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J. Scott Davis takes a dive for Kellett

The case of Vladek Filler comes before the bar with all sides trying to sink it.

As many of you who have been following the case of Vladek Filler are aware, he was released from jail recently, three days short of having to complete a 21 day sentence for assault. Filler was convicted for assaulting his former wife, Ligia Filler, in a case that had received a great deal of public attention due to the unusual conduct of the prosecutor in the case, Ellsworth, Maine Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett.

After one conviction against Filler for sexual assault was overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Kellett, Filler filed a bar complaint against her for a number of irregularities in her actions, including, but not nearly limited to, making misleading statements to the jury, withholding exculpatory evidence and instructing police officials to not comply with subpoenas issued by the court.

Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis conducted an investigation on Fillers complaint, found there was probable cause to conduct a disciplinary hearing which could result in Kellett’s disbarment and referred the case to the Maine Bar of Overseers of the Bar with that recommendation. A hearing was conducted, but not concluded, on October 22 & 23. Both hearing days ran over the time allotment and the three member bar panel opted to give each side in the case 21 days to submit final arguments in writing.

On the surface it would seem that the wheels of justice are finally turning on this case, but an examination of the conduct of Bar Counsel Davis, information from witnesses to the hearing, and, importantly the first public examination of Vladek Filler’s original bar complaint, portray something different. What you are about to read is markedly different than what has been presented by the local media in Maine, and paints a chilling picture of conspiracy and corruption permeating the local legal establishment.

It adds yet another bizarre chapter in Vladek Filler’s saga with the Ellsworth District Attorney’s Office, which includes prosecution on frivolous charges, prosecutorial misconduct, efforts by that office to gag AVFM and other publications from reporting on the case, ADA Paul Cavenaugh harassing Vladek Fillers medical providers – undermining his medical care, Filler’s strategic incarceration to coincide with the bar hearing against Kellett, a State Deputy Attorney General sent to Kellett’s defense, and Judge Robert E. Murray calculatedly refusing to rule on Filler’s request to recognize new counsel, ensuring Filler would be jailed with no representation while the hearing was conducted.

From the time of Vladek Filler’s first arrest to the writing of this article, this story has more smoking guns than a Quentin Tarantino movie. And it appears that the upcoming ruling by the bar panel is just as scripted as anything you would see from Hollywood.

This particular episode has a flashpoint; two minutes of what was essentially a very tense standoff between Filler and all else involved in the last moments of the hearing. The Ellsworth American, who had a reporter at the hearing, reported it this way:


The panel allowed Filler, who testified on Monday, to take the stand again Tuesday at the close of the hearing. This was done at the objection of Lupton [Kellett’s attorney], who said Filler should make any arguments through the bar counsel. Both panel Chairman M. Ray Bradford and Lupton chastised Filler for straying off topic and not answering directly during his earlier testimony. Bradford allowed him two minutes. He didn’t get the full time; Bradford had to rein him in again, bringing the hearing to an uneasy close.

If you believe the Ellsworth American’s account of events at the hearing, or most any other local media source, we have an impulsive, uncontrolled Vladek Filler, contemptuously disregarding instructions of the Panel and unable or unwilling to directly answer questions.

However, a closer examination of the conduct of Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis paint a different picture of those short two minutes; that of a Vladek Filler quickly and assertively taking action because Davis, the man who was representing his case against Kellett, was taking a dive.

Bradford had to rein Filler in, for sure, but not because he was out of control. He had to rein him in because Filler was using his two minutes to get every issue Davis failed to raise at the hearing on the record. The effort to prevent Filler from getting this information on the record appears to be as much or more the actions of Davis as it does Bradford.

Comparing the original Bar complaint to what Davis later chose to charge Kellett with in his Petition shows how grossly watered down the charges ended up being.  This Petition was filed by Davis after Filler spent some 8 hours on the phone with him outlining the case and providing Davis with precise transcripts, documents, and numerous audio recordings showing the full extent of Kellett’s misconduct.

Kellett’s misconduct that was documented in Filler’s complaint, but Bar Counsel Davis did not pursue:

  • Withholding exculpatory videotaped interview for over one year in order to bring fraudulent indictment for sexual assault which was not provable.;
  • Covered up exculpatory evidence and gained numerous discovery rulings blocking defense from vital facts and evidence. If the video tape had been provided prior to all those hearings, it would have allowed the defense to obtain very different rulings;
  • Kellett and her assistant, Detective Stephen McFarland, submitted into discovery Ligia Filler’s select and mistranslated e-mails, after having Ligia Filler select only the ones that weren’t harmful to the case;
  • Submitted some 80 pages of falsified pornography print outs that did not come from the family’s computer, after the crime lab found no pornography and the computer investigator concluded Filler’s computer was clean. The trial judge eventually threw out the fabricated evidence, but took no action on Kellett;
  • Kellett’s assistant, on videotape, refused to allow Ligia Filler to give him her medical records release because they didn’t want to provide them to defense;
  • Kellett, on the record, lied to one Superior Court judge and asserted a privilege over Ligia Filler’s private records (illegal and against Ligia Filler’s wishes on video tape) in order to block those vital medical, examination, and psychiatric records from being released to defense;
  • Kellett, on the record, lied to the trial judge stating she desperately tried to get these “extraordinarily important” medical records released to defense and even considered filing separate requests with the court for Ligia Filler’s records, but the court denied them to her and to defense. She had in reality asked the court not to release them;
  • Kellett told John Lorenz, Ph.D., the children’s Guardian Ad Litem, that she had a journal written by Ligia Filler describing sexual abuse by Vladek Filler and lobbied the GAL to accept that women don’t lie about rape and to allow Ligia Filler (a documented child abuser) to gain custody of the children.  This journal story troubled the GAL so much that he contacted Filler and his attorney Dan Pileggi. Pileggi met with Kellett’s own investigator, Det. Stephen McFarland, who then informed him that the journal didn’t exist.

This is not a complete summary of Kellett’s misconduct, but a sample. The details of these and other incidents of Kellett’s corrupt actions are outlined and documented in Filler’s original complaint to the Bar, available for download at the bottom of this page. Davis chose to pursue only those elements of the case most conducive to a favorable outcome for Kellett.

Bar Counsel Davis also engaged in some very questionable conduct in his gathering of testimony from witnesses on the matters he did choose to pursue.

Regarding the charge that Mary Kellett did not comply with requests and a Discovery Court Order for Ligia Filler’s important April 11, 2007 written witness statement to Ellsworth Police, Ligia Filler’s 911 recordings of April 22 and 24, 2007, Ligia Filler’s psychotic incident of April 24, 2007 video taped by the Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy, and discovery records from Gouldsboro Police:

  • Bar Counsel did not call any police officers who were involved to testify.  Those who appeared to testify for Kellett were not properly questioned about the evidence they had in their possession, such as withheld video recordings which were ordered for production;
  • Bar Counsel allowed a full day of Kellett’s witnesses to claim there were technical problems with production of video/audio recordings, when in fact the police officers admitted these recordings were made, did exist, were under Kellett’s control or available to her, but were not provided to defense by Kellett as court ordered;
  • Bar Counsel allowed Kellett and her witnesses to claim, without objection, that there were not specific requests for Ligia Filler’s written statements to the Ellworth Police Department. These statements were vital proof of Ligia Filler’s lying about being abused by Vladek Filler. They were explicitly requested in writing from Kellett, were Motioned for by defense, and were court ordered. However, Bar Counsel failed to point out to the Panel that statements by Kellett and her witnesses were inaccurate;
  • When Filler used part of his two minutes to begin reading the explicit request by Pileggi for these records (which were later Ordered for production), both AGG Lupton and Bar Counsel Davis began yelling at Filler to stop and not to read the discovery request (Filler ignored them and read it in to the record);
  • Bar Counsel did not present Vladek Filler’s audio recordings of phone conversations with two police officers from two different departments who were prevented by Kellett from releasing discovery records and recordings;
  • While being yelled at Filler, in the two minutes of allowed testimony, quickly detailed how vital those recordings are, how he was told by one officer at a hearing that the records that were promised were ordered by Kellett from production, and how it is vital for the Panel Members to listen to those phone recordings which Bar Counsel did not play for the Panel.  They agreed to listen to them after the disciplinary hearing;
  • Bar Counsel played a small portion of 911 calls by Ligia Filler (and her daughter) which was requested and ordered but not provided by Kellett.  The recording he played is of disturbed sounding Ligia Filler crying and asking the 911 operator to help her find an unknown cat.  What the Bar Counsel didn’t play was Ligia Filler’s numerous other 911 calls in that series with her making allegations and urging police to take custody of the couples 10 year old son from Vladek Filler;
  • The recordings also contained Ligia Filler’s daughter Natasha calling 911 about her mother being “crazy” and on her way to her step father’s house after not sleeping for days, and of her mother “waiting” to get Vladek Filler criminally charged and convicted in order to force her brother into her custody. This series of recordings were not provided by Kellett in violation of discovery requests and a court order. But the Bar Counsel only played the missing cat part of the 911 recording for the Panel to suggest that’s all the recordings contained;
  • Bar Counsel allowed Kellett to testify, without challenge, that she never told a Gouldsboro Police officer to withhold evidence from Vladek Filler and not comply with his subpoena.

Filler pointed out that this contradicted what Kellett told the Bar Counsel in her written reply to the Bar Complaint. Members of the The Panel evidenced some concern at this. One member asked “Where is Vladek Filler’s original complaint?”  It turned out that Bar Counsel Davis had not provided The Panel a copy of the original complaint or the rebuttal material and exhibits.  Filler insisted on and got into evidence all of his complaint filings and Kellett’s replies.  The Bar Counsel, however, persuaded the Panel not to view Filler’s numerous document exhibits which were attached to the complaints.

Filler is currently petitioning the Panel to allow him to directly submit his own closing argument in writing in this case, as opposed to going through Davis, but so far has not received a reply.

The Bar Panel has four basic options available in order to dispose of this case. One, they can find that Kellett did not violate bar rules and dismiss the complaint. They can dismiss the complaint with a warning to Kellett. They can publicly reprimand Kellett. Or, finally, they can recommend to the Law Court that Kellett be suspended or disbarred.

If they recommend to the Law Court that Kellett be suspended or disbarred, then the case goes to the Supreme Court for a full trial outside the probable sphere of influence of the Ellsworth Prosecutor’s Office. If that happens, justice has a shot.

We are estimating here in advance that this is not likely. With Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis virtually working as co-counsel for the defense with Lupton, and the facts of this case having such a hard time making it into the view of the Bar Panel, the fix appears as though it is comfortably in.

What we have here is a dog and pony show designed to show the world that the State of Maine actually does self-police of its state functionaries, without, of course, doing any real self-policing. It’s a stage production designed to counter the well-deserved scrutiny that the actions of prosecutors like Kellett have engendered from a public that is starting to wake up to the fact that something is rotten in that state and it’s not the lobster rolls.

They will more likely than not slap Kellett on the wrist and close the curtain on the matter so she can get back to terrorizing the citizens of Ellsworth for the VAWA funds without interruption.

The only hope that this matter will be forced into the hands of real justice came from Vladek Filler, who, while incarcerated, bullied, threatened and ridiculed, stood up for two minutes and refused to be silenced while he forced the Panel to accept into evidence what everyone else involved with the case has sought to exclude.

They now have that evidence, and everyone knows it. You have that evidence, too. It is just a click away.

And so now the hope, the spark of life that Vladek Filler bravely kept alive is in our hands. In your hands. And the only thing that will extinguish that small ray of light now is if we choose to fall silent before this unconscionable injustice.

12-28-2010 State Of Maine Board Of Overseers Of The Bar Submitted

  • Tawil

    As said above all Filler’s evidence is now in their hands… and in ours too. We will know if the material is not adequately addressed in their findings.

    If this in any way falls over I’m going to recruit at least 10 more people to the cause.

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      Well then brother; I strongly suggest you start recruiting! Nothing in this article tells me the fight is over; these bastards have no fear.

      Let’s be honest; what over the last forty years would lead them to believe they should?

      Time to change their “perception.”

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Replying to Tawil mostly only so this sticks near to the top (although I endorse Tawil’s staement):

      According to the Constitution of the State of Maine, Article IX section 5:

      Section 5. Removal by impeachment or address. Every person holding any civil office under this State, may be removed by impeachment, for misdemeanor in office; and every person holding any office, may be removed by the Governor on the address of both branches of the Legislature. But before such address shall pass either House, the causes of removal shall be stated and entered on the journal of the House in which it originated, and a copy thereof served on the person in office, that the person may be admitted to a hearing in that person’s own defense.

      So let us understand clearly that the Bar of Overseers of the Bar my prefer to keep this in-house, but, either the Governor or the Maine House OR the Maine Senate may call Mary Kellett, or her boss, into their presence and demand that they answer for their conduct and may impeach them.

      We have just finished a week or so ago a mailing to hundreds of state candidates in Maine about this case. Tomorrow there will be elections, and within a few days we will know everyone who has been elected and will be serving in 2013. Thus, no matter what the Bar of Overseers of the Bar does, the Governor or the Legislature may at any time open up an investigation of their own and throw these corrupt scumbags out of office.

      Therefore, it is going to be incumbent upon us to make as many people in Maine aware of what is going on as possible, and, make sure that the Bar of Overseers of the Bar know that this is not going to end with them if they don’t do their jobs. We are not going to forget, and we are not going to accept the notion that the wheels of justice are turning. It’s pretty clear that they’re working hard to minimize, diminish, and make all this go away. They should be on notice now that it will not.

      • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

        Ahhhh, Democratic Republics; and their Constitutions acting like the Febreeze erasing the stink of their anus away.

        Kellet and Friends; I think Anus properly identifies the anatomy nicely for where you reside in the government-aparatchik.

        I think Dean is right in that congress needs to go to Costco Or Sam’s Club and buy toilet paper in bulk. The elections are like a shower; and preferably you take a dump before you shower. Unfortuantely the corruption of Maine has prohibited that. So we will have to settle for the Impeachement process.

        Oh well; this is not a movie with Arnie one-liners. Sometimes the bad guys win. We need to ensure they lose on this one!

        I heard wet wipes are nie to use first? Called “the Freshy-Fresh” now right? LOL

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MRAGreatestHits MRA Greatest Hits

    It’s a beautiful thing when a long chain of lies begins to unfold like dominoes. It’s difficult to stop once it’s in motion.

  • http://human-stupidity.com/irrationality/stupid-dogma/mens-rights-feminism Human-Stupidity.com

    Did you make a press release and send to the local press and all other press organs involved?

    Did you send this to the correct legal oversight officials?

    To ACLU or similar organisations?

    Can Vladek Filler petition to join this content to the Disbarment case?

    Can Vladek Filler petition some non-local or federal entity, adding this content (plus more proof?)

    Is Vladek Filler some minority who can file civil rights violation charges (handicapped, polish, jewish, over 65, ……….).

    Maybe he could get a sex change to get special civil rights as Transsexual /s

  • BlueBlood

    I’m really sorry to go OT, but there was a post recently that linked to a thing about kicking balls not being a special crime in Queensland. I haven’t been able to find the post or the link, but I would urge the poster to give me a bell on this site. BlueBlood.

  • mattycakes

    This may be a stupid question, but please bear in mind that I’m new to this.

    What can we do to help this guy?

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Write and call officials in Maine. Contact the press there in Maine. Tell people about this on your Facebook or Twitters or whatever. We’ll probably be putting up another article summarizing this whole thing, it’s been dragging on more than a year and it gets confusing if you’re just coming in.

  • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Several thoughts/questions come to mind:

    1. This injustice is being perpetrated because there’s a group of crooked attorneys more interested in obtaining money than justice. Is obtaining VAWA funding more important than serving justice? How many innocent lives has Bassano’s office destroyed just so they can get their hands on VAWA bucks?

    2. Kellett, Bassano and Cavanaugh clearly have no regard for the law.

    3. There must be a reason Davis is taking a dive. Who is the state of Maine protecting? Surely, this is not only about Kellett. She’s a two-bit, man-hating thug. Pull on the thread and what else or who else unravels? If Kellett goes down, who goes down with her?

    4. Kellett’s hearing appears to have been nothing more than a piece political theater to assuage the “rabble” (us) and the “media” (The Bangor Daily News).

    5. The results of this hearing seem to have been determined before it even began. How does a two-bit, man-hating thug like Kellett get afforded such protection?

    6. What does Davis gain by taking a dive?

    7. Is the Maine Board of Overseers part of this farce or are they being manipulated?

    I did not think it was possible to become any more jaded by the judicial system than I already am.

    I am disgusted.

    • Codebuster

      “Pull on the thread and what else or who else unravels? If Kellett goes down, who goes down with her?”

      The whole system does. Those in charge at the highest levels probably see it… it’s their job, as managers, to see the big picture, and how the fall of one corrupt prosecutor represents the corruption of the whole system. It’s in their interest to nip the Kellett fiasco in the bud before it officially establishes itself as a legal precedent, and sets the stage for nailing the rest of them – Kellett won’t be the only one playing this game. But those good little soldiers beavering away down at the lower levels, like Davis, probably don’t get it. But they are receiving threats from on high… threats that have repercussions for their careers… or maybe they are receiving the offer of rewards along the lines of bribes.

      I’ve seen this before, in Australia. I recognize the pattern. Inexplicable events, things that seem absurd, ultimately boil down to sensible logic driven by fear. “Systemic problems” was the buzzword that sprung up whenever explanations were proffered for scandals and administrative breakdown.

      The way that I interpret all of this is that the system is now officially broken, and those charged with the administration of it are running for their lives. I regard these as signs of a corrupt society and, spectacularly, the realization of this corruption has not yet entered mainstream consciousness. But how much evidence does the collective consciousness need before it wakes up to the sham that the family courts, affirmative action, VAWA and all the rest represent?

      The solution? I anticipate that some form of military intervention may be the end result. These fucknuckles that are running this circus are fundamentally incompetent, frightened paper-tigers… they embody the state of government in the Anglosphere, and they will be a cakewalk for any party with serious military resources and the will to apply them. Think of any of history’s totalitarian regimes. History really is destined to repeat.

      • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Do you think this basically boils down to Maine DA offices’ policy of whoring for VAWA dollars? [*OT: “Whoring for VAWA Dollars” is a great article title, I think.]

        Is this another instance of follow the money?

        I’ve begun to think this is all about money. Sure, it seems very personal to Mr Filler, and I suspect some of the persecution is, but only the persecution that began after he refused to keep his mouth shut and just take it.

        I suspect Filler’s original case was just business as usual for Bassano’s office. Then he spoke out against the injustice he was being served and the system worked overtime to silence him. Again, probably not for personal reasons, but for self-preservation. Filler’s 21-day incarceration was done to silence/humiliate him and to have him serve as a warning to others considering speaking out.

        The can of worms is open. It remains to be seen whether the powers that be can force the lid back on again.

        • Codebuster

          “Is this another instance of follow the money?”

          Absolutely. I suspect it’s a derivative of MBA-think, with their obsession with performance indicators that regard every business-unit as a profit centre directed at maximizing profit and production, and ignoring its relationship to the purpose and context being managed.

        • Bev

          Fish rot from the head down.

    • knightrunner

      The thread goes all the way to Vawa. Think about what would happen if it came out that District Attorney was acting like one of the judges at the Salem witch trials and was payed by Vawa to do it. The government would be forced to examine where Vawa funds went and for what. They don’t want that.

      Kellet is the smoke. Vawa is the heat. The D.V. Industry is the fire. Feminism is the one holding the box of matches.

      • Booyah

        beautiful analogy in the last paragraph

  • Adam

    Paul, do you have Mr Filler’s attorney’s full name?
    We could make it so anyone who searches this J. Scott Davis comes up with this grossly unprofessional practice of his and maybe shed some light on this in the future, hopefully when Maine finally rid themselves of the scheisters.

  • cooterbee

    Nero won every event in the Olympics and Stalin was awarded Hero of the Soviet Union. Does anyone really imagine that this matter could have gone differently than it did?

  • http://none universe

    Great job in aligning all these important details.
    All done voluntarily and, most importantly, for every citizen who cares about what is right and true. Thanks for your work Paul.
    Imagine how many other cases, anywhere, resemble what is ocurring in Maine. Not a good time for those state tax-paid legal representatives. All their handiwork in stymieing Vladek Filler coming to naught.
    Those paid to look after V. Filler’s constitutional and legal interests should be happy and grateful that other non-salaried individuals are doing it for them.

    Maine might well be the first immoral pork WAVA domino. If the larger ptb are observing one could expect more of the same shell shuffle only faster and more furious. There stands to be a huge loss of revenue for any unconscionable individual counting on riding a poorly engineered gravy train.

  • keyster

    Do you think they’d honestly want to take down a FEMALE DA, making other female DA’s look bad??? Especially in such a feminist centric environment.

    And so what if Mary Kellett tends to go a little overboard, stretches the limits of the law just a bit. She’s protecting Hancock County’s women and children from evil, lecherous, perverted men…the kind of men you see on Lifetime network dramas and “To Catch a Predator” or “Law and Order: SVU”. If a few get “over-prosecuted”..oh well…sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelett.

    It sends a message to the community that if you’re a man who’s been unfairly prosecuted for any charge involving a woman…don’t bother trying to contest it. It’s been tried before and the guy lost. The system in Maine is rigged against you.

    • Ben

      Actually, I think the message sent to the community is that bad men, like Vladek Filler, are still part of the Good Ole Boys Club while competent, talented, ethical, and diligent prosecutors like Kellett are stonewalled every step of the way by the patriarchy because of their sex. Of course, 99% of people have never heard the term “patriarchy” before, so they don’t use those same terms. But this is how most people see it, I do believe.

      Men read this story and think, “Wow! I could be a total screw-up like Vladek and beat and sexually assault my wife and she STILL could not see to it that I was prosecuted because women don’t get the same respect and credibility as men.” Other men shrug and say, “Oh well, I guess men have all the power over women. What else is new? It’s not my problem. Men like Vladek walk free every day.” I would bet that if a pole was taken, the vast majority of men would respond similar to this.

      We are fighting crowd psychology, widespread illiteracy, and a culture of narcissistic half-wits who stand for nothing but honing their impeccably polished social conformity complex. Or, they cling to their Bible belt, blue collar, anti-intellectual identities in which they reject all modes of philosophy and free-thought. I had to explain to a college senior just the other day what the ACLU is. I mentioned the ACLU and he stopped me and asked me to repeat myself. I told him it meant the American Civil Liberties Union. He said, “hmmm, I don’t believe I ever heard that before. What does that mean?” As if to say, “We don’t like that kinda talk ’round here, boy!” I used the term “mantra” on a T-shirt I made and nobody knew what that meant, either. I had to explain it so many times it was ridiculous. I dumb down my language but people still don’t understand me.

      We are in trouble because the vast majority of people are too illiterate to read this article and get the answer right when asked, “Does the author of the article write from the Defense’s perspective or from the prosecution?” I would bet that about 50 percent of the general population would get the answer wrong, which would be the same if chimpanzees were asked to push a red button for prosecution and a blue button for the defense.

      People started avoiding me lately. I give them AVfM business cards and send them links to stories on this site and, without fail, there is never any response. Dead silence. Not a peep. Then, they seem to drop me from their contacts. I think they are either illiterate or unwilling to read a single well written article such as this one to see what our message is at the MRM. They just size us up and that’s that. Trying to figure out what their impression of the MRM is is like trying to figure out what a dog is thinking. You just can’t do it. It is just like that book “The Crowd” by LeBon.

      • andybob

        Don’t let it get you down, Mr Ben. Most people don’t really care about issues until they are adversely affected by them. They are also intimidated by acronyms and books full of big words. Don’t take it personally – it is just the way people are.

        Most importantly, don’t be discouraged by it. Always keep in mind that there will come a day when many of those you have tried to reach will be in dire straights. Some will recall that guy who used to talk about, what was it again, oh yeah, men’s rights – and look it up.

        You can only point the way. The rest is up to them (I sound like a Moonie).

        It may feel pointless now, but you are sowing seeds. Think about your T-shirt demonstration. That is now seared into the consciousness of all who saw it. The passion and committment by young, innovative activists like you are highly prized and much respected by all of us in the MRM.

        The blue pill daze inflicting most of our fellow citizens can be inpenetrable. There is a limit to what you can do for them. Stop beating yourself up on their forcefield and be satisfied that you have done all you can. The rest is up to them.

      • Booyah

        Its a parabolic effect. Sure we only wake a few but they go on to wake a few or at least make a few aware. Considering the limited resources available to us and the vast resources available to our opposition I think that things are going well and community awareness is growing. Yes it has a long way to go but remember you dont get to the top of a mountain without climbing step by step. We are climbing step by step and thats all that matters. The rest is just patience.

        Mixing the message up to target people where their interests lie is also effective to a degree, as well as thinking of your target audience and their perceptions and needs before you speak. That way you can pre-empt some of the more common and moronic preconceptions.

        Anyhow dont get discouraged, just count the small victories and realise that one day they will amount to more.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        I think you are spot on, Ben, and I understand the frustration. I also point to the wisdom of what Andybob said in his reply.

        This movement is not for people who need it, just those that want it. In the earliest days of the American Civil Rights Movement, Blacks who spoke against injustice we called uppity, some even by other Blacks. Whites who spoke out were called nigger lovers and other epithets. The hate and derision came from the majority, not the few. It was the mentality of the times. And while that struggle is not over, we by no means live in the same world as we did in the days of Jim Crow.

        We are laying a foundation here. It is on the shoulders of men like you that others will stand in the future. I am certain it will happen. No widespread injustice, no matter how enabled by social tolerance or even human biology, can last forever without ultimate rebellion.

        • HurleyHacker

          “No widespread injustice, no matter how enabled by social tolerance or even human biology, can last forever without ultimate rebellion.”

          Paul Elam-Nov. 2012

          This is going to be a well used quote . Thank you.

      • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

        Dude. There are brain cells and butt cells.

        If you get to this point in questioning the status quo you’re probably a brain cell.

        This was something it took me a long time to realize. People aren’t misunderstanding willfully, they’re misunderstanding because they work off of pure emotional reasoning.

        For a butt cell, talking to a brain cell must be like talking to a member of an advanced alien race.

        For a brain cell talking to a butt cell it’s more like “holy fuck, there’s so goddamn many of you!”

      • keyster

        I’ve been interjecting the men’s rights narrative into conversation whenever appropriate, within a small circle of friends for at least 5 years. I try not to over do it or hit anyone over the head with it; just little sound bytes.

        They’re just now starting to kind of get what I’ve been saying. It’s reversing decades of mass media programming, a complete shift in perspective. People have to become comfortable with it.

        The fact that women are holy deities beyond reproach and men are expendable louts, is engrained in the collective conscience.

  • Mr. J


    It is unlikely that the “collective consciousness” will wake up, they have been lulled asleep watching grown men play “games” and obsessing over same for so long that the “collective consciousness” is probably mind-dead or near so.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Hi. My name is Alarm Clock. I’m here to Fuck Your Shit Up.


      • John A

        It gets depressing sometimes, we keep at it, chip away, raise consciousness. It’s a long process. We’re got to keep positive through it all. We are right ones, just to get this far with Mr Filler’s case is a small victory. Big victories are to follow.

        There are alarm clocks in Sensurround on this site.

    • Codebuster

      It is satisfying just to be right. And then long after the worm has turned and our interpretations have become mainstream, we will continue to be at the cutting edge for one reason… being right does not care for belonging, whereas the mainstream clings to belonging and is defined by it.

  • Verdad

    Wow, simply wow.

    Filler, my thoughts are with you for justice rightly deserved.

    Good luck.

  • lensman

    I actually talked about the Vladek Filler case with a distant cousin of mine who is an important law-figure in America*. He was baffled and at some point asked me: Why does this woman still practice law?

    He told me that Assistant DA’s are supposed to have a certain conviction rate in order to keep their job and that any assistant DA who had a conviction rate as bad as Mary Kellet’s would be out the door once the status reports start coming in. He honestly thought I was making this stuff up**. Though he understood how VAWA could give incentives for a bigger number of prosecutions, he just couldn’t get how somebody like Kellet wasn’t demoted after her first year of practice…

    …I guess this article is his answer.

    God, this stinks from top to bottom. The system is trying to protect its own hard because it know that once one person finds justice from being not only unjustly prosecuted but persecuted, other men will follow.

    And we can’t have men find a legal recourse for their grievances now, can we?

    *My great-great-grandmother from my mother’s side has 21 children, and the one from my father’s side had 19. Most of them made it to adulthood had children of their own and migrated to America and Australia. I am surprised to find out that I have a few distant relatives in high places and I think all the Greeks in Queensland are related to me somehow.

    **He was and still is a “blue piller” as far as I know. When I talked to him about the MRM he actually told me “If you ever go to America DON’T talk about those things in public, your life will be destroyed”.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Having your life destroyed is definitely a possibility. But I’ve looked at a gun pointed at me. I’ve had people come at me with tire irons threatening to bash my brains in. I’ve had people three times my size beat the shit out of me. I once broke my back in a skydiving accident, and made sure to go back and jump again at least ten more times so my fear would never control me. I will never use violence to achieve my ends, but I will never allow fear of their violence to stop me.

      If you are girded and ready and adequately prepared to defend yourself and those who deserve your protection, have minimized your vulnerabilities, and are ready for what’s coming, and you know that these people fight without honor or humanity, you will be ready and they probably won’t be able to hurt you. Read The Art of War by Sun Tsu, and remember its lessons.

      These people battle without honor or humanity. Recognizing that, my fear is gone, and my conscience and my course are clear.

      Hi. My name is Dean Esmay. I’m an MRA. If you want me, here I am, asshole. And I am not afraid of you.

  • knightrunner

    Here is my prediction:
    Kellet will get no more than a slap on the wrist. Then after things have cooled down some she will quietly resign for “medical reasons” or “to spend more time with her family.”

    • John A

      That’s still a small victory and more than she would have got otherwise. Let’s continue to keep the bastards honest.

  • Codebuster

    One thing we can infer… the mere fact that the blackrobed goons of Maine are not trying to distance themselves from this thug Kellett in any meaningful way suggests that they are somehow in on it. In Australia, on those rare occasions when the stench gets too unbearable, they hold “royal commissions” to investigate. What’s the equivalent of a royal commission in the US? Let’s say that they get away with their antics and Kellett gets away with a slap on the wrist… how would Americans go about demanding an investigation into these clowns?

    Given that these shenanigans are taking place under the watch of president Obama, a Romney win could well provide the impetus for a thorough cleansing and eradication program to be rid of these vermin.

    • Augen

      I don’t want to derail this conversation by switching gears – need to stay focused on Filler/Kellet here, so no intent to engage in a back-and-forth, but I just want to put something out there. Maybe sometime I’ll develop this in a short essay to be more persuasive, but …
      I think you should expect a Republican administration to take on VAWA abuse the same way you would expect Ehud Barak to go easy on the Palestinians were he to return to Israel’s PM spot.
      Obama increased drone strikes, increased troop deployments, MASSIVELY increased special forces assignments really to a truly alarming rate.
      The dems cannot afford to look soft on defense. The GOP cannot afford to look retrograde on women’s rights.
      I’m sure it’d make some people’s heads spin, but I’m sure too that if you gave me your attention for 1000 words I could convince 90% of you that change on this issue must and will only come through Democrats, with the GOP merely serving the role of no longer putting up a fight. A discussion for another time though.

      • Codebuster

        Power is not established in concrete as a monolithic entity that stands on its own. Interaction is integral to its success. Apart from which, the party that spells out its intention to uphold the US Constitution (irrespective of its sincerity) is doing better than the party that regards democracy as a conversation and the US Constitution as something you make up as you go along. So sure, the GOP cannot afford to look retrograde on women’s rights, but at the same time the signs are that they would be far more open to negotiation on rational terms than the party characterized by deliberately sexist policies (affirmative action IS a sexist policy), with their Biden who crows about VAWA being his crowning achievement.

  • Mr. XY

    Here is my prediction:
    The power to change the outcome is in our hands. If we do nothing the outcome will be nothing. I believe the answer is right in front of us.
    It’s called “FTSU”.

    ”They now have that evidence, and everyone knows it. You have that evidence, too. It is just a click away. And so now the hope, the spark of life that Vladek Filler bravely kept alive is in our hands. In your hands. And the only thing that will extinguish that small ray of light now is if we choose to fall silent before this unconscionable injustice.”

  • Booyah

    Standing courageously up against lies and injustice. Thank you Vladek Filler for giving me an example of “manning up” that is actually palatable. Best wishes to you in your David vs. Goliath battle. Many other David’s are hoping you get the justice you deserve.

  • Skeptic

    As many will know by now I don’t live in the USA.
    However, I’d love to see every frigging lamp post in the entire block around Kellet’s place of employment festooned with well designed super adhesive posters carrying brief yet potent messages spelling out her corruption (and of course links to aVfM) to the public she is supposed to serve.

  • harrywoodape

    “What we have here is a dog and pony show designed to show the world that the State of (anywhere in the Western world) actually does self-police of its state functionaries, without, of course, doing any real self-policing.”
    The way things are progressing it may not be long before they stop bothering with dogs and ponies.