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#WomenAgainstFeminism: Modern-day #Feminism’s worst nightmare

Another fearless voice joins the fray:

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  • Dagda Mór

    Good video, nice to hear Filipino voices speaking out as well. Galing! I’m not sure how many if any inroads feminism has made there but most likely the tentacles are extending, just like in India.

  • crydiego

    I could listen to this guy all day! The dictionary definition of feminism as a scratchy record, right on!

  • Dan Slezak

    They don’t have a patriarchal society in India, do they? I know in the middle east, things are different. The man has to provide everything! The woman gets too keep her stuff plus half of his, including pay checks. He even has to pay for her car and gas, if she works. In Iran, women account for 70% of science and engineering at the collegiate level. Who the fuck is oppressing who?

  • PlainOldTruth

    How about that billionaire Facebook dame (Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In”) raises capital for Feminist Airlines. Let feminists build the planes and fly them and staff the fueling services, the traffic control towers and do ALL the construction work on the terminals. Go ahead, the Wright Brothers “leaned in” — on their own steam (not asking for permission). Hey feminists, prove your thesis! Prove you can do it!

    Prove your thesis. Get the job done NOW — or quit the incessant lying and henpecking (called “discourses”) and GET THE HELL OUT OUT OF THE WAY!

    • Len Firewood

      Would you fly on an aircraft built by feminist “science”? I doubt even many feminists would! lol :)

  • Chris Wedge

    Beoulve is a very fitting last name. Shame he’s not blonde with a tight backside, then the reference would be complete.