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A-Bomb an ant to end cyber-stalking

NCFM NOTE: As you read what is below keep in mind the nature and severity of the alleged crime, which as far as can be discerned from the information below was an email or perhaps emails later construed as harassment and cyber-stalking. Let me repeat that “an email or emails,” which were construed as cyber stalking. The man sending the emails was 2,000 miles from the woman who received them. Ok, he screwed up and did some stupid typing. But that’s what it is: “typing.” The recipient was under no obligation to open the emails. She could have blocked them after receiving one she found offensive or even abusive. None the less, we’re talking emails not baseball bats or Uzis.

The man who sent the emails, Dan, was arrested, held in jail for weeks without bail or seeing an attorney, extradited from one state to another, convicted of Harassment and Stalking in a state in which he had never been in with the accusing woman, sentenced to two years probation, fired from his $100,000 a year job, and he lost everything he owned as well as his security clearance, which means he can never work in his chosen field again. He’s now destitute.

This absurd overreaction to an email, or emails, is tantamount to dropping an A-bomb on an ant because it’s making you uncomfortable. Unfortunately, stories such as this one are all too common. The only winners were those whose livings are derived from protecting nobody while destroying those who have done little or no harm, the involved law enforcement officers, judge, and support staffs.

Taxpayers were big losers too since this debacle had to have cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Better would have been for law enforcement upon receiving a complaint to contact Dan and tell him to stop with the emails.

Dan’s accuser, like thousands upon thousands of similar accusers allegedly lied…and, lied…and lied. If true who is the real abuser? Who should have been convicted of a crime?


by Charles Corry, PhD.


In an EJF newsletter posted in July 2005 we pointed out that domestic violence laws provided numerous opportunities for variants on a “honey trap.” Later, in a separate chapter we have outlined the impact of domestic violence laws on veterans and national security.

The problems haven’t gone away.

It is rare that the neo-Marxist radical feminists, that I refer to as “redfems” and whose ideology underlies these draconian laws, have the physical attributes requisite for a “honey trap.” However, they have compensated by becoming lawyers, judges, prosecutors, “family” counselors, DV treatment providers, victim advocates, and shelter workers, all financed by the DV industry on the public dollar.

In those positions they have found millions of fellow travelers willing to seek a free lunch under “no fault” divorce, false allegations of domestic violence, restraining orders, etc. And it is quite easy to lose or ignore a few cases where national security becomes an issue in this barrage of cases.

But the Equal Justice Foundation is routinely contacted by NCO’s and officers at bases like Schriever AFB when airmen are arrested as they immediately lose their security clearances. Special Forces troops from Fort Carson also trickle through with the same problems. Numerous civilians/veterans working on classified projects are also routinely destroyed as Dan’s story below well illustrates. These are not easy people to replace but their destruction certainly furthers the radical feminist goal of destroying the patriarchy.

Dan’s story

(EJF annotations and comments in blue and square brackets [comments])

I am a 62 year old male and resident of Maryland for the past 12 years. I worked for the Naval Research Labs in Washington, D.C. in the EW (Electronic Warfare) & Aerospace group.  I had a Secret clearance and am also a Commercial pilot. My prior marriage was to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 college graduated kids together.  My son is still in graduate school.  I have NO prior issues with Domestic Violence.

In 2008, about 12 years after my divorce, I met a 36-year-old woman who grew up in Colorado.  Kira had 3 kids, all in their early teens.  She had been divorced for about 5 years and lived just outside of Baltimore.  After her divorce, her ex moved back to CO where he was also from, leaving Kira to raise 3 kids alone in Maryland.  We met on

After 9 months we were engaged and looking for a house to live in together here in MD.  Kira was struggling to make ends meet when I met her, using credit cards to make her mortgage.

ant-a-bombHer oldest son has a congenital condition causing him to breath through a tracheal tube with an enlarged neck and tongue.  The kids, an older daughter and two boys only 11 months apart, did not see their dad hardly at all.  Kira would try to send them back to Colorado during summer break to visit with him and her step mom and mother, whom all lived in the Denver area.  Sending the kids back to Colorado in the summer gave Kira a break also.  She got to date and go out dancing without kids around.

When I came into the picture, it took a little while to be accepted into the family as they did not have a man in their lives for some years.  We eventually settled into a family unit and I would stay at her house and they would stay at my apartment on occasion.  We had a difficult time at the end of our first year together as I found out that Kira had been communicating with her ex-boyfriend behind my back.  Some nasty emails and texts followed and we ended up getting Restraining Orders against each other.

However, we made up shortly thereafter and actually moved into a leased house together.  Kira’s house was an old duplex in a bad neighborhood in a poor school system.  She rented her house out and we moved into a nice big house in a better town with excellent schools. We lived together in that leased house for the next year together.

Kira was not paying her mortgage on her house during this time and instead banking that money and her house went into foreclosure.  She was unsuccessful in trying to obtain a Home Loan Refinance under the Obama program.  Stress increased due to this and the fact that we were trying to get some medical remedy for her son.  I had a plane and flew  Kira and her son up to Boston Children’s Hospital where I had found a doctor who specializes in his condition and was well known across the United States.  I flew them there many times over our time together.  I started a Group on Facebook for kids with his condition where kids and parents could share their issues .

When Kira’s housing issues became too much, she moved back into her duplex after asking her tenants to leave early.  This was in July 2011.  There was not enough room in her old duplex for me, the boys had to share their old bedroom again and life got difficult.  I moved back into my old apartment building and we tried to work out some solution to her foreclosure problems.  I contacted the state, banks, everyone and nobody could help.

Her son was scheduled for another operation.  And then in March 2011, Kira decided to leave for 2 weeks and fly to Prague, leaving her kids alone and telling me to stay away.  She was acting irrational. [A trip to a city like Prague by someone having financial difficulties is always a red flag and suggests Kira may have been a bit more than a redfem fellow traveler.].

When she returned, we talked and went out but it was not anything like the couple we once were.  We had talked about her options and the fact that I had cancelled an offer I had made on a house we were talking about buying and that we were ending our relationship as it stood.  I suggested her best option might be to move back to Colorado where she has some family support and her ex could be closer to their kids and be able to take them sometimes even though he remarried into a family with two more kids with his new wife.

We talked about me helping her drive a moving van back to Colorado with her.  The week before she was to move, she told me she didn’t need my help.  It was then that I found out she had been talking to an old high school boyfriend back in Colorado for months and months.  I was suspicious earlier as she gave me Herpes a few months earlier, after over 2.5 years of having sex with her.  Now I was angry. [Note that Dan never goes to Colorado with or without her.]

During her drive back to Colorado, Kira had flown in her old ex boyfriend to have him help drive the van from Maryland to Colorado.  Someone she told me she had not seen in many years or talked to except on Facebook maybe once every few years.  All lies I now knew.  I called her leaving messages, asking her why she did such a thing.  I texted her calling her a cheating slut over the next few days. [Not a good thing to do at any time but these messages originate in Maryland.]

When she got to Colorado she went to the police.  Said I was threatening and scaring her and harassing her.  I never made any physical threat to her or her property.  She told the police that she had to move to Colorado to get away from me, that I was abusive.  Total lies.  I was charged with cyber harassment by a county attorney in Broomfield (Joe Psyga) with Broomfield County Judge Amy E. Bockman signing the Warrant, and arrested in Maryland, while walking my dog. [Note that county judges only have territorial jurisdiction within their county over crimes committed in that county. Dan was never in Broomfield County, Colorado, and, at the time, Kira had not yet established residency and was still a Maryland resident. But Dan’s challenges on the question of jurisdiction were simply ignored by the courts.

[This is far from the first time we have seen Colorado judges far exceeding their authority and assuming jurisdiction over cases far outside their boundaries.]

I spent 2 weeks in jail in Maryland before Colorado came to extradite me.  My $5,000 bail was argued by the DA and requested $50k bail!  I spent the next 4 weeks in Broomfield jail trying to get a bail hearing where it was eventually lowered to $20K and I was able to bail out.  My case went to Judge Thomas Ensor. [Ensor is a 17th Judicial District Judge who is consistently rated very weak by attorneys. Neither Bockman or Ensor had jurisdiction over a Maryland citizen and any charges should have been brought against Dan in Maryland, or in federal court if an interstate crime was claimed. In order to have jurisdiction in a case before the bar the court must establish that it has:

 Personal jurisdiction is an authority over a person, regardless of his location.
 Territorial jurisdiction is an authority confined to a bounded space, including all those present therein, and events which occur there.
 Subject matter jurisdiction is an authority over the subject of the legal questions involved in the case.

For jurisdiction to be complete a court must have a concurrence of both subject matter and personal jurisdiction or subject matter and territorial jurisdiction. And while the court had subject matter jurisdiction it had neither personal or territorial jurisdiction over Dan but he was arrested in Maryland on a warrant signed by a county judge in Colorado.]

The DA argued to allow 404(b) “evidence” which were the earlier emails from 2008, before Kira and I lived together.  Kira had saved all of them and gave them to the DA.  She did not want me messing up her new hopeful relationship with her old Colorado boyfriend and was angry at me for getting his phone number (he’s a musician and has it posted online) and calling him.

During these 6 weeks in jail, I lost my job making $118k/yr, was evicted from my apartment where all my worldly belongings were placed on the street and went through all of what little money I had in travel and lawyer fees.  I lost my plane which I had owned for 17 years without one late payment.

We eventually went to trial.  I did not testify and left my fate in an inept lawyer’s hands (Gary Fielder). I was found guilty on two counts of Harassment and Stalking; even though I made no threat and wasn’t even in the State of Colorado. They said I was a Credible Threat and she had Emotional Stress.  She lied to get probable cause by telling the police I was previously arrested in Maryland for domestic violence. I was not.  She lied stating I was coming to Colorado to harm her when she knew very well I was in Maryland as the police ‘pinged’ my cell phone.  She lied or misstated the truth on many points, but the young (female) ADA had no other cases to pursue I’m told and spent all of her efforts on mine. [See introductory comments about redfem prosecutors.]

I never got to talk to a lawyer while sitting in jail in Maryland, even though I made DAILY requests in writing.  I specifically stated that I did not waive extradition while in Maryland jails, yet I was extradited.  I requested by Habeas Corpus to speak with a lawyer, to have a Hearing demanding particulars of the Colorado complaint and request for ExtraditionŠ all ignored.

Judge Ensor, even though he NEVER heard me speak, called me names in court, said he was happy I would lose my Secret Clearance and did not let my 26-year-old son speak on my behalf at my sentencing or my lady friend, yet DID allow Kira’s stepmother to speak and ask for a more severe penalty for me.

I got two-years probation.  It ruined my life.  I now have a Felony 5 conviction.  I will never work again in my industry.  I am 62-years old and have absolutely nothing.  This is equivalent to a life sentence for me at my age, forced into this financial hole.

Judge Ensor is a hanging judge in my book, without any common sense, handing out insane punishments like candy.  He should not be a judge.

These Cyber crime laws are unconstitutional and the Colorado laws are WAY overreaching and WAY beyond their legal jurisdiction.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you can get rid of bad judges and crazy laws.  Bring back the Constitution and some common sense!

  • thefeministmra

    Let me take a stab in the dark; her equally vicious emails and texts were not submitted to court? Either lost or ignored as “reactionary to the abuse thrown against her”.

    And her statements, in court, which can be verified as false, won’t be the basis for a case of perjury? I can understand the financial side of things, but don’t prosecutors get more money based on conviction rates? Why wouldn’t they take slam dunk cases like this?

    • Ray

      Apparently, “Los Misandry” is a place in Colorado as well as Maryland, where “Witch-Hunting Males” isn’t just enshrined in law, it’s a form of insanity that’s religiously followed. Sadly, the taxpayers are forced to support the gender-feminist madness. And all bow down, or are coerced to bow down to the gender feminist ideology’s big lie of “gender based violence” (man bad – woman good). Sadly, there’s no foreseeable end to this evil corruption, infesting America’s taxpayer-funded legal system.

      Witch-Hunting Males

      Los Misandry

      Gender feminist trained judges can never know justice as long as they are blinded by that tyranny. These legal systems lack the respect of millions of citizens and deserve far less. :-/

  • Turbo

    How the hell do these courts get away with massively overstepping their authority and jurisdiction. It is mind boggling. This man has been screwed completely for what, calling someone a few names in a text. The loonies really are in charge.

  • ContraTerrene

    The moral of these type of stories is quie clear; if you don’t have fantastic and doubtless fantastically expensive legal representation then your life is over.

    • Bombay

      Men need to take it upon themselves to learn about the law/legal system so that they can effectively protect/represent their legal interests. Most lawyers don’t care and holding a lawyer accountable is just as or more difficult than holding a judge accountable. Lawyers are not elected/appointed.

    • All Contraire

      It reportedly took the families of the three falsely accused (and feminist-hounded) Duke University lacrosse players 3.5 to over 4 million dollars buying top lawyers and an army of private investigators to finally win their sons’ exoneration on patently false and trumped up charges of rape. An amount far beyond the means of all but the very wealthiest Top Elite. The police and prosecutor spent far larger sums of taxpayer money in their crazed pursuit of the case for over a year, during which time the falsely accused men were continuously vilified on and off campus. One of the men had an ironclad alibi and he was still pursued.

      In the end it was only intense media coverage that finally forced the North Carolina State Attorney General to intervene and officially declare the three young men innocent. In effect they had been ‘raped’ by the System. But, of course, men must be made of sturdier mettle than saintly put-upon, eternally victimized women and know they have to just get over the trauma and get on with their lives.

      The false accuser in the case Crystal Mangum got off free and five years later murdered a decent young Black man. The heroine of the story was Ms. Mangum’s co-worker for a night who steadfastly, despite intense pressure to lie, told the truth that she did not believe the allegations and did not see how a rape could have taken place.

      The lesson is –– in total contradiction of feminist claims –– that it is damnably easy for women to bring false charges of DV, assault, and rape, etc., and insanely difficult and prohibitively expensive to fight them.

  • Bombay

    This is not only a lesson about the corrupt US legal system, but also that a person should pay attention to the warning signs. And if you do not see the many signs in this story – then a lesson for you to learn about/recognize the warning signs is in order.

  • manandwife

    First, I’m sure the jurisdictional issue would be resolved by a lawyer claiming she had intent to reside in the new location. She received the “bad mail” there. She was a “victim” there. Stinks, but that is probably the logic behind it. Please ignore the technicalities of where the mail traveled or was actually received etc. Facts like these are irrelevant when “conflict is profit.”

    Second, don’t talk too loudly about having been given Herpes by her. She will claim that he was the one who brought it into the relationship. Since this STD is only transmitted sexually, ( ignore the fact that Koi fish have it too ) it could be interpreted as a form of assault. That could lead to loss of money etc. Many men have already been hit with this.

    Third, the hit on men is already so great that SOCOM will not accept personnel who are paying child support. Additionally, the military has recently decided to accept women into the 18 series. This means women will be “earning” Green Berets, SEAL Budweisers etc. Since most foreign countries where these forces work are anything but willing to work with women – wait to feel the hit in US foreign policy. ( I can just image the new PT test! )

    Fourth, while the pain of being lied to, and such, is severe – men are expected to not show that pain – EVER! My suggestion to other men in this situation has two parts. Contact a MALE friend who is willing to listen – and get all of the yelling and such out on them. Ask them for a few minutes of catharsis as it is better than doing it in an email. ( NEVER put anything in writing – oops! ) Also, make a youtube vid. Do not mention names. Do not talk about fantasies. Do not be hateful of anything or anyone. Simply tell the world who you are and what you have endured with MS JANE DOE. This is important because it might be useful if you suddenly disappear. The next generation, seeing these vids stack up from everywhere, might get the point. ( Fatherhood by proxy )

    Fifth, network in your community. We should all try to start working with each other more directly. Stay away from places where women like to assemble as much as possible. Perhaps, start a flying club or men’s shelter etc. Simply, develop access to a support group who can react if you disappear. Wear a hat, patch, bumper sticker on your forehead or whatever when you go outside. This item should be a direct advertisement of your position as a MHRA-Red-Pill-Consumer. No one will find you if you do not advertise. No finding = no binding!

    Sixth, and final, consider on-line schooling. For most of us online schools are the best and safest option. For instance:

    Abraham Lincoln University ( UGrad and Graduate programs in Criminal Justice, Business, Legal Studies – and they have a Law School )
    American Military University ( has criminal justice and anti-terrorism programs to name a few )
    Oregon State University ( has Horticulture [ grow a garden = no grocery store trips, complaints etc ] and other programs )
    Indiana University ( has degrees in psychology and other fields )
    Liberty University ( Business Information Systems etc and Theology )
    Regent University ( Communications, Theology etc )
    Academy of Art University ( everything Art Centric! )

    The costs of these appear to be the same as one would encounter in a brick and mortar setting. As far as I know, they are accredited. They can also teach you how to make a better youtube vid.

    Seventh ( okay, this is the last ), read the KJV Holy Bible. A lot of this stuff is actually described in that book. It is amazing! From Eve being sooooo easily deceived with right to know rhetoric to the admonishments in Revelations 21:8 – all of this – ALL of this stuff is in there.


    [ Bible again = meek & mild ]


    PS – for those who are against the Bible as hate speech because it is against women, homosexuality etc – I recommend review of a book in the Old Testament. That book is the Song of Solomon. Ask yourself to identify the immediate author. Then identify the immediate audience. You will probably have a migraine afterward because this book is not chastised anywhere in scripture! The problem is not the Bible. The problem is a community [ church ] based on “conflict is profit.”

  • Stu

    I’ll say it again. No marriage, no defacto, no kids, no monogamy. Should I add no emails to that?

    One thing that definitely needs to be added is…….support the MHRM. Oh, and give up cheese covered wacky fries.

    • Bombay

      Or text messages. They are all on record.

    • Paul Elam

      Indeed, Stu, it amazes me that anyone would even need to say this any more.

      • feeriker

        The fact that we have to tells us how incredibly dense too many men are.

        • DragonFire

          Sorry feeriker, but I can’t agree.

          Should Dan have seen the signs? Perhaps.
          But, does he deserve what he got? Hell no.

          There are many many steps that could be taken, before he needed to be freaking arrested.

          The most disturbing thing, is that multiple legal processes were ignored and a judge seems to have made up his mind before he even set foot into the court room.

          I think you are indulging in a form of victim blaming here.

          • Billybobownway

            Wake up!

            What you deserve is irrelavant in court and in life. Any lie told by a woman in court is taken as fact even if there is contrary evidence and she will never be charged with perjury. In Canada a woman can obtain a child support order without having a child, she just has to say there is one. You have to fight it out in court to stop the order.

            The reward for a White Knight who rescues the Damsel and her children is to have his head cut off. He is expendable. The role of the court is to decide if he will be buggered with a sharp stick, a fish fork, or a chainsaw. Calling a woman a slut is like complaining that your 84 Pinto is not a new beemer.

        • DragonFire

          Those wacky men, expecting justice to be applied equally.

          They are dense indeed….

      • All Contraire

        Uh–What have you got against cheese covered wacky fries?

    • James Huff

      I gave on wacky fries years ago….cheesy or otherwise.

  • greg

    At my behest, My Girlfriend just read this article at NCFM. I told Her that her Son and my Son’s may inherit this Society, but not without me, making calls, sending emails, contacting politicians, contacting press, and exerting great energy, to fix this this fkn bs.

    • Ray

      “I told Her that her Son and my Son’s may inherit this Society, but not without me, making calls, sending emails, contacting politicians, contacting press, and exerting great energy, to fix this this fkn bs.”

      Absolutely, this site is the antithesis of a hate site and it’s a tragedy that we must contend with so many who’ve embraced a depravity of gender hatred against males – and caused so much injustice and pain. But haters will lose.
      “In my fantasy I see a just world
      Where everyone lives in peace and honesty
      I dream of souls that are always free
      Like clouds that float
      Full of humanity in the depths of the soul”

      …and the music that preceded and inspired those words,

    • Stu

      And what did she say.

      • greg

        She’s warming up to the fact that I go to “Women Hating Sites”(her words). I just need to keep hammering the fact that I do this for Jacob, AND her Daughter who may someday be blessed with a Son.

        I’m Hoping that she will become a Human Rights Activist as well.

        • Aimee McGee

          Greg, if your GF wants to talk to a female MHRA, I can be reached through the forum

          • Lucian Vâlsan

            What I want is your cat 😀

          • Aimee McGee

            @Lucian, send me your address and I will stick him in a post bag for you!
            Nah…this fella is wicked and annoying but he gives the best cuddles with morning coffee I’ve ever experienced 😀

          • Stu

            He wants your pussy Aimee

    • Wendy

      Tell her to watch girlwriteswhat’s videos. To be perfectly honest, if I’d come here first, rather than watching her videos first, I would’ve been turned off. And I had an incentive of the first hand experience of my boyfriend. But it’s hard to hear the things other women do and not feel insulted, both by their actions and the fact that a lot of men are going to not trust you and prejudge you because of those actions. That’s where the “woman hating” vibe comes from. It’s just that the truth hurts when it’s about a group you can’t help but be identified with because you have a va-jay-jay. It was easier to hear (even though I already sort of knew it) from another woman. So, get her “inoculated” with girlwriteswhat’s videos first, then let her read articles you think will hit home for her. Then you can give her her dose of the red pill.

      • greg

        Thank you Aimee and Wendy.

  • Kimski

    Disengage X 3.

  • sevencck

    Sometimes I wonder which of our nations has become the most outrageous in terms of betraying the ethic of a just, principled, inclusive society. Are we in a race to exceed our neighbors in duels of dysfunction? I wish I could say for sure.

  • feeriker

    While I have to feel sorry for Dan given the extreme circumstances of his punishment, let’s be honest. His judgment was, to put it kindly, not terribly well-honed. It shouldn’t have been difficult early on to see where the relationship was headed. All the red flags should have gone up as soon as 1) Kira’s financial irresponsibility came to light and 2) he found out about her contacting her ex-boyfriend. Any man with two brain cells to rub together and an ounce of self-respect would’ve kicked the bitch hard to the curb right then and there and moved on without looking back.

    C’mon now, Dan. I would expect this sort of stupidity and gullibility from a hormone-addled twenty-one-year-old. But from somebody pushing sixty? Please.

    • sevencck

      This is the type of mentality which gives rise to the problems we currently face. It’s male hyperagency, the notion that somehow owning extreme consequences is part and parcel of owning your lapses in judgement.

      Why are you even making this point? Why is your response to highlight his “bad judgement?” Why is it that when men get trashed in our culture the first thing we ask is what choices he made to invite it into his life?

      • feeriker

        I have a lengthy response to this that I won’t post here, for time, space, and brevity’s sake. However, my response is essentially that there is a very fine line between “blaming the victim,” as you claim here that I am doing, and pointing out that even in situations where we are the clear victims of intolerable injustice, we are still somewhat responsible for our actions as conscientious adults. By no means am I saying that what Dan has suffered is in any way, shape, or form just. But if we begin to take the position that our own actions, decisions, and judgment as mature men play no part in influencing the situations in which we find ourselves, then we are guilty of the same double standards that the feministas attempt to impose for the benefit of women at the expense of men.

        I’m sure that this will ignite some searing flames, but I feel that this has to be called out. If we within the MHRM are going to insist on holding women responsible for their consequences of their actions (as we damned sure must), then we can do no less to ourselves. If that brands me a “victim blamer,” then it’s a risk I’ll have to take in this case.

        • sevencck

          I realize it’s been a couple days so it may be that nobody reads this comment, but I’ll respond anyway.

          I understand you realize it’s an injustice, but when you bring up his responsibility in the matter it reads like a non sequitur. There isn’t a strong connection between his responsibility and the extreme consequences. For there to be a connection, the consequences would need to intuitively follow the man’s actions, and in this case they most certainly do not. How can a man be expected to take responsibility for what appears to be an increasingly unjust randomized outcome?

          Besides which, the issue here isn’t about how responsible this man was, it’s about analyzing the validity of the extreme life-destroying consequences themselves. What if a man doesn’t take responsibility? Should we expect such a man’s life to be destroyed? Is an irresponsible man such a worthless thing that we have cynically come to expect extreme life-destroying consequences? No, he shouldn’t be, and thus the immoral, life-destroying consequences are wrong regardless of his level of responsibility. Thus, we can analyze the consequences without considering the responsibility.

          My original point was simply that you have connected a discussion on the validity of extreme consequences with the issue of personal responsibility only because you’re so used to taking responsibility for whatever comes your way, however insane, that it only seems natural for you to do so here. I would guess that the reason for this is that you’ve learned your value as a person is contingent on the continued usefulness, productivity, and self sufficiency you’ve learned to take responsibility for.

          Finally, with regard to your comment about becoming like the feministas. The same distinction applies, just in reverse. The issue with respect to the feministas is personal responsibility, not the nature of the consequences. For the feministas, we’d keep our discussion to their relative lack of personal agency, discussing the nature of the consequences would be mostly irrelevant, since we’re all agreed that the consequences of a woman not taking adequate responsibility for her own personal safety can be horrific. Even for a woman who accepts no personal agency harsh consequences are never justifiable. In other words, we’re willing to keep our discussion limited to the problem of their responsibility or lack thereof, we don’t need to make additional judgements about the validity of the consequences, it’s a separate discussion.

  • feeriker

    Bring back the Constitution and some common sense!

    Not that I need remind anyone of this, but the return of the former depends on the prevalence of the latter. Unfortunately, the latter is obviously and grotesquely misnamed. Surely no one will dare try to tell me that there is anything “common” about the type of sense referred to here.

    • DragonFire

      Sorry feeriker, but I can’t agree.

      Should Dan have seen the signs? Perhaps.
      But, does he deserve what he got? Hell no.

      There are many many steps that could be taken, before he needed to be freaking arrested.

      The most disturbing thing, is that multiple legal processes were ignored and a judge seems to have made up his mind before he even set foot into the court room.

      I think you are indulging in a form of victim blaming here.

  • Steveyp333

    This story… Just… Eck.

    I guess one thing we can learn is to ditch a girl the MINUTE she gives you herpes. Guys that shit doesn’t come from undercooked poultry it comes from someone’s dick or mouth.

    The judge needs getting rid of but after the Mary kellet saga what would be the point? They’d probably fire him one day then let him stroll back into work the next and start judging things

    • Ray

      I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating (and “yep” someone had to tell me before I started to listen):

      When that nagging little voice in your mind keeps saying there’s something wrong with a relationship, stop ignoring it. That’s “the gift of fear” sending you a warning to get away from that situation.

      For some reason, I know very few guys who didn’t learn this the hard way. The pathway of masculinity is figuratively covered over as wide as an eight lane freeway with the broken hearts and ruined lives of men who’ve chosen to stay in relationships, when they should’ve run like the devil herself was on their tail.

      In the world of work most employees must go through a probationary period before becoming full time employees.

      To each his own, but ever woman I meet and date these days is on permanent probation. Thanks, “gift of fear.”

  • Ben

    The U.S. Senate needs to read this. If this does not make their blood boil, they are sociopaths. This is the type of thing that pushes people over the edge. Men, barring MHRAs and a tiny few others, don’t care one iota what happens to other men. The majority of men could read this intolerably tragic story, laugh, and blame this pilot! We only evolved beyond our other primate ancestors due to bazzar, accidental mutation into wildly disprortional sexual attraction to females and the resulting affinity for mass destruction of males by other males in order to secure those breeding opportunities that asymptotically approaches infinite hatred. I think that hatred of males throughout each species in the animal kingdom is directly proportional to a species’ sexual desire.

  • Ben

    What if this pilot would have been a gay man? Suppose his disparaging email was sent to his male ex-lover who was half his size and strength. Would he have lost his Secret Clearance, his job, and his entire fortune? Arguably not. This is just daddy government White Knighting. It has nothing to do with protecting weaker citizens from stronger ones. I could chew up a lawnmower chain and spit 12 penny nails at this radfem prosecutor.

  • donzaloog

    Calling this insanity is an understatement. Does this woman have no shame? Does the court even care that she lied to them?

  • Stu

    Why should she have shame, she has been raised in a culture that tells her she is entitled to do anything, say anything, and have anything she wants, and not be responsible for anything. Why should the court care, they secure their jobs and pensions and status by doing what women want them to do.

    Really…….I can’t see why anybody in the MHRM is surprised. Am I the only one who actually sees and gets how bad things really are. If we don’t turn the tide, in the future, it’s going to look like this guy got off light. Guys will be getting life in labor camps for less then this in twenty years time. Things are REALLY that bad……and will be THAT bad.

    Does anybody give a fuck that a 60yo is left broke and homeless, with no chance of ever getting back on his feet……apart from us…..nope….they will eat popcorn as they watch him burn on the court house steps…….laugh when they hear his penis gurgling down the garbage disposal….and the only thing they will miss when he dies…… that they can’t steal any more off him…..or kick him in the nuts just for fun.

    The same goes for you, and your sons………and you…..that guy that is reading this and laughing………yes……you too.

    Get used to it if you are going to keep doing nothing…..this is your future.

  • Stu

    Did anybody notice that just a few articles ago, yesterday, we had the story of Nicole Ryan, who hired a hit man to kill her husband, but fucked up and ended up trying to hire a cop. The conversation with the cop was recorded, clearly showing that she was not even an abused wife, just a bitch who wanted her husband bumped off because…….because…..oh whatever……..she was bored with him or something.

    What did the court do…..and lets face it…..they would have seen the video……….they let her go……scott free.

    Now we have a guy who is run through the meat mincer by this same legal system….stripped of everything he owns……blah blah blah……because he called a lying cheating women, who was trying to scam him for all he’s worth………a cheating slut… an email…..from 2000 miles away.

    Do you need anymore contrast to see just how fucked men are? Just how much of a double standard exists…….we don’t even have the human rights equal to dogs. Oh well……contemplate that while you wash your next mouthful of wacky fries down with some more beer…….and think about donating some money to AVFM…….but don’t actually do it……just think about it…..and have another beer.

    • Billybobownway

      Amen to that!
      Activism is one thing , but at the end of the day you have to learn to play to cards you are dealt. Living as if the world was what you wished or thought you deserved is a recepie for disaster. Women are out to enslave you, get used to it. Always avoid court at any cost. Whether it is criminal, business, tax or family it seldom comes out well. Family court is like a lynching.

      I love women but I don’t want to own one. Like a Ferrari.

      BTW- Guilt, shame, blame, deserving, obligation, fidelity are feminist concepts used to enslave men. It’s time to get your mind right.

  • malcolm

    I hate reading stories like this. It is truly evil how the law is perverted in western society and men are made to walk a tightrope in relationships.

    Is there a database of lawyers who do fight for the rights of men? It sounds to me like a competent lawyer should have been able to provide a better outcome for Dan. Unfortunately too many guys do not realize that they will be railroaded.

    • No Seriously

      Me too. I honestly could barely get through the first paragraph, my blood pressure began to boil

    • feeriker

      Is there a database of lawyers who do fight for the rights of men? It sounds to me like a competent lawyer should have been able to provide a better outcome for Dan.

      From my experience, trying to find a competent, conscientious family law/divorce attorney in Amerika who will really fight for a man’s/father’s rights within the system is a MADDENING exercise. Sure, plenty of these shyster assholes sell themselves as legal warriors, blowing lots of print and digital smoke about how they’ll “fight for your rights.” Unfortunately, most of them are lazy, corrupt “courthouse groupies” who are pals with the same scumbags within the system who will railroad and screw you. They’ll bleed your bank account dry while twisting your arm to accept whatever raw deal the courts (a proxy for your ex and her lawyer) deign to toss you.

      Legal referral sites and databases, as they’re now constituted, aren’t any better. If you can find any detailed information about any of the listed attorneys at all, it’s either dated or irrelevant to your case.

      In the end, it seems word of mouth from a client who’s “been there and done that” is the only effective way to go, but even that’s a crap shoot. None of my male friends and acquaintances in my area had ever been through a situation comparable to mine or had ever needed to retain a divorce lawyer, so I had nothing to go on.

      It really sucks. Hopefully somebody within the MHRM has a solution. I sure don’t.

  • Dan Perrins

    Crazy shit Dan, my sympathies for your troubles.
    Absolutely brutal what this crazy bitch did to you and then what the misandric courts did afterwards.

  • Winstone

    There are bad persons, women and men. What is unacceptable is that the legal system become a weapon of bad women. At the end this system will have the effect of increasing violence

    • feeriker

      The legal system allows itself to be used as a weapon of bad women because TPTB realize that bad women are some of the most effective instruments in the destruction of the nuclear family, which TPTB see as the most threatening competitive adversary in the quest for power and influence over society. The fact that a lasting and stable relationship between a man and a woman represents the genesis of the nuclear family means that it must be destabilized and destroyed at all costs. This is why the feminist movement targeted the legal infrastructure of national governments very early in their movement – with horrifyingly successful results.

    • Stu

      That is exactly what they want Winstrone. Does a parasite that lives by sucking your blood want their to be no more blood to live off……..of course not…..they want more of what they live off. But they wouldn’t get anywhere promoting an increase in violence would they? So they pretend to be caring concerned individuals who are heroically fighting for truth and justice, all the while they seek to increase that which sustains them and fuels their growth.

  • Mr. J

    While stuff like this occurs, men obsess over uber-trivial shit like watching rich men play “games”….
    Is it any wonder we have no rights anymore?

  • RossT

    Men need to STOP trying to be a hero to single mothers! Woman had a disabled child….why in the WORLD would you want to be with a woman who has a disabled child??? That should be the first sign NOT to pursue. Volunteer at a children’s hospital instead if you want to do some good!

    Six figure salary at 62 is no joke. Travel the world instead, meet single ladies that way.

    • Kimski

      Single mothers can be pure poison to any man with hopes of his own.

      There’s usually a very good reason she’s single.

    • feeriker

      Men need to STOP trying to be a hero to single mothers!

      AMEN! Believe me, I wish there had been an AvFM-style fount of wisdom available decades ago, with a campaign centered on your quote above. It would have spared young White Knight fools like me, and countless others I know, very much future pain and loss.

    • Augen

      62 yo man + 36 yo single mother of disabled child & 2 others + psychophysiology steeped in blue pill administration every day since birth = the very very depressing story described above

      • feeriker

        The “62 yo man + 35 yo single mother” angle alone spells B-I-G–T-R-O-U-B-L-E, in bright, glaring neon letters.

        • Augen

          I agree.
          And I’m not at all happy about it and it brings me no gratification or satisfaction or anything, but I agree.

          I think all versions of the statements are correct in their own way, and in their own completion:

          “62 yo man + 36 yo single mother” … bad
          “62 yo man + 36 yo single mother of a disabled child” … bad
          “62 yo man + 36 yo single mother of … and more kids” … bad
          “62 yo man + 36 yo single mother of … + bluepill” … likely catastrophic

          What is difficult and where I stop myself and withhold judgment is that I don’t personally know anyone involved in this particular case, so who knows really? I am not going to judge and I don’t mean to fit Dan into a template or box here by picking these high-level characteristics and highlighting them.

          BUT … these are all “boxes” I’ve seen. Worse, they are boxes I think every last person commenting here has seen.

          There is a blindness/myopia … metaphorically label it what you want … but there is something and it’s the “something” that I think we want to take apart and understand.

          Just on a personal basis I go out like anyone else and from time to time the way things have gone down with a lady – it is just too easy. When that happens I have a “red flag” that goes up, and I pay attention to the flag and check myself – stop action. No harm putting on a delay. 100% of the time, 100% – the red flag has been accurate.

          That because of the red pill?

          You see these Private Investigator entrapment schemes like “Mate Check” where a pretty woman comes on to a guy while someone else secretly films so women can catch their spouses or sig-others being unfaithful and we are told the hit-rate on these is really high, that men just always go for it.

          Why is that?

          Why is it that something doesn’t go off and tell men something is wrong? There is this man’s case and I won’t judge this man for that. But it seems that the high level descriptors are too common, and the exceptions are too rare, almost striking. That is the problem.

          This minute, within a 10 mile radius of where you read this from, there is a man right this minute, thinking he has found some love or some connection or something, with a young pretty woman who consciously or not will or is predating on him. Maybe it isn’t his fault, maybe he has been brainwashed/misled, etc, but multiply his case by the thousands … and that is why we are here doing what we’re doing.

          So the law and the culture and the attitudes that made the judge’s actions possible … all bad.

          But that’s not what’s gripping me about this. The naivety and the commonness of it, that points an arrow at something that is wrong that I think we need to pay more attention to.

  • droobles

    This might be hindsight, but all this just happened because he didn’t listen to the redflags. Why? That is why I say many men are too needy when it comes to sex. I think MGTOW is probably the only way to break this misandric system.

    Also, I find it curious that all men involved in the story were with women that already had children. It has been sometime now that I see this trend repeat itself.

    • feeriker

      Also, I find it curious that all men involved in the story were with women that already had children. It has been sometime now that I see this trend repeat itself.

      If there is any possible silver lining to this travesty that is Dan’s story, it’s that his case and the many others like it that are sure to arise in the immediate future will serve as a long-overdue vaccine/antidote to “White Knight Syndrome.” It can’t come soon enough.

      • Augen

        It’s not just white knight. That is a thing and it is one of the explaining factors for some of the cases and heaven knows its a whole trope the blue pill culture has thrown up, i.e.: “she got herself into this not because of her own choices (or the darkness in her own soul) but because of all the evil men she’s been bonding/bonded to (ignore the fact that she chose those men, don’t, think about, that!!!) … now she sees the light and just needs you to step in and rescue her and you’ll be her white knight and she’ll give your deserving nobleness her cherishing and her love” … and there are only 10 or 50 million adult American men prepared to believe that and walk right into it, … but it’s just not the whole picture.

        I suspect much of it is not unlike a young woman attracted to an abusive man who’s bad for her. He can be an arsonist baby-hating sewer rat on probation riddled with vice and she just. can’t. see it. Or care if she could.

        I have seem similar cases too though where you have men who have been through all of these different combinations of relationship cases … she’s nice but not attractive to him, she’s attractive to him but wicked, the relationship seems great and she and he seem to fit but she’s just got it on still for the last guy she was with and doesn’t do much to hide it …

        Then along comes pretty and nice girl/lady/woman. He’s smitten. “Now my time has come”. If only you wait and persevere, the universe will eventually unveil for you the beautiful lovely flower of a woman that you deserve because, you know, that’s how the real world works.

        Of course, it doesn’t. It doesn’t work like that at all – the blind universe doesn’t give a torn plastic bag in Tahiti that you want a thin hot thing, that ONLY happens if you do something to make those hot things want you, but millions are so starved for the image of the love they want that they’re prepared to endure suffering and risk personal destruction because the simple appearance shows up.

        People are whole. Men, women … whole. They don’t need another person to make them whole. But everything from religions to cults to an entire social wealth-transfer system are relying on the false personal conviction that you are not whole, that you need something that looks like a Bible, cross, Quran, a charismatic cult leader, a badass mofo or leader among men or … a lovely pretty little thing … and then, ONLY then, you can be whole.

        You are whole. This minute, you are whole. You don’t need anything else to be whole. You are exactly fine, exactly the way you are. All you have to do is start being the whole you already are and start doing what you think is right to do.

        Anyone tells you that you need anything to be whole, even if its just a romantic Hollywood movie where the protagonist “gets the girl”, … it is trying to SELL you something and hoping you already believe a lie so you will take something you worked for and give it to them.

        So … feeriker … sorry kinda got off a direct reply to you … but, I’m sure you get my meaning.

  • Athelstan

    My opinion is that where some MRA’s have said the pilot should have seen the early warning signs and gotten out then is that even that’s too late. Once the first sign has been shown whenever you do get out she’s going to be vindictive and revengeful.

    What if pilot had left her at the first sign? Any guarantees that he wouldn’t have gotten screwed?

    I hate to say it but if I ever dated again my every move and word would be recorded, and anything negative she’d done would be noted in a journal. As others have said, it’ll just be easier to rent…

    • Augen

      Having seen this a lot and by a lot I’d say something like monthly I see shit like this going on somewhere that collides with my personal circles, what I can confidently say is the strongest move available to a man is to drop it and move on with absolute confidence of purpose on the first sign of trouble. Doing so almost never triggers the crazy response and actually pays back in three: 1) even crazyggirl treats him with respect forthwith 2) everyone in the vicinity awares treats him with respect 3) he experiences self respect which has f he curious quality of being attractive to higher quality mating options if that’s something he wants.

      Crazy reactions occur when A) she has gone a few steps of intimacy with you and has her “unfit biological specimen” detector tripped off and experiences confusion of forebrain having decided go be so with you (and maybe pocketbook needs you) but her hjndbrain is starting to see you with vicious contempt or B) as in this case she just has an external reason go drop him

      Having said that, if you feel the need to carry a digital audio recorder with you on all dates I think you are on firm ground feeling that way.

  • DeclanLyons

    Sorry, Dan. Words fail me.

  • manandwife

    I have a couple of general questions. Has anyone else’s version of this page gone grey and refused view of the reply string? Also, what’s with the green plus and red minus things?

    I have spent the last 22 years paying the system. I can actually afford a computer again and – frankly – I have a bit of catching up to do. Please help by giving a short polite answer to my questions.


    • Augen

      Scroll to the bottom. In the lower right hand corner click “Turn off mobile”.

      Problem solved

      • manandwife

        It worked !
        Technology has come so far in the last 20 years!
        Does anyone else remember / use rabbit ears?

        Now that I have all of this new found revenue every month – where should I spend it? Are we boycotting anyone?


        PS – none of the holes on the side of a W8 laptop fit rabbit ear plugs. Please, don’t ask.

  • manandwife

    What would happen to the system if MHRAs became active? What if we attended the Paralegal programs, Social Work programs, Criminal Justice and Lawyer schools? What if we ran for Judge? Could we create a truly neutral Gender Studies program and offer it online?


  • manandwife

    Yesterday, after posting a lengthy note above, my access to this site went a little weird. The home page as well as this one – went grey and would not allow access to the reply string. Has this happened to anyone else?

    What are the green pluses and red minuses for?

    Please answer politely as I have just spent the last 22 years paying CS and have reentered civilization. [ I’m freeeeee ! for now ] Food and a computer, wow!


    • Bombay

      Congratulations on being freed from your slavery.

      “What are the green pluses and red minuses for?”

      Green is an up vote and red is a down vote.

  • manandwife

    Oh my
    I should re-declare my tag as troglodyte reborn!


  • Poester99

    After doing a bit a reading of the public profile of Judge Ensor, her hang em high attitude (but only if you’re male) is of no surprise.

    In fact, it would not surprise me at all to discover also that she became a judge solely to get the opportunity to punish all things male. This is only my opinion of course.

    As for the pull out all the stops legal gymastics that were used to get to this guy. Do you think that anybody is really safe? After all it was just brought to light that drone strikes are targetting American citizens, and most Americans seem to file that complaint under “partisan bickering”.

    Lastly assuming there are egregious errors in the application of the law in this case, do you think Dan can get the bucketloads of money or a sympathetic lawyer in order to appeal? The Partriarchy should have it covered! …. don’t hold your breath …

  • 98abaile

    Is there anyway a retrial can be had higher up in the courts? Can anyone be brought to account for a miscarriage of justice?

  • Robert Sides

    Sorry, but I bet donuts to Dworkins this guy ignored MHRAs who’d warned him about DV laws before hand. Dan probably thought only bad guys needed to worry. And didn’t give a hoot about, or a dime to support, men’s groups.

    Then there’s the fact of men’s inactivity for 50 years. Guys could have free legal aid by now, and more just laws, if there’d been even a modicum of action. Instead, boyos chose to sit on their butts…too afraid of being called names.

    And afraid to hit back, hard (figuratively, of course) when feminists attacked.

    Sure, fighting back is the only way to stop those who are irrational (which feminists definitely are), but guys wouldn’t do it. Like Dan, they preferred jail to being mocked for having “tiny pee-pees.”

    As always, the non-moving men’s movement let Team Vagina grow. It set Dan up to fail, fleeced as a sacrificial lamb.

    Dan also failed himself. He ignored warning signs that shit-storms were heading his way. He met Cupcake online. Got engaged after only 9 months. Overlooked her being in her 30s… with sick kids… and money problems.

    Instead of running, he white-knighted her with financial and medical aid. He learned nothing after the first (mutual!) restraining orders.

    To wit: he was a “brainiac” with the emotional awareness of a beetle.

    Also, forget the blue mark-ups on his “story” asserting what SHOULD have happened legally. The guy got reamed because he COULD get reamed. That’s why no matter how neutral-sounding feminist laws are, they always-always-always screw guys.

    The time to fight legislation is during the bill-presentation phase. Because once they become law, it doesn’t matter what’s written. It’s how society feels about men.

    As long as society thinks men are evil, no one’s going to mind if judges make guys suffer.

    So pay no attention to what feminists say. Just watch, like a hawk, what they DO.

    Dan had no interest in helping the men’s movement prior to his arrest. During incarceration/trial he wanted the men’s movement to save his arse. Once out, he had no money to help the movement. Does he do ANYTHING now to help other males?

    How perfect for feminism: the world is filled with Dans!

  • Robert Sides

    > “In the end it was only intense media coverage that finally forced the North Carolina State Attorney General to intervene…”

    Too true.

    Now quick: name ONE men’s group that has an effective (therefore, well-known) media taskforce that reporters know to call to hear about men’s issues?


    Reporters, who cover news, don’t know about men’s groups because they never stage news-worthy events. So it’s not media who ignore the MHRM; its the latter who ignore the former.

    Sad, but true.

  • Fred Arthur Tenzer

    Stop branding people who are not out to harm anybody and have never threatened anybody as stalkers, cyberstalkers, and/or harassers.
    The laws on stalking, cyberstalking, and harassment ought to be changed so that worrying about someone, seeking a reconciliation with someone, etc. do not constitute stalking, cyberstalking, and/or harassment. The law ought to state and rule that if you do not want someone to contact you, you must tell the person so directly instead of (1) reporting the person to the police and/or (2) having someone contact the person on your behalf, because these things are despicable and extremely rude. Also, regardless of whether or not it was you who initiated email or other contact with the person in the first place, you ought to be required to tell the person what the person did wrong that you no longer want anything to do with the person in the first place in order so that the person will accordingly (1) undo whatever the person did wrong to you and (2) make amends for everything that the person did wrong to you.
    The law also must require that peace be made between all people who have ever contacted each other through email and/or any other means.
    Please create and pass a law that makes it illegal for the police to keep files on people who are not out to harm anybody and have never threatened anybody.
    In addition, people who are not out to harm anybody and have never threatened anybody should not be jailed, arrested, or in any other way punished for stalking, cyberstalking, and/or harassment. The laws ought to be changed so that if someone sends you several emails but you do not reply to any of the emails but you do not tell the person who sent you the emails to stop contacting you, the sender of the emails cannot be imprisoned, arrested, or in any other way punished for stalking, cyberstalking, and/or harassment. If you do not want someone to contact you, you ought to be required to tell the person so directly instead of (1) reporting the person to the police and/or (2) having someone contact the person on your behalf for these kinds of things are despicable and extremely rude.
    It thus ought to be illegal for the police to keep files on harmless people whom someone accused of stalking, cyberstalking, and/or harassment, for this violates people’s privacy and gives them an unjustified bad reputation.
    Furthermore, imprisoning, arresting, and/or in any other way punishing harmless people diverts police manpower to the wrong person, thus making it impossible for the police to protect people from those people who are actually dangerous.
    It is thus wise to make peace between people who have ever contacted each other through email or any other means instead of punishing harmless people.
    Please reply.