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What follows below was in my inbox this morning.



Shhh… We’re not allowed to talk about it.

The new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0] shows so little regard for free speech and Internet freedom that it would actually ban people from having serious conversations about the new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0].

Please help us fight this legislation, which is far worse than the first Internet Blacklist Bill, by forwarding our petition to your friends.  You can use these links, or cut and paste the email at bottom.

If you’re already on Facebook, click here to share with your friends. If you’re already on Twitter, click here to tweet about the campaign: Tweet

The bill would block “information location tools” from pointing to sites suspected of piracy. So that means that we couldn’t send you an email just like this one with links to the websites that were being prosecuted. It’s not an exaggeration for CNET’s headline to shout, “Senate bill amounts to death penalty for websites.”

They say the draft bill “would certainly sweep in Google, Yahoo, and search engines, and may also cover many other Web sites.” Please help us fight the new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0] by using the Facebook and Twitter links above, or by forwarding the email below to your friends. Thanks for standing with us through this fight.

Will you click here to urge Congress to oppose the ridiculous, obscene, draconian, PROTECT-IP Act?



  • Eff’d Off

    Oh fuck !

    I wanted to say [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] and that would certainly cause [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] for others.

    This scares me to the point that [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] be missing.

    The way to fight this is to [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] for accountability.

    Please make your thoughts about [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] and [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced] to these sites:[act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced]

    Thank you.
    Signed [act COICA 2.0 suppression enforced]

  • scatmaster

    OT: Paul hit over 500,000 hits.
    Take a bow SIR!!!!!

    • Paul Elam

      I will indeed, with thanks to all the fine contributors and readers.


      • Paul Elam

        Oh, and manuel. Petition signed.

  • scatmaster

    I have to admit Manuel to been a little inebriated.
    I will look at your petition tomorrow.
    Sorry, I needed a few drinks tonight

    • scatmaster


      • Tom M


  • scatmaster

    OT:Once again. Sorry Manuel.

    Dudes: I just received an email from our esteemed host Mr Paul Elam confirming that he received my monthly stipend through Pay Pal. I am one who finds it difficult to support Mr Elam and our cause because my jailer keeps watch over every dollar spent. I have however managed a work around and I am now contributing a nominal contribution per month. I am also making a one time payment per season. June 21st (SUMMER) is at hand. Please give to Paul and the MRM!!!!
    This post was unsolicited. I may not be on the intellectual level of most on this board but I do know when something isn’t right and when there is a leader to lead us in our battle. Paul Elam is that man!!!
    If you can please contribute!!!!

  • Ben

    Signed. Thanks for adding this story.

  • Anonymous

    just came across this.


    • !!SPARTA!!

      I wonder how many of those men have ever met a male Domestic Abuser

      • Anonymous

        It probably doesnt matter to them whether they have met one or not.

        It is etched in their minds that men are abusers and women are victims, ALWAYS.


        I just can’t understand their insistence on seeing the issue of domestic abuse/violence in gender specific terms (i.e., violence “against women”).

        I mean, they do understand that by explicitly stating that their philosophy is “about preventing the abuse of girls and women through education, role modeling and mentoring of boys and men,” they are exposing their total disregard for abuse of boys and men, don’t they?

        Abuse/violence is a problem, period. Why does it have to be about girls and women all the time?

        I guess I am just another whiner who needs to man up.

    • Raven01

      Great find, when I get back from school I’ll look for their webpages and if they have any forums or discussions I may have to outright plagarize the really statistics on DV for them.

  • Eff’d Off

    Signed – thanks.

    Is there a chance that this thing will become law… or do you think it’s one of those things that’s so outrageous that it will be nipped in the bud because so many will take offense ?

  • Ray

    signed it

  • Bev

    Petion signed

    Paul here is the square web banner you asked for.
    [img] in three.gif[/img]

  • Kazzi

    I signed it – even tho I am in Australia, as soon as it was posted on my F/B today.

    How they can even think of doing something like that… yeah so much for freedom on speech.

  • Chance

    Signed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As Paul mentioned last night, this is the real threat to our movement, since we can easily out-shout the co-opters.

  • Kimski


    Congrats with the 500.000 hits!

    Regarding the talk about Police State on the last nights show, I’ve found something interesting that I think I’ve have mentioned before.
    You can download ‘ TV from around the world’ for free to your PC. Just enter in your search engine.
    When you’ve finished downloading, go to the tag called ‘Science’ in the top right corner using the arrow, and upon entering there, you’ll find that the third channel on this page is called: “Exposing 9/11, Police State & Tyranny” and claims to be for educational purposes only. They have lots of info and shows regarding a lot of the stuff that was discussed on AVfM Radio last night i.e. Police State and the impending removal of free speech, which the feminists so eagerly supports.
    And, yes, Alex Jones is also among the contributors, besides their dealing with a lot of new info regarding 9/11, but a lot of the other shows fits right into the Police State-meme of last nights show.
    Very informative.

  • Gru

    Another corporate pissing contest. Lets see how deep Google’s pockets are now. Its probably Microsoft trying to take down Google and facebook since Rob McKenna in WA is supporting it.

    The thread on cnet does bring up some good points about piracy but it could very easily be used to shutdown a legitimate voice.

  • Introspectre

    We all know they’re going to try to censor the internet, It’s all cynical protectionist nonsense; don’t let them. Anyway, I signed the petition.

  • Pierce Harlan
    • Paul Elam

      What a horrible story. 40 plus years of organized, orchestrated lies and hate speech toward men coming from the mouths, and textbooks of ideological academicians, but they disband an entire fraternity based on some questionable chanting?

      This is why, when people allege that my language is too strong; that my voice is too angry and bombastic, I can only react by shaking my head.

  • http://AVoiceforMen Patrick


    Congrats Paul, it’s awesome to see this site get so many hits.

  • Izzey


    Tomorrow I will have my mom sign it from her email when she drops in.

  • Victor


    This is off-topic so I apologize if it’s against the rules but check this out. You’ll love it. Women in the UK protest against the idea of same retirement age for men and women:


    On a serious note, I guess that the lesson that we should take from this article is that equality is a bitch, ain’t it ladies?

    • Snark

      It’s not equality when it harms women’s interests

    • Snark

      Women’s state pension age should be five years higher than men’s, since men STILL die younger than women – an entirely preventable situation that owes itself to a chivalrous healthcare system that places women first even when they are healthier than men in all respects.



  • Free Human Being

    Mind blowing in a bad, bad way.

    WTF is wrong with the world? – Everything!

    Salt and sugar are next people, the banning hammer swings further each time.

  • Denis


    1st ammendment, WTF!

  • MasculistMan

    Signed and promoted on my blog.

  • Whitney

    Everyone should use TOR (The Onion Router). If everyone used TOR, internet traffic would be unmanageable.