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College campuses: Civil liberties took a beating

The first full academic year following the Department of Education’s release of its Sexual Assault Directive has come to a close. The Directive was announced by the Office for Civil Rights on April 4, 2011 without prior notice or opportunity for public comment. Two days later, civil rights expert Wendy Kaminer deplored the “authoritarian impulse” that gave rise to the Directive and predicted it would occasion, in her words, “tragic deprivations of liberty.” (1)

Several of these cases, reported in the media during the 2011-2012 school year, had been adjudicated before the OCR policy took effect:

University of Hawaii at Manoa

September 20, 2011 — Following news of seven allegations of sexual assault filed during the previous academic year, the University’s security chief Wayne Ogino stated that a student could be evicted from a campus dormitory solely on the basis of an accusation. Ogino did acknowedge, however, that some rape accusations did turn out to be “unfounded.” (2)

University of North Dakota

October 25 — Sherry Warner-Seefeld, mother of an expelled University of North Dakota student who had been falsely accused of sexual assault, announced her son would not return to the university. Previously, a Grand Forks prosecutor had charged an unnamed woman with making a false rape allegation against Caleb Warner. Despite that fact, the University refused to reverse its decision for nearly two years — only after an outside civil rights group decided to intervene. (3)

Yale University

January 26, 2012 — The New York Times published an article regarding an alleged assault by Yale University’s star quarterback Patrick Witt (4). Following the accusation, which was never substantiated, Witt lost his opportunity to win a Rhodes scholarship.

The NYT article also revealed that Yale has established a back-door process to handle sexual assault allegations: “Yale offers accusers a choice between making a formal complaint and an informal one…. In that process, an individual or a few members of the committee are charged with resolving the issue, without a full investigation or a finding of guilt or innocence.” Under the informal system, accused students are not afforded an opportunity to present evidence to refute the charge.

University of North Carolina

April 24 – At the University of North Carolina, it was revealed that a person accused of sexual assault is barred from having an attorney present during the hearing: “Neither a licensed attorney nor a person who has passed a state bar examination may serve as the investigator or defense counsel or be present during proceedings,” according to the UNC policy. (5)

Cornell University

April 27 – The Cornell Daily Sun reported that the university had implemented a policy similar to the one followed at the University of North Carolina: “Under the new policy, students accused of sexual assault will not have the right to have an attorney cross-examine their accuser–a right that students accused of other offenses will retain,” the newspaper ironically reported. (6)

Brown University

May 29 — The Brown Spectator released the results of a student journalist’s investigation regarding an allegation by Marcella Dresdale, who alleged in 2006 that she had been sexually assaulted by fellow student William McCormick. Marcella is the daughter of a prominent Brown University benefactor.

The Spectator article revealed that university administrators had bypassed normal investigative channels, ceding their authority to Dresdale’s father and to a student residential counselor who admitted that he had become “very close” to the alleged victim. McCormick later sued Brown University and Mr. Dresdale, eventually agreeing to a settlement for an undisclosed amount. (7)

Xavier University

August 1 – The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the DED Office for Civil Rights had reached an agreement with Xavier University to upgrade its sexual assault training and reporting programs. The accord followed a judge’s finding of Sean Marron’s innocence on four counts of sexual assault. The judge dismissed the criminal allegations “due to inconsistencies” in the accusers’ accounts and a lack of evidence. (8)

Civil rights expert KC Johnson, who played a prominent role in exposing the fraudulent rape claims in the 2006 Duke lacrosse case, recounts:

“The OCR makes clear its contempt for the judge’s ruling in the Marron case. Under the terms of the agreement, if Marron returns to Xavier (he’s currently enrolled at another school in Ohio), Xavier must explore prohibiting Marron’s enrollment in the same ‘same courses, academic activities, and extracurricular activities’ in which one of the accusers — or, in the OCR’s language, one of the ‘victims’ — is enrolled.” (9)

University of Montana

August 8 – Following a rape accusation against University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson, defense attorney Kirsten Pabst accused state prosecutors of using the case to “try to send a message” that they were taking sexual assault allegations seriously, according to a USA Today report. Pabst was the chief deputy county prosecutor before entering private practice this past spring. In May, the U.S. Justice Department and Department of Education announced plans to investigate the university following reports of sexual assault on campus. (10)

Evictions without due process. Institutional denial of perjury. Secret proceedings. The exclusion of legal counsel. Benefactor interference. Federal second-guessing of judicial decision-making.

These are hallmarks of the tragic deprivations of liberty now taking place on campuses across the country.






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  • Arvy

    Well, at least they haven’t called in the pre-emptive drone strikes yet. Not that we’ve heard about so far anyhow.

    But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before mere suspicion of intent to commit intercourse without prior written and notarized permission will be grounds for intant annihilation by order of the (college) president or his designated enforcement body.

    In this case, there’ll be no need to concern themselves with any of those silly “military age male” distinctions. If you bring your penis on campus and you appear to be horny, that’s good enough. Magna Carta?! Constitutional protections?! Presumption of innocence?! What quaint and obsolete notions in the land of feminist dictatorship!

  • Dean Esmay

    Any Amercan male setting foot on a college campus for any purpose other than to walk straight to class and then walk straight off of campus to avoid socializing with any member of the opposite gender is risking a life of hell. It’s bad enough that the value of a college education has been grossly eroded and the financial cost ludicrous; at this point if you’re a male, it looks like you’re better off all the way around to just not go at all, and that’s how they want it.

    Although here’s a thought: if millions of our more creative minds are just saying “fuck that” to college and starting their own businesses, maybe the higher education racket will self-destruct as people realize college degrees don’t mean shit. That might be nice.

    • Paul Elam

      Online education is looking better all the time as an option for young men.

      • Kimski

        I’ve done some thinking on this, and have come up with that one of the ways for boys to make it big, under the reign of future female overlords with better educations, could be learning craftmanships of some sort.

        Old-school educations were you had to follow in the footsteps of some master, who taught you to build instruments, wood carvings for churces, and so forth. Most of these kinds of work are disappearing nowadays, and are ridiculously well-payed.

        I think one of the ways to go would be to learn a trade, that no woman would touch with a ten foot pole, and then charge them obscene amounts of money for your services.

        With higher salaries things would even up in the end, because one half of the demographic would have to work overtime to pay off the other half, who would then be in a position to only work when it suited them, due to a much higher net income.

        Of course I’d much prefer some reason and fairness returning to the learning institutions, but in light of the massive amounts of women employed in that sector, and their feministic based educations, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

        Let them have their higher educations, that they will eventually stop using after their first or second child, and over run any other sector, where your hands are your primary tool. Men have always been awesome at doing that anyway, because we learn so much easier by doing, and usually become excellent at it as a result.

        More spare time means more time to educate yourself further by using online education, and at the same time you are spared any involvement in the toxic milieus of higher educations.

        Add to that a refusal to use any services provided by women to men, and watch the wheels come to a full stop in record time.

        • Sting Chameleon

          As long as men live and die for the pussy, that won’t happen.

          • Kimski

            A lot of waking up lies ahead.

      • Usagi Yojimbo

        Been thinking about that. Big concern comes from a lack of high-end medical professionals (specifically physicians,) and other professionals because they have to go through the academic nightmare to get there. We do need them, if only to keep a male perspective on things. I have seen that perspective lost when women are in fields that care for men.

        These policies must be fought and removed, or we are going to have our health issues being called trivial, and other professions suffer.

        • kiwihelen

          Interesting you raise this issue.

          From my perspective in the UK, there are more male consultants than females, but less male GPs than females.

          GPs here are about to get huge amounts of power in deciding what treatment is comissioned. That worries me, because they will have to decide how much £££ is spent on what conditions.

          That is a big worry. Most medics I know are pants are dealing with facts around relative risk etc and are more likely to treat for emotional reasons…hence I imagine IVF will be funded, but getting routine PSA screening done in men over 65 will be a low priority, when infertility doesn’t kill and prostate cancer does.


        great reply. Of course, in online education you could be accused of harassment, or grooming a minor.

        For example, if the age of consent is 16, you can have sex with them, but you can not photograph them nude, nor chat with a minor, not even your wife, on the internet.

        It is not without danger to be online.

      • Rog

        hey Paul they could be good advertisers for us and a good source of new recruits too

  • droobles

    And the day when freedom and the basic civil rights written in the constitution would come to an end.

    How are these policies being allowed? I am just dumbfounded.

    • Mr. J

      Because everyone has their heads full of shit and no one pays attention,

      • Kimski

        You get a thumbs up for that comment.

    • Dean Esmay

      The straight answer is that private institutions can write pretty much any rules they want that don’t run against laws disallowing things like race and sex discrimination.

      Now what someone should be doing is calling this sex discrimination and filing lawsuits. But that costs money and still might not work.

  • MrStodern

    Something I noticed about those incidents is that they were often exposed by an investigative journalist. Think about how bad things would be if journalists weren’t interested in investigating such matters. Imagine the misandric bullshit colleges would be pulling on a daily basis if they knew absolutely no one was watching.

    I’m glad someone is watching them. I’m glad the media has at least enough interest to work towards exposing this shit. In time, maybe it’ll lead to some positive changes?

    Regardless though, I think advocating that young men turn towards online study is not only a solution for keeping them safe, but for turning America around when it comes to education. Colleges are supposed to be places of higher learning, not getting high/laid, and I very much suspect women to be responsible for turning them into party places. Think about it, when did certain well known party schools start getting their reputation? Some time after the 60’s perhaps? Coincidence? I think not.


    This is great information. We’re lucky to have S.A.V.E. around to call bullshit on these travesties.

    I recently had a Twitter “go around” with Nancy Hogshed-Makar, Sr. Directory of Advocacy for the Women’s Sports Foundation about our college guys getting effectively branded as rapists by the Universities / OCR / Title IX thugs under the “preponderance of evidence” standard (civil test) versus the traditional “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard (criminal test). She of course thinks it’s totally fine in spite of the fact she has a son.

    In any case, this lady is also an attorney / law prof (of course) and for the sports fans out there she was an olympic swimmer back in the 80’s. I ended up sharing a bit more truth with her than she wanted to hear and she blocked me.

    The obvious willingness of people who should be smart based upon their education to throw the rights of our sons out the window is appalling.

    I don’t know if we have the capacity to do so and my sons are already through their university studies, but it might make sense to make a reference list of those universities that have already violated civil rights or have implemented conduct codes that don’t allow due process on rape claims to young male students. If I was a parent of a son looking for a college to attend I’d like to see a listing of these schools to know every place that should not even be considered for my son to attend.

    These feminists are deadly serious about creating a campus rape epidemic where none exists and the easiest way to do it is to lower the legal standard, which they’ve effectively done in the university environment.

    Finally F.I.R.E. is also doing a good job in challenging campus speech codes that take away civil rights, which fits right into this issue.


      Well you better go on poster run at the UNI.

    • Skeptic

      “I don’t know if we have the capacity to do so and my sons are already through their university studies, but it might make sense to make a reference list of those universities that have already violated civil rights or have implemented conduct codes that don’t allow due process on rape claims to young male students. If I was a parent of a son looking for a college to attend I’d like to see a LISTING of these schools to know every place that should not even be considered for my son to attend”.

      Thanks S.A.V.E.
      The list of Universities looks like a who’s who of places to MRA poster bomb…….hint, hint.

  • mongo

    One solution is not attend American universities.

    Foreign colleges are often much less expensive, cost of living in many countries is lower, and ridiculous policies like this are not common abroad. An out-of-country experience is also a lot of fun – and can open up opportunities elsewhere.

  • ActaNonVerba

    The fatal flaw of women is that their greed, self-absorption, and materialism are boundless. They worship at their own feet and are addicted to ‘controlling’ and getting more ‘stuff’.

    They enjoy calling any male self-esteem or resistance from abused men a “backlash”. They have no idea what a backlash is. Boy, are they in for a wake up call.

    My only hope is that women’s status and behavior during this period we live in are VERY WELL DOCUMENTED. In the future, the information must be passed on from fathers to sons and should be taught in school. Another GREAT LIE of women being innocent, oppressed people must never again be allowed to take root and destroy so many individuals and wreck the society they live in.

  • UKMan

    Someone here mentioned this idea a while ago regarding college rape hysteria:

    Create a public information website ( that is a college league table, organised by the chance of being raped at that college using their own claimed figures.

    Prospective students and their parents might just pay attention to such a site and have it alter their decision on whether or not to attend – who the hell wants to send their daughter somewhere with a 1 in 4 chance of being raped?

    The colleges could then orchestrate their own reduced intake of new students, or at least be embarrassed by the publicity – or maybe just be honest and not appear in the table at all?

  • Robert St. Estephe

    If I charge you money to be your teacher and I teach you lies I have defrauded you. FULL TUITION REFUND for all who demand it from schools which teach misandry!


    it is totally shocking how all these human rights and due process, for which MEN fought for centuries, are now being hollowed out and removed for men only, thanks to feminism

    It is totally absurd, that title IX, an anti-discrimination law, is used to discriminate against men and to deprive them of their constitutional rights.

    I have no words. I wish that ACLU and other civil liberties organisations would take these issues to the supreme court. Framed in ways that they prove to be unconstitutional. Of course, the courts might base themselves on falsified feminist data on rape, wage gap, domestic violence

    You see, feminism is carefully planned from all sides. Falsifide research serves for anti-male laws.

  • Rper1959

    There is no doubt SAVE is doing a fantastic job in promoting a gender inclusive approach to violence, and I thank Terri , Philip and the team from the depths of my heart.

    Here is another excellent release from SAVE

  • Robert St. Estephe

    For poster-makers. I have just posted a prototype poster design bearing a striking image I encourage you to steal and adapt to your own purposes:

    May the spirit of Sigurd Hoeberth be with you!

  • yinyangbalance

    All this is designed to squeeze men out of society, especially from higher education. No one seems to talk about the fact that women outnumber men in college and that men year after year are disappearing from campuses across the nation. The message is clear, men, you don’t belong here. You belong in the Military or Law Enforcement, if neither you will go to jail. You shall not have a job, you shall not have a family, you shall have no place in this society. Go to war and die. You can see the truth behind this in Feminism’s charge that all men are violent (this is more like a demand than anything else) and it is a self fulfilling prophecy as Feminism helps the Military recruit.