Corruption in Ellsworth

Maine raises the bar on corruption

Maine Courts allow false evidence and Holocaust analogy to convict Vladek Filler

Per DA Carletta Bassano’s demand Filler to be held at undisclosed jail during Kellett’s August 30-31 disciplinary hearing.

Last week, Maine Governor Paul LePage retracted his statement and apologized for insulting Holocaust survivors with his “Gestapo” comment.  Meanwhile the Maine Supreme Court approved a prosecutor’s Holocaust comment used to convict Vladek Filler for a misdemeanor assault claim made by his wife.

This was a case where previously Department of Health and Human Services, 2 Guardian Ad Litems, 3 child therapists, and 2 district court judges all concluded the accuser’s claims lacked credibility and the children were placed with Mr. Filler for protection from Mrs. Filler’s abuse.  Investigations and findings were ignored by prosecutor Mary N. Kellett and for 5 years and through 2 trials her office relentlessly sought to force a conviction and imprisonment of Mr. Filler through prosecutorial misconduct.

That malicious prosecution of Vladek Filler exposed crimes and modern day Witch Trials being committed against numerous other fathers and men by prosecutor Mary Kellett even while she faces disbarment for her misconduct in the Filler case.

Because of findings of her misconduct in the first trial and her appeal, her colleague Paul Cavanaugh handled the retrial and the second appeal.  Cavanaugh inappropriately took issue before judges with Bar complaints filed against Kellett for the Filler case, internet publicity of her misconduct, calls for her removal, and with Mr. Filler gaining sole custody of his children.  These issues had nothing to do with the already discredited claims brought against Filler, but it revealed why Filler was being maliciously prosecuted.

At the retrial, Cavanaugh told the jury that Ligia Filler Barrientos’ effort to gain child custody from her husband was like the book and movie Sophie’s Choice where she was the Jewish Sophie in the Auschwitz concentration camp forced by a Nazi to choose which of her children she would sacrifice to him.

In reality Ligia Filler Barrientos lost custody of her children due to her domestic abuse and violent psychotic episodes.  Even falsely accusing her husband of sexual misconduct could not regain her parental rights, but brought a 5 year long criminal prosecution of Vladek Filler.  Throughout the 5 year prosecution Filler won and maintained sole custody of his children only to be compared to a Nazi child killer before the jury.

Ironically Filler was born in Ukraine and lost numerous family members in the Holocaust.  His Jewish grandfather was a WWII hero who died in battle defending his children from the Nazis.  But none of this stopped the State of Maine from comparing a loving and protective father to a Nazi child murderer and misrepresenting a child abusing female as a Jewish victim in the Holocaust.

In defense of his analogy before the Maine Supreme Court, prosecutor Paul Cavanaugh argued that his Sophie’s Choice example was so common that it would be like using “LOL” on the internet.

As Maine’s Governor LePage did, so must Carletta Bassano’s district attorney’s office apologize to single fathers and victims of the Holocaust

As Maine’s Governor LePage did, so must Carletta Bassano’s District Attorney’s office apologize to single fathers and victims of the Holocaust for comparing a known female child abuser to Sophie’s choice, a selfless father to a Nazi, and the sacrifice of children to “LOL”.

The Maine Supreme Court got it wrong and found no violations in the State’s use of false evidence of a bruise, or with comparing a falsely accused father in a custody dispute to a Nazi child killer.  And other far more serious misconduct in the “retrial” was not addressed at all by the Supreme Court.

At trial, repeatedly over objections the prosecutor was allowed to present fraudulent evidence and elicit false testimony.  Defense was repeatedly barred from mentioning accuser’s admissions, documents, photographs, and police reports from discovery to address prosecution’s misrepresentations.

The 2nd trial judge Robert E. Murray consistently denied defense motions, and over objections allowed prosecution to present false claims and evidence to the jury.  Defense was even barred from citing State’s own discovery documents and police reports in response.   The jury was not allowed to know the truth of Ligia Filler’s perjury, her admissions, her being a known child abuser, her long history of psychiatric treatment, and false allegations of abuse against other men.  Instead, through prosecutorial misrepresentations the jury was repeatedly misled to accept the opposite facts than what the case record and evidence showed.

In the middle of the 2nd trial the judge did not allow Ligia Filler to be confronted on cross examination with her handwritten list of plans and shocking admissions in her letters.  With the jury kept out of the courtroom, Ligia Filler admitted she wrote a list in Spanish detailing steps she was planning to take in April 2007 prior to making claims of assault against her husband.  As a result of new evidence of her perjury, Vladek Filler was threatened by prosecution with arrest and seizure of all defense documents and exhibits. Prosecution set out to obtain a warrant to seize defense’s trial records during the trial.

Ligia Filler then had an episode outside the jury room and told the prosecutor she did not want to return to the stand and be confronted with more of her writings.  Rather than stop the trial, the judge assured the prosecutor that defense would not be allowed to present evidence not previously disclosed to prosecution.  That was an open violation of defense’s legal right to present such evidence but was done to persuade Mrs. Filler to return to testify without fear of perjury.

Ligia Filler testified that she was “pushed” from a bathroom on April 20, 2007 and that assault prompted her to leave and contact police to “get” custody of her son from Vladek Filler and have him deliver to her.  She testified there was no other physical contact with her husband.  When police arrived on April 22, 2007 without her son, she collapsed in the driveway and was carried in to her friend’s house.  Over objections prosecution was allowed to elicit testimony by asking Ligia Filler to “explain” a photograph of her bruise which appeared 4 days after the alleged “push” incident.  She stated she didn’t know what the bruise was when it appeared but still offered her speculation about possibly getting hurt on a kitchen chair.  Defense attorney Stephen Smith objected, citing the case record and prior testimony failed to show even a casual connection of the bruise to allegations against Vladek Filler.  Allowing a photograph of an unrelated bruise and its speculation was unfairly prejudicial to Filler. 

The judge further barred defense from asking questions and presenting police reports which noted that Ligia Filler changed her story and that her physical examination days after the alleged incident showed no bruise on her arm, explicit denial of bruises, and a different story.  One police officer testified he examined her and there was absolutely no bruise on her arm on day 3.  A second police officer testified she met him on day 4 and showed him a bruise; didn’t know how she got it; didn’t claim she was pushed on a chair; and that the chair theory was his idea so he photographed her sitting on it showing her bruise.

In closing arguments prosecution was allowed to present different ‘facts’ and testimony than what was in evidence.  Cavanaugh repeatedly made new and different claims to the jury of how Ligia Filler was assaulted and bruised contrary to the testimony at trial.  He pled with the jury to sympathize with Mrs. Filler for losing children’s custody to Mr. Filler and blamed police for failing to get her “boy back”.

Cavanaugh asked the jury, “Can you imagine, do you have life experiences, common sense, what that mother must have been going through?”  The jury was kept unaware of Mrs. Filler’s child abuse and of Mr. Filler’s legal struggle for their custody.  Cavanaugh simply told the jury that Mrs. Filler was in a situation with her husband like Sophie from the book and movie Sophie’s Choice.  That Vladek Filler gained custody of the children simply because he “won the race to the courthouse.  He got the kids.”

Cavanaugh asked the jury to discount police’s testimony and the State’s burden of proof but instead just “Imagine if Mrs. Filler is telling the truth and police did a bad job… don’t hold him accountable for what he did because the police didn’t do their job[?]”

The retrial of Vladek Filler was reduced to the State telling the jury not to acquit due to absence of evidence but instead “imagine” evidence and emotions to convict him.

Evidence clearly shows that Vladek Filler is an innocent man who has been maliciously prosecuted, falsely convicted, and vindictively punished with 21 days in jail.  Justice was denied to Mr. Filler and his two sons who suffered domestic violence only to endure over 5 years of prosecutorial abuse of the Hancock County district attorney’s office.

As the study released this year by the Center for Public Integrity showed, Maine’s judicial system is one of the top 5 most corrupt in the nation, and the Filler case is a prime example of that.

On July 16, 2012, district attorney Carletta Bassano filed a detailed personal request with the court for Vladek Filler’s arrest and imprisonment.  An order was issued to jail Mr. Filler precisely during the time he is to testify at assistant district attorney Mary Kellett’s August 30-31 disciplinary hearing.  It is clear evidence of an effort to silence Vladek Filler by detaining him so he would not be able to give testimony of the crimes being committed by Carletta Bassano’s office.  Vladek Filler will be held at an unknown location and given the crimes committed against him, his safety is in danger.

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  • Suz

    I’m linking you again. I brought up Kellett and VAWA on another blog last week, and expanded on it yesterday. Thank you for the update.

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks for linking this story. We need as many blogs as possible to do the same. I am seriously concerned for Vladek Filler’s well being at this time.

  • AntZ

    Carletta Bassano is a known feminist and man hater. Here she is talking to the Main league of women voters:

    • Iron John

      She makes a handsome picture, eh? I bet it’ll look even better on!

    • jen g

      Maine < sp.

    • jen g

      Maine < sp.

  • DruidV

    Double jeopardy laws?


    Those were invented by creepy men to get out of trouble when they rape!

    We don’t play that shit here in MK’s kangaroo court room…

    Apparently MK can just keep dragging Mr. Filler back into her kanga-courtroom as many times as she wants to. She can also seemingly continue to throw unsubstantiated shit at him and even when none of it will stick, she is free to jail him anyway, for as long as she wants to…

    1) Why bother even having a judge or a jury?

    2) Why bother with any pretense of rule of law?

    3) Why bother to even prove any Man’s innocence, when we all know that all Men are rapists and that’s all they are?

    4) Why waste tax payer money to let this Filler rapist off the hook? For that matter, why not just let MK do whatever the fuck she wants to, with no accountability whatsoever?

    As long as her Kanga-court and more importantly, MK herself gets paid every single time for wrongly persecuting any and all males, who cares if they are innocent or not? (They are not. See #3 above)

    Why not just let all the other males, i.e. the male taxpayers, continue to foot the bill for all the jail cells and orange jumpsuits we will be needing for them in the future?

    Oh, wait. I see we are already doing that and I feel that all my questions have been answered satisfactorily..

    Great work, sisters!!!

  • Raven01

    ” his safely is in danger.”

    And, holy hell. That should be enough to have the feds yank and prosecute Bassano as she is very clearly complicit. Surely, there must be some safeguard or check and balance designed precisely for little Miss bathouse crazy and power mad Bassano.

  • Rper1959

    Tell me you are making this up ?

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    “An order was issued to jail Mr. Filler precisely during the time he is to testify at assistant district attorney Mary Kellett’s August 30-31 disciplinary hearing. ”

    Can “an order” be arbitrarily issued for imprisonment?
    What has Filler supposedly done now to warrant this?

    Testimony these days can be given via audio or video link – so even if he happened to be in prison legitimately, his evidence could still be heard , is not his evidence central to Kellet’s abuse of process charges.

    With apologies to US Patriots is this the “freedom” you want to defend? Madness complete madness! Thanks for ruining my day:-((

    • Iron John

      Sure, he could give testimony via video link. I’ll bet our justice minded public servants in Maine will make certain Mr. Filler is wearing his cleanest prison uniform available, the shiniest handcuffs possible, and that he occupies the most orderly jail cell they can find just for that Kellet disciplinary hearing! The low life feminist scum!!!!

      • Iron John

        Sorry for agitated reply, Greg. My anger is not directed at you but at the monsters that are doing this to him and the rest of the men in this country.

      • Rper1959

        now worries Iron John, no offence taken, this news is just so outrageous, I had no idea what to think or feel, total bewilderment and disbelief, and a dose of good old fashioned anger!

        • Paul Elam

          We will be discussing the Filler case tonight on the News and Activism show. Trust me, you are not done being angry yet…

    • Ben

      You got it. The legal codes have reached Fahrenheit 451 in this country and the Bar is a big elitist club that looks the other way and avoids stepping on each other’s toes. That’s okay, though. We still have the Kardashians so who needs “freedom” anymore?

  • Ben

    I’m no judicial buff, but shouldn’t deliberate prohibition of evidence be enough to disbar a judge? Further, when a complaintant squirms and throws a fit due to discomfort caused by evidence against her, how can that be used to block further contrary evidence? In my understanding, when a plaintiff loses her composure when presented with evidence that she fears she cannot refute, it’s perhaps the beginning stages of a victory for the defendant. Why is the Bar Association so lethargic on this glaring perversion of justice? Chivalry? Political Correctness? I am so tired of the chivalry goons in black robes. This would NEVER be allowed if the sexes were reversed.

  • Strange

    Holy crap!

    This isn’t just malicious prosecution – it’s malicious persecution too.

    I don’t understand how Filler can be arrested and jailed at Bessano’s personal request – surely some grounds for such a thing have to be presented, even if they’re spurious.

    Why are these insane women so obsessed with punishing Mr Filler? They seem to have chosen him to be the scapegoat for all their anti-male bile and hatred against any man, ever!

    It’s horrific that they have got away with so much, for so long. Truly horrific.

  • Codebuster

    I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around this. The only way it might make sense is if these black-robed feminist/chivalrist goons are scared that this is the beginning of the end, and if they lose on this, it sets a precedent that can bring down their happy little house of cards. Maybe they think that if they stand firm, the problem will eventually go away.

  • HurleyHacker

    It is darkest just before the dawn……….sigh………..

  • Bombay

    This type of judicial misconduct has always been my experience in court. I do not mean to minimize this, but situation normal.

  • Mr. XY

    A few MRAs at Kellett’s hearing would be epic. Anyone with a camcorder and mic willing to go to Bangor?

    “Kellett’s disciplinary hearing, which is open to the public, is scheduled to be held next month, Aug. 30 and 31, at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor.”

  • Gamerp4

    “At the retrial, Cavanaugh told the jury that Ligia Filler Barrientos’ effort to gain child custody from her husband was like the book and movie Sophie’s Choice where she was the Jewish Sophie in the Auschwitz concentration camp forced by a Nazi to choose which of her children she would sacrifice to him.”

    WTF? are we seeing a court trial or a circus joke, where Jokers entertain and ballerina dances, If courts in Maine are run by emotions and fantasy stories then what kind of court is that and i dont see Mr Filler being given fair chance, well in feminism that is what men gets often “The Short Stick” while the wimmin get the “Lollipop”.

    I am certain that if this wimmin gets the custody of her children then Mr Cavanaugh story about Father being the Nazi and Mother Being Sophia would turn the table and the Mother would be Hitler and the Children would be the New Jews, and then Mr Cavanaugh can shove his LOL in his ass.

  • UKMan

    I would not be surprised if something extremely nasty happened to either of these women eventually. We all know what happens when people are constantly denied access to fair justice. This entire case is like watching car crash in slow motion. Just hope Filler and his kids get some well deserved peace soon.

  • Turbo

    Yes, do keep us posted on this case, just incredible, an innocent man in a corrupt system. This case is incredibly important and thanks to the internet, the world is watching. Thanks guys.

  • keyster

    I’m not going to go out on a limb here by saying Bassano and Kellett are a lesbian couple, (they both live in Ellsworth).

    They have an agenda and that is to topple “patriarchy” even if it’s in their own little enclave of society.

    • Poester99

      It’s Stephen King’s fault!

    • Gamerp4

      I doubt that living in Ellsworth i see a connection MAYBE they are a lesbian couple, well i dont care about their personal life but when they say personal is political let make it that way, we will not let these feminazi to rule over men without any responsibilities and consequences.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The untold numbers of victims of the Gestapo who objected to collectivist dictatorship and collectivist crimes against humanity, but who were not classified by the dictatorship as Jewish, should not be insulted by those political opportunists who do do care about the diverse totality of the victims of the National Socialist government.

  • outdoors

    I don’t even know how to make a reply to this cow manure with-out sounding threatening.

  • Sad Dad

    I don’t understand how this can happen! This is a nightmare! No doubt this is a wet dream for MK!!

  • quolls

    Thursday, 2 August 2012
    Family Court of Australia
    Synopsis in case
    1. These proceeding have been erroneous and flawed from the outset potentionaly by design and or intent to disadvantage, discriminate against, bias, prejustice proceedings, and pervert the course of natural justice and inalienable rights of the selected individuals.

    2. Based on erroneous and corrupt assertions and submissions by the Family Court of ********** , legal aid Queensland, ********** state and federal employee’s and the respondent, to the determent, heightened vulnerability and risk of ***** *********.

    3. The orders now in place are based on flawed, false, erroneous and corrupt submissions and proceedings, any further orders also are likely to be based on same.

    4. Conflict of interest, the court is making rulings on its own false and erroneous evidence and position as to ***** “primary attachment”.

    5. Bias and prejustice, Legal aid ********** is representing the respondent with their in house “family law team” while denying myself an access to legal aid, based on and displaying bias and prejustice.

    6. Conflict of interest, Legal aid **********is employing ****** ***** now of “**** *****” as child lawyer, falsely presenting as independent and impartial.

    7. Conflict of interest Legal Aid ********** is employing **** ****** and **** ****, producing biased false reports and presenting them as independent and impartial.

    8. The affirmations and evidence including provided by my Mum and myself in conjunction with the supporting evidence and summations clearly show;

    1. ***** natural justice and inalienable right to choose his father as his “primary attachment” has been denied.

    2. Over the long term overwhelming evidence, ***** primary attachment is firmly placed with myself his father.

    3. Legal aids and Family Court of ********* own testaments and summations that ****** primary attachment is with the respondent is false, erroneous, unfounded, hearsay.

    4. There is a history of violence, abuse and neglect by the respondent towards *****.

    5. There is no suggestion or history of abuse or neglect by the applicant father.

    6. ***** has shown and is developing concerning behaviour including, anxiety, distress, aggression, frustration, fear, terror when in the respondents charge, including in the respondents day care, showing ***** vulnerability and dysfunction in the respondents care.

    9. In Regards the respondent evidence presents

    1. Dysfunction and vulnerability likely to impinge upon the health, wellbeing, care and development of *****.

    2. The respondent is NOT ***** primary attachment.

    3. Is having a difficulty caring for *****.

    4. The respondent is living outside reasonable proximity for ***** long term care.

    5. The respondent needs to be more focused on collaborating in ***** best interest.

    10. Regards myself the respondent father.

    1. Oskar has shown NO developing concerning behaviour in the applicant father’s care.

    2. It is evident and shown an established history of care and support of *****.

    3. It is evident and shown an established history of continued selfless, devoted altruistic behaviour with established record of positive, productive and caring relationships.

    4. That there is no credible evidence of any personality disorder or vulnerability.

    11. Obstructing justice.

    1. Legal aid ********* has denied myself access to legal aid.

    2. The court has obstructed my appeal there erroneous affirmation and stance on ***** “primary attachment”.

    3. Denied “my form 4” x2 as to “***** unattended in the street”.

    4. Denied my subpoena applications.


  • MarkofWisdom

    This is just…there truly are no words that do justice(not that they ever give it) to how horrifically corrupt and hateful these…monsters are.