind to notice until it’s too late. We need to put all political party affiliations in to the toilet. They are by design too divisive.

      • Raven01

        Reagan was teh guy that had the US convicted in international courts of being a state-sponsor of terrorism. Iran-Contra and Ollie North.

        But it goes back farther than that. With the CIA deposing democratically elected leaders in other nations and installing their own friendly dictators.

        It is not enough to enslave one nation, they seek to enslave all so that there is no safe haven to run to.

  • Adi

    This will upset some of you, but it needs to be said.

    Fact of the matter is that men are putting up with this unfairness in large. We are just a handful of individuals and not even 0.01% of the population. Yes, there might be more rage killers going on the rampage against women but that is not a civil uprising. Even if things get worse, men will continue to put up with it.

    The way I see it, only 2 types of scenarios could really change the situation:
    1) Things get SO much worse that an uprising will take place.
    2) Something else changes the circumstances so as to shift the balance of power and change male/female relations entirely.

    Concerning nr 1), I do not think that our justice system, corrupt and screwed as it is, would let things derail that far that men would actually start acting as a group. Feel free to disagree.
    Concerning nr 2) this is the more likely scenario and the one I’m hoping/waiting for. Examples of incidences that could bring about such a shift would be the development of a male contraceptive pill or the massive advance in virtual reality.

    We should put more effort into promoting the development of the male contraceptive pill because it is our best bet to level the playing field between men and women without messing things up. Because, as it stands now, we cannot win. This isn’t a glorious David against Goliath as we like to tell ourselves – it’s a fruit fly against Goliath. Because we’re fighting human nature itself (the one that hardwired men to seek women’s favor at all times) and we absolutely cannot win against that – not without some epic intervention of the kind I mentioned above.

    • Raven01

      Have to disagree with 1). Tiny increments and eventually things could be so bad and most won’t even notice,, then along will comes someone that took a blue pill and men will rally to his flag. But, only after they reach the point where there is absolutely nothing left to lose and everything to gain. I wish it weren’t likely.

      The male pill point is an absolute must though. I’d suggest that in the interim men be able to make “pop”-cicles (with the guarantee that said sperm may never be used without the donors consent) and recieve free vasectomies. We pay for abortions, the pill, the morning after pill and so on for women…. It shouldn’t be a stretch to suggest men should have SOME choice in who carries their child. Sex is just sex, parenting is a commitment.

    • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

      Because we’re fighting human nature itself (the one that hardwired men to seek women’s favor at all times)

      I believe that is a learned behavior. If it were instinct it would be impossible to be an MRA or question women about anything.

  • BeijaFlor

    A little amplification on what I said above, against “artificial wombs” …

    I turn to Robert A. Heinlein (Beyond This Horizon, beginning of Chapter 14) for this quote from a biologist who happens to be one of the principal characters:

    “We could practice ectogenesis {artificial wombs – BF} if we wished. It has been done. But it would be a mistake … Contra-survival in nature. The race would be dependent on complex mechanical assistance to reproduce. The time might come when it wasn’t available. Survivor types are types that survive in difficult times as well as easy ones. An ectogenetic race couldn’t cope with really hard, primitive conditions.”

    I’m not saying this, believe you me, out of some notion that we need to depend on women’s good will and ‘gina-tingles to assure the continuance of the species. Or that it’s white-knight-right of us to cozen up to them and offer ourselves for the sacrifice. There will be children to grow up and take our places in the future; they may not be of your germ-plasm (they certainly will not be of mine!) but enough women will continue to “get with child” that Homo Sap will endure.

    Is it the measure of my manhood, that I leave children in my wake? If so – epic fail. As if I give a damn. I measure myself by another rubber ruler. I have, based on my mother’s family, maybe another thirty years left to enjoy this life, and I want to enjoy them following my own dreams, not the well-trodden track of finding some “Little Cupcake” who would bear them in exchange for living off my savings, my assets and my earnings till she gets tired of me, then taking all of the above and leaving me broken on the beach.

    Frankly, I’d rather be shot in the uprisings.

  • Ben

    Male comedians are jailed and forced to register as sex offenders for making satirical videos that are merely edited to appear to have children witnessing some jokes that are for an 18 and up audience. Women are burning their husbands alive or stabbing them to death in their sleep. Even when their own attornies admit that they had other options besided brutal murder, they still walk free. We have no-drop laws that prosecute falsely accused men of rape even after the accuser comes clean and admits she lied. I guess this is what is really meant when I hear of “women’s empowerment programs”. This author is right. These are the actions of only a completely corrupt, gynocentric, tyrannical, out-of-control, fascist man-hating government.

    How did we let this happen to us? I think propaganda and the demonization of men on our televsion screens with shows like “Law and Order, Special Victims Unit”, “To Catch a Preditor (which depicts all straight white men as pedophiles caught in sting operations)”, and many, many more are the number one contributing factor. The media has absolutely driven the general public into an unthinkably histrionic rage that, until this point in history, could only be accomplished by unshakable, widespread dogma. Female victimhood and misandric male blaming has literally grown to religious, group think, proportions found in Nazi Germany, as horrifying as that sounds.

    People often say, “oh, that’s just televsion”. This strikes me no differently than someone saying, “it’s just the newspaper” referring to the newspapers in Nazi Germany just after Hitler seized the press as his propaganda machine. This author is correct. We have let femifascists hijack our government and become an unstoppable machine. It will take the unthinkable to change it because we have a brainwashed, histrionic majority and are going up against billion-dollar arms of government. It is horrifying to think of what may be necessary to throw a wrench in this police state before men are even further denigrated. Absolutely horrifying. How, HOW did we let this happen to us???

    • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

      Good men sat back and did nothing to stop it. By that I mean alledged “good” and alledged “men” but what is clear is that nothing was done to stop it.

  • criolle johnny

    The “eye for an eye” is yet another misreading/selective reading of scripture. The eye for eye is a LIMIT of punishment. It restricts the punishment that could be meted out for a crime or misdeed.
    Somewhere along the line, some fool decided that it was REQUIRED.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Would not that “limit” also be a measure of vengeance? And I don’t think it was “some fool.” It was nearly all of them.

    • Aharon

      As I understand it, those calls of an ‘eye for an eye’ were more of a symbolic statement or an analogy as both a warning and the category of justice to be applied though not in a literal way. If someone accidentally killed someone’s cow or horse, it meant that the first person had to compensate the second with a new animal, money, or some other form of compensation such as providing service on their farm. Killing the first person’s animal in retaliation as a form of justice doesn’t benefit anyone. Selling bad meat that kills someone does not mean the seller takes poison therefore denying his family of his providing and protecting for them. It means the bad meat seller has to compensate the family of the one who died.

      Many things are poorly translated. An interesting one is the well-known commandment ‘Thou shall not kill”. Actually, it doesn’t say that in the original text. It says ‘Thou shall not murder’ which is a big distinction. Killing in self-defense is permitted.

  • ray

    “I am continuously startled when modern courts call on the sadistic edicts of the god of the desert”

    you dont know that god, nor do you understand the background and nature of law many thousands of years ago amongst v ferocious and violent desert tribal peoples

    instead, you mar this “men’s rights” essay by derogating god himself, w/o which your men’s movement, like your nation and your planet, is going nowhere but straight to hell, in spite of your wonderful opinions and analyses

    stop parrotting internet kneejerkism against the “evil god of abraham” and the evil “abrahamic religions” — it arises from the matriarchy and its agents, the very people that you are (supposedly) opposing

    men and boys on this planet have NO other powerful friend than that god, who is and always has been the only god

    unless you want to continue worshipping the matriarchy’s “god” — itself

    to despise god, especially so flippantly, is to despise masculinity and fatherhood itself, for without him you would have neither


    • Raven01

      There is a strong case to be made for the evil of organized religion. Including the Abrahamic ones. Not to mention there is not a single Abrihamic religion that hasn’t supported chivalry. You think Muslim women wear burqua’s to be “kept in place” or are kept from other men not related to “opress” them? No, it is to PROTECT THEM, and guess who is doing the protecting? The same with Judaism and Christianity.

      I won’t tell you what to believe but, don’t you think you can tell me that your religion hasn’t been part of the problem. I assure you it is not knee-jerk but rather well thought out. I took the liberty of reading the New and Old Testaments and the Nag Hammadi, but haven’t botherred with the Koran. I will not share my full conclusion here and take another mans source of comfort, I will however say this isn’t a good place to recruit converts.

  • ray

    “If the current feminist system remains, then collapse is all the closer. When the collapse happens, instead of finding rational reasonable intellegent solutions to problems, the system will ramp up it’s anit male laws and introduce a whole heap of measure to inslave men, to prop up standards of living for the women, and the elite.”


    that’s why the anti-male, anti-fatherhood, antt-god propaganda has been so virulent the past century — to provide an acceptable and comfortable rationale for the mass disenfranchisement and oppression of (non-elite) boys and men

    the matriarchy will NEVER admit its error and culpability, any more than the average woman can see her own flaws

    it can only increase its destructions of masculinity via more scapegoating and “responsible consequences” for their crime of oppressing women for millions of years, etc.

    what few resources remaining will, as in past decades, go to elites and females, with increasing (and gleefully supported!) worsening conditions for that source of all evil in the universe, unprotected and non-wealthy males


    • Richard G.

      I hate to bring it to you, but the Elite can care less about women. This clandestine group of thugs are very fraternal, and they despise the shit out of women, just as much as they despise men, to the point of raping women and murdering them. Why else would they force women into the workplace and tax them. Most women don’t even know that they are being duped.

      Communist China and the Former USSR had their own little slice of feminism before they fucked their people over, and massacred millions of men, women, and children. Don’t think for one moment that women are somehow affiliated with the Elite. Women have nothing to offer the Elite, and are considered insignificant. They make more compliant, more gullible slaves.

      • http://voiceformen.com J3DIforce1

        Why the thumbs down? That’s actually a valid point. Feminism is a tool for the elite and when it comes right down to the bottom line the elite could give a flying fuck about men or women as long as the are getting what they need from them.

        • Richard G.

          Unfortunately too many people don’t understand that, my brother. We are headed towards a One World Government where we are all going to be screwed over. Women are second in line to men when it comes to opposing tyranny, especially if these women know what the hell is going on.

          This globalized police state wants complete control over our lives, and especially how our children are raised. THEY WANT CONTROL OVER OUR CHILDREN. That is one of their main goals, to mold the next generation of compliant slaves. What people don’t realize is that this “matriarchy” is all a ruse.

          The Elite are all about ‘cash money’, and they have no loyalties.

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com fidelbogen

          The ‘elite’ care about women to the extent that they are able to use women as tools. And naturally, they don’t want to wreck their tools when they have work to do.

          And their ‘work’ is, to use women as tools to suppress and enslave the more revolutionary, volatile half of the species — namely, the male half.

  • Frank411

    Consider this commentary on one of Boston’s major drive-time radio news station (NPR, naturally) making excuses for the murder-suicide this week in Newburgh, NY.


    Let WBUR know what you think of this rather un-subtle authorization for women to commit murder.

  • ray

    We are headed towards a One World Government where we are all going to be screwed over.

    first clause yes, second no

    the hierarchy in place now will be the contintuing hierarchy … old money transnational elite at top, Diversity Elite below as top admin, then women as collective power — these will divide up remaining resources

    i’ve heard this “women will go down too” rap before, y’all are dreaming

    cant have a new woman order w/o the woman! lol

    as under the current tyranny, all manufactured consent for the nwo comes from women as a bloc, and that bloc will be maintained, for various reasons

    good site, many good comments, muchas gracias for the vlad filler work, glad to see it finally spilling over from the net


    • Richard G.

      Women are ‘useful idiots’, no different from Lenin’s or Mao’s “useful idiots”. You have no idea what these thugs do to women.

      This is all just an anti-male conspiracy right? NO.

      Yes, misandry plays a heavy hand in marginalizing men, but that is not the end goal. In order to weaken a society, you must marginalize it’s men, as to suppress any sort of opposition. When men are suppressed or pacified, they don’t fight back.

      If men were faced with the threat of absolute tyranny and oppression solely because of their gender, than there would be a revolution, the likes that no one has ever seen before.

      There is NO heirarchy. The people on top have no loyalties, they have no allegiances. These people are nothing but bankers, whose sole purpose is to be rich and powerful, to rule with a tightened grip, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve those ends at the expense of every man, woman, or child. The Elite want power, and nothing less. Feminism is just a tool to achieve those ends.

      • http://www.mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ Masculist Man

        If men were faced with the threat of absolute tyranny and oppression solely because of their gender, than there would be a revolution, the likes that no one has ever seen before.

        That’s the current situation and very few fight back.

  • The Enlightener

    That kid got jail time, Evan Emory?

    God damn it.

    Meanwhile female teachers molest children freely.

    It appears he did NOT actually get put on the sex offender registry though.

  • Kratch

    you forgot the instance, again in Canada, where a woman who had already separated from her abusive ex (I believe he had been convicted of abuse charges) and in the process of divorce, sought to hire a hit man (who turned out to be an undercover officer). She Claimed he had threatened her life and was living in terror, and the courts acquitted her of the crime (though I have seen no evidence of him being charged with issuing death threats). Seems to me it came down to, there wasn’t enough proof to put him in jail, but there was enough proof to justify his murder. Just shows you how little a man’s life is worth these days.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      I was following that story and I didn’t read anywhere that he was ever convicted of anything or that there was ever any evidence against him. In fact, her testimony and allegations were not even challenged in court.

      I also commented on it above ^^^April 15th, 2011 – 15:41

    • http://trustchristorgothell.org VINDICATOR of YAH

      Especially in Canada, aka the Cult of the CUNT.

  • George Rolph

    If the Men’s Movement ever turns to violence, except in the most terrible of circumstances, then it has lost this war. It will be EXACTLY what the feminists want. They have been busy painting men as knuckle dragging violent fools for years. Rise and hurt others and we just prove them right.

    Feminism is a self defeating ideology. It must and will implode, just as it did in Soviet Russia where it was preeminent for 70 years before Gorbachev outlawed it. It wrought havoc on their society, just as it is doing on ours. However, it would be wrong to underestimate the power of the Men’s Movement in holding Feminism back. Without us, they would have achieved all their goals a long time ago.

    Many people think the Men’s Movement is a tiny group of men glued to their computers writing bitter comments in forums and bloggs. It is much, much, more than that and has within its ranks hundreds of thousands of men and a growing number of women from all over the world. It’s numbers swell on a daily basis.

    This perception of the Men’s Movement comes from a mind set used to seeing organisations at work under a common banner. The Men’s Movement is not like the Boy Scouts, the armed services or even the Masons. Every man and women, wherever they are, who is fighting for the rights of men and boys is a member. Whether they have signed up or not. Phyllis Schlafly, for example, who has done so much to combat feminism and fight for husbands, fathers and men in general, is working on our side and for our cause. Then there is the excellent group FIRE that does so much to hold back Cultural Marxism on campus. Professor Mike Adams is another voice fighting to stop the rot. I could go on and on naming names but the point is made. Everyone, professional or not, that takes a stand against Feminism and Cultural Marxism that Feminism both feeds upon and off, is fighting for the same cause we are fighting for. In that respect, they are also a part of the Men’s Movement.

    This way of thinking was brought home to me when an English Lord wrote to me years ago and told me he agreed with my assesment of Feminism being the single most dangerous political organisation in the UK. He said, with respect to the Men’s Movement.

    “I cannot say that I am a member but neither can I say I am not. Our flag, though invisible, unites us because we fight a common enemy. That enemy loathes our manhood and therefore, every man, women, or child who fights with us fights beneath that flag, no matter what that banner is named.”

    I oppose Feminism with every fibre of my being. I also oppose their aims. That is where I and the MGTOW movement part company in terms of ideological thinking. I do not and cannot oppose marriage. I see it as our job to reinstate marriage as an honourable institution by teaching our children to value it in the face of those who hate it. To do otherwise is, as far as I am concerned, to capitulate to the feminist efforts to destroy marriage the family. To achieve this men must be reinstated as head of the family. That is my ultimate goal. It is a goal that I hope and pray will never come through violence.

    Feminism has not been as weak as it is today for many years. We must strike hard, with every peaceful weapon we have to go on weakening it. Our greatest weapon is truth but truth alone is not enough. We must take that truth to the people around us and become missionaries in our respective lands. Only when the public is on our side can we hope to win this fight and the public will only be on our side when they too have seen the danger we have seen. It is for this reason that I hope Paul’s great iniative with the Voice For Men radio show will never decend into a talking version of many of the Men’s forums I see all over the Internet. A place where men can go to complain a lot. I hope it will become a show that will inspire, teach and call to the fight, many more men and women from all around the world.

    The message of the Marxist left is that Christianity must be stamped out. That the family and marriage must be destroyed. The the old men with their old values must be replaced by “new men” with Marxist values. That a “new family” structure must replace the old and that in that “new family” children must be brought up collectively in what they call “the village.” (Read, kids raised by the State) That Capitalism must be destroyed and along with it, ownership of private property. In other words, all of the foundational pillars our society has been built upon must be pulled down and replaced by Marxist-Communist, State run institutions.

    Only if it becomes clear that this is happening and cannot be stopped should violence even be discussed. We are not there yet.

    For years feminists have told us openly what their goals and aims are. Like fools, men stopped listening to them. Today they are starting to listen and what they are hearing they do not like. That is a sign of good progress and not of ineffective activism!

    “Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let’s get on with it.”
    Germaine Greer

  • George Rolph

    Addendum to the above:

    I said, “The message of the Marxist left is that Christianity must be stamped out. That the family and marriage must be destroyed. The the old men with their old values must be replaced by “new men” with Marxist values. That a “new family” structure must replace the old and that in that “new family” children must be brought up collectively in what they call “the village.” (Read, kids raised by the State) That Capitalism must be destroyed and along with it, ownership of private property. In other words, all of the foundational pillars our society has been built upon must be pulled down and replaced by Marxist-Communist, State run institutions.”

    Be careful. Those in favour of these things WILL come here posing as activists and selling all or a part of this Marxist message. Watch for them because they have done the same on every other men’s board I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them in the 35 years I have been fighting this fight. Their aim is to corrupt your resolve and get you fighting for the same goals and aims they fight for.

  • Raven01


    Interesting series for those with the time and inclination. From government funded public television no less.
    The slaves are getting restless, and revolt is coming.

    I am soooooooo hiring that lawyer. Almost makes me want to back-pedal on my all lawyers are scum stance. It seems that there are still a few with integrity left.

    • Raven01

      Part 5. 84% see men as being discriminated against. Damn near fell off my chair.
      With that perception now is the time to push for reforms.

  • Raven01

    Well, Ièll let you all know what the frontlines look like.
    My father is now being persecuted with false allegations.
    I have been threatened with the same if I refuse to lie, and corroborate the false allegations.
    If I disappear for more than a week or two please start baking cakes with files in them. Because, I am not about to lie even if it means jail time. This is one joe that has lost enough that threats cannot work.

  • Izzey

    I’m posting this everywhere I can. This is leading the news here. There is a comment section.



    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      Thanks Izzey, I posted this to Reddit and Mensactivism

      • Izzey

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

      • Izzey

        OMG there’s a link within the article that has more comments.



        Ladies KILL HIM if he comes near you and say he threatened your life! end of story!

        April 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm | Reply | Report comment

        Does that piss anybody off?
        I don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight…. I have to get up in a few hours.


        • Izzey

          I am writing letters on my break now. *sigh*
          I feel like the lights are on….but nobody’s home.

          It’s very frustrating to articulate a thought when one is this upset. The comments there, are ridiculous.


    • Ben

      Izzey. That article is almost as disturbing as all the man-hating comments underneath it. With the primary aggressor laws, this means that abused men, who didn’t even try defend themselves and just took it like a “man”, will now have to also join a domestic violence registry as their punishment for being stabbed, shot, or burned by the women in their lives. I bet this will just work wonders on the male suicide rate when enough men are attacked by their girlfriends and wives and then have to join a registry that may as well be the child molesters or sex offenders registry. How fantastic. Also, notice that the only reason that it draws contraversy is because some people feel that this will put the WOMEN in more danger. No one even considers human rights for men. Men truly are looked at as sub-humans. Even animals have government protection agencies, while men have none.

      • Izzey

        Need more voices Ben!!!
        I almost choked on my dinner last night, when this hit the news.

        Tell them!
        Thank you… I’m sick to my stomach.

        • Ben

          I will do my best to recruit new voices. Thanks for adding that link. This is absolutely horrible. It makes me sick, as well. I plan to write an article in the school newspaper here at Mississippi State on that very article as soon as finals are over next week. When I do, I will post my work here.

          • Izzey

            Thank you Ben.


  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Hey Editor:

    Abuse Hysteria in Maine: Week 4 Action Alert


  • Warren

    Check out a guy named Alan Watt, he’ll break down the matrix, going back thousands of years even and all the secret societies (which he talks about in his books)… Here is his best stuff (from 04-08):




    Alan breaks down the culture creation industry also… About 90% of his information is truth and can be confirmed by books written by the elites themselves. So it will expose all religion, the money system, where technology is taking us (transhumanist agenda), the New Age, etc…. But, he too is a shill, I exposed him:


    Still, MOST of his information is accurate, its up to the individual to sift through this on their own, always keep your 3rd eye open. Here is a link to his books:


    Now he took some stuff in his books from a man named Glen Kealey, who is repackaging and reselling matriarchy and theosophy:


    And truth be told, every movement is controlled, this is all a psyop… The men’s movement and the truth movement are no different. They create the problem, anticipate the reaction, and give people leaders to follow… Rather this leader knows they are being used for an agenda or not is the difference between misinfo and disinfo. A good book to read on this is Jeaques Ellul, “Propaganda, Formation of Men’s Attitudes,” Jeaques was a French propagandist who worked for the UN…

    They give you these gurus, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Alan Watt, Glen Kealey, Credo Mutwa, Peter Joseph, Acharya S., Rasa Von Werder, Malachi Z. York, Russel Means, etc, whom ALL claim to speak against the NWO, but whom blame men for everything and all have a matriarchal stance.

    This did not just start up in a few hundred years, as long as you’ve had a centralized power structure you’ve had the many slaving away for the few… You must be your own leaders…. And, that is my advice.

    • http://trustchristorgothell.org VINDICATOR of YAH

      I’ll take Christian Men like William (Bill) Schnoebelen any day over these guys you mention. William is an ex-anything-you-think-of occultist and for years has been a solid Bible Christian. The things he exposes will have your head spinning for days.

      Check out a few of his talks here: http://www.prophecyclub.com/audio_schnoebelen.htm and on Google video. His books are excellent as well.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com John the Other

      Warren – the picture used of the man with a martial arts uniform kicking the top off a pyramid uses the head shot of a man named Alan Watts – a philosopher who popularized Zen Buddhism in the 1960’s. He died in 1973, but the man speaking in the youtube video you linked to appears to be a different man. He has a different voice and accent than the Alan Watts I’m familiar with ( and whose work I greatly admire ).

      • http://www.thereformedbuddhist.com/ Kyle Lovett

        John is correct, I can confirm that the person speaking is not the Alan Watts who is well known for his work in Zen.

  • Warren

    make no bones about it though, the elites create fences between genders, races, religions, nations, political parties, etc, and they always play both sides… Or all sides (if there are more than 2 sides). But anti-male discrimination is a huge truth of today’s society… But it’s all being planned. The same people who gave you capitalism also gave you communism, and fascism… In fact, the very word “government” comes from ancient Greece and translates to “mind control.” Welcome to the machine.

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  • Ben