Judge Stewart Austin orders graves desecrated

In a decision of unprecedented sadism and cruelty, Australian Judge Stewart Austin has ordered that a divorced man not only loses his family farm, but his parents graves be dug up, too[1][2].

According to court reporter Louise Hall:

“The man, given the pseudonym Mr Moss by the court, had to demolish the memorial garden he had established, which included removing headstones over buried urns containing his mother’s and father’s ashes.”

That pseudonym, assigned by the court, apparently out of compassion for him, after appropriating his parent’s family farm, giving it to his ex wife, and ordering him to dig up and move the graves of his own parents — all within 14 days.

After the death of of his father in 2002, Mr Moss spent a decade building a memorial garden around the grave site on the family farm of his parents. In 2008, his mother was buried in that garden alongside the grave of his father. Newcastle family court judge Stewart Austin noted that the former wife of Mr Moss hadn’t been gainfully employed since 1994, but because she was “enmeshed” in the local community, and lacked the resources to acquire a farm of her own, the Moss family farm would be given to her, and the graves of her ex husband’s parents would be dug up and moved to accommodate her ambition of a hospitality business. Clearly, in Australian family law, divorced men are simply resources from which the courts redistribute property.

Rationalization provided by Judge Stewart Austin for this shockingly cruel and bizarre judgement — the appropriation of an ancestral family home and the desecration of a parental grave site — was that because the graves could be excavated – they should be.

For the former Mrs. Moss, unemployed for 18 years, the Newcastle family court judge determined that rather than a monetary settlement, she would be best served by approproation of Mr. Moss’s family farm and the demolition of his parents grave site. The Newcastle family court website lists “respect for the needs of separating families” in their mandate, but it appears that sadistic cruelty of erasure of family connection to fathers and paternal grandparents for children of divorcing couples is a motivating for factor in Judge Stewart Austin’s decision.

However, his decision may be simply a side effect of a long term program developed by the careered bureaucrats of the Australian civil service, identified in a document called “The Plan”.

Interestingly, after reporting and analysis of this document by AVfM in January of 2012, the PDF version of this document was either moved or removed from it’s previous public accessible location at:

The document, retrieved from Google’s cache is now hosted on AVfM

This document informs an ideologically driven view of Australian families in which men as fathers and husbands are simply erased from consideration as a real part of what comprises a family. In the language of this document, the term “women and their children” is used throughout – in a narrative which men do not exist except as malefactors. The Plan also discusses domestic violence at length, but does so from the “gender” ideological view of the totally discredited Duluth Model, which only recognizes male violence and female victimhood. Only women are abused, only men are abusers. This of course guarantees that efforts to resolve domestic violence using this model will fail, and the victim service agencies will continue to expand their budgets.

The Australian public sector is populated by ideologues with an agenda. This agenda has been published for private citizens to find. The document, produced by a public funded organization called The National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children is simply named “The Plan”

The document, discussed previously[3] on AVfM includes 204 pages of recommendations for ways to violate and discard the human rights of men in Australia, and it appears obvious that family court Judge Stewart Austin’s addition to this inhuman aim is his contribution of cruelty, malice and sadism.

Judge Stewart Austin works from the Newcastle Family courts, located in New South Wales[4].

The Newcastle Family court contact information is:

61 Bolton Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
GPO Box 9991 Newcastle 2300
DX Box: DX 7884 Newcastle
Phone: 1300 352 000 Fax: (02) 4926 5204


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  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    This is just wrong.

  • Paul Elam

    Rot in hell, Stewart Austin.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Two things:

      1) Remember when Mary Richardson Kennedy (MRK) committed suicide a few months ago and the truth came out about her extremely abusive behavior towards her family and her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder? Many, many people were outraged that the truth was being spoken because it was “disrespectful to the dead.” I have to wonder if the women who were screeching about letting MRK “rest in peace” would have a problem with this?

      2) How big is Newcastle? I would like to know why a pseudonym is being used? To protect Mr Moss, Mrs Moss or the judge? Are there any MRAs on the ground in Newcastle? How difficult would it be to find the true identity of this man? Seems to me his story and what this judge is doing to his parents ought to be told using their real names so their friends and family members who are still alive can speak out.

      This is a damned travesty.

  • J3DIforce1

    ……….I don’t even know what to say!

  • Tawil

    Yup. not much to say as its kinda all obvious.

    We have much work to do…..

    • Dean Esmay

      Yes. As we have just seen, GOOD things are happening in New South Wales (see the 1 in 3 plan) but unbelievable travesties like this in the courts show there’s much to be done.

      What’s that mean? Rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. How can we help MRAs in NSW?

  • Bombay

    It would seem like he was more enmeshed not only with the community, but the farm. His parents are buried there and apparently by choice. What a slap in the face, not only to him, but his parents – previous tax paying members of the community that lived and died there.

    All citizens of that community should think twice about being buried on “their family farm”. The court appointed usurper may not want you there.

    I had a cousin whose parents did not pass the farm on to him due to the character (lack there of) of his wife. They did not want to see their life’s work go to her should she decide to cash in.

    Woman1: I hear that Betsy bought the farm…
    Woman2: You mean she died?
    Woman1: No, she spread her legs.

    • lensman

      Smart move on behalf of your cousin’s parents.

      My godfather was married to a woman that can quite accurately and compassionately be called “a demon from hell”. As soon as my godfather died from melanoma (something that his wife was partially responsible for, as she kept preventing him from seeing a doctor until it was too late), she squandered whatever my godfather had built, destroyed his children, and started suing his brother for technicalities just to milk more cash from his family.

      I have advised my godfather’s brother to stop treating his brother’s ex-wife with kids gloves and start playing rough, because that sort of person only understands consequences. For a while he followed my advice, and she was set to go to jail for perjury and fraud, but then she stopped by his house and started crying about what was going to happen to her and “his brother’s” children (Oh, so now they are his). His compassion got the best of him, withdrew his charges against her and offered her a settlement. Her lawyers however wouldn’t allow their cash cow to just go away and so we are now back at square one.

      Right now my godfather’s family (the poisonous widow included) is in debt, everything is ruined, her lawyers are rich, and my godfather’s brother is seriously thinking about ex-patting, and going ghost.

      And keep in mind that all of this is happening in a “patriarchical” country where feminism still hasn’t caught on.

      (There’s still plenty of traditional conservatism though, so, yeah, gynocentrism is strong here.)

      Let this be a lesson to all those who contemplate ending their lives for “selfless” reasons: the lives of your loved ones aren’t going to get better, they are going to get worse, especially if the cause of your suicide happens to be that harpie that makes your life a living hell. She is going to run even more unchecked and amuck, ruining everything in her path. And her lawyers are going to milk it for all it’s worth.

      As for me… well…

      …My parents have actually told me that they have legally disowned me because of the character of my shallow High Conflict Personality (ie sociopathic) wife. They told me that they will always personally be there for me and my kid, but they seriously can’t allow everything they’ve built all these years to go to waste because of a single lunatic who values TV shows, clothes and jewelry over the livelihood and well-being of her family. And I couldn’t blame them for it especially after seeing what happened to my godfather’s family.

      It’s gotten to a point here where getting married is actually a danger, to not only yourself and your personal assets, but also the lives and livelihood of the ones close to you. DON’T DO IT!!!

      • Dean Esmay

        I wish we could find a way to get you out of there with your child unscathed. There are ways.

        • lensman

          Thank you very much mate. I am currently in the process of “Lawyering Up” and collecting evidence when the inevitable happens (god bless Dr.T). Yeah, that probably won’t be any help, if she decides to play the Abuse or Rape card on me, but it will give some people food for thought.

  • kiwihelen

    That is SICK!
    Any way of making sure it hits international media? I know such an act would cause rage in NZ, as thanks to the Maori folk we have some respect for the dead

  • Bombay

    Perhaps warnings should be issued to all the elderly.

    “Do not be buried on your family farm because you may be removed by order of a family court judge. Yes, he will take your final resting place even though you are not a party to the court action.”

  • Zarathos022

    This may just be the most UTTERLY FUCKING DISGUSTING I have ever heard in quite some time.

    Two flaming middle fingers up for you, Judge Austin, you GORMLESS, UNFORGIVABLE, PUDDLE OF DIARRHETIC WOLF SHIT!

  • Turbo

    “Justice Austin doubted Mr Moss could make the property profitable as a commercial farm”

    Oh right, since when did Family court judges becomes experts in business or farming, Fuck sake.

    This man holds down a $160K / year job, I would think that might mean he has a few clues.

    But no, sorry mate, your ex has made a few friends in the community, so you just dig up your parents from their former property and move on.

    What a disgrace.

  • Howard Beale

    “Justice” Stewart Austin, appointed in 2007 by AG McClelland, has quickly established himself as the biggest asshole in the Family Court that regularly excretes mountains of excrement that are reservoirs for some of the most pernicious anti-father memes ever to permeate Australian caselaw.

    His argument about the giving the unemployable mother the ancestral farm to start a non-farming business is virtually a dictionary definition of stupid.

    His order that the paternal family graves should be erased to help promote this non-existent business is clinically insane.

    That’s just for starters.

    Supremist judge Austin created caselaw, in effect legislating from the bench, to end shared parenting in Australia in Wiggins & Wiggins [2010] FamCA 1111 (7 December 2010)

    He found the mother had ”embarked upon a campaign to align the children with her and reject the father”. – behaviour described by a psychiatrist as emotionally abusive to the children.

    “Outlandish, unsubstantiated allegations”, including that the father had installed a tracking device in her car, a surveillance camera outside her house and had broken into her home…Her paranoia ”invaded the children’s day-to-day lives”. The children grew to fear their father might kidnap them after their mother kept them at home to prevent their abduction from school.

    Justice Stewart Austin’s solution “terminate the children’s interaction with their father”

    Another example of Austin idiotology

    Bachmeieir & Foster [2011] FamCA 86 (23 February 2011)

    child’s allegations are unreliable – finding that the father does not pose an unacceptable risk of sexual abuse to the child – mother opposes a relationship between the child and father – child’s relationship with the father has deteriorated [suprised?] – high level of parental conflict [hasn’t seen his kid for 2 years & $100K costs] – father proposes the child live with him immediately and spend time with the mother and maternal family – father lacks insight as to how his proposal will negatively affect the child – presumption of equal shared parental responsibility rebutted – sole parental responsibility allocated to the mother – child will spend infrequent time with the father – this will preserve a rudimentary relationship with the father.

    The frightening part is that these clowns seem to expect us to believe this crap is in the best interests of our children.

    As far as I’m concerned, we’ve reached a point where these vile criminal dullards need to be forcibly removed.
    No ifs, no buts and now.

    We simply can’t allow this staggering, unaccountable and utterly criminal incompetence to continue.

    • Turbo

      So one arsehole appointed another arsehole.

  • Zarathos022

    How does he sleep at night, knowing that he did this?

    Seroiusly, HOW THE FUCK DOES HE SLEEP ?!?!

    Well, the next time he does, I do sincerely hope that the ghosts of Mr. Moss’ parents haunt the judge’s sorry ass in his nightmares for what he did to them AND their son.

    Fuck you, Austin. Fuck. You.

    • lensman

      How does he sleep at night?

      He probably rationalizes it as “doing it for the interest of her children” and keep telling himself that “dead people can’t file complaints”.

      Having read a bit of neurology, I can safely tell you that the rationalization hamster is not exclusive to women. Men have it as well, and they use it constantly. Some more than others.

      Does this explain Judge Austin’s behaviour? Sure.

      Does it excuse it? FUCK NO!

      The same neurological cortex that exists in normal law-abiding citizens also exists in criminals. We lock criminals up and make them face the consequences of their actions because the way their brains are currently “wired” is endangering the lives and livelihood or other people.

      For that very same reason, Judges such as Austin should be locked up, and face the consequences of the mayhem that they are causing. Sure, they don’t directly steal or kill people, but what they are doing is much worse: they are destroying families, they are enabling sociopaths and they think of themselves as virtuous for doing so. That in itself is sick and dangerous.

      • BioCan

        Also, the ex-wife was unemployed for 18 years and was displaying extreme paranoia. Something tells me she has mental illness and therefore it would be unsafe to let her have custody of her children.

  • BioCan

    Wait, so he gave the farm to his ex-wife, but Stewart Austin ordered that the graves should be dug up. Was this a mandatory order from him that had to be done or was this done because the ex-wife had control and also wanted to do this?

    If it was his order and it had to be obeyed, then he doesn’t know the concept of property rights. He’s like the late Colonel Gaddafi, but Australian.

  • lensman

    OK, this is just plain sick and disgusting beyond all comprehension.

    I was thinking about ex-patriating to Australia, but now… I don’t know…


    Grrrrrrrr….must be time for a poster run.

    • Paul Elam

      LOL, KARMA, for you, its time for a poster run because its Tuesday, or because it is not Tuesday.

      That’s why you’re legend.

  • gateman

    Times like this you need a bulldozer.

    • lensman

      Or preferrably a septic tank.

  • dhanu

    Except in the academia, most of the weird things I come across happen to the people who are married. The lesson for the people who are safe until now is, MGTOW and live a life of happiness, free from the whims of a govt supported psycho. Even “The Plan” of Australia would fail if enough people adopt MGTOW. And as for the academia, its degrees are losing their values for most of the things except public sector services; for, had they been producing so much of quality labor, there wouldn’t be so much of outsourcing. So learn on your own and teach others who are like-minded; the virtually infinite number of online resources are at your disposal, from free to a fraction of the cost of joining a full-fledged uni course.

    As for the case in the article, it’s beyond anything humane, including cruelty, sadism, or immorality. While the Family Courts routinely punish the partners for bring male, this particular case is just gross. Whatever happens to this judge as an indecent person is immaterial, but the question is whether this would set the bar even lower for the men’s human rights in Australia. If this goes unchecked, the answer is yes and then ordering just about anything to a male partner is fair game. (The order might be from the female partner or a court, no difference. The latter is just an extension of the former.)

  • ChrisD

    I wanted to post something insightful.

    All I can think however is that the judge is a disgusting individual and the woman is a bitch. I can imagine her laughing her head off in that guys former family home right now.

    Just reinforces my decision to never get married and avoid cohabitation laws.

  • Rper1959

    A most un-Australian, immoral and plainly reprehensible judgement. No justice here and if this is lawful the the law is plainly more fucked then I thought. Another item that not only desecrates this man, father and son, but the men whose blood forged and protected this once great place. The diggers past are rolling over in their graves and those present still spilling their blood on foreign soils to protect this travesty of justice, unbelievable..

  • Tim Legere

    My brothers and I are planning on burying our parents on their land in Eastern Canada. Both were cremated and we expect to intern them under a marker and place a small iron bench nearby that faces the water (they loved to walk to the shore and watch the waves).

    I couldn’t even begin to imagine the heart-ache we’d experience if the land would go to someone outside the family and my parents had to be moved.


  • lensman

    I hate to bring up ancient Greek texts again but I believe there is something really relevant to the case here…

    There is an ancient Greek Tragedy called Antigone by Sofocles. The play involves the death of two brothers in battle, one who fought to protect his home country, and one who fought to conquer it and usurp the throne that his brother had. The current King Kreontas orders the one who fought for his country to be burried with honours, and the other one, the one who fought against it, to be left unburied, unsung and undignified.

    The thing is, this sort of order was an affront to the law of the gods (EVERYONE is to have honour unto death, even traitorous bastards) and so Antigone, the sister of one of the brothers attempts to bury her brother against the orders of the king.

    The play deals with the law of man and the law of the gods, about how they might conflict and about how an action might be ethical and honourable even though it might be illegal. The king commited the biggest possible sin in Ancient Greece, the act of hubris (to think that you are above the gods), by issuing an order which was both against the law of the gods and punishing severely all those who went against it (the titular Antigone). In the end his hubris was punished by the gods and he payed the price of losing his only son who commited suicide because he was in love with Antigone.

    I can’t help but making parallels to this case, and the ancient Greek Tragedy. The Judge along with Mrs Moss, the ones who issued the order for the dessecration on the family grave are definitely the equivalent of the unjust king who issued an unethical order, and Mr Moss is definitely the equivalent of Antigone, a man who probably wants to do the ethical thing and honor the memory of his parents but can’t due to his wife’s malice, and a judge’s complicity.

    The problem is that unlike the Greek Tragedy, I don’t see the hubris being punished here. I don’t see the intervention which will bring this drama into its catharsis. The Judge and Mrs Moss aren’t going to be punished rightly by the gods for their foul deeds. Instead they are going to get rewarded for their unethical actions. And this deepens the hubris, the sins they commit against basic human decency and morality.

    In all tragedies, the longer a problem exists, the longer a hubris is being commited, the more harsh the nemessis, the destruction of all those who commited it. I hope that I am wrong but a society which allows these sorts of things to happen is a society that is going to come to a very violent and aggressive end.

    • The Real Peterman

      Unfortunately I think you’re right. A society where this goes on all the time just can’t last. Why would people work for the future if they think that future will just be yanked away?

  • andybob

    She wants a hospitality business, does she? Running a bed & breakfast hotel seems glamorous and exciting – and easy. Probably has visions of gossiping with guests over a few mid-afternoon gin&tonics while some slave-wage underling does the actual work.

    The memorial garden is probably located exactly where she hopes to plonk the jakuzi she intends to loll around in at sunset. Or was it a BBQ pit, or an outdoor sauna? Surely she didn’t get the judge to rubber-stamp such an outrage out of sheer vindictiveness?

    I assume there are children. One wonders what they will make of their mother instigating the desecration of their grandparent’s graves. No doubt she has poisoned their memories as she has poisoned their relationship with their father.

    Despite everything I know (or think I know) about what motivates feminist men and white knights, I still struggle to get a handle on what makes the ‘Justice’ Austins of the world tick. How do we explain the obvious pride such men take in trampling the rights and dignity of men who have done no harm anyone? There has to be some kind of pathology there – it can’t just be willful ignorance.

    Let’s hope that ‘Mr Moss’ can launch a successful appeal against this abomination. If not, dismantling the very memorial he built out of love and respect for his mother and father will be a devastating experience for him. I’m shaking with rage just reading about it.

    Sometimes it takes me a while to calm down a bit after reading certain blogs. This was one of them (the relentless abuse heaped on Gordon Smith was another). It serves to remind me that, despite recent successes, we still have a great deal to do. Let’s galvanize.

    • kiwihelen

      I have two words about her hospitality business… Trip advisor.
      Review: not very restful, only suitable for people with no moral compunction

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        This is why we need the actual name of Mr Moss and his farm.

        If you haven’t yet, Google Cathy Tretola + Brookside Manor + Yelp and read the reviews, including the unfiltered reviews). *Tretola is the crazy landlord in that video that went viral this week.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I’ve googled her. Funny thing is, the FIRST thing I thought was HOW did this moonbat EVER get in the position of being a landlord of ANYthing?!!?

          Answer: Her FATHER established the boarding house and SHE arrived at it BY PROXY.

          THANKS, DAD!!!

        • kiwihelen

          Hmmmm…hospitality businesses in loads of countries need licences that are on the public record.
          I don’t know about Aussie, but if it is anything like NZ, even the exhumation of ashes would require a public notice. Aussies – help me out here – any legal way we can find out about this?

  • Codebuster

    Australian culture represents the most materialistic and most anti-spiritual society that has ever existed. Reducing everything to sterile, dumb expediencies, for Australians there are no mysteries. Australia is a brutish culture where supplication, unquestioning obedience and the conformity of groupthink masquerade as mateship and getting along. I for one, am not surprised. Australians have learned long ago never to question authority – and of course sometimes authorities clash (e.g., unions versus business), so Australians learn to make their allegiances early in life. The only reason that Australia is able to masquerade as a first-world economy whilst maintaining a third-world mindset is because China is buying its iron ore… but I heard on the news today about a sustained slump in iron ore prices… (to be continued)

    • bulldogo67

      Codemaster, let me get this straight?
      “AUSTRALIA is the most materialistic and anti-spiritual society that has EVER existed” (my emphasis)
      “Australia IS a brutish culture” (my emphasis)
      “where supplication, unquestioning obedience and the conformity of groupthink masquerade as mateship and getting along.”
      Where there hell does that come from?
      What support have you for these presumptions?
      Are YOU an Australian?

      • Codebuster

        How might I substantiate my claims? Many texts have been written on the topic, I cannot quote them all. The one looking at me from my bookshelf is “The Fatal Shore” by Robert Hughes. DH Lawrence made some famous, cutting observations. There are some funny satires, too… eg., Robert Treborlang.

        Ultimately though, cultures are difficult to write about, because in any culture you get the good and the bad. Always. The only thing that you can do is write about what that culture stands for.

        For example. Brutish? What do I mean by brutish? Are all Australians brutish? Of course not. But brutishness is an integral part of what Australian culture stands for, and it bears down upon Australians to define their horizons, freedoms and constraints. Can I provide some examples of this brutishness? Ever dealt with the public service? The regulations? The way stupid laws are imposed without regard to intent or circumstance? Seatbelt laws, tax agent laws, etc. And those who do not subscribe to this cultural bruthishness are enshrouded in insecurities and uncertainties that stunt personal growth and realization… for example, typically conflating confidence with arrogance.

        What about materialistic? You bet. But not materialism as the rest of the world understands it. It’s a dumb materialism where having your house in the ‘burbs is first priority. Believing in something, by contrast, is of little practical use, and people with opinions, people who stand out, people who are tagged as tall-poppies, are problems best avoided… see also what I mean by “anti-spiritual”?

        Am I Australian? I’m just a dude doing time in Aus for the crime of having been born here.

        • limeywestlake

          Austalia is where you landed when th stork dropped you, right? I liked your comeback BTW.

          I have always thought of countries as little more than different brands of sneakers – one is Adidas, another is Nike (the generic Walmart footwear is like Kazakstan.)

  • Skeptic

    I am heartbroken thinking of the painful humiliation this loving son will have to go through as he is forced to unearth the remains of his deceased parents and shift them from a place they spent a lifetime building and enjoying together.
    I’m truly gobsmacked at the heartlessness.

    Just when I think some women and their stupid chivalrous white knight supporters can’t sink any lower, they pull this kind of disgusting nonsense.

    This just fires me up for more Men’s Human Rights Activism.

  • Gamerp4

    I just don’t know what to say, if there were not women like Dr T, Girlswriteswhat and Typhonblue i would have said that ALL women loves to dissect men’s heart from his body, Not only Mr Moss is forced to dig up his parents grave but his parents are also humiliated not by the judge but by his former wife he SO LOVED.

    I guess shame and respect are two words that don’t apply to majority of women today.

    • Paul Elam

      You are giving the judge a pass? He issued the order. He gave the mans inheritance to his ex wife.

      • Gamerp4

        You’r right Paul, I made a wrong judgement of excluding that bastard of a judge.

      • TPH

        Yep, ALL of the inheritance to the ex wife.

        No justice, no peace!

  • Cumbria

    Shocking and seriously twisted – the ex-wife AND the judge! This is wrong on every level!

    And Gamerp4, I think the majority of women today would agree with me.

    • Stu

      I think the majority of women now days would do exactly the same thing if they have the chance to. If the majority don’t support anti male feminist governance and legislation, then how do things get this way. Why aren’t women voting out the government that enacts the vast majority of these laws. If the majority of women didn’t support the plan……how is it being implemented right now

      • Arvy

        They get this way because governance and legislation support anti-male feminism. And they do so for reasons that have very little to do with the wellbeing of ordinary men, nor ordinary women either for that matter.

        People just aren’t very perceptive when it comes to discerning whose interests they are actually serving. As P.T. Barnum is allegedly (but inaccurately) said to have remarked, there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Stu

    It has gotten that way that you can’t even give your son a nest egg you have built up for him, without some bitch you haven’t even met yet being entitled to rip it off him.

    Those two parents, didn’t work their lives away and build up something to give to someone that isn’t even blood. She wasn’t there contributing to the build up of their assets. If you think this case is bad, there was a case a number of years ago where a guy lived and worked with his father, on his father’s farm. He married and his wife lived on the farm with him. When they divorced, the father in law was forced to mortgage his farm to give the ex daughter in law a settlement. This was ordered by the family court…..the logic being that was since he was the only son…..he would inherit the farm one day… his ex should be entitled to half of it now. But wait……doesn’t that mean the the family court is deciding the fathers will… advance….and giving away his assets to a women he did not even have a relationship with…….yes……that is exactly what they done…..and can do. The family court has the power to confiscate assets of third parties. In other words…..if you let your daughter in law occupy your house……she will be entitled to a share of it…..because it is her family home. So, you can’t even help your son get a start in life by letting him and his wife live under your roof……while saving for a home of their own…….because she may become entitled to a share of your house……because you let her stay there for free.

    Yes……you get into debt by being generous and giving to someone.

    In India it is worse. If the daughter in law has spent even one night in your parents house……upon splitting up….she may be able to have your parents booted out…..and live in their house. One night makes it her house…if the marriage breaks up and you don’t own a house for her to confiscate.

    All these laws just creep in, a bit at a time….while you guys are busy watching the footy, and grabbing another can. Get off your ass and start fighting back.

    • kiwihelen

      This is why I’m not moving in with beloved without a cast iron pre-nup, appropriate and up to date wills and our financial assets preserved in trusts. I trust him, but I’m not going to let the state dictate how any assets we have should be divided if either of us is unable to make decisions.

  • napocapo69

    That (“The plan”) document made me feel sick, I’m pretty sure something similar circulates also in my “little” country.
    It is something every Autralian woman should feel ashamed, and I mean every adult woman not just feminist ones, because it is time for them to act against these adepts of a hate culture. These sick feminists refer to curing the society like Hitler meant to cure the European society from Judes.

  • VictorGarcia

    not even sure what to say about this one. that’s pretty brutal.

  • Kimski

    Feminism is upon us.

    Dig up yer dead.
    Dig up yer dead.

    • Skeptic

      Why did the feminist bury her dead husband 10 meters underground?

      Because she thought that deep down he was a really nice guy!

  • quolls

    There is no reasoning behind lawyers and judges Howard they what is commonly known as turds.
    My 3yo wouldn’t go to the mother from a baby because she openly abused him, knowing this in light of years of absolute evidence LAQ and FCA gave her full custody / responsibility and me 1 hour a week supervised visit.
    We just had our first supervised visit together, three of these women feminist trolls followed Oskar and I around at arm’s length for the full hour taking notes.
    Oskar said he wanted to go home a few times then he said he wanted to go home with daddy, one of the women got nasty making accusations it was tense trying to have some time with Oskar and these feminist women standing over us.
    We sat down together, I brought a carry bad with some of his things from home including his wallet I bought him for his 3rd birthday this women started questioning us both about it on and on.
    I’m not allowed to give him gifts or take his photo, record the visit I had to sign an 8 page contract prepared by legal aid Queensland feminist trolls before he could see me.
    I had to tell Oskar we can’t talk about that and that we aren’t allowed to go home.
    When I had to leave him he grabbed his bag wanting to come with me.

    I’m sure they will report, it is not working out for Oskar even though he loves being with me just so they can make a report so they can stop him seeing me all together.

    I don’t know why they are doing this to us or what to do about it, he isn’t happy with this arrangement, the LAQ women doesn’t care what they are doing to him.

  • BigR

    I guess Australia is no longer in my plans as a tourist destination. Incredible injustice there.
    I will continue my work as an MRA now more than ever.

  • MarkofWisdom

    And for this desecration of sanctified ground and remains ye shall burn in everlasting torment. Or something along those lines-this judge needs to be removed from office and forced to dig privies and sewage so he learns what it is like to shovel and throw shit around and what it will cause. This “Moss” woman should be evicted from the home and find herself another damn place to live, one she can afford, not one the judge is stealing from her ex husband that has been in his family for generations. This truly is an abominable travesty against human rights and basic decency

  • TPH

    This is just plain wrong on so many levels. The naked and unabashed misandry of this judge is just incredible! There’s hatred of men and then there is this situation which seems like an episode out of the Twilight Zone. Even the dead can’t rest in peace anymore due to feminism.

  • jgtemolder

    How come I can’t login without commenting? It’s annoying if you want to vote on things but not comment (yet).

    PS: The replying option doesn’t seem to log me in either, meaning I still can’t vote on comments.

    • Paul Elam

      Hang tight as some changes to the site happen. Thanks.