A Father Burns Himself to Death

Our culture’s war against men has reached a point where individual men have begun to burn themselves to death.

On June 15, a New Hampshire man named Thomas Ball doused himself in gasoline, and set himself on fire, and died.

The most remarkable thing about this, is not that a man was so brutalized by the family court system that self immolation seemed a logical choice to him, but that this story is not on the front page of every news site in North America. The carnage of a feminized family court system written on pavement in charred flesh, melted human body fat and blood.

A Google search for the name of the man who burned himself to death on the steps of a New Hampshire courthouse should return news stories about this event from CNN, MSNBC, AP, Reuters among others – but it does not. The story is not being reported by anyone except a few men’s rights websites. Men’s pain, it seems, even in such extremity of self immolation – is not worth any notice.

What will it take to wake people up?  A man setting himself on fire in front of the courthouse where he was brutalized by a corrupt family court system is clearly not enough. The mainstream media is content to sweep this under the rug.

And if you’re a men’s or a father’s rights activist – you might wonder – what possible step can anyone take beyond burning yourself to death on the steps of the courthouse – that may penetrate the systematic wall of denial and silence surrounding the ongoing and escalating reduction of men from a status as humans, to slaves, appliances and objects. How much louder can we scream our pain? A reading of Thomas Ball’s last words to the world provides a glimpse.

On one hand we have the law. On the other hand we have what we are really going to do-the policies, procedures and protocols. The rule of law is dead. Now we have 50 states with legal systems as good as any third world banana republic. Men are demonized and the women and children end up as suffering as well.

So boys, we need to start burning down police stations and courthouses. The Second Set of Books originated in Washington. But the dirty deeds are being carried out by our local police, prosecutors and judges. These are the people we pay good money to protect us and our families. And what do we get for our tax money? Collaborators who are no different than the Vichy of France or the Quislings of Norway during the Second World War. All because they go along to get along. They are an embarrassment, the whole lot of them. And they need to be held accountable. So burn them out

I’ll state something clearly before continuing this article. At the self-immolation of a father because he was so brutalized that a death by burning was his last option – I am not shocked, or surprised, or outraged. I passed the point of outrage years ago.

I am entirely calm as I read about a man burning himself to death to make a political point. I’m also not upset to see the media completely ignore what should be a giant, scream red nuclear warning sign. I’m unruffled as I read the carefully written words of the late Mr Ball, echoing my own predictions – made in an article published on AVFM on April 15 this year.

This must be stated clearly, because critics of my argument will seize on a prediction of violence and characterize that prediction as threat. I regard violence as a bad outcome to be avoided, I abhor its use, and I definitely don’t call for it.

But it’s coming.

And the only people trying to stop it before we reach a point of improvised public executions, burning legislature buildings and lamp posts decorated with freshly hung corpses are being routinely and falsely accused of violent criminality by the ideologues pushing for this terrible, brutal outcome. [full article]

Will that wake anybody up? Or, will the complicit media and public depict a society coming unglued as just more feminist evidence of the innate evil of the penis?

At what point do feminists themselves recognize that their precious ideology is one of hatred and violence?

Will you read Thomas Ball’s words – and will you recognize that he was a rational, intelligent man pushed beyond human endurance by a corrupt system of feminist-jurisprudence apartheid? Or will you dismiss him as a kook?

If it’s the latter – you are in for a terrible surprise.

  • AntZ

    The femi-fascist war on men and boys claims yet another victim. The feminist gendercidal campaign takes one more step forward. Nobody listens or cares. If a man of boy suffers, it is invisible. If a woman or girls suffers, the world is up in arms. We the citizens of this nation deserve our fate. Like the Germans who consented to evil with their silence, the citizens of America are condoning the feminist genocide.

    Here is the final will and testament of Tom Ball:

  • Poester99

    I see why they’re doing everything they can to hide this and his last statement. Every man in uniform in the various US armed services need to be made aware of this.

    He is in fact “everyman” in that this nightmare can happen to any of us in a blink of an eye, except that he refused to be beaten into submission.

    HE must not be forgotten.

  • Stu

    Mr Ball burning himself to death on the steps of the courthouse to protest the draconian family law system is akin to a Jew in a Nazi concentration camp burning himself to death to protest the extermination of Jews.

    One thing men have to understand…..they don’t care….in fact….they think it’s funny. Most women that view this story…if they view it…because it is being hidden by the feminist controlled media….will just shrug and turn the page to read the latest the Lady Gaga is getting up too. It will probably prompt the production of some new T-Shirts……”So many men….so little petrol”

    They don’t give shit about thousands of men being killed in Iraq….even the wives of the men fighting over there and sending their paychecks home are just on all the dating sex sites looking for a hook up.

    Men keep thinking if only I can make women see our pain and suffering. They see it…..and it’s a damn good comedy show for them. You only have to look at the actions of men who are abused and turfed out of their homes with all the assets and children taken from them. They go and find a woman’s shoulder to cry on….they seek out a white pointer shark to console them after the last one ate their legs, and offer the new one their arms.

    You men know this is not going to stop by begging, pleading, burning yourselves to death. You know whats coming……you know what it’s going to take to stop this. I don’t have to tell you. And you know what you would have prefered to see burn on that court house step. Deny it as much as you like, but it will stop when we start making these arseholes pay….and fear……and hurt……and not before

    • Promoman

      Touchdown. Men already get the ugly stick when it comes to the ugly side of mental health and it doesn’t help that women get off on it. In fact, women base a lot of their self-esteem & confidence on deceit. How much shit was pulled, who it was pulled on, how long the mark was suffering, and the reaction of the target is what women base their identities on. Just take look in public at a group of women and eavesdrop. I promise you’ll find at least one group that has at least one person taking the conversation to what kind of shit they’ve pulled or are pulling. This isn’t limited to men either but children, friends, family, etc. I think the late great Arthur Schopenhauer saw it coming in terms of women and the legal system:

      The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice.

      This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies for as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defense, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning.

      Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one. To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defense whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights.

      A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them. – But this fundamental defect which I have said they possess, together with all that is associated with it, gives rise to falsity, unfaithfulness, treachery, ingratitude, etc. Women are guilty of perjury far more often than men. It is questionable whether they ought to be allowed to take an oath at all

      • Perseus

        This was very very spoken. I have been planning to post on it, trying to articulate the words, but you have captured it here brilliantly.

        The first fundamental quality the female is the lie. Period. The second, equally fundamental quality is her appetite to manipulate men. What a glorious creature worthy of pedestalization. A fucking lying manipulator. Sweet bitches. Sweet.

        On the other hand, men make themselves strong so they can be honest. They appetite for constructing worthwhile things, and pursuing reason, justice and knowledge. Now that is a creature worth admiring.

        Men arise, and slay the serpent headed demon bitch.

        • Promoman

          Arthur Schopenhauer saw the writing on the wall and tried to be the messenger. He had quite a few views that hold at least some water even today.

  • keyster

    Had he been anything BUT a father protesting family court bias against men, it would have at least made the 2nd page.

    A gay man lights himself on fire over gay marriage?
    A latino over immigration rights?
    Even a woman protesting an arranged marriage in bum-fuck Afghanistan would get coverage, before some “DEAD-BEAT DAD” in the USA!

    When they can censor examples of out right martyrdom, you know the hill to climb is steep.

    • Ben

      The US Senate needs to read this story and then read this precise and brilliant message you just typed. And there needs to be no talking in the Senate for 20 minutes afterwords.

      • Wulf
      • keyster

        There is NO political gain in a US politican standing up for fathers. There is no constituency of fathers strong, large or loud enough in any one district or state.

        Our politicians are either tweeting naked pictures of themselves or ALWAYS raising money for campaigns and campaigning. The rights of fathers are of less concern than the rights of the spotted owl.

        This is why caucasian and negro marriage rates and birth rates are way down and hispanics (“La Raza”) will be the majority race and culture within 50 years. White and black men and women don’t like or trust each other and aren’t bonding long-term.

        Right now 50% of the US population under 18 is hispanic. Why is our education system in such a mess? Because culturally hispanics do not emphasis education. Like a teacher told me the other day, “You know what mexican parents say to me? They say, “Why do you MAKE US send our children to YOUR schools?”” Seriously, that’s the attitude.

        So you want to see a once great nation decline and eventually collapse, BECAUSE FEMINISTS DESTROYED THE FAMILY?
        It’s happening right now.

  • Factory

    They don’t believe it will ever happen.

    They’re too stupid and proud to admit they’re wrong, and fix things before it’s too late.

    John…I gotta say, it looks like you were right on this one…

    • Merlin

      Their pride and stupidity will be their ultimate undoing…

      When the day comes that enough good men and boys have finally had a gut full, the world will become a battlefield.

      I wouldn’t even piss on a feminist to save one…

  • Wulf

    Whoa! Wait a minute! Is that a 1952 Puegot?

    • Eff’d Off

      What ?

    • Simon

      I have no idea about the car… the reason you have so many thumbs down is because your comment makes light of a very serious situation.

      The picture in this article was of a monk setting himself alight in protest of the Vietnam war. These actions of self sacrifice brought to the attention of many the wastefulness of that war and helped sway public opinion against it.

      Likewise this man has sacrificed himself for the sake of exposing the corruption in the family court. While it is sad to see this man’s life being wasted, this really is the end for feminism (just like the monks burning themselves was the beginning of the end for the Vietnam war).

      • Simon


        My above statement is incorrect. The man burning himself was Thích_Quảng_Đức, a Buddhist monk who burnt himself in protest of his governments persecution of all Buddhists.

        Eventually his self sacrifice led to the persecution stopping… let’s hope this is a similar case.

        • Wulf

          Thanks for the explanation.

        • Stu

          This wont end until manginas sleep with one eye open and look over their shoulders nervously every few seconds. It’s them that have to go up in flames before they will stop being tools for feminists

      • Stu

        I don’t think so. Monks were holy peaceful men, and were seen as such. Men are now seen as monsters. A million men can burn themselves tomorrow, the only think the feminist system will miss is their taxes

  • Eff’d Off

    People are certainly starting to get ticked off.

    For the first time, and just recently I am actually starting to see it.

    I’m seeing less tolerance of slagging off men in public and more tolerance of bloggers posting pissed off replies to those that do.

    The traffic is slowing down on feministing for example, and now in the mainstream media you’ll hear a squeaky wheel here and there.

    This poor bastard will not go down as house dust swept under some carpet somewhere. The news is recent and like just about anything that galvanizes at least a few, it will mushroom to something uncontainable in the papers and TV.

    The fact that it is loudly silenced in the media will have it screamingly outed at a later date.

  • reasonable

    True sacrifice. True activism.

  • Nergal

    This man was a hero.Keep his name alive.

  • Perseus

    How can we bombard the american version of the North Korean State Media that they might be compelled to report actual fucking news?

    Slam CNN? Maybe FOX? The demon queen herself, HuffPo…

  • Perseus

    I just offered it to Drudge, he is good about covering important news and he’s not a fucking female nazi.

  • farzin

    Simple and practical example of a man’s life in femiNaZi criminal “justice” system.

    He proved again, what is the real situation of a man in our “CIVILIZED” societies to day!

    There is no need to be “who knows what” to realize the gravity of the situation.
    He cleared it by his life, once and for the last time, the reality of governments offices, LAWS, judges, lawyers, police, social offices, courts, Media, feminists, stupid white women,..

    there is no need for any interpretations on what happened, it is all clear and simple.
    If any man who reads this article still have some …BUT…BUT…
    and doesn’t want to get the main points, has such a huge infection which is not possible save him in next 100 years.

    The event like this will close any remaining discussions regarding “feminism” and stupid feminists, to be consider as a part of any adjustment in men’s conditions.

    Feminism wants to kill the event, we will keep it alive.

  • Ray

    Put up another tombstone in the “Beat Dead Dad Graveyard.”

    A few years back, I’d just gotten back from this joint NCFM/F4J rally in a Torrance, CA park, when a buddy who was at the rally called and told me what happened to him when he got home.

    His neighbor lady came up to him all distraught and sobbing, because her nephew put a .45 to his head and pulled the trigger. He just couldn’t take any longer what family law court was doing to him.

    It happened during the time we were protesting in the Torrance park for father’s rights and had our “Beat Dead Dad” display set up.

    Ironically, Mr. Ball’s self-emolation happened at roughly the same time as “Witch_Hunting Males 2011 was published. Some people might think there’s some kind of spiritual connection, and I wouldn’t rule it out, but given how many men and fathers are being screwed over by the legal system, the odds are that these things are bound to happen at a time when your doing some kind of MRA/FRA activism.

    I just wish there were something more we could do to prevent these tragedies that our misandrist legal and social institutions are causing.

    Geez, I even posted about suicide today to an online newspaper article, that was running a father bashing article just before father’s day.

    Here’s my response to the father bashing article:

    America’s suicide rate for fathers is an epidemic and this article doesn’t help. According to the most recently published data from the CDC, in 2006 men were 79% of the more than 33,000 suicides.

    According to an article written by Glenn Sacks, “The other most common suicide victims are divorced and/or estranged fathers like Derrick Miller. In fact, a divorced father is ten times more likely to commit suicide than a divorced mother, and three times more likely to commit suicide than a married father.

    According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major: “Divorced men are often devastated by the loss of their children. It’s a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children. Most of the men I deal with never saw their divorces coming, and they are often treated very unfairly by the family courts.'”

  • Ray

    Mr. Ball’s self-emolation reminds me of the story Glenn Sacks wrote about the tragic suicide of Derrick Miller in San Diego on the court house steps.

    Obviously, the family law system has not changed significantly since Mr. Miller’s tragic suicide in January, 2002. Family law is a national disgrace.

  • J3DIforce1

    Ya know Im really not much of one to talk about my problems simply because I know we all have them and Im not a pity party person. A little over a year ago I was ready to kill myself and I had it all planned out and everything. The night before I was gonna do it I was at work and over heard some women talking about “MRAs and no they weren’t your biggest fans, but what they were saying got me thinking. I went home and did a search and one the first few videos to pop up was one by paul and another by barbarosssaaa. Its obvious I didn’t go trough with it but that was only because I spent two sleepless days watching MRA vids and believe it or not I forgot to kill myself (sounds funny but I assure you its not). I won’t go into details but I can tell you for sure DV against men is very real and I know all to well what it means to be discarded like trash by a women and the courts. I want alll of you to know you saved my life and I owe this movement everything.I will not speak of this again but I just wanted to tell you all thank you and yes that includes the women on here too lol.. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

    • Simon

      Good to have you here and it’s a good thing you didn’t go through with it. This story brings home an important point…

      There are a lot of people out there willing to support this cause… they just don’t know there is a cause to support (I myself had no idea until about 18 months ago).

      I believe there are enough potential MRA’s out there to form a critical mass. When that happens the main stream media will not have the option of ignoring mens issues.

    • Ef”d Off

      J3DIforce1 – very interesting story.

      I’m pretty new to this red pharmaceutical diet also and one of it’s many benefits is it gives real focus to the blurriness of much anger in the world.

      Press on buddy and pull up a front row seat and enjoy the show as the femmo house of crap falls.

    • Jade Michael

      I can relate to this. It rings very familiar.

      Reading this post just after reading about a man burning himself alive because the courts failed him should be gut-wrenching for anyone with a conscience and a heart. If these stories don’t move “John Q public” to action then let John Q public be the one who suffers when the war starts. Fuck him. We can only be pacifists up to a certain point. Mr. Ball cannot die in vein nor can any other man who felt that his only choice in the face of feminism was suicide. These men may have taken their own lives but we all know that the cause of it was institutionalized murder.

      I often get looked at sideways when I wish for violence against others. What is misunderstood is that what I want is JUSTICE. People like Mr. Ball are seen as insane or weak when really the insanity is the collective celebration of societal weakness in the crafting of laws against it’s strongest citizens; men. We have been rendered powerless because we ARE so powerful when we need to be. We’ve allowed ourselves to become like dogs that have been trained via negative association. Instead of rolling over it is time to bite with rabid momentum.

      I’ve stopped punishing myself for what I’ve been told I am. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to win the war that has been waged on me, and on all other men. This will most likely mean getting out from in front of the computer and getting behind the barrel of a gun. But I can’t do it alone. We need to stratify, stockpile and storm the enemy.

      Must we really wait until we have nothing left to lose?

    • silent

      If anyone is going down, be the last one on the list.

    • mongo

      “I didn’t go trough with it but that was only because I spent two sleepless days watching MRA vids and believe it or not I forgot to kill myself”

      I’m glad you forgot J3DIforce1. It would be awful to go through all this and miss out on witnessing feminists getting their great humbling over the next few years.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Remember, remember the 16th of June,
    raging and crying out with fire, never to rot,
    I see no reason why the immolation,
    should ever be forgot.

    Thomas Ball, Thomas Ball,
    ’twas his intent,
    to wake everyonel to injustice aplent,
    ignored was his burning corpse,
    what consequence shall it force?

    • J.G. te Molder

      Ah, damn, WILL it force is better:

      Remember, remember the 16th of June,
      raging and crying out with fire, never to rot,
      I see no reason why the immolation,
      should ever be forgot.

      Thomas Ball, Thomas Ball,
      ’twas his intent,
      to wake everyonel to injustice aplent,
      ignored was his burning corpse,
      what consequence will it force.

  • Nancy

    God bless Tom Ball.

    Let me first say that I can totally understand his assessment that his plight was hopeless. However, after reading his statement I am left amazed at his depth of knowledge of the system and his ability to tease out the problems that he faced. This makes me wonder how many other men are out there who are similarly informed but don’t know about places like AVFM. It is possible that with just a bit more publicity that mra’s may see a huge wave of new members.

    • Harald K

      The scary part is how calm and rational he is about so many things. He even expresses some pity for his ex-wife (for being intimidated by the system) and prosecutors (for being forced to follow “the second set of books”). Objectively, he’d won a lot of the battles:

      * He was aquitted of domestic violence.

      * He got access to a lot of guidelines, manuals and instructions important to cases like his.

      * He effectively, by using the judicial system, made an abusive prosecutor quit his job.

      * Again by using the judicial system very efficiently, he got the “Family Services” company to refuse the role the judge wanted to push onto them.

      Still, he realized it wasn’t enough: The judge Sullivan (and by extension, the family court system) just wouldn’t give up. His attempts at defending himself was as effective as arguing with an abusive spouse: even if you “win”, you know they’ll get back at you next time, and there will always be a next time. No wonder he gave up.

      I agree: It’s rotten to the core that this isn’t in any mainstream media outlets.

  • Tim Legere

    My soul is grown weary of the tyranny of pharaoh,

    I desire the light of justice, daughter of truth.

    They said, ‘we have sought her long, she is not to be found.’

    She who is not to be found… that is my desire.

    • Nergal

      That’s beautiful.

      It reminds me of the Rubaiyat:

      “Up from Earth’s Centre through the Seventh Gate
      rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate;
      And many a Knot unravel’d by the Road;
      But not the Master-knot of Human Fate.

      There was the Door to which I found no Key;
      There was the Veil through which I might not see:
      Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
      There was–and then no more of Thee and Me.”

  • Stu

    When the press do talk about him, if ever, they will focus on his newly alleged mental illness, his violent, especially domestic violence past. His ex wife will try to capitalize in his grizzly death, probably get a spot on Oprah. It will be said that the fact that he burned himself to death, probably the absolute worst way to die…..proves that he was an unstable and dangerous nut case, and the courts were 100% correct to stop him seeing his kids, and that in fact he had of been incarcerated already, then this tragedy would have been avoided. Then they will try to enact a new law that automatically jails every man who’s wife doesn’t want him anymore.

    • Stu

      What a lot of guys even here still don’t get……we care….therefor there must be some trace of humanity in our enemies…..some soft spot…..some heart strings somewhere. I promise you…..feminist women around the world will be having orgasms over this

      • Hayden

        I agree. One might think feminists would at least be concerned that this message will be heard by men of action, but they are drunk with power and will treat him like a punchline. However, women will not speak about him like a joke where I can hear them without an asschewing.

  • AntZ

    Thomas James Ball is a hero who sacreficed his life in the most painful and agonizing way known to bring attention to the feminist war on men and boys. In return for his sacrefice, manginas and feminists are slandering his name in the comments section of this story:

    Let us honour Thomas James Ball by shaming the cowards who are having fun at his expense. You will need a facebook account. I am posting as Anthony Zarat, my war name. I am in no mood for kind words. I am pouring anger as thick as gravy on anyone who mocks him. I will continue to do so until I am banned. I do not have the courage of this man’s convictions, but I have enough courage to fight for his memory.

  • Ray

    I was looking for news stories on Mr. Ball and found this thread on another blog,

    Here is the one news story I could find in a Google News search.

  • Mr. J

    Nope, no front-page coverage, but the “winners” of the “superbowl” or the “worldseries” get almost full-page front-page coverage with huge pictures.

  • AntZ

    I tried to post this to the Shift network, but it was disallowed:

    “Denis Pakkala or Denver Banning: someone needs to make a post about Thomas James Ball. A soldier, a hero, a man. I am in awe of the courage and sacrifice that this man made for all men and boys. He is remembered with honour. The media …is attempting to bury his story, just as it buries the pain and agony of all men and boys. We must not let them. At least here, where men talk of the crisis faced by men, the voice of Thomas James Ball must echo in the silence. Let someone honour his memory, his sacrifice, and his name. I can only post comments, not new posts. The story of Thomas James Ball is one of the most touching and pivotal of my life. Other men will want to know.”

    If the story of a hero such as Thomas James Ball is disallowed in “The ultimate men’s summit”, where then, in all the world, can the voice of men be heard? Where?

    • Poester99

      *Nowhere* If the powers that be get their way.
      By controlling information you control people.

      This man was a veteran and obviously very intelligent.

      If the family court system makes no distinction or allowance for those that have served their country, what should your average Joe-schmo expect?

      We all get the same feminist supremacist meat-grinder.

  • AntZ

    How do we remember a hero? What post should we make to the “ultimate men’s summit” to honour Thomas James Ball? I wanted to post this, but could not:


    Two days ago, Thomas James Ball stood on the steps of the New Hampshire Family Court and burned himself to death.

    Thomas spent 20 years fighting for his country before leaving the military. He lost his civilian job two years ago, and was about to be taken to prison for the felony charge of owing more than $3000 in back child support. He lost his family, his children, and his home 10 years earlier when his wife left him, with their children. After he lost his job, he became homeless and destitute, but the government he defended for 20 years did not care. Pay or go to prison.

    The man hating National Organization for Women has been campaigning to lower the threshold where men who owe child support face felony imprisonment. For example, they are currently fighting to throw men in prison when they owe $5000 or more:

    Thomas wrote a last will and testament, in which he stated that he chose the most painful and agonizing way to die so that one day men and boys might have equality under the law and equal protection of their government.

    He burned for 5 minutes before he died. He did not move or scream in pain.

    He is the ninth American to endure the agony of self immolation fighting for freedom and dignity. Five heroes with the courage to face the agony of self immolation ended the Vietnam war. One hero with this courage won freedom and dignity for the nations of North Africa. How many heroes will it take to end the feminist war on men and boys, and to win freedom and dignity for men and boys?

    Thomas James Ball is remembered with honour.

  • Bizzman662

    This man burns himself on the COURTHOUSE steps and I found out about it on AVFM.

    To me that seems pretty FUCKING desperate and someone in the mainstream media should have picked up on it.

    Oh shit,

    Never mind. If the mainstream did pick up on it they would have deemed him crazy or some other demeaning shit that those feminist bitches come up with. Just like when 50 men die in a mine it’s reported as ‘persons’. Or when a crazy bitch kills her kids it’s reported with compassion for the ‘mother’. Or when a crazy bitch kills her husband/boyfriend…….well then he must have been a fucking abuser.

    RIP Brother.

    We heard your message loud and clear and we will carry on this fight for you.

    Sooner or later these motherfuckers will listen.

    • Promoman

      Sadly, it until things like this happen that people then to act. Even then you can’t assured that that they’ll change. People have to be forced to act.

      • Ben

        People don’t understand the concept of “moral courage” anymore. The frontier mentality is dead. If Rosa Park’s refusal to give up her seat was enough to spark the biggest civil rights movement in the history of the US, then how is it that acts of stark martyrdom in the face of human rights injustices, including SELF-IMMOLATION outside family courts, aren’t even on the 5:00 news? I wonder if our president is going to shame men and fathers again this Father’s Day for making things “hard for women” while the media does its best to keep this story from the public view.

  • Jonathan Mann

    Stories like that just make me so angry. I’m sure the feminists have already decided to say that the man was “clearly an unfit parent anyway. After all, “he was willing to use violence against himself because he didn’t get what he didn’t have things HIS way. And then he left his children without a father. What a selfish man.” No! feminism left his children without a father. The man was just putting himself out of his misery. Or maybe they would just contend that it was his privileged patriarchial way of thinking that made him decide to burn himself to death so he didn’t have to undergo the hardship of paying child support.

    I hate feminism.

    • Ben

      That is the exact angle that the feminists have. Read the comments in New Hampshire newspaper stories covering this. Over half the comments say things like we need stiffer penalties for such “violent men” in order to protect women and children. Others say that men cannot handle adversity, have no control over their emotions, and will turn into monsters when they someone challenges their “male power”. Other comments from the general public point out that he, and other men like him, should have been jailed earlier, when they first demostrated a capacity for violence, to protect women. VAWA probably flagged this in their domestic violence statistics. Much of America views the women and children as the victims of this story. I have seen several comments that say there is no telling what torment he put this poor woman through leading up to this.

      • Stu

        Bingo……what did I say above

  • Hayden

    I read Mr. Ball’s words in his last testament. They ring true to me. He lived as a man, and he died a man of character. After reading about him, I feel a loss from his death.

    • AntZ

      Hayden, I feel a loss, and also I feel courage. I have always lived as a coward. I was a mangina for 40 years, and even now as an MRA I hide my identity behind a pseudonym. Today, I sent letters to my family and friends. I told them about Thomas James Ball, and I asked them to speak up on behalf of men and boys.

      My brothers were all raised as manginas in a hellish house where sex, guns, and neglect were used by my feminist mother to break our spirits and our bodies. However, none of my brothers has chosen to confront the past. I cannot blame them, since it took me so long to do so. However, I hope that the courage and conviction of Mr. Ball will convince them to at least begin swimming out of the feminist filth, towards the light of freedom and equality.

      • Hayden

        I don’t know if Mr. Ball’s act will convert any under the influence of the blue pill, but I suspect his action will further solidify and call to action those of the red pill type.

        By the way Antz, thanks for being another guy walking among the living and thinking. Hopefully, your brothers will follow your lead and choose to join you at some point.

  • Ray

    I wonder if Mr. Ball would have made the news if he had burned himself to death on the front door step of a news outlet? I doubt it, and hope no one ever tries to find out. But the bigger question remains, “Why does no news outlet want to make known the plight of this father, and his effort to make known the plight of all fathers.

    The news media certainly covers far less dramatic protests all the time.

    We all know that the news is biased and prints only the propaganda it chooses to further the beliefs of its: owners, editors, reporters, etc.

    We know that journalists come from colleges and universities where the Liberal Arts, especially women’s studies and Sociology are heavily inundated with the misandry of gender feminist propaganda.

    Therefore, it’s no wonder the news media is heavily misandrist and tows the gender feminist propaganda line – especially around fathers day. After all, in their warped, evil minds, the mythical Patriarchy is the enemy and there is no greater symbol of Patriarchy (to them) than FATHERHOOD.

  • Hugh

    I’ve shared this story and link with people I know on my face book page. The most upsetting thing to me is the response from my female friends, who all seem to say the same thing. “He shouldn’t have hit his kid…. He started it”. And no matter how much I try to persuade them of any and all other issues surrounding the whole thing and our current system, they are all convinced that it was his fault to begin with, and that had he not hit his kid, he could have avoided the whole thing.

    Situations like this, and all the others in our current state, just make me know how that, in spite of always having wanted them, I’m glad I never had kids……

    • AntZ

      Un-friend the femifascist bird-heads who dishonour the name of Thomas James Ball with their petulant stupidity. There is no other response.

  • CynicalP

    In Tunisia, Mr. Bouazizi burned himself in protest of his treatment at the hands of an unjust and corrupt government. This act sparked the revolutions that swept across the Middle-East. It comes as no surprised that the MSM would suppress this story simply to protect the truth from reaching the masses – that they too live in an unjust society. Sadly it might have to take many more men to self immolate themselves to penetrate the media shield to reach the blissfully ignorant masses before this injustice is exposed.

  • keyster

    “He shouldn’t have hit his kid…. He started it”

    It’s obfuscating from the point, meant to redirect from the actual meaning behind what he did. A father struck his child, that’s all they can see. And as long as you hold him up as an example of father’s rights, that’s all anyone will want to talk about.

    It’s like if we were to blame the way a woman was dressed on her being viciously raped….

    Oh wait, sorry…it’s doesn’t work like that because it involves a woman as a victim and rape.

    • AntZ

      “It’s like if we were to blame the way a woman was dressed on her being viciously raped….”

      I disagree Keyster. Here is what I would say:

      “It is like a woman who is raped every day for 10 years being blamed for the dress she wore once 10 years before.”

      • keyster

        That’s literally closer in comparison yes.

        When was the last time a mother killed herself over losing custody of her children, and if she did…would court records of the battle ever be released and dissected by the feminist press? Nope.

        “Remember that guy who burned himself to death?”
        “Oh yeah, the guy who beat his kids, I remember that.”

    • Yin.Yang

      This is a false analogy because the man is the aggressor in both scenarios. Your argument fails to demonstrate how he is a victim of anything, which I presume was the point you intended to make.

  • Mr. J

    quote by Ben: “people don’t understand the concept of “moral courage” anymore.

    Thats correct, they’re all into watching soap operas instead of “moral courage”………women watch the ones where men and women kiss each other and men watch the ones where balls are thrown around and cars are driven in circles although women are getting into that now too.

  • Oldsfield

    The feminists will not even blink or flinch at this tragedy, as their reactions are indeed proving. They will spout their cold, callous bile without thought, just as they always have and they always will. They will never react, no matter if a million burning men are dying around them. They do not have the capacity for such empathy. They do not even register this man as a human being, simply an old empty wallet that needed to be incinerated. These are the kinds of people that are beyond trusting with doing anything about these issues.

    But the people who are moved by his story, and all others like his…they will definitely react.

  • farzin

    out of all studies, theory, discussions, debates,..
    it shows me exactly, where we (as men) are standing right now in our societies.
    This is what really we have, really what are our conditions when comes to our rights.
    The reactions and actions taking by any man, proves what he is talking about, who is he in reality.
    If any body wants to know men’s suffrage, it is time to look at it properly, naked and real.
    From one side: the huge pressure, injustices, anti-men Laws, lies and propaganda, …over men’s shoulders in our corrupted systems,
    in the other hand is the conspiracy and blockage of our suffrage and pain in public.
    This is the real life of a man in a Nazi system.
    There are millions of other men right now
    Using all our possibilities to expose the criminal corrupted Media and their BOSSES.
    We should break this anti-human system,
    starting to keep him ALIVE.

  • Rik Little

    Tom Bell is a brilliant visionary hero. The News media, the Family Courts, the police state and the new feminists have RAPED him. THATS ‘Domestic Violence’. They must hide his words and act because at least three MultiBillion dollar Industries profiteers are AFRAID. The Divorce Industry, The Child Support Industry and the Domestic Violence Industry. Overal these National Organization for Women/American Bar Association Industries set up in partnership with polititians (Bill and Hillary, Biden, Bush, Reagan, Obama) in the Government have an evil underLYING MacDworkinist Femi-Fascist PLAN to create fractured families leaning toward ‘Single Mother lifestyle’ homes. It is government purposeful gender segregation act which ultimately reduces costs to control and ever angrier American population in this Misandy Police State. The Violence Against Woman Act to gender is akin the the Race and Resettlement Act in Germany over race. Obama gave $310,000,000 (of taxpayer money in his last ‘job stimulus’ act thru VAWA) to NOW to get the “Job” of lobbying State legislatures to destroy ‘Shared Parenting’ and promote Child Abuse by denying Parental Alienation Syndrome being raised in Courts. It is time to call out these Fascist “Feminists” and the brown shirts that have alligned with them to profit while destroying the basic building block of our so called ‘Democracy'; The American FAMILY. Redistribute Thomas Bells last letter by any means possible!!!

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